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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  December 21, 2016 4:00am-5:00am EST

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>> good morning to you, breaking overnight two men gunned down in separate shootings. right now, philadelphia police working to find out who pulled the triggers. >> the search is on for the man police say murdered his wife. the clue they discovered during a recent search that may lead them to finding him. >> call for help. the new video after couple captured by the taliban four years ago in afghanistan. the pennsylvania woman who was pregnant at the time of her capture makes a passionate plea for her children who have never known a day of freedom. plus: a deadly fireworks explosion rocks mexico. dozens killed, at least 70
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other injured. >> a lot to get tonight good morning, thanks for joining us, we are halfway through the week, i'm thomas drayton. >> i'm karen hepp. thanks for joining us. my paper guy came this morning, bright and early, excited. >> can i share. this is a good paper guy. when i was growing up i was a paper boy. >> so was i. >> he is looking from a christmas tip. he puts it in the bag you. >> never put it in the snag. >> oh, had to put it in a bag, a stroehman bread bag, but only to the people who give a tip. ready, scott? >> oh,. >> here go. >> nice catch. >> thankfully not wet paper, not lou looking at rainfall today. temperatures will warm up above average. good news on this first official day of winter. yep, winter officially arrives at 5:44, the length of daylight, nine hours and 20 minute. ultimate doppler, it is dry, it is quiet, high pressure off to our south. so that will mean more westerly winds, and warmer temperatures by this afternoon.
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right now, it is 28 degrees in philadelphia, center city look for afternoon high temperature of about 45. 46 degrees down the shore and low 40's in the lehigh valley. soap, your weather headlines, talking about winter beginning, more tolerable temperatures, and what about the holiday forecast? we'll spell it out for hanukkah, christmas eve, christmas day, and kwanzaa all coming up. what about the roads this wednesday? >> we have a lot of ice for saint to land his slay if he wants. this is left over from yesterday. this is columbus boulevard, south philadelphia, between christian and washington. soap, if you are headed southbound, they've been working all night long. roll video from the news van. this actually happened at the end of yesterday morning's rush hour. as we look live from skyfox, there, water gushing out from underneath caused water to be shut off to some of the apartment and townhomes there. i heard from the water department, they were able to restore some water to the
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townhomes. there is the salt trucks putting down some salt. you see folks there, coming out of the neighborhood, trying to squeeze on, so, there is only the far left lane open. the crews are going to come back throughout the day, as we come back to the live picture here, just expect delays in south philadelphia along columbus boulevard, again, here you go, like this here, this is can i, only this left lane, and you can see the difference in the road surface, obviously, ice, versus the blacktop there. so just be careful, again, front street probably your best bet, again, columbus, christian it, will impact traffic coming off of i-95, at columbus boulevard off ramp as well. vine street expressway still closed this morning for those every you getting up, getting out early until 5:00 between the schuylkill and broad street. otherwise, the a, work crew up near the betsy ross bridge, again, they're trying to wrap up as much as they can leading into the holiday weekend here. if you are going to be doing shopping along 422, crews will be out there with you later on today between sanatoga and
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route 724. karen, thomas, back over to you. >> thank you, time now 4:03, breaking news, violent night in philadelphia, two men are killed in separate shootings, just ten minutes from each other. let's get to steve keeley on the scene of the first shooting along market street. steve? >> reporter: this is the second shooting, and they were just 20 minutes on time frame from each other. notice there is this is real time crime camera. they put these on polls where there has been serious crime before. here we are again, right under the market frankford elevated train where we've been for violent crime several times just in the month of december. we will spin around, just show you how close it is. that camera may have pick up the murderer coming or going on 51 street to market. and in these lanes of cars, that are facing you, as we go to the video, you will notice toyota cam are. man was sitting in the car, headlights off, but engine running. and apparently the killer opened the passenger side door and fired several shots just
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standing outside the car. killing the man found slumped over the wheel. >> this time, i don't know who he is, however, he appears to be a male in his 20's or 30's. now, based on balistic evidence, we know at least five shots were fired from a semiautomatic gun. it appears, based on the five shell casings, that the shooter was in very close proximity to the victim and was firing from point blank range. and due to the fact that this victim is hit multiple times in the head it, appears that he was the intended target. >> so, like yesterday, jane dough yesterday, john doe today, because they have no idea who this man is. but they do know who owns the car. it is registered to a woman who lives 2 miles from here. she did not report it stolen. so they are now checking in with her, maybe giving her the bad news that her boyfriend, her husband or brother or somebody that she knows, and let her -- lent her car to was murdered in her car overnight. now, to the first murder scene
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that happened just 20 minute before this one, they do know the identification of the man in this case. this is a 49 year old man, and they know the motive, as well. they believe this was a robbery just around 1:00 this morning, here, just real close to the scene. >> upon arrival did locate one male, shot multiple times throughout the chest and abdomen. police transported him to presbyterian hospital, where he was pronounced deceased, dead, 1:40 this morning. we believe this time the motive may have been robbery, but we're not 100% sure. >> so not sure, but they think they have a robbery there. they have no clue why this man was killed here and possibly knows his killer. so here we are, in the days leading up to christmas, karen, thomas, and a lot of violence, greg, come on over here, a lot of violence on the spree of philadelphia, again, almost every day this week. we asked the police about that. and the police told us, hey, weather may play a part. people are not paying
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attention to the calendar in terms of holidays, they'll kill somebody any day, in fact, holidays, see ramp up often in violence, as well. but, this has been rough week already here in philadelphia. >> really is s every day we say the same thing, something's got to give. steve, thank you. it has been 18 days since friends and family have heard from missing veteran, they desperately want him home safely. new jersey state police marine unit out on the silver lake waterway looking for 29 year old lance james. the last time anyone saw him was december 2nd, after an altercation at the hide away tavern. >> eighteen days today, i'm devestated, i mean, i just want him to come home. i've known him since he was a kid. he work for miata restaurant before he went away to the marines. i just want him to come home. it is devastating. >> family members say they're putting together a $5,000 reward for information leading to a safe return. james served back-to-back terms in iraq and afghanistan.
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>> there is new video of a pennsylvania woman and her family who are being held hostage by the taliban in afghanistan. and for the first time we are seeing her two young boys who were born in captivity. this is a rounds of up of people take never for heroin, there was massive bus that happened yesterday. we had one in the city of philadelphia, also people rounded up in camden. this is the family, the pennsylvania woman, from our area. her husband and her two young boys, who were born in captivity. her name caitlin coleman, that's her husband joshua boil. they were kidnapped four years ago, while hiking in afghanistan. she was seven months pregnant at the time. now, this latest video is believed to be recorded by their captors on december 3rd. and in it, coleman, from new york -- from york county, pleads for an end to her family's nightmare. the two young boys you can see them, fidgeting on their father's lap, appearing healthy. coleman makes an urgent plea to both american and canadian governments to negotiate for their release.
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she also quickly mentions how she has been treated as a hostage. >> we can only ask and say somebody who recognize the otrocity these men carry out against us, as so-called retaliation in their hypocrisy , seeing the mother, we ask quickly in our collective 14 year of prison, urge the government on both sides to reach some agreement to allow us freedom. >> the afghan government is executed from among prisoners -- >> since that abduction the united state government has tried to win their release, but there have been repeated setbacks. us military says this particular taliban network holding five american prisoners, demanding at least one commander currently in prison. >> the family of the young mother killed in the hoboken train cash files notice that they intends to sue. lawyers for fab low a's family filed claim against new jersey
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transit, and the train engineer. the 34 year old was standing on platform september 29th, when she was killed by falling debris in the hoboken crash. more than 100 people were injured in that accident. it was later revealed the engineer suffered from sleep apnea. >> set-back, in federal court, for former philadelphia congressman chaka fattah. a judge has ruled he cannot remain free while he appeals his bribery and racketeering conviction, which means that the former lawmaker has to begin serving his ten year sentence on january 25th. his lawyers had argued it would be unfair to lock him up when the conviction later could be overturned on appeal. fattah convicted of using government grants to repay an illegal $1 million loan from the failed run for mayor in 2007. i had also police say they have dozen of criminals off the streets, took three days, officers say they have a cash of guns, drugs, money, gang members in their custody.
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>> the crack-down comes after deadly string every deadly opioid overdoses throughout the city. >> and so as our dave schratwieser reports, among the items police confiscated, $53,000 worth of heroin. >> when they see a big operation like this it, gives them hope. >> only fox 29 cameras were there as philadelphia police and sheriff's officers rounded up dozens of suspect last week, in the latest sweep it get violent offenders, drug dealers, and wanted suspect, offer the street. >> big take away from this, it kind of makes the bad guys keep their heads down it, gives the good people hope. >> this was the scene on day one of three day sweep through the east police division. these are the guns, drugs, and cash, seized by police and federal agents, as investigators targeted the drug trade, and violent crime. it was the third in a series of city-wide initiatives, spear headed by the narcotics unit. >> it has been successful. we're taking some real bad people off the street. we're developing an inch ten
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genes organization. >> police showed off 21 guns including ar15's, close to $50,000 in cash, and over 200 grand in heroin, cocaine, and assorted other drugs. there were hundreds of packets of heroin which came on the heals of drug overdoses and deaths this month, linked to deadly phentinol rales dollars heroin. >> we were specifically with the drug organizations looking at the ones selling the dope that was killing people out there. >> nothing going to stop the drug sales, this is the drug capital of the us. >> police arrested gang members, 36 violent criminals with outstanding warrants. still testing the heroin they seized to see if it matches the heroin that caused so many overdoses here in the city in recent weeks. at police headquarters, dave schratwieser, "fox 29 news". well, there has been an area where there has been an eyesore for weeks, just piles of debris that's been out there and left behind. >> neighbors, tell you, fed up, they couldn't hold it any more. they wanted help to get rid of all of that stuff.
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so we sent our bruce gordon out. he is getting results, coming up next. bob? >> good morning, everybody, we go for a ride. they've got road work here on the pennsylvania turnpike between downingtown, head in the toward that king of prussia area. and if you are getting out of town for the holiday, good morning, we're looking live from philly international. they're putting the smacks on the plane for you. we'll check with the airport, check the jam cams, and scotty's got that christmas forecast whether we come right back. where things come from?
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>> let's gets it together, you know, let's get some love going for 2017. >> yes, we all need love, right? let's talk about the weather forecast, temperatures right now, talking about 28 degrees, so, it is not going to be as harsh as it was yesterday. that's some good news. look at the numbers right now. atlantic city, 26. twenty-three in wilmington. nineteen right now in allentown. twenty-five in trenton. ultimate doppler still in control to our south. so as it pushes little further to the south winds clockwise around the area of high pressure will mean more of westerly wind. look at the temperatures, mid 40's, by this afternoon, as opposed to the mid 30's, that we saw the last couple of days. so, across the region for today, 45 center city, 46 down the shore, and 42 degrees in
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the lehigh valley, looking pretty good on the first official day of winter. so, cold air still across the delaware valleyment some milder air will be moving in over the next several days. what about your christmas forecast? well, looking back, at the past several years, 2012, the high was right on average at 42, cold freezing, that was the high temperature in 2013. it was 65 degrees in 2014. and last year, it was almost 70 degrees, the forecast for this year, right around 50, for your christmas. that weather authority seven day forecast, showing you, mid 40's today, turning blustery tomorrow. but, temperatures top out in the upper four's. 52 degrees on saturday. great weather for travel. then as we move toward saturday, sunday, temperatures top out around 50 degrees. looking pretty good with those above average temperatures over the next seven days in that forecast. back over to you, bob? >> will be something good in your stocking, scotty, if
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you're going to give us a good forecast for saint a good morning, 4:17. live look, i95 in the columbus boulevard off ramp. now, here is the deal. because that far water main break, and the icy conditions on columbus boulevard, the water department and penndot said they would be closing the ramp, the off ramp, here, from 95 to columbus boulevard. how much, traffic has been getting off. so right now the ramp is open. but, obviously their intention to block all of the rush hour traffic from funneling into the icy mess here. so just be ready for that as we move through the morning. columbus boulevard, southbound, between queen and christian, right there in the heart of south philly. there is only that one left lane getting on through. water has been restored to some of those townhomes, again there is all happened yesterday morning. so anything that's even remotely coming out after pipe is freezing over there at 28 degrees. still closed on the vine street expressway, until about 5:00 between the schuylkill and broad street.
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so the local detours are in effect there. no problems coming into town, on the schuylkill expressway. we are good to go from your conshy curve into downtown. so that's good. the schuylkill behaving this morning, no problems here on the benny. looking good, looks like the overhead light are out on the down side here, but, roads are at least dry, but remember, anything that even looks wet is iced over. so there could be that patchy ice, especially on the drives, like the kelly drive, boathouse row, they have tendency to have that water come out of the rocks. it is freezing up quickly. just be careful of. that will who is ready for little gingerbread house? good morning, mean a sent us this nice picture, real life gingerbread house there, all decorated for the holidays. keep those pictures coming. it is a very kelly christmas, and all do you have do is snap a pick of your home, post it to facebook, twitter, instagram, use the #fox29lights contest, so we can show your pretty lights on tv. and maybe come and pay you a visit this week and broadcast live from your front lawn,
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karen, thomas, back over to you. >> boy, what a scene here, that was not supposed to happen. this is a massive explosion at a fireworks market near mexico city. twenty-nine people are dead. dozens more are hurt. explosion ripped right through the market that was packed with people buying fireworks for the holiday. rescue crews are continuing to search for survivors, no word on what set off that blast. >> 4:20, the latest right now on that attack in berlin, the german capitol on high alert, as the manhunt continues for a terrorist who plowed a truck into a christmas market. ice cyst claiming responsibility for the attack that killed a dozen people, and left nearly 50 other injured. however, us officials say there is not enough information to back up that terror group's claim. german investigators have released 23 year old pakistani
4:21 am
as sigh almost seeker originally thought was suspect because of not enough evidence. >> neighbors i tell have you complains and complained about this demolition you are about to see. that has left behind a small mountain of debris on their block. >> according to neighbors, the trash has been there for months. nobody's been doing anything about it. >> fox 29's bruce gordon went looking for answers and results in olney. >> how would you like to look out your back door and see this looking back at you? just ask valerie bogs. first day when you came out and saw the mattress and boxspring, what was your reaction? >> damn. you know? >> that was back in late october when the latest tenants moved out of the rental home next-door at 207 spark street. and before a kitchen's worth of demolished walls, flooring, cabinetry was added to the pile. >> what do you say? you lived in this neighborhood 20 years. >> well, you know, we assume if you are a landlord, you are supposed to come clean up your
4:22 am
mess. get this mess out of here. but he hasn't done that yet. >> reporter: instead of the mountain of rubble sits there, magnent for rodents, and other vermin, and a signal to squatters that the place is empty. >> you know, we don't know what's lurking behind these. >> valerie and other neighbors on the block had a simple wish when they reached out to me. >> christmas is sunday, i doubt seriously if anything happens until after the holiday. i really do. >> reporter: christmas present to you would be to get this mess out of here? >> exactly. >> reporter: that sounds like a challenge. i snapped some pictures, sent them to the community life life improvement program. ensures property owners keep their places clean and tidy. a clip inspector will be out wednesday morning to issue citations, owner gets two weeks to comply. >> see if we might be able to get to you do something about that mess there and get that cleaned up. >> then i tracked down the owner of 207 sparks. michael vacca of southampton. he told me vandalism had forced him to tear out and
4:23 am
replace much of the home. and that the resulting rubble hadn't yet been cleared away. but after our conversation, he made me a promise. >> you expect to have all of that stuff out of there by the end of the week, by friday? okay. he later reached out to say he might be able to get this mess out of here by as early as thursday. we will be watching. so will the city. merry christmas, valerie. in olney, bruce gordon, "fox 29 news". >> merry christmas indeed, still getting results. for the love of the game. people recovering from drug addiction are helping one another stay on the right track. and it is all through the game of basketball. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ where things come from?
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how they get here? what they're packed in? it's a lot of stuff. and these things add up. that's why we recycle. [vo:]it's nice to know that raymour and flanigan is proud to be a leading recycler- 17 million pounds of recyclable materials
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every year. turned from trash into treasure. so in the future, we will all have a more beautiful world. ♪ >> good morning, the eagles, with wayne johnson, three-one, without, two and eight. this team hasn't been the same without him. yesterday, he returned to practice and talk about how hard it's been to sit out these ten weeks. >> mutual game, i mean, like i said, all i can do is go play, talk all day about it, but will really be showing, proving that through the rest of my contract. >> the phillies making some noise in the off season. yesterday, the phillies traded for red sox starting pitcher
4:27 am
clay buckamount. gave up minor league baseball more the world time world series champion. co-come in and immediately become the phils best ace. and to the sixers and the pelicans in the third quarter. sixers down by 14. drew holiday finding anthony davis for the ally-oop. they lose 108-93. that's sports in a minute. i'm sean bell.
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>> braking overnight, two men shot and killed in two septa murders, now police are searching for the gunman. >> plus the man police say set off bombs in new jersey and new york makes his first court appearance. and fighting back. penn state taking aim at one of its former presidents. what it all has to do with the jerry sandusky scandal. >> great to have you with us, couple of more days until the big holidays, christmas and hanukkah. >> also winter is coming. >> it is today, 5:44. >> absolutely, we're counting down, and not going to feel like winter by this afternoon. >> best part of the day? >> the days will get longer after today? >> absolutely. >> thank you. >> look at you, brushing up on your science facts. >> oh, just along nap. >> i think we're all looking forward to. that will 28 degrees right
4:31 am
now, sun come up 7:19. it is cold. no question about that. but temperatures will moderate by this afternoon. it is 26 atlantic city, 19 right now in allentown, 23 in wilmington, and mid 20's in trenton. those are the air temperatures, the feels-like temperature, feels like 17 right now wilmington. look at millville. it only feels like 11 degrees. so, bundle up. high pressure off to the south. that will allow for more after westerly winds. and by this afternoon, look at those temperatures, 40's, across the board, looking at 42 in reading. forty-four in wilmington. mid 40's in philadelphia. and also atlantic city. for your afternoon highs. so, coming up: we will talk about temperatures rebounding and also what to expect for hanukkah. christmas, will we see some snow? what about some rainfall chances? we will detail it coming up. bob. >> santa's on the phone for you. wants to talk about that snow. good morning, everybody, it is 4:31, and hello south philadelphia. ice, ice, baby, right here, the columbus boulevard southbound lanes right at
4:32 am
christian. this is right before you go around the curve and come into washington avenue. this was a left over from yesterday. if we have video from skyfox, we were over the scene right after this water main break developed here. iced over columbus boulevard, they also had to shut water off to the townhomes here, along columbus boulevard. now, according to the water department, they did what they could last night, they're going to be back today, so expect closures every columbus boulevard, once they get back out there, between queen and christian. they also say they'll shut down the off-ramps from 95 to columbus boulevard. again, once we get into the height of the rush hour, those crews get back there, they're going to close that ramp. so be ready for that as you roll through south philly, tasker avenue, or paterson avenue, would be your two best alternates for exiting and getting into and out of south philly. the vine street expressway closed until 5:00 between the schuylkill and broad street. the normal overnight construction out there with us. and, an accident, that pulled
4:33 am
down a string of telephone polls and all of the wires here along rancocas road over in mt. holly. right at lancaster drive. so, wood lane road, that's your other big main rode through the stretch there, that's what you want to use for the morning rush hour, and the school buses will also use rancocas road, and a rough week so far, for septa's regional rail lines. plagued by the cold weather, and the trains, just be ready, be bundled up, right now, the trains usually start to roll it around 5:00. so obviously they're on time, if we're not running any trains at the moment. but, just be ready for that for the morning rush hour, the schuylkill looking good, work your way into downtown, both the market frankford and the subway line, using shuttle buses until 5:00. karen, thomas, back to you. 4:33, breaking news right now. police are investigating two deadly shootings in philadelphia. one man was killed, although just sitting in his car right on 51st street, on the 51st hundred block of market street. right out to steve keeley. that's where he is right now.
4:34 am
steve? >> reporter: yes, karen, you can see how close market street is from where this man was killed. there is the market frankford elevated train tracks, you see, all lit up. we will spin back around, and the man was in this toyota camry parked right here. you can see, it was parked, parallel parked, just few inches from the curb. and the door is shut now, the passenger side, but look at our video, this was how the crime scene looked when police shot t passenger door opened, man behind the drivers wheel, slumped over the wheel, shot and killed. >> we found five spent shell casings on the sidewalk about two, 3 feet from the passenger side front door of this vehicle. it appears that the shooter opened the passenger side front door, fired shots into the car, striking the victim. >> the car owned by woman who lives 2 miles from here, police were going to talk to her to see, number one, who she lent the car to, she didn't report it stolen, and
4:35 am
that way they will finds out who this man was, because he had no identification on him. murder number two happened just about nine blocks over, here in west philadelphia, and just 20 minute before this one, there, they know the victim, 49 year old man, they believe he was a robbery victim. >> upon arrival, they did locate one male. he shot multiple times throughout the chest and the abdomen. police transported him to presbyterian hospital where he was pronounced deceased at 1:40 this morning. we believe at this time the motive may have been robbery. we're not 100% sure. here we go again, karen, thomas, what we talked about yesterday. you see the holiday light all around town and the festive feeling in philadelphia. but certainly, that feeling is gone from all of the crime scenes we've been at so far this week. just awful news to tell you here in christmas week. >> horrific news. all right, steve. also, in other news, man accused of setting set off bombn new jersey and new york has pleaded not guilty to attempted murder. this is some video showing
4:36 am
first in-person court appearance yesterday for the charges he tried to kill police before they captured him in september. prosecutors also say he set off bombs and in seaside park and new york city injuring more than 30 people. no word on when he will appear in court on those charges. >> time 4:36. penn state is fighting back against its former president. the university's demanding grand spaniard give back all the severance pay he has received over the past five years. penn state is accusing spaniard of not negotiating in good fate when the two guides reached a separation agreement in 2011. university says spaniard did not fully disclose what he knew about jerry sandusky molesting boys. spaniard is suing penn state for violate that agreement by publicly criticizing his handling of the scan dust ski scandal. >> two former al aisles of new jersey governor christie would like their convictions in the bridgegate case thrown out. barone i and kelly claim some not all jurors deliberated on a day when the judge ordered them not to.
4:37 am
they also claim the government failed to prove its case during the trial. kelly anbar own were convicted in a plot to create traffic jams, in retaliation, against mayor who didn't endorse christie. christie wasn't charged. in dover, delaware, government officials want to make sure that your dog stays on that leash. the city council has passed a ordinance making it illegal for unleashed dogs to run around within the city limit. the city laws now fall into accordance with delaware state law, that dogs must be licensed and leashed. if you let your furry friend run around unleashed, officials are threatening a 50-dollar fine. loose dogs could even be impounded. >> pedestrians entering the spring garden station in northern liberties now have much prettier and brighter site to so. our fresco user arlene lee takes us to the brand new lighting display at second and spring garden. the connector takes residents from northern liberties to the waterfront. in addition to the lights, crews also put in new sidewalks in trees. >> beautiful. i love that.
4:38 am
>> all right, the countdown is on and the mayor of philadelphia is getting in on the holiday spirit. looking good there, mayor.
4:39 am
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4:41 am
making changes to the water supply that led to that crisis. among other crimes, they face accusations of conspiracy. >> flint was a casualty of arrogance, disdain, and failure every management. an absence of accountability shirking responsibility. >> thirteen people in all face charges for the water crisis. officials say the lead tainted water system led to deadly outbreak of legionnaire's disease. twelve people died from that disease. >> some heart pounding moments. cargo plane crashes shortly after take off in columbia, killing five people and injuring one. take a look at this video you're about to see shot by a resident. you will see the plane fly by. this dramatic footage shows the plane clipping the fence surrounding the airfield. now this all happened tuesday, about 5 miles from the city's main air, the flight was head, the cause of this crash remains under investigation.
4:42 am
>> did you say oops? an uber ride for one philadelphia person turns out to be a costly one. just how much that company charged the foreman. here is a hint. there are five members in the price tag. (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing,
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and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event. >> was she kissing me? was she blowing that kiss to
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me? good morning, rita. good morning, everybody. triple four's on your clock. here is a live look, northeast philadelphia. the construction crews, they still have the cones down here taking out the left lane in the area of cottman avenue. and we got that water main break here. let's roll video from skyfox, we pulled up and over the scene yesterday around this time. the columbus boulevard southbound, look at it, all iced over there. this is southbound between queen and christian. they had to shut water off to the stretch of townhomes there. they had the city salt crews out there. so that lane or two could get by. they did what they could on the overnight. and you can see, folks right there, still trying to scoot out from the garages, to get onto columbus boulevard. but let's go to the maps. i talked to the water department. they went home, did what they could, they're coming back this morning. they'll be blocking columbus boulevard, from queen to christian, so you want to use front, or two street, southbound 95, the off-ramps to columbus boulevard, will
4:46 am
also be closed, and that's going to prevent all of the traffic from getting in the way of the work crews. couple of more minute here. they'll be opening up the vine street expressway, the overnight crews are out there until about 5:00, as they typically are every night. northbound 95, crews for the gang in wilmington, working until about 65:00 along route 141. so far so good on the regional rail lines. but the cold temps will cause havoc again today. i think on the trains and the switches, so be ready for. that will rancocas roadblocked at lancaster drive, some downed wires. blue route looking good this morning. look at this classy outfit. like this one. amy sent me this, nice white trees all set up. even the american flag on the front lawn. keep the pictures coming. very kelly christmas, we're getting you in the spirit. only couple of more days. get your picture, put it up thereon facebook, twitter, instagram, use the #fox29lights contest so we can show the pick tires here on tv and maybe pay you a visit later on this week. the forecast, what's it look
4:47 am
being like for christmas? scotty has got it in 15 seconds. >> good wednesday morning, time now is 4:47. it is a cold start out there. temperatures will recover by the afternoon. twenty-eight right now in philadelphia, sun comes up at 7:19 on this first official day every winter. winter arrives at 5:44, and it is 25 in trenton right now, 23 wilmington, 23 in the pocono mountains, and 19 in allentown this morning. so, when is -- winds relatively light to calm. not that big after factor with the windchill. still, bundle up. as we take a look at winter beginning later on, this morning, we are talking about the sun's direct rays over the tropic of capricorn. so we will see longer days coming but once again for
4:48 am
today looking at about nine hours and 20 minutes of daylight. high pressure, that's in full control off to our south. winds around that area of high pressure, clockwise, so we will see more after westerly winds, moving toward the delaware valley, and those temperatures will climb. look at this. into the mid 40's, that will be nice. yesterday's high temperature was only 34 degrees. take a lock at the numbers across the region. mid four's center city. forty-six, sunshine, down the shore. forty-two in the lehigh valley by this afternoon. so, temperatures continue to recover, as we move toward the latter part of the week. and what about christmas eve and christmas day? well, we have that forecast for you to talk about the numbers. last year we were talking about high temperatures on christmas near 70 degrees, but this year, high temperature right around 50. that is still above average. the seven day forecast, showing you blustery conditions on thursday, 48, 52 on friday, good travel, maybe a shower chance on christmas eve. but look at christmas day. high temperature of 50.
4:49 am
then 57 as we kick off kwanzaa next week. back over to you. thank you, scott. we do have breaking news just coming in right now. we have learned three people including a child are now in the hospital after a fire in cumberland county. we know the flames ripped through this house overnight. this is over in claire hill lane, that's in fair ton. >> we also know that medics rushed the victims -- victims to the hospital where they're being treated for burns this morning. investigators now working to learn how that fire started. we'll stay on top of that one. want to talk about inspiring story coming out of south jersey. >> this is people recovering from drug addiction, helping each other out to stay on the right track. our shawnette wilson reports it is all through basketball. >> this looks like an ordinary basketball game. and it is. with the exception of the reason these particular players are hitting the hard wood. >> there is going to be a social environment with sober people. >> twenty-six year old jimmy mcdonnell is a player and part founder of the sober sport league, the teams made up of
4:50 am
people like jimmy in recovery from drugs and other substance abuse disorders. >> i started experimenting with open at, like perk sets, pills it, led me to heroin, and then in a downward spire ram. >> jimmy says the sober sports league helps him and other continue in a positive way. >> this is camden county college, but plan to expand to other sports. >> people you can connect with, if you're struggling, if you like like drinking or getting high that person next to you can talk you out of it. >> co-founder of the league. >> this is ground zero for the heroin epidemic in america. this is where the pure he is heroin is in the country, and people are dying left and right. >> steven and jimmy both work at humble combination, an outpatient drug treatment facility with offices in cherry hill and willow grove. their relationship here blossomed into the idea to form the sober league, to change how many people view recovery. >> meetings, aa, and these type of things, well, you
4:51 am
know, when we take a twist with sports, you know it, tears down a loft walls as far as what recovery looks like, and recovery we can have fun, go bowling, go to the diners, maybe after a meeting. >> justin also works for humble combination. he helps those struggling with addiction and their family find resources. justin says he was a varsity athlete turned heroin addict at the age of 17. now sober, the sober league is his inspiration. >> recovery is much more, you know, than just having it stay sober and not having fun. we can still live and enjoy your life. you can have fun. >> and in your monday think morning, imagine getting charged a $28,000 fare just to ride uber? >> can i not. but it did happen to a woman in our area in philadelphia. luckily, her bank caught that mistake, and blocked the gross over charge. so, courted to go, handful of uber customers had been charged too much for
4:52 am
their fares. uber's blaming a computer glitch and says it engineers are working to fix that problem. >> holiday tip, right? >> honoring music best in the rock-and-roll hall of fame. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> the rock-and-roll hall of fame announces it latest. what other artists and music excellence made that cut. little hint there. coming right back.
4:53 am
4:54 am
4:55 am
>> ♪ oh, christmas tree ♪ >> sing that song every year right before we opened presents. >> oh? >> oh, in german, yes. >> i remember that song, from choir, we learned it that version. >> the german version, yes. such beautiful song. looking live at the christmas tree on the art museum steps this morning. very good morning to you, just couple of days away from the big holiday, no matter what you're celebrating, christmas, kwanzaa. >> given all of that, an estimated 75% of companies are giving holiday bonuses this year. those people are so lucky. who guessed the biggest bonus. this is according to linked in. investment bankers, are taking home $100,000 this year. they're followed by surgeons, who get about 60,000.
4:56 am
and radio old gist cents are not far behind, they get bonus of almost $50,000. >> yerkes the boss emailed, he said it's in the mail. >> sure. >> all right, so we want to show you video, fun event that happened. do you recognize that elf in green? that's the leader of our city. that's our mayor jim kenney getting into the holiday spirit last evening over at franklin square holiday festival. also, city councilman, and the rest of the christmas council had the honor of lighting the franklin square spectacular. >> makes great little elf there. great for you, mayor. come right back, stay with us. looking for balance in your digestive system?
4:57 am
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[vo:]it's nice to know that raymour and flanigan is proud to be a leading recycler- 17 million pounds of recyclable materials every year. turned from trash into treasure. so in the future, we will all have a more beautiful world. ♪
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live from philadelphia. this is fox 29 morning news. great to have you with us this morning, breaking overnight, two men gunned down in separate shootings, and right now, philadelphia police working to find out who pulled the triggers. >> and the search is on for the man police say murdered his wife, the clue they discovered, during a recent search that may lead them to him. >> also, ahead this morning, call for help. the new video of a couple captured by the taliban four years ago in afghanistan. the pennsylvania woman who was pregnant at the time of her capture makes a passionate plea for her children who have never known a day every freedom. plus: >> it was as bad as it looked, deadly there is explosion of fireworks rocking mexico. dozens killed, at least 70
5:00 am
others injured. >> wild scene. great to have you with us on this wednesday. i'm thomas drayton. >> i'm karen hepp. thank you so much for waking up early and joining us on this day. good morning. >> i'm bob kelly. thank you for waking up. >> we're still trying to wake up, as you can tell. >> in for sue on this first official day of winter, we're counting down. it is 5:00 now. forty-four minute away. >> forty-four minutes away to the official start of winter. and weather by the numbers on a scale of one to ten, today, we give a eight. temperatures will actually climb few degrees above average for a change. won't that be nice? but there it is. winter arrives at 5:44, as thomas said. daylight today, nine hours 20 minute, the days will just get longer after today. it is to up 29 degrees right now. sun comes up at 7:19. so it is cold out there on this wednesday morning. no question about that, 27, dover. twenty-six now in trenton, and atlantic city, north and western suburbs, good morning, doylestown, waking up with us, temper


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