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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  December 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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pushes into the area right now it is dry out there for the evening rush hour as people just trying to get home before this storm arrives. and while there might be not be any snow on the ground yet, it is still dangerously cold and because of that a code blue remains in effect. good evening, everyone, i'm chris o'connell. >> i'm dawn timmeney. we are also under a winter weather advisory because of this approachly winter storm. let's get straight over to meteorologist scott williams to break down the timing of this snowstorm. scott? >> hi there, dawn and chris. all about the timing especially overnight in the first half of the day tomorrow. look at ultimate doppler dry and quite now but off to the west you can see that snow that's a part of our weekend system. it will pick up moisture headed in our direction bring some snow and icy mix then eventually change over to rain. so as we go hour boy hour, look at fox future cast by 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning we're looking at snow around philadelphia, snow in trenton, snow north and we have, already changing over to some rain for the immediate
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shore points like at atlantic city down to wildwood as those temperatures warm. it's cold enough for snow. temperatures tonight in the 20s. the winter weather advisory begins at 10:00 o'clock tonight and the end times depend on your locate. down the shore, it ends at 9am on saturday. interior south jersey. 95 corridor from wilmington to philadelphia and trenton it ends at 11am tomorrow morning. farther north and we have as you move towards berk county the lehigh valley it tends at two confidential in the afternoon the not only will we see that snow, but an icing potential up to tenth of an inch every ice before the temperatures warm and everything melts and changes over to all rain. so here's the saturday snapshot for philadelphia. at 7:00 a.m. a high impact we're talking light snow a wintry mix. by 11am that winter weather advisory will end temperatures will be above freezing. lingering rain showers, then into the afternoon we keep clouds and some drizzle around.
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coming up more on the lehigh valley and down the shore a lot to talk about. we could even hit 60 degrees for a part of the weekend. >> 60? >> yup. >> all right. thank you scott. when you hear the words snow in the forecast you know penndot crews are ready to jump right into action. workers are already preparing to treat the roads for whatever winter weather make come our way this weekend. >> and no matter what we see, penndot says it is ready. let's get straight out to brad sattin he's live in penndot yard in norristown, montgomery county, brad? >> reporter: yeah, chris. they have have been working hard. i'll tell you they just keep passing by loadin loading up tht and moving it out. so they are on the go for sure. it's not just penndot but city crews doing the same thing gearing up for what could be certainly a long night tonight. penndot wrapping up a news conference maybe about 90 minutes ago. let's show you some of these pictures from the scene we took a bit ago. penndot telling us that they have 336 trucks across the five county area. it comes to about 122,000 tons
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of salt ready to go. it is all hands on deck despite this not being a major snowfall expected they still do have about 3,000 lane miles that are going to need salting. you can track all of this by the way in real time by going online at there you can see exactly where the trucks are at any given moment. penndot assistant district executive for maintenance tells us they are ready to go tonight. >> we're absolutely prepared ready to go. our guys are getting things ready for tonight. report roar this is not a big snowfall tonight. but still there's work to be done? >> yes. it's going to be the first significant snowfall for the whole region. yes, it's not a how much storm but it does present some challenges because we're expecting it to switch over and change to freezing rain and sleet which could be challenging. >> reporter: does it help it's falling on weakened. >> absolutely. in the mill of the night on week send great. you know, less traffic, let's our guys do their job. yeah, that's definitely benefit.
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>> reporter: show you some pictures from the city of philadelphia gearing up as well. they have about 50,000 tons of salt on stand by. now the city did not actually pre treat the roads saying it was just too cold and that the saul water mix by pre treating would end up freezing they didn't go that route. the city does not anticipate really putting out the plows. it's probably just the salt to melt what's expected to be an inch or snow around the city area. last year by the way the city went through about 20,000 tons of salt. they are reminding folks to make sure you steer clear of these trucks let them work. it's obviously really at least if you're overnight you'll see a lot of them out and the first time they'll be out in this number so give them plenty of room to work. dawn? back to you. >> good advice, thanks, brad. developing right now in cobbs creek, a fire that spread to several row homes has claims the life of a little boy. and the victim's dad is in the hospital with bad burns. >> mean tim other neighbors are without a home because of the
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damage done early this morning. fox 29's dave kinchen is live at the scene in cobbs creek, dave, i was watching this morning firefighters had really tough time in this weather. >> reporter: they really did. dealing with the ice and the blustery conditions made things especially challenging and we've been told by neighbors that the little boy who died was just 11 years old. >> it's haunting sound of a fire al alarm going off in the ruins of several homes on south millick street in cobbs creek. hours after philadelphia firefighters braced ice and blustery conditions to save a young boy. >> the smoke was very very thick, and so i knew it was bad. >> reporter: aggressive fire overcoming any ability to save the boy lost in upstairs bedro bedroom. >> our folks are crushed right now much this is a tragic out come. >> reportercomereport neighbor y robinson tried to save him, too. >> by the time we got there and kick the door in the flames were
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just too much. nothing we could do. >> reporter: the increasing danger forced fire crews to pull back at one point. winter weather challenges couple with flame temps that reached a thus san degrees. >> i can see the embers just flying, embers in the sky just burning and flying. >> reporter: fire officials say the boy's 39-year-old father got out but is now hospitalized burns over 60% of his body. this as a neighbor reached brown's elderly mother. >> physically she's okay but mentally and emotionally, you know, something for 89-year-old elderly person to go through. >> reporter: harrowing rescue a difficult scene. >> we so thankful for him to be able to do that, um, but at the same time my heart goes out to the family that's next door that lost a son. >> reporter: investigators say the wind carried the fire to the other homes destroying three and damaging a fourth. all of this while this reportedly stolen car sat bloc blocking a fire hydrant crews later together it away now close
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neighbors pull open closer together. >> we're family. you know, so we do whatever we can, whatever is necessary for each other. >> reporter: nine people were displaced by the fire. the red cross is helping most of them so far no official word on what caused this fire. back to you, dawn. all right, thank you today of. the city of wilmington just reached a settlement with the family of a man who was shot and killed by police as part of that settlement the pay will may jeremy mc dole's family $1.5 million. mc dole's death was captured on cell phone video. a bystander's phone footage showed police repeatedly telling mc dole to raise his hands. eventually they opened fire saying they believed their lives were in danger. the department of justice found serious dee fish cease in the police department's use of force policies and training. a judge still needs to approve that settlement. president obama held his last news conference of the year before he takes off for a hawaii vacation for two weeks with his
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family. the president started off the news conference by touting his signature health care law obama care. something his predecessor donald trump has repeatedly threatened to repeal and replace. today's briefing comes as the white house and president-elect donald trump are now in a heated he can change over russia's apparent involve many in the 2016 election. >> based on uniform intelligence assess manies the russians were responsible for hacking the dnc. it shouldn't be a partisan iss issue. >> and kind of a scary moment here thing kept to temporary stand till at the press conference after a reporter apparently got sick towards the back the press room. she was he is cored out of that room tom see the white house doctor. we don't know her condition tonight or her identity. in camden county police say two children at winslow township elementary school briefly lost consciousness. this happened during school. authorities aren't saying what exactly caused the children to take sick but first responders
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say testing the school didn't indicate anything hazardous. medic treated the two children at the school and they did not have to be taken to the hospital. the school day did continue as normal after that incident. in philadelphia's kensington neighborhood, police are on the hunt for a man they say robbed a man at gun point while using an atfm this happened at the wells fargo bank on east allegheny avenue earlier this mom cops say the guy pulled a gun on a man taking out monday. he stole 300 bucks from him. he got away in a newer white hyundai. i can't believe we're actually talking about this already. have you made your new ears eve plans yet. >> not yet and i'm not working for change f you're in philadelphia, definitely the place to be. city leaders and officials from sugarhouse casino gathered today at city hall to talk about all the fun new year's happenings that are going to be going on around town. a new year's eve you can watch two great fireworks displays they are at 6:00 p.m. and midnight to the delaware riverfront. and if you can't see them in person, there are a whole lot of
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other places to watch them. >> if you decide not to come all the way to the waterfront and you're riding in a cab one our 1400 cabs, you can watch the fireworks shows on the screens in the back of the cabs. you can also watch them at the piazza at schmitz commons and at xfinity live. >> and of course, on new year's day the philadelphia's annual mummers day parade. always a treat. it's presented by sugarhouse casino. police are looking for this man, they say he robbed an elderly woman but her pocketbook isn't the only thing he got away with. the mother of a folcroft police officer shot seven times in the line of duty lays eyes op his accuse accused attacker fore first time and asks a question -- why? you know, why would you shoot a man in the back? >> i'm bruce gordon in folcroft with a story of grateful parents who believe they've gotten an early christmas gift. my story straight ahead. >> sean brace is here with a
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look what's coming up in sports. >> shane, with the signing of herrara for the next five years the phillies believe in the all star center fielder. general manager lists the reasons why coming up in sports. my guest list just tripled.
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wow. everything for the holidays. that's my giant. >> search is on phonies accused of robbing an elderly woman in rhawnhurst. that was trying to pay with the victim's debit card after he stole it. police say he took the 87-year-old woman's purse and groceries. this happened last week on the 2300 block of ripley street. no injuries were reported. if you recognize this guy, police want to hear from you. >> the man accused of shooting a folcroft borough police officer will stan trial for attempted murder. that ruling came from a judge in delaware county this afternoon. >> officer christopher dorman did his talking on the witness stand during a preliminary hearing today. but his grateful parents spoke before and after court. bruce gordon was there. >> reporter: 34 year old donte
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island did not know it as he was led into diss trig court in shackles but the mother of the man island is charged with trying to kill was watching him through a courtroom window. said jean dorman -- >> i just needed -- i wanted to see him. i wanted to see him in the flesh. >> reporter: 26-year-old folcroft patrol officer christopher dorman had arrived at court moments earlier not withstanding a facial scar from bullet wound he look good for a man shot seven times in the line of duty. >> i'm very pleased and proud and luckiest father in the world. >> reporter: nice christmas gift? >> i -- yeah it's a christmas blessing no doubt. um, we're very fortunate. >> reporter: the morning of june 24th dorman testified when approached island behind an apartment building on the 1500 block every he will and wood on a drug investigation. dorman said island punched him in the head then opened fire as he fell. dorman testified he retreated to save tow as a backup officer arrived and traded shots with island captured inside the apartment building.
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40 caliber handgun used in the shooting was linked to island in fact it had been purchased by his wife. dorman left the hospital to hero's welcome three days late. six month since have been emotional time for his parents who have given much thought to the work their son does and how some members of the public view police. >> it's time for a change. i mean these guys are out doing a job that really nobody else wants to do. >> christopher dorman is back on the job he loves. >> how you feeling officer? >> i'm good. report roar his family, well, they'll be together for christmas. >> beyond grateful. how do you put night words? you know, um, when you think about what could have been, and how it is -- >> reporter: dorman's road to recovery is not fully complete he still suffers side effects from that gunshot wound to the face and more surgeries lie ahead but again he is back on the job and he'll be celebrating christmas with his family. as for dante island, his formal a rain many in this case is now set for january 18th. in folcroft, delaware county, i'm bruce gordon, fox 29 news.
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good to see adversary dorman up and around like that. >> yeah. >> back to your fox 29 weather authority now. in case the cold isn't enough for you, here comes the snow. >> meteorologist scott williams here now to break down the timing of this. right fort weekend everybody doing their holiday shopping. scott. >> i mean it's going to be icy and dicey at least the first half of the weekend and the first half of your saturday. as we take a look all across the region winter weather advisories are posted. advisories end the a 9an down the shore. they end interior sections of south jersey. i-95 corridor at 11am on saturday. far north and west lehigh valley they end at 2:00 o'clock so those temperatures will be slower to warm farther north and west you head. the cloud cover it is rolling in. but most of the moisture still off to the west. but watch what happens especially after midnight. by 1am, we're talking about temperatures still cold enough for light snow across the area. by 6am, we're looking at 28 in
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philadelphia. 26 in trenton. so all snow as we move toward atlantic city, while wood, temperatures warming above freezing so changing over to rain and we'll continue to find the change over of rain from south to north as we progress throughout your saturday across the region. by 11am we're looking at temperatures above freezing for most still maybe right around freezing in allen up to and the pocono mountains. so an icy mess there. but we're talking about lingering rain getting out of here for the afternoon and evening. but we'll keep mostly cloudy skies around and watch those temperatures. by sunday at 8am we're talking numbers upper 50s even 60 degrees with winds out of the south but then dropping temperatures sunday as another cold front moves through. so we'll spell it out for you lehigh valley the advisories until 2:00 p.m. tomorrow. two to 4-inches of snow and then changing over to some ice and then eventually rain as we move
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toward north and western subur suburbs. the winter weather advisory in effect until 11am1 to 2-inches of snow. then some ice, then eventually rain as temperatures climb above freezing. the advisory until 9am for south jersey and delaware. a quick coating to an inch before things change over to all rain. the ice potential we could see a light glaze in millville over to wrightstown up to about a tenth of an inch in west chester points normal and west as well. so that's what you have to be mindful about first thing tomorrow morning. also, the snow, we're talking a quick coating to an inch. parts of philadelphia, north and west suburbs one to two. two to 4-inches for berks county and also as you move into the lehigh valley. temperatures right now we're talking low to mid 20s so it is going to be cold, cold enough for snow overnight. once again the winter weather advisories kick in at 10:00 o'clock tonight. temperatures eventually warm above freezing pretty much area wide by tomorrow afternoon.
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here's 4:00 o'clock, 50 in wildwood. 40s in philadelphia. upper 30s once we move north and west. so for the lehigh valley light snow at 7am. icy mix gradually changing over to rainfall by midday. then by 2:00 o'clock temperatures above freezing. philadelphia we're talking about that light snow to a wintry mix at 7am. lingering rain showers by 11:00 and then we're talking about cloud cover and leftover drizzle for the remainder of the day. 60 early on sunday with dropping temperatures. back into the 30s early next week and winter arrives on a wednesday with temperatures in the mid fours. back over to you. >> all right, quite the roller coaster ride. thanks scott isn't sure is. sean brace here with what look what's coming up in sports. >> yeah, chris. eagles season is a wash with only three games left. for that reason, some want to see rookie quarterback carson wentz rested until next year including chris o'connell. doug pederson gives his thoughts
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on the soft suggestion. a little phillies baseball talk. why the general manager dolled out 30 million for the center fielder next in sports. where should you start when you're told you have cancer? start with a specialist. start where you'll find advanced technology, precision treatment options and truly compassionate care. start here with a team of experts who treat only cancer. every stage. every day. it's not one thing we do. it's they thing we do. start at cancer treatment centers of ameca in philadelphia. the evolutioof cancer care is here. learn more at appointments available now.
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♪ with only three games left the philadelphia eagles are limping to the finish line pun intended. already having to deal with injuries that have held the offense back all season long tack on one more for sunday's game versus the ravens star running back darrin sproles is out due to concussion protocol. so with all the replacements on the offensive line and lack of weapons, topped off by basi basy
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being eliminated play some are suggesting carson wentz should be sit the final three games and wrapped in bubble tape since next year. i think it's soft and doug pederson agrees. >> i'm a big believer we finish this thing out the right way and play our guys much we play the guys that have been there all season long and he's been a big part of that. i don't want to necessarily do that right now. you know, with him. i don't want to stepped that type of message not only to him but to the team. he's the leader and, you know you know, we go with the guys that battled and got to us to this point. >> no better place for your sunday eagles coverage than right her on fox 29. bright and early we get you started fox "game day live" at 10:00 a.m. eagles and ravens at 1:00 p.m. and be to stay with us for the post game show. myself, bell, g. cobb get you caught up on everything you might have shipped missed. phillies made news sending all star center fielder herrara to contract extension. herrara unprotected by the texas
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rangers a little over two years ago. then picked up by the phils rule five draft and now ink add five-year deal worth a little over $30 million. needless to say the phillies like what he brings to the club. >> he plays with energy and i think for a young team like ours, and culture we're trying to build the style of play that this, n this young man produces on the field is something that's very important to this franchi franchise. >> for having never played centerfield in the past he's darn good at it. all the statistics analytics show that and i love seeing him in the lineup no matter where he is. >> phillies baseball means warm weather. one can dream. >> around the corner. >> all right. thanks sean. >> that will do it for us here tonight at 6:00 o'clock. we'll see you back here at 10:00 o'clock. have a great night. inside edition is up next. ♪
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>> the high school kid with a knife. >> back up. back up. >> his heart broken mother speaks out. >> he may never even have a chance to learn from his mistakes. >> then the jonbenet ramsey investigation. the handwriting analyst who says it was patsy ramsey who wrote the infamous ransom note. >> when you compare the ransom note to patsy ramsey's own writing, it is stunning. no whipped cream for the holidays. >> no more ready win for christmas. >> how did this happen? plus, who is that girl? the young lady at trump tower with the most powerful people in the world. >> who is she? then what it's


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