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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  December 21, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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home. the new evidence that made him a free man. winter warmup but will we see snow on christmas eve? who has got the best chance? your news starts in 30 seconds. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 10:00. first at 10:00 story you'll see only on fox tonight. surveillance video shows the man
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police believe could be behind a three county crime spree from bucks to philadelphia to the mainline. >> authorities say the man is busting into businesses in the middle of the night and taking whatever he can get his hands on. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney in for lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. detectives are looking at a shrew of crimes. dave schratwieser has the late latest. >> reporter: he's a one-man crime spree now being tied to at least nine break ins across a three-county area, and he's not exactly camera shy having been caught on surveillance cameras multiple times. >> something trending in the region. >> reporter: with crowbar or a claw hammer in hand this thief has broken into businesses from bucks county to philadelphia and on out to the mainline where he was caught on camera dragging a safe from this store in radnor to his mercedes get away car. >> he comes in and goes straight for the safe. >> in and out. no time at all. he seems to be professional. he's not leaving much hyped.
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>> reporter: radnor heist comes after bensalem police put out this video of the suspect behind the wheel of an older model e class mercedes as he busted into five businesses including a food mart where he stole a thousand dollars in cigarettes. a nail salon and a paint store. those five burglaries took place in the early morning hours over a two-day period. >> he's calculated. he's going from place to place, town to town and just wreaking a lot of havoc at this point we need to get him off the streets. >> reporter: southwest detectives say the suspect driving a mercedes struck three times monday breaking into the front door of shalom pizza in overbrook park, then next door at this t mobile store, wednesday night workers were busy replacing the glass door a block it way at this cricket store. he stole cash on each occasion. >> it seems odd just going for cash registers and money. maybe he's a kicked and looking for quick money. >> reporter: detectives are trying to determine if this may be the same bandit caught on camera breaking into nine
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businesses mostly along aramingo avenue back if november. >> there's male looks similar to this male driving a town and country breaks into three businesses up there and takes money. >> reporter: detectives rhee roughed surveillanceville from several other stores now trying to determine if this suspect could have been involved in as many as 15 burglaries in the try-county area. dave schratwieser, fox 29 news. develop to go night after a decade in prison a local man is home with his family to night. fox 29 was there as dante rollins the man once accused of shooting six-year-old little boy walk out of court a free man. his release comes after pennsylvania supreme court ruling. >> it said he had ineffective counsel. fox 29's chris o'connell joins us live in center city tonight. chris, i know you talked to rollins as soon as he left cou court. >> reporter: that's right, iain. for nearly 10 years, dante rollins said he thought about his innocence every single night when he sat inside his cell from inside a graterford prison.
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well torque night, after a decade after fighting for his freedom, he walk out of the criminal justice center tonight a free man. dante how does it feel. >> it feels good. >> reporter: dante rollins walk straight out of custody and right into the arms of family after spending nearly 10 years in prison. >> it was hell. hell on earth. you can describe hell on earth that's what jail is for me. >> reporter: rollins serving 62 to 125 year prison sentence was a free man. it happened just hours after district attorney seth williams dropped the 2,006 attempted murder charge against rollins for shooting a six-year-old boy who was left paralyzed in strawberry mansion. >> we concluded witness assistance of the pennsylvania innocence project that if it had been there would have been reasonable doubt about dante rollins guilt. >> reporter: da stopped short of calling rollins innocent but says new information cast reasonable doubt on rollins involvement.
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video evidence showing rollins was no are near the crime scene but evidence his original attorney never brought up in trial. >> this man is stone cold innocent and just pains me that a lawyer didn't do his job resulting in him losing nine years of his life. >> reporter: have you been told yet all the charges have been dropped? no. damn. >> it's over. >> reporter: as for what's next for the 29-year-old, he says he's still bitter but plans to help other inmates in the same situation. >> over time i'll get over it but right now, i'm still a little upset because it should have never happened. >> reporter: rollins said his mother and the innocence project to thank for making him a free man. he says he's ready for a good home cooked meal, a long hot bath and reconnecting with his mom. >> i'm going to show -- when i get home i owe my life to my mother. whatever she wants me to do i'm going to do it. >> reporter: rollins has lot of catching up to do. he tells us he plans to get reacquainted with family and friends over the next few days.
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as for family, well, they say they couldn't have asked for a better christmas present. iain? >> i'll bet, chris, all right. thank you. prosecutors now charged a man in the death of his girlfriend's toddler. 21-year-old ramir curtis facing murder and involuntary manslaughter charges tonight. he's the boyfriend of 23-year-old andrea worrell. she's also facing charges related to the death of her two-year-old son. police say he had a laceration to his liver, chest bruising abrasions on his body and thc in his system last month when police were called to his home. he later died at a hospital. police say the motive in this toddler's death was child abuse. on your radar tonight, a warmup on the first day of winter. meteorologist kathy orr is here now with a changing forecast, kathy. >> that's right, a very unusual start, right? to the season of winter. when we're seeing temperatures that are mild well above average right now in ultimate doppler we have some clouds an few flurries
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in the poconos. a cold front will be moving through tomorrow. but not a lot of cold air associated with it right now in philadelphia 33. 27 in the poconos. 33 in trenton. 26 degrees in wrightstown but with cloud cover, temperatures aren't going to be falling all that much. here's a lock at your wake up weather. just down a few degrees. philadelphia waking up to 31. mount pocono 26. wilmington waking up to 29 degrees and not much wind so it should stay fairly comfortable. skies will be partly cloudy during the overnight, clouds for the morning, but then by the afternoon, the sunshine returns with some gusty winds. so coming up we'll talk more about the seven day forecast. how long those winds stay gusty in the forecast we're talking about more wet than white as we head toward christmas and of course we'll focus on your holiday weekend forecast. whether you're staying at home or going to grandma's house. we'll send it back over to you. >> all right. but no snow. darn, kathy. well looking at this wreckage pretty incredible everyone survived. investigators say the driver of a semi truck did not stop for traffic on route 130.
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this was just before 8:30 in the morning. the truck slammed into a honda and a dump truck setting off chain reaction involving four more vehicles. eight people in all were taken to the hospital. fortunately none of the injuries were life threatening. that semi truck driver however was cited for reckless driving. international manhunt tonight fort man suspected of being behind that deadly attack in berlin, germany and we're learning now that german authorities had their eyes on that wanted man long before the attack even happened. police believe anise amri is the one who plowed a truck through a crowded christmas market on monday. 12 people died and dozens more are hurt. european arrest warrant forger manny he used six different ale lee yass names anis amri having tunisian citizenship. authorities say rejected his request in july for asylum and
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anotherred his name to list of potentially violent stream mists isis is claiming he was one of its soldiers. death toll now stands at 32 in mexico after a fireworks market exploded yesterday not much left of that facility. nearly 50 people are still in the hospital following the blast. officials say five of them are fighting for their lives. most have severe burns. what exactly set everything off is still unclear tonight. we're now less than a month away from the presidential inauguration. president-elect donald trump is talking about the deadly truck attack in berlin calling it quote an tack on humanity. he also suggested that he might go forward with his pledge to ban muslims from immigrating to our country. tonight, the soon to be president also named billionaire investor carl icahn as a special adviser on regulatory reform and he also announced plans to higher economist peter navarro to run a new national trade council in the white house. happening now tonight police have a man in custody who they've been after for months.
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they believe they murdered a delaware county woman with this knife that they pulled from a sewer. police say 36-year-old is a more allen, jr. pick his victim at random. >> natasha gibson was found with her throat slashed outside her home back in september. as fox 29's dave kinchen reports the suspect is tied to other attacattacks. >> this is what i wanted for christmas, and i'm getting it. we're going to find justice. >> reporter: sell today gibson reaction to go multiple murder charges file against 37-year-old byron allen accused in the violent throat slashing death of her daughter natasha gibson this past september. >> we're going to get justice finally. >> reporter: delaware county prosecutors say byron allen had no connection to 32-year-old natasha gibson and randomly targeted her as she went to family friend's house on bailey road in yeadon. he confronted her as she got to the steps. >> over 20 stab wounds to her body. multiple stab wounds to her chest, her face, her neck.
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her neck was slashed open. >> reporter: trail of blood followed moving away from the scene stretching all the way into philadelphia. to a store where investigators say allen was can herd on surveillance video bleeding from the hand. a steak knife, bloody baseball bat gibson's id cards and purse were found by detectiving along the way. this is a he wasn't heinous brutal murder and the motive is the stalking in the night just to kill. the sport of killing is the motive in this particular case. >> reporter: prosecutors say allen was in custody for at least three sexual assaults of women in kensington. dna is the in the system from prior cases and matched for blood tested in the natasha gibson murder. >> this is probably the most dangerous criminal i've ever seen in my years here in delaware county as the district attorney. >> reporter: prosecutors say they will seek life in prison if not the death penalty. >> it's an unfortunate situation. we're going through mixed
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emotions like we're happy and then at the same time we're sad. >> reporter: byron allen also the prime suspect in the rape and murder of a philadelphia woman that case under investigation. in yeadon, dave kinchen, fox 29 news. good news for drivers who's commute involves a stretch of i-95 in northeast philadelphia. penndot is finally reopened four lanes between cottman avenue and bridge street after that stretch had been closed for a few years due to construction. project is part of $211 million project to rebuild and improve the highway. been almost five years since young philadelphia woman witnessed her family robbed and murdered in cold blood. tonight there's finally justice. how she's thriving after that tragedy. plus -- after the success of a wish wall in philadelphia and inspired by the tragic death of a local resident, there's now wish wall in marlton and these two want to make your wish come true. it's coming up next.
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>> friends, family and music helped philadelphia teenager cope witness murder of her parents. a murder that played out right in front of her. late this afternoon philadelphia jury convicted two men of first degree murder in a 2011 robbery and triple killing. >> daughter of those two victims spoke exclusively to fox 29 today about the challenges of carrying on in the face of unspeakable sadness. our bruce gordon has the story. ♪
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>> reporter: look carefully at the talented young lady lighting up the screen on wednesday's q show on fox 29. she's 21 years old and goes by the stage name miss jay. >> ♪ >> reporter: sadly, it was not her first time on television. >> we feel like we lost all we have. we just need help. >> reporter: back in september of 2011, jessica nunez watched a pair of gunmen rob her parents west philadelphia grocery store and shoot her mother, father and aunt to death. an exhaustive police investigation would lead months later to the arrest of two men, ibrahim muhammed and malik scott and it would be several more years before the two would go to trial. >> it's been difficult. we've been waiting for justice. we done a lot of things to catch these guys and just gonna learn to heal. >> reporter: that process was aided by community that rallied around jess can the rest of the surviving family members. >> our neighbors, our family members, people that don't even
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know us at all. they were down to help and that was the most mazing thing to us. we were forever grateful for that. >> reporter: as the process played out jessica turned to her childhood love. >> i've been involved in music sips i was seven so it was i think it was my way to grieve and like move on to come back to music and doing that for my family especially my dad loved music. >> reporter: last week jessica took center stage at the criminal justice sent testifying in court against the two. identifying both as the gunmen who ended three lives and changed so many more. >> ♪ >> reporter: after her fox 29 performance quincy harris asked miss jay how a teenager copes with such loss. >> um, sorry, i'll say music. >> yes. >> definitely music, family, friends, and praying a lot. a lot. >> reporter: those prayers have now been answered at least to a small degree. her parents killers now stander convicconvicted. friday night jess can her group aviance will perform as headliners in philadelphia's tla
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theater. her dad would no doubt be proud. >> furniture maker ikea agreed to pay $50 million to three families who's children were killed after dressers tipped over and fell on them. the family curran collis he's a two-year-old west chester boy who died in 2014 after an ikea dresser crushed him. i key will donate $50,000 to the children's hospital of philadelphia in memory of little boy. it will make similar donations to other children's hospitals for the two other families involved in the settlement. fire investigators are working to determine what sparked a huge fire in north jersey. flames ripped through this discount furniture store in union city this afternoon. fire is now under control, but crews are still on the scene hitting hot spots. one firefighter was hurt but we do not know the extent of their condition right now. the billowing smoke could be seen from new york city. the city sent out an alert letting folks know about the source of the smoke and flames.
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a local group is letting struggling families know they are not alone this holiday season. families in transitional housing enjoyed a night of fun activity at a holiday party in east germantown. >> they're spirits were lifted with tasty treats, performance and. fox 29 shawnette wilson just getting back from his heart warming event. >> it is a tough time though for the families many have young children and understandably didn't want to be on camera while they're in the process of getting back on their feet, but a local organization helped them put their worries as cidar at least for one night. >> i got my good days and i got my bad days. >> reporter: nicole copper has a reason to smile in the midst of a trying time. >> i think it's pretty cool, you know what i mean, for the kids, you know what i mean, you know, to enjoy they self. >> reporter: she and her two daughters 10-year-oldaughters ay party in east germantown.
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it's a shelter for families who are homeless and waiting for housing. >> as soon as they get home from school, like are we going to the party? are we going to the party. >> reporter: families treated to concert, dancing and snacks put on by the true way youth empowerment foundation made of a local family dedicated to using their talents to put smiles on the faces of families in need. isn't we just thought that families that are in transition or who have experienced some kind of trauma and they're here in this shelter for whatever reason, um, would benefit and maybe have their spirits lifted by celebrating with another family. >> reporter: shelter host events for the familiar tolls ease the stress of caring for their children during this trying time. >> it's the holiday season i just love to see the kids smiling and be joyful. brings the older people seeing the kids smile, you know, even though they're in this place but this is a lovely caring place. >> reporter: copper says all of what the shelter does goes a long way.
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>> a lot of kids out here not enjoys themselves and not looking forward to any toys, you know what i mean. not looking for santa coming to visit them. i think it's pretty cool. >> reporter: last year the true way youth empowerment foundation collected hats, gloves and scarves for the families at the shelter. they have about 129 familiar who's live there right now, da dawn. >> shawnette, thank you. tis the season for dusting off your suitcase and heading out of town to celebrate the holidays. so what does it take to create the perfect luggage to withstand all that abuse you're about to unleash from the treadmills to freezing temperatures we are taking to you baggage boost ca camp. >> but first teenaged boy pistol whipped and robbed but what this person stole also cost the victim his dignity. now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. hey, good evening, everybody. if you're getting ready to tomorrow for mass transit again the cold temps equaled delays on all the regional rail lines. bundle up accordingly there. south on 95 they'll be working
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again tomorrow at princeton at cottman and at girard trying to wrap up all this construction before the holiday and thou the overnight into tomorrow morning the closure again of the vine street expressway. we'll check the jam cams. scotty has got the holiday forecast when we see you bright and early tomorrow at 4:00. my guest list just tripled.
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my cookie exchange is super competitive. mine too. i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! my family really needs to be wowed this year! standing rib roast! wow. everything for the holidays. that's my giant. >> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪
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russian officials say it's too early to know who exactly was behind the assassination of the country's ambassador to turkey. this comes as the group called the army of conquest has claim responsibility for the attack. >> they're a collection of syrian, jihad different groups working together to fight isis and top the as sad regime in 0y russian and turkish officials have said the attack does not appear to be the work of just one man. it's still unclear if the gunman had help from a terror group or foreign country. meanwhile some in turkey are blaming united states saying that washington may have played a role. as we first reported yesterday turkish official says a muslim cleric from the pocono area was a member of the attacker's terror organization and spurred the violence. in california, police say a teenager was forced to walk home in his under wear. >> after someone stole the jeans right off his body. the boy's mom says her son was walking over a bridge to a friend's house in stockton on
10:25 pm
monday when he was approached by a man in his 20's. the guy wanted the boy's jeans, when he didn't hand them over her son was pistol whip. >> and he asked them, are those true religion apartments you have on? he said yes. >> my son said he was in disbelief oh, really. if you try thinking there's more people on top of the bridge and we will do something to you. >> the mom says her son handed the man his jeans and walked over he home in his under wear and the mother is even more upset that no one stopped to help. she says that he's no longer going to wear designer clothes. singer christina grimmie's star was on the rise until her shocking death broke hearts in her south jersey hometown and all around the nation. to night how her tragic loss is changing strangers lives for the better. >> kathy orr tracking your forecast. >> a lot to talk about, iain. we'll see temperatures to will fall tonight. we have some morning clouds. we have afternoon son an cold front moving through that will change our weather. we'll talk about your holiday weekend travel and rain on the
10:26 pm
way. details in the seven day. >> and coming up at 11:00 how many drug recovery halfway houses can you fit into a town and what will they do to the town's fabric. fox 29's hank flynn takes a look at one community's relationship with the heroin epidemic. this one is from
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channel islands national park. coronado. saguaro. you'll see there's one that's an eagle. my number one goal is getting more funds out to parks because some animals and plants are only found in one place in the world, and that's in some national parks. i find that's a great cause, and i want to support it. (avo) the subaru share the love event has donated over four million dollars to help the national parks. get a new subaru, and we'll donate two hundred and fifty dollars more. ♪put a little love in your heart.♪
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stunning news in north carolina. deal has fallen apart to undo the state law known as the bathroom bill. north carolina's legislature was called into a special session today to consider repealing the law known as hb2 after months of pressure. including lot of jobs, canceled sporting events and concerts but the deal died in the republican controlled state legislature. hb2 law requires transgender people to use restrooms corresponding with the sex on their birth certificate in many public buildings. driver accused of killing eight-year-old girl on in a hit-and-run headed to court today. >> heart broken family was there as the preliminary hearing for 24-year-old paul woodland was continued to a later date. the young victim's mother walk out of the courthouse this morning wearing a shirt with her daughter's picture on it.
10:30 pm
investigators say that wood land struck and killed jay anna powell as she walked home from school in overbrook last month. her mom said today the holidays are particularly difficult but she's trying to stay strong for her son. >> because that was my child, and i'm here to support her. unconditional love and be there. that's all i can do as a mom. >> woodland is facing charges including homicide by vehicle and involuntary manslaughter. ♪ tonight finding light after a young promising life was snuffed out. christina grimmie was up and coming star from marlton, new jersey when she was murdered sick months ago. thousands across the country mourned her loss. here in our area people are keeping her memory alive. >> bill anderson spoke to her brother and people keeping christina's light bright by granting wishes to strangers for
10:31 pm
goodness sake. >> reporter: december marked six months since popular singer and marlton native was shot and killed. her senseless death shock thousand but local smell were just seeking to find a positive way to respond to such a negative situation. >> we first told you about the wish wall in philadelphia and the point was for people to come together to grant individuals wishes and help them out. now, inspired by the tra fra psychiatric death of singer christina grimmie there's a wish wall here in marlton and they hope others dreams may come tr true. >> she was a sweet girl. she was just -- to have her succeed and she didn't even get to get to her peak is very upsetting. >> reporter: mary beth saw the philadelphia wish wall and wanted one in marlton. she reached out to simonetta the wish maker because of their wish wall non-profit and the two thought it was great way to actively honor christina grimmie's memory.
10:32 pm
it's simple you place your wish on the wall and the community get to work. >> you look for wishes that you can actually grant? >> yes. >> as i'm looking for some, donating to toys for tots. >> yes. after every wish wall we grant one. if we can do more than one that will be awesome. we try fine the one it's more i would say impactful for the community. >> they take on one large challenge but the community can take on several. >> some of these can be granted just by the community. >> that's actually the idea that i have behind all of this. the first thing was how can i put people together? >> reporter: two, three. >> whoo! good wish wall launched in december on the six month anniversary of christina's murder with her family in attendance. i spoke to her brother who told me the idea touch them because it truly represents who his sister was. >> she knew and us the family
10:33 pm
had known my parents taught us you can't change the world by the whole world you change it one step at a time. one person at a time and just by being you. worry about yourself and the people around you and you be the light. you be the impact and she was very good at that. she can walk in a room and make that person feel like the most important person in the world. ♪ >> many times we want to complicate our life. it's simple idea. people get together they can make lot of things happen. ♪ >> reporter: christina grim knee died too soon and nothing can change that but we can take the tragic end to life and use it to inspire us to make an impact on many lives for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. well if you live in pennsylvania, soon you can start applying to grow and distribute
10:34 pm
medical marijuana. >> state health officials will be accepting applications over the next couple of months permit applications for dispensaries and for grower processors will be available online starting on january 17th. now the first phase will involve up to 12 grower permits and 27 dispensary licenses. officials say about 5,000 people actually provided public comments about the program and most of them list pain and post traumatic stress as reasons to use the drug. health officials hope to have the system up and running in about year and a half. in camden, new jersey, a whole lot of federal money is about to go towards helping children. u.s. representative donald norcross joining local government leaders to a ounce nouns the award of $30 million grant from the united states department of education. now that money will go to the center for family services in camden. officials say it will help the center expand and also benefit young people who live in the community. have you ever wanted to meet up with your friends for night out but you just can't find them
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uber has solution for you. will you want to use it. >> one of santa's helpers finds himself on the wrong side of the law after riding this festive fire truck into a neighbor. who call the police on saint nick and why?
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♪ officer in kansas injured after a weather related crash. look at that. collision over land park outside kansas city was all caught on camera. this suv slides on some ice, crashes into a police vehicle. the officer's car was pushed on to a flatbed truck and then flipped. fortunately that policeman only suffered minor injuries. well police officers you know they never know what they're going to see when they pull a car over. >> or what excuse they height hear from the driver they just pulled over in wisconsin an officer pulled over a universi y of wisconsin student for speeding. the student told the officer that he was in hurry because he couldn't tie his tie. he told the guy he had stopped at a friend' house but they weren't home. so this is what happened next.
10:39 pm
>> that's one of my good friend's house. he knows how to tie ties and i honestly don't know how to. >> where is your tie? >> right here. >> while i do this, why don't you grab your proof of insurance and driver's license quick. >> yeah. >> how about that? the student was in his car looking for the paper work the officer tied the young man's tie. before leaving him with a simple warning to slow down and no ticket. >> that was nice. >> that was nice. >> yeah. in your money tonight, uber is making it even easier to meet up with your friends. ride sharing company adding two news features entering an address you can actually select a friend's name from your contacts to have your driver take to you wherever they are. along the way you can even snap chat your friend information about the ride. now in order for this to all work the friend has to allow uber to access the gps location on their phone so that the rider can find them. imagine getting a coffee and
10:40 pm
donut from the sky. 7eleven is making that possible with drone deliveries. you heard right. the chain made more than 70 successful deliveries to customers in reno, nevada last month. many people got slurpees, coffee and even over the counter medicine. on average orders delivered in less than 10 minutes. tis the season for dusting off your suitcase and heading out of town to celebrate the holidays. so what does it take to create the perfect luggage that will with stan all the abuse you're about to unleash, treadmills, freezing temperatures. we'll take to you baggage boot camp. >> kathy orr tracking your forecast. >> i need that by the way. we are looking at temperatures that will actually be on the rise for a change as we head toward the end of december and 2017. we'll take look at the numbers and have your holiday weekend forecast coming up much
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10:43 pm
>> it look like one of santa's helpers is on the naughty list in virginia. he was dressed as santa riding in the back of a privately owned retired fire truck greeting children in virginia beach when officers pulled him over. police say neighbors complained about the truck's siren which was being used to let children in the area know that santa's helper was in town. neighbors say they were actually upset they missed santa after police canceled it all.
10:44 pm
>> a few moments i kind of realized, oh, oh, no, santa might need bail money. i was like really. >> two hours out of your saturday evening a weekend before christmas. was that it bad? >> poor stan at a's helper. virginia beach did not issue the driver a ticket. there you go. all right. well, that time of year you're digging out your suitcase from your closet or basement so you can hit the road to visit loved ones for the holidays. if you're like me you'll take your golf clubs f you're lucky your luggage lasted i was long time. >> what does it take to build that bag that can take beating and keep on traveling? we got inside access to the company that invented the rolling suitcase to find out. ♪ >> reporter: welcome to boot camp for bags. >> absolutely.
10:45 pm
>> reporter: this is where it happened. >> this is where we test everything. travel pro let's us inside their quality control lab. when the handlers are actually grabbingrabbing the bag from the carousel or conveyor belt and actually tossing it and lifting it. >> it's where they push their luggage to the limit. >> we have to make sure we test like above normal usage to ensure consumer won't have any issues. >> roller boards and spinners do distance training. >> wait. these bags will be on the treadmill for two days. >> correct. 30 miles rolling. >> they're going way more miles than i would ever put in. seeing how much the handles can handle. and whether the bags can withstand weather including cold air a mile high. >> straight out of the freezer. got frost on it. >> you are looking for failures in the material, any cracks. >> what happened to this one. >> that is one of the big things of the cold crack test. in this case one of the wheels
10:46 pm
broke. >> reporter: testers are looking for the material they use to last for 15 years of normal use. >> we cut a piece, put it in the machine. this wheel we rotate constantly for 200 cycle. we compare them. >> they bring the bag. >> we're hitting start. >> to their breaking point. >> how many times do you sip unsip. >> 7500 cycles. >> 7500. >> when you're trying to close your bag and the bag is like really really full and actually pulling both sides. >> who would ever over stuff a suitcase? [ laughter ] >> travel pro wants their fabric to stretch to accommodate at least 60 pounds. so, you know, hypothetically speaking in i were to put my shoes in there my clothes in there, high hair stuff in there, my make up, more shoes in there. >> and everything is pulling the two ends of your bag. so that's how well we know. so 72 we're good. >> good to know.
10:47 pm
asking for friend. >> torturing more suitcases. [ laughter ] >> so we have have ensured that before we go to production the bag is perfectly fine and going to withstand the rigorous of the normal use. >> and that's how the rigors of use get rigorously tested. beating up bags in attempt to beat the competition. ♪ i don't think i put my golf clubs in those, kathy does iain, you can fit them n maybe the kids golf clubs. maybe not yours. >> exactly. >> a night. a few clouds rolling through. we have few flurries really not making it to the ground just showing up on ultimate doppler with moisture in the atmosphere. look at old city philadelphia deck out for the holidays. looking good tonight. little bit busy in center city. the temperature 33. of the high today 45. winds still out of the south southwest at 3 miles an hour. that's a mild wind for us but not much wind.
10:48 pm
right now range in temperature from burlington to charlottesville you can see about 7 degrees that's it from north to south with temperatures fairly uniform with some cloud cover moving in over the area, and winds relatively light. so went dough have to talk about wind chill for once. high pressure is sitting over us and as it moves offshore we see the clouds filtering in overnight and tomorrow. so morning clouds associated with this front. but behind it, clearing skies. at least by the noon hour. and breezy conditions with a high temperature around 50 degrees. behind this front, this cold front, not so cold. high pressure builds in from the west. so we still see temperatures in the upper 40s to around 50 degrees even as we head into friday. the future cast shows the clouds moving in and thickening overnight for the early morning perhaps north jersey and into the poconos a few showers. snow showers and then behind it, some drying conditions. so thursday afternoon looks sunny. friday looks like a sunny day and then all eyes on saturday christmas eve and of course in
10:49 pm
the evening the start of hanukkah. saturday morning we can see little bit of a wintry mix possible to the north and heading into north jersey for the rest of us some clouds. and then by sten, 11, 12:00 o'clock, rain across the region. rain possibly moderate to heavy at times quarter of an inch possible toll half an inch of rain. and then by the afternoon, it moves out, good news for the evening it should be dry we're looking at a dry christmas day as well. so overnight in the city, 31 degrees. in the suburbs 26. mostly cloudy, not quite at as chill will a south southwest wind much during the day tomorrow we have that front moving on in witness clouds temperatures will not be changing all that much. this is what we'll actually be waking up to. 31 in philadelphia. 31 in dover. the poconos 26. waking up to 28 in reading and waking up to 28 degrees in millville. when you look at the forecast for tomorrow, looks pretty decent. some morning clouds, some afternoon sun becoming breezy. winds becoming northwesterly that's a cool wind for us. 10 to 15 miles an hour gusting to 20.
10:50 pm
that's puts a little chill in the air on your seven day forecast. tomorrow evening for the birds little gusty. temperatures will be around 40 degrees at kickoff. for your friday looking good. saturday rain likely as we saw in the future radar. sunday looks good for christmas. monday kwanzaa looks good with increasing clouds. mostly sunny next tuesday and wednesday we'll be talking about cooler temperatures as we head toward the end of the new year but all occasions we'll start 2017 above average. pretty decent because you know it won't stay that way. we'll zen it back to you. hey, sean. >> kathy, we got a little college basketball tonight. villanova ick mag light work of another unworthy opponent. plus the flyers trying to get revenge on the team that knock them out of the playoffs. see if they can get it done next in sports.
10:51 pm
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>> flyers on two game losing streak but they've been great over the last month. they won 10 out of their last 12 and now they finally looked like a play off team tonight they got to see where they really are against the washington capitals
10:54 pm
at home. less than 302nd left in this one. capitals turn it over right here and look at this coming through in the clutch takes advantage and gets the goal. that sends this game into overtime. eventual al shootout. right here mason he's been coming up huge. unbelievable this year. gets the save. gets a little pay back against the team that knock them out of the playoffs. the flyers win three-two in that shoot out. eagles getting ready to take on the giants with nothing to play for but ego, pride and roster spot. but they can also play spoiler. giants are fighting for playoff spot in the eagles can at least take some pride in potentially knocking them out of the divisional race. they have to stop o'dell beckham, jr., to do so it's really about that giants defen defense. they've been playing lights out lately especially with landon collins as the leader. he should be the defense player of the year. the guys talk about how tough that group is. >> these guys are gelling at the
10:55 pm
right time and that's what you see and it's a defense that plays extremely hard and extre extremely fast, um, they've been opportunistic in creating some turnovers. >> they like to eat you up, they like to mick it up quite a bit. cover zero is a big thing they like to do. we got to be ready for that. we got to be ready for a lot of different blitz looks and know where 21 collins is all over the feel. he flies around. >> you can catch "game day live" on a special day saturday at 10:00 a.m. wrap up thursday's game look ahead to the final game of the year against dallas. college hoops, villanova has been the undisputed number one team in the country so far this year. undefeated blowing people out. but they haven't really played anyone worthy that was the same tonight. taking on american university early in the game. maikel bridges may be the best pro on this team drives to the rack and gets the dunk. he had 15 points, four boards. then letter on, easy work. kris jenkins gets the steal right here.
10:56 pm
that leads to a josh hart layup. josh hart that guy should be the player early leader of the player of the year. nova wins 90-48. 12-zero undefeated. once again they haven't played great competition like duke or kentucky. but still you win a championship you come back you're undefeated you deserve the number one spot. >> yeah. until otherwise. >> right? until we get into january and february and see how it goes. >> what's happening in the weather department? not feeling like the first day of winter, kathy. >> um-um. iain is getting the golf clubs out. yeah, going get warmer. we got 40s and 50s rain on saturday. but it should be out by the evening as we celebrate hanukk hanukkah. christmas day looks nice and even for kwanzaa looks great on monday and then temperatures staying in the 50s and 40s not too bad. >> no. not too winter like. >> not at all. >> all right, kathy. that's does it for us tonight at 10:00. iain page with what's coming up tonight at 11:00. >> how many drug recovery halfway houses can you fit into a town want would they do to your town's fabric? fox 29's
10:57 pm
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