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tv   Chasing News  FOX  December 21, 2016 12:30am-1:01am EST

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>> what are you doing? this is a great spot for selfie. >> i don't agree with them. >> you guys are completely insane, i love it. >> guys come about a year or so carlos a comedian and actor from jersey got arrested on the set of a movie in woodbridge for having a tour gun as a prop. he is here with us, thank you for
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coming and carlo. in carlo. you are arrested for having an air soft gun that shoots little pet helots it is a spring-loaded toy. the issue was that the movie production company did not have a permit the cops came and he got arrested, tell me what happen. >> that incidents are in my life around. i was looking at 30 year. >> you're looking at their use in prison. >> yes. because of indiscretions it is what it is but i'm not that person. >> you had a prior record. >> yes i spoke up in court and said there's a reason why they call a criminal past because that's where it is. not a criminal future present. the prosecutor kept him in on that i was all capone. that i used an analogy and and i said you know, actors when they go on the set is not there job to find out if they have permits, and i made analogy. robert de niro doesn't come up and said to have your permit today and he said he's honestly not robert tamayo but it doesn't
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matter. it applies to everybody whether your rookie or superstar. >> it is a serious thing, you have a production company i feel like you took the fall for them. >> i did. but a production company come and doesn't tell the cops are neighbors and your family an independent film that has gunfire on drugs and everything else. some recalls the cops, someone could've been killed. >> the key is independent. 90% of these production companies donna permits, they have to use kickstart to fund their projects. they probably called woodbridge and they gave him an outlandish number and thought we're going to try to fly under the radar. >> did your attorney address the fact that this was an air soft gun. you can buy it in any sporting goods store, in new jersey. actually in some toy stores you can buy because they're spring-loaded in the can't a lot of damage.
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they shoot plastic pellets. did anybody address that the state of new jersey that they classify that the same as they classify 357 magnum handgun. >> i don't. >> i don't know why they do that in new jersey and i believe you have the gun control but i think they need to protect yourself. >> they are for due a plea deal and they said you could do that or go to trial and -- i'm glad it's over but it's still in my heart of hearts that i think i could've won. i wanted to slug it out but i have more, it's not just about me it's about my step kids and my mother and family. >> are you ever get to make it gangster and a movie? >> i have get money like bill spady makes out or else i can't do it. >> do you hear that? >> windsor windsor next comedy gay? >> december 27 and bill will be there in the next couple of months doing a guest spot. thank you to everybody, merry
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christmas everybody. >> across the country the electoral college once again caught cast their vote for the next president as they have done now for 229 years. here in new jersey the event was even more special with the lieutenant governor honoring the oldest worker in the state. a 96-year-old laura. >> is the longest serving poll worker in the state of new jersey history. [applause] she has been working every election since roosevelt. >> despite all the chaos the seven democrat electors did of over hillary and to republican didn't vote for tron. >> the reddit profile -- sometimes liberties like to join into the fun including billionaire bill gates and rapper's new dog.
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reddit user gave it aging crystal, and a box harry potter slippers and a donation in her name, they said to sit back and relax put on the slippers, t-shirt, and even a drone. so who is doing reddit with me next year? >> when it closed in 2014 it was something that was the end of an era. i mentioned three decades. >> outside of what used to be trump plaza in atlantic city is where i met levi, a historian from somers point who is a walking encyclopedia. he lives lives for telling history and before donald trump became the president-elect, levi created what is known as donald trump
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heritage gambling for over the summer. >> in the wake of the taj mahal closing in october and marked the end of a time, there's always a open in new york city. >> i wanted to know if this tour was favorable for trump supporters and levi was adamant that his tour is all about the facts, it's not based on politics. and i'm like really? that's hard to say. he has some extensive research on trump in new york city. >> if you have a sense of the original ending where mr. trump's name has now been blocked out because of the publicity associated with it. >> right before the rally in july donald trump said all that is not up to par with my standards and make sure that his name was [inaudible] any of the building. you can see where his name was
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fated. >> regardless of your political persuasion see how he did not answer your question but pivoted to what i wanted to talk about. >> he said don't be too fast to say that donald trump run was a failure. folks have suggested that maybe not it's maybe not illegal by any stretch and that he followed the letter of the law to a great degree was very smart and taking funding out of atlantic city when he did speemac's right right now levi is doing tours, mainly on saturdays. you can reach out to him on jersey shore it runs for about 90 minutes. there are $16 per person. >> now that he's president is his two were taken off? >> it has taken off. but now atlantic taken off. but now atlantic city is a down. i was there this morning and plenty of casinos or close, the the city struggling and people
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are overtaxed. i would not recommend that is a vision for the country's future speemac's really think the government had a huge role in the failure but they make city. >> donald trump said take it for what it's worth or that he was smart to take out his money from atlantic city while he did. >> i love how people are making money off of the donald trump. i think there's there's a ton of other people across the nation making big bucks off the businessman. >> he's smart. he's capitalist of the week. way to go levi. i love it. >> go and tell me story. i. i'm eating already though. >> i'm trying to. >> i'm making a mess. i'm sure there's a story here but i just want to eat. >> the bagel not did it again. after their oreo overload bagel went viral they knew they had to find another one. i think it might be the luckiest girl alive. to them at the bagel note in new jersey trying out the
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dough goal, of bagel and donut combined. were going to try it out. the family started this country just 16 months ago when the oldest son alex showed an interest in the bagel business. >> when we took it over who said alex and i came up with the idea that we have to come out with some crazy things. so we came out with a cookie cream cheese and the vanilla chip cream cheese, the list is endless. regardless of regardless of what your mother told you, what's on the inside is only half of what counts. so they started to create crazy bagels. and then we started making crazy bagels. oreo bagels, fruity pebbles bagels, cocoa puff bagels, sentimental scratch bagels. but that wasn't enough for these guys. so david and alex decided to go big or go home.
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literally. they created these colossal sensations called the overload. then one day we're doing over oreo cream cheese on an oreo bagel and with a oreo in between. that went viral. the oreo overload. we just have to keep raising the bar for selves. >> there new secretions called the dough goal, it is a half donut, donut, half bagel covered in coffee crumble cut in half and mixed with cake cream cheese topped with an actual coffee cakes mesh between the buns. it's amazing. >> how did they come up with the name? as per bagel part donut. >> so this is a cream cheese. >> that is the copy cake cream cheese with real piece of coffeecake inside. you will top top an awful real coffeecake
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here we go. >> oh my god. it's really good. sometimes you say is good and. >> i brought enough for everyone. you had to and that. >> two girls from georgia had a priceless reaction to getting a new puppy for christmas. [inaudible] >> the finely stock died which they had for 14 years in the little girl kept asking for a dog ever since then. when they saw the new multi- poon named piper they were overjoyed.
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>> in a surprise vote new jersey lawmakers shut down a bill that would ease that the clause. >> giving big
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>> jillian. >> every year -- if you're
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looking at this photo and wondering are those horns on his i? your right. a pagan priest received permission to sport goat horns on his head and his main drivers license photo. they said unless he's sleeping or bathing he's always sporting them. he was in fact allowed to wear them because it didn't obstruct the basin was for religious purposes. >> it seems governor christie will have to wait a little longer to write that book. >> it's a new day in trenton. let's hope it happens again and again and again. >> again. >> in a surprise vote lawmakers shut down a bill that would've ease the states ethnic loss of the governor could write a book. while also hiking salaries for state officials and judges. it became know as the ultimate back scratch her bill, fast track fast-track to the legislature while benefiting the political elite. ultimately the public prevailed. >> giving big pay raises their christmas bonus to the political
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elite as they were struggling with the largest tax increase imposed in a decade, we are outraged. >> many are describing this as a rare uprising against governor christie has become famous for cutting deals with democrat bosses while muslim his ideas through the legislature. what is this mean for the governor? could we see another book deal on the horizon? here to weigh in is a state senator. >> first really think the public was outraged and the more the public heard about it the more they reached out to legislators and with your help, 11-point five, chasing news, it news, it was a groundswell against it. legislators started to feel pressure. as time to do the right thing for the public. i think i think many were concerned about the backlash and with a analyzed it they realized it was a bad deal for the new jersey taxpayer jersey taxpayer. >> is this the end of line for chris christie?
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it seems he doesn't have the weight he once had in terms of the ability to apply pressure to these guys. >> in all fairness, lame-duck governor doesn't have the influence he had the first time. but also his popularity is down. legislators are starting to feel they have to become independent, they have to run for reelection next year and i think people are concerned about the votes. getting the word out there is important because people listen. >> it was late thing to do for legislators. governor crist's approval christie's approval rating is lower than any governor in any state in the last 20 years. clearly being on governor christie side will help you lose the next election. democrats are smart, they didn't they didn't end up having pie on their face for voting raises for their own staff. this will be better for the democratic of editorial candidate. >> we talked about this and there's one person was the decisive vote on this. phil murphy. he made phone calls to
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democratic legislators to let them know that he did not support this. i wonder if the real person who beat this is murphy. they're gonna have to deal with him in a year if he's elected and he doesn't want to be starting off on the wrong foot with the democratic legislators. >> to think this is the end of the party leadership on both sides? we've seen bill after bill come through where the party leadership seems to be completely out of touch and ineffective. and not be able to get their caucus to do anything that they want. what happened to the back room? >> i think they still have a lot of power and good leadership at least in the senate. i think this is a groundswell of support against these bills. they're very reluctant to put a yes vote up. in the senate in particular steve does a good job with his leadership. the the speaker has some issues in his own caucus. they use it when they need 21 votes. >> what i don't understand is the christie book deal ended up being a point -- for this bill,
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there's some issues that you can at least debate, there is a legitimate need for more judges, you can make the argument that judges need to have higher salaries to attract more people to the bench. you can make the argument that districts haven't had increase in their staff seller since 2002. i don't understand why the governor but this one line in the that essentially doomed it when their things in the bill that could be make sense. >> he was being selfish. >> we kind of knocked at the door homer talking about the gas tax that went through, we came very close on question two but we really knocked it down on this one. in the steel is dead. what does that mean if you look forward? is there any chance in new jersey that we can revisit some of the borrowing. all of these of these issues that now that the public is aware and they are clearly loud and outraged.
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>> no question the public's engage. they realize that next or the entire legislatures up and put in the governor. i think they'll be watching closely will be going on. i on. i think this is a win for the taxpayer and the new jersey residents. they realized their voice does matter and they are able to help defeat to terrible bill. >> we have our eyes on these guys. i've labeled it the corruption caucus. it's a bipartisan problem in trenton. we'll be watching. you're one of the good guys. thank you we appreciate your courage. >> how does. >> how does a growth perfect vision on and i were a company that become her golden goose. >> my work is be nice to people and work hard. she has her client missed lady gaga.
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>> outside.
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>> check out the pictures of santa's little helpers. the nine -month-old baby gets dressed up as the elf on the shelf and it's adorable, just like the character as they hang around the house watching the family get ready for christmas and reporting back to her boss, santa., santa. she's hanging lights, she's cooking, and she reports both the naughty and the nice things that to the house. everything is documented by him i'm gabby at the instagram account. >> the christmas spirit was alive in this texas high school, three students, three students got together to help their friend with special needs give him a special surprise. >> mitchell's friends that he needed new sneakers quizzes opener was three sizes too small. friends started raising money and were able to surprise
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him with two pairs of nike sneakers. the videos priceless. >> my work is to work hard and be nice to people. >> that mantra and the bedazzled accessories on some fabulous spaces have brought the long island native some incredible success over the years. >> as soon as i walk into her showroom the first thing she showed me was the fantastic red cat eye sunglasses that she gave to lady gaga for an appearance that put her on votes best-dressed list. >> what we have here? >> we're talking about gaga before, this is is a piece i made for her. [inaudible]
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>> she was in vote. and she is kind of a big deal. now based out of midtown manhattan, her clients include people like katie parry, rihanna, snoop dogg, snoop dogg owns five peers of the same sunglasses. but of course she has a queen sparkle herself, ms. lady gaga. how does a girl with perfect vision start a new eyewear business. did she always love sparkle? >> i've always been like this and i have always loved glitter and crystal. the work work i did when i was younger was a lot when you're 16 it's a lot different in that evolved into custom projects. >> she sold her first pair of glasses on a fluke. she is working working for the ultimate pop-culture icon, patricia fields note for styling sex and
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the city. i know you know who she is. even my even my dad watches sex in the city. so she washed walks into the store and the buyers go nuts. there like where did you get those? and i'm not like thinking anything. like i made unless night. >> they buy a baton of them. katy perry and mariah carey wants him and then lady gaga styluses i'm doing a video a little thing called alejandro, would would you do some custom work? and obviously she did. >> some of the great pieces i started out with the katy perry, these are the rihanna classes. >> i remember that moment. >> holy moly. she has been in tons of movies,
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music videos, videos, on the red carpet, phenomenal. so course it tried them on. >> i have no idea. >> you know i had to put in my order. she's going to make me motivate on pair of bedazzled prescription glasses but but dazzling is expensive so how much are these? , about 250 other way up to 800 depending hundred depending on your level of bedazzled. how much was it to bedazzle the camera. >> another great day of chasing news thanks for watching. the governor has a little little more than a year left in office.
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