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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  December 16, 2016 4:00am-5:00am EST

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very good morning, yeah, bundle up. fox 29 morning news, carry a bitter blast, you need to bundle will up, the temperatures they are dropping to dangerous levels. guess what sue says, another round of snow is coming. and obviously we have you covered before you head outside for work or for school , sue's tracking when snow will be moving in later today. bob's got an eye on the roads because is there always problems to headache sure your commute is a safe one. breaking overnight shots fired at philadelphia police officers, three teens now in custody, what officers say happened, moments, before the suspects pulled that trigger. also more breaking news from overnight just about two hours ago two police officers were injured in the car accident. we have all of the he details. >> great to have you with us. one bright spot it is friday,
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tgif. >> wow. >> one of those mornings, you know, you think about life decisions laying this bed because it is so cold, so early. >> think about when you can take a nap when you are in the shower in the morning. >> you are in the the shower and saying you can get in a nap later today. >> yes. >> right. >> two good weather things. wind will be calming down a lit built today. the it will be frigid cold but not as windy today. and, the snow's coming on a saturday. so, you know, for a lot of people, that could be a good thing and it will not last that long. so, just ease everything a little bit before i show you that it is 16 degrees in philadelphia, this morning. thirteen in lancaster. seventeen in dover. but we have to factor in these wind of 18 miles an hour. the wind have not calmed down just yet but they will throughout the day. here's what it feels like, folks, zero in the city, that is your wind chill. one below in lancaster. two in wilmington.
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eleven below in mount pocono. we're laughing but it is dangerously cold and you don't want to stay out any longer then you have to. tough it out just this one day and temperatures will get better tomorrow. for your weather number today we will go with the four instead of yesterday's three, and less wind but it is still too cold, with a high temperature of only 28 degrees , today. we will talk about the snow, and then what else happened over the weekend coming up in just a few minutes, bob kelly. >> good morning, everybody. 40:00 two. you got it. we made it to friday morning. live look, crews are still working on the vine street expressway shut down between broad street and schuylkill until 5:00 that closure will stay in effect. we will look live at ben franklin bridge. both hand on the wheel when that wind is picking up we will feel bridge rocking. the pit your cup in the cup holder but roads drying out here but if in if it is anything that looks wet is obviously iced over with the temperatures at 17 degrees. we could have slippery spots.
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route 70, water main break, and now eastbound side, heading in to new jersey, right at the new jersey turnpike, one lane is block, with the water main break itself. and then icy conditions on the opposite side, westbound, heading in towards, cherry hill. that accident we talked to you about involving the police officer broad and snider, more details on that in a moment and a accident westbound on the pennsylvania turnpike, at the downingtown interchange, both market frankford line and subway, using shuttle buses until five, karen and thomas back to you. 4:03. it is bone chilling cold, sue and bob just mentioned, before you head outside bundle will up. of course philadelphia's homeless services has declared a code blue effective through wednesday december 21st, city officials are urging concerned citizens if you see a person living on the street please call homeless outreach at 215-23-2984, number once again (215)232-1984. and burlington county also declaring a code blue
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emergency. you can call contact, the burlington county for a list of a railable shelters, and additional code blue information. >> that will go through tomorrow that code blue up there in bucks county. the interesting thing, a lot of the churches they are available to help you if you need it. we have churches right there on our screen. we have them on our web site fox and they can get you transportation, temporary shelter and food for necessity to advertise and will folks in need that could use that because it is dangerously cold outside. not the just for the people but also for our pets as well. >> of course, leaving them outside, conditions could lead to animal cruelty charges, fines, even the death of your companion. jenny joyce is braving the biting chill in south philadelphia a this morning, and you have vital information to keep those pets safe. >> reporter: good morning, karen and thomas. temperatures in the teens, who wants to be outside, we're going inside, where it is warm , if we have anything to say about it and our pets who speak a different language, well, they deserve to be warm
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too. bring those pets inside. code blue has been issued in philadelphia which places a city ordinance in effect making it the illegal to leave your pets outside in this weather. look at that puppy with the jacket, sweat pants, booties and still freezing. if you have pets that stay outside year round you have to give them acclimate todd life indoors when weather gets cold in the winter months. make sure they have a warm place to to stay or else it could cost you with the city ordinance that comes with the the 500-dollar fine for anyone who violates the law and leaves pets outside in the frigid temperatures. also coming up we're talking about protecting your pipes from the cold, and space heater safety. each year we cover fires related to space heaters and we don't want that to happen to anyone when these temperatures drop certainly a lot to think about, karen and thomas. absolutely, all right. that is good information that we need and we need to think about this time of the year. if you have not down
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loaded our app, it might be a great time to do it. it has weather alerts that go to your phone. down load it free it the is on apple or google play stores. it is out there. we have some breaking news for you this morning, this is just happening, we know that three suspects are in custody after police say one of them fired at a uniformed officer. >> police say they are wanted forearmed robbery. lets get out to steve keeley on the scene in olney where police say it all came to a head. the first of all, how are officers doing, steve. >> reporter: unbelievable that anybody that doesn't have to be out this this cold is out in this cold in the middle of the night. if the cold over last 24 hours 1:30 in the morning these three guys are out apparently robbing people on the street. they fine a 21 year-old, and they rob him. they get his phone, 30 bucks cash and a wallet and they get back in the black pickup truck police somehow find out about it even though they got this guy's phone and they get the description and they see the vehicle, since there is not
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many people out at this time. they try it to pull it over. vehicle stops and then takes off and then they chase they vehicle and then when they catch up with the vehicle these guys, who held up the guy with the gun, show the cops that gun was indeed real and indeed loaded, and stupid ly start firing at the cops. here's scott small. >> one of the suspects fired a shot at the police, police showed a lot of restraint, police did not return fire, police chased all three suspects and all three were apprehended in the rear alley. >> reporter: they got one gun but they don't think they have the gun where shell casings match, the one shooting at the police. they will be looking for a gun they have several locations, and believe it the or not you heard him say tremendous restraint. police officers being fired at and catching the guy doing that fire who had at least two
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guns without having to fire back. and those guys are luck that i they are in the killed and it would have been probably justifiable and in everybody mind since cops were being shot at on duty trying to stop armed robbers. so we will sort all this out. i'm sure police are sorting it out. karen and thomas, again, we thought there would be no violence at least during this two day bitter cold spell and, of course, i was wrong. >> it is like july when we see these things. steve, thanks very much. another philadelphia police story we have another one, also involving, officers, there are two who were banged up this morning after a driver slammed into their patrol vehicle, sending them to the hospital. that is the scene right there you can see front end is pushed in of the cruiser. the that is 2:00 this morning at broad and snider. they were a male, female officer, they are from the third district. man who struck them not too badly injured, you can see vehicle there. also, we're following breaking news coming out of
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washington state. that is where police officer has been shot in the head. there is a standoff, and a hostage situation happening right now. this is in mount vernon. it is about an hour north of seattle. police got a call about the the shooting there late last evening when police arrived a man started shooting at them striking an officer who has been rush to the hospital, we do not the know that officer's condition. well, following a developing story this morning, the season has apparently ended early for mens swimming and diving team at princeton university. the will school announced the team suspension late last night, university saying it was alerted to vulgar massage is in particular and racist content on the team e-mail distribution. in the statement princeton said this in part we make clear to all student athletes that they represent princeton university at all times. it goes on to say this type of behavior is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. school officials say they will make a decision soon about the remainder of the team's
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schedule. here's the complete full statement by the university. president-elect donald trump brought his thank you tour to our area, and in the keystone state. he spoke to a crowd of supporters in the sweetest place on earth, hershey. >> he wasted no time, reminding them that pennsylvania voters chose someone other than a democrat for president, here he is speaking. >> in almost 30 years. >> so, the president-elect promised to bring back jobs to the country and to the state, and just like he mentioned throughout his campaign he promised to secure the border. >> we will build a great, great wall and we will put an end to illegal immigration we are going to stop the drugs from pouring into our country and poisoning the youth of pennsylvania, and every or state.
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>> meanwhile just two cabinet positions remained opened in trump's administration, one for department of veteran affairs, other for secretary of the department of agriculture. it has taken a year and a half but police believe that finally they have a suspect involved in the gunshot heist. >> tell you it wasn't easy to find them how a little will luck in technology enabled police to make an arrest. good morning, bob. good morning, everybody. we have bitter cold so make sure you are bundled up before you step outside the front door, 95 looking good, schuylkill expressway, an accident here, off ramp at girard avenue. you want snow? come on we have got the snow for you. we will look live at the pocono, the blue mountains. making some snow this morning. but we will have, some real snow, coming from mother nature over the weekend stay there sue has got forecast and we will grab a cup of coffee and come right back.
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it is a fabulous friday, we made it through another week, they are making snow right now, nearly all of our resorts in the poconos will be opened by today and certainly by tomorrow, sue. >> yeah, they will actually get some natural snow before the warmer temperatures come but we have got just one day of frigid cold, one day left before things change so we will give you what we call air
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i can advice. the a lot of this seems, obvious and common sense. layers of loose fitting clothing. you need to make sure that you have a warm hat, scarves, gloves, now, i was in such a hurry and running late i almost ran out of the house without them. there is a reminder just in case. properly ventilate your space heaters, lot of people using those in the room you are kind of living and make sure that there is nothing anywhere near there that could light up, and limit pets outdoor exposure. you heard jenny talking about that. it is a law to keep your pet indoors. we are here with the polar vortex and one shore day of this extreme cold, so these are the wind chills, dangerous wind chills as we walk outside the door right now. zero in philadelphia. that is in the city. colder in the suburbs. reading, zero, two, wilmington , one below lancaster, 11 below in the higher elevations as we just saw where at least it is good for making snow. this is current radar, nothing there, we will jump ahead to
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midnight the tonight, and, into tomorrow morning, to time out this snow, and there you can see it starts to snow especially north and west of us at 2:00 in the morning, by 5:00 in the morning it is still snowing and it is on and off in philadelphia but with the warmer air, rain tarts to come in there the south, and then between 7:00 and 9:00 would i say is when the changeover occurs, from rain, from snow to rain, and it rains on and off, we will get a little bit of the break late in the day on the saturday, run out and do christmas shopping then. because sunday here om some rain. that will happen in the morning, little will more in the afternoon, it is on and off. the it clears out, with colder temperatures, rolling in for monday. so hopefully you got all that straight. as far as accumulations, lehigh valley two to 4 inches before change over to rain. northwestern suburbs one to 2 inches, before the changeover to rain, and then southern new jersey and delaware, coat to go an inch, but before the changeover to rain. a lot of this happens in the the overnight, early morning
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hours. if you have lance in the morning see if you can delay them until things warm up a little bit. we will be at 46 degrees in the afternoon and early high of 60 degrees on sunday. the that is right i said 60 degrees. the right now we have a wind chill of zero and talking about 60 degrees on sunday. the crazy. a high of only 34 object monday and we will stay in the 30's on tuesday, first day of winter, it is wednesday, and then we are back in the 40's. so bob kelly, it is a little crazy but we have your score card right here. >> we want to make sure you are bundled up there because just the walk from the parking garage to the studio here, you just get that one gustt of wind that cuts through you if your jacket is not sipped up. here's we go the eastbound schuylkill expressway, the off ramp to girard avenue, blocked that is the zoo off ramp there block with an accident. looking at i-95 in dell companies somewhere in there they are telling me there is a disabled tractor trailer. look out heading north coming up from delco. septa is using shuttle buses
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on the market frankford and broad street subway until 5:00 heads up getting out the gate early this morning bundle up as you wait for the bus. you you are not able to go down below on to the platforms , same deal with all of the regional rail lines, standing outside this morning, it is a tough one. make sure you have that correct schedule that they have put in effect last week. two alarm fire in southampton, burlington county, ridge road just off of pemberton road, so police responding there water main break on route 70, break itself is on the eastbound side and then we have got som ized over roadways on the westbound side, so that will be tough, as you roll through cherry hill. west on the pennsylvania turnpike, accident, in the downingtown, interchange, and look the at joe's all lit up here, he has lights on top of the roof, hopefully blow up and mang ther scene didn't get knock over from the wind. he even has basketball court all lit up ready for some hoops over the weekend. red i get your picture to me. we have one more week to go, i want to see your decorated
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house, for a very kelly christmas. post them to facebook, twitter , instagram, use the # fox 29 lights contest so i can keep them coming. i have all of the pictures up on social media. we will pick one house next week to go and broadcast live, during our 5:00 o'clock newscast. we will have more details on that throughout the day. thomas and karen, back to you. time is 4:19. the a new jersey man is behind bars this morning, facing child porn charges. prosecutors say that four three-year old man, shared child porn, with police who showed up to arrest him. they say he had dozens of child porn files using a file sharing network. when officers showed up at his home police say he tried to grab a detective's gun and injured one overs in the fight speaking of guns, is there a man charged this is gun shop heist who is now back in our area more than a year and a half after that crime, his name is gentlemen var candle who has been fight extradition for months. the hundreds of miles from pennsylvania. but, now delaware county
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police have finally got him behind bars. as our dave kinchen reports the way detectives tracked their man really sound like it belongs in the crime drama. >> any comment. >> not a single word from je bar candle as he was transported by collindale police, extradited back from virginia for his alleged involvement in the 21 handguns from the suburban armory gun shop a year and a half ago. only three were ever recovered can you tell us where those guns are? are you worried they could be used to hurt on someone. >> reporter: question police chief bob adams is trying to get answered too. >> my investigators and atf agents went down to interview him and he would in the talk at all. >> reporter: surveillance video shows several suspects smashing their way in to suburban armory on the 1,000 block of macdade boulevard, in late may 2015. they got the handguns but could not break cables protecting the long guns. the heist was over in 90 seconds. surveillance shows the get a
4:21 am
waste in not one but two vehicles. but police say dna found at the scene helped police connect the guns to candle even have after all this time. >> they were able to locate him through a small expect of his blood on the glass smashed out in front of the suburban that was a comparison match and matched his dna from a prior burglary. >> reporter: delaware county law enforcement now linked to their counterpart to virginia, where jebar candle was suspect of staying with family on a far. >> he was raking hey and leaves on the farm somewhere, and then the federal marshals were watching him, so they got enough manpower and they went in and did their thing. >> reporter: chief adams said he thought extradition for four months before coming back today, even answering charges for other crimes, but he is not giving up his alleged partners just yet. >> he was offered a bite of the apple but he didn't take it. >> reporter: dave kinchen fox 29 news. in the tioga nicetown neighborhood a high school student is in trouble with the law, police say he brought a loaded gun to school, they
4:22 am
arrested after they say he tried to walk in the philip randolph high school with the weapon in his backpack. school went on lock down for more than a hour yesterday morning. police are trying to figure out why he had that gun. this is the time of the the year that package thefts are a big crime of opportunity home security cameras captured a thief, pulling right in the driveway of the home in levittown, he goes right up to the door and takes package. this is elderberry section. police are looking for whoever that person is right now. 4:22. some don't care but our eagles are getting ready. final road game of the season. so they will go down to baltimore, why this game, still means something, they say. >> looking forward to the weekend. all right. it is the season. we will get a few gifts what do you get a christmas gift that you just do not want this year one fast food giant is offering an alternative to re gifting and it is pretty
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good morning, i'm tom sredenschek, eagles getting ready for final road game of the season taking on the ravens in baltimore. eagles one-six on the road this season. their kick off 1:00 on fox 29. eagles avoided cold by practicing inside on a beautiful thursday afternoon. they dit without darren sproles, still in the nfl concussion protocol.
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eagles odd of making it to the playoffs about 5 million to one. doesn't mean sunday doesn't mean something to these guys. >> first and foremost, for this team, this organization, we put so much into this season, you know, to lay down or to, you know, whatever you want to call it and not show up these last three weeks is not an option. >> phillies will have odubel herrera in the center field for next five years, he sign a new contract thursday who keeps him in philadelphia through 2021. from the nba death of the broadcaster craig sagger, he lost his battle with cancer. he was 65. that is sports in a minute. i'm tom sredenschek. >> he was one of a kind. >> absolutely, an original. coming up at 4:30 we have a lot of stories happening that have been happening overnight, we have two police officers injured in the early morning crash. also ahead three teens accused of shooting at philadelphia police officers and, of course, we have to talk about the weather this
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morning, sue. >> radar looks different from yesterday because we don't have any snow around but what you can't see on radar is how cold it is but you sure will feel it when you walk outside the door. we will get you ready coming up. where things come from?
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how they get here? what they're packed in? it's a lot of stuff. and these things add up. that's why we recycle. [vo:]it's nice to know that raymour and flanigan is proud to be a leading recycler- 17 million pounds of recyclable materials every year. turned from trash into treasure. so in the future, we will all have a more beautiful world. ♪
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it is cold, bundle will up
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, all eyes on the radar as we are dealing with the arctic blast from the plunging temperatures to snow, today, and tomorrow, sue is tracking it all. she said it was coming. also breaking overnight three teens are in custody. police fired shots at officers and also, more breaking news two philadelphia police officers rush to the hospital after they were injury in the crash, we will update their conditions, as well as details of what went wrong, there. great to have you with us on this friday, we will get through, right. >> absolutely. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> we're with you. >> yes. >> that is right. >> we will get you there. >> it is also, ugly sweater day. send pictures of themselves getting dressed in the ugly sweater. >> yes. >> so for your ugly sweater. >> that remind me i took one of roofus in his sweater. he was so mad at he but we will post that. that is something to look forward to, isn't it. friday the 16th and it is 16
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degrees in philadelphia right now. that doesn't tell the tail, all of these temperatures in the teens because we factor in , 18 miles an hour sustained wind, and it feels a lot colder then 16. it feels like zero in philadelphia. i'm not kidding. that is wind chill right now, two in wilmington. wind chill of three in atlantic city. the trenton feels like five. with the numbers this low, does it really matter what the number is? it is just darn cold. the weather by the numbers is a little higher then wind chill. his your weather number today. we will get to a high of 28 degrees. it is less windy but still feeling like the teens all day with a high temperature of 28 degrees, but wait until you see roller coaster ride we will take in the seven day forecast, strap in bob kelly, it will be bumpy. >> how many tickets for that ride. i have the wrist band. good morning, everybody. tgif, 4:31. hello northeast philadelphia, live lot i-95 near
4:32 am
construction zone here they still got some of the cones out from the overnight, you think it is cold imagine workers, how many layers they must have out there working on their major roadways overnight ben franklin looking good but when that wind picks up we will feel car rocking over the bridge, accident south philadelphia involving a police vehicle broad and snider, so watch for an investigation there this morning. two alarm fire in burlington county, southampton burlington county ridge road just south of pemberton road. we have a water main break overnight route 70, water main break is on the eastbound side , right at new jersey turnpike. that is impacting folks heading in toward new jersey and westbound side coming in from cherry hill or admiral wilson boulevard, the isis out there, so we have a work crew and we have salt crews around that water main break there this morning. an accident west on the turnpike out of downingtown, bundle up heading out for mass transit this morning, market frankford subways are using buses until five and same deal
4:33 am
with the regional rail lines make sure you are bundled up and prepared for wait on the platforms for regional rail lines to this morning, karen and thomas back to you. you step outside for just a few second and you'll quickly realize how brutally cold it is. dangerous temperatures prompted philadelphia office of home less services to declare a code blue effective through next week. city officials are urging concern citizens see a person living on the street to call homeless outreach, numbers right there on your screen. we will get that for you, there it is right there burlington county also declaring a code blue emergency, you can contact the burlington county for list of available shelters in addition to code blue information. >> put that on our web site fox bucks county has its first code blue of the year last through tomorrow, so churches activated they're mergecy shelters. the these churches listed on your screen will help you with transportation, getting someplace, temporary shelter,
4:34 am
food, necessity for people that need that. this is a concern for absolutely every single one, take stock of what is happening in our houses as well. >> starring hearing those noises, making wrong decision can lead to pipes busting, costly expenses and fires. lets get out to jenny joyce in south philadelphia with some very important information we need to know, jenny. >> reporter: this morning we're talking about people, pets, pipes, we do know there was a water main break, while we don't know the caution it is clear that which pipes freeze they will expand and that expansion can put a tremendous amount of pressure on the pipes itself ape lead to a worst case scenario of pipes bursting. so some ways to prevent pipes from freezing in your house, and outside your house. remove drain and store hoses used outdoors. check around the home for other areas where water supply lines are located, in unheated area. look in the basement, crawl space, attic, garage, under
4:35 am
kitchen and bathroom cabinets. both hot and cold water pipes in these areas should be insulated. consider installing specific products to made to insulate water pipes. another big concern in cold weather is fire safety. heating equipment is a leading cause of fires in the u.s. homes. every year we cover fires related to space heaters and if you are using a space heater to stay warm you have to make sure it is at least a few feet from anything that can burn, that is up who will industry, blankets, closing, mattresses, fire department advises people to never to leave space heaters object while una end toed. you will not know when there is a problem. you are advised to unplug those devices before bed, as always, there is a lot to think about when we talk about pipes, heating devices and also coming up at 5:00 we will talk about those pets once again. karen and thomas. >> good time to check on the pets and our neighbors as well just knock on the door. jenny, thank you.
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heading out the door get weather at your fingertips, down load fox 29 news app, we will send you weather alerts and your app is a railable on apple and google play stores for free. we have this breaking news right now we're following a number of stories this this 13 suspects lead police on a chase around the city and then they opened fire. >> police say they are in custody awaiting charges. the lets get out to steve keeley in olney where the crime scene just wrapped up, steve. >> reporter: you know, when i was 17, 18, to still in high school on a school night at 1:30 in a morning on a cold night like this i was in bed getting ready to go to will school but a 17 and 18 year-old were hanging out with the 19 year-old driving around in the truck looking for people to rob at 1:30 in the morning. they found a 21 year old, okay you're looking at the boulevard here. this is where it all ended somehow peacefully thanks to the the great work of the 24th district cops here in the philadelphia police department but these guys robbed a guy, get back in the truck, take off, even though they got the
4:37 am
guy's phone, the cops still got a 911 call that a guy was just held up for his phone, wallet and 30 bucks cash, a few blocks from here. cops see the truck, pull the truck over, and the truck stops, and then as the cops get out to approach the truck the truck takes off, and, they lose the cops. they abandoned the truck and then they get here. they bandon it on front street but walk over here and know about an alley off the boulevard at rising sun where inspector scott small picks up the story for us. >> one of the suspects fired a shot at the police, police showed a lot have restraint, police did not return fire, police chased, all three suspects and all three were apprehended, in the rear alley >> so come out of that video and come back, live mr. director because we will look at these houses that are on the boulevard, and the fire department and cops just got off the rooftops because you heard him say they fired at
4:38 am
police. well, they find the bullet shell for that gun and the gun , but then they find live bullets on the ground next to drug bags. so they figured there is a second gun involved. they are up in the roof in this cold weather looking for that. the police showing amazing amount of restraint if i can bureau your favorite word there amazing, because they were fired at, they didn't fire back and shoot these guys then they bring the 21 year-old and he id's these guys, three guys just held him up. so all in a night's work on a bitter cold night for philadelphia police, great work, and great restraint, and case involved and not only are these guys, in trouble for holding up somebody with a gun which is bad enough but when you try to kill cops that adds ten to 15 years to whatever sentence you will face, even if you are just 17 which you may be admit trying to be as an adult and second thought they went to school today and went to the school's crime overnight, guys?
4:39 am
>> steve, thank you. we have another important story to tell but this morning another two officers, banged up after a car slammed into them sending them to the hospital. this is the scene, this was about two and a half hours ago , right here near broad and snider, the officers, man and woman, they are from the third police district, said the driver who struck them not too badly injured but that is the scene. also we're continuing to follow some very bad news out of washington state breaking there. police officer has been shot and critically wounded about an hour north of seattle. it happened late last evening. they were investigating a call with shots fired, when officers got there, a man started shooting at them, striking a 61 year-old officer he has been taken to the hospital, and he is in surgery police have surrounded a home where they say the suspect still is barricaded, right now at this hour, with possible hostages. >> we will be following that story all morning long. 4:39. it is last big weekend to to your holiday shopping, some
4:40 am
are you are waiting until the very last minute. we will tell but key deadlines you need to know about to ship these gifts.
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welcome back, taking a look at top stories right the thousand it won'ting until after holidays when we learn if it will be death penalty or life in prison for dylann have roof. that is when south carolina man quick yesterday of racially motivate church massacre will be sentenced. jurors found him guilty of a shooting death of nine
4:43 am
african-american parishioners in charleston last year. he stood motionless staring straight ahead as verdict was read. jury convicted him of all 33 federal charges, including hate crimes. told the judge he would like to represent himself for sentencing hearing which will begin january 3rd. long time sports broadcaster craig sagger has passed away after a battle with cancer. sagger was well known for his colorful suits during his more than 40 year career. doctors first diagnosed with leukemia in 2014, and they admitted him back into the hospital late last month. craig sagger, like no other was 65 years old. it is 4:43. you may want to check your pockets or your pocket books because there could be something inside them right the now that some lawyers say could be an accident waiting to happen. also it is one of the hottest smart phone game craze s for a while, karen loves playing this.
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>> sure, yes. >> if you thought playing pokemon go had added benefit of burning some calories, not so fast, what researchers want you to know.
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just fifteen minutes and a little imagination are all you need to make holiday magic. chex party mix. it's what the holidays are made of. sweet cinnamon-sugar on the outside, crazy on the inside.
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crave those crazy squares. the bell rings, 4:49 on a friday morning. live look at the schuylkill expressway. 4:46, i'm sorry. three minutes means a lot at this time of the hour. schuylkill expressway right here near syringe garden street. road are dry, in problems at all. any of the the left overs from
4:47 am
yesterday, if it looks wet, it has got a little glare to it, it probably is iced off at 19 degrees. we are still off at vine street expressway between schuylkill and broad street shut down until 5:00 this morning. bundle up using mass transit the today. shuttle buses and services on both market frankford and subway until 5:00 o'clock. same deal for regional rail lines. no delays at the moment, but it is going to be cold standing out there, and as we have seen, whether or not the wind caused delays at philly international. we had upward of two to three hour delays in philadelphia and new york all take yesterday, accident in south philadelphia at broad and snider, two alarm fire in south jersey southampton ridge road at pemberton road and route zero seven that water main break watch for lane restrictions both directions right here near new jersey turnpike and as we ride up and down blue route looking goody hope your blow ups are on your front lane and the not your neighbor's trent lawn. i had one of those spinning helicopters out front and that
4:48 am
was complacent when i came home last night. i don't necessity what happened there. snap the picture and pop it up on facebook, twitter, instagram so we can have a very kelly christmas. we will go out again next week , visit somebody's house where we're picking that house from the pictures they can send to us and post it using that #fox 29 light so we can show pictures here on the air, keep you in the festive spirit and pick a house to visit one night next week. lots of stuff going on through weekend weather, sueby has whole forecast in 15 seconds. so weird to say it is still fall but count down continues five taste until winter solstice on wednesday, and these are your wind chills if you happen to be walking out the door right now. the that is unfortunate if you
4:49 am
have to but we all have to, zero, in philadelphia. five in trenton. one in allentown. five in dover. one below in lancaster. even colder up in the higher elevations, no snow at least, that is all up by the places that usually get lake effect snow but we will get some and that is our next system coming through, it is a warm front but when it starts, it is snow because it is so cold right now and that starts at 2:00 in the morning. if you go to the holiday party tonight, don't stay out too late, we've got 5:00 o'clock in the morning, still snowing in philadelphia but you you can see the warmer air bringing rain, and then the changeover happens, and somewhere around let's say seven to 9:00 a.m. maybe earlier then seven, further south and then it rains on and off throughout the day. we will might get the a break in the action later in the day saturday but push off your plans until later on in the day for saturday if you can, and then by sunday, well, we have more rain. this is with the cold front coming through so we will get to a very early high of around
4:50 am
60 degrees, scattered showers and rain, throughout the rest of the daze and then once to comes through we will see temperatures drop throughout the afternoon. so again that early high of 60 . before the changeover though there could ab accumulation of four or more inches in the the poconos mountains and then in the lehigh valley and around redding two to 4 inches. one to two north and western suburbs, maybe a coating and inch to the city, and that rain will wash it all away, in the city. so here we go, 28 today, mid 40's tomorrow, early high of 60 degrees. see arrow there where you see, excuse me, temperatures drop throughout the day. and then we're cold gannon monday and tuesday, but by the time we get to act out winter it feels like normal winter. >> normal winter. >> yes. >> it is 4:50. there are some more legal problems for e cigarettes. >> vapor devices are growing in popularity. of course, local lawyers say more and more people are getting hurt. why lawyers?
4:51 am
well, because they are suing. the lets take to you princeton where several attorneys announced four new lawsuits, in new jersey in pennsylvania, over those e cigarettes. some of their clients are under 18 years old they say. they showed graphic photos of people hoff been burned. they say these devices are not a safe alternative to traditional tobacco as the industry claims. >> the defective e cigarette products, that are randomly explode nothing people's faces , batteries in peoples pockets, causing significant life changing injuries. >> u.s. surgeon general recently characterized e cigarette use by young people as a major public health concern. here's something that sort of works, pokemon go, you know the game but it accomplished near impossible in the short term. it got people to get up and go and at least for a short time. researchers from harvard did an on line survey of about 1200 players, between the age
4:52 am
of 18 and 25, and so half of them played a trainer level which you reach by walking around for about two hours. they actually got closer to the world health organizations , exercise recommendations but here's the issue it just doesn't last. their exercise decrease todd normal levels after about six weeks. >> now their eyes are so tired they need glasses. different kind of exercise. lets look at this next picture we are about to show you do you see anything unusual. >> seriously. >> this one goes viral for terrible disguise he used to stick up a gas station, this bandit, used a magic marker beard but guess what this morning he he is having the last laugh.
4:53 am
4:54 am
4:55 am
how about that for a song, happy friday, including many of you out here because it is an ugly christmas sweater day and these are friend from the collegeville backry. thanks very much. good morning to you for sending in your ugly sweaters. as you get dressed this morning maybe pull one out and we will she yours off, use our #fox 29 if days a fox 29 morning news. >> ugly sweater day. >> can't wait to sees what everybody will wear. >> we have show you this picture before we went to break, robbery suspect in florida is going viral for his ridiculous disguise. check him out, he is wearing a bandana with a beard drawn on with a magic marker. guy held up a gas station. but, while some on the
4:56 am
internet calling him a joke this morning he is having last laugh because no one has been able to recognize him. he is still on the loose. taking a look at your money news, how is your holiday shopping going? >> are you all done? now, of course, you have to shift everything out, you better get on it here because we have deadlines to tell but. u.s. postal service expects to deliver 750 million packages this holiday season, and if you want those gifts by christmas, remember these states right here first deadline to ship, fortunately was yesterday, foreground shipping through u.s. postal service. however, tuesday is next ted line for first class shipping. twenty-first, ted line for priority, but of course, the cost will go up. for those who wait until last minute december 23rd last day to guarantee christmas delivery if you use priority express, paying a pretty penny write that person a check.
4:57 am
speaking of gifts if you get something you don't like, well, burger king would like to help. they are offering a whoop are in exchange for a present they are just not that into. go in the burger, in the specific cities inberg are king in miami, london, or brazil or you can post a picture of the gift on twit error instagram with the # whooper exchange and first 100 people will get a swap, day after christmas. it will be a surprise, how about that. >> so you have to leave the gift there. >> yes. >> can you say you didn't get what you wanted. >> you can post a picture, we will see. maybe we will do it. big chill this morning waking up, you haven't stepped outside, the arctic blast is out there we will take you live to the poconos to see all that snow flying around. they are making snow because season is underway. we will be right back, sue and bob has you covered.
4:58 am
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it's baking season. warm up the holidays with pillsbury.
5:00 am
very good morning to you, happening right new on fox 29 morning news talk about a bitter blast, you thought yesterday was cold in today even colder, and we saw those snow flakes coming down, well, guess what sue says another round is coming. >> we have you covered heading out right now for work or school trying to get dressed figuring out to wear and pulling that ugly sweater out to put on. we have some snow. bob finish out road and make sure our commute is a good one or safe


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