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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  December 15, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> very good morning, happening on fox 29 horning news, it is our top story this morning, talking about the weather, plunging temperatures and snow. so round one moved through overnight. but more, sue says, is on the way. >> and, she is tracking all of that. so could we get some more snow in our area. >> we certainly will get a lot colder temperatures, she will breakdown, take a long look what we can expect. >> already hit the high for the day. bob of course, he has you covered this morning, all eyes on the road, tracking the slippery commute in store this morning. >> and we are flyered up. how about the orange and the black, celebrating again. ten in a row. the longest winning streak we've had since 1985. wow. party like it is 1985. break out the mutes frick that. >> but says the snow will camouflage thomas' parking ticket. >> i got one the other day from ppa. actually several. that's encouraging news this morning. >> you know, this gusting of
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snow is actually worse than if we got four, 5 inches of snow, it is just a fine dusting, but gives you the false sense of security, and there is black ice. >> careful. check on the roads in a second, good morning, sue, lots to talk about. >> even walking out your front door, if you're not prepared for it, you could slip on your sidewalk. >> ahh. >> sue, we did get one, two-hour delay for the kids who see snow, kutztown, two hour delay. >> okay. yes, there are some slippery conditions out there. so, we will of course keep an eye on that, and let you know if any other schools decide to delay their openings. meanwhile, bundle the kids up at the bus stop. see bus stop budd which his flyers stocking cap covering his ears, scarf, mittens, layers on underneath. windchills already in the teens and 20's, and we are actually going to go with a three out of ten today. just going to be too, too cold. one little area of snow in cumberland county, looking at this morning, dumping another coating, very light, all of the snow that fell, but it was
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all part of this cold front bringing this arctic air in to our area, so temperatures continue to drop. thirty-two in philadelphia, 26 in pottstown, 14 mount pocono, and the windchills are really what matters. it is in the 20's, teens, with these winds that are sustained at 20 miles an hour in philadelphia, the gusts are even higher. so, dress for single digits, teens, 20's, if you're in the mountains, it is even colder, sunny, windy all day. bitter and blustery, with about 27 degrees, our daytime high. and wait until you see tomorrow's temperatures. it will be even colder in the morning, bob kelly, than it is right now. >> now, if i was home watching. i would just take the covers, and just pull them right back up over my head. >> please. >> and hit that snooze button. good morning, everybody, here, let's go. 5:02, here's what we're dealing with. here is a live look i95, off-ramps to highlands avenue delaware county.
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great example of the on and off-ramps. could be snow covered. obviously the dusting on the grass this morning, slippery conditions, when you have tire tracks in the intersection, you know things could be little slippery. this is hollow road just off route 23. here is a live look, for the gang in mt. holly, new jersey, route 541, let's go with that, if it looks wet, it has the potential of being black ice. now, the most of the white stuff, the dusting, has laid on the grassy surfaces, but look at the temperatures there, 34, so again, anything that looks wet, could be icy this morning. the schuylkill, 95, no problems to report. but it is going to take you longer to get there today, because road conditions are going to change as we move through the morning rush hour. for example, i began my trip out here in malvern, along 202, dry as a bone, i didn't see anything, until i hit right here, the schuylkill at city line. that's when i start today see the dusting on the grassy surfaces. so this is your dividing line here. so as you travel, from point a to point b, the road conditions are going to
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change. and of course, things could get icy, up and over the bridges, and into south jersey. they're salting and reduced speeds on the expressway and the garden state parkway. the vine expressway still closed, now, the problem here is it was closed all night. so there is a dusting on the vine street expressway. so, before they can even open it up to traffic after construction, they got to salt it. and then the salt, of course, will make the roads wet. the winds picking up. that quickly it can ice over. so, a lot going on here for your morning rush hour. so put your coffee cup in the cup holder. both hands on the wheel, over night accident route 41 at route 47. and both the market frankford and the broad street subways, they were bus, trains rolling, but expect for slippery conditions on the platforms. here is a salt truck. here comes the salt truck from steve keeley's shot coming in to the parking lot. he's over there in south jersey. but again, as quickly as though salt trucks come through, which takes care of that dusting, the winds
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starting to pick up. that's where things will get a little crazy as we move through the morning. so let's go, where is this at again? water forwards township south jersey, big old signs there, again, give yourself that distance behind the salt trucks this morning, along the white horse pike. so it looks like city line avenue, and then east over into south jersey, is that dividing line where we are waking up with a dusting. >> this guy will make a u-turn laverne, oh, can he make it? can he make it? >> he got it. >> he's got t karen, thomas, back to you. >> several of those trucks on 95 south of the airport, light dusting, as women. bob, thank you, 5:05, we will check in with steve in just a moment. look at the scene right here, snow falling last night in media. a lot of the little ones looking forwards to this scene. our chris o'connell captured it, his late night commute home. you can see several of the carlings, the roadways, there covered in snow. >> chris, i can hear it dunking. also, center city, looks so
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beautiful. just puts the you in the mood for the holidays, maybe a white christmas, sue will let us know if that's possible, but right now we snow making us in the face is the brutally cold, even dangerously cold temperatures. some people say it is already. >> i wasn't expecting it. i might as well bundle up more than what i got on. it is cold out here. >> i think it is awesome. i've been waiting for the snow. >> reporter: so we do expect those colds temperatures to get a lot colder and pretty darn quickly. we are already seeing it with the flags, and, you know, with steve keeley being throughout. >> once that wind hits you, certainly going to feel t it is scattered as we've been mentioning. south jersey where steve's at, in cherry hill, kind of rome g around on cold weather patrol this morning, steve? >> reporter: yes. thomas, we are starting in cherry hill, our day, and ending in atlantic city. if we make it there, a life, but the road travel is not really treacherous, because we are taking it easy. karen, you mention flag.
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let me show you one, even though dark. you can make out old glory blowing pretty good in the sky here. this flag is not real big, not real high up. we've seen some of those mega flags on some of the car dealerships, really blowing. and then to the left you see the moon, which is lit, and sue, i don't foe if you have the forecast for the moon, but judging by the white, maybe it snowed on the moon, as well overnight. looks like there is accumulation up on the moon, as well. but greg will pan down into the left. you will see the grassy fields here, along the white horse pike, and lovely waterford township, at the far end of camden county where you see bob kelly, our director, taking live shot of the salt truck going by, and making u-turn, right on the county line before we approach hammonton. and there is a lot of salt on the road, and bob, you'll mention this, as well, you can slide on salt, just assisi as you can slide on ice. a loft these salt trucks, when they lift the back up,
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sometimes they leave too much salt out. we've seen piles of 6 inches hi, salt on the road, especially around the exit ramps. you are taking a exit ramp faster than you should. you are going to slide on the big rock salt, pretty good, as well. so take it easy whether it is salt or snow or ice or black ice. so there is a loft things, just to make sure you slow down for today. because, boy, i've seen cars sliding on salt today, which is a first, i think, and i see some snow plows in the distance, so far not plowed recall stuff, but just enough to gave you a second thought about going faster than you normally o and here's where we r waterford township ems. look, december, cpr class, greg will take that cpr class on the way back, i may need cpr after the windshield bites me in the butt down at the shore, what sue mentioned with the 40-mile per hour gusts and you know the gusts will be the worse on the board walk, so going down therefore future shoot. we'll have 8:00 live shot from
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the shore, hey, any day at the beach is like a day off. right, karen? >> that is what they say. dow not envy you on this day. all right, you're great sport, steve, always appreciate it, thanks. also in new jersey keeping it, there take a look at video from collingswood. they got enough onto cover the cars certainly there. and people had to come out, scrape it off. but it was just fine with the cold temperatures, would want to keep you informed, no matter what you are doing, getting ready for school or work, smattering of school delays, deep right here. we'll let you know about them. kutztown, two hour delay. even not by the tv you can download the weather app actually fabulous, or get the latest on 5:09 the time, developing story we first told but last evening, the fire fighters chester, they're battling bed bug problem at the firehouse. >> we've done several stories on this, ever dealt with bed
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bugs, they're hard to get rid of. jenny joyce is out there. where do they go from here? where dot fire fighters from here, jenny? >> reporter: well, we know that the exterminator came through yesterday. i don't know how long the process will take in order to clean up at least two of the firehouses, we do know that this discovery was made after two firefighters complains of bed bug bites. sources tell us, those complaints came in a week ago. but the first exterminate eras i mentioned it, not come through the station until yesterday. the bed bugs were discovered at stations 81, and 82, in the city of chester, apparently the bugs were found in the sleeping quarters, and after the situation was reported, to headquarters, sources say, firefighters were given cans of bed bug spray, to take care of the issue. now, a week late, the city says it, hired an exterminate err to handle the job. this after box springs and mattresses were tossed in the trash. >> we is her philadelphia international airport that we do have some inch if he takes
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with bed bugs. we have a tech company to come out and remedy the situation for us, and it is being taken care of. >> reporter: a spokesperson for the chester fire union issued a statement saying, quote, we look forward to working with the city to provide our firefighters a healthy and and recall workplace to ensure proper services are provided to the citizens of chester. firefighters didn't want to talk on camera. but they told our chris o'connell yesterday, that they're very concerned about this problem. so as we mentioned, hopefully it will be fixed as soon as possible. karen, thomas? >> let's certainly hope so. jenny, thank you. so the time right now is 5:11. >> i googled the song around this time, take on me, man did the flyers take on the avalanch. they won, since 1985, can you believe it made it ten in a row. not a he is eye one but they battled all heart, gave it everything they could,
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blocking shots, pucks broken, sticks even, but they held off the avalanch four-three, the final. >> they're going strong, talking about ice of a different kind, waking up this morning there is black ice on the roadways, seeing those salt trucks out there for a reason. so be very careful this morning as we track your weather. ♪this holiday season, my good friend gave to me♪ ♪7 powerball tickets ♪6 match 6 chances ♪5 cash 5s ♪4 cash 4 lifes ♪3 pick 3s ♪2 mega millions (joe) happy holidays, rita. (rita) thanks, joe! (man) what a great gift! (announcer) pennsylvania lottery tickets make great gifts,
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like the new $1 million snow bank. (joe) happy holidays! ♪and best wishes from the lottery♪
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>> it is very windy, and getting colder and colder outside. three things, we break it down, things you need to remember today, is that we've got the snow showers around this morning, or the residual of what happened overnight. winds eventually reaching 40-mile per hour winds gust, that's tropical storm forced to, and just talking with bob kelly, if it is your trash day, you may have to be looking for that trash can in your neighborhood. temperatures plunging throughout the day. already beached our high temperature of the day. so we will see temperatures falling through the 20's, but that's not as significant as the windchill, which will be in the teens, all day today, where is the snow right now? still little bit falling around cumberland county, and little bit in atlantic county, this morning, around millville, estell manor, the morris river there, for just a
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coating, we did get as much as an inch, though, parts of burlington county overnight. so look at these future windchills for today. single digits, for much of the day, it looks like. maybe not even as generous as i was just being in the teens. and then, you move into tomorrow morning, you see single digit windchills, continuing, so, really, layers, layers, layers. temperatures are in the 20's, and 30's. but it feels like it is a lot colder than that, thanks to the winds, and as we check those wind gusts, they make it feel like it is in the teens, 20's already, north and west of the city. look at that, 38-mile per hour winds gust right now in allentown, pa. as far as precipitation is concerned, still could see more snow showers throughout the day today because of the cold air coming off lake erie, not unusual, with winds this high, to see some lake effect snow showers. but, the real snow that will change over to rain arrives late, late on friday night, so going out, maybe make plans to
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not stay out too late. so you don't run into this messy weather in the overnight hours friday into saturday. event lip it, changes over to rain. then we get another round every rain with a cold front on sunday. so, seven day forecast, has so many ups and downs, in it, 20's today and tomorrow. eventually, into the four's, on saturday. really warm on sunday, with rain, and then temperatures plunging again in time for monday and tuesday, and the real first day of winter next week, which is wednesday, but it sure feels like it now, bob kelly. >> you got it. tell you what, you got to remember where you put this from last winter, the snow scraper, common in, let me dust you off little bit there. >> thank you. >> good to go. make sure, that's what do you have do before you pull out of the driveway in some areas, especially, over here in south jersey. live look at the benny. we're wet. if it looks wet, let's go with the idea it could be icy. again, not dealing with wet roads from rain, we are dealing with rhett roads from the dusting of snow, and look at the temp, hovering right
5:18 am
there, just above the freezing mark, and the winds is going to be that factor both hands on the wheel, when you are coming over the bridges this morning, here is a live look, folks coming offer the platt bridge, making the left turn onto penrose avenue here in south philly. so you can see the situation. the major roadways are passable. this, the snow, really just kind of sticking to the untreated surfaces, the grass, and the sidewalks. but just these sharp turns here, could send somebody spinning. here is the deal this morning, you know, coming in on along 202, or the schuylkill expressway, dry as a bone, it is right here around city avenue. when i kind of saw the dusting on the side of the roadways, so here is your differ identifying line. route one and 202, is where we started to see the change-over occur. and then we have that dusting covering all of your secondary roads, the grass, the front step, the sidewalk, even the parking lot on your way to work this morning. and over into south jersey, so just enough to make it a little crazy this morning.
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sometimes this light dust something even worse than if we got 2 inches of snow. i know the kid don't like to hear that, but slippery conditions on the paoli, lansdale-doylestown line, watch the platforms today when you board and exit the buses. no problems yet on the schuylkill or 95, and we had good old time last night, when i headed up to levittown, we got lit in levittown. check it out. i wore my christmas lights suit. >> this fellow the family had all of their lights synchronize the to the music. they had boom box out front. they have their own radio station, so when you drive by, you can keep the kids in the car, have your hot chocolate and jelly donuts, and you tune the radio to their frequency, and you hear the music bouncing to the lights. we had grand old time. it was cold. but it was fun out there in levittown last night. i love to come to your house to celebrate very kelly christmas, to show off your christmas lights, all do you have do is snap a picture of your home all decorated, post it to facebook, twitter, instagram, use the
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#fox29lights contest so i can share all of the festivities with everybody here on tv. and then, we will pick another home to visit one night next week. karen, thomas? >> hard work, takes them what four hours a minute? >> four hours for each minute after song. >> somebody has too much time on their hands. >> it pace offer. it is beautiful. time is 5:20, we want to get to this developing story this morning, investigators still have a lot of questions about a deadly ambush in frankford. two gunmen fired more than dozen times, killing 30 year old jonathan ramos. this happened early yesterday morning, in the 1400 block of adams avenue, and this morning, police are asking who wanted ramos dead, and why? homeowners, neighbors, they're concerned. >> no matter what he did, he says, it is a son, a brother, he might be a father, and it is a life, no matter what he did, you know, it is a life that we lost.
5:21 am
>> because of the style of this attack, investigators believe ramos may have been set up. they say he received a call to meet someone on adams avenue. minutes later he was killed in that execution style murder. investigators found 28 shell casings, there, on the scene. >> well, police say they've nabbed a person taking packages from the front steps of homes in northern liberties. we do have some surveillance video of all of this, police say they caught that guy right there in the act along the 800 block of laurence street last friday. police tell you they stopped a guy over at fifth and popular streets. they say he even had some packages from other people on him when they caught him red handed. we're still trying to figure out some of the charges. >> someone's out there with a philadelphia police badge who shouldn't have it. they believe the guy in this video height stole it. police say officers patrol jacket, badge, and hat, were take friend a bench in the criminal justice center. guy caring a shopping bag in the video. take a close look. investigators believe he's caught on video putting the
5:22 am
goods in that bag. if you know who this guy is, recognize him, what he's wearing, you know what to do, give police a call. it is 5:22, if you're just waking up. a lot of people talking about this one, yahoo hacked again. this breach even bigger than before. a billion people's accounts hacked. the personal information they got. and what you don't need to worry about.
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>> very good morning to you, time 5:26. yahoo saying it has happened again. the company disclosing another huge hack. it says hackers may have stolen data of more than billion customers in august of 2013. now, this could be the biggest data breach of an e-mail provider ever. the information stolen may include names, e-mail addresses, phone numbers and births dates. but yahoo believes bank account and credit cards information wasn't stolen. >> these revelations commas data after yahoo, by the way, disclosed another big hack back in september. we should mention the owner of cheating website ashley madison will pay more than one and a half million dollars. judgement settles an investigation, by the federal trade commission, into lacks data security and deceptive practices, among other filed, they found ashley madison created fake female profiles to attract male customers.
5:27 am
the site gives people the chance to meet others, with whom to cheat on their partners with. all right, so, you are savings account, about to earn a bit more. that's good way to look at this story. but your car and home loans, they'll probably get more expensive. we're seeing rates already jump because the federal reserve is now raising interest rates. the fed chair janet yelin says expect to jump quarter percentage point, sites improving economy, more people working, inflation under control, only second rate hike since the stock market collapsed back in 2008. they expect to raise interest rates three more times in the next year. coming up at 5:30, just waking up, good morning to you, live look at wilmington, delaware, whether you're in south jersey, pennsylvania, you're wacking to up arctic blast, sue serio. she has you covered when it comes to the forecast, rounds two of more snow on the way. and bob, bob is checking the roads. stay with us.
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>> bundles up, from media, to collingswood, many areas got some snow. >> now many bracing for brutal temperatures. already hit the high. temperatures going down from here. how cold is it going to get in sue has a look at your forecast, of course bob, tracking your morning column
5:31 am
youth. and bed bugs at the firehouse oh, they don't want to sleep there right now, infestation happening at two firehouses in our community. >> great to have you with us this thursday, cold morning, i'm thomas drayton along with karen hepp, good morning. >> good morning to you. >> good morning, one of those crazy mornings, crazy starts. i know kids may see snow on the grabs we have school, but it will take little longer to get there. >> bus stop buddy still smiling. >> and just going to get colder it here on in, over the next two days, so make sure your little ears are covered up. you have got your mittens on, lots of layers underneath. right now, windchills are in the teens and 20's, but it is going to get even colder. and because of how cold it is, we will go with a three out every ten today. because could you have slippery start, depending on where you live, and where the snow that fell overnight is. and it looks like there is a snow burst there in atlantic county right near the a.c. expressway. and then around cumberland county, as well, we could
5:32 am
still see some flurries around during the day today. we have temperatures, that are in the 20's, and 30's, and continuing to fall as those winds pick up. winds speeds, these are the sustained winds speeds, 20 miles an hour in philadelphia right now. so that makes it feels like it is 20 in philadelphia, eight in reading, and three below is the windchill in mount pocono. so we will have daytime temperature of 27 degrees. that doesn't matter, windchills will be in the teens all dayment and then tonight, brisk, and bitter, and blustery, with low temperature in the teens and feeling even colder than that. but this isn't going to last, bob kelly. we've got big changes coming over the weekends. >> you know who likes the colds though? >> who? >> elves. elves like the cold. i came downstairs this morning, grabbed water bottle out of the fridge in my house, and the elf almost scared the daylight out of me, hiding in the ice machine of our fridge this morning. so let's see how long it takes for austin to find his elf. i hope your elf moved on the
5:33 am
overnight. 202, no problems out here in malvern, when i came in this morning, dry as bone along 202 and the schuylkill. so it is location, location, location, where you wake up this morning, here is a live look northeast philadelphia. let's be quiet. everybody's still sleeping. so got the lights on here. but look at the windshields. got the light dusting. so you'll have to find that brush. the big question this morning, what did dow with that scraper? where is the broom in northeast fill toy clear off all of the snow. boy look at this, over in south jersey, this is an example of 295 off rancocas road. now again we have the areas where the winds is now starting to pick up. here's what's going to happen. we will see the snow blow on to the road surface. and that's going to cause some slippery conditions. if it looks wet, it is most likely could be iced over this morning. here is a live look, downtown we go. so again, the suburbs, dry as a bone, center city got a drugs. south jersey got hit. that dividing line is right here, city avenue. where we are dry out in the
5:34 am
suburbs, the dusting in delco, over into south jersey, so certainly tricky driving this morning, karen, thomas, back to you. >> bob, thanks forgetting out around town. 5:34. look at the scene, i know santa doesn't mind. little ones don't mind. how do you feel about this? this is the snow falling in media last night. our chris o'connell capturing this scene on his lame could the youth home. you can hear his car ding away. >> let's take a look around our area right now, this is center city so beautiful there as the snow was falling. it is very cold, though, getting dangerously cold as we speak. the mercury dropping, just minute by minute. we've got some dead blue throughout the area. give it up to steve keeley going out to different locations, got the scrape nerve hands. >> kind of like the elf on the shelf. never know where he's going pop up. hey, steve. >> reporter: we made it to atlantic county, in mullica township, not to be confused with mullica hill in gloucester township. okay. now, bob kelly just mentioned, watch out for the snow blowing
5:35 am
on the roads. we have seen maybe two dozen salt trucks in our travels this morning. but right where we are, we are seeing the snowment and i asked greg the man behind the camera is this snow blowing off the trees, which you see on the side of the white horse pike or blowing off the side of the road? we don't know. but it is blowing up in the air like 50 feet in the air, then on to the roads surface, that has been salted. now, look on the side of the road, right here, greg will pan down. watch when the next headlights come by. momentarily. so, it looks like it rained overnight. but, see this puddle? it is freezing before your eyes, and you'll see the reflection off what was water, soon, turning to ice, right here, as this vehicle goes by, extra slow. almost like they're doing us favor here with the headlight. but you can see the puddle. now turning into ice rink. see it right there? you can see the reflection from that truck. so everything on the road is freezing. that truck just, greg, spin around, that truck just sent bunch of salt and snow on the
5:36 am
road. so, very windy out here. because of that windchill, sue is mentioning, that's probably freezing everything on contact. so here is another one of these puddles i'm talking b and it is already forming identification, snow on the side of the roads here, this is mike used auto dealer. and notice, mike's vehicles, clean, sharp autos. the opposite of what we drive around in fox, dirty, dull autos. but look at the accumulation on mike's. he's got about, what would you call that, sue? is that an inch, official inch? i need a ruling here from sue and bob. that looks like an inch of snow here, in atlantic county, mullica township. you can see right there, and maybe some of the snow has blown off. the good thing is this is fluffy unlike what we saw up in burlington county, where it was already frozen, and you had to scrape it off. but if you get up early enough, you can brush it off down here which is easier than
5:37 am
scraping it off as i showed in my 4:00 hit up on route 73. so a lot of snow down here compared to where we started our day. so i know an inch is not a lot. but when you haven't had any snow, since those days it was in the 90s at the start of fall, here we are at the last days of fall, and going to single digits, and maybe a below zero windchill. >> yes, sue said it is about a half inch to inch out there, steve. report my guess is maybe, all right. >> steve? i don't think mike would minds. >> i want to rounds it off. i'm rounding it off to 1 inch. >> we will go with 1 inch. i don't think mike would mind if you took care of all of the cars out there. >> thank you, steve. >> reporter: i know! you got it. >> how about our fly guys? so exciting, late game that happened out there in denver. making history, what they've not been table do since 1985.
5:38 am
but they did it last night.
5:39 am
5:40 am
>> didn't play good enough, not against the raptors, lowry
5:41 am
putting the nail in the coffin. sixers lose. brandon brooks missed two out of the last three games with illness, now we know why he has san eye at this, yesterday he talked about it for the first time. >> you know, i can't emphasize it enough, it is not, you know, nervousness or fear, i love the organization, the organization has been great. they're supporting me this, head coach, my position dogs, howie, everybody supporting me. and, you know, i'll make it through. i'll be okay. >> and temple introduced new head coach jeff collins, two great so signs, that's sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. >> ♪ >> the flyers, can you believe it, celebrating the longest winning streak since 1985. they've now made it ten in a row. but, our win against colorado last night certainly not easy. they battled it out with all hotter out there in denver,
5:42 am
giving it all they do. doing it all. blocking shots, clearing pucks, broken sticks, than was lots of big man hugs happening out there on the ice. the final score in this 14 to three. oh, they're going to get it done, going for 11, come on, guys, we have fate. time now 5:42, if you are waking up good morning, a lot to talk about including the weather, beautiful, just looks like postcard, doesn't it? they're making snow up there. but we will talk about the arctic blast hitting our area coming up in just a bit. stay with us. ♪ think of your fellow man.
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♪ take a good look around... ♪ ...and if you're lookin' down, ♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ in your heart. (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars to help real people like these.
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>> 5:45, good morning, camelback mountain up in the poconos, as they got some real snow going on out there. i95, right near girard avenue here, disable truck. watch what happens here. these guys getting on here at girard, they've to quickly merge over to the left southbound, oh, look at this,. >> roads are clear of the white stuff waking up depending where you are opening up the front door, you got a dusting of snow highland
5:46 am
avenue off ramp roll at 5 miles per hour, hit the off ramps where there is the snow, the dusting, and anything that looks wet, has the potential of being aisles dollars over. we lost 2 degrees here in the last couple every minutes, now down to 32 at the freezing mark, reduced speeds on the expressway, parkway, they have salt crews out there, salt crews out in the townships, in the neighborhoods, so be careful, as the little ones are ready to head out the door for schuylkill. schuylkill, nine, a other than that, problem on nine the a, at girard, no incidents, but expect slower than normal speeds. here is the differ identifying line. route one, come in from malvern this morning, open up the front door, no problems at all, i didn't see any snow until i hit like city avenue. so city line, route one here, and east, is where road conditions change, begin dry, as you travel, things will get
5:47 am
little messy and of course the east you go, steve down in atlantic county definitely got inch to dust off your car before you start it up. slippery conditions this morning, one of the platforms and on all of the buses, trains and trolleys, and then some bridge inspections later today, along i-95. front lawn of the residence out in levittown getting all lit up in levittown with this fellow here, has all of the lights, synchronized to the music, takes him about four hours to synchronize one minute of each song. he has ten songs, all-pro gram in there. and you can come on by and stay in your car, and got his own private radio station you can tune and you get the music coming right into the vehicle, a it synchronized to the lights. >> i want to see it anyhow, put it up on facebook, use the #fox29lights contest, so i can show the pictures here on tv.
5:48 am
get us all in that christmas spirit. and then pick a house, a lot going on in the weather department. sue has it coming in 15 seconds. >> what happened last night? just woke up, haven't looked out the window might see little snow on the ground, just enough to make things slippery. places where it did accumulate, it has been between the half inch and an inch, there was inch recorded in burlington county at mt. holly, just overnight, winds will be picking up, they already are. and we could ends up with 40, 45-mile per hour wind gusts today. temperatures plunge, so the windchill is going to be maybe single digits, definitely in the teens all day long, dress cords inningly.
5:49 am
here is a look at the snow falling now, very light, but it looks like around that place where the parkway, a.c. a. expressway meet. seeing some snow, just enough to put the coating on the ground, just enough to make it slippery for you, even walking temperatures 20's, 30's, winds factored, in what it foles like outside, single digit in reading, below zero mount pocono, and these numbers will only be getting lower as the winds pick up. and they're gusting as high as 38 miles an hour in someplace this is morning. so, 39 miles an hour, that's tropical storm force. as we look at the future cast, though, can't rule out another smalt erring -- smattering every within snowfall. winds will be so high,ly the cold air, possible precipitation, just light, like we saw overnight.
5:50 am
clouds rolling in at 8:00. see the precipitation, midnight, 1:00 in the morning, does start as snow, because it will be so cold around here. but with warm air, moving in from the south, it gets little dicey around 6:00 in the morning, where we could get mix of precipitation, but the change-over in philly every place except the mountains looks like complete by about 9:00 in the morning. so put off what you were going to do early in the day, on saturday, and just have your umbrella hands the rest of the weekend, because the temperatures will be so much milder compared to today and tomorrow. then we take polar plunge again, maybe not as colds as today, tomorrow, but in the three's monday, and tuesday, and the first day of official wind zero winter is wednesday. but it already feels like it, thomas, car glenn can we just stay in bed this weekend? >> how about this one? remember steve harvey crowning the wrong beauty queen? well, no matter. he's going to be back to host
5:51 am
the miss universe pageant. and he's getting some help from a name we know, one of the hottest super models right now, ashley gram, will be joining him back stage, she served as back stage host on fox little earlier this year, 2017, this universe competition from the philippines, will be live here on fox coming up on january january 29th. >> remember to take the crown off of her head? >> come back here, he owned to up it, it was on the cards, i just didn't read it right but he's back. hey, forks this morning, releasing its list of the worlds' most powerful people. so coming in at number three, right to the list, german chancellor andrea american he will, calling her the back bone of the european union. >> two on the list, president-elect donald trump, and then this one, interesting, we've been talking a lot about all every these people, most powerful person until the world, for the fourth consecutive year, russian president, vladmeere
5:52 am
putin. says whether syria or elections he continues to get what wants. >> 5:51, let's take you back in time here. >> $185 classic coming every age the now forever preserved. one of 25 movies added to the national film registry. >> do you remember, it was the criminal and the princess, the athletes, the brain, and the basket case. all tried to figure out which one we were. every year the library of congress select movies for preservation because of their cultural or historical importance, so another per of films chosen,. >> sixteen candles, all of movies. take a listen to this right
5:53 am
here. >> ♪ >> disney 1994 animated musical favorite amazing, also on the list. >> and the princess bride who framed roger rob it in selma and louise, going offer the cliff, also made the list. bring total number of movies in the registry to 700. my favorite movie, goonies. >> with my kids again, so good, holds up really well. >> all the time. never ending story. >> another good one. >> all good ones made the list right there. >> so one of our favorite people we talk a lot about on good day, ryan latch, good news for him. he's saying they have a baby on the way, they put this out there as people do nowadays on instagram. so this is the olympic swimmer obviously had some controversy this year, but did gotten guage today that playboy model kayla ray read. and they're revealing the big news on instagram.
5:54 am
>> have you doing a double take, won't it? >> do you. you look, you look, kind of really cool under water in a pool? they began dating almost a year. >> good for them, congratulations, little one on the wayment time 554. if you are headed out this morning, brr, not as cold as the poconos this morning, but good news they're making snow, a lot of people getting ready for the big ski season. resorts opening up today, tomorrow, and the rest of this weekends and next week earl. >> i we will be right back. latest on the weather and breaking news and all of the breaking stories in your neck of the woods. >> ♪ >> ♪
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5:57 am
>> the neighbors put up single sign, ditto, just what our neighbors d we want all of that, outside home in detroit. they say they couldn't compete with all of that going on so did that instead. very clever. certainly looks snowy out, there that's it for thomas and me, sue and bob tracking the storm, mike and alex next.
5:58 am
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6:00 am
>> sue said it was coming in, bitter blast of arctic air, waking us up, slapping you in the face. temperatures, and snow fell this morning. sue and bob, both tracking the weather and the travel this morning. >> plus, the biggest cyber breach in history. 1 billion people impacted after yahoo was hacked, a second time. how you can protect yourself right now. oh, my gosh, my alarm just went off. hold on a second. >> glad you're awake. >> that was my flyers alarm. they did it. they dominated the avalanch, celebrating ten wins in a row, you know the flyers have not celebrated lik


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