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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  December 26, 2016 4:00am-5:00am EST

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very good morning happening today on fox 29 morning news it is the day after christmas and many of you are hitting the malls this morning from returning those, christmas items to the good sales. malls sabrin it on, and bring it on early. and from shopping to traveling, many people across the country are returning home from the airport to their roads. your travel times right now. call it a christmas miracle in easton, pennsylvania families stuck in two separate locations, inside of the grand canyon after a massive snowstorm. that is the mom right there. what officials say that she did that may have saved her family's life. ♪ you got to have faith
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♪ >> well, his pop icon george michael has died. we will look back the at his life, and how he changed the musical world. >> so young, 53 years old. >> yes. >> i still can't believe it. >> we will have more in just a moment. great to have you with us on this monday, day after christmas, hopefully you had a freight one. >> absolutely. how was yours. >> very relaxing, very nice. opened up presents, i got my pillow that my pillow commercial the minute we talk about that later on. >> my pillow. >> you know, what was your christmas. >> christmas eve with my husband's family, chris may take with my tamly in baltimore. just grateful. >> grateful you got away. >> and grateful everybody behaved themselves. >> yes. >> yes. >> pretty much. >> all right. hopefully no weather drama today, although there will be a chance if you are north and west of the city, of, some
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perhaps a little will freezing drizzle but there is nothing happening right now. so, get on out there and get started on those after christmas sales. it is a six out of ten, in your weather by the numbers today. starting off with a look at your temperatures, we've got the 23 degrees in mount pocono thirty-six in the city. we will go to the south and see 35 degrees in atlantic city and 38 in dover but, wind chillies in the 20's in a lot of places. the not a lot of wind out there but it is a cold one. with this cold start you will see a little bit of precipitation toward pittsburgh over next couple of hours we will watch to see how close it gets to philadelphia chilly, dry right now, we will see, mostly dry conditions, throughout the morning, here in philadelphia, mostly cloudy skies though, throughout the day and a few showers possible , by the end of the day, and with a high temperature of 48 degrees, press a prep eighth for this time in december, sunset time 4:43, we will talk about another big freeze, coming up in the seven day forecast, just ahead but with bob kelly on vacation this week, we will
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handle traffic, as well, and, tell you about a water main break at penns landing, south wound columbus boulevard, at queen street, we have seeing two left lanes blocked there, of course, this hour not causing any problems. but, be aware of that if you are traveling in that neighborhood this morning. otherwise traffic is moving just fine. we will look a schuylkill expressway at spring garden, a few cars out there, actually which is surprising that the hour and day after christmas. we will have more updates coming up. >> try to get those good deals this early morning. sue, thank you. traveling back home from visiting family and friend this holiday weekend make sure to give yourself some extra time, triple a says 130 million americans are expect to hit the roads or fly between now and january 2nd. according to flight tracking web site flight snowy weather out west is causing 1500 delays and cancellations, the at several airports all around the country. so, christmas itself is over but now real deals really
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start. i love this week because this is when you can get all of the stuffy wanted to buy for yourself, big, big sales. >> i went out on christmas eve i didn't have anything to buy but look at the madness and last minute sales. today is the day that everyone will go out and get those sales. >> or returns. lets get out to steve keeley because he will be at one of our malls that will be opening shortly. >> reporter: if you watch tv yesterday, i was laughing out loud at home because i could not believe the commercials for after christmas sales already, on christmas, big deals, 50, 60 percent off a lieutenant of times when you go to the malls like this one in cherry hill you will see signs going up to 80 percent off. so jc penny where we are on the haddonfield roadside of the cherry hill hall like wal-mart first big two national chains to opened, they are opening up at 6:00 in the morning today the day after christmas for the employees. target and tolls right across the street from here the big chains they follow at 7:00. the mall itself here, opens up
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at 8:00. so a lot have of big extended hours, the day after christmas just hike we see, starting around the black friday time with these extended hours and they know how busy a shopping day after christmas is, it is almost one of the top three busiest shopping days of the year, so many are off from both school and work. they have all this free time. a lot of people, hope for a lot of things that they didn't get, they hope to get themselves like you guys a lot of people got gift card that people want to use those before they lose them or they expire, and then you also have , incredible deals and unlike before christmas, a lot have of people think that after christmas supplies are limited, so, it is first come first serve and that is why everybody rushes out the day after christmas and then, returning things. you want to return the stuff, before you get too lazy sticking in the closet or lose the receipt and receipts are big and we always know about all of the things that you need to know, before, you return things and we will give
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you some tips in the next half an hour, but karen and thomas this will be another crazy shopping day if you haven't had enough already before christmas, i think today is a bigger day, because at least the big before christmas, everybody spends different days shopping but today is a big crush and everybody wants to get their stuff returned, they want to get their gift card used and people are disappointed on christmas. they didn't get what they wanted. today is the day to get what they wanted because it the is like you guys did, shop for yourself today, day. >> i totally think so. the it is a who will take for so many people. official holiday. they have been off yesterday. we appreciate. this next story is absolutely a christmas miracle for police, family from our area from easton, pennsylvania , that is the mom, rescued after their car got stuck on the snowy road, they were, along the rim of the grand canyon, deputies say that karen kline was trapped with her husband and ten year-old son so she gets out and goes to look for help, while her house bob walks with their son to higher ground for
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cell phone services. they were able to get help but then they could not find missing mom. she had walk a full marathon 26 miles before they found her , and she's currently in the hospital being treated for exposure to the cold. >> mother as passion to save her family. we are following breaking news here at 4:07. a man is fighting for his life after police say he was shot in the nicetown section. police say shots rang out late last night on the 3800 block have of north buy veer street. investigators believe the five two-year old's family was involved in some type of fight in the neighborhood early in the day and shooting stemmed from that incident. man was rushed to temple university hospital. so investigators are interviewing several witnesses at hospital, that is obviously mom from the last story we just told but. so far no arrests were made but police hope footage from surveillance will lead to the shooter. so, it is come up on 4:08.
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israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is turning up the heat begins the u.s. netanyahu is vowing to retaliate because u.s. chose not to block a u.n. security council resolution, so measure passed condemning israel for establishing building new settlements in the palestinian controlled areas. netanyahu spent christmas day meeting with diplomates, including the u.s. ambassador to israel. u.s. continues to insist that the new settlements only hurt peace efforts. russian rescue crews are continuing their search for bodies after plane crashes into the black sea. russian authorities believe that all 92 people on board died, the plane disappeared from radar yesterday morning, minutes after departing. the passengers, include dozens of singers and russia's world famous military choir. investigators have not ruled out any cause of the crash including terrorism, and, they say it could take days or weeks to figure out what brought that plane down.
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♪ and, so young, just 53 years old that is careless whisper, george michael dying yesterday, on christmas, as so many are remembering him. >> really was young this break ing news late yesterday so details surrounding his death have in the been release budd his manager says that he died at his home in england christmas day of heart failure he died peacefully. >> googling and playing music, dancing around at our christmas living room to that. people remembering on twitter, as well, kelly wright has this story because he was such an icon of the 80's and 90's. >> reporter: george michael is dead, according to his publicist the five three-year
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old died peacefully at his home in england. at times controversial artist shot to stardom with the pop group wham in the early 80's enjoying popularity as a teen i pooper item delivering hits of last christmas, and wake me up before you go, go. >> ♪ >> reporter: michael enjoyed a long solo career selling over 100 million albums globally and earning grammy and american music award. he recorded due it was music industry legend like aretha franklin, ray charles and elton john. but his career wasn't without controversy. throughout his life his drug use and taste for risky sex brought him into frequent brushes with the law. most famously in 1998, when he was arrested for, public lewd ness in amens rest room in los angeles. the the scandallal threatened to end his musical career but the artist managed to use it as inspiration for a song
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called, outside, that poked fun at the situation. >> ♪ >> celebrity tweeting about his death, remembering him fondly, talk show host ellen degenerous as well as close friend elton john penning an emotional good bye. michael's publicist said he was not ill at the time of his passing but likely more details about the pop icon's death the will come to light in the coming days. in washington, kelly wright, "fox news". and this morning fans and celebrities around the world are paying tribute to george michael. >> one of them, kelly was talking about elton john they had that due it, that number one hit back in 1991 with this cover. >> ♪ >> sir elton john. >> such a classic. >> of course, he put out his instagram message, posting i
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am in deep shock. i have lost a beloved friend, the kind eskimos generous soul and brilliant artist my heart goes out to his family, friend and all of his fans. all right. rip. he started with the band wham so in twitter band made andrew richly posted, heart broken of the loss of my beloved friend, me, his loved ones, his friend, the world of music. the world of large forever loved. brian well son tweeting very sad george michael passed very talented musician and singer. love and mercy to his family, friend and fans. shack a kahn another beautiful talent take away. 2016 is brutal. it is 4:12 right now. we hope you had a great holiday weekend. lots of people did. we did have controversy, right now, involving the mayor. >> coming up here on good day, why the mayor will have to pay a hefty fine.
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all right. we will start off with a look at the winter weather advisory , yeah, this is actually a freezing rain advisory that is in effect, starting at 7:00 o'clock, for our northern and western suburbs. so what is happening here is we have very weak system that will be moving in, and it is going to be just cold enough that we could see some freezing drizzle, freezing rain, in lancaster, berks, lehigh, northampton, carbon
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and monroe but precipitation is so light and spotty, you may get it, you may not but if you encounter freezing drizzle or rain it can cause a lot half slipperiness. so at least it is not as bad as things are in the upper midwest, the dakotas, under a blizzard warning for today, until noon time, we have got winter storm warnings, high win warnings, winter weather advisory, travel a virtual nightmare in that part of the country, and that could effect , of course, flights, if you are traveling around on this day after christmas because although it is snow up there, there is rain around the chicago area and milwaukee , as well, so this is just part of the system that will be seeing. but we don't have any precipitation. we are seeing rain around pittsburgh area this morning. very, very light rain, and it is warm enough there, that it is, just rain. we have 36 degrees in philadelphia, if we see any showers they probably won't reach here until this afternoon. it will be well above freezing that is why we do not have any
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freezing rain advisory in the city or south or east of the city but temperatures will start off if you are walking out the door and than again we know stores opened early and bargains are there you may be going out to get, take advantage of that just make sure you bundle up because temperatures are just that cold. so the seven day forecast is for high of 48 degrees today. we will get close to 60 tomorrow but don't get used to that. it the is rain in the morning. sun in the afternoon. much colder change, on, wednesday, and, were 43 degrees. rainy day on thursday, a cold wind, blowing it in on friday and for last day of 2016 saturday it is sunny, cold within with a high of 40 for mummers parade on sunday, it looks like there is a slight chance of the shower, nobody wants that so we will see if we can get rid have of. that that is a look the at your seven day forecast. time to check out traffic and, of course, we're hoping that there are in problems this morning because there certainly isn't any volume out there this is the penns landing area and that water main break we have been
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telling but which is southbound on columbus boulevard, and, it is at queen street with two left lanes, blocked right there. some of your travel times this morning, as we go out, we have got a look at 295 from route 38 to route 168, that is a 13 minute trip and everything is moving smoothly on the blue route this morning from i-95 to the schuylkill to take a 17 minute drive. >> we like to see it. all right green, thank you. philadelphia mayor jim kenney getting out the checkpoint, hefty fine for missing key filing deadlines. mayor's campaign committee has had to cough up $2,000 to the cities ethics board. campaign failed to file reports in march and april of this year, detailing spending for kenney's inauguration and transition into city hall. campaign was required to report how much money it donated to other candidates. campaign filed all of those reports, back in august. it is almost, mummer time, out there, so some are saying that they should bring it back
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to south philadelphia. they have got their sequins struts and they are down there doing their march. is there an on line petition that has gathered more than 600 signatures. budget cuts have impacted the parade and mummers in recent years. meaning a shorter parade route and its change in venue for fancy brigade who perform at the convention center. officials in new jersey say that a adult children who were adopted may soon have access to the original birth certificates. it is very big if you were adopted. as many as 300,000 children were given up for adoption in new jersey, and they have until this saturday, to decide if they would like their name to be removed from the birth certificate to protect their privacy. if not, the adult adoptees could get it. those parents who choose not to release their names can reverse their decision at anytime. >> ♪ no matter what, holiday
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you might have celebrated the philadelphia area certainly had lots of places to spend time with loved ones. fox 29's brat sattan reports, so many people spent their christmas at the movies. >> reporter: why enjoy just one christmas tree when you can take in 124 of them, more than 8,000 people spent christmas day at long wood gardens this years theme sounds of the season featuring a 18-foot douglass fir decked out in musical instruments. >> i think it is really cool because it has all of the music. >> every year we come here and every year it is different. they always make something new >> reporter: this 30-foot tree was a perfect photo op, but it turns out it is not a tree at all. >> it looks like a tree. it is fantastic. it has 1300 plants, poinsettia , ivy and orchards. >> reporter: it is quite the christmas day tradition at national museum of american jewish history. >> it always has something new and really fun. >> reporter: a thousand visitors today enjoying clay
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making and special exhibition on bill graham, holocaust survivor who went on to be a musical promoter to the stars, bob dylann, grateful dead and many more. >> jewish community does not celebrate christmas and looking for something to do. as we have grown and expanded and we have a museum for all backgroundse realize is there a opportunity to be as well coming as possible. >> reporter: outside these young ladies are visiting philadelphia for just a day from china. never mind many of the historical sites were closed, what was left to to. >> eating. >> reporter: eating. >> yes. >> reporter: where to burn those calories after that christmas meal? skating rink at winter fest on penns landing sold out and after skating. >> keep warm. >> reporter: enjoying a night by the fire. >> meeting new people. >> we don't even know them, but they invited us over for heat. >> reporter: they are taking your heat. >> we are sharing in the heat. >> reporter: that is what holiday spirit is all about. >> yes, christmas. >> all about the smiles.
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that was brad sattan reporting v good christmas for eagles quarterback carson wentz, not only did he help lead hometown team to victory over the giants but he got a very special gift, what do you think it is? we will explain later in the show.
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christmas day was full of basketball and does not the get any better than warriors and cavilers, rematch from
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last years finals lived up to the hype. warriors, scoring 14-point lead in the fourth, tied 105 with less than two minutes to go, step curry with the clutch three right there but now cavilers only down by one, and kyri irving does what he does, game winning jumper right there. cavilers win, 109-108, to the celtics and knicks, another game that went down to the wire, tied at 112, the knicks break down on defense, that is marcus smart with the wide opened, tray ball right there. boston gets the big win 119- 114. and to football afc north, big ben and antonio brown get it done in the clutch once again. look at this, brown just reaches out over goal line and gets the touchdown. steeler wins 31-27 clinching the afc north. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. all right, so they didn't go to the playoffs but carson wentz, he had something better than going to the playoffs.
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>> it is cute. >> eagles quarterback, has now something very cuddly that he got for christmas. he put it out there, on instagram, on the gram, do you see what it is, he got a new puppy. so cute. all gathering around the tree. so that his other dog and brand new puppy and tweeted out merry christmas from me, henley and the new addition, to the crew, jersey. could we love you more, seriously. once again, back on. >> he will come back as a completely different person. we will thank the puppy for it >> jersey. >> more sensitive player. >> yes, i love that one. >> cuddly. >> merry christmas. >> coming up at 4:30. >> still didn't make the playoffs. from one eagle to another it seems like thursday night's big win was a good luck charm for the team, news. connor barwin making news, and he has an addition to the family but not in the four legged category. also speaking of the holiday both president obama and president-elect donald
4:27 am
trump offering up holiday greetings, what each tweeted that is making headlines, this morning.
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we're talking about the
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best gifts thaw either got or didn't get. that is what we're laughing about right now. you may not the belief what were the hot ones in our family gathering. if you didn't get what you wanted they are returning them , mall will be opened, steve keeley is out there. oh, sue, easton mom being hailed a hero what she did to rescue her family stuck in the know storm in the grand canyon ♪ sound of my favorite george michael song, let us know this morning. another icon gone this year. so hard to believe, david bowie, prince and now george michael. he had a squeaky clean image to provocative, controversial, certainly had his problems. we will break down his amazing life, this morning. >> certainly had an impact one more try was my favorite. >> then holiday song you hear this time of the year, last
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christmas, i gave you my heart yeah, it is so sad. >> sing it, sue. >> the very next day you gave it away. >> more on george michael coming up. we have learned about the hot holiday items that bee got. >> my family, we have the white elephant thing where you can steel a gift or everybody picks from the pile, and, it it was a squaty potty. i didn't know what you talked about until you went into detail. >> it helps ease the trans situation. >> you do need to google because because we have rainbow uni corns. >> it is true, it is like soft servized cream. it is early. >> hopefully you are not having a soft serve cone. >> then they have pooparie. >> potty talk at 4:30.
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>> sue's tons of fun. hopefully you had great weekend. whatever you are planning for to take may be chilly but there may be rain before the the end of the day. we have a six out of ten in your weather by the numbers. temperatures, right now, are in the the 20's, in mount pocono, allentown, reading, pottstown, 36 degrees, well above freezing in philadelphia , just below freezing in lancaster and 35 degrees in atlantic city with the wind chill, some of the wind chills are not that much different then actual temperature. not a lot of wind. we are watching this area of rain around pittsburgh, and you can see it is very light rain, not much, but, some of that could make its way here and we could see a few showers this afternoon with a high of 48. we will tell you about the situation north and west where it could be slippery later on, coming up in just a few minutes but, traffic time on this day after christmas morning. we are looking at i-95 at broad street, there are a few cars but everything is moving along.
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roads are dry this morning. the speedometer around, it looks like people are behaving themselves and going posted speed limit. there is 55 miles an her right there, on i-95 and another reminder about the water main break at penns landing, southbound columbus boulevard at queen street, two left lanes blocked there at the moment. thomas and karen. >> sue, thank you. time is 4:33. do you have any gifts you news towed exchange, return. >> i want to get some deals on sneakers. they did not have good deals before the holidays but hoping maybe now that they will. >> today is expected to be a very busy day at area stores. people are grabbing those gifts, returning them, shaking them, looking for sales. >> i had a gift the kob liked and it is the big container that says cold beer you put your beer, ton for a party. steve keeley, i will be returning it at the tj max today. >> reporter: wow, tj max, we call it, tj sachs, you can get high quality stuff at the very low prices, and an old
4:34 am
girlfriend of mine called it t j sachs back in cleveland. >> there sound like a deeper story to that. >> reporter: two days in a row talking about the old girlfriends on the air. by the way, i loved the fact that you call them sneakers still. do your boys call them sneakers or do they call them running shoes. >> they are sneaker. i do need running shoes. what i need specifically but i can call them sneakers. >> sneaks. >> reporter: sneaks, sneakers i thought that would date us but good to hear you say sneakers. i got many of my sneakers at an old store across the street called the pro's shoe, little store across from the cherry hill mall, and then became a pizza shop. now it is abandon. but just an old sneaker story too to go with the old girl friend stories. why are we at cherry hill mall strangely nobody is in line like we saw were christmas for these early hour openings. but after christmas, same thing, early hours, opening and cherry hill mall itself opens up at eight.
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one of anchor stores, jc penny as we spin around, you'll see lights on, matching the cherry hill mall lights, very red, very bright, they are the first to open, and like wal-mart at 6:00ah the day after christmas. so if you are not only shopped out by all of the prechristmas stuff and by the way, that includes shopping for parking spot, jc penny opening up at 6:00, for those returns, and for all that stuff that you want to get at a jc penny. so best day to return, retail experts say is today, the early the better because you get most spending power, since you can take advantage of all of the after christmas sales, and if you watched tv yesterday, you are already seeing the commercials for after christmas sales. but, after christmas sales, dominated by clothes, and malls are dominated by clothing stores, and that is why the malls are mobbed the day after christmas with so many of these clothing stores, in places like the cherry hill mall and king of prussia and so many signs at the mall
4:36 am
doorways, pulling you in, with those outlandish looking sales sign numbers, that go as high as 80 percent off. so with many workers taking christmas week, through new years as a vacation week from schools and kindergarten and college on christmas break so many families are completely off together, that they go to the malls, movies, and all of the big department stores the day after christmas. so, it is also a day to use those gift card you got from grand mom because she doesn't know what size you are anymore and easy for her just to stick that in the greeting card and then, you can get, whatever you want yourself, and take advantage of those cards, maybe regift them today, and or use them yourself if you didn't get what you wanted and you can give yourself that gift today and remember those things expire. i like to give cash because cash is, i think, never expired, only to inflation, so we will show you a rare sight here at cherry hill hall, especially in the last few weeks, an empty parking lot. you can get good parking right
4:37 am
now right near the store doors , if you get here early today and you'll bead the crowds, but, even though everybody is off today, including bob kelly, mr. traffic, it is going to be a traffic nightmare today for everybody racing around, still visiting family members, still shopping, and yesterday when i drove home from work 95, northbound from the center city area to the betsy ross bridge was stop and go and i could not believe it. i thought there was an accident. it was just people visiting family members, a lot have of out of state plates, people not knowing where they were going people in the left lan inging 3 miles an hour. the just be patient again even if you are off today you have no reason to be in a rush, you'll get there. >> that is the true, thanks, steve. >> word to live by nice and slow. >> thanks, steve. in other news right now maybe you saw these tweets from our president and president-elect. we will start with the president obama letting american people know how he was celebrating christmas with this tweet posting a picture saying best part of the
4:38 am
holidays is time we share with those we love. on behalf of michelle, malia and sascha merry christmas everyone. >> trump tweeting out with a fist pump merry christmas and very, very, very, very happy new year wishing everybody a bright and happy hon kay for the president-elect. we are following breaking news here at 4:38. a man is fighting for his life after police say he was shot in the nicetown section. police say shots rang out late last night on the 3800 block of north boostveer street. investigators believe a five two-year old family was involve in the fight in that neighborhood early in the day and shooting stemmed from that incident. man was rushed to temple university hospital. >> five two-year old male shot multiple times in his arms, and torso, and he is presently in very critical condition, and he is under going surgery, and it is unknown whether or not he will survive. investigators are interviewing several witnesses in the hospital, and so far no
4:39 am
arrests have been made but police hope footage from surveillance cameras will lead them to the shooter. police say it was simply a christmas miracle, that a family from the easton pennsylvania area was rescued after their car got stuck on the snowy road, as they were along the rim of the grand canyon. deputies say karen kline, the mom, trapped her husband and ten year-old son. she went out to look are for help while her husband and son went to higher ground to get cell phone services. they were able to get help but then they could not find the mom. researchers say that she walk 26 miles before they find her. they had said she's in the hospital being treated for exposure to the cold. >> she was determine. ♪
4:40 am
>> that was the song sue was talking about just a moment ago. we are remembering pop superstar george michael, he passed away christmas take, just 53 years old. his tamly says music icon passed away peacefully at his home in england. his manager says that the artist died have heart failure >> pretty unexpected to so many of us. he was due to release a documentary and he was also working on a new album but 1948 when he popped on the music scene with wham, with this catchy little song. >> ♪ wake me up before you go go ♪ >> so much fun. >> so, he started with wham in 1986 and launched his solo career never looking back. known for his a hazing hair, his great looking and great moves ape he sold more than 100 million albums with the career that spanned four decades. in 1998 he reluctantly revealed during a television
4:41 am
interview that he was gay. he never married or had children. this morning he is being remembered as a talented most generous soul. >> artists throughout the morning we will hear there them throughout the morning, tweeting, sending out their condolences. we will share with them with you on "good day philadelphia" coming up. time right now 4:41 what a year we have had from the drought, wild fires, freezing temperatures, we saw it all, certainly we will break it all down in this years whacky weather.
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welcome back. president-elect donald trump plans to dissolve his controversial foundation. he says that the trump foundation has done good work contributing money to veterans , law enforcement to children but trump says he still wants to dissolve it to avoid even the appearance of the conflict of interest. the foundation by the way has been criticized for reportedly using funds to settle legal disputes and according to recent tax filing it omitted it violated irs rules by giving money to someone close to the organization. foundation is currently under investigation by new york state attorney general. ♪ >> so many great videos, amazing. remembering the life of musician george michael. he died, of course, christmas day and throughout the show we will play his most pap popular
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well, yeah, it is a quiet morning out there and we're looking at penns landing, we will take another look at this because we have a water main break there along columbus boulevard that could slow you down but obviously with just one car on the road that is
4:48 am
not an issue today. i guess we will start off with traffic, because, it is time to do that. sometimes we switch it up on you we do traffic first and then we do weather. so we're looking at right now penns landing, it is a water main break. the it has two lanes closed but with one car on the road everybody is getting a long, and getting by, just fine. >> notice problems with that water, it is pumping out. that is what is delaying the whole process. >> that could be an issue later on as folks get out and about on the day after christmas but for right now we're fine. checking travel times, if you are on 295, in new jersey, it is a 13 minute trip from route 38 to 168, on the blue route, all the way from i-95, to the schuylkill expressway, it is smooth sailing, and 17 minutes , for that trip, we will be back with your forecast in 15 seconds.
4:49 am
so possibility later on this morning, and even into early afternoon of tricky travel north and west of the city by west we mean lancaster county and berks county and northwesterly high, northampton, carbon and monroe because of the temperatures, in these areas, when we get that light, light precipitation later on in the the day, it could be, frozen. we're talking about freezing precipitation and then we have this winter, this blizzard warning, just so you can see where it is a whole lot worse. that is north, south dakota in orange is and blizzard warning in parts of the the montana, high wind, winter weather slowing everybody down in that part of the country. that is a look at that on radar. the as we zoom into our area we see in the the pittsburgh region, we do have very light,
4:50 am
very spotty showers and that is why it is so trick which those frozen precipitation because is there not much of it, just maybe enough to put a glaze down on the ground but that is if you are going to be north and west of the city. for as as we look at future cast, we will see quite a bit of cloud cover, maybe a spotty shower late this morning, mostly cloudy skies throughout the rest of the day and then we will see a little bit of green showing up here and there for he can hours, around five or 6:00 o'clock this evening, so it shouldn't be a big deal but fuzz do get some rain and you are north and west of the city and temperatures are now 23 degrees it could be a little slippery. 36 degrees is our current temperature in philadelphia it feels like 30. we will get up to a high later on in the day of about 48 degrees, for us, and then tomorrow, warmest day of the week, it is on tuesday, 59 and then up to 48 on wednesday. we will transition with some rain on thursday, with colder temperatures and then it is pretty arctic blast, by new
4:51 am
years eve and day before new years eve, the eve, eve, high temperatures only around 40 degrees. it gets milder for new years day on sunday. we have a couple of showers in the forecast right now. we will try to get rid of them in time for the mum are parade >> you will work on that, thanks, sue. still ahead this morning philadelphia eagles player can or barwin having a great christmas but first a big win with the giants and then another addition to his family , we will be right back. lilly.
4:52 am
she pretty much lives in her favorite princess dress. but once a week i let her play sheriff so i can wash it. i use tide to get out those week old stains and downy to get it fresh and soft. you are free to go. tide and downy together.
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one of my favorites as well. taking a look, poke though mountains are opened for business and they are so happy about the snow, in their neck of the woods. we want to show you a picture from the holidays, it is prince george and princess charlotte attending their first ever christmas services. this is royal family outside saint marks church with their parents. is there close ups of the baby , so cute. >> my goodness that little george. >> so charlotte is two, george is three, he was eating his candy kaine there is video of them coming outside. get this, season for a little engagement. philadelphia eagles can or barwin is engaged, linebacker proposed to his girlfriend on christmas day. as you always do you show off
4:55 am
the ring, conner in the background. three months salary right there. so they proposed, he proposed on christmas day. the couple, well, they are happy, no word yet on when they will get married. >> he is a durable a friend of the show, he comes, all around good guy. we truly wish that couple the truly very best because he is one of the forces in the locker room. >> ultimate gift on christmas day when you open up that box, the ring and he saw will you marry me. >> my husband did it, what would i give her. >> yes. >> between now and valentines day that time of the year. >> no exchanging them. >> yes, maybe there is. >> conn the great eulogieses. speaking of the holidays, maybe it is time to return stuff you do not want to get it right or get something you had your eye on, steve? >> reporter: karen, thomas, stay with me because your microphones are still on because they want me to go minute long because we are light, not as much news which is a good thing. dave kinchen stuck in detroit
4:56 am
where he visited his mom in christmas. we are one less reporter. jared, behind you, i see first set of headlights. we could have first shoppers or first employees showing up because it is a big shopping dejesus after christmas, and, we will be -- >> wouldn't it the be funny if that was dave kinchen. >> i'm coming in, guys. >> he used the excuse. >> here comes another car coming from your shot from behind your live truck. we are seeing signs of life here at cherry hill mall. this is rare to see, look, there is three cars, while on the air, how about that, for a tease. so we have got people coming to cherry hill mall which opens up at 8:00 for you people just joining us, jc penny where we are the first big department store they have their own doors here so they could open up before the mall and they are hoping up at six. we have an hour count down for a day after christmas sales, if you are, unlike somebody, who got a gift from sues serio who makes her own gifts, you cannot return, stuff that sue serio if she made you a nice pillow. >> you would never want to
4:57 am
they are so great. >> reporter: that is right. you cannot put a value on something like that. that would be, if you return to sue serio gift all of the hours that she puts in to it she would have to give you a thousand bucks. >> i wanted a my pillow. are you telling me all this time sue could have made me a my pillow. >> reporter: yes, and it would be your pillow, the guy on the commercial is machine washable , yes, how does that accent sound. all of my pillows are machine washable. so this will be the first time in history a tease was actually longer then live shot lets get to the commercial break before 5:00 o'clock rolls rolls around.
4:58 am
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it is day after christmas and all through through the house -- alternative rent story there. through the malls, lot of returns this morning if you are waking up looking for those sales. malls sabrin it on. from shopping to travel, certainly a lot of people all across this country are trying to get home from grand mom's house where ever you may have been on our roads and also at the airport. so you may want to track those travel times. >> this family, this mom has a story to tell a christmas miracle in easton pennsylvania , families, stuck in two separate locations, inside of the grand canyon, after a massive snowstorm hits what officials this morning are saying that the


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