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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  December 16, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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arctic air still moving through our area dipping temperatures to dangerous levels. so, it is so cold. it is freezing. >> bizarre twist to this blistering temperatures. plus, shots fired at philadelphia police, three teens are now in custody, what officers say happened, moments before the suspect pulled a trigger. it is a facebook crackdown , the social media network taking action against fake news on your feed, how you can help tea tech giant, fact from fiction. and it is time of the year
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forgiving and generosity. but could your kindness headache you a target? twelve signs that christmas could be a little less happy. good day everyone it is friday. >> wow. >> we made it. >> wow. >> good morning. >> you think about how much-i do i in my bank than the so i can just lay in bed. >> i just want to stay here. it took every effort to stay out of bed this morning and when i was outside i could not feel my face, sue. >> i cannot feel high face. >> the weekend. >> yes. >> it all comes together. >> if you can tough it out today, temperatures will be better tomorrow. >> okay. >> so yes, just tough it out. >> yes. >> okay. four, which is kind of like the temperature, that is your number of the day as well. look at bus stop buddy. you want to have as much of you covered up as possible as our wind chills are around zero as we start our day. these are the temperatures,
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actual temperatures in the the teens, you think that would be cold enough, 6-mile an hour winds in philadelphia, make it , feel like it is, 7 degrees , outside, and we have a chill at zero this lancaster 13 below in mount pocono, you get the idea, it is cold out there, we don't have any snow, rain to show you on radar. lets just talk temperature, 28 r this time of the year but we will have wind that make it feel like it is in the teens. so, talk about weather changes that are happening over the weekend, right now, bob kelly, a car fire on i-95. >> yeah, what a mess, this is a live look at 7:02 northbound lanes of i-95 at broad street till a fire fighters, quick job here getting on, it is tough because when you are on i-95 you just can't respond to the scene. fire fighters had to get on back at enterprise and sit through the delay, but, have everything off to the shoulder , is there only two lanes getting through here but lot at wind. it is giving you an eye tea of
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the wind we are dealing without here and what the fire fighters to have tiehl w they have been busy all over the place this morning. they've got that problem northbound i-95 at broad street. nasty accident southbound i-95 , town here near commodore barry bridge causing delays on the the blue route, about a half an hour, keep that in mind heading to the airport get a move on because even thousand that accident is on i-95 it is impacting your trip on the blue route. we had an accident on the schuykill half an hour there, problems on mass transit, the trains, equipment not liking cold weather. no express trains on the market frankford all trains headaching all stops, same deal with the 101, 102 trolleys limiting the amount of time you are standing outside on the platforms, power issues on the manayunk line with 30 minute delays, switch problems on the airport line, with 30 minute delays, shuttle buses on the the 34 trolley and i just got some info that conrail freight train derailment was a empty hospital ever car. that is good news, bad news it
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is impacting river line services up to 30 minute delays, in south jersey. alex and thomas, back over to you. thanks, bob. tragedy in a row home catching fire and it quickly spreads because of the wind we are dealing with this morning. we have learned one person is dead and in the hospital. >> frigid weather making battle harder for fire fighters. jenny joyce standing by live, this morning, jenny. >> good morning, thomas and alex. you heard fire commissioner say early this morning it was a young man died in this fire, and a 39 year-old man was taken into presbyterian hospital. we don't have his condition at this time, but we do have joining us now nadine calhoun, you live behind the corner and you said you called 911 this morning. >> yes. >> reporter: tell us what you thaw, what woke you up. >> i heard screams. i immediately went to my bedroom window, and i could see, thick cloud of smoke just billowing out of the roof of
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the house on the back street of me and i called 911. i knew it had to be bad. so immediately, you know, my immediate thought was to make sure that i call 911. i didn't come out, because it was just real early in the morning. i'm in my pajamas. but i knew there could not have been survivors. >> reporter: why do you say that. >> because it was thick. i could see embers, one fire coming out of the rooftop of the home. i could see that clear from my home, from my window. it it was that clear, you know , embers still on fire, going up in the sky, and it seemed to have taken a while for the fire trucks to come, you you know, to to put out the fire. >> yes. >> it was a good while. it had went on for i watched it for over an hour and a half , and it was, you know, i had several trucks on my front street and i called a friend
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of mine and i told him because he has to be at work. he works with septa. i said you will not be able to come down this street, you know, because they have a big fire. >> reporter: right. we saw fire trucks, they were blocking all of the area streets. thank you so much, nadine. we have talk to the commissioner earlier this morning and he said that, the conditions got so bad, it was so hot, inside, that fourth row home in from the end on the the 1200 block of millick street was like a thousand degrees. that was one challenge for fire fighters. they could not enter the building at 1,000 degrees. they also had trouble dealing with the ice, because it was so cold, it is so cold this morning, that those streets were icing up. but as soon as water main contact. here's a listen from the commissioner. >> i'm here with tragic news. we have a fire this morning. after a very fast response, aggressive interior attack and rescue effort by our fire fighters and patient care by paramedics, unfortunately we
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believe we have a fire death of a young man and as you can see behind me, crew as arrived very quickly. they mounted a very fast, aggressive, interior attack, but inside fire bidding and extended on two other adjacent occupancies. we have nine people displaced. we have one of the occupants in the hospital. and another one is inside, and again, it is just an incredible job by our folks on this very cold, very windy night unfortunately it the looks like this is despite their best efforts it wasn't enough to save this young man. >> reporter: so cold, ice, wind, that made conditions here extremely difficult for fire fighters, battling for the at least over an hour here this morning. at this point fire fighters don't know the cause. they don't even know where the fire started, they to know that is the young man in the upstairs back bedroom, when he was found.
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thanks, jenny for that update. coming up on 7:08. three suspects in custody after police say one fired at a uniformed officer. >> all this taking place in olney. steve keeley on the the scene. this originally started with the man being wanted forearmed robbery. >> reporter: well, house fires , car fires, brutal cold and i have a happy end to go what could have been a far worse story. here we are in feltonville right here on the boulevard right next to the school. you see head start program here, playground, and that is because six hours later, bunch of kid would have been around when bullets were flying around right here on the boulevard which is one of the busiest intersections at rising sun. let's go to the video. you will see a nissan pickup truck, and 17, 18, 19, out in the cold when they should have been home in the warm bed. if not, studying for an exam today. but these kids, probably not even in school, and anymore, and what happened was they are
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looking around in the cold, and for a victim, to rob. and can you imagine having to be out in this cold and just fighting the cold and then somebody sticks a gun in your face and holds you up. that happened to 21 year-old who managed to get to the cops and tell them about it and cops find this truck just as he explained it and find three guys n they pull it over, they stop, take off, police lose it during a small, one minute long chase, but they find the car parked, and three guys nearby. here's inspector scott small telling us what happened next. >> police did an excellent job on the freezing cold night, not only identifying the vehicle and chasing and apprehending all three of these robbery suspects but they showed a whole lot of restraint after getting fired upon the police officers for some reason they did not returned fire. maybe they could in the get a clear shot. they did a great job. they did not return fire even though they were definitely
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fired upon and apprehended all three of the suspects. they are all teenagers. one juvenile, 117, other two are 18, 19, the gun that they fired was recovered in the alley by police. so great job by 24th district police on this freezing cold night. >> reporter: not recovered the gun with these bullets that they also found, how about that. live ammunition, among a bunch of bags of drugs on the ground , a little bone to us this bust and so they call the fire department for some help, for some lad tours get up on the rooftops here on the boulevard to look for a second gun that one of these three guys probably threw up there, to hide from the cops. and they brought in a k-9 too to sniff out that second gun. arms alarming when you see somebody packing extra bull nets their pockets with the drugs meaning they expect to fire bullets they got in the gun load todd begin with and in case they need to reload,
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they need playing around in the pocket. if you hear somebody with noises in the always spare change but spare ammunition. good thing, i don't remember crocket and tubs being fired on and never firing back but still making bust that philly cops did in real action here overnight. >> thanks, for that update, steve. >> you have to wonder the mind set of people. we saw a couple days ago another crime scene where we saw 30 plus shell casings on the ground, ambush style, execution style shooting people expected, teenagers that are out there. >> time is 7:11. developing this morning. >> two philadelphia police officers are shaken but okay after a early morning car crash. a driver slammed in that patrol car sending both cops to the happened. it happened at 2:00 this morning near broad and snider. they are a man and woman from the third police district. it appears that the man who struck them was not badly hurt
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we're waiting to learn what charges he might face. coming up on 7:12, president obama holds his traditional end of the year press conference today before heading to had wiz for christmas. >> in comes, as white house and president east electric trump are in a heated exchange over russian involvement the in the election, doug luzader is in washington trump refusing to accept this. >> reporter: thomas, and alex, good morning, it is a cold war all over again. we are very likely hear more from president obama later on today specifically about these allegations of russian medaling in the election last month and this is creating new tension between the obama administration and president-elect trump. so much for day tant budding relationship between president obama and president-elect trump has hit a rough patch over russia with president obama that russia may face consequents for medicineling in last months' lex after his administration specifically
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blames russia's president vladamire putin. >> we need to take action and we will at a time and place at our own chosing. >> reporter: president will drive that point home in is what expect to be his final press conference of the year but thus far it has been his spokesmen josh earner saying president-elect encourage russian e-mail hacks. >> mr. trump obviously knew that russia was engaged in malicious cyber activity that was helping him in hurting, secretary clinton's campaign. >> that drew a swift rebuck from trump who held a rally last night in pennsylvania. >> although this foolish guy, josh ernest i don't know if he is talking to president's bam a. you know, having the right press secretary is so important because he is so bad the way he delivers a message. >> reporter: he went a step forward ask russia or somer entity was hacking why didn't the white house wait so long to act. why did they only complain after hillary lost? >> republican members of the
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electoral college this message is for you. >> reporter: with the electoral college happening on monday a group opposing trump is now running a video with actors urging republican elect ors to defy voters and cast their own ballots against trump. >> but here's the thing with that that group is asking republican electors not necessarily to vet for hillary clinton. they specifically say you don't to have vote for hillary clinton just vote for anyone other than donald trump if that were to happen neither clinton or trump would reach 270 vote threshold in the electoral college when that happens the election gets handed over to the u.s. house of represent controlled by republicans and presumably they would vote for donald trump. back to you guys. >> it is not even likely that they would vote against donald trump. >> reporter: none of this is very likely, the associated rest did a survey of these electors and town one that was willing to flip side, you know , they may be lying to reporters about this but there
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is no indication that there will be an electoral college revolt here. >> thanks, doug. >> you said it, it is like a movie in the headaching. >> you read all these reports about what, you know, allegations what went on during election, it is out there. it sound like a house of card elect. >> did you hear about the three kangaroos who held up a convenient store in the australia. >> have you been getting your news from facebook. >> yes. >> that is what it is. >> have you ever seen those calls there a loved one i just read on facebook about, blah, blah, blah is it true or not. >> i do get that. a lot of people share these stories. facebook is stepping up, to battle back against fake news. >> karen hepp in the news room what exactly is facebook doing here. >> we see these stories and you you can take action. when you see story you you can see this is spam or fake. we are working hand and hand and they will have have these third party fact checkers out here to help flag these bogus stories. facebook also says that it
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will let us report, potentially fake news, by clicking on a link, there is a picture of right there. it is story determined to be bogus, it will be tagged with an alert message to to let you know it the is being disputed. facebook released a mock up of the screen that will let users report a fake news story. facebook came under fire after election when they were so many people blaming fake news for confusing voters. and just last month facebook ceo mark zuckerberg said the site had a lot of work to do with the way it handled all of those fake stories. makes people not trust what they are seeing. i will not even read it. >> alex, says tell me more about the kangaroos. >> is that really a story i miss that had one. >> well, something goes around on facebook i wouldn't be surprised if it was a story that people believed. >> we all have to work together. so many elements of this one. >> how does it hopped away with the police chase, okay,
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thank you karen. this is a good thing, anything to help this out, sort it out. >> this is the truth, it is cold out there, and i don't even have to tell you if you have been outside but so cold in the pocono mountains we have a wind chill in effect until 9:00 this morning and then this kicks in at 10:00 o'clock at night. what is it? a winter weather advisory for snow that arriving late, late tonight, early tomorrow morning before it changes over to rain. we have to get through today first and it the is brutally cold out there with inning is will digits, zero this lancaster, 13 below is wind chill this mount pocono right now you. today we don't have any snow to show you, but when it comes in, it is anytime around midnight, and then by five or 6:00 in the morning the rain starts to roll role in from south to north, it switches over, gets very dicey, between about 7:00 and 9:00 a.m. make sure you are watching "good day philadelphia" weekend tomorrow because scott williams will be here to talk you through, the transition
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from snow to rain with the wintry mix in between. let's break down the seven day forecast. it is cold today. it will stay cold all day. frigid friday. it will feel like the teens all day lodge. and tomorrow after the changeover, from snow to rain, we will get to 46 degrees, and we will start with an early high of 60 degrees on sunday, and we will get on and off rain. cold front is coming through. that means it is much colder on monday, and then, on tuesday, temperatures in the 30's, and we will finally welcome winter, on wednesday. bob kill i. >> some of the kids this morning, waking up seeing what the naughty el f did last night, check out this picture from mike and his wife. the l if sprayed it all over the sink. he will be in the time out chair this weekend, i can guarantee thaw as we go for a fly, long 202. philadelphia fire fighters on the scene of the vehicle fire, north on i-95, just north of the broad street interchange, we are bumper to bumper from the airport up to broad street
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south on i-95. an accident near commodore barry bridge. we had a crash on the schuylkill expressway, combo for a ride, from the conshohocken curve where it is bum tore about bumper, maybe use a drive as an alternate, cold temperatures, impacting the letters. no express trains. they are making autopsy stops all trains this morning to keep people from standing outside on the street corner any longer then they have to. thirty minute delays because of power issues on the manayunk regional rail lines. switch problems on the airport line with 30 minute delays. thirty-four trolley using shuttle buses. good news i heard from conrail that freight train derailment was a empty hopper train but on the same tracks used by the river line. so therefore, we have 30 minute delays. come on get your lights up. got a picture taken? send it to me. it is a very kelly christmas. we are looking for best decorated houses in the delaware valley. just snap a picture, post to it facebook, twitter,
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instagram, use that hash to go fox 29 lights contest so we can show them on the air and maybe pick your house to come and broadcast live, next week, during our evening newscast, alex, back over to you. well, tis the season to give. many use the internet for holiday gift giving and make charitable donations. >> you have to be aware when you swipe, use that card, perfect time for scammers to parade on your personal information. >> watch out for charity websites, make sure they are real because they could be trying to steel your information, shopping apps can also be fake, giving scammers a chance to swipe your credit card. if you get an e-mail saying you have won a free gift card, it is probably a scam. be aware of social media gift exchanges, there are variation on various schemes and they are illegal. so be careful. >> i'm all about the on line shopping. >> it makes it easier. >> i had a traumatic experience. ever since then i have been lear toy go out. >> out shopping. >> it was traumatic to he. it was about picking out wrong item do you want to hear it i
7:21 am
do. >> so, it is no the that traumatic. you know, you don't experience this but sometimes when you go in the the store and they have the mens and women's section. >> yes. >> they kind of merge somewhere in the middle. >> yes. >> are you following me here. >> yes, dividing line somewhere. >> this was over summertime. i'm looking for cool shorts. i'm going through. all these shorts are just too small. i hold up shorts. i say to the laid hoy works there i said, ma'am, you have to these in an extra large. i said a 36. she said sir, those are capris >> you know what a capry is. >> cut off right below the knee. >> yes. >> it is a cool story men wear them sometimes. >> to they. >> i not here though. >> start a new trend. >> you wear them. >> i will wear them later with my tight sweater. >> we would love to see that combination. >> i'm ready. >> problem is when you shop on line you don't know what will fit, and that is what i have issue. i like it, because it is easier but i'll buy something. this doesn't fit.
7:22 am
>> have you ever passed mens section and say that is kind of cool i don't know where i'm going with this. >> it is all good. >> let the tweets begin. >> all that is a cool shirt and realize, you know. >> it is like a boy section, yes. >> it is a boy section. >> the american girl store. >> yes, okay, whatever, whatever. >> 7:22. seven streeter is on good day, after the national anthem, but she's going to perform live on the show, we will get her thoughts on the controversy. >> what really went down. big news from mcdonald's, why you may never to have stand in line for another burger. of course, alex does not have to since she was named greatest news personality on the planet. >> a girl's got to eat now. >> don't mess with the big news.
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will drive throughs be a thing of the past? think bit, even they, it can
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even get easier for you because mcdonald's they are saying there is a drive too instead of through. >> they bring it to you. lets find out is what going on here. hillary vaughn, good morning, so what is the deal. >> good morning, thomas. mcmatch made in heaven because mcdonald's is partnering with uber eats ape this is notable because that is one of the first major large fast food chains that has joined uber eats and offering their food through this food delivery application that delivers your food, right to your doorstep. here's where you can get it. there are only testing this out this florida. orlando, tampa and miami is where you need to be if you need to order from mcdonald's and get it delivered straight to you. and they are testing this out starting in the new year and they say, if all goes well they will expand this across the country so no pressure, but i'm hoping that florida eaters, rate this high so we can have it across the country >> wow. >> only thing though is i really like high fries hot. that is something you cannot
7:27 am
have cold, it effects the the taste. >> that is right, exactly. you need to figure that out because you cannot reheat the fries as we all know. hopefully they have a sort of device to keep them toasty, crunch chicago and crispy and warm. >> will they charge you extra too on top of the delivery fee on top of everything. >> there is a delivery fee, so you have to factor that into it as well, and, we will see, you know, how many options are on the menu are available for this ordering, as well, so it is, you know, we will see what they debut starting in january >> you know what would be really cool, drones carrying big macs all over the city just dropping them down. >> yes. >> as long as they to the law. >> that would be a dream. >> it will happen, mcdonald's, burger king, whoopers above your head. >> it would be easier, waiting in long lines. around lunchtime chick-fil-a, mcdonald's, all of those, the lines are so long.
7:28 am
just all walk inside. >> maybe we should be walking to the fast food restaurant. >> we're speaksed to be walking, running, all that. >> thanks, hillary. interesting to go see this all goes good are you from philly. prove it. how twitter is verifying if you are really necessity our city. >> is that a challenge. >> um many. we will see how much he those. >> yes. >> start figuring out stuff. (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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dylann roof must answer for his crime. roof was found guilty in last years shooting death of nine black parishioners in charleston. the jury convicting him on all 33 federal charges, including, hate crimes. doctor mark tyler, pastor from mother bethel ame church joins us now. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> what were your first thoughts. >> good morning. >> i know you had a relationship with reverend pinckney and familiar with this church in charleston. what was your first reaction when you heard about the verdict. >> first of all, i thought that was quick, you know, i thought this would drag out until next year. i was happy that it is over. i'm happy for families that they can go to sleep at night knowing this is behind them.
7:32 am
the sad thing is that this verdict will in the bring their loved ones back, those nine lives are gone and their families will never be the same. >> even with the trial, some of the details coming out, we knew he confessed and had a written manifesto but hearing those details about why he target that had church in charleston. >> you know, i have to confess , there is a certain part of me that has not wanted to follow this case too closely. it is so close to home. i tell people all the time mother's man ellis mere image of mother bet until charleston the founder of mother's manual is buried at mother bethel. so, dylann roof lived in pennsylvania. you know, he could be reverend pinckney talking about me right now. that is how close it is. it is a painful story. there is no upside. even this guilty verdict will national change anything. >> what was conversation you had with the church or currently having right now
7:33 am
just about this situation, and moving forward. >> well, again, i don't, maybe it is just people don't want to talk about it, because of the fact it is so close. the it is really frightening for members of our church to think you could be so vulnerable. the it is not like they broke in. they invited him. we have bible studies. we have worship. he we want them to come in. >> he spent an hour for them praying. >> i knew reverend simmons as well, and didn't know others but to though he could spend that kind of time there and still to it, it is incredible. >> so what do you say, to some of parishioners, you know, because i have been, to mother bethel. beautiful church. the history. that is why it gets draw. you have tours. that kind of thing. how to you protect yourself because church is supposed to be an opened lays. >> we have always had security , and if you think about it, mother's manual did too. they buzzed him this. certainly after that and
7:34 am
environment we're living in a lot of congregations including ours have taken extra steps. some people just don't see but those of us in the leadership of the church though it is there because my concern is always the member who are there and our visitors to keep them safe and so that is fore most in my mind. >> does this respark a conversation we had just regarding the black church. >> in what way. >> how society, in america, in talking, starting conversation about race in america. >> well, isn't it strange, ironic, sad just across the street another trial has been going on and was dead lock. so michael slager, walter scott trial and slager was not convicted. i'm sure for people were there watching this trial, that brought a sense that even they we get the a convictions here, that in another case that seems to be, you know, quote unquote black and white, there is not a convictions. issue of race is not resolved by just this one guilty
7:35 am
verdict. if he wasn't quick, there would be an outcry. but how to we get convictions in other cases that to many people are also this brainers like the walter scott shooting >> kind of restated question here but we talk about moving forward. i want to continue the conversation on how we move forward, we mentioned race. we talk about race? how do you talk about race and mention race to your congregation. >> we talk bit all the time. it is central part of who we are, our church was founded as a result of being segregated in white church in the 1700 and it came out. the wouldn't it be great if we can say now 200 plus years later the world has changed and we can all just have one big church, but reason you have black churches this this country is because those issues have not been rehave solve. very often they become a sanctuary for people who throughout the rest of the week can't find that kind of support. >> it shows their importance. >> when it comes to other am e church's cross the country have you been in contact to keep their memory alive of
7:36 am
some of the victims. >> so listen, we lift them up all the time and your big connectional meetings around the country and they are never forgotten. the facebook is, just go to facebook to any of folks, people are talking about this. a lot of people are happy there was a conviction. they want to move beyond it. but like me are talking about other issues as well. great dylann roofies convicted but what about michael slager. >> does church have a opinion of you talk about the death penalty, life this prison. >> us being pastor on facebook calling for death penalty for dylann roof and others say life is enough. i think you'll find same divide in our church as you will throughout the rest of society but at the even of the day whether he dies or not, it is not going to change the fact that he has ruined nine families forever. >> and sanctuary in so many ways for a are the of families and a community there in charleston. >> good news he didn't get what he wanted. he wanted a race war and he didn't get it. >> thank you so much.
7:37 am
>> reverend tyler, appreciate it. coming up 7:37. >> sue? >> we have a cold morning, that is under statement of this season, coldest morning of the the season, so take bus stop buddy's advice and cover up as much as possible, chills around, zero out there, we will give you numbers, temperatures are in the teens. but factor in those wind and it feels colder then. that wind up to 6 miles an hour can make a temperature that is in the teens feel like 7 degrees, and that is where we are right now. when sunshine we will stay in the 20's all day long, and then enough of a breeze, that it will feel chillier then. that it won't be as windy as yesterday but bob kelly don't let your guard down it is still dangerously cold. >> 7:37. southbound on i-95. don't let sunshine fool you. this is 16 degrees out there crossing south, we have a disable right here in the construction zone at cottman avenue. and rough go for the, trains,
7:38 am
they are not liking this cold temperatures either, all of the trains making all stops on the market frankford and 101, 102 will trolleys, that is to keep folks from standing on the platforms any longer then they have to. power issues causing delays on the manayunk manayunk line. thirty minute delays because of the switch problems on the airport line, scattered delays on the other regional rail lines as well, and 34, trolley using shuttle buses because of a fire location, and then refer line, running with delays of about 30 minutes because of an earlier, conrail freight train derailment there in robeling. back to you. if you have been delaying that diet could where you live be to blame. list office healthiest states and where pennsylvania falls in the ranking.
7:39 am
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7:41 am
this morning we're asking how does our state measure up when it comes to being healthy >> pretty unhealthy, i'm sure. >> do you think so. food is good here. it is hard to be healthy. >> years annual health ranking report is out. lets see where we rank here. >> they are based on obesity, smoking and child poverty rates.
7:42 am
out of the 50 states pennsylvania smalls smack tab in the middle. >> told you. >> twenty-eight. >> it is the middle. that means we are average. >> delaware is 31st. new jersey is much healthier at ninth. it is because they have all of the food and stuff you can get there. >> i don't know about new jersey being healthiest. would you think pennsylvania would be healthier then new jersey because we get to walk around in philadelphia, we have to walk places. in new jersey you are driving every where. >> i lived in new jersey. >> you do. >> yes. >> so, the top five healthy are number five vermont, minnesota, connecticut, massachusetts and hawaii. >> isn't that surprising would you think vermont, minnesota and connecticut and massachusetts. so cold. what do you do. you stay inside and you eat. >> yes you are all wearing sweaters, wonderfulled up, no one can tell n hawaii you're going to the beach. >> is that why everyone breaks out in syringe time. >> that is right. >> yes, but isn't it warm
7:43 am
while you are around there. you don't to have worry about that? that why is they are healthiest. >> true. >> most relationships, better relationships. >> maybe so. >> you get together during winter time, right. >> holiday season. >> what is it called. >> you never heard of that. >> basically, because it is warm, you settle town, you cuff them, put handcuffs on them. while it is cold because you will warm each other up. then spring comes you break up , you want to live your life , everybody is okay. >> how does that relationship working out. >> well... y will cuff and let you go in the spring. >> well, what did you say, can dace. >> our producer said we're going out. >> have you been cuffed, can we show her. >> that is it,. >> she's backing up. >> she has been more than cuffed. >> okay. >> where are you going. >> you don't want to reveal it >> this is first i'm hearing about this. >> okay.
7:44 am
she's telling he, i don't know we will figure it out. it is too cold to go out. high parents are coming in town. >> when are your parents coming. >> today. >> turf meet your parents. >> is mom here through christmas. >> no, just for the weekend, sorority they are having a 90th anniversary celebration. they wanted to fly in for that >> they must love their little girl. >> we're very close, and appreciate them and i'm glad. they are friendly. what is not to like, right is this we will be eating. >> i can't wait until monday the night you two will have, i know cantace is wild. she doesn't want to show herself because she's wanted in a couple states. >> how do you know. >> i have heard stories. >> you have to tell me some on commercial breaks. >> news heatings, i'll tell you. >> sports fellas are here we will talk eagles they are visiting, on sunday, lad road game of the season, to they have a chance of layoffs. what should we be folk you us ing on. how to we finish strong here. >> can we take her again.
7:45 am
i want to know if anyone knows her if you know her, write. what do doctors from leading cancer centers in the country have in common? many of them now call cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia home. expert medicine works here. find out why at cancer treatment centers of america.
7:46 am
7:47 am
ding, 7:47. live look at i-95 disabled in the construction zone. this is southbound right at cottman avenue. it is adding to the delay. big delays this morning on
7:48 am
mass transit. mainly because of the cold temperatures here. we have no express trains on the market frankford all trains making all stops, same deal on the 101, 102 trolley. equipment problems, power issues on the hand i young norristown regional rail lines scattered delays on the the lansdale line, west trenton line, again, also some switch problems on the airport line, which is almost back to normal thirty-four trolley using some shuttle buses because of a fire, ice, this morning on the kelly drive getting word of icy conditions right here as soon as you come off roosevelt boulevard there. look out, even though we don't have any precipitation coming from the sky like yesterday, there is still a lot of that left over, anything, that is left over, is certainly frozen over, this morning and river line running with 30 minute delays from the earlier freight train derailment. lots going on not only it this but through weekend, sueby has the forecast in 15 seconds.
7:49 am
last weekend before christmas weekend is coming up. you probably have plans for tonight. of course, you know to bundle up. do you know that? can you see how cold, walking out the door. this is what it feels like. teams like seven in philadelphia. zero in lancaster. six this millville, new jersey the here's the timing of the snow, and this is important if you are going out tonight. about midnight 1:00 in the morning at the latest is when we will start to see the first flakes, maybe earlier, but it snows on and off throughout the morning, until about six or 7:00 and then we will see change over with warmer air moving from the south and then the rain it rolls in by eight or 9:00 o'clock in the morning when our winter wet ther advisory end. we will still see rain, through about lunchtime and by 3:00 in the afternoon we will
7:50 am
get a break in the action. you can run out, do your shopping on saturday and then we will look at more rain coming on sunday, we will get an early high, very mild 60 degrees and after cold front comes through chillier air starts to drop, temperature. rape will linger throughout the rest of the afternoon iron evening. that is timing of the the precipitation, that is coming in the wake of the cold temperatures that we have today, so today's high only in the 20's. it feels colder then that. went be quite as windy as yesterday. tomorrow in the 40's, early high of 60 degrees on sunday, much colder monday and tuesday and not even winter until we get to wednesday, and you know , thomas and alex, today is ugly sweater day. well, there is roofus our dog. >> oh, cute. >> is that a turtle neck. >> yes, it is. >> that dog was so mad at me for making him wear that this morning but i thought he looked cute in his ugly christmas sweater to take. >> he toss look cute. >> thanks for sharing that one , sue.
7:51 am
>> 7:51. eagles and ravens they are happening sunday at 1:00 right here on fox 29. final road game of the season but it doesn't matter, right this after last weeks loss to the redskins we are not making playoffs here. we have eytan sander, and garry cobb and brian sartar here. let's finish strong is that it that what is going to happen. >> it is about players, it is about guys showing they are serious professionals and that they are going to be prepared to play. they are really trying out for next year that is what you have going on. they will get rid of a lot of people. guys that don't play well new will be looking for jobs. >> you have some names that height be looking for jobs seen. >> i think the whole roster will be looking for jobs. >> wide receivers, jordan matthews. >> wide receivers, cornerbacks >> i don't know about you guys , but i'll tell you who is looking for a job, everybody but jordan matthews. >> everybody but. >> they will keep jordan. >> i don't know but i'm so
7:52 am
excited, i might put up my christmas lights up again rat are than watch this game. last game, last road game, i thought when schedule came out this would have some teeth, bite, this could be a good game to travel for eagles fans you don't want to travel two hearst this is rain and cold. number one defense in the nfl. point will be tough to come by >> they will testify play very well in order to keep it where it the is interesting, because i don't want to see carson wentz get hurt. if they throw the ball too much, i don't want to see him out there. if they throw the ball too much you have terrell suggs and elvis doomerville coming off corner, they are freight pass rushers. they get enough shots on carson we dent want to see him carted off. >> jim harbaugh is good against rookie quarterbacks. untea feeted against rookie quarterbacks. he knows when to put his foot on the gas and pressure this rookie. he is right. >> yes. >> you don't want him dropping back 60 or zero seven times.
7:53 am
>> he came back with the better game plan against washington but they still, doug pederson has that andy reid mentality. he gives up on the run. that is not what you do. you have to help this guy. throwing the ball 50, 60 times is not helping. >> they have to stay with their running game. defense needs to help. the defense, that defensive line has got to play great. >> ravens are no joke. >> let's just imagine here, lane johnson, final game suspension will be this sunday , right. >> yes. >> how do you think this season would be had he been here. >> good question. >> they are the best lineman in the nfl when he got suspended, gary. >> that is a big maybe. >> nine-seven. >> i don't know that because, really this team has got holes this it. they just got a couple holes thistive rent positions. >> he was a big hole. >> they traded another one. >> they have been on their fourth tackle of the season
7:54 am
out there. this guy let the whole city down. on the rookie quarterback what he did to lose ten games like that both washington games put guys in bad positions. >> he didn't know what he was doing. >> he didn't know what he was doing. >> the web site didn't change at all. >> i will tell what you one big thing with this team, the players have got to get together, to where certain things they tea man of each other. they cannot let another player do what lane did, it has got to be personal between them. this is just between coaches where you go look we will not to this type of thing. we will answer to each other. we will be there for each other. because he did hurt them this year by not being there. >> should i ask what the score will be your redixon or does it even matter. >> it is not that it doesn't hatter in that you want to see them compete. road game. it will be very difficult. ravens have playoffs on the mind. with all of that, i would say 24-13 ravens win. >> thirty-one-six. >> eleven, wow.
7:55 am
>> twenty-three-ten. >> i have given eagles the ten >> this tea fence is very, very good. that is not an easy lays to play as well in baltimore. jim harbaugh knows what he is doing. >> do not go down there and let carson get banged around. if he takes too many shots i will have him sit over there on the oak. >> can we do anything else to pump up the ratings. >> watch it right here at 1:00 x >> you know we're a true tan. >> can we talk about the flyers. >> we will, we will because we talk about them earlier and we will get to 11 in dallas against the stars. let's go flyers. we have to love that. thanks, fellows, we love it. seven streeter lets talk sixers she's on good day remember that national anthem controversy at sixers game. sixth's pol guyed and they are bringing her back. time for redo. we will talk to her about the
7:56 am
controversy and get her side of the story lust a performance right here on good day. twitter is verifying that you know our city of brotherly love. how they are doing it. you know everything about philly.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
well, restaurant weekes coming back to center city next movement. >> well, it is 125 restaurants are offering three course dinners for pennsylvania dollars a person. a few layses even offering three course lunch special, 20 bucks a person. >> event runs january 22nd to january 27th and then january 29th, through february the third. so, book your reservation you this because these spots they go fast. do it the through open tables and yeah, they tend to go quickly. >> you love to eat.
8:00 am
>> i do. >> this is where you go to fancy restaurant for cheap. you have money in your pocket after you leave. >> hit another spot, and eat some more. >> yes it is friday. >> yes. >> december 16th. >> yes. >> you are excited. >> it is ugly christmas sweater day. we will have our reveal in a little bit but stay tuned. a young man is dead after flames broke out this morning in west philadelphia how the bitter cold may this a tough battle for fire fighters. >> fire safety is very important this time of the year. how you can prevent a christmas tree fire in your home and where you should put your decoration toss keep them safe. seven streeter is on good day. >> ♪ >> after a national anthem controversy, at sixers game, she is back and she will perform live here on our show.
8:01 am
ryan reynold is officially a star, his that i am is on the hollywood walk of fame but his children, stole the spotlight. why the actor chose this moment for their day buy. >> they wanted to play with the star too. i don't blame him. good morning, guys. >> good morning everyone. >> good morning, everybody. >> we have been calling this frigid try. >> that is true. >> cold outside. i said this earlier, tough it out today, temperatures get better over weekend. >> we have to do that. >> well, there is snow this between. >> yes. >> yeah, that is right, it is still autumn, alex. four out of ten, it could also be the temperatures for the wind chill, anyway, mess of our wind chills are close to zero this morning so all you can see is bus stop buddy's eye balls there and really have as much skin as possible covered up today, it is windy and cold.
8:02 am
not as windy as yesterday but still very cold. the actual temperatures are in the teens and that would be cold enough but factor in a 10-d things feel really colder. check out these wind chills five is what it feels like in philadelphia right now, 12 below in mount pocono, feels like zero in lancaster. plan on sunshine but also temperatures remaining in the 20's all day and wind chills will probably be in the teens throughout the afternoon. we will talk about all of the other weather changes in a few minutes, we have a wetter sweater. >> this one comes complete the with batteries. this is what i should be wearing to my christmas lights , set up there, send us pictures of your ugly sweaters as we, wear them on a friday to keep us warm. southbound i-95 right near blue route 476 near delaware county. an accident on the northeast extension right at the lansdale interchange and a rough go if you use mass transit, first of all septa to
8:03 am
keep everybody there standing on the pratt forms, longer then they have to no vest trains, so, all trains making all stops. same deal on the the 101, 102 trolleys. kelly drive we have reports of ice, right at hunting park avenue. look out. anything that remetly looks wet, it is most likely iced over as we are hovering around 16 degrees on the temperature. schuylkill expressway slow go both directions at city avenue and jammed from city to downtown there an earlier crash. here's your travel times 22 minutes the blue route, half an hour eastbound on the schuylkill expressway. thomas and alex, back to you. >> thanks, bob. tragedy when a row home catches fire and quickly spreads this morning we have learned that one person a young person is dead, and another is in the hospital. >> fast moving fire, in the frigid weather certainly making battle even tougher for fire fighters. our jenny joyce is standing by in west philadelphia, this morning, general i. >> reporter: good morning, thomas and alex. certainly a long, cold, windy morning out here, challenging
8:04 am
morning for these philadelphia fire fighters, a young man is dead a 39 year-old is at presbyterian hospital and he is expected to be okay, but we do not know his exact condition right now. the fire broke out on the 1200 block of millick street around 4:00 this morning. fire fighters say they have dealt with a number of challenges, and at one point, commissioner tiehl says that flames reached 1,000 degrees, the extreme heat forced fire fighters to retreat. additionally they dealt with icy conditions, freezing cold temperatures and wind. they have battled the fire for an hour. three row homes destroyed. nine people are without a home when smoke cleared fire fighters were devastate todd learn a young man didn't make it out of the home. >> it is a very large fire fight more an hour fire fight because of the very cold, very windy conditions, very tough fire ground. i was just in the building. the as i crews made it up to the second floor the fire did a flashover which essentially involved the entire building
8:05 am
and fire. just a tough fire fight. our folks, you know, they are just, devastated, and, devastating fire. it is very cold. you can see we're fighting ice right now, all of the crews, they are all iced up. there was the wind, that drove the fire, exit, initial occupancy, drove tonight to two other adjacent exposures. so we really had fire in three row houses. >> reporter: one more challenge that the commissioner did not touch on but that we were able to see once sun came up this car blocking this fire hydrant appears to be the closest fire hydrant to the home that went up in flames was not able to be used this morning. we saw hoses being brought from a couple blocks away to try to get water to the home. it is unclear whether or not this fire hydrant could have made a difference. we will talk to commissioner tiehl more about that as the
8:06 am
day goes on but we don't know a cause orr again was in a second floor rear bedroom, alex. >> very sad to hear, thanks, jenny. three suspects are in custody after, after a shooting, and police say three teens robbed a man at gunpoint , at lawn dale and luzerne. police later saw vehicle fitting suspect description and stopped them but they took off. police chased the suspect to the 4800 block of hasher where they abandoned their car and fled on foot. it all ended in who will anywhere they shot at one of the officers before being arrested. none of the officers were injured. this story we have been following all morning here, gunman is in custody in washington state accused of shooting a police officer. police arrested the suspect in mount vernon about an hour north of seattle. he had held officers at bay during an overnight standoff. sixty-one year-old officer was shot in the head and had to have surgery. police say that the suspect
8:07 am
has a criminal history. trending right now a story that no one knows it is real or fake. eve been reporting on this where a boy dying in santa's arms at the hospital. tennessee newspaper that originally published the story say it cannot the verify if it is true or this is but tv station in tennessee says it has the facts, to back this story up. but the wife of the santa says her husband just got the day from and they could not find any other bit war i happen. they are not naming the family of the boy or nurse who called santa out of respect for their privacy. >> you try to give everybody the benefit of the doubt. you heard story a couple days ago. he said little boy was dying in his hospital bed. he wanted to see santa one last time and that is when's arrived and boy died in his arms. you first here about the story , it touches your heart. >> so many people were touched by that. >> then he could not give a lot of the details. he said he wouldn't out of the respect for family. but now you don't know
8:08 am
intentions of these people. >> if this tv station was able to verify it, we still don't have anymore, and we will check it out, and a lot of people are hoping even though it is a tragic story. you don't want to think someone would put something like that out here. >> i had a lady here a couple years ago year after year would contact me. she said she needed christmas presents for her little ones. she had six kid. i would drop them off. she would return them to the store, try to get store credit >> you have to be careful. >> you never know. >> you want to believe in people. >> 8:08. hatchimals hope, all is this is lost if you have not secured a hatchimals. >> there is good news here, toys-r-us will stock the shelves of all of its stores, come this sunday with the latest ship. of the red hot toys, every little one wants them. they will go on sale at 6:00 a.m., but there is $79.99 , 20 bucks more than the suggested retail price but
8:09 am
lower then what we are seeing on e bay. some people are selling these things for $2,600. >> i mean, they are cute, i don't know for that much money >> look at alex baby. >> this is good daze baby good day match malls. we let it sleep in here. and karen hepp fell in love witt. karen has been trying to get hatchimals for her son. >> he sent me out to the store , i found myself. >> she did. >> we get off 10:30, 11, 11:30 , she said if you happen to see one. i'm in the target searching for a hatchimals for little ones. >> you were rubbing this thing last week. >> i was, and now that it is here, it is so cute. is that normal. >> one person told he, the last time we did this story, they went in at 2:00 a.m. this morning to get in line and they got number 15 which was final number to be in line to get a hatchimals. the just a heads up trying to get one, 2:00 a.m. in this cold waiting for this.
8:10 am
>> can you imagine getting up every day at 2:00 a.m. >> look the at you. >> that is his life. >> but somebody not used to it , get paid to it. >> well, you know, i don't get paid that much. the boss is watching. i roof it here. >> i'm in love here. >> to you see. >> it lights up,tive rent colors. >> look at this. >> wow. >> now that is a good day one. you can't take that one home. >> this is a creepy kind of love affection. >> i love it. >> let me know, what you will be doing, are you waiting in line. the let me know if you get one >> wouldn't it be weird if i use it as a teddy bear at night. >> i don't think so. >> i'm not that lonely. >> i don't judge, it is cold outside. >> when you go to one's house do you take their shoes off. >> sometimes they say please take your shoes off. you have to make sure you don't have any holes in your socks though. >> is that okay? what do you think. when someone comes over, okay.
8:11 am
>> i will turn him off. >> sorry little guy. >> when someone comes over, with a holiday party or guests in general do you require them to take off their shoes. one mom says it inn fewer rate her when people don't. we will talk about this coming up. since it is so cold why don't you go see a movie, what about lah lah land, why kevin mccarthey says it is must sianni shore importantly you this star wars movie, some reviews haven't about so great we will see what kevin thinks. people are sending in their sweater. this is heather redfern. >> that is cute. >> send it in, pictures using #fox 29 good day. we want to see your ugly christmas sweater. we will reveal ours in an hour >> people were counting the rings that is how tight it was
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
wife an accident on i-95 southbound, in the construction zone taking out the left lane. so is there only three lanes to begin with. so we're down to only two right here. here's ab example, i talk
8:15 am
about the drainage grates being located this is travel lanes. it this into tomorrow, when we get that wintry mix, that will start as snow, turn into rain, again, the work zones are always typical because the water is working its way across the travel lanes to try to get in the drain there. switch problems though this morning, we have had a handful of them. switch's on the railroad not liking this cold weather, lansdale, doylestown media elwyn still running with delays. accident on the northeast extension at lansdale, this express trains on the market frankford or all trains headaching all stops, same deal with the 101, 102 trolley because of the cold temperatures. they don't want toll accounts standing outside on the platforms any longer then they have to. iced conditions at hunting park avenue. here's your trav times, 24on the blue route, half an hour, east bound on the schuylkill expressway. we can still have a very kelly christmas on your trent lawn. all you have to do is snap a picture and post it up to
8:16 am
facebook, twitter, instagram. do it over weekend. use the #fox 29 lights contest to show pictures on tv, social media and pick one new home to broadcast live, one night next week. we have had a lot coming our way, it will be a mess tonight into tomorrow, sueby has details in 152nd. you can be festive today. it is ugly sweater day. just wear lots of layers. we have a wind chill of five in philadelphia. 3 degrees in wilmington. zero is wind chill this lancaster. twelve below this mount pocono even atlantic city you don't get a break feels like 6 degrees. once we get this snow which should come late tonight and last through early hours of the tomorrow before the changeover to rain, coating to
8:17 am
an inch or so this is philadelphia area. one to 2 inches north and west lehigh val two to 4 inches. four lust in the poconos mountains but everybody will eventually change over to rain on saturday. so, bitter cold to day on this frigid friday. 46 degrees tomorrow. early high of 60 with on and off showers. we are back to cold weather on monday. just in time for the first day of he winter on wednesday. the guys. >> i guess that is good timing , sue. >> yes. >> thank you, sue. lala landis out. it has been nominated for seven golden globe award and stars ryan gosling and emma stone. star wars rogue one is out. >> you are about to see it. kevin, good morning. >> my goodness. >> i love it. >> good to see you guys. >> i was adjusting high tie. >> yes. >> we see all of you. >> yes. >> we can tell. >> this is awesome. >> let's hear about lala land first and then star wars. >> yes, lala land, alex, i enjoyed our text conversation last week for over an hour
8:18 am
about the movie arrival. we were texting about that all friday that it. >> that is how i spent my friday night, thank you. >> have you seen it. >> you got the to see that movie. >> we're still trying to figure out the meaning of that hoff i but lets go to lala land. >> it is stars emma stone and ryan gosling. it is one of the best hoff he is i have seen this years. i think it will win best picture. idea behind the film is that emma stone plays an actress who falls this love with ryan gosling a musician and it business them achieving their dreams in hollywood, l.a., beautiful, revolutionizees musical, damon is a 31 year-old film maker who also did the movie whiplash which was a masterpiece as well. i spoke to emma stone who, by the way, in real life, moved to l.a. at 15 years old and struggled with the auditioning process. in the film her character actually gives up at one point and goes home. i wanted to know did that ever
8:19 am
happen to her this real life, watch this. >> i probably had that every six whose. but i didn't go home. iowa just cry on the floor and say, i want to give up. i'm done. i want to give up. it is over. then i would either be in the room with my mom or call someone and they would say, you owe kay, you want to go home. i would say, well, in but i give up. i'm not going home. then it would just start all over again. i have had that experience in the middle of shoots, on movies, like, i have been in the middle of shooting hoff is and well, like after this one, it is over. i can't do it anymore. i obviously don't though how to act what the hell am i doing with my life is this it is a consistent part of the process i think. >> i gave the movie a five out of five, definitely worth seeing. my sixth, five out of five of the year. star wars is what everyone is talking about today rogue one. if you are not tam with the universe of star wars this
8:20 am
takes lays in between episode three and episode four, what that means is the first star wars hoff i ever made was in 1977. now this episode four, this takes lays directly before that and deals with the rebels who steel the lance for the death star. the action in this hoff i is amazing. the third act is fantastic. there is a scene in the third act of the hoff i that is two long that i would pay full price to watch on a loop for 20 hours. it is owe good. now my problem with the film, is of the script issues, middle was a little bit long but it toss deliver for star wars fans. i gave it four out of five. not as good as force awakens but it does deliver. do not see it in 3-d i max and digital. it is not worth it. i'm seeing tonight 2dimax on saturday and tweet out that review as well. there is a scene that will make you geek out beyond belief. it is awesome.
8:21 am
>> i am sure you had third tears. >> new spin off is a conn. i have seen a lot of negativity about this hoff i. >> no, i have seen a lot of positive reviews. i'm in the saying it is perfect. it is a b on my scale. there is some problems in the middle and with some of the script but once you hit that third act and see scene i'm talking about i can't believe any person would not the like that scene. that scene is insane. >> one critic you need to listen to and that is me. i could not tell you are a star wars tans good high expectations for it. >> i hate star wars. i hate star wars. i hate it. >> thanks, kevin. we will judge for ourselves. should we to it again, text and advertise cuss tonight. >> yes, i want weekly alex text session. >> yes. >> we need to do this every friday night. i will be on the plane at 10:30 so 1:30 a.m. your time text me? if i'm awake.
8:22 am
thanks, kevin. arrival. amy adams, it has an ending and so a lot of people have this debate. we are trying to figure out what they are trying to say here and what it really means. we have been debating. >> i will see it over weekend. >> he went up and started asking give me this list. >> i will say who is this. >> why are you texting he at 12:30. >> stop it. 8:22. ryan reynolds is officially a star. you know what i mean. his name is in the hollywood walk of fame but his children stole the spotlight. why the actor chose this moment for their public debut.
8:23 am
8:24 am
♪ come on, wake up!!! come on, why ya sleepin'? come on! what time is it? it's go time. come on.
8:25 am
let's go, let's go, let's go. woooo hoooo!! yeah!! i feel like i went to bed an hour ago. i'll make the cocoa. get a great offer on the car of your grown-up dreams at the mercedes-benz winter event. it's the look on their faces that make it all worthwhile. thank you santa!!! now lease the 2017 c300 for $389 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. ryan reynolds gets his star on the hollywood walk of tame. the canadian born anchor brought his family including his mother, his wife, blake lively, and their two children to the ceremony this los angeles. this is really important because you they are very private parents. this is first time they got to
8:26 am
see their two young children and not only be photographed but have a great time. now reynold wanted his kid to be part of his special moment. >> so important i was willing to trot them out this front of the 150,000 paparazzi which would i never normally do but it is a special moment that only comes along once in a lifetime and i would have been sad to have missed it without them so i wanted to bring them out. my wife did too. special moment. >> so cute. >> this past sunday reynolds won best actor this is comedy and entertainer of the year at critic choice hoff i award. sexiest man alive too. >> look at them running around , how cute. >> children will make any scene, i'll tell you, just holidays, just being around, took care of a four year-old for a year, past relationship. mr. thomas. i said yah. i would say, what did i tell you, you have to go use the
8:27 am
bathroom. well, i have to go. then they would laugh. they would do it all the time. little things that would just crack you up. >> that is pretty special. >> maybe you should of. >> pressure. >> is this the parent talk when will you have little ones >> do you get that a lot. >> does your mother say hey thomas, when will we get grabbed kid. >> she's disappointed with the ones that she has. they get older and children change, and they start having attitudes. >> teenagers. >> because but yeah, it will happen. let me look on the street ande is what out there. >> thomas is looking right now , he is looking for his christmas present. >> not picky. where you can get gourmet versions of the hanukkah dish this weekend. yes. lacca
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
8:31. basically if you are dressed similarly to bus stop buddy, you should be okay. just keep moving, out in that cold, cold weather, it is still windy but not as windy as yesterday. so these temperatures which are cold enough in the teens and factoring in the wind 10 miles an hour in philadelphia, making it feel like 5 degrees in philadelphia , wind chills are very, very low this morning, close to zero. in fact, zero this lancaster. below zero in mount pocono. very, very cold, so staying that way for the entire day. now it says less wind is there but it doesn't mean you let your guard down because with 28 degrees as your high temperature it will feel like the teens bob kelly all afternoon. >> less wind. >> didn't he he work for wkrp in cincinnati. i'm sorry, that was les nelson ninety-five southbound stacked and pack from academy all the way into girard. we had an earlier accident in the construction zone. hopefully heaters are cranking
8:32 am
there as you work your waste into downtown. the once in center city heavy from end to end there across town. even school buses. hopefully they got the heat cranking for little ones. school buses are probably coming in on a class trip. switch problems on pretty much , a lot of the regional rail line especially lansdale media elwyn line, again, just pack your patients, of the market frankford, all trains making all stops to keep everybody from stack outside on the lath form and that is same deal on 101 and 102 trolleys. alex and thomas, back over to you. >> are you ready for lacca. >> yes. >> this is a big thing that is happening, a little bit later today. big celebration. i wonder what year this is this. it is family friendly event that pays tribute to the potato pancakes. >> they are so good. >> yes. >> thanks so much for being here. >> good morning. >> and, we will get to you in a little bit. we will start with you.
8:33 am
for people who do not the know can you explain a lacca. >> it is basically a potato pancake. we take, traditional greek dish, you usually feature it through dough and change vice he will. we just use potatoes. >> so, you it is a lock. it is just a potato, drain shredded potatoes. it is in spinach that goes in. >> you said greens. >> yes. >> that is just extra water, and we are stirring it up look at thomas calling jeff out. >> i thought it was special. >> these are heavy in water. so we want to drain them off. >> okay. >> scallions and chives are next, going in our bowl here. little bit of fresh dill. >> i love dill. >> you pour it apart, greek fe ta cheese which is probably your most important part. salt and pepper, very easy.
8:34 am
binding, flour and just some egg wash. >> couple of eggs. >> three eggs. >> yes, but shredded potatoes. this will make about eight portions. so, you know, it is probably eight actual potatoes, three eggs, dill. >> and we just stir it up. >> he we stir it up and everything gets milk together and everybody gets in the pool together. stir it up. make some kind of a pancake and then we are just ready to fly. >> how did this recipe come about. >> we were asked, 12 years ago , i think we were asked when we first opened to start to come to lacca party and we thought what could we do as a greek restaurant, what works, in a will be a and we talk about it. and it just kind of, seemed to work. we have worked with this recipe and played witt the for a little while and it became our standard and we have been participating every year since
8:35 am
>> when we go to this event, all these restaurant, circles, thai food and they put their spin on the laccas there you can go from places to places. >> twenty dollars a particular , they are on sale, there are ticket still for sale and it is, a great day, there is entertainment for the kid, there is, ice cream, there is, beverages from one of the local beverage companies, and there there is probably 15 different lacca's made by different restaurant. it is a great event to come on out. >> it is basically hand patty it, and headache tonight to a mold and then just right into the the pan. >> for how long. >> you got the to cook it through. it will take about zero minutes, five minutes each other size, and cook it through and they are ready to go. >> yes, they are all edible. >> we finish our with a greek yogurt. >> yes. >> that goes on top. >> that is good that is your
8:36 am
finish product. >> we will we're finishing this up. we have to have some dessert. >> we sure to. >> what do you have here from federal doughnuts. >> we have a traditional doughnut, filled with jam. we do all of our classic cake doughnut mini version with a really awesome raspberry jam and we dip them in honey first we predip them in honey, little jelly up side. >> they are so if. >> on the waterfront during summer and giving away free samples. i came by like eight times. >> you are not supposed to tell that, thomas. >> that is how i got to this. >> honey dipped, raspberry jammed, and filled mini doughnuts and we're going to be having them touring the who will taste in our store also. >> yes. >> yes. >> there is a jammo. >> bob kelly. >> yes. >> anytime there is a jam, bob kelly is here. >> we will see you. >> come sunday.
8:37 am
>> very exciting. >> coming up at 8:37 while we finish eating this seven streeter is on good day after her national anthem controversy at sixers game, she's back. live on the show. >> that is right, jammo.
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
russian hacking in the electoral college, chris wallace hosts "fox news" sunday covering it all. sound like premise of a good movie, hi there, chris. >> thomas, i'm very excited to peak to you and we will get to that in a second but i can't help but note because as you may know, mike like to trash talk me about the redskins and the eagles and the fact that the eagles lost the second game that we swept them this year, last sunday, and he is not the here to face music with me here today, i think it says a lot about mike.
8:41 am
>> you know he will have a come back for you next week. that is why he took the take off. he is coming for you high friend. what do you got on the ram, my friend. >> this weekend we will talk about the russian hacking but political impact in this country because elect tors, when we all voted november 8th , we weren't actually electing a president, we were electing elect tors. we talk about 270, there are 58 of them around the country, divided by population of the various states. they are voting monday. it is when donald trump gets 27 seer he plus votes that he will become the next president and, now you have got democrats saying that democratic elect tors saying they want a intel briefing about the russian hacking before they vet, and that a member of congress don bier a demies saying they want to put off electoral vote until they get that intel briefing. we will talk to a couple elect tors, don bier about this and
8:42 am
we will talk to the top member of the trump team who says thinks all sour grapes, democrats just can't deal with the fact that they lost and donald trump won. >> we heard rumbling out of colorado whatever happened with that about the electrical college. >> that wouldn't matter a whole lot because hillary clinton won there. the whole point is to try on get people where trump won, they're electric tors to switch, and vote for either hillary clinton or someone else and throw it the in the house of representatives. i don't think it will happen but it does show even after the election where you usually get a little bit of the honey moon during transition that the opposition, the partisan ship when it comes to donald trump and some could argue on his side is just as bitter as it ever was. >> it will not change anything he is denying those allegations. chris wallace, host of "fox news" sunday always a good ram , thanks, for joining us. all right, listen up, when
8:43 am
we feel very best look in the mir on spend a couple hours, alex spend 15 minutes she tells me competenting ready every single morning, the time of the day you feel your best. >> yes, she's stuffing her face over there. >> get this it is when yourself esteem is at its peak different for men and women. we will explain this. alex has a few word to say i'm sure. steve keeley joining us this morning with important safety tips, hi there, steve. >> reporter: thomas, you are a single guy, like me and lived like me this is the broadcast business. we will simulate a couple things for christmas safety. this is a actual size replica of one of my former apartments and simulating the number of gifts i usually get at christmas gift for christmastime. why are we set up like this. we will tell you why, if you sit through these commercials. (my hero zero by lemonheads)
8:44 am
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8:46 am
zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event. it is bitter cold. take precautions, layer it up. it is 5-degree wind chill in philadelphia, even colder in lancaster reading, allentown feels like two below in mount pocono. 6 degrees in atlantic city. with that cold air in place, snow rolls in tonight, winter weather advisory note time
8:47 am
here 10:00 p.m. to 9:00ah when we will have the snow before it changes over to rain, and the accumulations before it changes over could be as much as four in the mountains, not much and rain will wash ate way in the i-95 corridor. warmer tomorrow, warmer on sunday at least early with the temperatures falling throughout the day and much colder monday and tuesday, and we will officially welcome winter wednesday of next week. guys, going out tonight, a lot of holiday part thinks time of the year so be careful if you stay out late because that snow will start late tonight. do you have your christmas tree up. >> i do not, do you. >> i saw pictures of your apartment, pretty sad. >> look at you. >> what do you have going. >> i have it all going on? we seen pictures of you been ing over. >> don't go there. >> it is still sad though. >> it is importantes especially if you have a tree it just takes seconds for trees to go up in flames. >> something as simple as where you place your tree may save your house. lets get out to steve keeley.
8:48 am
he has got some stuff we need to listen to this morning. hi there, steve. >> reporter: it has been a great christmas for he. check out my new christmas gifts, my ogden engine 55 warm winter hat. i always wanted to play a fire tighter. do you see these trees here. live in this area, buy your christmas tree from a volunteer 100 percent, ogden fire company. every penny goes to help put out fires and you may need these guys some day. how cool is this? all of these trees look perfect. we have here with dana tidwell we talk about tree safety. before the tree gets set up it we comes a fire hazard. you have to get it safely home i have driven over three trees in moorestown since i moved over there usually,... >> oh, no, we have lost steve. we will get back to him. we want to see see his report.
8:49 am
it is important. people have their trees and it the is all important how you take care of it because it could get dangerous. >> did you have a live tree growing up. >> yes. >> it depend on the ear year. >> some years we would do a live tree. another one we will have a different kind of one. >> when living in wyoming, i didn't realize it was you. i thought it would be to you help you. you go to the lot. and it is out in the forest. you had to chop it town. i had a butter knife. it took meehan hour and a half , hacking away. this is a true story. tie it to the hood of the car. going down the highway, it slide off. >> it slides off, breaks in half, still take it home, trying to put it together. too ball -- too tall for the season. >> that is a different tree. >> why did you cut it with a butter knife. >> i only had a little saw in the car. >> a the lot of question there
8:50 am
>> that was my father, wow say you have to protect yourself, back in the day when i lived in wyoming. whole different story out there. but i had it in my car. would i use this. >> yes. >> you need a awe. >> i know that, alex. >> i know that, alex. >> first and only time i ever chopped down a tree but my little special memory in my heart. >> if it went well it wouldn't be as memorable. >> yes. >> pain will get you through life. >> yes, i will live a long life. >> twitter is verifying if you really know our city of brotherly love. they are putting you to the test. are you really philly.
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54. live lot roosevelt boulevard,
8:54 am
disabled septa bus off to the side but not attracting any attention. most of the rush hour delays cleared out, bennie looking good, this problems at all, friday mornings are light, coming in the city but it is a cold one out there. and having problems on the rails this morning, the trains , the switches, switch problems, on both lansdale doylestown, and media elwyn line running with some delays. in express trains on the market frankford line so all trains making all stops, mainly to keep everybody from standing outside on the platforms any longer then they have to and that is same deal going with the 101, 102. alex and thomas, back to you. steve's doing manikin challenge earlier. >> everything froze. >> we will check back with him , steve. >> yes, everything is freezing , even tv equipment. you see her triple a suv with the christmas tree on top neat ly tied. christmas tree safety begins with just getting it home safe is what key tip when you tie a tree to your roof. >> if you have roof racks on
8:55 am
the top of your car make sure that they secure the tree, with the twine, to the roof racks. the front end, the trunk of the tree, toward the front of the the car so weight is evenly distributed. very important. road debris is a cause have of vehicle crashes. so if that tree goes flying, it can cause a crash right behind me and that is not how anyone wants to start the holiday. >> because everybody swerves to avoid hitting it. >> of course. >> tie it good. don't drive with one hand and hold the tree with the other hand. >> absolutely in the both hand on the wheel at all times. >> we will turnaround here and we will put a new tree there. because of our equipment freezing, we have the tree burning and tree burned so fast that we had to get a replacement tree in here. so, megan, i know you gave me a minute back there and i'm about 40 seconds in but we will show you how quick a christmas tree can burn. look at that, perfectly good tree but we will spin it around, if you didn't see me earlier, the ogden fire
8:56 am
company raises money to support this all volunteer fire company in business putting out fires since 1923. so boost your tree, if you live any where near here, from the ogden fire company and every penny thaw pay for your tree will go towards helping the fire company. the plus they will headache sure that it is secured properly tour rooftop. they will tie it on to your roof, they might even deliver it. chris fox, turnaround for a second. i want to show, craig, we showed how quick a perfect looking tree and that thing burned up in a minute. is that the typical pine tree fire then. >> that is it. >> and they went quick to any furniture. >> really fast. >> craig's small, no relation to scott small, i have interviewed two smalls on the air, philly cop and now ogden fire chief and in relation. >> no sir. >> thank you once again. >> so we have a tree here. we will light it up with a flare. do you see the guy over there, that little elf. this is the chair i was sitting in. people have their christmas
8:57 am
tree in the living room near their nice ray more and flannigan furniture, one of the combustible and we had a fatal fire today and knows how that started but a lot of fires this time of the year start because people leave their tree, lit when they shouldn't be. craig, i want to ask you another question with christmas trees catch fire what are one of the causes do the lights catch fire. >> usually the lights? >> anytime you have lights worn, damage, get rid of it, throw it this is trash. keep from it a heater, fireplace but mess of the causes are lights. >> you shouldn't leave lights on all night. >> no, sir. >> or for hours because is it the heat from the lights. >> usually faulty wire, the outer wire, covers and broken. bear wires and here's my idea. you and i will be millionaire. you and i should have, and infomercial next year, a star for the top of the tree that also doubles as a smoke alarm
8:58 am
and fire alarms, how about that a christmas ornament. >> how about something in there that will put the fire out. >> we will have a extinguisher , our follow-up infomercial. not a bad idea to have some kind of a ornament that is a smoke alarm and, if that tree catches fire like that, that alarm war blaring. >> we will toss to it break here and keep with this shot as long as we can and you will see flames at the foot of the tree. look at this, watch how that fast that thing goes up and again that is a simulated apartment of mine. i had a murphy bed. i didn't have as good paneling but look the at these flames from a little fire to a big fire awfully fast and when that tree gets caught the rest of the housings up, and you are asleep and upstairs and left your lights on alternate because you like that christmas sense through the window from the the outside, but it could be a deadly sense , if you leave your lights on. so shut light off at night before you go to bed and probably never leave that tree
8:59 am
unattended with lights on if you can help it because, this could be your living room before you you know it.
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