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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  December 14, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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tracking a storm that's going to impact our area this weekend. caught on camera, a philadelphia dollar store is robbed by a man with a gun. a tone aged employee is left stunned. what this bad guy told her before making off with the money. ♪ live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. jack frost will most definitely be nipping at your knows if it isn't covered. polar air and high winds about to plummet temperatures cold code blue in effect for philadelphia, montgomery and bucks county in pa and camden county new jersey. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. that arctic air is going to make it dangerous and certainly up comfortable if you want to spend any length of time outside. kathy orr tracking that polar vortex a storm which could cause problems for the weekend, kathy. >> it is. exciting to see colder weather but not this kind of weather. that the winds will be whipping about 45 miles an hour and as lucy mentioned i have to protect
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everything because that cold air just takes warmth right away from your skin. if you look behind me you can see old city philadelphia a pleasant day and a decent evening with temperatures still in the upper 30s. the high today 43 degrees. winds out of the west at 9 miles an hour. they will turn gusty though late late tonight. temperatures not so bad along the i-95 corridor. central pa in the 20s. pittsburgh in the 20s. that colder air is going to be moving in late tonight. some clouds at 7:00 o'clock mostly cloudy by 9:00. by 11:00 o'clock clouds an few snow showers especially south and east of philadelphia. we have that arctic front moving through and late tonight we're going to see some snow developing near the baltimore washington area and push toward the northeast through dover, possibly into wilmington and into south jersey where we do expect accumulating snow overnight in association with this arctic front. so when you look at the details we're talking about burst of snow coating to an inch locally 2-inches especially through dover and interior south jersey
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that's during the overnight. it's only going last couple of hours between about 1:00 and 3:00 a.m. temperatures will be dropping into the 20s so watch for black ice come early tomorrow morning especially in south jersey and in delaware. coming up we'll talk about the bitter blast those brutally cold wind chills and of course the probability of weekend snow. for now we'll zen it back to you. >> thank you kathy when the mercury drops don't forget to bring in your pets. code blue in philadelphia it's the law. don't and you can get slapped with $500 fine. within the last hour bill cosby walk out of montgomery county courthouse where the second day of a pretrial hearing wrapped up. lawyers are fighting over whether some of his accusers can testify in the upcoming sexual assault trial. >> prosecutors hope to show he has a history of abusing women. bruce gordon is live at the montgomery county courthouse. bruce? >> reporter: lucy, it could now be days, more likely weeks, before judge steven o'neill makes his ruling. side deciding whether or all of 13 cosby accusers will be
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allowed to testify at this his only criminal sex assault trial. big cosby 79 years old, frail, nearly blind, known from his iconic sitcom as a america's d dad. but also according to montgomery county district attorney kevin steele, a serial sexual predat predator. in court wednesday, steal described allegations from 13 women he hoped of hopes to bring to the witness stan at trial to establish what he calls cosby's lifetime of sexual assaults on young women. steal described what he called remarkable similarities in their stories. cosby be friending the women, mentoring them, then later drugging and assaulting them. >> i believe i would be remiss if i didn't thank the individuals that have come forward. they showed great courage. >> reporter: in this case cosby is charged with drugging and sexually assaulting andrea constand at his cheltenham mansion in 2004. there were no witnesses. constand delayed in coming
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forward to tell her story. if testimony from as many as 13 other accusers is allowed it could establish a pattern of behavior and refute any defense claim that cosby mistakenly believed constand was a willing partner. >> if mr. cosby has a pattern of doing this, then he knows that a woman cannot consent and there's no mistake about whether miss constand could consent or not. this is what we call a signature modus opener ran die. >> cosby defense attorney mcmonagle blasted what he called a bandaged band wagon of accus accusers. claims so quote ancient and it of up credible they cannot be properly offensed. >> mr. cosby, how you feeling? fans want to know. >> he believes none of the 13 should be allowed to take the stand telling the judge these women have no business here. >> there's no good reason in this world for these uncorroborated, unconfirmed,
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unreported, ancient allegations to be brought into this courtroom or any courtroom in this cup tree. >> reporter: the defense spent most of the afternoon tearing apart those accusers one by one. attorney mcmonagle saying she claims to have been assaulted sometime between 1982 and 1985. the only way to defense against a vague claim like that would be to suggest your client was in a coma for thee years. well that line brought a loud chuckle from bill cosby in the courtroom. we'll see if he's still laughing when the ruling comes in. iain? >> all right, bruce. thank you. a warning tonight from the philadelphia division of the fbi. it says some scammers are calling people claiming to be with the agency. investigators say the scammers are calling people throughout the area and claiming there's a warrant out for their arrest and that they need to pay right away. the fbi says of course it had never call or e-mail you to demand money or threaten your arrest. >> police say the driver response al for hitting a boy with her car in new castle county and driving off turned herself in. marsha williams faces charges in
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the hit-and-run. new castle county police detectives say surveillance video of the car involved in the crash helped them identify william. 12-year-old brian richards was crossing the street when she hit him they say. several of his bones were broken including a fractured skull. shocking announcement from prosecutors in delaware county today. upland borough councilman under arrest accused of installing secret cameras in borrow hall. but list of suspected crimes doesn't end there. county da says he also accepted kickbacks. >> that's right. he says they'd he shady dealings have been going and in the borough municipal building for long time. fox 29's jeff cole live in upland. jeff? >> reporter: lucy, kickbacks and secret recordings even bidding violations. a trifecta of alleged crime says the da all carried out by a borough councilman. he has no comment at this time. >> reporter: once the head of borrow council in tiny upland, delaware county, councilman edward mitchell held an iron grip on what happened here.
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prosecutors allege he used it to line his pocks. >> it's no wonder that i present this to you with disgust and outrage that elected official would go to this length. >> investigators say mitchell paired up with thomas willard owner of logan technology solutions to take kickbacks up to 133 grand on security equipment sold to upland from 2009 to 2015. mitchell is also accused of wiring borough hall with secret audio and video recording equipment and making tapes. upland's mayor found the camera and called investigators. >> these devices have been filming and recording borough activities illegally and in violation of the pennsylvania wire tap act. >> reporter: then there's the case of the missing police dash cameras. upland was billed twice for them at 30 grand but they never
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appear. won the chief of police in upland know he didn't get dash cams he was playing for. >> apparently mitchell told the chief of police not to investigate the missing dash cams enlist zen to the councilman at the time. >> reporter: he did. it is the former chief here in upland who was told not to look into that dash cam situation. mitchell and willard have been released on bail. mitchell's attorney says his client has done nothing wrong. the da says, the probe continues. live in upland, delaware county, i'm jeff cole, folks, back to you. >> all right, jeff, thank you. scarier day on the job for a teenager when a guy walks into this dollar general in east germantown looking for cash. this hammed monday night on east chelten avenue. police say the man lifted his shirt shows a black handgun in his waistband and tells the employee quote you know what this is. gimme all that and hurry up. he gotta what with money thankfully no one was hurt. trump tower has become the
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mecca for the nation's most powerful people since the presidential election. best and brightest of the tech industry filed in one by one into the president election's head quarter today's. only a couple of cabinet positions are still open. amazon found founder jeff, facebook coo, apple tim cook some of the big names attending a tech summit in trump's offices. the trump team says the meeting focused on bringing tech jobs back here to the usa. meanwhile trump tapped former texas governor rick perry for energy secretary today. a pennsylvania teen will sing the national anthem at the inaugural of inauguration next month. the presidential inauguration committee a ounce nod 16-year-old jackie ivanka has the honor the teen from pine township in western pa. >> a big toy donation today for the non heist profit women against abuse. councilman derek green and his office donated presents for families affected by domestic abuse. >> it's so important to post women against abuse they do such
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great work in the city of physical. we have number of women and also men who are abused and they also have children and sometimes people forget that children during his holiday season and that's why it's so important that we provide toys to young people. >> women against abuse provides services for more than 15,000 families each year. video really hard to belie believe. backhoe operator weaving down a local road we'll show it to you. what police say they found when they stopped the heavy machine machinery. bob kelly is gettin getting getn levittown. look at all those light bulbs. >> kathy orr requested jingle rock. instant request. levittown getting lit up here on the front lawn synchronized to the music. wait until you see this setup when we come right back. ♪ >> bob thanks. sean bell here with a look what's coming up in sports. >> iain, temple's head coach is coming in with a lot of pressure and you know how that goes.
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jeff cole lince explains why he's going to shine later in sports. my guest list just tripled. my cookie exchange is super competitive. mine too. i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! my family really needs to be wowed this year! standing rib roast! wow. everything for the holidays. that's my giant.
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♪ new jersey driver in trouble tonight accused of drunk drivi driving. >> he wasn't driving a car when police pulled him over, he was driving -- well that a backhoe. south brunswick police say an officer spotted the massive piece of machinery drifting back and forth from the shoulder and off and back and forth on the road. officers says not only was the driver inn tock indicated but they found a bottle vodka and whiskey on him. that driver 56-year-old william campbell now faces dwi and other charges. >> time again to celebrate a very kelly christmas. >> yes. bob kelly checking out another fantastic display of holiday lights. >> he's lit in levittown. >> ♪ >> we got kathy orr's request here gin bell rock on the front
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lawn of the why residence here on stony brook drive in levittown. take a look at this setup, man. they got the boom box going out front here. 10 songs programmed into the computer that synchronized to the music. what else is going -- they got a radio station set up here for when you drive by all you have to do is just sit in the car with the kids. i don't want to trip over all the wires that they have here. kevin you said your wife calls the wires the snake, right? >> snakes in the front yard. >> snakes in the front yard. you've been doing this for 10 years. start right after halloween. what do you think of this get up mom. >> i think he's crazy. [ laughter ] >> you know what, though, he's not the only one that's crazy because there's some other folks here. you go the a little club i guess, right. >> we have a tri-state club that we have a meeting every year. we go to and all of us guys get together and, upping --,. >> come on mike back on the lights a little jingle bell rock.
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the lights on the roof, the big tree. folks have been driving by. how long does this stay on till at night. >> during the week until 9:30 i run it longer on the weekends. >> as soon as it gets closer to christmas i run it longer. >> what do you do after the holidays? how long -- it takes a couple weeks to put it up. what about afterwards taking it all down? >> comes down pretty fast, bob much that's the idea of it. a couple screws and everything comes right down. the roof. no problem. i can have the whole roof down in 20 minutes. >> i love it of this is something different this just isn't lights, it's lights and music the whole 9 yards having a very kelly christmas up here in levittown. merry christmas to all you guys back in the studio from very cold levittown, pa. >> i was going to say. >> poor bob. >> happy holidays. >> with that suit on. everybody is bundled up. >> got the gloves on now because it's no joke out there. >> trying not to get hypo they remember mick out there. >> lookinlooking like christ to feeling like christmas. kathy orr is here to talk about that frigid air. >> bob looks like a wiggle,
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doesn't gentlemen. >> he does look like wiggle. you are rightly he looks like one of the wiggles. like a christmas wiggle. >> he does. >> oh wow. i'll tell you. i'm getting little silly here because of this weather forecast i've been looking at forecast maps so long. looking at old city philadelphia a decent night to be outdoors. temperatures 38. not much wind. the high today 43. tomorrow at this time we'll be talking about blustery conditions a good day to stay inside order lunch in if you'll be working. you can see right here arctic front it will be swinging through late tonight and it will set off some snow showers. burst of snow that will show you in just a minute. right now in philadelphia i mentioned 38. all ban knee new york 22. pittsburgh 24. detroit 16. there's your polar air minneapolis two international falls it is 7 degrees below zero the air temperature. in the wake of that front we have a strong northwesterly wind gusts to 40 even 45 miles an hour. that compares to tropical storm
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force gust. wind chills will be driven down in the single numbers for the philadelphia area north and west tomorrow morning. they're not going to improve all that much tomorrow afternoon because you'll still have the how long wind and temperatures that are actually falling. so wind chills will be colder in the afternoon in the poconos than they were in the morning. down to 1 degree below zero and then friday it will just be down right cold not as much wind with temperatures in the single numbers you know you're going to have very cold wind chills for your friday morning. the core of that cold air the piece of that polar vortex that polar air getting very close as far south as northern new england and that will mean temperatures at least 20 degrees below normal for the next couple of days. so we get some south jersey snow about a coating to an inch tonight. and then we look ahead toward the weekend with another weather system that will be bringing snow late friday night into saturday. it starts off as snow as temperatures will be cold enough and then they'll be rising into the day on saturday. changing that over to rain. lehigh valley seeing about two
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to 4-inches of snow friday night and this is after midnight. so if you go out for dinner get home then the snow will begin. northwest suburbs one to 2-inches and then change over to rain and south jersey and delaware mainly rain but potential for some snow showers during the overnight and into early saturday morning. so we continue to update you on that. overnight tonight in the city 22. in the suburbs 18 mostly cloudy snow showers especially south and east of philadelphia. we could see a few flakes in the city mainly between midnight and 3am. during the day tomorrow, 26 will be the high. that's it. wind chills mainly in the single numbers. winds gusting to 45 miles an hour then it gets even colder as the wind subsides on troy day. morning low friday 13. afternoon high 28. morning snow transitioning to rain on saturday. so it will be a slow go it will definitely impact your saturday morning plans. 46 for saturday. rain sunday little bit milder and then monday, tuesday and wednesday temperatures slowly on the rise as we get closer to the start of hanukkah and christmas.
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it's going to feel a lot like winter. winter begins on wednesday. we'll zen it back to you. >> all right. thank you kathy. eagles it's ban little bit of a weird season. they dealt with couple of thing i never really scene before. nelson agholor with the -- whatever mental issues. then you have brandon brooks what's going on with him? missed two out of the last three games with a illness. we'll fine out why. temple has a new coach. he talk about dealing with all that pressure of taking over 10 win team. that's next in sports.
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♪ >> we found the right guy. we'll keep this thing going. >> that's temple's athletic director dr. pat craft introducing the owls new head coach jeff cole lince. this thing happened over the last 48 hours. everyone is excited but collins has to deal with a ton of pressure. pressure that no one at temple has ever dealt with before. expectations will be sky high. he has the pressure of taking over the best team in school history. but he seems to love it even read books about it when he was 16. >> that's what i live for. that's what i thrive on. i just got to meet with the temple university football team. and the look in those guy's eyes their demeanor in the room it is obvious the top 25 ranking, great academic success, it is obvious by looking at those young men's eyes why that happened.
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>> it sound nice. hopefully he actually gets it done when the pressure actually gets here. now to the eagles. the curious case of brandon brooks. he missed two of the lea last three games with an illness and today he revealed it was because of anxiety. he's had this idea before in his career they thought it might be just a stomach ulcer today he opened up for the first time about the condition. >> it's an obsession. i can emphasize that enough. it's not, you know, nervousness or fear. i love the organization. the organization has been great. they're supporting me with this. the head coach, my conditioning coach, howie, everybody supporting me. and you know i'll make it through. i'll be okay. >> how war eskin, gary cobb, dave spadaro and myself will break down the eagles chance of getting win on "game day live" sunday at 10:00 a.m. then after the ravens game we'll have a special fox 29 post game report with life reaction. little college football st. joe's taking on princeton right
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here. newkirk nails the three to put st. joe's up by 10 right now they're in the second half and the tigers have the lead by seven. st. joe's has the lead by seven. excuse me. >> that's better. >> it would be a little different if it was princeton that. would be a problem. >> brandon brooks. >> just curious case. he's played 10 games before that. he played in houston. so it's just a weird thing to happen at this point. >> it is. >> very random it's not like it was a play off game or bigger game than the other ones. >> good point. >> you never know. >> tonight at 10:00, your teen may seem distracted constantly texting and playing on those phones. those phones could be making them fat and not just because they're not exercising. what we just learned about phones and your kids. >> you need one of those locale phones what they need. [ laughter ] >> that does it for us here at 6:00. >> we'll see you back here at 10:00. have a great night. april side edition is up next. my guest list just tripled.
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>> what happened to alan thicke? >> his final moments before collapsing on the ice. >> his name on the team. the one-mile ride to save his life. >> and what we could all learn from his shocking sudden death at age 69, straight from dr. oz. >> he was america's dad. but unfortunately he died from what most of america's dads die from. hilary duff fights back after blow-back from kissing her son on the lips at disneyland. and she's the one. ♪ oh say can you see >> the "america's got talent" girl hired to sing the national anthem at donald trump's inauguration. then, fat-shamed at the ice cream parlor. >> i couldn't believe i heard her say that. >> and what's it really like to


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