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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  December 21, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> violented night in philly. now police are trying to figure out who pulled the trigger. an explosion at a busy mexico fireworks marketplace turns deadly. an update on the investigation into the cause. and now nerlens noel about to come in. the reason for the applause, for the crowd here at wells fargo center. >> a sixers big man gets a big ovation, a standing o. after a week full of
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controversy, nerlens know sell greeted with cheers at the wells fargo center. we have his reaction coming up. and he's been doing a lot of re acing this week. >> yes, he has. >> good day everybody, it is the first day of winter. winter started just few minutes ago. >> winter is what, 15 minutes olds? >> fifteen, scott, what, 5:44 this morning? >> yes, a 44:00. >> i can feel the difference. >> crank that heat. because it is officially now winter. it feels like went they are morning, but by this afternoon, we are looking pretty good. temperatures actually few degrees above average. so how about this? we will give today a eight. but it is cold out there. temperatures right now, upper 20's, sun comes up this wednesday morning, at about 7:19. as we look at those numbers, though, you can see, it is 20 in millville. 27 degrees atlantic city, 19 currently in allentown, so cold start, bus stop buddy is bundled up. planning your day hour by hour, by 8:00 up to 30. by noon, 40 degrees. and then, more comfortable,
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3:00, high temperature of about 45 degrees. and then turning chilly again this evening. 46 degrees, the high down the shore today. in the lehigh valley, bob kelly, right around 42, talk about the holiday forecast coming up with the seven day forecast. >> sound good, scotty. 6:02, good morning, everybody on wednesday hump day getting up, getting out, live look at the schuylkill expressway. so far so good as you work your way in to and out every philadelphia. no major delays at the moment. but, left over from yesterday, this water main break in south philadelphia. columbus boulevard, between queen and christian, here's a look from our news van, on the scene, now, i talked to the water department this morning, here is the deal. they're going to allow the left lane to get through, until the end of the rush hour. 9:00 a.m. is the time when the crews will show back up, and they're going to shut down columbus boulevard. let's go back to the maps here. because it is columbus, between queen and christian, so you want to use front or two street. that's not going to be an easy alternate. the other closure is going to be the ramps from 95 to
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columbus boulevard, will be closed, same deal at yesterday. so you have to go up to center city or flip back and jump off at the stadium area, front street, and paterson avenue. stenton and whitemarsh, and reports of some ice, and finds that hit and miss, again, the temps below freezing, any water that is kind of coming up, like the kelly drive, where that water kind of seeps out of the rocks, there root lanes are all iced over, rancocas road, an accident right at lancaster drive. and some fuel spills, along 295, southbound, right before the woodcrest station. mike and alex back over to you. >> here we go again, it is 6:03 on this wednesday, another violent night in philadelphia. this time, west fill. >> i and two men are killed in separate shootings but just ten minutes from each other. >> yes, steve's on this story. hey, me? >> mike, as you say the opening phrase it, reminded me of the song we hear so much, silent night, rhymes with violent night. so sad. days before christmas doing these violent crime stories day after day. right under the market
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frankford "el" train once again, and you see we're at the corner of 51st and market streets, where there has been violent crime before. see old crime scene tape on the pole. see the police real time crime camera on the other pole. that tells you that there was violent crime here before. police only put them where they meeting used again. here is the scene on video now. open car door on the passenger side of toyota camry where man who was sitting in a driver seat with the engine running, around 1:15 had somebody open that passenger door, then open fire, shoot him several times at least five shots, two shot to the head, killing the man. police had no idea who he was. they know who owns the car. it was a woman who lives about 2 miles away. just about ten minutes away from here, a murder just ten minute beforehand, nine blocks away, over on 60 street at almond, where another man is shot and killed. they do believe they know the motive here. they know the victim, as women. forty-nine year old man, he thinks police, that is, the detective we talked to, thinks
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this man was a robbery victim. so, both murders, within half hour here, in west philadelphia, as we begin winner with a violent streak here in one part of town. alex, mike? >> my god. all right, 6:05 now. throw people including the child, are in the hospital this morning, after fire in cumberland county, flames ripped through a home overnight on clay hill lane in fair ton. medics rush the victims to the hospital where they're being treated for burns. investigators are working to learn how the fire started, of course. >> the search for new jersey murder suspect continues this morning after police find a big clue that could lead to his whereabouts. thirty-two year old jeremiah, remains on the run, accused every killing his estranged wife, tara owe shea watson, found dead inside her cumberland county home. last night new jersey state police recovered the pick-up truck, friends say, they're holding vigil in tara's honor tomorrow night at 7:00 at her
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home in commercial township. >> and police are trying to catch the kill of unidentified woman found unconscious in the city fairhill section. police found a woman with severe head trauma, on the 2700 block of north third street. investigators first believe she was shot, but later updated their assessment after medics said that she could have been sexually assaulted. the woman died from her injuries, and she is not been identified. people getting ready for the upcoming holiday festivities are now struggling with tragedy in mexico. not far from mexico city, listen to this. thousands and thousands of fireworks, going off, at fireworks market. twenty-nine people are dead. that number likely to go up. seventy-two are being treated for injuries, especially burns. this is at the country's most popular fireworks market in the suburbs of mexico city.
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it was packed with people buying their fireworks to celebrate not only christmas, but new years eve. investigators are looking into what sparked the initial blast. >> 6:07. just who carried out this deadly attack in berlin? isis is claiming responsibility. but the us isn't so sure. >> new details coming in here. thomas drayton, what do you have? >> good morning, mike, alex, the state department says at this point there is just not enough information to back up the terror group's claim, but make no mistake there is certainly was a very brutal attack. the toll remains 12 dead, 48 wounded, all after a driver plowed a truck into a crowded christmas market. police in berlin had a suspect in custody, 23 year old pakistani asylum seeker. that man has since been set free, because they simply can't proof that he's the attacker. as the intense manhunt continues, germany remains on high alert. meanwhile, german chancellor angela merkel coming un fire.
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some critics blame her for allowing refugees and asylum seek nears the country. she said early this morning she vows she will not allow germany to be paralyzed by fear, once again, horrific scene, all flags across germany have been lowered to half staff. >> truckload dollars with steel, how herb. >> just to see the scene afterward, christmas tree toppled over, ugh. >> used to be every child as a -- used to go every year as a child, very popular spot. very concerning. >> 6:08. apply for help from inside of a taliban prison. a couple being held captive appear in this new video. who they are area calling onto help free their children. >> dozen every criminals and large drugs, guns, offer the street after philadelphia police conduct a big operation. what they say caused them to target those dangerous criminals.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> alex it, looks like winter. >> because it is winter. >> it is now officially winter. >> about 30 minutes now. well, police say they've got dozens of criminals offer the streets, and they're talking about it. >> it took three days, but officers say, they have a cash of drugs, money, guns and gang members, in their custody. only fox 29 cameras there last
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week as philadelphia police and sheriff's officers rounded up dozens of suspect. police seizing 21 guns, close to $50,000 in cash, and over $200,000 in heroin, cocaine, other drugs. >> there were hundreds of packets of heroin which came on the heals every drug overdoses and deaths this month. linked to deadly fentanyl laced heroin. >> it has been successful, we're taking real bad people off the street. developing intelligence information, leading us to the largest organizations we can target. >> police arrested several gang members along with 36 violent criminals with outstanding warrants. still testing the heroin seize today see if it matches the heroin that caused many of the recent drug overdoses we've seen in the city recently. >> 6:11 now. >> new video, shows the moment an nfl player is arrested for dui. hear his response to police, when they ask if he knows why he's under arrest. and artificial intelligence comes to life.
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which tech i, which tech innovate or says he's recreated jarvis from iron man in his home. who would do that? he's famous.
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>> good wednesday morning, welcome back to good day, time
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now 15:00, it is a cold start out there on this winter morning. 20 degrees right now in millville. twenty-seven in atlantic city, 29 in philadelphia, and 19 degrees currently in allentown, you're waking up with us, north and west, phoenixville, 20, malvern, right now, 23. doylestown, 23. willow grove, cold 27. high pressure off to the south. but, clockwise winds around that area of high pressure will mean more after westerly wind and temperatures actually above average by this afternoon, with mixture every sunday and clouds, 45 degrees, will be the high temperature in philadelphia. so, we will take you hour by hour, by noon, 40 degrees, 45, that afternoon high temperature, so, really nice start to winter. mid 40's in atlantic city by this afternoon, in dover, 45, 41 the high in pottstown. forty-two for you in allentown, temperatures for tonight: bottom out in the upper 20s to right around 30 degrees in philadelphia. so, cold, once again for tonight. milder air heads in our direction over the next several days, and temperatures
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will be rising, so what about the holiday forecast? as we move ahead to christmas eve, 49, mostly cloudy, there could be spotty shower or a wet snowflake early in the day far north and west, no problems, and then 50 degrees, partly sunny, mild, it looks like, no white christmas, bob kelly, for santa. >> look at you with your little fancy graphic thereto santa and shies slay. >> like the holiday lights. >> exactly. i've got competition now. 6:16. accident in king of prussia. this is a westbound schuylkill right at the ramps for 202. looks like this guy rearended the suv here. so we will have some police showing up shortly. you're up. we're up. the talcony palmyra is going up. 6:10 was was the scheduled opening. little late. maybe stopped for coffee at the yacht club. head for the betsy ross bridge for your alternate. rough year so far for septa. starting to see delays on the paoli thorndale line. last night we had another one of those crews shortages on the media elwin line. so check in with septa.
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make sure you have the right schedule. and this water main break, coming back to haunt us again today. let's roll video, from skyfox. when we showed up yesterday, all right, this is grounds video from on the overnight, crews, were making repairs yesterday, along columbus boulevard, between queen and christian. through the overnight, they've allowed one lane to get by like you see there. let's come back to the maps. i talked to the water department this morning at 9:00 a.m., crews will return, and that's when they'll close all southbound lanes again, and also, they'll close the off-ramps from 95 to columbus boulevard. so that's going to cause delays during the midday. with the cold temps, a lot of spots, the patchy black ice, stenton and whitemarsh, we got twitter message there, south on 295, fuel spill, right before the woodcrest station. blue route looking good. 476, what a mess it was yesterday. during the day, but here we go. take a look at this guy, the merry go around in the front lawn all lit up for holidays, snap your pictures, put them
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up on facebook, twitter, instagram, keep them going for the very kelly christmas, one year to go, posting pictures, showing them here on tv, and then this week, on thursday night, i'm going to visit, that's tomorrow, going to visit someone's house and broadcast live from their front lawn during the 5:00 newscast. mike and alex back to you. >> thank you very much. 6:18 now. allen thick's widow expressing her grief in her first public statement since his death. tanya thicke released a statement yesterday, just one day after alan's funeral, 40 year old model saying quote unquote it is with gut wrenching sadness and unbelievable grief that i thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for the outpouring of love and support during this unimaginable time. >> the 69 year old actor died last tuesday of a heart attack while playing ice hockey with his son. >> 6:18. families of the victims of the orlando night club shooting have filed a federal civil
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lawsuit. they're suing twitter, facebook, and google. the suit claims the sites provided material support to this the islam lake state, helped omar mat teen, goes on to say without the three web platforms, isis would not be able to spread its propaganda, raise funds, attract new recruit. pledged allegiance, owned fire inside the gay night club killing 49 people. coming up at 7:30, we will bring in legal analyst ken rotweiler to discuss this precedent that this lawsuit could set. >> sioux facebook, google, twitter. >> interesting case. >> sixers big man last night, got big ovation, a standing o, after a week full of controversy, nerlens noel is greeted with cheers at the wells fargo center. we have his reaction, always interesting.
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good morning, i'm sean bell, the eagles with johnson, and without, two and eight. this team hasn't been the same without him. yesterday he returned to practice and talked about how hard it has been to sit out these ten weeks.
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>> four and zero, after the detroit game, just it is, like i said, i mean, all i can do is go play, do less talking, coy talk all day about it, but it is really going to be proving that through the rest of my contract. >> the phillies making some noise in the off season. yesterday, the phillies traded for red sox starting pitcher, clay buchholz, gave up minor league second baseman for the two time world series champion. he could come in and immediately become the phils best ace. and to the sixers, pelicans, third quarter, sixers down by 13. drew holiday finding anthony davis, the ally-oop. they lose, 108-93, that's sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. >> off to another minute of sports. it has been an interesting week for nerlens noel, started last friday night when he complains about playing just about eight minutes versus the
6:24 am
lakers. >> and, he went off a little bit after the game. >> did he. >> here's what he had to say. >> i'm not a eight minute player. so i don't know what that's about. so i don't care where, i am i don't really care, i need to be on the court playing basketball. i mean, i am too good to be playing eight minutes, that's crazy. need to figure this out. >> ya. >> and so that got a lot of people talking. >> sure did. >> he's very outspoken. then sunday well he didn't play. coach brett brown said he was taken out of the rotation every big men that includes joel embiid and okafor, then it bridges us to last night, where noel was put into the game in the third quarter and listen to the reaction from the crowd. >> the reason for the applause, for the crowd here at wells fargo center, and many begin to rise. (cheers). >> ya, the fans want to watch him play.
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so nerlens played about seven minutes last night. scored four points. had three rebounds. after the game he talked about the reaction from the fans. >> you know, they just, worked out all of the nerves, you know, just going after my game. >> so, the sixers have said they're still working to figure out how to incorporate all three big men into the line up. >> did you understand any whatever he said? >> uh, no. >> he appreciates the fans and all, but, okay. >> he is still miffed. >> and still seven minutes. less than eight minutes he played when he went off. >> yes. >> at least he is grateful. that's good. the fans want to see him. that's up lifting. >> exactly what we want to see. see, he's gone through this whole process from the beginning. >> we are all going to the process, trying to trust it. >> so he's been in this
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process longer than the other players. >> that's true. >> ya, he's endured it after coming out of the university of kentucky. well, some good news for the eagles. jason peters, and fletcher cox, have been named to the pro bowl. this will be fletcher's second pro bowl selection. he also went last year. jason's selection puts him in company in eagles history. the left tackle making his ninth pro bowl appearance. seven with the egg else -- eagles. that gives him the second most pro bowl selections as a member of the eagles. he's tied with brian dawkins and reggie white. >> all right, jason peters. >> chuck bed nerve i can is first on that list. he had eight pro bowls as an eagle. >> wow. >> well, congratulations. >> yes, nicely done. >> looks pretty cool. >> still play that in a in hey we me? >> store in orlando it year? it is in orlando this year. >> i mean, orlando. at least they can go to disney
6:27 am
world after, right? >> orlando, okay. what time is it? >> about to be 6:27. >> well, a manhunt on right now in south jersey for a man accused of killing his wife. the clue police found that led them to search cumberland county. >> and just five hours ago, we had philadelphia's latest two murders, major major league cuts barber shop already open, with whole lot of cameras nearby. and he's checking his surveillance to see if he captured the killer walking away.
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>> violent night in west philadelphia, in just matter of minutes, one man killed during a robbery, and another gunned down, in his own car. how police are working to find their killers right now. >> plus, a mother's desperate plea for her son. who has been walking for freedom. her message for us leaders and all every us while being head as a prisoner by the taliban. >> and is your career on the endangered list? a new list, names, job jobs in danger every becoming obsolete after 2016 is over. >> oh, oh. good day everybody, it is wednesday, december the 21st, 2016. >> now we are officially in winter. so now, i guess all of this cold, though, we've been dealing with is justified. >> that's right, scott. >> you know now that it is winter it is colds to start. but temperatures by this afternoon, will actually be
6:31 am
above average. we are getting out of the 30's, the past couple of days. high temperatures were stuck in the 30's. but, right now, it is cold. 29 degrees. the sun will come up this wednesday morning, at 7:19. as we look at the temperatures, 27 atlantic city, 27 right now in trenton, looking at 25 in wilmington. 22 degrees currently in pottstown, so, bus stop buddy, is bundled up, it is cold, temperatures in the 20's, this morning, high pressure off to the south. and with the clockwise winds, around that area of high pressure, temperatures will moderate pretty nicely as we move toward the afternoon. so by noon, 40 degrees, by 3:00, 45 degrees. so, seasonable temperatures, if not few degrees above average. then, across the region for today, 46 down the shore, 42 in the lehigh valley. and, coming up. we will talk much more about the milder temperatures, and that holiday forecast, as we head toward hanukkah, christmas, and also, kwanzaa. bob kelly? >> we are counting on you,
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scotty. 6:30, good morning, a wednesday, live look at the schuylkill expressway, leaving king of prussia headed eastbound. disable, looks like another car behind him here, this is all westbound, just east of the 202 king of prussia interchange. slow on both sides of the talcony palmyra from earlier opening. but traffic is moving again. been rough week so far for the rales. paoli thorndale line seeing delays, atlantic city river -- the atlantic city line between philadelphia and atlantic city running with delays this morning. and yesterday's water main break, going to come back and haunt us again today. let's scroll video from skyfox, pulled up over the scene yesterday. talk about icy mess. this is columbus boulevard on the southbound side between queen and christian, now, the water crews were out. they shut the water off. made some repairs. they had to have a salt crew come out, like you see here, to allow that left lane to get by just for the work crews, and it is right there, in front of the town homes. you can see the cars coming out of the side street there. the only folks that have had access into and out of that
6:33 am
stretch. so let's go back to the maps. i talked to the water department. they said they'll keep that one lane open until 9:00 a.m. then they're going to shut her down, columbus boulevard closed again through the midday, also the off-ramps from 95 to columbus boulevard, will be closed, and that's what caused the big delay yesterday, folks just trying to get off columbus boulevard, to do some shopping into south philly, or get into the neighborhood there, center city, you have to go up to center city or south down toward packer avenue. mike and alex back over to you. >> 6:33 now. >> police are investigating two deadly shootings in philadelphia. >> one man was killed, while sitting in his car, along the 5100 block of market street, basically, at 52nd and market m. steve is talking about this shooting and yet another one, blocks away. >> well, mike there is corner at 51st and market, just ten car lengths from where this latest murder happened, the corner we know well. major league cuts barber shop, hung out here, in fact, this is a spot where they keep this exercise equipment out here for people who are running,
6:34 am
and they can stop by and do dips, chinups, pull ups, you name t spin around. you have the cameras here from the police, real time crime camera. and then major league cuts has several surveillance cameras, and then we will come over here, inbetween the building and our live truck, you see that truck parked up there. that is where this vehicle was parked. now as we go to the video, you see it as it look before police towed it away. the passenger door you notice is open. young man was sitting in the driver seat with the engine running, somebody opened up the passenger door, and then opened fire on him. >> we found five spent shell casings on the sidewalk about two, 3 feet from the passenger side front door of this vehicle. it appears that the shooter opened the passenger side front door, fired shots into the car, striking the victim. >> while that was the first murder scene that we talk about, now we have a second murder that actually happened
6:35 am
just ten minutes before and nine blocks away at 60th and almond. in this case, they think they know the motive, know the 49 year old man who they think was held up. for some reason who ever was done g him decided to shoot him, as well. >> upon arrival they did locate one male. he shot multiple times throughout the chest and the abdomen. police transported him to presbyterian hospital. where he was pronounced deceased at 1:40 this morning. we believe at this time the motive may have been robbery but we're not 100% sure. >> reporter: that happened at 1:10. then this happened at 1:27. we are just nine blocks from each other. again here we are again, alex, mike, in a familiar spot, right under the market frankford elevated train with all every these spotlights, all of these cameras, and not a care in the world by these killers who are shooting people not thinking somebody might see them, somebody might have them on video. they're just doing this on a regular basis sadly. here we go the days before christmas, two more families of two more people are going
6:36 am
to be planning funerals instead of planning family dinners. >> that's for sure. >> true. >> 6:36 now. >> three people including a child are in the hospital this morning after a fire in cumberland county. flames ripped through a home overnight on clay hill lane in fair ton. medics rush the victim to the hospital where they're being treated for burns. investigators work to go learn how that fire started. >> and the search continues now in new jersey, for murder suspect. thirty-two year old jeremiah knownel accused of killing his estranged wife. she was found dead inside of her cumberland county home on monday morning. last night new jersey state police recovered moanel's pick-up truck, friends of the victim say she endured years of abuse. >> we he had into -- you can tell. something's not right. it would be visible block and blue marks. she just bluntly would come out and tell me that there was
6:37 am
problems. >> my goodness. friends are planning the vigil in tara's honor tomorrow night at her home in commercial township. the sounds of the incredible video, explosions rip through fireworks market in mexico. twenty-nine people are dead. and that number may go even hire. seventy-two being treated for injuries. than is at the country's most popular fireworks market. so the suburbs of mexico city. it was people celebrating christmas, new years. investigators are looking into what started that initial blast. >> all right, 6:37 now. authorities in berlin are trying to track down the terrorists they want to know who drove that big truck full
6:38 am
of steel into a crowded christmas market killing 12 people and wounding 48 others. isis is claiming responsibility, but the state department here in the united states says there is not enough evidence to support that claim. police in berlin had taken a man into custody for questioning, but he's been released because they could not proof that he was the attacker. well, there is now new video of pennsylvania woman and her family, who are being held hostage by the taliban in afghanistan. and for the first time, we are seeing her two young boys who were born in captivity. karen, tell us more about this family. >> whether you see the little boys on the video, so chilling to see, that and just hurts your heart. because i don't think i've ever seen on children on a video like this. woman from our area, from york pennsylvania, her name caitlin coleman. she and her husker joshua boil, hiking in afghanistan, and at the time she was seven months pregnant. so this video believe to have
6:39 am
been recorded on december 3rd by the captors n it she is pleading for an end to her family's nightmare, riding from a prepared statement. their two young boys you can see them, fidgeting on the dad's lap right there, do appear physically healthy. coleman makes this urgent plea to both the governments of this country, the united states, also canada to negotiate for their release, she also mentions how she's been treated as a hostage. >> we can only ask and pray that somebody who recognize the otrocity these men carry out against us, as so-called retaliation. their inch gratitude, hypocrisy, my children have seen their mother de filed. we ask quickly, in our collective fourth year of prison urge the government on both sides to reach some agreement to allow us freedom. >> so, the united states has tried to get them freed. but had some setbacks along the way, obviously it hasn't happened. us military says this particular taliban network is
6:40 am
holding five american prisoners right now, the captors would like to have the release of at least one of their commanders in return for that casino every exchange, but that's something we don't typically do. we will see what happens in this case, guys. >> just heart breaking. >> to see those kids, my goodness. >> their family, her family from york, had not ever seen those children. the first time they saw those little boys was on that video. >> and to see it in that way, to not have met them. oh, can only imagine what that family is going through. thank you, car glenn we will continue to follow that of course. the search continues for south jersey veteran, who has not been seen for 19 days now. the new jersey state police need your help. their marine unit was out on the silver lake waterway in clementon, looking for lance james yesterday. the last time lance james' friends or family had seen him was december the second. twenty-nine years old, disappeared at night.
6:41 am
he had left the hide away tavern after an altercation. family and friends are devestated. >> eighteen days today. i'm devestated. i mean, i just want him to come home. you know? i've known him since he was a kid. he work for miata restaurant before he went away to the marines. i just want him to come home. it is devastating. >> family members are putting together a $5,000 rye ward for information leading to his whereabouts. lance james served back-to-back tours in iraq and afghanistan. okay, back to this other story that i don't understanded. artificial intelligence comes to life. which tech innovate or says he has recreated jarvis from iron man in his own home. who would do that? >> people who have money. >> that's true. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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live look at 422, starting to see the brake lights tap, working your way eastbound, in toward king of prussia. the sun begins to rise, over kop. got an opening skit, the burlington bristol bridge, 7:00 a.m., you got 15 minute, is the time to beat. this is the same freight their impacted talcony palmyra in the last hour. rough week so far on the regional rails, bundle up if your's using mass transit the expect delays, the equipment,
6:45 am
not taking kindly to the temps. delays out of the early trains for the paoli thorndale line, running with delays this morning, and columbus boulevard, septa closed again at 9:00 a.m. let's go for aeried buckle your seatbelt. skyfox over the scene, yesterday, all right, we got the grounds video here this time. this is columbus boulevard, southbound, right at christian. where that water main break errupted, yesterday. they made some repairs. they're coming back again today at 9:00 a.m. let's come back to my maps. they'll close, columbus boulevard, southbound, between queen and christian, right there, in south philadelphia. and that will close at 9:00. also going to close the off-ramps from 95 to columbus boulevard, at 9:00 a.m. that is going to be the big delay. anyone trying to exit 95 at columbus, you won't be able to do so. you have to go either further north into girard avenue, that's a hot mess, or south, in toward packer avenue, in toward south philadelphia. some icy conditions out there this morning, stenton, at
6:46 am
whitemarsh, south on 295, some sort of fuel spill, right near the woodcrest station, so watch out there. and i got some pictures, for my christmas lights, mike, i think we go for road trip on this one. >> okay, let's see. >> palm springs. >> oh, i'm in. >> they said come visit us. do you think the boss will approve a road trip? >> absolutely. >> let's do it. >> slide the expense item in the middle of the expense report. look at that. >> on a stroll. palm springs, here we come. snap your pictures, no matter where you're enjoying christmas, put them up on facebook, twitter and instagram. use the #fox29lights contest, so we can show you pictures here on tv and maybe even come to your home tomorrow night to broadcast live on your front lawn. what's that forecast going to be like for tomorrow? scotty's got the answer in 15 seconds.
6:47 am
>> it is officially winter, it feels like winter on this wednesday morning. 29 degrees, temperatures, below freezing, right now, pretty much area wide. but, later on this afternoon, high temperatures will top out in the 40's. twenty-five right now, wilmington. twenty-seven in dover, along with trenton and atlantic city, 19 right now in allentown, high pressure, it has been in control off to the south. so we continue to find clockwise winds, around that area of high pressure. so, temperatures will moderated into the afternoon. to up 40 degrees, by lunch. 3:00, look at that, 45 degrees the average in time of year in the low who's, mid 40's in dover,. >> told, temperatures 20's, low three's, football weather form tomorrow?
6:48 am
cloudy, chilly tomorrow night. temperatures by kick off in the upper 30's. breeze ten to 15 miles per hour. >> we still got to finish the season out, all right? >> 6:48 now. >> so, facebook founder mark zuckerberg, always working on cool new project. >> he certainly s and his latest one is helping to make his life a little easier. >> now, i don't understand any of this, help me with what is ajar advice? >> might actually be a game, mike. pretty cool. add this to the christmas list. every year mark zuckerberg challenges himself to new project there is year, his goal was to build artificial intelligence assistance for his house. he got little help from hollywood here. so the virtual assistant is named jarvis, as alex mentioned, can do just about everything. adjust the thermostat, even
6:49 am
operate the toaster. >> also alerts him when his daughter max wakes up. i mention that he got little help from hollywood. he said one thing was missing, so, he posted on facebook who should be the voice of jarvis, morgan freedman got it, of course for his iconic voice. >> your toast is red. >> i one of the best things about jarvis consideration recognize people at the gate, let them in automatically and just tell me about it. >> mark your parents are coming in. >> thanks, jeffrey. >> it is jarvis. >> can you imagine, good morning, alex, good morning, mike. >> it took him a hundred hours to put together his virtual assistant, now strictly for vicar berg's home, but says in the future he would explore ways to make it available to the wormed. i can't even get suri to answer me back. >> i just said to mikey was like is this like an alexa kind of but all around the house built in? >> yes, to the extreme 2.0. very cool. sometime now in the future. >> it is cool tonight have
6:50 am
morgan freeman always talking to you? >> that would be great. >> he's played god like how many times in a lot of different movies? >> different times, good morning. >> might scare you little bit. is it my time? my goodness. >> wow that's cool. >> so cool. >> i wonder how much that cost, too, because i'm sure, you know, oh, let's make it available to the world. there is no way that will be cheap. >> no. well, he needs the money. if you ever wanted to break into show business, this could be your chance. >> there is a casting call for the untouchables. which will be shooting right here, in philadelphia. movie stars philly's own kevin hart and brian kranston, remake of the french hit the untouchables. now the story caught our eye on and the casting company posted an in the on facebook. looking for pretty much anyone. man and woman of all ethnicity, ages 18 to 70. filming scheduled february 1st. my gosh, mike, we have to do this. >> we have to audition for the
6:51 am
untouchables. >> do you think they'll let us be in the movie? >> well, it is a wide net. men, women, pets, you name it. >> yes? >> all ages. >> so, if we do it, though, probably just be like in the crowd, our backs just in it. but it is going to be cool. >> i've been called untouchable many times. i think i'm shoe in. okay, honoring music's best, the rock-and-roll hall of fame. they announced their latest inductees. find out which artists made the cut. >> ♪ >> ♪
6:52 am
6:53 am
taste the many sides of brookside. smooth dark chocolate outside. exotic fruit flavor inside. brookside. for all your sides.
6:54 am
thank you, all seasons, for sending over from cherry hill. they heard us complaining about the cold weather. not only a sauna with a glass window, but a hot tub! >> a hot tub. >> hot spring. look at that. >> hot spring. >> you mean to tell me we will celebrate the first day of winter by getting in there? >> well, not yet. because it is only 78 degrees in that. >> look at the camera, fogged up little bit.
6:55 am
>> slingage. >> we will do it. >> we'll see. we'll see. >> what do you mean? we'll see? oh, my goodness. >> what? >> spring dance hot tubs. that's the name of the company that sent that over? spring dance? >> it is not spring today. >> no, but we will be dancing into the hot tub. >> i've always seen pictures every people when they're like, i know you can do it in the poconos, snow all around you. i always wondered, do you even feel the cold then, since half of your body in the hot tub, or is it like -- >> well, the cold is on your face. >> oh, that's true. >> it feels good. >> and how cold is it, what, 29 degrees? >> 29 degrees and 78 degrees in the hot tub. we will hop up in just a little bit. hey, let's play some music. >> ♪
6:56 am
>> rock-and-roll hall of fame announced its 2017 inductees. the late tupac shakur becomes the sixth hip hop artist inducted. >> he and pearl jam the first artist toss joint institution who started their career in the 90s, induction ceremony held in new york city in april. >> normally over if brooklyn at the barkley center. >> is your career did a put? there is a list of carreers that are on endangered littles, the new list names the jobs that are in danger of becoming obsolete in the next couple of years. >> plus, many people head home for the holidays this time of year. but, will this be a year when many would be happier to just skip out? the new fox pole numbers that indicate there may be some extra hostility at your holiday gathering.
6:57 am
6:58 am
i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! everything for the holidays. that's my giant.
6:59 am
>> a violent night in west philly. in a matter every minute, one man killed in a robbery, another gunned down in his car. plus a huge explosion. what could i say? explosions rock a fireworks market killing dozens of people. what investigators say caused this massive explosion.
7:00 am
>> plus: suing social media. the families of some of the victims of the pulse night club shooting are filing a lawsuit against facebook, twitter and google. why? >> and would you go? president-elect trump's name is slowly being remove from the atlantic city skyline. but is the city the place for a donald trump museum? >> trump museum. hey, good day everybody, it is the first day of winter. so in honor of that we brought over a hot tub for our guests today. >> this is a sauna right there. >> look how hot it is. >> is that 102? >> 102 inside the sauna? >> oh, that looks like a conventional. >> it kind of does. >> i tell you, that's what it reminded me of. >> and then there hot tub. >> thank you to all season pool and spa for sending over this zaun.


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