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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  December 22, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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for months found dead. her mom now a person of interest in the investigation. and who is watch your loved ones when you're away? the new program to give you piece of mind. your news starts in sit they could. >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 10. happening now, haunting question. what exactly happened to grace
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packer? the search for the missing 14-year-old came to a heartbreaking end luzerne county with the discover receive her body. >> tonight another twist the girl's mother is now a person of interest in the investigation. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm dawn timmeney in tonight for lucy noland. the case was involving law enforcement from three different counties. let's get straight out to fox 29's chris o'connell at abington township police with the very latest. chris? >> reporter: dawn, police here in abington township do know one thing is for certain. and that is 14-year-old grace packer was murdered. her dismembered body found about 100 miles north of here in the woods. but as you said n a shocking twist, her adoptive mother is now charged in connection with this case. but police still need your help. on the abington street killed filled with lights and decorations one house sits conspicuously dark. could it be where 14-year-old
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grace packer was killed? >> how did this young girl disappear from her home in abington township and end up in a remote area of lysine county? >> reporter: those are questions prosecutors from three counties are still asking. after grace's dismembered body was found by hunters in the woods of luzerne county on halloween morning. >> it's a sad day when ever you have to to announce a missing teenaged girl was found but not found alive. >> reporter: prosecutors say grace's own mother, 41-year-old sarah packer, knows more about her daughter's disappearance than she's letting on much charged with child endangerment prosecutors say sara packer withheld information, lied to detectives and at one point investigators couldn't even get in touch with packer. after she suddenly moved away to quakertown. all while collecting and spending more than three grand in disability payments meant for
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grace's care. >> the mother never came out. if they other children the other children never came out. >> reporter: neighbors who live and work near the home never even laid eyes on the family when did he lived here. not a word a teenager had been missing right across the street. >> i've never seen the mom or the daughter, there were no missing person's signs. no search parties. no one knocking on the door saying, hey, have you seen her? >> we're especially interested in speaking to anyone who might have seen sarah and her daughter grace together or individually from june onward. >> reporter: now, this afternoon a judge has lowered sarah packer's bail but she still remains in the montgomery county jail tonight on $10,000 bail. dawn? >> all right, chris, thank you. on your radar, a winter warmup today but all is not calm on the horizon. meteorologist kathy orr is here now to explain. and the timing not so great, kathy.
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>> , no it certainly isn't, dawn. we're looking at a dry evening across the region. pretty nice out there. a little bit of a wind. in philadelphia 42 degrees. pottstown 38 degrees. 32 in the poconos. it's a warmest it's been in several nights. you can see in millville, atlantic city 40n dover, it is 41 degrees. now tomorrow morning waking up to temperatures that are cooler mainly in the 20s philadelphia waking up to 31 degrees. it will be a cold start but a sunny day and temperatures will be rebounding once again. all is dry to the east. but to the west, there's a storm brewing in the southwest bringing snow to denver. it's bringing rain to new mexico and also to arizona all of this moving toward the northeast and that means rainy travel for christmas eve. so coming up we'll talk about the rain timing that out. take look at the christmas forecast and getting even warmer in that seven day forecast. certainly unusual for the end of 2016. i'll see you with those details later in the broadcast. >> kathy, thanks. developing now the search continues in camden county for
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marine missing for several week. emergency crews used a drone to try to find 29-year-old lance james but they still confined him. on tuesday our cameras were out in clementon new jersey state police marine unit searched for him. the last time friends or family saw james was back on decembe december 2nd he left the hide away tavern after an altercation much there's a $5,000 reward for any information that helps to find james. police in camden county are trying to figure out who shot and killed a woman inside a home late last night. it happened around 11:30 at be a let village housing complex along state street in camden. officers found the 34-year-old woman schenn later died at cooper university hospital. investigators are not sure of a motive at this time and not released the woman's name. >> reporter: princeton university cancel the rest of the men's swimming and diving team season. we first told you last week the university had suspended the season over parent apparent quote vulgar and offensive material the team posted online
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while the school says misogynistic and racist posts mentioned the women's swimming team. search is on for a man who robbed a 7eleven in south philadelphia. surveillance video captured the man stormin storming into the sn the 800 block of south eighth street on black friday. police say he threaten the employee with a knife and got away with cash. he was last seen near second and washington. fortunately no one was hurt but if you recognize this guy, police want to hear from you. new developments now in the search for the man suspected in that deadly christmas market attack in germany. investigators say they have found more clues inside the truck used in the attack. new video also surfaced that reportedly shows the attacker. friends every anisamri tunisian national suspected in the berlin truck attack on christmas market confirmed that this is him in this short selfie video clip. today investigators say they found the fingerprints and amri inside the cab of the truck used to plow through the crowd. right now police across europe are scrambling to find the
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24-year-old. 12 people died and dozens more were injured in that attack. isis has called amri1 of its soldiers. he has been on the radar of authorities before this attack. big developments today in the trump transition. one of the major criticisms of donald trump during the campaign was that he lacked the temperament to have his finger on the newspaper collar button. today he tweeted it's time for a major nuclear upgrade. >> this as the woman widely credited with getting the president-elect to the white house broke a glass ceiling of his own. >> on the day mr. trump received his daily briefing he also tweeted this "the united states must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes". mr. trump was tweeting from florida and his daughter ivanka headed that way from new york, she and her family were harassed by a passenger who disagrees with her father's politics.
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the passenger tweeted his intention to confront miss truck and he was removed. president-elect is forming new white house national trade council and asked the well-known china critic dr. peter navarro to head it up given kellyanne conway the title of counselor to the president, making her the highest ranking woman in his white house. >> i think that when you have this opportunity, it's an honor certainly but also very humbling. >> mr. trump added another administration higher today naming the republican national committee chief strategist sean spicer as white house press secretary. new jersey families who suspected higher home health worker abusing one of their loved ones can now get a surveillance camera from the state. attorney general christopher perino announced details of the new safe care cam program and the state will let you borrow a small camera for 30 days to keep an eye on care worker. prosecutors say this year alone nearly 300 certified home health aids were disciplined for crimes
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on and off the job. >> you really don't have any idea how they're going to behave when no one is watching. they can have all the necessary credentials, they can be great on an interview, but they can also be an abuser. >> for information on thou pick out one of these cameras or how to report suspected abuse head to our website well it is considered the busiest day of the year for the united states postal service. working hard to make sure your hard workshopping well it pays off and we have all been there waiting, hoping our packages make it to the door in time for the holiday. >> for that we just put our faith in our deliveryman and woman. our brat satin followed one around on his busiest of days. >> reporter: safe to say richard company dough hins step daughter are behind schedule. only now are they mailing off this gift a pair of soccer cleats to family member in
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mexico. >> this is the last minute stuff, so we have been procrastinating a little bit just a little bit. >> reporter: the busiest package drop off day was on monday which makes today the busiest delivery day for the post office. as if carrier paul had to be told to. >> does today feel like the busiest day of the year. >> it does. it's a lot of work. that's what it's all about. we're almost at the home stretch. >> reporter: his route usually involves a 12-mile walk each d day. but wisely he'll be driving loading up the truck and he 34 other carriers at this station will cover 21,000 addresses. >> it's been a long couple of week here. >> reporter: carriers like paul haven't had day off in two and a half week. turns out even other carriers rely on the post office. this is a shipment coming from fed ex the postal service that will take these gifts on the last leg of their journey. as paul make the rounds today, about half of his knocks on doors went unanswered. and so with time rung out he'll try again tomorrow. what all neighborhoods need is a
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person like janice jones who agreed to take in her neighbor's packages while they're at work. >> be honest aren't i was little curious what might be in there. >> no. uh-uh. no, no -- i don't even know. i don't even know whether any of them are for me. so i just don't -- it's all right. i just receive. >> reporter: meanwhile paul is back on the truck off to the next stop. >> it's hard work but it's nice seeing people smile while they get their package. >> reporter: if you're planning on mailing your gift tomorrow the post office tells me there's still a chance it could get there in time as long as it's not, say, mexico. in north philly, brad satin, fox 29 news. this local girl is waging fierce battle with cancer while she's in the hospital, people who love her have been working hard to create holiday cheer. the surprise she'll never forg forget. plus -- she bought a wedding dress gone forever after unfortunate mix up until our shawnette wilson found it.
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>> oh, my god, are you serious? >> you open it. >> oh, my god. >> the amazing story you'll see only on fox. 12-year-old had no idea how big her vision would be realized when she set out to help people in need seven years ago. >> i just new deep down i wanted to start something that would do the same and approached my mom. telling her what i wanted to do. >> caitlin is in college now, her mission even bigger. she's looking for your help. my guest list just tripled.
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everything for the holidays. that's my giant. ♪ tonight police are hunting for the driver who crashed into several parked cars in wynnefield heights overnight. five owners woke up this morning to find their cars damaged on the 4,000 block of ford road. police say it happened around 2:15 this morning. thankfully no one was inside any of the cars at the time. philadelphia mayor jim kenney working to improve asian-american relations in the philadelphia community. >> this comes in the wake of violent robberies targeting business owners. he introduced new commission on asian-american affairs today at city hall. crime and immigration were among the hot topics. the mayor spoke about the importance of keeping
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philadelphia a sanctuary city. he also said it's key that the city accepts people of all backgrounds. >> worst thing we can possible dollar a give immigrant folks the belief that our police are there to round them up and to inter them in way. >> the mayor called robbers targeting asian-americans a serious problem and said the police continue to investigate. if you don't believe there may be angels on earth don't tell that to the folks in around pitman new jersey. what started out as big idea of a 12-year-old girl continues to grow. way beyond their small town, beyond the handful of supporters and beyond even providing christmas cheer. >> seven years later joyce evans checks in on a young woman now asking people to find it in their hearts to help a thousand more all year round. >> hi. >> reporter: wow! >> they're giving. >> oh yeah. >> a lot of clothes. >> they're things people donated.
10:16 pm
>> reporter: they're receiving. >> this is wonderful. >> report roar tearing up. and hugging it out. >> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: non-stop action at angels of god community out reach. >> that's assigned for shelter. pink house with the purple drop off bin overflowing by midday. >> we're doing over a thousand kids this christmas. >> a thousand? >> yes. >> reporter: now, that's in addition to the needs of thousands of men, women, teenagers, little ones and, yes, four legged furies. they serve 24/7, 365 days a ye year. >> really nice kids coats. adult men's sweat pants really nice boots that will be good for wintertime. women's jackets. men's ties. we have lots of them as well. >> reporter: thanks to very generous, loyal donors and volunteers. >> a lot of people fallen on hard times temporarily, whatever, they have animals. >> reporter: he was absolutely thrilled to meet the head angel in charge.
10:17 pm
>> so glad to meet you. >> so great to meet you. >> reporter: 19-year-old caitlin darrell home from college and straight to work. >> i think she's amazing. >> reporter: great to see somebody early on have that sort of mindset to do these thing. >> will that work. >> reporter: alyssa darrell the mother of all angels rechecking her list, stan's list from families seeking help. the lists or applications are matched up with donors. mostly regular folks. >> hi, how how are you. >> reporter: to go shopping or give cash to fulfill a request or two. >> this is for 13-year-old girl. nail polish and all that kind of good stuff. so, um, also with the teens sometimes people donate gift cards and that's always great. teenagers are a little harder to shop for but we help all the way through high school. >> what we have left will have families that didn't get a chance to sign up.
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>> one little idea -- >> reporter: idea was born out of the worst time of their life. caitlin was only 12 years old when alyssa and her daughters lost everything in a house fire. they were also victims of domestic violence. >> you know how it feels to be, you know, not know what you're going to do or, you know, how you're going buy the kid, you know, clothes for school or, you know, when people come through it's just a feeling, you know, i don't know how to explain it. >> i just new deep down that i wanted to start something that would do the same and approached my mom telling her what i wanted to do. >> you're going to make me cry. >> she was so supportive and always been, you know, my number one fan. >> reporter: it started out offering only clothing. seven years ago. >> we started it and thinking, you know, she'll do it for a month or two and she'll be done, and it went on and on. ideas got bigger and bigger. >> reporter: until there was no more space in the first
10:19 pm
building of the non-profit angels of god. >> as you can see, you don't see much floor space especially this time of year. we run out of room quickly. >> reporter: caitlin's next big idea -- >> so this is the building that we're currently renting and would like to try to buy. report roar and use that rent money to feed, clothe and pay for class trip maybe or another special wish. >> look at this room. >> yeah it is very full. we have amazing gifts in here. and we have a whole basement full. >> reporter: full of brand new rides. >> you've got to be kidding me. >> sorting and storing those here. >> we're completely volunteer run. we don't have paid employees. >> the other building will help us be able to take larger corporate donations of new clothing or let trees or food sometimes we have to turn away because we don't have the space right now.
10:20 pm
we can't take it but now we can say, yes, we can take it. >> reporter: the angels are fundraising to get the 165 grand it costs. >> it's a lot of money, but, um, i think that it's really what we need to do in order to take the next step. >> reporter: the donors go to great lengths for kids of parents who have been really struggling. some of them out of work. >> oh, it's wonderful. i don't know what we would do without her. >> we can promise everything but we try to get them a few things on their list. >> we did get her a hatchimal so popular this year. >> she's going to freak out. >> lois eight-year-old daughter is not expecting all of this. there's no way that we can afford to do this. i mean this is such a blessing, like, who does this? >> wait. there's more. next door. >> steel have fun on this. >> i'm speechless. aw. w yeah. i'm so happy we can help.
10:21 pm
>> merry christmas. >> overwhelming. >> the whole community coming together. what makes my heart feel warm. >> angels refused to take credit for any of this. >> we're just the middle angels. >> exactly. >> oh, they're so much more. >> thank you guys so much. >> thank you. >> joyce evans, fox 29 news. good stuff. this is incredible video you've got to see. this guy was just sitting on the bus when something explodes what was in his pocket that sent him to the hospital and the warning he ignored. they can catch you by surprise but they can be deadly we're talking about food allergies and children can be the most vulnerable. but there's new technique that involves tricking your children's body into not having a reaction. we'll show you exactly how it works. (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ wild video out of fresno, california e-cigarette exploded in the pocket of a passenger ride ago bus. witnesses say the victim was trying to use the device and other people were trying to tell him to stop when the guy put it back in his pocket it exploded. the victim was taken to the hospital. he was conscious and alert and suffered minor burns to his right thigh and hand.
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naacp leaders in north carolina are threatening an economic boycott of the state. >> that's because the state' jones al assembly failed to repeal that controversial house bill two. that bill requires people to use the bathroom that alliance with the gender on their birth certificate and led to some protests around the country from transgender writes groups and several organizations entertainers pulled business from the state. >> this is the new south rising. >> yeah! [ applause ] >> and this is the south that stream mists who only get elected by using the strategies of the southern strategy. >> that's right. >> they are afraid of this kind of diversity. leaders on both sides of the aisle say this issue is far from over as we head into the new year. >> she thought her wedding dress was gone forever after unfortunate mix up until hour shawnette wilson found it. >> oh, my god, are you serious? >> you open it.
10:26 pm
>> oh, my god! >> the amazing story you will see only on fox. and kathy orr tracking your forecast. >> i just love that story y we're talking about a cool night tonight and then another beautiful day tomorrow but see this mess in the southwest? that is going to impact our weekend. we'll talk more about that as we head toward christmas coming up. ♪ >> it's hank what's the matter it's getting late and you're still undecided on gifts? i got you. there's great gifts everywhere. we'll take you out to gloucester county and show what i mean in just a minute. ♪ think of your fellow man.
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>> great update to a story you'll see only on fox 29. we first told you about it earlier this month big surprise tonight for woman who thought she had lost her mother's wedding dress forever. the dress had been in storage unit and then that unit was auctioned off. >> she was afraid she would never ever see it again. to night some amazing news. shawnette wilson is live in philadelphia city hall where that dress just happened to turn up.
10:30 pm
shawnette? >> reporter: yes, so none much us could believe this when we found out about this in the meeting this afternoon at the station, right? well, what we know is that someone actually dropped the dress off here at city hall. city officials contacted us and you just can't imagine the emotion when we return this dress to this woman this evening. she had been searching for it for about three years now. >> there's quite a few people that had said that i needed to get over it. >> rosalyn plum was still heart broken two week after we first interviewed her. we stopped by herman chew what home tonight to ask if she received any leads on her missing wedding dress. >> i had given up hope. >> she reach out to fox 292 week ago. she showed us these pictures of her wedding dress which had been storage unit that was auctioned after she says she fell on hard times and couldn't afford to keep it. what made the dress even more special are the memories it held of her mother who passed away three years ago one year after the wedding. >> it was so special because my
10:31 pm
mom got to go with me dress shopping to begin with. it was something she wasn't able to do with her own mother because my momma was 16 years old when her mom passed, and she -- she bought it for me with the help of some family members. >> what rows land didn't know someone saw our story and dropped off her dress to philadelphia city council woman blondel reynolds brown's office at city hall. they didn't want to leave any information but asked we be contacted to return the dress to rows land. during the interview we pretended to have a problem witness microphone and stopped the interview while i went outside pretending to get another one. >> 12, three, four, five. >> i returned with the dress. >> is that my dress? >> this is your dress. >> is that my dress? >> yes. >> yes. >> are you serious? >> she opened the box which had her mother's paper nan it. she hit cleaned and wrapped
10:32 pm
before putting it in storage. >> oh, my god. thank god. >> she said the dress couldn't have come at a better time. >> it's like perfect christmas present. >> she of course wants to thank whoever returned her dress and she says it was in perfect condition. just that as she remembered it from her big day. iain and dawn. >> that's a great story. >> absolutely. >> great christmas gift. shawnette, nice work. thank you. >> one of santa's helpers made a special stop in chester county tonight. >> he visited home of a little girl who putting up one tough fight against cancer. >> ♪ >> sirens blaring the big guy made his way tote west chester home of charlotte radcliffe. her family calls her charlie. she's at chop fighting a cancer she was born with. her neighbor surprised her family and decorated the famili' house with lights for the
10:33 pm
holidays and face timed the whole thing so charlie could watch from the hospital. >> she's been laying in a hospital bed for months now. so, you know, there is a santa at chop but, yeah, she clapped and she cheers when she saw this so it's really really really amazing. people are incredible. >> great neighbors after all the fun at the house, santa made a trip down to chop to deliver some presents to charlie. i love that. nice holiday surprise for hundreds of children in philadelphia's nicetown section today. two septa buses filled with toys made their way to saint veronica parish. santa's helpers were there as volunteers unloaded the gift. they partnered with septa to make this holiday extra special for families in need. it's all part of operation ho, h oh, hope. >> a wild ride b by a semi truck on a busy highway. the driver was falling down drunk and the whole thing was caught on video.
10:34 pm
he told the officer he had a glass of, a few beers but something in the truck suggested he just wasn't killing the whole truth. >> this person likely got a big surprise when they finished their shopping. why these shopping carts were surrounding their car. >> now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. as we've been telling you all day long brand new construction patterns in northeast philly. four lanes open now between cottman and bridge street. the end of phase one of the construction. so you'll see something new as you travel over the holiday weekend. don't get too excited though still only three lanes available from the betsy into center city. if you'll be traveling for the holiday, philly international busy weekend ahead. make sure you arrive two hours in advance and of course check in with the airlines through the weekend. tomorrow for our friday morning, and afternoon, septa will operate on a regular schedule. we'll check the jam cams.
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scotty has got your santa forecast. that and more when we see you bright and early starting at 4:00. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ how else do you think he gets around so fast? take the reins this holiday and get the mercedes-benz you've always wanted during the winter event. now lease the 2017 gle350 for $579 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. i've spent my life planting a size-six, non-slip shoe into that door. on this side, i want my customers to relax and enjoy themselves. but these days it's phones before forks. they want wifi out here. but behind that door, i need a private connection for my business. wifi pro from comcast business. public wifi for your customers. private wifi for your business.
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>> be sure to remember this picture when you're out doing last minute holiday shopping. when someone saw a car taking up
10:38 pm
two spaces at a wal*mart store in maine, they dished out a little justice. they couldn't take it so they bocked the car in with some shopping carts. the man who took the picture says he was not the one who moved the carts but says he did enjoy the humor of that situation. we all know what that feels like. well in minnesota we have extreme case of drunk driving. >> fortunately police got to the guy before anyone got hurt. but dash cam video captured the whole thing the moments the driver wal*mart semi truck swerved in between lanes. police say 45-year-old jonathan hit a sign on the right shoulder and police were able to pull him over he fell out of the truck and sergeant couldn't even get him back up. police say they found two bottles of vodka next to the driver's seat one of them was opened and particle partially consume. >> a lot of impaired drivers aren't -- don't drive with agregious amount of alcohol near the top of the amount of impairment. >> check eventually came clean convict evidence third degree
10:39 pm
dwi his second drunk drive of driving offense. in your money tonight potato chip recall to tell you about hers food voluntarily recalling smoked chipotle flavored kettle cooked potato chips as well as choke dry chipotle kettle chips sold under the peddler's pantry brand for salmonella concerns. they were flavored with a seasoning that contained milk and it could be couldn't tan 98ed. monday of the products tested positive for salmonella and no illnesses reported. >> if you had trouble finding eggnog the not just you. >> there's a shortage of the favorite holiday drink. the wall street journal says producers just didn't make enough underestimating demand. now, one company that makes the drink says eggnog sales are up 60% from last year. one reason for the record sales could be that the market is usually saturated with pumpkin flavored products by now so food companies have been trying to entice consumers this month with eggnog and apparently it work.
10:40 pm
>> they can catch you by surprise but they can be deadly. we're talking about food allergies and kids can be most vulnerable but there's a new teak technique that involves trick your child's body into not having a reaction. we'll show you how it work. >> our kathy orr tracking your forecast. kathy? >> we're talking about mild temperatures at least for the next couple of days but the rain will be moving in and that could create some travel troubles. we'll talk about that plus your warming seven day coming up. ♪ (man) my dad and i have the same eyes.
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now we're making the most of each one. (avo) ask about namzaric today.
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>> in your health tonight fighting food allergies you may not even know they exist until it's too late and children can be the most vulnerable. there's much needed hope for patient haas suffer from life threatening allergies. >> melissa introduces to us ground breaking therapy. >> from the outside it's unnoticeable for those who suffer day in and day out, it can be debilitating. >> i'm still eight and 10 years old in charge of every single food that goes in their mouth. >> a concern suzie is all too familiar with. her two boys danny and peter are part of a rapidly growing group of kids that suffer from life threatening food allergies. >> every day that we wait is a day that we have to get through, keep our kids safe, maybe they
10:44 pm
were included and try to have quality of live for ourselves as well. >> however all that might be changing. thanks to new practice called oral immuno therapy or oit. the approach involves giving patients small doses of their food allergen the goal trick the body into not recognizing the substance in an allergic way. >> it is a process where by we are helping patients out grow or learn to tolerate the particular food they're allergic to. >> one i was of around 70 doctors in the united states who practice oit treat patient who's suffer from allergens. >> how can we make it safe for these patients to go out to eat g to restaurant, go to a party? things that for the most part they've been shunning. >> reporter: the procedure is relatively straight forward. patients are required to make one hour weekly visits where they are giving miniscule doses of the allergen. >> finally. >> diligently monitored. >> make sure you drink it all,
10:45 pm
okay. >> at 10 years old, danny suffers from multiple food allergies he's been working with dr. seltzer to treat his peanut allergies. >> once in fear of going into shock from even just trace amounts of the allergen -- >> big deep breath. >> danny is working his way up the peanut chain the treatment plan taking between four to 12 months. >> you're doing great. >> no belly pains. your throat doesn't itch or anything like that. >> no. >> fantastic. >> mom he's doing great. >> maintenance is not just in the doctor's office. >> once done with the weekly visit, patients are sent home with week's worth of what the practice called doses. each patient required to take one or two doses of their allergen every 24 hours. each time monitoring their response. >> we really need significant commit many on the part of parents to be able to go through the process. >> if all goes well at their next visit the doses go up. >> two weeks. >> small steps towards big victories. >> it's amazing to think that
10:46 pm
you have look at all -- >> one, you have to look, two, i know i have to know. i can go and buy some says macon tape peanut and i'm not as worried. >> not everybody is on board with the procedure. some critics have argued the treatment is too risky to try. fda studies on the practice won't be done until 218. but for dr. seltzer, who has nearly a hundred% success rate with his patients, he argues that something we've actually been doing for quite sometime. >> what have we been doing all these year for somebody who has a bee sting energy, someone who almost died from a bee sting yes we're able to safely cautious cautiouslcautiously administer y injections to him to decent ties that person gets bee stink we're able to manage risk which is the major concern. >> as for suzie and her boys -- >> i was too scared not to do it. not scared of the symptoms of doing oi. t. i'm scared of having all the foods we eat on daily basis.
10:47 pm
>> danny telling us this round of oit is just the beginning. he hopes to tackle his wheat energy next. >> i'd be looking forward to like bake goods or something. to actually know if it's better than my mom's baking or not. >> the fear avenue live or death moment possibly just a bite away may soon be long gone. >> i want to be able to sleep at night. i don't want to worry and i want them to be able to eat and enjoy not test and continue to monit monitor. it's giving us hope for the first time in 10 years. >> melissa, fox news. and kathy orr watching our forecast. kathy? >> absolutely. i'm a peanut mom, too. so that's a really great story to see. that's for sure. look at this. beautiful night in old city philadelphia. temperatures in the 30s and the 40s it's pretty comfortable out that the wind lighten up a bit. it's still 42. winds out of the north northwest at 9 miles an hour. tomorrow another real decent
10:48 pm
day. temperatures throughout the northeast and heading down toward the delmarva. new york at 42. richmond at 41. actually little bit warmer in new york this evening. hagerstown 36. toronto 36. rochester, new york, 37 degrees. winds out of the north northwest right now sustained in philadelphia at nine. 12 in reading and 14 miles an hour sustain winds in wilmingt wilmington. we do have some delays if anyone is coming into town or going out of town you can see newark over an hour delay there. through the central part of the country no issues. we do have that storm brewing in the southwest moving into the planes and over an hour and a half delay in los angeles. i do anticipate more delays as that storm moves toward chicago, and the great lakes tomorrow night. high pressure builds in overnight during the day tomorrow. as it sinks to the south, the flow around this is clockwise on the back side we have some southwesterly winds that will boost temperatures. we'll have some sun temperatures around 50 degrees nice day to travel. along the northeast extension if you're going 95 and heading up
10:49 pm
toward boston or heading south toward baltimore and washington no problems on the east coast or even as you head toward cleveland or even indianapolis. future cast shows clear skies tonight. the clouds roll in late in the day as that high pressure moves off the coast. we thicken the clouds up and by saturday morning, the rain moves in. so travel could be slow along the i-95 corridor saturday morning. through the midday period and then later in the afternoon, the rain moves offshore but this is 1:00 o'clock down the shore and heading toward southern delaware you have heavy rain and then it moves out. so by the time hanukkah begins and we have festivities for christmas eve saturday evening it should be dry and pleasant. christmas day looks over. in the city 31. suburbs 36. mainly clear way chill. sunny less wind, the high 50. on your seven day forecast, rain mainly in the morning on saturday. but moving offshore by about 2:00 p.m. 51, christmas day looks great. 50. monday for kwanzaa increasing
10:50 pm
clouds a temperature of 53. tuesday, wednesday look great. chance of shower on thursday. but the temperature 52 degrees. that is a 29th of december and all indications are it is it stay mild right into the beginning of the new year but you know it can't stay that way. sorry, guys. >> kathy the eagles with a chance to play spoiler against the giants in their play off clinching opportunity. plus the flyers trying to follow up big within against the capitals but a sluggish steve mason led to very long night versus the devils. that's coming up next in sports.
10:51 pm
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10:53 pm
♪ eagles with a chance to play spoiler. the giants could clinch a play off spot with a win tonight eagles not trying to have any of that on their feel. we can't show you any highlights due to network restrictions, but we can give you an update. eagles came out on fire. 14 points in the first eight minutes of the game. long drive capped off by ryan matthews and malcolm jenkins pick six. the giants slowly creeping back into the game. the eagles are still up 21-16. but scary moment carson wentz knocked out of the game luckily he came back. he's in the lineup. but, hey, i'd take him out if there's any question he's not 100%. less than 10 minutes to go right
10:54 pm
now eagles still up by five. you can catch "game day live" on special day this weekend saturday at 10:00 a.m. take look back at this game and look ahead to the final game of the year versus the cowboys. to the flyers they got a huge come back win against the capitals yesterday. they was a measuring stick type of game, and they met the challenge but you can't follow that up with an egg ton night they will pretty much smelled pretty bad. the flyers came out slow and sluggish against the devils. probably the result of playing back to back nights. first period the flyers turned it over, and miles wood takes advantage. steve mason gets yanked after that. but it really didn't matter either way who was in the game. second period, adam hen rick tax on another goal. the flyers lose four-zero. a complete let down from last night. a little bit of college basketball. fran dunphy and the owls taking on yale. the freshman getting it done in this game.
10:55 pm
moore on the side right here nailing the three. he had four in the game. gave high 26 points. later in the first the other freshman getting it down. austin, jr., comes around and nails that triple in the corner. he had 16. temple wins 83-77 and improving to nine-four. and some other local college scores. st. joe's' blows out lafayette 92-63. lasalle barely escaping a game against mercer winning 98-96. triple overtime. temple football squad hitting the road trying to make some history. the guys will be spending christmas in annapolis. as they take on wake forest on december 27th but still the guys have a chance to make history by winning their 11th game and that would be the most in program history. so temple don't ignore those guys, man. they're making history. doing big things. great for them.
10:56 pm
>> pretty cool. >> we like them. >> we love temple. >> yeah. >> what is that? beating the giants where was this all year. >> play spoiler. that's what we want. if we can't make it i don't want to you make it. >> we're bitter. [ laughter ] >> that's what that means, right, iain. >> bitter cold and kind of a surprise for this time of year. >> it is. kind of like the opposite upside down month started out colder it will end up warmer. tomorrow will be a beautiful day. get out. enjoy it take the dogs for a walk dawn. good i did and it was great. >> the rain moves in on saturday. >> all right that. will do it for us tonight at 10:00. iain page with what's coming at 11. >> no need to be ashamed and alarmed if you have key gifts to buy on the holiday list. you're in the alone. many of us are right there with. how about quick fix that is will still mean a lot to your loved one. our hank flynn has all the ideas you'll need and your wake up weather and seven day forecast all in the first five minutes. we'll see in you just a minute. (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. happening now at 11:00 baffling mystery started as a search for missing girl but tonight it's a homicide investigation. authorities found 14-year-old grace parker's body luzerne county and now her own mother is a person of interest in the investigation. good evening, i'm iain page. investigators from three different counties are now working the case tonight. let's get out to our chris o'connell at the abington township police department with new information. chris? >> reporter: iain, nearly two months after her dismembered body was found in a rural wooded area luzerne county about 100 miles from here, tonight the mother of 14-year-old grace packer remains in the montgomery county jail tonight. she is charged in con


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