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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  December 19, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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world are celebrating the holiday season. good day on this monday, it is december 19th, thank you for waking up so early with us i'm thomas hepp. thomas is off, sueby's off, thomas is in, good morning, bob. >> it is monday, crunch time. >> a lot of people had holiday part thinks weekend. >> always great this time of the year catching up with family and friend. weather was wild this weekend. the lets talk about this monday morning. yesterday's high was 60. right now 29 degrees but feels like 19, when you factor in that wind. you think that is cold? take a look at much of the nation. thirty-two in atlanta, 33 in houston. it is eight below in chicago. weather by numbers on the scale of one to ten today will be a six, it is 29 this philadelphia, wilmington. thirty-one in atlantic city. it feels even colder when we factor in the win. arctic front out to sea. across the area today we are looking at bundled up temperatures by 11:00 o'clock,
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still freezing at 32 degrees, bob. yes, scottie, good morning 5:00 o'clock here. we have information on that fire over in moorestown we will have more on that in just a moment. live look at i-95 where work crews have been out all night long pulling a a lionel richie on us. the right here at cottman avenue interchange where they are working north and southbound and working on some ramps there at the cottman avenue. the getting ready to hoed out the front door be ready for. that no problems from new jersey at least on the 42 freeway, 295, they were working all night on the cottman avenue ramps to head south on i-95, in the city, weekend rain, road conditions could be slippery this morning the be careful, if it looks wet, most likely it is iced over that black ice we see early this is morning when temperatures are right around 30. so just be careful on the on and off ramps. >> karen, back over to you. lets get to that breaking news from moorestown. we know heavy smoke was seen
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pouring from the brandywine living facility at moorestown estates. we know that fire fighters are working to make sure that people are safe. lets get out to lauren johnson who just got to the scene and who is what we have been learning so far, hi there lauren. >> reporter: hi karen good morning. we have an update from the pio here in moorestown. they got a call around 3:39 this morning about the fire alarms here at brandywine assisted living facility. when they made their way here there was, a lot of smoke coming from the basement area they found out it was a utility room, luckily building here does have sprinkler systems in place and that helped but there is a big mess in that room. because of the cold temperatures out here this morning, they did not want to bring the 70 residents out in the cold so they were able to evacuate them into another part of the building so they did not come out in the cold at that time. so what we understand now is that the fire is out, it was put out at 4:17 this morning and crews are just working to clean up a big mess on their
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hand. they will be here a little while longer but good news in all this this 70 people that lived here that would have been affect by this are okay. they have not been allowed to go back to their rooms just yet and crews continue to work to get that mess underway, cleaned up underway but everyone is safe and sound, everyone is okay and accounted for and fire is out here in moorestown. >> that is good news in all accounts, everybody got out safely. it is 5:03. we have new calls this morning for electoral college vote to be delayed, but that is not going to happen. today members are expect to select republican donald trump as the next president despite efforts to disrupt the process , and some protests. both cia and fbi have reported that russia medicine eld in our election. extra security will be expect in harrisburg when ballots are cast here in pennsylvania. hillary clinton supporters are hoping presidential elect tors vote begins president-elect donald trump but analyst say there is little chance of this changing
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the election outcome. "fox news" correspondent kelly wright has more there washing ton. >> reporter: protesters are calling on elect tors to vote against president-elect donald trump today, some elect tors want fbi and cia to give them intelligence briefings on alleged russian interference in the election, before they cast their ballots to determine the next president. >> i will be introducing a motion to tea manned an independent commission. this should not be partisan this need to get out of the partisan politics but protecting democracy. >> reporter: protesters believe this is their last chance to prevent mr. trump from taking office. >> what we're asking them to do is a fail/safe. check and balance to the election. >> reporter: but elect tors in the swing state of north carolina say they are all voting for trump which they say is the will of the people there. >> literally two tubs from the post office of letters asking me to change my vote from
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donald trump to hillary clinton. >> reporter: republicans in washington meanwhile say the intelligence community is trying to discredit a trump presidency. >> they refuse to come. i find it shameful. to me, it should be an investigation what the russians did but an investigation of the john brennan and hit job he is orchestrating against president-elect. >> reporter: democrats and some republicans are upset that the kremlin apparently tried to influence the election. >> for even adversary trekly intervened in our democratic institution and tried to tilt the election to donald trump. >> reporter: elect tors will meet at their state capitols throughout the country to cast their vote n washington kelly wright, "fox news". elect tors in pennsylvania said they will not change their vote. also happening today protecting children from lead poisoning that will be taking center stage at city hall this morning. mayor kenney will unveil lead free kits, that is cities plan to revent harmful effects of
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lead poisoning. deteriorating lead paint found in older homes and buildings can cause irreversible health damage. the last year nearly 2700 local children had farm full levels of lead in their blood. 5:06. we have got this developing story right the now. we have had a horrible fiery crash on the roosevelt boulevard. there was a sports car that burst into flames, after rear ending a cool bus, we know that two of the passengers inside that car died on impact the lets get out to steve keeley, with what we know, steve. >> reporter: yeah, let's clarify not a sports car a four door sedan, mercedes, 16 year-old one. question is, was it a problem with the car or a problem with the driver? and here we are, woodward street and you see this bus stopped on the right lane. the school bus that stopped in the middle lane but sees another bus coming up from behind it, and even though this is a curve in the road you still see plenty of room. lets look at the video. this impact was so great, so
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devastating that the first police and fire fighters on what kind of a car that this was, and they didn't learn it was a 2,000 mercedes, until they ran the license plate and the registration, to see what kind of vehicle it was. not only was there an impact but back of the stopped school bus but then it caught on fire , as they were trying to get the man who was in in his driver's seat out and woman in the front passenger seat out. just a devastating crash, in sign of skid marks or any sign that this driver ever saw that school bus and tried to stop. the speed limit here 45 miles an hour, two off-duty police officers in the same car seeing this mercedes flying down the boulevard right before the accident, witnessed the crash and said that this car was going way faster than 45. >> based on witness account and preliminary information the school bus was stopped at a red light tasting northbound in the outer lanes of roosevelt boulevard atwood ward, when this 2,000 mercedes
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, that was traveling north on the boulevard in the outer lanes at a high rate have of speed according to witnesses rear ended the stopped school bus. it rear ended the school bus with such impact that it caused the mercedes, to actually go underneath the rear bumper of the school bus and that impact apparently killed both the male driver and female passenger. they were killed instantly. >> it was a 40 year-old woman driving school bus she was not the hurt at all, she had just dropped off 28 teenagers at the christiana contacted my , nearby the huntington valley christiana contacted my and, good thing they were not on the bus because back of the bus not only jack up but again caught fire. can you you imagine panic and maybe injuries from people being rear ended, that close from a car going that fast. so karen obviously the other question is was this driver
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under the influence of something or we will not know until we get blood tests back during the autopsy but they will check that to see if the accelerator is stuck. if the gas pedal is stuck from a floor math or whatever reason you would think the driver would make a maneuver to swerve around that school bus but people living around here and you'll hear them at 5:30, karen, tell thaws this accident area is so bad now because there are red light cameras before and after this intersection and he said a lot of the drivers here know where they are and they have no intention of stopping, when they come through this intersection and they say woodward and roosevelt boulevard now one of the bad intersections for crashes here as we saw last night. >> all right, we will learn more in the coming days. thanks very much, steve. delaware state the police are now investigating the the cause of an accident that happened on old baltimore pike in newark just after 9:00 at intersection of pleasant valley and otis chapel road. police say there was a man seriously injured when his motorcycle collide with the car, we don't know what caused
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that crash. there is a family from delaware county pleading from your help, that man, 89 years oldies a grandfather and has been missing since saturday. his name is joseph tarbutton from upper chichester and he told his family would he go to the acme but he has not come home. his family says he has a mild dementia. >> it is a confusion and i'm just a frayed that the longer that this goes on is owe just more confused, afraid to ask for help or has he encountered something, that, you know we don't want to think about it. >> tarbutton was driving a 2010 silver toyota silver tacoma with the pennsylvania wild life tag that is wr35788. if you see that car or if you see that tag or vehicle or man , please call the police. coming up next, on our morning news, there is a government plan to keep you safe on the roads this holiday season. also what a disaster there
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is something being blamed for a roof collapse, wow, look at that at a very popular restaurant. we will be right back.
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we were planning a vacation to vegas and our trip got pushed back two hours and got pushed back four hours and now cancelled. >> that happened to a lot of people, out there in chicago,
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bruceal weather leading to flight delays, accidents all over midwest and northeast. heavy snow and freezing rain caused one plane to run off the runway in chicago. bad conditions resulted in hundreds of flights cancellations. also customers were sent running after a roof collapse at a restaurant in indiana. you can see it there. emergency crews say 50 people were inside, can you imagine eating when roof comes down all around you. investigators say it was caused by frozen pipes on the building's roof. that restaurant happened to be call the eagle. lets get a check of 54:00 crazy weather we have seen. such a roller coaster making people sick. >> we going from hot to cold. we had a wild weekend. we had that wintry mix changing over to rain, we had fog saturday night, temperatures climbed from the 20's to around 60 degrees, that was the official high in philadelphia now another arctic front has pushed
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through and we're talking about temperatures dropping as well. so as we zoom in closer we're dry but we have left over cloud from yesterday's system. look at the cold air continuing to work its way in through the lehigh, delaware valley, 23 right now in allentown we're waking up to 29 in wilmington. good morning to you. millville, 31 is your current temperature. atlantic city 31. north and west temperatures are in the mid to upper 20's. twenty-five in doylestown. malvern, waking up to 27 degrees right now. so bus stop buddy will be bundled up, a frigid monday morning, wind chills in the teens, and also, the 20's, and , for today, it will be cold, 34 the high temperatures in center city. thirty-five down the shore. only freezing in the lehigh valley. looking ahead, it is not even officially winter, it starts in two days, high temperature will be 47, hanukkah looks like clouds, sun, 49.
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christmas right now the forecast mostly cloudy a high temperature of 50. there could be a late shower. we will talk more about the holiday forecast coming up but now lets talk traffic with bob >> scottie, good morning, 5:15 monday morning, kick off covered and lets go, a live look at the schuylkill expressway not bad coming into downtown philadelphia looking live there at spring garden, looking good up and over the benny, as well. the crystal clear we can see sky line on the high rises here working your way in center city. they have been working on i-95 at cottman avenue both directions i-95 and also on the ramps here for cottman. hopefully i see them picking up and we should than good to go by 5:30. weekend rain and soaking road conditions could be slippery if it looks wet it is 30 degrees out, gang. so therefore there is potential for black ice, just be careful first step outside front door your driveway even on and off ramps and parking lot as you make it to work
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this morning. new jersey turnpike at route 55, coming from south jersey looking good, nothing out of the ordinary there. we have dog ornament here, this house all decorated nice and pretty for the holidays. keep pictures coming, put them up on facebook, twitter, instagram we are having a kelly christmas. we will show pictures on tv and then this week we will pick our own to broadcast live from their front lawn all you have to do is post that picture to facebook, twitter, instagram, use that #fox 29 lights contest and all details are up on the web site at fox karen, back over to you. lets look at our top stories making news right now u.n. security council will vote on a resolution to try to speed up the evacuations from aleppo. u.n. would be putting more than 100 personnel on the ground to help out, monitor in those evacuations. last week governmental forces reclaimed control of the former rebel strong hold.
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since then it has been difficult for civilians to get out safely. gunman killed ten people in a series of attacks in jordan. this is called one of the worse days of violence there in recent memory. dead include seven police officers, two civilians and a woman visiting from canada 34 others were hurt in these attacks, among locations targeted a crusader castle very popular with tourist. there was a shopping trip for a grandmother and her three-year old grandson that turned into an absolute tragedy in arkansas. police say those people ran into a man with a deadly case of road rage. the driver reportedly shot at the grandmother as car because he thought she wasn't going fast enough at a stop sign, this was in little rock. so then police say he got out and began shooting hitting that little boy at least once. the grandmother was not hurt and she was able to drive away she called for help but perfect grandson died at the hospital. >> this is probably one of the
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most frustrating things that you will encounter in your career when it involves children, particularly kids that are this age, very innocent, they can do very little to protect themselves. >> this is second time in weeks that road rage has ended with a child's death in little rock. the last month there was a two-year old girl who died when a man fired in the car that she was in. >> and then, another tragedy a tree, crashed down on a wedding party taking pictures, it killed a with man and injured five others, this was in southern california, several more people were trapped under this giant tree, that toppled over on saturday at a park. video from the scene shows they needed to use chain saws to cut through the down branches to rescue people, witnesses say it was surreal. >> it was like a scene in the movie where tree is slowly coming down and you just see whoever was under it, running straight through it, not
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looking. >> we did not have anything fallen in the wind or rain at all so no, we did not have anything like that. >> there is a four year-old girl still in critical condition. investigators believe weather was a factor this bringing down that tree. in texas faucets flowing in corpus christie with days without water because of contamination. mayor says water is safe if you would like to cook drink or bathe in it. there is no longer contamination from toxic chemicals that leak in the water supply from an asphalt plant. the investigation is still ongoing. as people are celebrating this holiday season governmental officials are working to keep us safe out there on the roadways. national highway traffic safety administration is launching a new initiative called drive sober or gets pulled over to prevent drivers there getting behind the wheel so, obviously they will put out ads and they are putting on a reality web site and three part plans to prevent
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drunk driving. >> last year 259 people died in drunk driving crashes just during the holiday period, focus on christmas and holiday season and new years. those are people with careers, family, dreams, wishes. >> driver alcohol detection system for safety is a new technology being developed through partnership between government and top car makers, this can automatically tell if the driver is above the .08 legal limit and prevent the car from moving. officials are also hoping to require ignition interlock devices on cars to prevent impaired drivers from starting this. we all know traditions are different all a cross our globe. coming up how other parts of the world are celebrating this holiday season. >> wow. ♪
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welcome back. the beautiful site. good morning to all of you, holiday season is here and in this country we are used to seeing massive christmas trees and decoration and store windows, around the world there are so many other ways that people usher in the holiday season. you may not have seen them before, benjamin hall is in london. >> here in the british capitol the harod decorations may look familiar to americans but the london is a unique way to
5:25 am
celebrate the holidays. the it mixes two british trademarks. >> just incredible event, great fun, it just she cases greenwich and london, and it is fun. >> reporter: over in germany group of bikers wear santa costumes for berlin christmas cycle tour, it raises money for charity with this years ride benefiting a local soup kitchen and youth organization don't forget about glvine, the christmas market stapel for, belgium. they take it further, drinking and dining with the big man himself. for four days santa hosts guests at sleigh ship table suspend add above brussels. >> of course, you can discover the city like you have never seen it were. >> reporter: in guatemala cardboard devils are burned to chase away bad spirits while australians get to see santa, sidney harbor bridge, to flush out the best delivery, it is a
5:26 am
chillier experience in fin land where revellers can visit old saint nick near arctic circle. santa's holiday visit features his reindeer and main post office. >> half million letters each year for all around the world. >> reporter: eventually chris crinkle does to have head back to the north pole to deliver gifts but children all over the world can follow his ram when they have the annual nora d santa tracker in, london , benning more more, "fox news". >> wow, kim kardashian of her time, we are remembering actress zsa zsa gabor became famous for being famous, her many marriages and many movies , this morning. good morning scott. >> temperatures have dropped dramatically across the region yesterday's high in philadelphia was 60. right now, the temperature is only 29 but feels like 19. how long will this last? new information and holiday forecast coming up next.
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fire crews rush to an assist ted living facility after a heavy smoke filling the basement there we have a live report coming up. plus also we have had another deadly crash on the
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boulevard, two people were killed when a mercedes slammed into a school bus. that is the scene. he is going for two, for the win, and it is incomplete. >> did you scream with the tv? did you cry? that is end. we're out of it. our chances are all gone, but coach makes the right call? what do you think about that. we shall discuss. good day everybody it is a monday. we do apologize we have to talk about it but it is a holiday week. people may be in a good mood we will get the through this one. >> yes. >> did you do your shopping. >> i went to king of prussia mall yesterday. did they figure out how many parking spots were in that air use and the power situation. >> were you there too. >> it is busiest shopping weekend of the entire year.
5:31 am
it will be crowded. >> i know, what time did you go there. >> like 3:00 o'clock. i figured everybody would be there already. >> you should know you are the traffic guy. >> go early and park right out front. >> yeah, early and often is when you need to do your shopping. 29 degrees right now after yesterday's high temperature of 60. we have tumbled quite a bit. it feels like 19 degrees right the now and if you think that is cold take a look at national temperatures, a lot of folks are in the deep chill , hot atlanta 32. thirty-three in houston. dallas, 19. eight below in chicago. only real mild spot is orlando and miami. look at miami a toasty78. thirty-one in millville and atlantic city. twenty-three in allentown. that arctic front has blown through the delaware valley. no precipitation but left over cloud. cloud cover will get out of here bob kelly but look at those temperatures hour by
5:32 am
hour, 31 at lunch, you are treating, i want some soup today i think. thirty-four is the afternoon high temperature. >> soup, grilled cheese for everybody. coup up will smith's he going to my aim. 78 degrees. the got to love it. live look at the blue route 476 where it goes over 76, some numbers there. no problems at all but right here do you see is what left over here. this is what is left over from all that rain. of course, that is off to the shoulder but all that rain we had over weekend if it didn't make it in the drainage great or driveway, parking lot we lost a degree somewhere down to 29 now but coming in from new jersey, light volume getting started on a monday. they are still working on i-95 near cottman avenue wrapping up weekend project, so watch out for blinking lights and work crews out there at cottman avenue. lansdale doylestown media elwyn all regional rail lines are firing up first trains here so far so good. everybody getting out of the gate. when we get these colder temperatures sometimes we see
5:33 am
scattered delays. the martin luther king drive opened for business but shut down later today for that construction project, otherwise, schuylkill, i-95 not bad at all for the moment, back to you. we have this breaking news out of moorestown people living at brandywine living facility in moorestown estates they were forced out of their reams after fire broke out in the basement. lets get out to lauren johnson with what we know at this early hour, lauren. >> so what we found out was that overnight fire started in the utility room the of the basement but crews have cleaned everything up and everything is back to normal at brandywine facility. 911 call came in around 3:40 early this morning, when crew is a arrived they noticed heavy smoke from the basement area of the building. seventy people living here were evacuated out of their rooms but because of the bitter cold temperatures outside they didn't have to come out doors. >> fire was contain to the basement. it has a sprinkler. so we had no fear of moving
5:34 am
them. no need to move them outside. we contained fire and kept them in the building and in the heat. >> reporter: luckily no injuries were reported here and as we heard from the pio, there is a sprinkler system in place. it caused a helps in the utility area they had to mop, sweep up water and debris that had gotten in the way of the fire but crews cleaned it up quickly and everyone is reported back safe and sound in their rooms, karen. >> good news on that one. >> thanks so much, lauren. that is good they got it out safely. happening today new jersey 's legislature will be meeting for the final session of the the year today up for a vote a book deal for governor chris christie and pay raises for the staffers there at the legislature, judges and cabinet members. critics say quick time right before the holidays maybe a sign that the deal has already been cut between the lawmakers and the republican governor.
5:35 am
convicted pennsylvania congressman chaka fattah plans on challenging the dismissal of a held out juror according to his lawyers moms planned to appeal the racketeering conviction. on friday we have a really interesting look when federal judge unsealed documents relating to the dismissal of a juror who reportedly was very uncooperative ape that he would hang the jury. fattah is set to start a ten year prison terminex month. developing right now we now know that two people died in a very fiery crash that happened on the roosevelt boulevard, the mercedes, slammed in the back of a school bus, that only moments earlier, some students had been taken off of. the lets get out to steve keeley at the scene with what we know to know, steve? >> reporter: well, it happened three minutes before 9:00 o'clock so still too early to put out identification on the man and woman who in the front seat just at their probably in their 20's a. you can see where this septa busies stop. school bus was stopped at a red light in the middle lane.
5:36 am
look beyond this septa bus other headlights coming from the curve around 150 yards away. is that enough time to stop if you see somebody stop here is this it is a red light intersection. that is the question, why didn't this person stop? man was driving. was accelerator stuck? was he under influence. why were both people distract. even if the driver is distract passenger will say watch out. look at our video. you can see how devastating impact was, there is not much left of the front half of the mercedes. the engine compartment and front seat area both went under this yellow school bus and then caught fire. people were killed instantly in the front seat. fortunately nobody was on the bus the bus driver a woman 40 years old told police that she had just drop off 28 teenagers at christiana contacted my in the huntington valley. >> they were off-duty fail police office their work
5:37 am
together in the same district and they were in a vehicle together and they both witnessed the accident, they were traveling northbound on roosevelt boulevard, and witnessed the entire accident and they saw this mercedes prior to crashing into the school bus, was driving at a high rate of speed what do you think about the curve right before this intersection do you think nobody can see ahead not much of a warning. >> that is about a football field and a half. they should be able to see that unless they are flying, going over hundred miles an hour and they are intoxicated there is in way you should see a big yellow school bus. >> it will take an autopsy's, blood test to determine whether this driver was under the influence which is the first question and then tests on the vehicle to see if there was a problem. it was a year 2,000, 16 to 17 year-old four door mercedes sedan and again, no skid marks in the road look at our live picture, karen 5 miles an hour posted speed limit. if i had one of those radar
5:38 am
guns that you see during baseball games behind home plate i would have clock people going 80 or 90 miles an hour several times this morning. you can tell by looking at the traffic that greg is shooting when there is a green light here these people are going well over 45 miles an hour speed limit like those two off-duty officers reported this mercedes was likely doing just before the impact. >> we always know boulevard is such a problem, scene of the too many deadly crashes, thanks so much steve. it was lights out for people shopping at king of prussia mall. were you there when power went out? peco say yeah, it did happen, sunday afternoon at 2:15 there was some sort of issue. power company officials say it was only out for a few moments but some of the shoppers said it seemed like longer then that. at least 20 minutes. store managers told the shop their they had to step outside one of the viewers christie carboni sent thus pictures, power got backup and running and people went back in and shopping. the by the time bob kill a
5:39 am
arrived around three. so buying that holiday gift is only half the battle. coming up later, why you don't have as much time as you think when it comes to shipping your presents. my guest list just tripled.
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last night, town 27-16 in the fourth quarter.
5:42 am
ravens have a chance to put this away but joran hicks with the interception, john harbaugh called that dumbest play he has ever seen. int gave eagles life with seconds left, eagles down by seven, carson wentz rolls out in the decides to take it himself, scores and that makes it 27-26. doug pederson decide to go for it, for two, but it doesn't get done. it is tipped at line of scrimmage. eagles fall 27-26. after the game wentz talked about that decision to go for two. >> i loved it. it showed coach's aggressive ness and his belief in us. i thought we had it, we had it , they made a good play, they got their hand up at the line and it just didn't go our way today. >> that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. coming up next big daddy graham will be into break down , that final play, were you screaming as well. we will also talk about a big
5:43 am
milestone for joel embiid, we will be right back.
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5:45. elf getting popcorn watching movies keep pictures of the elves and christmas lights coming. hopefully he was on the move overnight. you know how that works overnight, takes a trip up to visit santa claus and comes on back. no problems just yet this morning here, downtown, we
5:46 am
just had a backup here, on the ram tops 30th street but vine street expressway is open. this week could be upside down because of the leading up to the holiday, folks getting out of town iffy with the schools tea pending upon your school district. live look at schuylkill expressway looking good at belmont avenue. no problems coming back from the poconos over weekend the extension is looking good, looking good as you roll up 202 in towards king of prussia regional rail lines again over last week we had switch problems with the cold temperatures but right now we are off to a good start on the major regional rail lines. take a look at this home here where blow ups are taller then the house. look at the size of frosty and santa claus, taller then roof of the house. it looks a one story rancher but got the to love it. keep those pictures coming, very kelly christmas. we are looking for a home to head out this week and broadcast live. we will probably go out
5:47 am
wednesday night looking at scottie's forecast but snap a picture of your home and post to it facebook, twitter, instagram and use that #fox 29 lights contest, all pictures are up on my facebook, twitter page and also our web site and what is the forecast looking like for today and santa claus arrival over weekend? scottie has got tonight 15 seconds. get ready for a shock to the system, yesterday we had a high temperature of 60 degrees look at how those temperatures have been dropping from yesterday until now. at 11:00 last night it was 35 degrees. right now, it is 29, currently in philadelphia. we have 24 in pottstown. thirty-one in millville and
5:48 am
atlantic city. there is cold front out to sea no moisture but we have left over clouds across the delaware valley. here's that wardrobe weather for your monday, bundle up, temperatures this morning in the 20's, feels like temperatures will be in the teens. by 11:00 a.m. it will stay cold, heavy winter jacket third 2 degrees and talking about the regional forecast down the shore 35, 32 that is it in the lehigh valley. weather authority seven day forecast showing not as harsh tomorrow 40 degrees, winter arrives on wednesday 47. there could be some snow to rain on thursday. we will watch latest models and trend but that is forecast , 46 degrees on thursday, moving into saturday and sunday we are talking partly sunny skies, upper 40's to near 50, so milder air on the way, back over to you. so did doug pederson make the right call. carson wentz lead eagles on the late touchdown drive in the fourth quarter, extra point would have tied it, they go for it but they go with the
5:49 am
gusty move, forget it, the pass is tipped, eagles lose by a point, losing .5 games, they are officially eliminated from the playoffs. big daddy graham is here with more. good morning to you. >> good morning. first of all let me get this out of the way. nobody is upset about going for two. i just spent four hours, talking, everybody was down, we're done they are not going to the playoffs, they are fine with them going for two. be in had a problem with that. what people had a problem with was this drive start with two incredible runs there ryan matthews, all right, a ten yarder, a 18 yarder and then he never gets back in the game it is so bizarre. doug pederson is asked about it after the game was he hurt? is that why he didn't come in. all doug says is no, he was in the hurt. nobody follows up with the next question, well, then what
5:50 am
was it why did he disappear? he was the entire reason why eagles had a good game offensively seeking the entire reason but nobody had a problem with him going for two i didn't have a problem. what i'm starting to have a problem with is the 6-foot five, 6-foot six, carson wentz getting balls batted out at the line of scrimmage. it has to stopped. >> what do you blame that for. >> what do you think is going on. he is tall enough, most of the time he does. >> he is a rookie. hopefully this will change. maybe the competition level playing in college he was president used to people that call on the defensive line but it hurt them yesterday. that is what stops that play. this i will tell you nobody is talking about that, people love wentz. he can do no wrong in this
5:51 am
town. >> he is king, it is his rookie season? no, wait a minute i don't want anybody to crucify him but he is getting the ball income town way too often at line of scrimmage. >> we have the news conference , we do everything monday, machine morning quarterback on this, what are we asking coach. >> where was ryan matthews. single biggest reason why they were in that game, he is why they come back with those two great runs to kick off that drive and then gets taken out of the game with five minutes and 45 seconds left to go and never back in. that is the question. >> i'm done with football right now, we're out of the playoffs, i can't take it. let's talk about basketball. >> joel embiid, he broke a record last night, old time sixers record, 33 points and ten rebound in the game, most ever by a sixer rookie since h al greer or whatever.
5:52 am
only difference is joel embiid did all this last night in 27 minutes. he is still on limited minutes if this guy ever gets to the point where he is playing 38, 40 minutes a night like superstars have the league to, my gosh, i don't know what we will have on our hand. he is doing 33 and ten in 27 minutes. it takes me that long to put on my sneakers. >> you have more events coming up. >> new years eve, upstairs at the lobster loft in sea aisle city, big daddy to get your tickets. >> that sound like fun, i love to be down the shore for holidays. >> we go down every year that is how i started doing this. >> lucky you. >> thanks, big daddy, appreciate it. >> thank you. >> we will be right back, zsa zsa gabor, saddened by her lost yesterday, she lived a great life. >> i was never married to her.
5:53 am
>> she had nine husband. >> she was famous for being famous, she did movies as well , she had a fabulous life and career, we will talk about that when we come back. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays. in the 3.7 seconds it takes ry watson to beat the local sled jump record, fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for just $79.99 per month online for the first year. cable can't offer that. only fios can.
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♪ so much fun, legendary
5:56 am
hollywood star and socialite zsa zsa gabor has died in los angeles, according to her ninth husband she had a heart attack. she came from hungry with her mother and beautiful sister on the eve of world war two. she appeared in 70 films and shows. she was 99 years old. so many tributes are pouring in on social media miley cyrus tweeting what a long, beautiful life i have been beyond inspired by your style and grace. larry king saying is there only one zsa zsa gabor. pierce mar gone tweeting 99 years old, nine husband and a hollywood star, what a life. coming up next, we are following a number of breaking stories including this 12 people killed in the fiery crash, into a school bus on the roosevelt boulevard, what happened to just minutes before that collision, that may have saved some of the
5:57 am
children's lives. plus, also members of the electoral college is casting their votes to confirm donald trump as president, why there will be extra security in some locations, including, harrisburg. good day is up next.
5:58 am
5:59 am
two people are dead after a fiery crash involving a school bus on the boulevard, what happened just moments before, the deadly collision
6:00 am
it probably saved a lot of lives. plus members of the electoral college cast their votes to confirm donald trump as president today. why there will be extra security in some locations, including in harrisburg. and knocked out of the ring, a legendary career comes to a bitter end, philadelphia native bernard hopkins, knocked out of the ring, in his final fight or is it? we will difficulties cuss. >> so did doug get it right? a gutsy two-point conversion saul cost the eagles a potential come back from behind win verse the ravens. was coach pederson too aggressive? that should be a fun quiz today. what do you think? let's start a quitter poll, good day, it is december the 19th.


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