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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  December 14, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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dealing with the about 48 hours. what it means for your friday and saturday night plans. your news starts in just 30 seconds. >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 10. first at 10:00 winter is coming tonight you are going to feel the winds and next comes that bone-chilling cold.
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finally the snow. have you been outside tonight. some places are already seeing snow. to escaping it you'll get a dose of winter weather and winter does not even officially start until next week. >> i'm iain page. i'm lucy noland. >> it's physical all right. >> let's get straight to meteorologist kathy orr. tis the season, kathy. >> it certainly is. and here it is. for the first time i'm seeing white popping up close to philadelphia movement of this not making it to the ground but we do have some flurries making it across northern parts of, let's see, delaware and also into chester county, new castle county, delaware county in pa. temperatures right now cold enough for snow in most of the area. philadelphia 36. wilmington 34. but in allentown it is 27 degrees. so we'll go hour by hour and see those snow showers developing mainly through delaware and south jersey and moving off the shore by about 3:00 a.m. so just a couple of hours of snow but it will be a burst of snow and that means there will be a very light accumulation
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especially through south jersey and delaware and then the possibility of a few squalls near the lehigh valley tomorrow afternoon with blustery winds. so especially through interior south jersey extending into central delaware a coating to an inch of snow overnight. so the roads could be slick come the morning hours. that burst of snow creating south jersey and delaware driving concerns for the morning temperatures dropping into the 20s. just watch for that black ice. coming up we'll talk about the bitter blast of cold with gusty winds, dangerous wind chills and also weekend snow. vile accumulations for that friday night event. for now we'll zen it back to you. >> thank you very much, kathy. if you haven't downloaded the fox 29 news app go ahead don it. you'll have live radar images at your fingertips and whether alerts sent to your phone. download it free from the apple or google play stores. tonight, a bed bug infestation you're only going to find out about right here on fox 29. sources are telling us bed bugs are biting first responders and that it's happening in the
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firehouses of the city of chester. they're quiet worried they could be unwittingly bringing those bed bugs into your home. >> what's happening to stop it? fox 29's chris o'connell is the only reporter with this story tonight. chris, what did you find out? >> reporter: well, iain, lucy, as about a week ago when two chester firefighters started complaining of bug bites here at station 82. well, it didn't take them long to figure out those bites came from bed bugs. it is now forced the station to toss out their mattresses. their beds here in the trash and now fox 29 has learned that both of chester firehouses are now infested with bed bugs. box springs been mattresses thrown to the curb after a nasty discovery of bed bugs. several sources telling fox 29 more than a week ago two firefighters were bitten as they slept in their bunks here at
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chester fire station number 82. several firefighters tell us they informed headquarters about the problem. what happened? the station was given cans of bed bug spray according to sources, and firefighters acted as exterminators for the day. but more than a week after the pests were discovered, it wasn't until today that a professional exterminator was brought in just to survey the situation. so far treatment to get rid of the bugs hasn't even started. and not only did they fine bed bugs in station 82, but fox 29 has learned there's another infestation in the bunk room at station 81 across town. >> we verified we do have some infestation with bed bugs. we reached out to tech company that will come out and remedy the situation for us and it's being taken care of rot report fire commissioner travis thompson said the fire department hadn't heard about the bugs until two days ago. it's the first case he's remembered in 23 years.
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in a statement a spokesperson for the chester firefighters union tells fox 29 that "we look forward to working with the city to provide our firefighters a healthy and habitable workplace to ensure proper services are provided to the citizens chester". back out here live, things have gotten so bad firefighters are now sleeping in their cars. they've been told do not sleep here in their bunks. we do understand there's a delivery of cots expected here at fire station 82 over the next couple of hours. now, firefighters understandably did not want to go on camera. but they are very concerned, of course, about tracking these bed bugs not only home to their families but into citizens homes. some homes they go into every single day. iain, lucy. >> incredible stuff, chris, thank you. someone is out there with a philadelphia police badge who shouldn't have it. they think the guy in his video stole it.
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police say an officer's patrol jack, badge and hat taken from bench in the criminal justice center. the guy is carrying a shopping bag in the video and investigators say he's caught on video putting the goods in that bag. >> prosecutors are now charged a woman for a hit-and-run crash that hurt a 12-year-old boy in new castle county. marsha williams turned herself in to police last night. new castle county police detectives say surveillance video of the car involved in the crash helped them identify her. 12-year-old brian richards was crossing the street when she hit him last week police say. the impact broke bones many of his bones including fracturing his skull. developing to night in the city's frankford section, see those flashes those are guns going off. when they did, a man died. now, police are hunting for two men who ambush him and shot him more than a dozen times. the victim was shot as i mentioned more than dozen times as the violence has neighbors on edge tonight. >> police are now hoping evidence captured on surveillance video will help lead them to the gunman.
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our dave schratwieser is following investigation. dave? >> reporter: lucy, that gunfire sent some neighbors scurrying for cover. others running to their window where they saw the gunman fleeing and the victim lying mort alley wounded in the street. to night there's first hand account and surveillance video of that murder in progress. >> i heard gunshots. went crazy pop pop pop pop pop. >> reporter: this neighbor heard it and the video surveillance cameras nearby captured it as two gunmen fired 28 shots in an execution style murder that shook this neighborhood to the core. the shooting left this man so concerned he asked us not to identify him. >> i look out my window, i saw the fellow laying on the ground. i was in shock. i couldn't even move. >> reporter: it happened around 12:30 wednesday morning in the 1400 block of adams avenue. cameras were rolling as 30-year-old jonathan ramos walked up the street. seconds later two masked gunmen
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unleashed a barrage of gunfire that woke neighbors from their sleep. >> oh, my god. horrible. we never have this issues here. this is very quiet neighborhood. >> like execution style murder. he was shot multiple times and while he was on the ground. >> reporter: police say ramos was with a friend when he got a call to meet someone on adams avenue. within minutes, he was dead. police say the motive is unknown. >> right now it's very much a work in progress. hopefully we'll get those questions answered haven't sore. homicide detectives believe the two gunmen jumped into awaiting vehicle and sped away from the scene. crime scene investigators scowered the area for evidence. detectives hope this surveillance video might help lead them to the killers. >> no matter way did, okay, he's a human being. he's a son. a brother. he might be a father, and young life. no matter what he did, you know, it's a life that we lost. >> reporter: no weapon was recovered on the scene.
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police say several buildings were also struck by gunfire. tonight neighbors say they're offering their prayers and condolences to the victim's family. lucy? >> all right, thank you, dave. the trump tower has become the mecca for the nation's most powerful people since the presidential election. the best and the brightest of the tech industry filed in one by one right into the president-elect's head quarter today's. only a couple of cabinet positions are still open. amazon founder jeff bassos, cheryl sandberg, elan musk of tesla, apple's jim tim cook. the trump team says the meeting focused on bringing tech jobs back here to the united states. meanwhile, trump tapped former texas governor rick perry or energy secretary today. bill cosby awaiting a judge's decision on whether 13 accusers will be allowed to testify in his criminal sexual assault trial. lawyers for both sides spent the two day hearing in montgomery county arguing over it. >> as our bruce gordon reports,
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prosecutors want to prove a pattern of abuse while the defense says women are just jumping on the band wagon. >> reporter: bill cosby, 79 years older, frail, nearly blind, known from his iconic sitcom as america's dad. but also according to montgomery county district attorney kevin steele a serial sexual predator. steel described allegations from 13 women he hopes to bring to the witness stand at trial to establish what he calls cosby's lifetime of sexual assaults on young women. steel described what he called remarkable similarities in their stories. cosby be friending the women, mentoring them, then later drug and assaulting them. >> i believe i would be remiss if i didn't thank the individuals that have come forward. they showed great courage. >> reporter: in this case, cosby is charged with drugging and sexually assaulting andrea constand at his chelten hem
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mansion in 2004. there were no witnesses and constand delayed in coming forward to tell her story. if testimony from as many as 13 other accusers allowed, it could establish a pattern of behavior and refute any defense claim that cosby mistakenly believed constand was willing partner. >> if mr. cosby had the pattern of doing this, then he knows that a woman cannot consent and there's no mistake about whether miss constand could consent or not. this is what we call a signature modus operandi. >> reporter: cosby defense attorney brian mcmonagle blasted what he called a bandaged band wagon of a cues sores with evolve vague claims so quote ancient and incredible they cannot be properly defended. >> mr. cosby how you feeling? the fans want to know. >> reporter: he believes none of the 13 should be allowed to take the stand telling the judge these women have no business here. >> there's no good reason in this world for these uncorroborated, unconfirmed,
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unreported, ancient allegations to be brought into this courtroom or any courtroom in this country. >> reporter: the defense spent the afternoon tearing apart the cues sores one by one. mc mock in a gel saying to one of them she was assaulted between 1982 and '85. the only way to defend against that kind of a claim would be to suggest your client was in a coma for three years. that line brought a chuckle from mr. cosby. we'll see if he's still laughing when the judge make his ruling. in norristown, i'm bruce gordon, fox 29 news. two can light vigils for two local teens killed by gunfire this week. and that was just last night. really. how often are young people dying from gun violence? fox 29's hank flynn offers you his take in just a few minutes. yay! >> holiday season a family desperate to bring their soldier home a mom ready to sell her belongings to make it happen. but now, she doesn't have to.
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who stepped in to bring her family together.
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>> live look from blue mount tone on our pocono mountains camera. snow falling soon. this could change your trip to the mall saturday for that holiday shopping. kathy orr has your forecast just ahead. >> a special holiday surprise for a local family a soldier coming home for the holidays but it was long and a hard struggle to get him home. >> but secret santa change
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everything. our dave kinchen was there the moment a dream came true. >> i'll be home for christmas and new year's. >> emotional phone call for laurie of south jersey. her son austin of the u.s. army infantry just called to say he'll be home for the holidays after all. >> i'm really really excited. trip home was uncertain. austin is stationed at fort being in georgia preparing for middle east deployment. he already missed thanksgiving with hard times hitting the family. >> they lost their dad to brain cancer two years ago. so it's been kind of rough since he died and austin just from day one stepped right in and he's helped and i lost my job due to disability health issues a couple weeks ago, and for the last month he's just been sending every single paycheck that he's made straight to
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siblings and he's gotten us by. >> reporter: laura was ready to sell her things to bring austin home but made this gofundme page to help raise airfare her friend rachel donated what she could. >> i'm sorry it's a small amount. i'll share this in hopes that he'll get home. and so i shared on my page. >> jennifer richardson saw the post and bought the plain ticket. never meeting the family she was helping until now. >> my brother was in the marin marines. he was finish his tour in 2010 and i lost my mother during the holidays not knowing if he was coming home this is personal to me. >> even austin was emotional phone thinking about all his mom has done for her five kids. >> let you know someone is actually giving back to us and understands our story, and letting us be together on christmas. >> thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> it means everything. >> you're very welcome. >> it means so much. >> i'm glad he's able to come home. >> reporter: 19-year-old austin will be home on saturday
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and we've also learned that military personnel have also a ranged for $500 in gift cards to go to the family, too. iain and lucy? >> all right. i just love it. thank you so much, dave. after two successful back to back seasons temple football team set to begin new era. the university has announced its new coach jeff cole lince introduced today temple will be collins first head coaching job. the former florida defensive coordinator replaces matt ruhle. matt ruhle heading up the baylor football program. warning tonight from the philadelphia division of the f fbi. it says scammers are calling people claiming to be with the agency. investigators say the scammers are calling people throughout our area and claiming there's a warrant out for their arrest and they got to pay fast. the fbi says of course it will never call or e mel you to demand money or threaten to arrest you. >> in delaware county accusations secret cameras spying and theft. upland borough councilman under arrest tonight. prosecutors say he installed
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secret cameras in borough hall and took kickbacks and he's not the only one facing legal trouble. >> prosecutors say some shady dealings going on in the upland borough municipal building for years. our jeff cole has the story. >> reporter: do you have any more to say here? we have no meant. >> reporter: county investigators claim edward mitchell upland borough councilman was the mastermind of alleged scheme of kickbacks on security systems and secret recordings that went on for years in the tiny delaware county town. >> it's no wonder that i present this to you with disgust and outrage that elected official would go to this length. >> how much you make in all of this. >> mitchell's alleged partner thomas willard owner of logan technology systems of eddystone, delaware county. >> these are just allegations at this point. >> reporter: it work this way say investigators. mitchell made sure logan technology and willard got nearly $1 million in upland security and surveillance equipment contracts from 2009 to
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2015. willard would allegedly kickback to councilman mitchell 10 to 15% of the deal on highly inflated prices. some of the proceeds were moved in cash says the da to mitchell from a check cashing outlet. >> at least on one he specifically remembers delivering a $5,000 envelope in cash to the house of ed mitchell upland borough. >> reporter: da alleges mitchell had secret audio and video recording equipment installed in borough hall council chambers in an office and he made tapes. investigators were tipped when upland's mayor found the camera system back in march. and then there were dash cams for the police cars. upland was billed not once but twice. 30 grand for those cameras. >> it's determined that these dash cams never arrived and mitchell instructs logan to report them as missing. >> reporter: councilman mitchell's attorney says he's
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done nothing wrong. both men have been released on bond and the investigation continues. in upland, i'm jeff cole, fox 29 news. yahoo hacked again and this time the breach is even bigger than before. more than a billion user accountaccounts the personal information hackers may not have and what you need to worry about. plus -- institute of hiphop entrepreneurship believes the next great leaders could be coming from under served communities and they're willing to help develop that talent for free coming up next. ♪ now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. get ready for bridge inspections tomorrow. they'll be working along 95 both directions between broad street and enterprise avenue. keep that in mind if you're he heading to or from the airport during the day. working on the martin luther king drive until early tomorrow morning. take break and come back at it during the day you want to use the kelly or schuylkill
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expressway. tomorrow my favorite day of the week. breakfast. we'll head to green eggs cafe. i wonder if they'll have green eggs and ham on there. 13th and locust. we'll see through and check the forecast and the jam cams tomorrow morning when we see you starting at 4:00.
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ confusion tonight about what
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are on again off begin truth in app hell poe syria is on again. forces agreed to let fighters and civilians evacuate aleppo. it unraveled today. syrian government forces resumed bombing rebel held territory as as sad's russian backed regime and iranian allies captured more of the city after all of that the rebels are claiming the cease fire is back on. yet we're still hearing about attacks in the city tonight. it has been four years since the tragedy at sandy hook elementary school in newtown, connecticut. >> and one church is remembering young lives lost on that dark day. 26 t-shirts hang on stands in front of the presbyterian church of chestnut hill. they hang in memory of the 20 students and six teachers who died in the deadly 2012 shooti shooting. the church host add prayer service today to remember the sandy hook victims as well as all victims of gun violence. >> heeding god's call asked us
10:25 pm
to be the hosts of this memori memorial. so it's something that, um, i think unites people in our congregation who come from all political perspectives who are moved by just remembering that these are real people. >> the name of each victim is written on each shirt and the display on the lawn of the church along germantown avenue. yahoo disclosing another huge hack that hit the company. hackers may have stolen data of more than a billion, billion with a b, customers in august of 2013. it could be the biggest data breach of e-mail provider ever. the information stolen may include names and e-mail addresses, phone numbers and birth dates but yahoo believes bank account and credit card data is not affected. hopefully they're right. this revelation comes after yahoo disclosed another big hack in september. two candlelight vigils for two local teens killed by gunfire this week and that was just last night. so what are the families left with after the vigil is over?
10:26 pm
fox 29's hank flynn offers you his take in just a few minutes. kathy? >> cold air is moving in. so is an arctic front. we're talking about some snow showers that will burst over south jersey and delaware tonight then a widespread snow for all of us as we head into the weekend. details on that with some snow accumulations coming up. >> accumulations. all right. thank you kathy. armed robber tries to take on guy who around about 6-foot seven, 300 pounds already sounds like a very bad idea. the big guy, he's a former pro wrestler. the moves he puts on that robber that stopped him cold. he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, "thank you for serving our country" and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home.
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that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast.
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♪ welcome back live look at the ben franklin parkway. the winds are starting to pick up couldn't whip up some major trouble tomorrow and when the mercury drops do not forget to bring in your pets as in now. code blue in philadelphia means it's the law. it's also humane and the right thing to do. if you don't do it, you can get slapped with $500 fine. prosecutors say the theft of 55 tons of nickel from chester
10:30 pm
county mining factory is inside job. they say eight employees of metal in south coatesville conspired to steal and resell the nickel. authorities have already arrested the seven people you will see right there. the eighth person in texas right now. the company says it lost almost $1 million. new jersey driver in trouble tonight accused of drunk driving in a backhoe. south brunswick police officer spotted the machinery kind of drifting back and forth on the road police say he was drunk and they found a bottle of jack daniels and bottle of vodka in the backhoe. that driver william campbell will face dwi and other charges. drunk driving is a big concern this time of year with so many people out celebrating. >> that's right. authorities will do anything to keep you from getting behind the wheel after you've had few drinks. national highway traffic safety administration launched new campaign called drive sober or pull over. you'll see new ads and there's an interactive virtual reality website and there's also a
10:31 pm
three-part plan to prevent drunk driving. >> first one is supporting high visibility law enforcement such as sobriety checkpoints. the second is passing laws in every state that require ignition interlocks for every drunk driving offender. the third element of this campaign to he will lip 98 drunk driving the development of advanced vehicle technology. >> the technology can sense if driver is above the legal limit and keep the car from moving n wildwood, new jersey, a man is in the hospital after a partial home collapse sent him flying into the water. skyfox was over the 600 block of west rio grand of a just after 11:00 this morning. the press of atlantic city is reporting part of the home collapsed while crews were raising the property. that injured man is now in atlantic care regional held center's trauma unit. ♪
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hangs toes take tonight on young people lost too early. we saw it last night as candles burned friends and family wept at a vigil at the 16-year-old perry of willingboro. sad as that is it wasn't the only vigil for a teen shot to death that was held last night. >> you know those vigils happen all too often. tonight hank shows us what those who loved these young people are left with after the vigils end. >> he wasn't land key. he was thick. >> reporter:. [ laughter ] >> ibin was thick. >> what did he like to eat the most? >> did you cook for him much. >> we all cook. but he never really had a favorite thing. loafed to eat. >> reporter: nicky chuckled as they remembered her nephew ibin perry who loved football, baseball and fresh sneakers. he was home monday night hanging out with friends on the front porch when he was shot to death. a friend was also hit. candles burned for him at a vigil last night in willingboro
10:33 pm
where the perry family lives. his aunt nicky says the whole thing was over nothing. >> you know, they're running and ducking bullets and for what? a snap chat argument, a facebook argument or jealousy over sneakers or one dressed better than the other? it's just ridiculous. >> reporter: nicky adds that he was doing fine in school and never was in trouble but the family now prepares for his funeral instead of his junior prom. no arrests made the family begs anyone with information to contact police and forget any notions of frontier justice. >> that's the thing i'm not even done. i'm going over to west philly now. there's another candle vigil last night. another teenager injury got shot. you'll see 17-year-old at a their berry was gunned down monday night. candles burn here, too as young people watch something say goodbye. smaller memorial to at a their said set up blocks away near his home. his family is hurt. didn't want to talk but a neighbor diana mcneil spoke up for them.
10:34 pm
>> yes, very nice kid. >> you grew up next to him. >> did errands for people on the block, you know. cleaned the front. i mean, i just don't have anything bad or ill will to say about the young man. >> reporter: back at market and 60th there was a police presence keeping an eye out although no arrests are known to have been made in this shooting either. rv from youth out reach ad adolescent awareness program was there, too. there are no simple solutions to teens and gun violence says keisha. >> we have have to rally together. not blame everyone. not wait for someone to bring a solution but make each block a better block. >> reporter: how? through accountability and responsibility for one adds keisha. take action yourself to help someone out. all that makes sense. >> hit us up on twitter at hank fox 29 or the house at fox 29 philly if you've got any bright ideas. bottom line will it happen again, yeah, but we got
10:35 pm
ourselves here, we can move forward from it as well. i'm hank and that's my take. >> we know about it all too well. we cover too much of them. >> yes, we do. hope they stop. big toy donation for women against abuse. councilman derek green and his office donated these presents for families affected by domestic abuse. >> it's so important to support against abuse they do such great work in the steve physical. we have number of women and also men who are abused and they also have children and sometimes people forget the children during this holiday season that's why it's so important we provide toys to young people. >> women against abuse provides service for more than 15,000 families each year. your teen may seem really distracted couldn't stanley texting and playing on their phones. but those phones could also be making them fat? not just because they're not exercising. well we just learned about phones and your children tonight at 11:00. but first --
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the institute of hiphop entrepreneurship believes that the next great leaders could be coming from under served communities and they're willing to help develop that cool talent for free coming up next.
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♪ if you can't beat them, join them. that is the philosophy of a michigan family. they put up this giant ditto sign arrow point to go their neighbor's home. this is just outside of detroit. homeowner couldn't compete with her next door neighbor's elaborate display she created the sign out of christmas ligh lights. >> it's not meant to be anything but a compliment. we admire meyer their lights. we look forward to their lights. my kids love their lights. we don't have, we have the neighbors that have the best lights in town. >> another neighbor actually helped her make the sign. the people who live in the home with the big light display find the whole thing kind of funny. >> i love it and they're saving the money on the left hand side. speaking chef your money tonight, the gas tax is going up in pennsylvania in just a few weeks. next month you could shell out more the tax wholesale fuel going up by 8 cents. retailers will make the call on whether to pass all of that on to you or not. if they do, you'll pay about 76 cents a gallon in state and federal taxes alone.
10:40 pm
this is the final gas tax increase part of a law passed in 2013. the money raised goes toward transportation costs. pennsylvania license plates will be looking a little more bear come the new year. >> little renewal stickers you had to slap on your plate. they'll be a thing of the past. they won't be issued any more the end much this month. penndot says lit save 3 million bucks year. and it will save you the hassle of lining up that little sticker on your license plate. one frustration gone from your life. [ laughter ] >> you still have to renew your registration and show it to police if you're asked. come the new year penndot wants to you scrape off or cover up the old stickers on your plate. >> i still have to do that. >> armed robber tries to take on guy who 6-foot seven, 300 pounds. bad idea. you know what else, that big guy, he's a former pro wrestler. the moves he put on that robber that stopped him cold. speaking of, kathy orr.
10:41 pm
>> yes. we're talking about that arctic front moving through and with it some flurries, some snow showers and some accumulations. we'll break it down coming up when we come back. did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's 10 times faster than slow internet from the phone company.
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♪ so former wwe star is still
10:44 pm
cracking heads outside the ring. chad gas par took on an armed man saturday night at a convenience store in florida. police say the guy pulled out a gun when gaspari fused to buy beer for him. really? so gas par shoved the man against the cooler and reached for the gun before it fell to the floor. i got to watch this. gas par hell the guy until police arrived. now police later realized the weapon was, well, the weapon was a beebee gun. so there you go. >> finding light in dark places is what i do. in hard times -- >> tonight light is bringing dreams out of the darkness for too many those dreams of a career in hiphop crush by lack of access or lack of resources. but there is a new program that's teaching them to pursue their dreams even if society does not understand them. >> as bill anderson shows us the program is free because founders want to empower these budding entrepreneurs for goodness sake. >> reporter: classes at the
10:45 pm
institute of hiphop entrepreneurship are only two weeks old so as i arrived, i had no idea what to expect. >> institute of hiphop entrepreneurship. >> yeah. yeah. >> they want to provide a different way of educating people from largely under served communities who are talented but not always comfortable with a traditional method of learning. >> the community isn't really welcoming to people who don't come from means. who don't have privilege potential. how can you replicate this person's knowledge in a way that speaks to a new generation of people? >> reporter: the hooters. foundefounded by smith dennenbee institute provides a free nine week education series with classes, guest speakers, case studies, all focusing on helping students develop their business ideas. it's not about being a rapper.
10:46 pm
but instructs teach that hiphop culture is influencing so much of society that the students should recognize the business opportunities it presents. >> is this kind of a way to get those people who may not even realize that they have the potential to be leaders themselves get them the skills that they need to be successful and to assume position of leadership? >> a lot of ways what was relevant hundreds of years ago or even thousands of years ago isn't relevant today to a lot of young men and women out there that learn very differently. >> several hundred applied and few dozen were accepted and it was the passion of the students who helped me understand why hiphop culture is much more to them than just picking up a microphone. for hem it's legitimate tool of empowerment if they want to learn how to use it. >> when individuals who are from these communities and from these areas and who have lived these situations can grow up to make billion dollar deals
10:47 pm
legitimately billion dollar deals, i mean, it's more than just, you know, kicking it with your passe. it's carrying these folks with to you newer and better heights. >> reporter: steven is an emcee his enthusiasm may be expected but tyree she works in it and still recognizes the impact that speaking to people who celebrate not down play hiphop culture has a cross all industries. >> you see now a lot of our mogils, jaycee, sean combs they have their own side businesses they have other projects they're producing other artists. you see them now talking with politicians, hillary clinton, she had a concert with a lot of our famous hiphop icons to get pebble it there voting so it's very relevant and you can't really ignore it either if you want to be successful. >> reporter: the institute of hiphop entrepreneurship is committed to developing the neck leaders even if they come from under served communities or lack of traditional academic
10:48 pm
background. they're doing it because it's important. they're doing it because they believe those individuals are significant. they're doing it for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. ♪ all right. very good stuff there. impressive. wish them all the best. i'm wishing you all the be best. because it's going get really cold. >> yes, i know it's the northeast and i know it's december but this is way colder than usual right now. kathy. >> it's going to be very cold for december. absolutely. i want to you look behind me. you see that white. some of this is making it to the ground. you can see in chester county, montgomery county, bucks, delaware, even philadelphia the northern part of new castle county some light snow showers. they are developing blossoming over the area light dusting is possible because of these light snow showers and flurries the heavier snow about a coating to an inch through south jersey and delaware over night tonight. this is all associated with that arctic front that is moving in creating lift in the atmosphere and hence you get some moisture and some snow showers. you can see along the i-95
10:49 pm
corridor 36 in philadelphia. baltimore 41. but look at williamsport only 20 degrees and to the west toronto 16. pittsburgh 22. just gets colder and colder and that will be the trend over the neck 48 hours. so in the wake of the front you have these blustery winds winds gusting to 40, 45 miles an hour. lake effect snows in impacting the poconos maybe even the lehigh valley tomorrow with those gusty winds and some moisture that's lingering. wind chills in the morning in the single numbers. through the physical area through south jersey in the teens. and those wind chills stay cold they get worse during the afternoon. it gets colder feel like one below in mount pocono by late in the day early evening. because the winds will still be strong and the temperatures will be falling throughout the afternoon thursday. morning wind chills for your friday, still barely cold. mainly in the single numbers. so it's going to be very cold indeed. now friday night into saturday another system moves through. and we will have the risk of a widespread snow and we look at the preliminary potential for
10:50 pm
snow, it looks like friday night into saturday morning a coating to an inch in south jersey one to 2-inches possible even in philadelphia before it change over to rain on saturday. and then two to 4-inches in our upper suburbs and heading into the lehigh valley. now this would be friday night late friday night and into early saturday morning. and then as it warms up this will change over to rain but keep in mind, early saturday morning trying to hit the mall could be very very slow. so during the overnight, 22 in the city. in the suburbs 18. some flurries in philadelphia north and west. could see a dusting. snow showers to the south and east. more like a coating to maybe an inch in some spots. during the day tomorrow, 26 and blustery on your seven day forecast all eyes will be on friday night into saturday with that snow changing to rain. rain for sunday and then somewhat of a morning -- warping trend monday, tuesday and wednesday back into the 40s. wednesday winter begins but it you had already have felt like that. we'll sent it over to you, sean. isn't kathy, temple introduced their new head football coach
10:51 pm
and he got a special co sign from one of the eagles players. plus the sixers give us something we've been waiting for all season. the twin towers working togeth together. see if they can get a win over the raptors next in sports.
10:52 pm
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♪ the sixers finally giving us what we've been waiting for.
10:54 pm
joel embiid and jahlil okay for in the starting lineup together. this is the only way you'll fine out whether these two guys can co exist. in the third quarter the sixers with a great ball movement right here. joel embiid witness pump fake drives to the rack and gives okafor a nice little dunk. they played really well together. a glimpse of what you'll see if the future but it didn't matter against the raptors. they're too good. philly's own kyle lowry nailing the thee right there putting the nail in the coffin. the sixers lose 123-114. college football today temple introduced new head football coach jeff collins this thing happened really quick. it all went down over the last 48 hours. but apparently, he already knew what the city is about by watching another philly team while he was growing up. >> whenever the flyers were in town, i'm five, six, seven years i had to go see the broad street bullies. i had to -- i had my flyers gear, flyers pennant getting stuff thrown at me i didn't care. i wanted to see bobby clark,
10:55 pm
dave schultz. i was drawn to the fiscal will the, the toughness, the never say die, never quit which i think is philly. which i think is us. >> collins got two great co science today. one from no one better than nick and former mississippi state player fletcher cox. >> bring a lot of juice an lot of energy and comes with it every day. jeff he's a leader. i know that from when i was at michigan state. >> for the eagles you have the curious case of brandon brooks. he missed two out of the last three games with an illness and now we know what it is. it's because of anxiety. brooks actually went to the hospital before the packers game because of this. today he talked about this for the first time. >> it's an obsession. i can't emphasize that enough. it's not nervousness or fear. i love the organize. the organization has been great. they're supporting me with this.
10:56 pm
the head coach, my position coach, howie, everybody supporting me and, you know, i'll make it through. i'll be okay. >> how war eskin, gary cobb, dave spadaro and myself will break down the eagles chance of getting a win on "game day live" sunday at 10:00 a.m. then after the ravens game we'll have live reaction from the players in a special fox 29 post game report. and congratulations to rosy massimino coaching at kaiser university. villanova old head coach. congratulations to him as long as you can do it, do it. >> absolutely. >> great job. he's doing great down there. >> how old is he. >> he's got to be 80? >> something like that. >> i don't know the exact -- he's up there. >> 82. >> thank you. >> good for him. >> all right. lucy what's coming up at 11? >> you guys are on the phones all the time, aren't you? >> no. >> your kids on the phone a lot. >> yes. >> here's the deal.
10:57 pm
a lot of folks struggle without much success to get their teens to put down their phones much here's the reason to try harder. those phones could also be having an impact on the weight just to the because they're not exercising what we learned and your wake up weather and seven day forecast in the first five minutes. remember your powerball lot row drawing is next. so good luck! ♪ he gets a lot of compliments.
10:58 pm
he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, "thank you for serving our country" and i'm like, that's my dad.
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male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast. zero really can be a hero.ds) get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event.
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