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tv   Good Day Philadelphia Weekend  FOX  December 24, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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a cold and wet start to this christmas weekend. radar shows the mess across the area, how the weather could effect your holiday travel plans. plus, the count down is on before the stores close before chris mass. how people are feeling as they hit area malls to wrap up their holiday shopping. still need to get prepared for your holiday party? we have some tips and delicious rest piece to help you throw your perfect get together. good morning, it's december 24, christmas eave. this is good day philadelphia, weekend. > and good morning, welcome to good day philadelphia weekend. a lot of guys here this morning laids watching help us out, you will be the sensitivity that we need on the show. i'm bill anderson.
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>> good morning to everybody. > christmas eave, not the nicest weather out there. > good morning. it's a morning that we are dealing with a cold rain. we would want to start it obvious a little white, but it's a lot of wet out there. a lot of beautiful shots now in town this morning. allentown is a spot that saw a little freezing rain this morning. if we take a look there is a freezing rain advisory as you get up towards the lehigh valley this morning, in particular up towards the poke mow. so be careful i78 if you travel to grandma's house, the uncle's house otherwise you go south place cold rain with temperatures that are into the 40s. you can see some moderate rain bands moving across the region. it ends around 2:00 and then as we get into the festivities this evening we are pretty good, in fact, partly cloudy skies. well out to the west that's where there is a whole mess of
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weather. if you are traveling to these major hubs out west you need to check in with your carrier because there could be some delays. there are a decent amount of delays coming out of philadelphia international airport. cherry mall, that's right along i70, it's packed already this morning. 39-degrees right new and look at these temperatures. one thing we're noticing, not a lot of artic air, memphis this morning close to 60-degrees. christmas eave or hanukkah eave, 45-degrees, rain ending, mostly cloudy skies christmas day up to 50-degrees. ill come back and look at the seven day forecast. there's a lot of mild, more colds, it goes up, it goes down. we'll talk about that coming up in just a little bit. > we'll take it. >> thank you so much, mike. scary story this morning, i95 is now back open in bucks county after a nasty crash much as you can see all the flashing lights along the interstate in bensalem
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right around 4:00 a.m. police tell us that a van crashed on the southbound side and then went off the road. some people were trapped in that van and crews were able to rescue everyone, thankfully. we do know that 14 people were taken to area hospitals. southbound lanes were closed for about three hours as investigators tried to figure out what caused that crash. today's cold and wet weather, no problem. it's not deterring am from an annual holiday tradition in south philadelphia. our sabina kuriakose live outside terrapin i brothers. people are already lined up in the rain waiting for their treats. they got there early this morning. >> yeah, they did. we moved inside because the bakery opened their doors and it is packed. i can tell you it feels like christmas inside. we've got live entertainment. so many families from all over the lays. of course, what's everybody here for in the cannolis. you came from jersey.
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>> from lawrenceville, new jersey. > what time did you leave this morning. >> about 4:30. > what was the drive? it was raining. >> it was raining, it was fine. it was clear. it was awesome. you know what you're coming for. > and what are you coming for. >> i'm coming for about a dozen and a half cannoli, some of the almond horns, the banana cream by is i amazing, so i got to get some of that. > we're from philly, we get it. but if somebody is like what's the deal with the cannolis? >> they're the best. you have to come out. i've tried many other places but you got to come out for them. > it's christmas. >> this is my christmas tradition. this is my seventh year. it's not christmas or christmas eve without it. > seventh year. >> my family kind of expects it. > they'll be mad at you if you don't show it without it. >> we're live and he'll have it. >> i'll definitely have it. > thanks so much. >> you guys came from --
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>> baltimore, maryland. > they came for the cannolis. >> you're going to get the man, afterwards we go to p and s. and then you go back to bought home? >> back to baltimore and then all the family comes and we have a christmas eve dinner with seven people and then nine people on christmas day and then 26 the day after. everybody wants a cannoli. >> everybody has to have a cannoli, yep. how many years have you been doing this. >> this is my tenth year. i'm fairly new in the family. it's my first year trying wearing this t-shirt. >> i continue the tradition at chris has. >> it's a little big on me, still because my dad was wearing it last year. sorry about that, dad. it was passed down from my grandfather to my dad to me,
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this year is the first year. so it's really special. > generation, everybody coming here for so many years. >> we love this. > mere i christmas eve. i don't weren't to take their word for it, sabina, you're going to bring some back to the studio, yes. >> if you are a good boy, bill. > look out for us, thank you. now, taking a live look at philadelphia philadelphia international airport. people are heading out to see loved ones this holiday weekend. >> mike told you there's winter weather around the nation. if you're traveling make sure you check with your carrier before heading out. from the air to the roads, a record number of people are expected to travel this weekend as they make their way to their holiday destination, you want to give yourself some extra time from the airport to the roads and rails. people are recognizing the fact that everyone, you're going to have some extra patients. the clock is ticking on the holiday shopping season, just hours ting why. i know that, before most malls
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close for christmas. i still have some shopping to do. in a survey by the national retail federation finds that one in ate consumers may still be out shopping today. i'm only one of ate. the average shopper will spend nearly $600 on gifts this year. another huge crowd at the king of prussia a mall last night and we caught one couple working as a team. she shopped and he carried. >> who did all of this damage. >> this one right here. > is there anything in here for him. >> snow you're dog all the work and there's nothing here n here for you. >> not at this time. > is that going to change. >> maybe. > of course there's plenty of time to shop after christmas where all the sales begin. 50 percent of consumers say they plan to shop the after christmas sales to get the best door, an accident in hinge ton park sends would be person to the hospital, police say it happened around
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1:30 this morning along roosevelt boulevard. both vehicle also badly damaged. one person was taken to einstein medical center with unknown injuries. investigators are still look into the cause of the crash. a crack i start for the minnesota viking football team after their plane slid off a snowy wisconsin runway. no one was hurt, but players, coaches and staff were stranded for more than three hour. the team's plane landed safely outside of green bay last night and while taxiing, the plane slid off the runway getting stuck in the grass. apparently the airport didn't have a staircase tall enough reach the doorway of the plain so fire trucks had to help everyone out of the plane. the vikings take on the green bay packers this afternoon. you can find out everything that happens right here on fox 29. > something stinks or at least it did in philadelphia. many people calling and complaining about a nasty odor that was sweeping across the
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city we're told that the smell is an issue with pgws that he's not caused by natural gas. city official have determined the smell was a sulfur-based additive and was not considered dangerous. no injuries have been reported. a busy ups driver is okay this morning after a scary day on the job out making his holiday delivers when he found himself in the midful of gunfire. it happened yesterday afternoon near nonillion and highland streets in chester. we're told the driver was on the job in a delivery truck when a bullet hit hip. he managed to drive three to four blocks to murphy's ford dealership on township line road looking for some help. the owner says he believes the driver knew it would be a safe place to stop and get help at that dealership. there's almost always a paramedic here or place or something because we take care of all their vehicle also for the whole area. the spokesperson for ups says a delivery helper was also in the truck. that person was not hurt. and so far no arrests have been
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p made and police, they've got no motive for the shooting. > an actress carry fisher is now table after reporting suffering a heart attack. fisher was on board a flight present london to lax yesterday when she suffered a medical emergency. an emt on the plane performed cpr on the 60 year old star wars star. paramedics were able to treat her immediately once she landed and rushed her to a nearby p who. her brother says that she's currently in a hospital in los angeles. > when you take a look inside your wallet, is it full of plastic? i'm going to look here and talk to you. how you can tell when it's time to break up with your credit cards. did that years ago. plus, not the typical lunch break inside a local law firm. invaded by second graders could impact children for years to come. are you excited? >> of course. > have you finished your
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shopping. >> yes. > everybody is getting gift cards. there's nothing wrong with gift cards. they know when i get them gift cards they're like you forgot about me. > we're going to tell you last minute shopping. >> tweet us, your last minute shopping, any gifts you have. and where's santa? i love this. so we're tracking santa. i don't see him. santa is sleeping in? >> i think he's delayed because of the weather. it might be because of the weather. you're right. we will continue to track santa. he wants to see good day philadelphia before he heads out. we have to hit the refresh button. you got to figure he's down somewhere in that australia south area. >> there he is. he's right there. > i see santa. how about me anticipating where santa was going to be. we'll continue to track santa throughout the morning. allentown is already celebrating. mere i christmas and stay with
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lawyers letting their lunch breaks go so second graders can invade their officers? are you kidding me. >> lauren johnson explains why elementary students are allow into the board room of a law firm. check it out. >>reporter: ellen bailee has a full plate. part of the problem is you always want to help, but it's always a time issue. so she makes the time and
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schedules her life accordingly. >> if it's on a tuesday i can't do it because i know that i have this to do. this. molding young minds. it is probably the most cathartic thing that i do all day. business litigation is how she pays the bills. monitoring children is how she pays it forward. they are the people that require the least amount of our time and we get the biggest gift back on our investment. pointing kids in the right direction in a partnership with philadelphia reads, the bond was formed three years ago. it's important for us to invest in our children. once a week, second graders from spring garden school -- >> it's important that they get to see that there's a world outside there -- step into a different world. they get to see people who don't look like them. they get to see people that look like them, from the bus to the
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lobby, to elevators, straight to the top. we have kids who are in an elevator for the first time. headed to the big board room on the 22nd floor at eckerd seaman. >> the energy level just goes up dramatically. after they calm downs they're' signed. >> i don't know how you got so lucky, but you're here with janet. groups of one, two and sometimes three and off they go. and they read for about the 45-minute session to reinforce their literacy skill develop president. terminal. very good. it's positive reinforcement and patients from someone other than mom and dad. i was a foster child so i know how important it is that somebody give you time. it's hard work. ready? peninsula.
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and attention. i think for adults sometimes it's a little difficult for us to remember what it's like to be a child and how impactful it can be for you to have a mentor. what we find is we find that children who participate they grow 1 high 4 years. over 50 percent of our children cannot read on grade levels. and on so many levels. not only social and emotional development, but also academic. > speaking of levels -- reading is fun. instead of keeping it -- locked in one place, we want to take you to another level. this one on one time means the world to seven year old
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gentleman bring short. >> one day i might be a lawyer. and it's not lawyers in the philadelphia office. we're from senior partners in the philadelphia international airport to people who work in our mailroom, secretaries, legal assistants. it's everyone in the firm. because it takes a village. it's a small, spall sacrifice and it really does make a difference. and it's never a tough sell to give up lunch once a week. >> it didn't take much convincing. i will say thank you. and with that they say goodbye until next time. lauren johnson, fox 29 news. > nicely done, lauren. philadelphia reads is always looking for individual and corporate sponsors. or if you want to mentor they're looking for a group of 40-plus people who are available on a weekly basis and the kids will come right to you. so you've got a great story you'd like to share you can e-mail lauren at lauren.
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johnson. you got great ideas, send them to lauren. as you can see she will do an out than thatting story. that's the ben franklin bridge, doesn't look too bad, but people taking their time, but rain, cold, they're going to have to be careful out there. slippery out there. north and west there might be a couple of slick spots this morning. look at ultimate doppler. itself it's all plain rain over the area roadways. but an area as you get north and west, especially right along 209 as you're going up towards the lehigh valley there could be a pocket of some freezing rain. if we look at fox futurecast through the morning hours, the rain is with us, but by lunchtime you'll see the back edge coming through here and at about 2:00 things are just about done in terms the rain. rain across town big storm system across the eastern part of the nation and another storm system outroar the rockies and out towards the northern plains.
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wind advisory so you're going to need to check in with your carriers especially west of the mississippi river for the possibility of some flight delays. less to 50 as you get down towards atlantic city and wildwood. tonight as santa arrives temperatures will fallback into the 20 #-s and 30 #-s for the overnight hours. we take a look at the seven day forecast, 50 by monday. the next day for wet weather by tuesday. > thank you so much. doesn't look so bad. thanks, mike. we have some sports things going on. i'm hearing about how you expressed yourselves article. last night i wrote a people to santa for the philadelphia sports fans. > are you going to share that. >> we might have to share that. before we do all that let's talk a little eagles. ryan max is undergoing surgery to repair a herniated disc. will he back with the eagles next year. let's hear from doug feeder son.
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the sixers were back in action last night. watch this, diving into the front row. we have your highlights next in sports. instagram showing people trying to catch him. he appreciated them. he is the man. he is. it's one reputation our city can do without. thousand leaders are trying to shed philadelphia delfiha. you could be the big winner, happy holidays to you.
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the sixers, bill. >> yes. > are you a fan of processes? >> no, but i'm a fan of the sixers, so i will trust the process. the sixers by themselves in a new process, only this process happens to be on the court. what to do with center noel. one player, that's in favor of noel getting more of a chance for production. p he would get in -- he would and noel would get a chance defensively they would be something to reckon with. does coach breath brown agree, the sixers taking on the sundays. second quarter, rodriquez, watch this. there's nobody in. that's an easy score. sixers up seven, later in the
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quarter, drive to the basket. the shot is pour. the sixers looked good in the first half, struggled in the second and ended up losing a tough one, 123 to # 16. let's talk some eagles. only one game left in the 2016 season. the eagles now need to focus on who will be back in uniform next week. running back ryan matthews. that decision might have been made easier during thursday night's win over the giants. he suffered a herniated disc in his neck while plunging for the end zone and is now scheduled to have surgery to repair the disc. obviously he will be out for the final game verse the cowboys. doug pederson addresses the senior that matthews had. >> he got off to a good start and then a little bit of a lull and then he was strong. that's the nature of the for season. he really the last couple of weeks has been the workhorse and
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did some really good things for us and this obviously is unfortunately. we'll have more on matthews. the giants came in who the on thursday night. winners of two straight over the dallas cowboys. if there's a sure way to defeat them, it's you. he lie manning struggled including a back breaking six who believes thursday's win was a big one for the youth movement. >> winning these type of games this late in the year, although for us nothing counted, it sure had that feel. with all the young players that we have, that experience carries over. it's an opportunity for the team to grow closer together in adverse times and in challenging games to find a way to come out and win is lessons that everybody needs to learn. a good season. later this morning we have a long day of football coverage for you right here.
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we get things started of course 8:30. 0:00 a.m. special live bill and doctor son and howard eskin. they are bag with thes also big win, how about this followed by a double header. keep it locked up. the boston saints, nowhere to be than right here. i want to give a special shoutout, happy birthday to jay rice. he is top notch. and one of the best coaches in the game. loyal. he turned the team into a top five team, number one. good for him. get it done, jay, do it again this year. happy birthday. > let's talk relationships. not necessarily love, credit cards. the same is true with your credit car. it's not necessarily lasting forever. when is the time to break up with the cards in your wallet? >> when they're paid off. > years ago. how can you make it a clean
7:28 am
split if that's coming up next. when sharing a bad idea, why one author says teaching your kids to share, that might be a bad less objection to the form i don't get that than would. stick with us, happy holidays, we're continuing to listen to your favorite holiday songs. send them to us. some people are tweeting us themselves wishing us happy holidays or even senninger. do that we've got t-shirts that we'll give to you. send the video for goodness sakes. we'll be right back.
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> taking a look outside. if you at it that way it actually looks pretty nice. you've got the lights going, the stark kind of look. you got the stars. all looks good. you might want to stay inside and keep watching good day because the weather is not good. the city of brotherly love, that's a nickname we can get behind. filth delfhia. not so much. our city can be a little gross, grim i, officials are trying to change that in a way that you'd only see in philly. >> i'm bruce gordon, gym kenny named by executive order, a team of experts, the zero waste cabinet trying to find a way to
7:32 am
eliminate waste and trash in the city. i thought he might try and do something easy like send a fill and into mars on a segue. our city is named filth delphi a for a reason. i am proud to have groan up in this reason and even more proud to come back more than 20 years ago and pursue my passing for news reporting. i've done a the look of traveling both in this country and abroad and rarely do i see the ton of trash that i routinely witness here in the city of philadelphia. for every block for which the homeowners sweep the sidewalk and keep things neat and tidy there are probably three others that there's a mess. some is important, a remodeling debris. frankly most of it seems documentic, locals tossing the
7:33 am
food rapper over their shoulder as soon as they've poll issued off the last bite of their cheeseburger per. out of the fear that they might be used by terrorists to dispose of a bomb, the trash cans have disappeared in all city neighborhoods. frankly that's not an excuse. kenny's clean up will success based on the feelings. if this is really the city of neighborhoods that we spend so much time bragging we'll hang onto the trash until we get home. over time the message will red. we don't tolerate mess in our neighborhoods. those who come in to dump in the burbs, they'll likely to get caught. more than 30 years ago, william penn described. with a copy of the pennsylvania charter in his left hand.
7:34 am
the more accurate depiction might be of penn holding a burger rapper. just about to drop philly lifetime fill and irregularly defense us, but that, mike:not good p. here's what's going on. this morning wore ' finding a little freeze iing rain especially along 476 especially as you get up towards the lehigh valley. otherwise everybody is dealing with moderate rains especially when you get into burlington county and then some moderate rains after that. i think the back edge comes in around lunchtime here in philadelphia and then it clears the coast by late this afternoon. now, out west, that's where the big ticket item is being found. a big winter storm developing. look at these this, blizzard warnings being issued. a whopper of a storm out towards business p mark. 38 in philadelphia this morning, 30s up towards the north and 40s
7:35 am
as you get down towards the jersey shore. we're going to watch very closely some of the spots in here around doylestown as you head up towards north hamilton county, leh the areas that might experience some freezing drizzle. be careful out there much not only do we have the rain out there, but the winds are around 5 to 10 miles per hour, so the breeze is macing things feel damp and pretty chilly. 38 up towards mount pocono. 40s here in philadelphia so a really comfortable start to the holiday. if we take a look at the overnight lowe's, pretty chilly, 20s to the north, 30 in town and a couple of spots a little bit above the freezing mark. when i come back in just a a little bit. we'll talk about the seven day forecast. we have actually 630-degree readings coming up in just a little bit. looking forward to it. 60 grows are coming? today, a little kohl's, a little wet, but that's not deterring am from an annual holiday tradition in south philadelphia. sabina bia kuriakose is live at
7:36 am
termini brothers where people are lining up waiting in the rain. and do you have our cannolis yet waiting to come back? >>reporter: i'm still waiting. we'll '. i'm going to especially could you in suspense until i get back. we're here where the magic happens in the back bakery area and you can see they are working hard to fill up these cannolis. tens of thousands of them. we still have people coming in waiting in line. see how long this line is. it wraps around the whole bakery here. hello, mere i chris ma. we're going to walk over here down this line. hi, guys. mere i christmas. this is paul and paul has been coming here how many years. >> 25, 30 years. > this is a triple tradition for you, right in. >> yes, it is. > because first of all you're here every year. you're on tv every year. >> pretty much every year. > hello, everybody at home i'm on tv again. > than a you met your friend in
7:37 am
line here. i've seen joey now, three, four years. i met him down here, socialize with him now, social of facebook, that's how we met. we meet here year. it's more than food. >> i've been coming down here with my grandmother years for years. meeting up with paul every year it's become a bigger tradition. it just keeps growing and growing. > what is it about termini. >> what about terminis? get joy and vinnie out here. >> it's a family type deal. i've been coming here so long. when i was a little kid my father getting italian rum cake. it's gone present my father to my six kids. i got my daughter samantha with me and my son zachary. they originally starting coming with me to begin with. since they're up and older my
7:38 am
two younger now come, which is gabrielle. >> you're passing it on. > i'm passing on that tradition. i'm coming down to terminis for your italian rum cake and your cannolis and cream puffs, seeing pap a term minute i. i know joey and vinnie from a little kid. it's a tradition. you get to know everybody. the same people when you come in here in the on. it's the same people that you see at christmas. > how many years, four years now you've known each other. >> i've an him more years upon that. > it's amazing that you meet the people in line. >> how many cannolis are you getting. >> i get at least a dozen cannolis, italian rum cake, at least a dozen cream puffs. > we'll be here all morning long, maybe getting everything. >> it looks like everybody is having a great time even with those long times. we'll check back in with you in
7:39 am
a little bit. the rush of finding the perfect holiday gift, for some it's actually fun not so much if you're running up credit cards for your purchases. what are your options for staying on top of your credit cards this season? let's find out. we're cashing in. you know when it comes to plastic americans say deal me in. we have a record number of credit cards, the average con i'mer has 2.6 cards and their kate spade clutch. that's a lot of plastic. easy to understand why. have you ever ride to rent a car without one? impossible. the fact is we really don't need all the cards in our wallet. here's a few tips of when to get rid of it and how to get rid of it when you no longer need it. just like in real life relationships just need to end for whatever reason. the same holds true with your credit card. the reality is if you haven't dated in over a year you're
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probably not going to need it again. you don't need the cards laying around cluttering up your sock drawer. it will hold your credit store, but in the long term you'll be just fine and you're betting off without it. time to move on. 18, that's the magic number. i'm talking about 18 percent. that's the average interest on a credit card. if you've got decent credit and you're paying more than that. not so good. check credit transfer your balance over, break up with the old once. finally sometimes relationships end through no fault of either party. same holds true of either card. an old gym member high pressure or maybe a prescription that you can't seem to cancel. if your credit card company can't help you get rid of them
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and you've tried everything you can do, well, if they're not part of the solution, they're part of the problem. close the account, start over. okay, you've paid the decision to end the relationship. bye-bye, credit card, but just like life, sometimes it's easier to begin a relationship than it is to end an relation high pressure. here's what you need to do, call your credit card company on the phone, tell them it's been great, but i'm out of here. they'll tell you you exactly what you need to do to close the car. sometimes breaking up is hard to do, but sometimes it's the right thing to do. i'm having a moment. i'm cashing out.
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♪ i had an injury to my neck.
7:43 am
it wasn't as serious injury it was a herniated disc. anything that could go wrong went wrong. i've been in the hospital twenty three times since. the bills started to pile up. i had nothing to give. we had nothing in the refrigerator. i would be dead and not sitting here right now if it wasn't for pond lehocky.
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> it's time for some philly science where we look at some of the crazy things that researchers are for example sabina. et cetera a one of the things we learn when we're really young. sharing is caring, right? maybe we shouldn't be teaching our kids to share? that's according to doctor lauren mark up. the author of the new book pieceful parent, happy sibling. she says teaching kids to shares do haven't teach them the lessons we want them to learn. forced sharing teaches kids if they cry loud enough they'll get what they want and it will teach them that being a greedy person has advantages. be careful. you want your kids to share for all the right reasons, not because you forced them to. coming up, one local student is making sure that everyone feels the holiday spirit and it all started with simply checking her
7:45 am
mailbox. how she turned one christmas card into an entire holiday mission that's now spanning the world. we got that coming up.
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7:47 am
> taking a look at the expressway. this apparently is the most requested song of all time now? of as relates to christmas
7:48 am
carol? who knew. maria carry, do your thing. we'll talk about that and more, but first let's check in with jen and mom owe log. i'm jenn frederick and i'm mom owe log and this time of year i look at nurse kim and i have skin envy. you say from the neck down there's something we can all do that rarely we're all doing. >> especially at this time of the year when the forced dry heat is so drying to the skin you want to get a body lotion that is made for while you're wet in the shower you can towel dry a little bit and then put it on than a it locks in all the moisture. it's amazing. you said right in the shower you had you put it on but you say it's okay even if i've gotten out of the shower. some people want to towel dry to take off the wetness. and then put it on. it puts a coating on your skin and holds in the moisture. >> yes. makes all the difference in the
7:49 am
world. >> yes. i'm jenn frederick, that's nurse kim. i'm going to do what you say for a week and see how it work. let me know. >> owe contact, i'll let you know. > you got jen to do it for a week,s that's a start. nicely done. taking a look at allentown. they've got the same kind of chilly, christmas eve weather that we've got. >> it's nasty out there. parts of the area seeing rain coming down. low visibility this morning. notice again, ultimate doppler lit up, millville a good down pour of rain. 70 looks rough. the ac ride out towards atlantic city looking pretty nasty and then you go north. this is where we're finding some freezing rain right around 209. so be careful out there this morning. here's fox futurecast showing us the clear line coming in around 1:00 and then it's offshore this evening. things are going to improve.
7:50 am
once we get past this morning things are going to start to look better. out west it's a whole different beast of a storm where they're dealing with snows, actually blizzard warnings across the northern planes, not finding a loft airport delays just yet. itself it's still early. phoenix is going to deal with a the look of wind, denver, seattle, san francisco, watch out because there could be some pretty nasty delays. otherwise air temperatures pretty easy to take for afternoon. into the 40s. not seeing a lot of air, single l l digit teens up towards the northern planes. usually this time of the year it's like that. forecast highs for today are going to be into the 40s across town. look at that, a lot of teens across town. 30s and 40s in town for the forecast lowe's. mount pocono is an area that might actually see some refreezing. it's a mild christmas for tomorrow with the temperature of 47. a mix your t of sun and clouds
7:51 am
on monday. 50-degrees and then 55, some modeling showing us maybe 60 by tuesday and then much colder and we'll watch actually a storm. people love the snow, bill, across town. i think we may see a snow/rain mixture by next week. 30s by next week. we'll be right back after this.
7:52 am
♪this holiday season, my good friend gave to me♪ ♪7 powerball tickets ♪6 match 6 chances ♪5 cash 5s ♪4 cash 4 lifes ♪3 pick 3s ♪2 mega millions (joe) happy holidays, rita. (rita) thanks, joe! (man) what a great gift! (announcer) pennsylvania lottery tickets make great gifts, like the new $1 million snow bank. (joe) happy holidays! ♪and best wishes from the lottery♪
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7:54 am
> there you go, if he lease nafta. people to continue to send in favorite holiday songs. we'll do them our best to play them for you. it's time to welcome back one of our fabulous junior reporters, highly wing letter, temple university. good morning. >> how are you. > you are looking festive. >> my red for christmas eave of. whether or one temple university student, her name is alley boot land she took matters into her own hands. take a look at her story. >> alley boot land is helping the homeless one holiday card at a time. what started as a dream one
7:55 am
night turned into her project you've got male. i check my male one morning and my mom sends me cards all the time. that really in expired me. what can i do to bring cards to the homeless. by reaching out to family and friends over facebook she has collected over 2,000 cards. my in box is flooded. i've gotten cards from london, arizona, california, florida, people i know, people i don't know. it's been really great. companies like 3 # gifts donated 70 bags filled with toiletry items and others donated gift cards. once everything was collected, the temple university student took to the streets of philadelphia handing it all out bringing some of her friends to help. you get to see how people react. how greatful they were when we gave the gifts. alley took the cards to several
7:56 am
other shelters in the city as well as the hope rescue mission in her hometown. each person who is homeless has a story than a i think it's really important to listen. she hopes that her project reminds others that they can make a difference in someone else's life. > very cool. i love people going out and dog those types of things. ' got started but she's not finished. she's already planning neck year. people have donated cards for next year. she's not sure what she's doing, but she's ready to help more people. good job. > thank you so much. thousands of starting out today to start the weekend. we're taking a look at the international airport in philadelphia. winter weather all around the nation. we'll tell you what that means. mike has the weather. look at that, one of our own, karen hepp sending a mere i christmas greeting from her family to yours.
7:57 am
that's a good group. thanks for that, karen. you see the cat bottom? the what do you do to keep the cat >> i'm with mike. good saturdayd mere i christmas christmas of. he hopes we have a great holiday. keep them coming. send us your christmas carol suggestion itself. we'll play them, share them. stay with us.
7:58 am
7:59 am
the pressure is on for thousands p shoppers who haven't crossed everything off their christmas list yet. what some people are saying they're doing to get their shopping done in time. termini bakery is packed with people as they scramble to get t their holiday treats, sabina
8:00 am
kuriakose will have a live report coming up:it's one of the busiest travel days of the year. aaa predicting that a number of people will take to the air and the roads this weekend to visit loved once. we'll tell you what you you need to know if you're headed out the door. this is good day philadelphia weekend. mr. at that guy. here we go. it's the limited edition for good ifs sake t-shirts from the segment that we've been doing. right? those are long sleeved t-shirts. no joke. so send us a video, tweet tweet us a video. holiday greetings good in. >> yes. > tweet your holiday greeting and if we play it on the air, boom, our gift to you. you get the long sleeved shirt. or if you bring us a cannoli. >> stop by. come right here to the window hundred us. you just wave. there you go. shameless panned doctoring for
8:01 am
this morning. we're willing to trade a shirt. good deal. you need the long sleeved shirt this morning. it's chilly out there. a wind broker and umbrella, you're going to shlep along today. wayne county where they actually had a little bit of a dusting of snow and now we're dealing with ol region. it's still a freezing rain advisory up toward the lehigh rally and poconos up until 9:00 this morning. it's advising as you get along 78. it's actually it's north of 80, as you get right around the 80 mark and 476 where that splits off you're talking about freezing rain still this morning. the majority of the region dealing with moderate rains on points south and east. sole proprietorship seeing 15-mile per hour winds and heavy rains. the back edge around 1:00 and
8:02 am
then this system pushes offshore big time store off to the west. travel out west is going to be rough, especially by air where there's going to -- expected to be a lot of delays out towards the airport hubs. temperatures into the low poco. flirting with 40 here in toward. along the shore 47-degrees in atlantic city. and that's the winds, 5 to 45 degrees as we go into tonight, temperatures falling into the 20s and 30 #-s. we'll talk more about coming upa little bit. i think we can work with t i95 s back open in bucks county after can see, all the flashing lights. they were along interstate -- along the interstate i should say in right around 4 a. police tell us a van crashed on the southbound side and then went off the road.
8:03 am
some people were trapped in that van. the crews were able everyone. we do know that 14 people were taken to areas hospitals. southbound lanes were closed for about three hours this morning as investigators tried to figure out what caused that crash. col. it's raining, not a problem for people for their annual holiday tradition in south philadelphia. our sabina kuriakose has been having a blast all morning, talking to people, seeing the cannolis. i'm trying to figure out have you at least gotten a chance to try one this morning. >> not yet. we're going to safe it. i had one last year and it was amazing of course. we're here in the the back room. you can see they are baking away. we have been here for a couple of hours now and it has not slowed down one business. in fact, it seems like it's just getting even more crowded. you can see they're working on the cakes right now. of course you have tons of cannolis. of course we know termini brothers, a family business. they started in 1921 s. i'm
8:04 am
going to come over here and grab vincent sr. can we grab you reel quick? tell us about the crowd so far this year. he's a little busy. tell us about the crowd. bigger than last year. they were out here at 12:00 last night. wow. 12:00 last night. some people slept in the car. we opened at 6:00. we have a food truck now at there for them while they're waiting. they enjoy it. they enjoy it. you have a good set up for them. they had heat lamps, coffee, live music. you treat them well. >> at 12:00 the string bands are coming. we're going to try to be here for that. try to be here for that because they come back here and play for all these people. everybody is dancing. you know what is amazing, it seems like you know everybody in line. these people have been coming here for 30 years. i think you should interview the
8:05 am
customers. >> of course. we grabbed some of them h. you'll get a reel play for how long they've been doing this. now they're bringing their grandchildren and their great grandchildren and it starts another tradition. that's exactly what we've been talking to people about all morning long. thank you so much. everybody is having a great time. we'll check back just a little bit later. right now you're taking another look at the philadelphia international airport as you travel to see loved ones on christmas evan the start of hanukkah. keep in mind you're going to want to give yourself some extra time from the airport to the roads and rails people are recognizing the fact that everyone, you're going to have some have some extra patients. at 8:05 the clock is ticking on the holiday shopping season much just hours ago before most malls are closed for christmas. the survey by the national retail federation finds that one
8:06 am
in ate consumers may still be out shopping. the average shopper will spend nearly $600 on gifts this year. and it was another big crowd at the king of prussia mall last night. we caught up with one couple working hard as a team. ' was shopping and he was carrying her bags. i'm walk around holding everything. who did all of this many da age. >> this one right here. is there anything in here for him. >> no. you're dog all the work here and there's nothing here for you. >> not at this time, no. is thatting whying to change. >> hopefully. > is that going to change. >> maybe. > that's messed up. how is she going to buy all of that stuff and nothing for him? of course there's plenty of time to shop after christmas. maybe that's what she's waiting for. 50 percent of consumers say they plan to hospital the after christmas sales and add me to that group. let's take a look at some of today's top torse. an accident in hunting park sends one person to the hospital. it happened along old work road.
8:07 am
both vehicle also were badly am da aged in the crash and one person was taken to einstein medical center with unknown injuries. investigators are still looking into the cause of that crash. n and a rocky start to the holiday weekend for the minnesota vikings football team after its plane slid off a snowy wisconsin runway. no one was hurt, but players, coaches and staff were stranded for more than three hours. the team's mainlanded safely outside of green bay last night and while taxiing it slid off the runway getting stuck in the grass. apparently the airport didn't have a staircase tall enough to reach the doorway of the plain much as you can see the fire trucks had to come in to help everyone get down. they were loaded up on buses and taken to their hotel. the minnesota vikings take on the green pay packers this afternoon right here on fox 29. last night into this morning, something smelled bad. it stinks in philadelphia. people were calling and complaining about a nasty odor sweeping across the city.
8:08 am
we're told that the smell is an issue with pgw, but it's not caused by natural gas. city official had determine the smell was a sulfur-based additive and not considered dangerous, so don't worry about it. no injuries reported. a busy ups driver found himself in the middle of gunfire. it happened yesterday afternoon near tenth and highland street in chester. we're toll driver was just out on the job doing deliveries when a bullet hit him. he managed to drive three to four blocks to murphy's ford dealership on township line road looking for help. the owner of the dealership says he believes the driver knew it would be a safe place to stop and get that help. there's always a paramedic here or police or something because vehicle also for the whole area. a spokesperso delivery helper was also in the truck. that person was not help and so far no arrests have been p made.
8:09 am
police still have no idea what the motive was for the shooting. actress carrie fisher is now stable after reportedly suffering a heart attack on a flight yesterday from london to lax. an emt on the plane performed cpr on the 60 year old star wars star. and paramedics were able to treat her immediately once she landed. they then rushed her to a near bay hospital. they are brother says that she's in that hospital in los angeles. > the holidays are supposed to be filled with fun and laughter and stress, but did you get the right gifts for the right person? if you still have shopping to do we'll tell you why our hang line says, take a deep breath, you still have options. look at this tweet from jen. happy holidays from kendall. and a merry christmas and aid den and nora. they're there.
8:10 am
one more sleep. that's how the kids describe it. one more sleep until christmas. that's got to be the poconos. a little bit of snow. wayne county, a little bit of snow. they're having kind of a white christmas, mike. stay tuned.
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
there it is. when you so that playing you know something is about to happen. in hang's take the holiday tradition did is are all about joy, family, food and sometimes stress. did you get the right gift for the right person? are you a procrastinator who still has shopping to do? our hang flynn tells us rest easy, good gifts are every where you look. this is a role i good christmas present. christmas shopping bogging you down? can't figure out what to get the special someone? hang is here with a little advice. hope your eyes, route 30, home of the famous kink of pizza. great for lunch, great for shopping. any occasion, if you want to buy something as a gift, it's a good thing. you give what you can give.
8:14 am
they have gift cards and look, it's a pizza. you can't lose. you can get good gifts almost anywhere. just look around. you can always give the extra special gift of bowling. bank. owe, yeah. look at that form. two kinds of people, you either like bowling or you lie and say you don't. a bowl gift card is a guaranteed strike. it makes an excellent gift. they come in, they can buy the games or they can go into the pro shop and buy bowling sures. the card won't work in the bar, but it will pretty much nickel. than a they're open 24 hours. the year has been good to you, you want to spend a little tray money on that special someone. why don't you buy him a mobile
8:15 am
home. these are good ideas. the mobile home park was having a good day for the kids this afternoon and yes, there is a home for sale. three bedroom, one bath, a mobile home with a porch and deck in the front. it's a beautiful home. at about $25,000, not bad for a place to live and there's no property tax. but you will shell out 490-dollars a month for the space. forget the details. it's the spirit we're talking about. as perfect as christmas is concerned, it's not about what you get, it's p about the thought. you know what i peen? >> yeah i do, whatever you buy, the people closest to you, especially if you work a lot like i do, what they really want is just a little more of your time. it took me a long time to learn that. maybe i'm ' still working on it. bank. i'm hang and that's my take. merry christmas. i sit next to hang upstairs in the news room.
8:16 am
i'll say publicly what i say to him privately all the time, there's something wrong with you. bank. how about that. a lot of sketches in a short period of time all in one studio. the show gave a look of what it goes through one set to another. take it. guys, on the move. saturday night life. 106789. 35. nothing we can do about it now. how cool is that? they're dog that in front of a live audience. you're seeing them pulling that altogether. the count down clock in the corner showing how much time is left before the host actually comes out. obviously a lot of rehearsing goes into both the sketches andetting up and striking down the set. look at that.
8:17 am
they have what, 930 seconds when they started that? the credits run for 90 seconds. that's crazy. we should do that. let's come back live. come here, man. let's see how we can move -- we can move this plant. crystal can help us move the chairs around. that's why they're professional, bill. we move just like that and it only took like 30 seconds. can we scroll? we'll come over here. we're setting stuff up. i would like you to move the wall shall please. >> you got it. tell us about the weather. there's not a lot of moving for me. i push a button and that's it and it moves things. that's all the moving we do on the weather side of things. good morning, everybody and merry christmas and happy hanukkah. we're looking at a morning that's starting off pretty soggy
8:18 am
across town. looking at ultimate doppler showing us moderate rains as you get into chester county. the rain will continue to progress off towards the east and by say 1:00 i think it's still going to be over south jersey, but everybody is done with the rain around say 3:00. that's when we give the all clear in terms of rain. 31 in the poconos to near 40 here in town. 41 in millville, 45-degrees in atlantic city. five to ten mile per hour winds out there this morning so that is kind of adding insult to injure. it is not the best feeling morning and certainly not the best looking morning with all the rain atown. the storm system is hung up across the east. it's a different type of weather where they're talking blizzard alerts across the northern planes. this type of year it could be a whole lot colder. 47 here in philadelphia. the mild air down to the south. there is going to be some mild air working up out of the south.
8:19 am
afternoon his today upper 30s and middle 40s across town. for tonight temperatures falling back to the 20s. up the lehigh valley and poconos here in town, 34-degrees or so. watch out forth possibility of refreezing. some of the bridges and overpasses may become a little slick, especially if you're traveling very late tonight. it's a mild christmas day, 47-degrees, a mixture of sunshine and clouds on monday. 50-degrees. temperatures are just easy to take as we get into next week. the next really threat for some wet weather comes in -- i think the thursday storm is bigger than the tuesday storm. 45-degrees and then another artic outbreak next weekend. i'm upstate new york. i'm the tippinger lakes. skiing. >> no, a little wine drinking, hanging out with with the lady. i got snow tires. finally. > maybe i'm buying time because i don't even understand this next discussion. we'll see. some people will sell just about
8:20 am
anything to eastern a buck and one college student is earning money selling positive pregnancy tests on craigslist. a great stocking stuffer, guys. she charges $25 each. she claims she's earning up to $200 a day. you're taking a look at her ad. she promises not to inquire about what exactly her customers wanted to use the test for, anonymous seller says ' was inspired by other pregnant women doing the same thing. a bad joke. for less money you can just buy a fake pregnancy test 9.99. i feel like how this is most vh1 reality shows start off. i really do. you understand if you connect the dots. there's some women out there that are trying to get the man to go ahead and pay up and say, you know, i'm pregnant with your
8:21 am
baby. for such and such i'll do this, which is absolutely despicable:they're going to find out. you're seeing the poll question, i can't imagine anybody is going to vote yes, it's okay to sell false positive pregnancy tests. if you do, that's on you. i would be flipped out. we're pregnant. he would, okay. > merry christmas. tweet us your answer. if you're willing to be public about the fact that you think this is okay you can tweet it, put it on facebook, and a video of you explaining why something like this is okay. n p ba ballers, professional athletes, got to watch out. if you need to fine a way to destress, as your home fills up with family and friends. of course there is an app for that. we'll explain next. plus the quick and easy rest pees to keep your family april friends happy this even. let's get ourselves together. you stick with us. we'll be right back.
8:22 am
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> take a look at trenton. same rainy day all throughout the area. everybody is celebrating in fine weather fashion. mike will tell you how to make it through as you continue your shopping this morning.
8:25 am
i got like five tweets from people who were saying fix your collar. nobody in the studio told me fix the collar. i fixed it now. people got your back. this is my family. need a little break after the stress of the holiday season? of course there's an app for that. let's take a ride in the tech tank. i'm anthony monk lose ' and this is your tech bite from the tech tank. we've been through the parties, the malls, black friday, online shopping, cyber monday and guess what, we're probably like me a little bit stressed. also around this time of year you might get a little depressed, too, missing some of the loved once. wells, there's an app out here called head space and what it does is focusing on mindful in and meditation. the studies are showing 20 minutes for you to learn how to breathe can reduce trees, can make you feel better, make you
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snow orphreysing rain or something like that as we take a look at center city. you can see off the right, the me nora is there symbolizing tonight is the first night of hanukkah. for everybody that is celebrating that we want to acknowledge you and wish you well. mike, we need -- we need name tags. no snow. >> no no. you got to go north that's where we're finding a little freezing rain. bill, right? way up towards the northern poconos and up towards the lehigh valley, 476 north that's where we're finding a little freezing drizzle. otherwise people are talking about the maryland rate rains, heavy times at times. say about 1:00 it will be exiting stage right. i think it's off the shore points around 2 or 3:00. the big focus is out to the
8:30 am
west. i know that's not an issue here in town, but if you are trying to get out of here and you're going west there's one mean storm that's setting up across the rockies and northern planes. they have blizzard warnings. some really chilly temperatures, 39 in philadelphia. 40s along our shore points and we're on our way today for temperatures closer to 50-degrees. 48 in atlantic city and somers point checking in at 40 for this morning. a little bit of a wind out there five to ten miles per hour. your forecast for the west of today goes to 45-degrees. mostly cloudy skies after 2:00 in philadelphia. 50-degrees with mostly sunny conditions and nice and mild. again, watch out, maybe a little refreezing for tonight with temperatures dropping into the 0s and 30s the we'll talk pore about your forecast coming up in just a little bit. william, to you. >> thank you very much, sir. i appreciate that. now, the cold and wet weather,
8:31 am
not deterring am from an annual tradition in south philadelphia. sabina kuriakose is there. people have been lined up all morning and people having a great time. >>reporter: they're still having a great time and people are still coming in. i want to he who you an article on the wall here. it's over 20 years ago. we interviewed a couple folks in mind. one of them, michael defrancisco than a he had his son with i am h. guess who we're going to event view now, michael and his son mark. we just showed him the article that you pointed out to me. that's unbelievable. it's been hanging there for the past 20 years. it's really been something we look forward to every time we come in. you said do we have a copy of it? >> no, we don't.
8:32 am
we know it's not going anywhere. every time we come in. we see the family. it's really about the experience, not b just about the great food as i told this lady next to me. you've been coming here since you were three. >> that's correct. how did it all start in. >> my parents were friendly with joe termini, the founder who lived in enna sicily and it was a neighborhood bakery back then. and every christmas it became a tradition to come here for the cannolis and all the fine pastries that were made here. after my dad passed away, i continued the rain across digs with mark and my other son john and we've been coming every year since. what does it mean to be able to pass it on for generations. tradition is very important in an italian family and in most families so we right to continue the tradition of what my mother did and what my grandmother did and migrate mother did and it's
8:33 am
important. it's very important to have the tradition. i think it's beautiful. mark, you heard your dad talking about it, what do you think when you hear him talking about the tradition and just being here. christmas eve, you know. it's inning because you don't realize when a tradition is happening, it kind of happens. at some point you realize this is a tradition. there's a tradition now. you feel the honor to be able to carry it on. i have to give a shout jut to my brother who is here every year. he's running a little late with his daughter sophia. three generations in one store. when sophia gets here, right. >> yes. > hurry up. we'll be here. >> we'll be off at 9:00 and run down there reel quick.
8:34 am
manning put it up for grabs. it's intercepted. taking it away, terrence brooks. let's get on enthusiasm. the streak is over. the eagles beat the giants at the link, ending a five-game losing streak. we've got the guys, sean and sean to break it down. good morning to you you. >> good morning, early one. it's the early look, okay. it's christmas eve. we're excited the eagles got early christmastime. they finally came clutch. finally. it took the seventh try to do so. on and 6 before thursday's game when it comes to seven points or less. they finally came through in a clutch and it's mow meant up. i know it's a separate season next year, but still you could look back on this and saying okay, we can do this because this would have been in their
8:35 am
head all off season if they weren't able to come up with a win in a clutch situation. carson wentz gets it done early the defense gets it done late and this ends a lot of the questions when it comes to coaching. i think it does, because i think one win separates and you could say, okay, this is doug's rookie year, he finally got it done at the end. this can carry over. a lot of people were calling for his job now. i'm not one of them. i am not after one year. i don't think you should do it after one year. he deserves another season no matter where he's the at. i still find myself scratching my head with some of his play calling. doug, he's had a couple of those this year that make you really scratch your head on fourth downs. he wants to go for it. he goes against conventional wisdom. he has to improve on that and i think he will. we're calling into question those plays because they didn't
8:36 am
get them. if they got them, they go for the win the week before. if they get it, we're like look at the energy, look at how bold he is for doing this. >> i 100 percent agree. on top of that, they're not going to the playoffs. these are things where you're saying, you know what, who cares. he's been coaching this way since week one. that's the problem. he won't change his ways and i think there's a time where you have to kick the goal and get the points in the nfl. i think some of those plays are just go for it and see what the situation is. see what the heart is. fourth and whatever on the one yard line. listen, go for it. what are we kicking the field goal for? the season is over. do we get kind of a look at what the team may look like if he was there all season. >> absolutely. he was one of the best tackles in the game before he got
8:37 am
suspended. the 40-yard touchdown pass you see lane johnson giving carson wentz an extra. i think ultimately this season took a turn when they lost lane johnson. it's all in the record, they're 4 and 1 with lane johnson, 2 and 8 without him. at the same time it's a ripple effect. look at what happens every other spot. all of a united states sen, everyone is in position. this he know what they have to on. they know who to trust and it's as simple as that. people work best when they're in their original position. with lane out, they're out of position. even with play calling he tried to do some of the play calls, but he was getting blown up because everyone wasn't in their spot. we have the grammies music roling in the background to wrap us up. we got more coming up game day live at 10:00. we'll break it all down. we'll look ahead to the final game in the off season, outlook.
8:38 am
we'll be right back.
8:39 am
i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! everything for the holidays. that's my giant.
8:40 am
finning to play the great christmas music as we continue on getting ready for christmas. we have some stuff we want to share with you. we want to share a special holiday celebration to start
8:41 am
this off. deck the hauls with bows of holly. you've all seen it. it's a classic christmas music scene, the chinese restaurant from a christmas story. chinese food is actually a lot of tradition for a lot of people who like to celebrate with chinese food. joining us we have caitlyn matteo, kildare owe. we have a whole celebration going on here. this is something people do to celebrate the holidays, yes. >> absolutely. tell us what you guys are doing. this is traditional chinese, kind of holiday celebration? some traditional recipes with our spin on it. obviously we're open for christmas eve and christmas and for dinner we thought we'll have a little bit of fun it with taking inspiration from the
8:42 am
classic christmas story. here we're showcasing three of the specials that we're running, we have a shim p dumping a short run ramn. a pickle die con and peking duck. it took three days to prepare all these guys. while we're talking about all the food. sean you're over here and you got the drinks. i have to ask, how long does it take to cook the duck. >> three days of preparation and then 45 minutes to 55 minutes. we are moving over, get yourself a nice little taste. we're moving over to cocktails. i got to ask what you recommending for christmas eve around the table christmas eve, the classic egg nog, but we're mixing up two cocktails.
8:43 am
the pork fried wrist. the pork fried rise is taking off the across town row anymore, some phenyl, cloves, cinnamon. it smells so good. mix it with a little holiday songs who the water and sugar and you're good on go. alcohol and chinese food go together. >> absolutely. > the drinks will add some good accompaniment to the dinner. >> absolutely. > we have to taste the food and sean you taste the drink. >> they come on over and this is happening when and what information do they need? we'll get it all up on our website. >> tonight for christmas eve dinner we ' serving from 5:00 p.m. to # 1:00 p.m. and for christmas dinner 4:30 to 8:30 and we do recommend reservations
8:44 am
as we're filling up quickly. a great opportunity for you to check out a different holiday dinner at the red owl.
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
simply having a wonderful christmas. christmas eve, we thank you for spending it with us here on good day philadelphia, the weekend edition. all morning we've been tracking santa's trip around the world with the help of norad, this makes it a yearly rain across digs keeping an eye on the sky to see where old saint nick is delivering toys. we have christopher coats from norad who is going to talk to us a little bit about this good morning, sir. good morning and merry christmas eve to you and all your viewers. >> same to you. > how do we follow santa? where is he right thousand and secondly, how do you track him? >> santa right now is over australia and he's been flying over australia delivering for
8:48 am
about 15 or 20 minutes is what our senses are telling us. we started tracking him santa using the same thing that we use every day. we use satellite to track rudolph's red nose. it gives off nose and rudolph's red nose is a good thing for us to track as he moves around the world. when santa gets over to north america we use our fighter aircraft to escort santa. we have f15s in canada or f22s in here in the united states. this is a well-oiled machine. we'll were a little concerned because we heard about a lot of bad weather. but that's nothing for santa. that's not going to delay him and you can see it through the weather all over the world. >> sta job. somehow he has some incredible skills to avoid weather and
8:49 am
schedule his own gurneys around. he's traveling extremely fast and he's able to avoid areas where there might be some weather difficulty and then hit them again a little bit later. people can follow along on our website www. nor add or call in and talk to your tractors at 877 hi norad they can talk to some of the santa tractors like the folks behind me here and others that are at other parts of our operations center. general, chrr coats, we thank you. you guys are all dressed and ready. we appreciate what you're doin w that santa is on his way. you just have to be a little bit patient. it's all good. > thank you so much. a little bit of a delay because obviously he's at norad. i was waiting for him to smile, too. this is serious government business. there's no time for smiling.
8:50 am
he's got to track santa for reel. mike, we got snow, the poconos, blue mountain and two people up this morning saying i'm going to go ahead and get my sky on. i have friends on their way up there. vermont, some really good skiing. this is what we have this morning, a whole lot of wet streets. a chilly 40 with these winds coming out of the westerly direction and that has kept us feeling pretty cool. a big storm out to the west. this is noteworthy because if you're traveling west, santa will be out west and blizzard warnings, winter weather advisories, a lot going on. we'll be watching the rain, pushing off towards the east. i hope that's not the duck that dropped because we're going to eat that still. after 2:00, rain is done. it's wet and nasty right now, but the rain is going to push off the coast. so around 2, 3:00 things are going to improve of and believe it or not by later tonight it
8:51 am
will turn partly cloudy and that will get us cool. 41 in the poke toes, middle 30s as you get into the jersey side of things. there's in the a lot of artic air across the region except across the northern planes. we'll start to see our temperatures moderate into the 50s as we segue into next week. forecast today into the 30s and middle 40s in town and they will climb in the overnight hours before we drop down to the 30s. otherwise looking at partly cloudy skies. here's the most accurate seven day forecast and christmas day is going to be mild with a temperature close to 50-degrees. sun and clouds, 50 on monday, showers and mild, 55 on tuesday and then the next threat for some wet weather by thursday. we'll be right back.
8:52 am
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michael jackson as we come back present the break, checking out things going on at the art museum. how are we going to end this holiday season without some cocktails. >> that's right. board rows spirit is here. >> good morning. we got holiday cocktails. absolutely. let's get the morning started off right. the bartender is going to be a valuable guest to any party this
8:55 am
year. if you're hosting we're going to give a if you simple tips to make sure you're the star of the show. tip number one use a high quality distilled spirits like board room spirits. fresh squeezed juices go a long way. tip number three, keep it simple with sump syrup. very easy to make. you can jazz it up with a little bit of sage, ginger if you'd like. the last tip, keep it simple and have fun and drink. what are we making? >> we call it the beetle, jin jin and juice. it includes a blood orange soda. this guy has some bartending experience. >> i'm going to let you make it. we are going to pour two ounces of the board room gin. we're going all the way up. we really wanted to test his
8:56 am
skills. and then a nice splash of the beats spirit. we tried that before. it isly jet. get it nice and cold. it looks like you may have a little knowledge on what to do. >> i'm one heck of a drinker, bill. if you take one of the mints, give it a nice slab. you got a nice, earth i balanced and complexed bars i worked at e didn't have garnishes like that. that's the drink? >> that's the drink. i'm going to give you a guys a couple of straws to enjoy. > bill, you go first, my friend. >> that's one heck of a cocktail right there. you were a little heavy handed, but it's good. this is a perfect bartender to have. we've got that one. these are a couple of classics made with our fresh line of reel fruit infused vodkas.
8:57 am
the first one here is your classic cosmo with two ounces of the board room fresh cranbury, an ounce of high quality triple sec. you can't go wrong with the consistent mow. we have 40 seconds of the show. mike come on in here. we have another one for mike to try. this is your lemon drop martini made with our fresh citrus, an ounce of simple syrup, a quarter ounce of lemon juice. good. >> that's really good. > you like that. >> that's really good. some of these are exclusive and you can only get from board room. absolutely. these are great holiday hits. come visit us in lansdale, pennsylvania. we are open today until 6:00 p.m., christmas eve, for the last minute shoppers. >> thanks very much. thank you for spending sometime with us. we will see you bright and early tomorrow morning. happy christmas eve. get out, get your shopping done.
8:58 am
thank you. thank you. keep watching. we'll be back. enjoy your day. (female narrator) the following is a paid presentation
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