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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  December 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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good evening i'm iain page. >> good evening, i'm dawn timmeney in for lucy. yesterday the pennsylvania superior court ruled that rollins had ineffective counsel when he was convicted of shooting a six-year-old boy. well, today rollins family was there cheered him on as he was released. chris oh com was there for it all and joins us live from the criminal justice center. chris? >> reporter: dawn, after 10 years in prison, dante rollins is home tonight getting ready to eat a home cooked meal by his mother. the one who spearheaded the effort to free her son from prison. it happened just about an hour ago. the district attorney seth williams this morning dropping attempted murder charges after new information came forward that cast residential doubt on the 2007 attempted murder case that left a six-year-old paralyzed. well, rollins walk out of the criminal justice center to the arms of his family on his way home for the first time in a decade. the district attorney today stopping short, though, of
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calling rollins innocent. >> hell on earth. you can describe hell on earth that's what jail was for me any way because i didn't belong there. so being there i didn't belong there made my days extremely long like it seemed like one day for me would be like three days for somebody else. >> reporter: once again rollins on his way home. the first thing he says he wants to take a bath in his own shower. rollins also says he plans on continuing helping other inmates in the criminal justice system for his family, his mother saying this is the greatest christmas present ever. iain. >> i can imagine. chris, tonight the manhunt continues for a murder suspect in new jersey. police have released new photos of 32-year-old jeremiah mow nel wanted for the killing of his estranged wife tara owe hey shaye watson. she was found dead inside her cumberland county home monday morning. yesterday state police recovered the suspect's pick up in ceda
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cedarville. months ago police found this knife but tonight they believe they have the man in custody who used that knife to kill a delaware county woman. police now have 36-year-old byron allen, jr. n custody. they say he picked his victim at random. let's get right tout to fox 29's dave kinchen live outside the yea dan police department with these latest developments. dave. >> reporter: yeah arc lost new information in this case that came out from investigators including details that are quiet frankly graphic in this case and they were even difficult for the victim's family to hear. >> this is what i wanted for christmas, and, um, i'm getting it. we're going to find justice. >> reporter: a rush of emotion for sell today gibson as she processes the first, second and third degree murder charges filed against 37-year-old byron allen in the horrific slashing death of her daughter natasha gibson in september. >> i just want everyone to remember my daughter natasha gibson, her fun-loving caress
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mick self the person that she was. >> byron allen did not know natasha gibson stalked her as she walk to family friend's place in yeadon. allen confronting gibson as she got to the steps. >> over 20 stab wounds to her body, mull pell stab wounds to her chest, her face, her neck, her neck was slashed open. >> reporter: trail blood leading away from the scene reaching all the way into philadelphia to a store where police say allen was captured on surveillance video with his hand bleeding. a steak 95 gibson's id cards and purse found by detectives in the process. >> this is a heinous brutal murder and the motive is the stalking in the night just to kill, the sport of killing is the motive in many particular case. >> reporter: law enforcement sources say allen was already in custody for at least three sexual assaults of women in kensington his dna in the system from prior cases matched blood tested in the gibson murder.
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>> this is probably the most dangerous criminal i've ever seen in my years here in delaware county as the district attorney. >> reporter: the da says he will seek live in prison if not the death penalty. >> it's an unfortunate situation. we're going through mixed emotions we're happy, then at the same time we're sad. >> reporter: allen also the prime suspect in the rape and murder of a philadelphia woman back in july. that case under investigation. back to you, iain. >> all right, dave, thank you. on to your fox 29 weather authority now. it's officially the first day of winter. >> but the temperature seems to be going up instead of going down. what's going on, kathy orr has the details. >> um-hmm. we're talking about good fortune perhaps. easing our way into winter. today's high temperatures pretty impressive about 10 degrees above average. wilmington, atlantic city, philadelphia in the mid fours. trenton, allentown and reading in the low 40s it's still comfortable out there with cloud cover even a few flurries in the
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upper levels of the atmosphere could make it into the poconos. we have a front coming clouds tonight to start the day tomorrow and then some clearing. with those clouds temperatures are going to be pretty comfortable overnight. it's 40 still in philadelphia. 39 in wilmington. 29 in the poconos. 38 degrees in trenton and wrightstown it is 33. so watch those temperatures slowly fall by 11:00 o'clock still about 30 degrees with not much wind. which will be comfortable for this time of year and that type of evening. coming up we'll talk about when the wind will turn gusty. more rain in the forecast. looks like more wet than white unfortunately for christmas. and looking ahead to that christmas holiday weekend forecast and travel weather i'll see you little bit later on in the broadcast. time is ticking. all right, kathy. i was hoping for snow for christmas. well, check this out. forge fortunately no one was seriously hurt after this crash in gloucester county, new jersey. investigator sauce the driver of a semi truck did not stop for traffic on route 130. this was just before 8:30 this morning.
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truck slammed into a honda and a dump truck setting off a chain reaction involving more than four vehicles. eight people in wall taken to the hospital but police tell us that none of the injuries are life-threatening. police did cite the driver of semi truck for wreck bless driving. >> fire investigators working to try to determine what started a huge fire in north jersey. flames ripped through a discount furniture store in union city this afternoon. the fire is now under control but crews are still on the scene hitting hot spots. one firefighter was hurt. we don't know their condition right now. the billowing smoke could be seen from new york city. the city did send out alert letting them know about the fi fire. two families are out of their homes tonight after a two alarm fire in pottstown. fresco user shot this video of the scene for us. the fire broke out on east third street before 8:00 o'clock this morning. fortunately it was quickly play under control non one is hurt. the cause still under investigation. guilty as charged. that's the verdict against two men in a 2011 robbery in triple
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murder in west philadelphia corner store that killing was witnessed by the teenaged daughter of two of the victims. >> her testimony helped convict the killers but that's part of her emotional story. bruce gordon joins us in studio with a tale of friends and family and the power of music, bruce torque heal some horrific wounds. >> reporter: yeah, dawn, we got a chance to see today and to hear a courageous young woman who's risen above the tragic violence that played out right in front of her five plus years ago. ♪ >> reporter: take a good look at the talented young lady sparkling on screen on wednesday's q show on fox 29. her stage name is miss jay. 21 years old. sadly, she has been on your television before. >> i have little brothers noun i have to take care of them. i have to be mom and dad and i have to be the sister, and it's really tough. it's really hard. >> reporter: that was jessica nunez back in september of 2011 after a pair of gunmen walked
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into grocery store in west philadelphia robbed the place then shot to death jessica's mother, father and aunt. it took months for philadelphia police to arrest abraham muhammed and malik scott and several years more to take them to trial. threw it all, the community came together to help jessica and the rest of the surviving family members cope with the enormity of the tragedies. >> our neighbors, our family members, people that don't even know us at all. they were down to help and the most amazing thing to us. we were forever grateful for that. ♪ >> reporter: jessica copied by returning her childhood love joining r and b called avianc. >> i've been involved in music since i was seven. i think it was my way to grieve and like move on to come back to music and doing that for my family he is special mile dad loved music. >> reporter: just last week at the criminal justice center jessica took center stage the witness stand to identify muhammed and scott and testified they were indeed the guns men
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who killed her parents and aunt and in the process changed her life forever. ♪ >> reporter: after her performance on "the q", host quincy harris asked jessica how then teenager copes with such loss. >> um, sorry, i'll say music. >> yes. >> definitely music. family, friends, and praying a lot. a lot. >> reporter: late this afternoon those prayers were answered. at least to a small degree with that guilty verdict. the defense had argued jessica misidentified the culprits and that their confessions were bogus clearly the jury did not buy it. by the way miss jay and her group will headline a show at philly's tla theater friday night. the power of music to heal. iain. >> absolutely, bruce. thank you. governor tom wolf says he's investing millions of dollars in the port of philadelphia to create thousands of jobs. the governor headed to the port today to follow up on his announcement last month that he'll invest more than $300 million in the port's infrastructure, warehousing and
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equipment. wolf expects the improvements will double the port's container capacity and expand employment. he says private company fees and leaseleases will repay the bon t taxpayers. the oldest surviving world war two veteran in the united states has passed away. 108-year-old william moore lived in hatboro, pennsylvania. he was the town's oldest resident. last month a attended special veterans day breakfast at the white house and met president obama on the passing her father's death his daughter jodi said, "a few moments in his presence would melt your heart. always a smile, always a kind word ". a man is robbed at gun point in graduate hospital. the suspect wanted his cell phone but he didn't just leave once he got it. what he made the victim do first. and a young man is stopped for speeding but he didn't get a ticket. the lesson that police officer taught him that he'll probably remember for some time. sean? the flyers have been unbelievable over the last mon month. but today fine out how good they
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really are. the guys talk about taking on the washington capitals later in sports. manolo!
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♪ control phone robbery caught on camera in graduate hospital neighborhood but this thief didn't just swipe the phone. police say the victim was standing on the corner of 21st and carpenter streets earlier this month when a man walked up and demanded his phone at gun point. he then made the victim enter his pass code before he took off. fortunately no one was hurt. ikea agreed to pay $50 million to three families who's children were killed after ikea dressers tipped over and fell on them. one of those the family of koran the west chester boy who died in 2014 after ikea dresser fell and crush him. i key will also donate $50,000 to the children's hospital of philadelphia in memory of curr curran. >> if you live in pennsylvania, soon you can start applying to grow and distribute medical marijuana. >> state officials say they'll be accepting applications over
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the next couple of months. permit applications for dispensaries and for grower processors will be available online starting on january 17th. now the first phase will involve up to 12 grower permits and 27 dispensary licenses. officials say about 5,000 people have provided public comments about the program and most of them list pain and post traumatic stress as reasons use the drug. hell officials hope to have the system um and running in about a year and a half. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. are you dreaming of a white christmas? >> i am. >> might want to keep dreaming. i don't know. [ laughter ] >> kathy orr has the details. >> kathy? >> or you just keep heading north, right? that's was to do. we talked about this being a la nina winter to start, and so far it's been right on track with the storm track right through the great lakes. the northern plains, the midwest and heading that was new york and new england and that's where the snow has been and that will continue to be the track into the holidays. if you have ski plans and let's
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say northern new york, white face, killing ton in vermont, you'll be in pretty good shape. as we take closer look we have a few flurries through the pocon poconos. we're hoping for some good snow-making weather in the poconos as well and tonight we have it with temperatures falling into the 20s. in old city philadelphia, it's looking good. busy on wednesday night. the temperature still 40 with not much wind. it is comfortable. the high temperature 45. that's 10 degrees above average for this time of year. 29 in the poconos. 36 in allentown. 37 in lancaster. 31 in millville and not much of a wind. calm throughout most of the region with westerly wind at about 8 miles an hour in philadelphia. still keeping it very comfortable. fair weather high pressure will stay over us for this evening and then move stage right out to sea allowing the clouds to move in with this front. not a lot of cold air associated with this but it will bring the clouds for the morning. and by the time the afternoon roles in in the wake of this front it will be clearing so afternoon sunshine. some sunshine for pretty sunset. and the high temperature 48 degrees for your thursday.
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then high pressure builds in for friday. and we don't skip a beat. temperatures rebound once again well into the 40s to about 50 by friday afternoon making it a very good travel day if you're heading out of town for the holidays. in the city overnight, the low 31. in our suburbs around 26. mostly cloudy not much wind and not as cold and that will be pretty good feeling come tomorrow morning. this is what we'll be waking up to. 26 in the poconos. 27 in allentown. 26 in pottstown. 29 degrees in wilmington and reading twenty eight. and in millville waking up to 28 degrees and a mostly cloudy sixty five by the afternoon we see the sun. temperatures in the upper 40s to around 50 but the one thing that will make it feel a little bit uncomfortable will be the wind. behind that front, we'll have northwest winds 10 to 15 gusting to 20 maybe 25 miles an hour late in the day. and that will put a chill in the air as the sun gets little bit lower in the sky. you can take a look at the christmas weather over the past five years. look at the past two years. 68 last year. 65 in 2014.
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below average in 2013. and 2012 right on par where we shall be for this time of year but this year forecasting a high of 50 degrees on christmas day with sunshine. on the seven day forecast, you can see the trend. friday looks nice, of course, tomorrow evening for the birds looks good but we will have bit of a gusty win. looks pretty decent for christmas eve. of course, hanukkah begins we'll have some rain, some more wet than white. christmas day is dry for kwanzaa on monday looking dry as well. then tuesday and wednesday temperatures change dramatically. tuesday's high 50 degrees. by next wednesday sunny and cooler with a temperature of 43. we're looking ahead i don't know the seven today. eight to 14 day outlook for the eastern half of the nation in the red. but this means warm temperatures. the average high for this time of year will be around 40, 42 degrees. and this is showing a very good chance, a high probability of above average temperatures right into the new year in the janua january 3rd.
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so 2017 starting off on a warm note. very unusual for this time of year. we'll zen it over to you. >> i can believe we're talking temperatures in the 50s. i know you like that. >> i'm fine with it. [ laughter ] police officers never know what they're going to see during a traffic stop. >> or what excuse they might hear from that driver they just pulled over. in wisconsin, an officer pulled over a university of wisconsin student for speeding. the student told the officer he was in a hurry because he couldn't tie his tie. he said he stopped by a friend's house for some help but they weren't home. so this is what happened next. >> one of my good friend's house i honestly don't know how to tie the tie. >> where is your tie. >> right here. >> while i do this why don't you grab your proof of insurance and driver's license quick. >> yeah. >> aww. >> well the student was in his car looking for all that paper work the officer tied the young man' ties.
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before leaving him with a simple warning to slow down. >> i love that. >> that's great story. >> sean bell you can tie a tie. >> do we believe that? >> do we believe that. >> i do. >> all right. i'm going use that excuse next time. i'll let you know when if it actually works. okay? eagles they need a ton excuses right now. right now doug pederson talks about one eagle that they definitely need to keep. plus the flyers face a team they booted out playoffs. the players talk about taking on the capitals. that's coming up in next sports.
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♪ eagles with no playoffs unite now everyone playing for a job. whether it's with this team or another. it's evaluation time. doug pederson, howie roseman and jeffrey lurie are trying to figure out who is going to be here next year. jason peters well he solidified his spot made the pro bowl for the ninth time and played some of the best football of his career. before the season he might have been a casualty but now he's made it impossible to let him go. >> i think he's very capable of another couple of seasons. i mean, he's really done a great job, um -- you know, with health standpoint his weight and managing all of that and he feels fresh. he feels healthy. you know, a pro bowl season. so i'm excited for him, and, um, really do look forward to working with him in the future. >> you can catch "game day live"
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on a special day saturday at 10am we'll wrap up thursday's game look ahead to the final game of the year against dallas. to the flyers despite the last two losses they've been on fire lately. they won 10 out of their last 12 but tonight they're taking on the capitals one of the best teams in the league and the team that knock them out of the playoffs last year. it's a measuring stick type of game. >> play a team in the playoffs, it's easy to find a rivalry there and especially washington one of the top teams in the league so when you play top team in the league it's always a good test to see where you stand as team. >> probably always a little bit added, you know, by the team that lock you out last year. >> the big thing keep remaining them the things that matter here. two points, right? >> back to little football. anyone who knows steve smith, sr., knows he's a scary dude. the guy wants broke his teammate's jaw in practice he
6:26 pm
was feeling the christmas spir spirit. steve smith dressing up as an elf. look at that little buddy the elf swag right there and it's kind of funny because i've interviewed this guy when he was in charlotte. only athlete i ever was a little bit scared to interview. you know if he was in bad mood, he was going to nuts on you. but when he's in a great mood, he does things like that. love steve smith. he always gives it to you raw. gives it to you how he sees it but look at that. buddy the elf. i love it. one of my favorite christmas movies. >> me too. definitely. >> all right. >> sounds good. >> that will do it for us here tonight at 6:00 o'clock. we'll see you right back here at 10:00. have a great night. inside edition is up next.
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only from fios. reality tv star murder. last video partying with her suspected killer and the moment her husband got the call from police. >> then, rock star to the rescue. >> richard marx speaks out about taking down an unruly passenger. >> hey, buddy, wake up. >> police. >> the nfl player passed out behind the wheel. >> we stopped you for your speed. >> instead of a ticket, he helps tie his tie. >> across like this. >> then, stretch marks double take. >> i was as shocked as everyone else. >> remember that guy who stole a pot of gold and ran through the streets of new york. >> mystery solved. cops say they know who the


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