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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  December 22, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> it was like hell, hell on earth. >> finally free after serving almost a decade in position prison for crime he did not commit. a philadelphia man is enjoying life at a free man, we hear from him and the people who helped him be free. >> plus, an international manhunt happening right now for the man accused of the terror attack in berlin, why this man is no stranger to authority. and tonight we have a football game folks. right here in philly. eagles versus the giant. i don't know. maybe we can keep them out of the playoffs, those stinking giants.
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>> one of those things hey, if you can't have this, if i can't have this i don't want you to have it either? >> exactly right. we did that to the redskins, let's do to to the giants. >> how many games are left now? >> two. >> two. >> you got your giants. and your cowboys. >> we're finishing off with the cowboys? >> uh-huh. >> good day everybody, it is december the 22nd 2016. >> and it is a thursday. >> it really is. >> ya. >> so, we're closer, closer, scott. good old friday. >> we're closer to the holiday weekends, as well. what, two more days until hanukkah. three more until christmas, folks still running around, doing last minute shopping. weather for today, looking pretty good. weather by the numbers on scale of one to ten, give today a eight. yesterday's high temperature was 45 degrees, i think today will be in the upper 40's, near 50. not as cold as the same time yesterday, already 37 degrees, 40 atlantic city, 41 dover.
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thirty-nine in wilmington, low 30's north and west. ultimate doppler, showing little bit of precipitation, not really making it to the grounds. might be early flurry chance or sleet pellet. most every lust stay dry. moles of the energy well to the north of us with the system moving through. so once again some morning clouds out there. temperatures top outright around 49 degrees by this afternoon in philadelphia. so, that high of 49, for this afternoon, then for tonight looking at those temperatures, bottom outright around 31 degrees. so coming up we will talk about the above average temperatures, and it does look like rain, bob kelly, for part of the holiday weekends. >> what? >> we have something here, we've not had since 2012, mike. >> let's celebrate. celebrate. >> i95 at cottman, been
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waiting tore this all my life. 2012. say it. >> all four lanes now open between cottman avenue and bridge street. this is what started this whole 95 construction project. back in 2012. you remember 2012? >> it has been hot mess since then, roll video from skyfox, over the scene last night when they kicked the cones off to the side and bamm, we got four brand spanking new lanes of roadway there for you between cottman avenue and bridge street, again, this began back in 2012. going to the maps, don't get too excited yet. save the sham ann pain, four lanes here, cottman to bridge, but we have until 2025 before we actually get to the end of the construction zone there, so the first stretch here cottman to bridge, what they opened up.
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the next stretch won't be completed until 2025. so still hit the three lanes into center city. good news, celebrate there in northeast philly. south on the northeast extension, just south of the lehigh valley tunnel. got tractor-trailer so far so good on the paoli line, still hot mess in south philly. will close columbus boulevard at 9:00, between 95 and washington, going to shut down the off ram frost columbus boulevard, as well, 422 eastbound, an accident right near arm and hammer boulevard. for the gang in norristown, watch for fire location along marshall street. mike and alex back over to you. >> finally free, after spending decade in prison, for a crime he didn't commit. this morning, dante rollins is waking up at home with his family. >> we have spent jenny -- sent
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jenny joyce freon this story in center city. here's jenny. >> dante walt ends out with chris o'connell, told chris most liking forward to hot bath, home cooked meal and reconnecting with his mother after nearly ten years behind bars. so cameras were there, they got first glimpse of rollins as he was exiting the correctional facility, walked out of prison with big smile on his face, after da seth williams dropped 2006 attempted murder charges against him. rollins was accused of playing a role in a shoot that left a six year old boy paralyzed in strawberry mansion, 29 year old serving 62 to 125-year prison sentence, and was awaiting a new trial when he was released. the da stopped shore of calling rollins innocent, but says, new information cast reasonable doubt in rollins' involvement. that was video evidence showing rollins' no where near the crime scene.
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now, a piece of evidence, his original attorney never brought up in court. rollins can thank the innocence project and his mother for his release. >> it was hell, hell on earth, that's what i describe, i didn't belong there, so being there, i didn't belong it, made my days extremely honk. >> what's this christmas going to be like at home, ava? >> problem bring tiring. got a lot of things we haven't done in years, you know, a lot of catching to up do. >> over time i've been over it, but right now i'm still little upset, should never have happened. but thanks to my lawyers, my family, that stuck with me, supported me through everything, finally over. >> this man stone cold innocent, just pains me that a lawyer didn't do his job resulted in him losing the years of his life, really heart breaking. >> see this? >> see this as wonderful. who couldn't be moved by this? >> well, now that's been released he plans to help
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other inmates in a similar situation, rollins sent us pictures last night of him out enjoying nice meal with his family and his lawyers, a lot of free connecting to do how appropriate. >> that's for sure. >> days before christmas, okay. jenny, 6:07 now. >> tunisia anti-terrorism police have questioned the family of the suspect wanted in the berlin deadly truck attack, police say two specialized grenades interrogated the family of anisanry at their home. issued wanted notice for him on wednesday, and offered reward up to $104,000 for information leading to his arrest. meanwhile, president-elect donald trump is speaking out about the deadly attack. >> attack on humanity. that's what it is, attack on humanity. and it's got to stop. >> authorities across europe have joined in the search for him. german media -- media reported
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several places searched including refugee home along the dutch border. >> three days after the deadly attack, berlin christmas market, it has reopened. truck a tai monday night left 12 people dead. forty-eight injured. it is now back open for business. >> shocking outcome in north carolina where state law makers have voted down the repeal of his controversial bathroom law. the law limiting lgbt rights which includes bathrooms peak people can use in schools and public building. >> today legislature had a right to dot right thing for north carolina. and they failed. law ignited fire storm of criticism against north carolina, cost the state hundreds every millions of dollars in lost business, because there are a loft celebrities, artists saying hey, we're not going to north carolina as long as this is in place. >> that's right. >> even companies, yes. >> things changed overnight for sure.
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major change, as well, for president-elect trump, the phrase he made famous on the campaign trail. that his advisors say he will no longer be using. >> and the major settlement over toddler's death. how much a local family will be getting after their son was killed by an ikea dresser.
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well furniture maker ikea has agreed april, get this, $50 million to three families whose children were killed after the dressers from ikea tipped over, fell on them, and killed them. >> one of those, the family of curran, two year old west chester boy who died in 2014 after an ikea dresser killed him. will donate $50,000 not children's hospital of philadelphia in memory of curran, will make similar donations to other children's hospital, for the two other families involved in the settlement. and if you love kettle cooked potato chips, as alex does, check the bag before you eat them. there is a recall for some of these chips. it is herr's chips. it is the smoked chipotle flavored kettle cooked potato chips. and peddler's pantry smoked
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dry chipotle kettle cooked potato chips. the company says the chips could be contaminated with salmonella. the dates and the. pc information are available on herr's website. herr's. com. >> makes you check those bags. >> that's right. >> 6:12. not valid for travel. why your pennsylvania drivers license could eventually keep you grounded if you try to use it to board a flight. >> what? i need more than a drivers license? >> yes. >> plus the flyers get back to their winning ways against the team that knocked them out of the playoffs last year. see the play that sealed the deal for the orange and black. i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! everything for the holidays. that's my giant.
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mstanding rib roast!ds to be wowed this year. wow. everything for the holidays. that's my giant. >> we have cloud corn, fast moving disturbance, little bit of moisture, a lot of this not making to the grounds. don't be surprise today see early flurry or sprinkle across the area, especially moving through the area, salem county, cumberland county, as well. once again, could be early flurry or sprinkle. but most of the energy, dynamics with the system, well to the north of us, up-state new york moving now, into new england.
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so this is a front, that will be sweeping through. >> more of south letter i component. temperatures responding pretty nicely above freezing, 37 wilmington, 41 dover, 39 now millville. thirty-three pottstown along with allentown. so across the region for today, move above average temperatures. how ironic is that? we begin winter, and talking about temperatures flirting with ooh degrees later on in center city. forty-eight down the shore, 46 in the lehigh valley. so we go hour by hour, morning clouds, 44 by noon, and by 3:00. above average temperatures, right around 49. that weather authority seven day forecast, showing, a quiet travel day for tomorrow. and then, some showers are likely, the first half of the day on your saturday. so, last minute shopping, on christmas eve, could be little wet to start. 50 degrees bob kelly on christmas day. >> q up that cool and the gang, celebration tune, let's do it. we got a party going on in
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northeast philadelphia, here's a live look at 95, at cottman avenue. all four lanes are open. >> rolling video from skyfox, over it last night there is was the beginning of this whole 95 construction project, as we know it, it started way back in 2012. now, imagine how many accidents and potholes and problems that happened in those four years. but we have smooth roadway, look, no cone in site. >> look at the guy on the left, problems oh, look at this. let's go little faster than 55 come on back to the maps, because we have four lanes open, that stretch between cottman and bridge street. >> to the betsy ross bridge,
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again, down to three lanes center city, so phase one completed, face two, three, four, the year 2025. >> south bound, just south of that lehigh valley, tunnel, watch for delays there, some delays on the media elwin line, out of the gate. not as cold this morning, as it was this time yesterday. so hopefully, that helps with the switches on the railroad. south on 202, accident, at welsh rd., also, over in vineland, over night crash, east avenue, at garden, just off of route 47 there. east on 422, accident at arm and hammer boulevard. eagles-giant game tonight. what do you say we raise the tolls for the giant fans coming in to see this game tonight? >> why not? >> sounds good to me. >> sports express trains start running at 6:00. you know our eagles fans, we got to get down here and tailgate. hot chocolate going early on down there, even not going to the game it will throw a tizzy
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here in that south philly area unusual traffic patterns throughout the day, blue route we go for ride northbound joe i from south philly here got her house all decorated with the reindeer. keep the pictures coming, been very kelly christmas, i got all of the pictures that everyone has sent to me up on my facebook page, bob kelly fox 29. tonight, we will jump in the decorated news van pay the toll, cul-de-sac of homes, all decorated there live for tonight's 5:00 news. >> is this the final night? >> final night. this is it going big? >> going big or going home. >> okay. >> it will be big. >> wait until you see this, it will be a good one. >> okay, 6:19. president-elect at his palm beach florida home celebrating christmas with his family, met with boeing ceo yesterday, to negotiate cost cutting for air force one trump has called on
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the government to cancel the multi-billion dollar contract. >> that program is very, very expensive. we had the camera -- chairman of boeing, the ceo. looking to cut tremendous amount of money off the debt. >> after that meeting boeing now says it will build the planes for less. meantime, trump has named billionaire investor kyle icon, you know that name in this area, as special advisor on regulatory reform. >> we're going to grain the swamp of corruption. >> so, mr. trump is taking some criticism from some supporters after former house speaker newt gingrich, trump advisor, said yesterday, trump will no longer use that phrase, drain the swamp in reference to reforms in
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washington. could it be because there are familiar face who is used to be in the swamp? back in the swamp. >> 6:21, odel women ham junior fined. see what got him in trouble at the nfl, just days after he criticized the league for not finding elliot. >> oh, he jumped into the -- >> see his michael jackson move? >> i like that, ya. he gets fined for. that will but you don't get fined for jumping into a salvation army coat. >> well, actually he was fined for a different reason. we're just showing this video of him. >> that's true. his shoes, right? it is about his shoes? >> well, don't spoil the tease. >> i think it is more than, that it is his shoos.
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>> this is fox 29 sports in one minute. >> good morning, aim sean women. eagles getting ready -- ready to face red hot carson defense. talks about how good that unit is, especially, with safety landon collins. >> they like to mix it up quite a bit. cover zero is a big thing they like to do, so, we got to be ready for that, ready for a lot of different blitz, we got
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to know where column since, he is all over the field, he flies around. >> to the flyers and capitol, measuring sick type of game. the flyers showed up. they went to shoot-out and steve mason getting it done once again. that was the game winning safer and the flyers get big huge win, three-two, to college hoops, villanova taking on american university. second half, chris jenkins with the steel. josh heart with the easy lay in rid there out scored america 50 to 19 in the second half. improving to 12 and zero. that's sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. >> fifty to 19, second half. let's talk about odel beckham, jr. >> he criticized the nfl this week for deciding not to sign elliot for touchdown celebration, you know, when he went inside the kettle. now facing a fine himself. beckham wore these specially
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designed cleets sunday versus the the lions to honor, and then auctioned off going to cancer reserve: apparently were not approved by the nfl. so beckham was fined. >> so odel announced the fine in a comment on desean jackson's instagram. jackson posted this photo of the cleets he wore on sunday. and he was fined for them, as well. in the comments, odel beckham posted: i got fined for craig saying err cleets that were auctioned off to the highest bidder and donated to proceeds to his cancer research foundation. 18k like it's nothing to them. no warning to take them off or anything, nothing. >> see interesting point, hey, if it is wrong, tell me to take them off and i'll switch them. >> they are told at the beginning of the year you have to wear exact uniforms. it is like going to all boys
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catholic school. do you have wear that uniform the exactly the way they ask you to. >> maybe uniform checks? i remember skirts, we had to kneel on the ground, the skirt had to touch the floor. >> is that right. >> otherwise it was too short. >> now were you one of those ladies after you measured it you would roll it up? >> a lot of girls, yes, they would roll up their skirts. >> roll up their skirts. >> girls. >> some girls. >> the fine comes just days after odel tweeted this about elliot's touchdown celebration, with the salvation army kettle. that's funny there's no fine for that. i could only imagine if i was the one to do it. just being honest. >> well, i wonder then for his michael jackson dance if he got fined for that. >> it will be interesting to see. i'm sure he'll bewaring regular cleets then tonight when he comes to philly. someone just tweeted and they said dress like the eagles giants game tonight. i have the eagles green, and you have the blue.
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the giants blue on. >> oh, i didn't think about that. i apologize. >> even though he will bewaring black tonight, so technically? >> one of those nurse night games, all one color. >> the color rush. so the giant i think will be all white and we will be all black. >> some people are saying because of color rush usually color that's different. we've worn the whole black before. we love the all black. >> i like to see like all gray uniform, something like that. >> or all midnight green. >> oh, ya. >> meet this guy after ten years in prison, for crime he did not commit. the new evidence that set a philadelphia man free for christmas.
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>> do we have music for this? >> it is early christmas friend for some philadelphia commuters. why traveling on 95 will be a little easier for you this morning. >> plus not valid for travel. why your pennsylvania drivers license could eventually keep you grounded if you want to fly somewhere. getting more id than just the pennsylvania drivers license not on our turf. eagles interest lying to prevent the giants from a playoff at the linc tonight.
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>> oh, there will be a lot of stinking giants fans down here. >> oh, ya. >> you have my wondering with the bright blue on. >> i didn't think that through. hey good day everybody, it is thursday, december the 22nd, 2016. >> the question is scott how -- >> kick off 8:25, temperatures will be in the upper 30s, but feels like temperatures probably be in the 20's due to the went out of the northwest, ten to 15 miles per hour, so, it will be turning chilly and breezy, mike and alex, for that game at the linc. later on tonight. right now, temperatures are climbing into the mid to upper 30's, 37 right now in philadelphia. winds out of the north 5 miles per hour, waking to up 40 degrees right now, atlantic city, 41 in dover. thirty-three right now in pottstown, and allentown. as we look at ultimate doppler we've been talking about this this morning, moisture kind of moving through the area, there could be some early flurries, some sleet pellets, or
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sprinkle, shouldn't amount to much. not whole lot of moisture, to work with, but nonetheless moving through the i95 area. part of south jersey can't rule out the sprinkle or two. most of the innocent with that well to the north. not as frigider temperatures in the 30's for bus stop buddy. 49 degrees the high temperature for today. clouds to sun. then tonight it turns cold again, temperatures in the low 30's, bob? >> hey, scotty good morning, everybody, six of 33:00 on a thursday. we are looking live at the 42 freeway. starting to see some volume pop. coming in toward philadelphia, also, today's the first official travel rush day, down at the airport, so make sure to give yourselves two hours before your departure time down there. northeast extension, southbound, accident just south of the lehigh valley tunnel. some delays starting to pop on the regional rails, media elwyn and the west trenton line, also a crash south on 202, at welsh rd. buckle your seatbelt. lets guess for ride. skyfox, last night, over the grand opening here of i59
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between cottman and bridge street. we haven't seen a cone free zone here since 2012. so all four lanes, both directions, are construction-free. so that is great news, early gift from santa claus. >> you know what we should do? >> what should we do? >> sends a reporter to this scene. >> you know what? >> ninety-five at cottman. >> instant request. this is like we're on the radio, bamm. jenny joyce live at cottman avenue. jenny are they tooting the horns and celebrate interesting for you? >> kind of sad, big deal. >> yes, it is. this is a big deal. >> reporter: you know, i would expect some horns out here. i think people are very excited to be cruising along i95 here, as you said, merry christmas, happy hon can from penndot. i95 kicked the barriers and construction gear and reopened all four lanes between cottman avenue and bridge street for the first time since 2012. so the work was part of a
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$212 million project to widen and reconstruct one and a half miles of i-95 between blie avenue and construction street, construction added fourth lane in each direction along this stretch of i95 again start in the 2012. it's been a long road, forgive the pun, improvement project also included replacing seven structurally deficient bridges on the interstate, upgrading four existing ramps, constructing 13 retaining walls, and installing storm water drainage pipes, and and intelligent transportation equipment. so several road construction project along i95 north of center city are either underway or slated for the future, widening, reconstructing this aging infrastructure, is going to continue through at least 2025. but again, now we have all four lanes, no barriers, no cones, along this stretch of i-95 between cottman and bridge street. back to you guys. >> oh, jenny just take your coat off and run down the
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highway. scare free. >> someone tweeted me saying we waited ten years for this almost. ya, this is amazing. >> well the next time we celebrate, 2025. will i still be doing this show? >> i hope so. >> oh, god. please no. >> mike? >> no. >> look at this guy's face. how would you feel? would you be bitter? a philadelphia man is probably up already this morning a free man after spending ten years in prison for a crime he didn't commit. his name dante rollins, walked out of prison with a big smile on hits face, surrounded by his lawyers and his family. district attorney seth williams dropped a 2,006 attempted murder charge against him, dante was accused of playing a role in a shoot that left a six year old boy paralyzed. that was in strawberry mansion, years ago. now that he's been cleared,
6:37 am
dante says he's going to start life again. >> so i'm just happy to be out. you know what i mean? it was a messed up what happened to me, but it is over now. so i'm going to go on and start my life. >> rollins also says he plans to help other inmates who are in a similar situation. he said there are so many more out there who are just like me. >> 66:37. >> well the hunt for the driver of that big truck that rammed into a christmas market in berlin germany is expanding. >> thomas drayton apparently authority no who this guy is. >> the search for anisamri is intensifying, here is a picture of the 24 year old, authority across europe are joining forces in the search. german media reported a refugee home along the dutch border was searched overnight. and police in denmark, also searched a ferry bound for
6:38 am
sweden, after receiving tips that someone resembling amri had been spotted. also, tunisia anti-terrorism police have questioned amri's family. meanwhile, things are starting to show signs returning back to normal for residents in berlin there is christmas market has since reopened, of course, with a lot of emotions. we should also mention german authorities issued a wanted notice for amri wednesday, it offered reward up to $104,000, that's 100 your owe's, for information leading to his arrest. i believe it is updated on. that let's get back to this story out of next woe -- mexico, outside of mexico city. death toll now stands at 32 in mexico after a fireworks market exploded tuesday. there is not much left of the market, nearly 50 people are still in the hospital following these blasts. most of severe burns. what exactly set everything off is still under investigation. >> and surveillance video
6:39 am
shows a man police believe could be behind a three county crime spree. from buckets county to philadelphia, and to the main line, detective say he's broken into at least five businesses in just a few days, they include paint store, nail salon, food mart. this burglar strikes in the middle of the night, armed with crowbar, clawhammer. once inside, he heads straight for the cash register and the safe. >> he's calculated. he's going from police to place, town to town. and just reek ago lot of havoc at this point we need to get him off the street. >> authorities are now keeping a look out for his get-away car. here it is. it is an older model, e class america said eats. hoping it will lead to their suspect. didn't the smash and grab guys have a mercedes too from a month ago, remember that, over at boyds? >> good point. >> silver mercedes. well, starting in january. >> not this coming one but the next one. >> 2018. it will get little more difficult for pennsylvania residents to catch a flight.
6:40 am
see the tsa is putting travelers on alert, that new regulations will go in effect january of 2018. >> ready for this? this is all thanks to the real id act, which takes effect in january of 2018. like you mentioned. the law requires all drivers license to be compliant. but, pennsylvania passed a law back in 2012 site it would not participate in this act. delaware is compliant, and new jersey has extension until october 10, 2017. so that means you'll have something extra then when you travel, like a passport? >> i would get a passport. >> yes? >> yes. >> so while maybe going to the airport today and tomorrow, and complaining about the long lines, just think, rat least you only have to deal with your i.d. soon you have to have your passport. won't work. >> what about my id, like to hooters. >> you mean like to check if you're about to drink. >> well, you know, if i get ten hooter breast sandwiches,
6:41 am
the chicken breast sandwiches. >> yes? >> you get free one. >> what does that have to do with a id? >> well, my name is on it. >> what does it have to do with a id? the sandwiches? >> that won't work? >> you need to be a certain age to get sandwiches. >> true. >> you don't need to be a certain age to go to hooters. you just want an excuse. >> to mention hooter. >> who knows what we're talking about. >> true. >> all i'm saying. >> what about my fox id that i have? >> what about it? >> i'll show my fox id. >> oh, it is funny. i have seen it. >> to get into the building. >> what does that have to do with -- >> has nothing to do with it, you need a passport. >> okay. i just get nervous when i travel with my passport. specially if i'm going international watch if i lose it, that's big thing to lose. >> well, don't lose it. >> okay. >> nfc showdown. see if we can show it a showdown. what a dopy game tonight. i guess the only thing, i'll watch it, i'm in the going to go out to it, but i'll watch
6:42 am
it. just so we can maybe keep the giants out of the playoffs. stinking giants.
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>> good morning, everybody, 6:44, looking live at the 42 freeway coming in toward philadelphia. starting to see some pockets of volume, as our thursday morning rush hour is underway. northeast extension, southbound, just south of the lehigh valley tunnel. got tractor-trailer that's off the roadway there, delays, on
6:45 am
the media elwyn, the west trenton and the fox chase line this morning, 202 south, a crash at welsh rd., watch for police there, columbus boulevard, the water crew coming back at 9:00, will close the southbound lanes, and also, off-ramps from 95, to columbus boulevard. speaking of 95, come on, let's go for aeried skyfox over the scene last night, in northeast philadelphia. all four lanes back in business, signalling the completion of phase one of the 95 construction. this project, kick off way back in 2012. but we got four lanes lock at the guy, going above the speed limit there. that was the scene last night. so we are good to go in northeast philadelphia. the second phase of the construction still out there from the betsy on down to girard. who is hungry? my favorite day of the week,
6:46 am
we go to the morning glory diner. where they have monkey bread, french toast, needy say more? meet me at tenth and fitzwater today, at 9:00. come on, you got your lights, keep them coming. we've been showing christmas lights all month long, i got all of the pictures of all of the lights from our very kelly christmas up on my facebook page, tonight, we will jump in the news van, and head to cherry hill, new jersey, where we have an entire cul-de-sac that's all decorated for the holidays. this is last night, so we will make it big. what's the forecast like for tonight? scotty's got it coming up in 15 seconds. time is 6:46. 37 degrees right now in philadelphia. winds out of the north at about 5 miles per hour. not as cold as it has been
6:47 am
early mornings this week, across the area, 41 right now in dover. we're looking at 40 in atlantic city. we have 33 degrees right now in allentown and pottstown. so ultimate doppler showing some morning clouds, a little bit of moisture, can't rule out a sprinkle, couple of sleet pellets, kind of passing through the area. but it will be short-lived. and not really amounting to much. it will kind of zoom in little closer, couple of reports around 95, of a sleet pellet and couple of flurries in wilmington, along with some rain showers. but, most of the moisture, off to the north, across the area, for today, 49 center city, 48 down the shore, 46 in the lehigh valley. and once again, looking at clouds, giving way to sun, travel day for tomorrow, looking pretty good. for the eastern seaboard, moving into the midwest, north texas, some showers, and very unsettled, if you are traveling on your friday, toward parts of the pacific northwest. now, saturday, we start off cloudy, damp, dreary. here is 10:00 a.m. saturday. christmas eve, temperatures in the 30's, to start, there
6:48 am
could be little bit of an icing, mix, north and west, but temperatures by the afternoon, warming into the upper 40's, to right around 50, the seven day forecast showing you, that rainfall chance on christmas eve. but temperatures christmas day right around 50. back over to you guys. >> okay, scott, game tonight, as you know, the eagles hosting the giants tonight on thursday night football. and they have a chance to play spoiler, the giants would clinch a playoff spot with a win at the linc. the eagles hoping to prevent that from happening on their home turf. the eagles also getting a boost on the offensive line with lane johnson back returning from his ten game suspension. ironically, offensive line, completely intact tonight. >> it all makes what 16 weeks, you know, to get there. and here we r we get to see what could have been with lane johnson's up. >> what could have been.
6:49 am
>> i tell you, if you look at how well jason peters has played on the other side, you can clearly make the argument that if lane johnson is healthy, this is a playoff team. the eagles are at the very least in a position where the giants are tonight. >> he killed this team being out this year. >> and what did he do to get suspended? >> well, he took a substance that was banned by the nfl. but technically, if you look on the website, by the nfl players association, it wasn't banned or it wasn't note that it was banned. it is complicated. but the bottom line is he committed an infraction that he no, sir. >> ya? >> he let the team know. >> no question. >> but i guess if you are trying to look for some bright spot in all of this at least he's snack. >> that's a good bright spot. >> carson wentz won't be totally crushed tonight, because lane johnson is back. >> but for us, though, what's it say about us and where the season is, where our goal is? let's make sure they don't get the playoff. >> that they don't clinch here. >> well, if you look at the start of the season, if a lot of people thought, well there is isn't a playoff team, it is
6:50 am
really about growing the quarterback, it is about seeing what you have for the future, then these are the types of games you have at the end of the season. the problem is, remember, back when this team was three and zero? warm out. my suit didn't fit. all of these great things were happening? >> yes. >> now what happens? the team is done. the reality has sunk in. so you go down there, and you cheer and you play spoiler. that's really the role we have. >> which is fine. now odel beckham, jr. he was fined for wearing shoes that celebrated the the life of craig sager long time side ryan reporter. >> yes. >> isn't that kind of silly? >> yes. could you call it what it is, it is a joke. >> a joke. >> really is a joke. the nfl has no consistency with their fines, they allow elliot to dive into a sat vague -- salvation army pot, but then fine another guy for shaking hands with his teammate in the end zone. and that's just the latest line which is have some self
6:51 am
awareness if you're the nfl. craig sayingr is not just a giant, legend to the nba, but to sports. >> to sports. >> you have a stand out player in odel beckham, who is honoring craig sager legacy, and the message saw can't do that. >> and even donate today cancer rear is her. >> $18,000. >> who decides this? is this like a committee who says you know what we don't like that, we will give them a fine? >> ya, i'm trying to figure that out. it is almost like it could be robots. because those rules aren't really human right? >> now, are you fan of the color rush uniforms? >> i am a fan of the old school kelly green, if they had gotten that. >> who told us we should just be in black? >> well, it is not that i dislike the black, don't get me wrong. i think of all of the color rush uniforms, we're in the top tear. >> there are the giants, we will be all black. >> i like all black. >> my issue is we already have an all black uniform. i love it too. but this is different. >> it is different in a way. >> okay, we will put together side by side.
6:52 am
because there is one small difference, but it is still black, all black, and all black. >> the all black that we normally wear has a white stripe down it, which looks like a skeleton to me. i don't think that white stripe is going to be on there tonight. >> they've change that. >> so here is the difference. you're right, the stripe is gone. >> ya. >> okay. >> so that will look pretty good. >> now that's subtle change? >> isn't it? color rush, like stand out, be boom, in your face, color. >> gray. >> no, why gray? >> at less it is not a burr un did i or color tough on the eyes. >> like the seahawks when they had theirs, bright highlight ers, my god. >> same people who make the rules thought that up. >> who make the fines? >> hey, do me a favor. will you hang around for the next hour? >> i would love to. >> we'll have little sports panel, and go little deeper on this stupid game. >> more meaningless football? i love it. yes. >> yes. it will be perfect. >> thank you. >> let me tell this, just in time for the holiday, a local couple gets the surprise of a
6:53 am
lifetime. how their community is stepping up to help them to tie the knot. >> ♪ >> ♪
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
>> congratulations,. >> look at that surprise, they've been together for 11 years, both battled cancer, now don't have to worry about paying for a wedding. al del fee an events, men's warehouse, tongs of other vendors, awarded this couple, kevin and ashley, a wedding expense covered wedding, everything is covered. it includes up to 125 guests, nice size wedding, looker held at adel fee a restaurant in deposition forwards, new jersey, that's special. >> nicely done. >> pretty cool, congratulations to them. i'm sure it will be abut full wedding. >> but is that as exciting as the opening of i-95 at cottman? >> well, look at you. >> it is close. >> four lanes, i love this music, four lanes are open. it is surely a celebration, smooth sailing, no barriers, no cones, for the first time since 2012.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
>> you know what i mean? messed up what happened to me, but it is over now, so, i am going to go on and start my life. >> after serving decade in prison for crime he didn't commit, new evidence, that the philadelphia man free. we hear from the people who helped proof his innocence.
7:00 am
international manhunt happening right now, this is the man accused every killing 12 people at a christmas market in berlin. >> some philadelphia commute verse reason to be happy this morning. why you can expect less congestion, along one stretch of i-95. >> and, it will be a thursday night showdown in south philadelphia. the eagles hosting the giants, in a divisional match up. how the birds can play spoiler against their hated rivals tonight. >> good day everybody, it is thursday, thursday night football. >> thursday knight football. >> and december 22, 2016. >> so, what's weather going to be like if i end upgoing to this game? >> told, naught as cold as it could be. yesterday was 45, today will probably be near 50, temperatures dropping later tonight. >> not bad.


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