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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  December 14, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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good morning to you, breaking right now on fox 29 morning news, two shootings and one philadelphia neighborhood, in just five hours. two people are dead this morning, one fighting for their life. the details coming up in a live report with steve. >> and bill's battle big day in court today, there were shouting matches yesterday, what we expect on this day. meeting of the mind, president-elect donald trump sitting down with kanye west, what on earth did they talk about? could it be a west for president? he is talking about it this morning. >> also, we have some sad news from overnight, you may just be learning about this right now, one every our favorite tv dads has died, entertainer alan alan thicke. >> very talented guy. good to have you with us, i'm thomas drayton. >> i'm karen help. it is cold now, will be getting a lot colder. programming note so you know. bucks county they have their first code blue weather declaration of the season. >> early jump on that, where
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the temperatures plunge tomorrow. >> it is good to point out all on call churches plan to activate their emergency health earls. the churches we'll have a list for you, will coordinate transportation, temporary shelter, food, and other necessities for those in need. so, it is very critical to keep that in keep that in mind. >> all right, here is the reason why, it will get a lot colder. today your last seasonable, maybe reasonable, cold, bus stop buddy bundled up, at the wells fargo against toronto, so he's celebrate that, hopefully it will be a victory, seven out every ten for the daytime hours today. it is really tonight, tomorrow, that very cold air moves in. you see no precipitation in our area. very calm morning. 35 degrees, not much of a winds. sunrise 7:15. windchills are in the 20's, in many places, this is not that different from yesterday, the way it feels outside, and you just keep the same winter coat you've been wearing all week long, you just have to put a lot more under that next
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couple every days. 42 degrees is our high temperature for today. but you can pretty much reverse those numbers, bob kelly, for tomorrow. >> oh, 5:01, sue, avenue problem. you know the nuns yesterday, saint john the beloved gave me a box every jelly donut. i took them home. look what i woke to up this morning on my counter. guess who? >> my elf. >> eating my jelly donuts in a traffic jam on the kitchen counter this morning. >> he enjoyed it. >> wait until i get home, that elf. you know, the elf moves every night on the overnight. >> 55 miles on 202, no problems this morning in kop. good to go. they just pulled away the cone. actually, hole on, they still have them right here, bart years, this is barrier for the vine street expressway. so still closed, usually out of here by 5:00. still closed between the schuylkill and broad street. accident warrington, 611 northbound, the bypass portion, right at easton road. here is a live look at the benny. looking good this morning, crystal clear skies, no fog to
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deal with. roads are dry. so off to pretty good start this morning. market frankford, broad street subway, they just started using the trains. they were using shuttle buses on the overnight. and then bridge inspections, coming our way today, watch for delays between 95 and center city, as crews will be setting up shop sometime around 9:00 a.m. karen, thomas, back over to you. >> bob, thank you. we want to get to this breaking news here 5:03. two men are dead two separate shootings happening just hours apart in frankford. police are calling one an execution-style killing. >> let's get right out to steve keeley at headquarters watcher do we know? >> stand here in front of the rounds house over and over almost on weekly basis and you report on hundreds every murders over 21 years, you rarely hear from homicide detective hereof anyone being shot so many times as this latest killing here in philly. but someone with a big caliber gun sent a real big message with this murder, standing over this 27 year old man here on adams avenue, firing over
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and over, 28 times point blank, as the bullet shells likely also hit the man's body and rolled off, just after the bullets went into his body. he was hit in the face, head, chest, and legs, just past midnight. >> we didn't hear from scott small, but he was also at earlier scene just about four and a half hours before, just a few blocks away in the same neighborhood, frandford, right at 7-eleven, at the parking lot at 20 after 7:00. despite all of the cameras pointed on the parking lot, and all of the people who go into the 7-eleven, right under the frankford market elevated train, two guys with two guns shot at two other guys after an argument somebody heard. one of the guys was killed. one of the guys critical. both guys would have been killed if it wasn't for the
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philadelphia police showing up real fast, and getting both to emergency rooms, sadly, only one survived. they don't even know the id of the man killed, because he had no identification on him, there are real time crime cameras there, and karen, thomas, what that tells you, is they put those cameras where there has already ban lot of violence, hopefully they have some video. these two guys took off in a car. are they related? because where they were, and the proximity in time? possibly. but if not, we've got three killers throughout with three guns still on the loose. >> you said it earlier, details will have you shaking your head, steve, thank you. time now 5:05, to more breaking news there is time out of cobbs creek, one man is killed, when his car you see right there veered out of control and slammed into a parked car and a tree. emergency crews racing to the scene at 58th street and baltimore avenue, all of this taking place just after midnight. fortunately, the 52 year old driver died at the hospital, short time later. >> 5:05, happening today, we think it will be a big day in that bill cosby trial.
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it was pretty explosive yesterday with the attorneys on both sides, having to be rained in by the judge, cameras were not allowed in court but our report remembers therefore all of the action, lauren johnson, a recap of what happened and what we expect today, lauren? >> the judge had to threaten to call in more deputies if the two sides could not maintain some decor up. even big column bye was different than we've seen him in the past, slow, quiet, vision, memory problems. according to his lawyers, the 79 year old yelled out in the courtroom on several occasions, even when the questions weren't being directed at him. >> prosecutors are trying to show he had a history every drugging young women, andrea constand filed complaint against cosby, once her friends and mentor, over an encounter at his home in philadelphia. but, prosecutors say there are dozens of other women who tell
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very similar stories, and they should be allowed to testify in the spring trial to show cosby's prior bad act. celebrity lawyer gloria allred represents many of those women. >> if in fact a plan, a scream, a design to incapacitate victims, because they were unable to consent or not consent having been incapacitated they could be sexually assaulted because they were vulnerable, then that would be relevant, that's what's important, that's why the testimony of these witnesses could be considered to be important. >> well, the judge ultimately ruled that cosby's lawyers could identify 11 of those women by name since they
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already shared their stories publicly and their names are out there, so prosecutors clash with the defense early on about using their names because every intimidation tactic. gloria allred will join us on the show this morning to talk about more about why she says these victims' testimony is crucial to this case. karen, thomas? >> all right, that should be very interesting, thank up, lauren. >> we should mention on good day also celebrity attorney gloria allred, you see right there, she will be joining us for levin view, that's coming up this morning on good day. let's talk about the transition here at 5:08. president-elect, not certainly the right video, but donald trump continues his thank you tour at a rally in wisconsin tuesday. he told the crowd he believed the polls and was planning to lose on election night. trump also touted his new secretary of state, nominee, exxon mobile executive rex tillerson. he calls tillerson one. greatest and most skilled global business leaders every our time. >> former governor rick perry
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for secretary every energy, perry has been staunch critic of the agency. meantime, montana representative ryan zinke has been offered the job every tyne err year secretary, right now there has been no official announcement. you saw her on the right of your screen, a loss of activity at trump tower, will meet with high tech ceo's, big tech ceo's today at trump tower. >> in the nine the hour, all the sudden twitter started blowing up, we see it is kanye, at trump tower. he is sporting still the blonde hair right there. social media went crazy with all of this, people saying what do you think they're saying, what are they really talking about. well, we get little glimpse, trump said that they were talking about life. they did not answer questions that everyone speculates oh, maybe can kanye perform at the inauguration, but afterward, kanye did have some things to say, most of -- both of them are big twitter, wanted to meet with multi-racial issues, bullying modernizing curriculum, violence in chicago. i feel it is important to have
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a direct line of communication with our future president if we truely want change. >> and then there is one that talks about his political ambitions, you see it right there, 2024. some think that's the year he may want to run for the white house. because you remember of course he made headlines when he said woe run in 2020, now pushing it back four years on that one since the meeting with trump. >> well, meanwhile, democratic and republican lawmakers want a deeper look into findings by the intelligence community, that russia tried to interfere with the election. fox news has learned the director of national intelligence is concerned about one of the key findings that the russians interfered to help donald trump win. lawmakers say not even clear if russia was hine the hacks, any hats the white house urging caution while the investigation continues. >> you have the. >> two months ago, revealing their unanimous conclusion
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that russia was engaged in cyber activity in a attempt to destabilize. >> the chairman of the house intelligence committee demanding classified briefing from ci a and fbi by no later than friday. well, some good news, big funding in the fight against cancer. president obama has signed into law what's known as the 21st century cures act. this is that moon shot bill. it is an issue that hits very close to home for the president. >> my mother who died of cancer, she was two and a half years younger than i am today when she passed away, to know that we may be able to prevent other families from feeling that same lost, that makes it a good day. >> so there is new law will authorize 1.8 billion federal dollars for cancer research, and of course, looking at vice
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president joe biden because this has been his battle certainly after his son, beau biden, that we love, died of brain cancer last year. he called it the moon shot initiative. >> it is going to make a big difference, and this particular bill will allow people to live, live longer happen liver healthier, most of all, mr. president, i think it gives people hope. >> not just cancer. states will also get a billion dollars to help prevent and treat opioid and heroin abuse lawmakers from both sides of the aisle were there. >> all right, ivanka trump is married. why is the future president's daughter looking for date? all right, we'll explain this one coming up a little later on the show. >> also ahead this morning, this, this is an unusual crime take a look look here, only the ones in zeros, a but the bandits struck again, and there is a twist to the whole story. we'll tell what they actually left behind this time. ♪
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>> tomorrow is the day many of our places will be opening for the ski season. it already looks like a christmas cards, man-made snow as well as the natural snow. now, yes?
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>> getting my attention. >> i think moose must live there, home of the moose, mooseonee. >> on our canada map it, always shows up, makes us laugh every time, they're colder than we will. i can assure you that. some of that cold air will be headed down this way. we won't get the full brunt of it, but it will be noticeably colder, starting tomorrow. so when is the worse of everything that we're getting? the worse winds tomorrow with gusts as high as 45 miles an hour in the afternoon. >> cold, windchill between zero and ten below, that will be on friday morning, when we wake up, and altogether. >> we will be freezing together. then the snow will get light accumulations, late friday night, into saturday morning, before we see a change-over to rain. so, a lofting in our forecast. meanwhile, as you walk out the door, if you are right now, it is in the 30's, and 20's, and depending on where you live. thirty-five in the city. some of our windchills are in the 20's this morning, including lancaster,
5:17 am
pottstown, up in mount pocono, windchill in the teens, as we get started this morning, had few flurries roll through overnight. but, other than that, quiet morning precipitation wise look at the feature cast, see what's happening, cold front coming through tonight, we could see snow burst somewhere with that, but that's not the bigger deal. the bigger deal is friday night as we said into saturday morning. with some snow. that will eventually change over to rain, when we get up to 48 degrees, and, we go from the 50's, on sunday, to the 30's on monday. bob kelly? >> you know tough, friday night, a lot of holiday christmas parties. friday night, into saturday morning, could be tough. tonight we have our fox 29 christmas party. so if i'm wearing the same outfit tomorrow that i'm wearing today, you know, it was a good party live look at 95 southbound, we got the skyline all lit up. come on down to center city
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philly. no at all headed into downtown off 95, an accident on 611, northbound, the bypass, right at easton road. >> live look at the freeway, volume so far coming in. all of the overnight construction pick up, one last crew out here along the new jersey turnpike northbound crew at exit 16a as you head in towards paulsboro. bridge inspections today on 95, between broad and enterprize. >> guys from roxborough light it up, even got the big star standing ready to come down the chimney, the lights across the roof clark griswold style, that's what we are talking about, snap your picture, get into the christmas, have a very kelly christmas, sends a picture or just post it to your facebook, twitter, instagram page. use the #fox29lights contest, so that i can show the pictures here on tv, and then, one night each week we are going to somebody's house to
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broadcast live from the front lawn. tonight, i'm going get down in levittown. we are going to levittown, bucks county where this home has ten different songs programmed into a computer and lights blinking to the music. you don't even have to get out every your car when you drive past this guy's house, we will and hang there all night long tonight starting at 5:00 right here on fox 29. thomas, karen, back to you. >> it will be a special time, bob, thank you. time 5:19. looking at the top stories it will be emotional day, people in philadelphia will pause to remember one of the worse school shootings, marks four years since the sandy hook massacre, killed 20 student, six teachers, today lead letters host prayer circle at presbyterian church on germantown avenue. on display will be 26 large and small t-shirts, each bearing victims' names and ages, moment of silence to mark the exact time the
5:20 am
shooting began. have been told not to do any work between 9:30 and 9:45. to year old gunman responsible, later killed himself. >> develop story, major blow rebels in the syrian war, they've reached a cease-fire deal with the syrian government, to get out of, to evacuate from aleppo. this deal restores the city to the president there, hass aad and his forces ending years of heavy fighting what was once serious city safe departure of all of the tens of thousands of civilians, opposition fighters had been trapped there. aleppo had been split between the rebel and the government control for four, five years now considered the biggers civil war. >> to bakersfield, california, a lot of questions being raised, police say they got 911 call about a man stumbling around his nab or's driveway.
5:21 am
they say an officer fired seven shots at francisco serna because he wouldn't take his hand out every his pocket. the family said they'd previously called 911 saying he was suffering from dementia. the investigation continues this morning. delta officials are now saying, why officers dragged a woman off of the flight. this went all over the internet. showing the moments yesterday morning, at an airport up there in detroit. now, authorities say there is woman did not properly check in for the flight. still got on the plane when she wouldn't get off the airline called law enforcement officials, they drag her off the plane, then they arrested her. >> that's one way. we all know all too well the challenges many kids face, trying to get a good education. >> but local organization, trying to help them out, helping kids get all the way to college. coming right back. but first, take a look at the
5:22 am
lotto numbers. good luck.
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>> bill anderson finds the greatest stories, stores, can have their struggles, but he found a place, chester county futures, getting the kids to the goal line here we had a about some schools in the city
5:25 am
having 20% graduation raid -- rate, well the student event 100% graduation rate. they say, they're deaths kate today keeping it this way. talk about great story here. bill anderson has the program really changing the lives for goodness sake. >> is a statistic, not used to hearing with many of the our local pun schools, but, an organization in chester county, if they have their way, that could all change. >> we work primarily with first generation college student, providing them with ac death i can support, mentoring, ultimately scholarship support. >> for 20 years, chester county futures has taken on the challenge every encouraging students often with difficult backgrounds, usually hoping to be the first in their family to go to college, future every success, a chiefment, something they should expect, regardless where they come from. >> every child deserves an
5:26 am
equal chance at a -- at the future that they want. >> # a % of the student would be the first to attend college. >> let them know this is something they can be, they can be the first if their family, which will make their families proud. >> privately funded non-profit that serves district throughout chester county, but honestly, all about the students. >> family behind the family, definately always there. >> like the administrator, and help me right from home. >> a lot of my family like values education really highly but they just couldn't afford to do college. they are really hoping that chester county futures gets me to be a graduate. >> some of the student today at coatesville senior high didn't know it, but their belief in the program, their trust that they could be more than they ever expected, was about to pay off.
5:27 am
>> you've been accepted, congratulations. >> congratulations. >> they stuck it out, all three accepted to mansfield university. with scholarship money in the future, all three will be the first in their families to go to college. >> i under estimated myself. i can put my behind to it. >> chester county futures is changing lives, recognize young people who have been under estimated and written off, still de is her after chance. they're committed provide g it for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. my guest list just tripled.
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standing rib roast! wow. everything for the holidays. that's my giant. >> rounds two for bill cosby, fireworks in the courtroom yesterday watch may be decided today. that could determine his fate. >> this is so weird. we told you before about some bandit out there stealing house numbers, from homes, in a neighborhood. but only taking the one's and the zero's. so, that bandit is back. but there is a twist on this one. what happened this time? >> yes, this is strange, homeowner looked out, looked
5:31 am
into the bag, what, what did they leave behind this time? >> seriously. >> great to have you with us. >> i can't wait to hear the ending of this one. >> morning, bob, we'll get a check on traffic in just a moment. got to get through this mid week. >> hump day. >> looking good so far? >> so far. >> and today, basically, will be a lot like yesterday, seasonable high temperature, it is cold, but december cold. and it is in the 20's, 30's, bus stop buddy bundle up again. and he's ready for the sixers game tonight at the wells fargo center. >> will start getting windy, colder tonight. nothing on radar at the moment. we don't have to worry about. that will we have a temperature that's 35 degrees, out there. sunrise, 7:15. checking some of the windchills, they're in the 20's, in lancaster, in pottstown, wilmington, but not much after breeze out there this morning, but it is cold enough. 42 degrees. if only we will stay that way, but we have our roller coaster ride coming in the seven day
5:32 am
forecast starting with the big plunge of temperatures tomorrow, bob kelly. are you ready? >> good thing i'm going out to do my christmas lights tonight. good morning shall everybody, 5:31, here is a live look at the platt bridge from the airport, no problems or delays at all, some of the lights on in the stadium, backgrounds, off to good start on the major roadways, hello to the boulevard. no problems at all coming from broad street on down crossing over into the schuylkill expressway. one accident, south jersey, the white horse pike, which is route 30, right at stone road, left over work crew, they are still here, on the new jersey turnpike, it is northbound, right at exit number three, which is the black horse pike, 95, not bad at all for the gang out of the northeast, only 14 minute into downtown, 422 looking good from royersford into king of prussia. later on today, right after the rush hour, and then again tonight into tomorrow closure of that martin luther king drive. keep that in mind for this time tomorrow. you want to use the kelly drive or the schuylkill expressway. and bridge inspections today,
5:33 am
penndot will be working both directions on 95 between broad street and enterprize, right to the breaking news it, has been very violent night unfortunately in our city once again, two separate shootings, and they've claimed the lives of two men. >> we learned the shootings just hours apart, and police, steve keeley, say this is the latest one was execution style? >> this stands out, maybe because bitterly cold, clump down on violence, because both of these happened outside, but this latest one, we have two killed in one neighborhood, five hours, both, the latest adams avenue, not too far from the first on frankford avenue. latest one, 27 year old man, shot by as many as 28 bullet, real close to a lot of homes in the man's family, who were on the scene within moments, as one of the most savage murders police have ever seen happened. >> this time not getting any
5:34 am
information that this was a robbery, so we're not sure of the motive. all we know is the fact that there is 28 spent shell casings, and many of them are in such close proximity to the bod at this appears that the shooter was standing over the body or close to the body and fired multiple shots in fact, the hit so many times appears clearly to be an execution type homicide. >> was hit in the head, face, chest and legs. >> right in a busy 7-eleven parking lot, right in prime time, right under the frankford market elevated train, two killers with two guns killing two men, critically injuring the second, police rushed him to the hospital. police did not even have an identification, let alone motive in that murder, because
5:35 am
they heard from witnesses, that two guys were arguing but the guy killed had no identification on them. just figure he, a friend, with the man critically wound in the his 30's, hope that man survives never to explain exactly what was going on, and maybe this was just a fight in a parking lot over a parking spot, but police doubt it. >> hopefully they get better under standing just beyond wilds. steve, thank you. >> time right now 5:35. bill cosby will be back in court today, this is day one of his pretrial hearing, shouting matches yesterday, got really heated there. the judge had to rain him in. >> going right out to lauren johnson in norristown outside the courthouse, getting ready for day two, lauren. >> hopefully more calm, lawyers yelling loudly here inside the courtroom in montgomery county, the judge calling the behavior un civil, all of the bickering over publicizing the names of the dozen of women accusing cosby of sexual assault. cosby's lawyers don't want the
5:36 am
women to be allowed to testify at his spring trial. the high steaks hearing was as eventful as ever, from the very beginning, lawyers from both sides got heated over the accusations from the other side about the women's names. cosby's defense team says many of those women have gone public with their accusations, so their names are already out there. his lead lawyer saying they are witnesses in a trial. they are not children. all of the back and forth over whether they should testify against cosby in a case that started over a decade ago. then temple university employee, andrea constand, filed a complaint against her friend, and mentor, over an encounter at his home. authorities reopened the case late last year when a lot more women came forward, many of them represented by celebrity attorney gloria allred. >> whether these alleged prior witnesses will be permitted to testify at the trial, that is very important if they can't, it is miss constand's
5:37 am
testimony against mr. cosby, one-on-one. >> lack every consent if the accuse letter testify to by other witnesses. >> last week all red said her client have a duty to testify if the court wants to hear from them. she called the defense's dismissal of their accounts out of context, and just plane wrong. cosby also in rare form yesterday, both in and out of the courtroom, he was overheard telling a deputy don't taze me, bro as he walked into the courtroom here in montgomery county. very different cosby than we've seen, thomas, karen, over the last few weeks. >> all right, it will be very interesting, lauren, thank you. >> this strange story, just got stranger. you may remember us telling you someone was stealing address numbers off of homes in fishtown in kensington, stealing the one's and zero's,
5:38 am
two month later the binary bandit has struck again, but this time, we will show you the video, you're about to see the man actually returns to the front door, places a bag inside when the homeowner walks out. finds 83 stolen one's and zero's, the big question now around the neighborhood, why someone has been swiping the numbers in the first place, and why the change of heart? >> i wonder if they had some remorse or it is a christmas miracle, we don't know why they were stole tone begin with, so we don't know why they're returned, so we have more questions than answers at this point. >> well, police are baffled, as well, scratching their heads over this one, now detective, they say, they've some evidence to work with. the homeowners actually they didn't touch it, they put on gloves. >> okay. >> so the detective can fingerprint the numbers. well, we will find out, and some neighbors actually feel maybe this was part of a art project? >> you know, sounds like a college prank or something sometimes people like i know what we'll do, we ' go do
5:39 am
whatever, whatever knuckle they had is thinking. >> so we do have pass that happened, i was surprised and sad ends agree. >> i heard about this early this morning. one of tv favorite dads, you see right there, alan thicke, has passed away. this morning, fans are remembering the entertainer. we will have more on his life and the tweets that are coming in in just a bit.
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>> good mornings i'm sean bell. temple needed to move fast on head coaching, if they want to
5:42 am
lands big time recruits. they actually d florida defensive coordinator jeff collins is the owls new head coach. collins, was defensive coordinator for the last two years, in both years, florida had top ten defense, this is also great hire, because temple has direct pipeline for all of that talent down in florida owls will officially introduce him, later today, around 11:00. >> but the basketball team wasn't so lucky, taking on villanova. nova turning good fee teens in great offense. look at this, picture perfect, ball doesn't hit the ground, eric finishes with a dunk, 18 turnovers, to the second half, nova, well, they break the fast, the press, and then right there, josh heart might ac guy leading candidate. get the bucket. nova wins 78-57, four straight, big five title. sports in a minute i'm sean bell.
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5:45 am
>> chester county getting reds toy head into the city, eastbound schuylkill expressway, right behind this sign here sacks disable tractor-trailer. see, tapping the brakes here. so it is eastbound, between
5:46 am
the schuylkill and gulph mills head in toward philly. no problems on the boulevard, if you are coming southbound, out of the northeaster, headed down toward the schuylkill, we're in good shape. over in south jersey, accident white horse pike, route 30, at stone road. but otherwise kind of quiet on 42, 55, the new jersey turnpike, had some left over construction, another 15 minutes, they say, until about 6:00 here, northbound, at the black horse pike, which is route 168. ninety-five, starting to see some volume pop through the construction zone. headed into the city. no problems yet on 422, as you work your way out of the outlets there, bridge inspections coming our way. >> this will tie us up on 95, broad street, the stadium area, enterprize avenue during the day, some lane restrictions both directions, and check out these lights from the gang, from roxborough, sent us in, they got the red lights, they got the tree lit up. looks like the backyard, even the garage, all lit up. so, looking good. merry christmas to the gang from rocks borough thanks for sending us the picture. keep them coming, come on,
5:47 am
take your pictures, post them to facebook, twitter, stain gram. use the #fox29lights contest so we can have a very kelly christmas, each and every day showing the pictures all through the holiday season. and then, one night each week, we are going to somebody's house to broadcast live. that's tonight. i'm going to levittown. we will get down in levittown, during the 5:00 and the 6:00 newscast, broadcasting live from the front lawn of this fellow, who has about ten different songs all choreographed to the music, so the lights bling with the music, he even has his own radio station, you don't even have to get out of your car, you will get out of the car have block party tonight in levittown. so make sure you set your alarm, join us here tonight at 5:00 here on fox 29. karen and thomas back to you. oh, wow, really festive.
5:48 am
>> low pressure system, brought few sprinkles or flurries if you were out last night, the cold front that will bring the arctic air into our area daytime hours, seasonable, typical cold for december, but we are here, friday morning, that's going to be the code he is of it all, with single digit windchills, in the morning, and now we move along to about lunchtime or so, where it feels like 11 degrees in philadelphia. even colder to the north of us. by 4:00 feels like whopping 19 degrees, may get windchill of 14 friday night, and that's before the snow starts friday night. 35 degrees right now as you walk out the door, and it feels like, well, 35 in the city. some of of the windchills in the two's this morning, but it is still pretty cold. and cold enough for you to
5:49 am
need the winter clothes, and we don't have any more precipitation to show you at the moment. so talking seven day forecast, quite the roller coaster ride. forty-two today. twenty-six for high tomorrow. and 27 on friday. but, both of those days, it will be so wind any fact tomorrow winds could gust as high as 40, 45 miles per hour, so that's a very blustery day. and it is going to feel colder than the actual temperature on friday, as well. so cold air in place. we start with snow. late friday night, into saturday morning. so, tricky travel, if you are going out for a party, perhaps, on friday night. and then, by sunday, we've got rainy day and temperatures in the 50's. crazy, guys. crazy. >> all right, sue, we will make the best of it, all of the lights and decorations up. it is time to share the road. we have one of the greatest cities for people to bike to work and to get around. so big meet to go make it safer for everybody. brad sattin has more. >> i was hit by a caribous there was not a protected bike lane.
5:50 am
>> reporter: applause because most of the hundred people attending the meeting say they've had similar experiences, close calls while riding their bikes until the city. the city says protected bike lanes may be the answer, physical barriers between the cars and the cyclists, a move most bikers favor, right now, it is easy to finds delivery trucks and cars parked in bike lanes, forcing cyclists into traffic. >> i felt safe when i'm on my little bike by myself. but i commute with my children on the back, and stopping and starting, stopping and starting is dangerous. >> but it is not welcome news to many homeowners and business own who worry the barriers will cut parking spaces and eliminate loading zones. >> people have a right to load and unload, because they have stores, they pay taxes, it is a disaster. >> there is no plan in place by the city, in fact, funding hasn't even been work out yet. but city leaders say for now they are just seeking input. >> to come up with a solution that's safe and efficient for all modes, so that's our goal.
5:51 am
>> brian satin, "fox 29 news". >> time 5:50. william shake spears gets the olds heave hoe at the university of pennsylvania, that means no longer see his portrait hanging in the english department. what happened here, well, group of students are taking a stands for more diversity on campus. they've replaced shake peer's portrait with a picture every black fennis is lawyer andre lords. you will see as soon as you walk into fisher benefit hall. school previously vote today relocate the portrait, but never got around to it. so student decided to get mat near their own hands. her dad's about to be our next president. but ivanka trump apparently has coffee on her mind. >> looking for someone to zip coffee with at the trump tower. she is holding big auction to find a date. it is going to cost you a lot of money, $50,000, successful bid letters have to pass criminal backgrounds check, get the okay from the secret service, actually just like to have a meeting and chat. >> and an okay from dad.
5:52 am
>> about access. so saying pictures are okay, but no autographs, please. >> entertainment huge tonight here on fox 29 because we've got the finale of empire on. and whether it goes on winter break, we have this amazing show to fill that void. it is going to be called star done by of course philly's own lee daniels, created this one, has three troubled singers, and they go away to atlanta to become stars. >> ♪ >> where empire was about my family, this is about me, leaving my family, and coming to hollywood, and doing some of the things that i'm embarrass today say that i've done, to get to where i'm at. >> huge themes, queen latifa, benjamin, will be on the good day show coming up a little later and lenny kravitz could not like more caniving and cute and adorable. so i will be watching it. will start regular run in
5:53 am
january, after the new year, but this is big sneak peak, check it all outright after empire. >> can't wait to see when he comes on the show, right? of course, the fall finale of empire bringing all of the drama tonight specially when it comes to the character jamal. he says in true empire fashion there is some plot twists we don't see coming so make sure to tune in to empire tonight, right here, on fox. >> all right, temple university has new football coach, and what outgoing coach matt rhule says about his successor. >> good guy, i think we'll like him, good.
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
>> you said it earlier, it looks like a postcard, doesn't it? holiday postcard, look at blue mountain in the poconos. >> they prepare for ski season tomorrow. one of america's favorite tv dads is being remembered, actor alan thicke has died at the age of 69. "tmz" reporting the actor had a heart attack while playing who can which his 19 year old son. one of the most famous, talented man, also, song write here wrote the theme for different strokes, wheel-of-fortune, as well ago growing pains with his ex-wife tv soap star gloria. in tributes, pouring in on twit they are morning there is one comes from actress paula pat inch, who is married to his son, robin thicke. it is a quote from mother
5:57 am
trees a ellen degeneres also tweeting, america loved allen thick, i'm so saddest's gone. sending so much love to his family. and, from hip hop mogel russell simmons there is message, rest in peace to my brother allen thick, the worlds has lost an icon. >> bill cosby already back, the fireworks that happened, tell you more about that during day one of his hearing. >> and while president-elect donald trump continues to name his cabinet, it is the meeting with kanye west. certainly has a lot of people talking this morning. "good day" starts right after this.
5:58 am
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with advil, you'll ask what bad knee? what throbbing head? advil makes pain a distant memory nothing works faster stronger or longer what pain? advil.
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>> this morning following breaking news, one neighborhood, two shootings, hours apart, violent night in one section of philadelphia. and then bill cosby, what he says walking into court. >> he'll be back this morning, the fireworks happened during day one every his hearing. >> and while president trump continues to name his cabinet, the meeting with kanye west yesterday that has us talking this morning, but they reportedly discussed.


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