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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  December 26, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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es, do you remember that, slushy and pretzels. >> my dad would get his tools at k-mart and we would get a little gold fish and then we were get canned you counters would i get my gold fish. >> get a live gold fish from the pet center. and then we will get candy gold fish. >> we go there. >> sure. >> absolutely. >> good morning, hopefully you had a great holiday when are celebrating christmas, kwanzaa or hon company. everybody had a great holiday. >> it was great. we were with tamly. that is all i can ask for. >> nia is back. >> right, she came and still home for another week. she goes back for january term >> yes, we will get through it , sue. >> if you didn't get the present you wanted hatchimals. >> my kid did not the but a lot of kid did. you guys were so diligent. difficult wait in line for target that one take. that was it. i did not get it. but, hopefully did you. >> you are looking at a lot of
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presents under the tree. you didn't get gifts you wanted, there are do's and don't's, to regifting. is it acceptable? can you do it. we will break it down coming up. >> also, one for all and all for onesy, yeah, omg. >> owe my goodness. >> open remarks gayle seriously. >> i live for onesys. >> so do this. >> they are rocking it. >> steady man is like no, i'm not going to do it. >> no, he is not. >> he beats to his own drum. >> after this many years. >> we will look at how celebrities have celebrated the holidays. >> do you feel drain after christmas? energy shortage, right here, this stress of traveling. seeing so many people it can take a toll. >> do you get stressed out during the holidays. >> usually before, you know, there is a lot to do but this year, no. >> it is the shopping, cooking , dealing with the family members. >> getting plans made. my problem is always figuring
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out what to get. if i could think of great gifts then i could go get them but it is a lot of trouble. >> sue made this for me this morning. >> dish cloth. >> that is the best gift. we did white elephant. one of my gifts was so bad nobody wanted it. it is one at the even. i ended upbringing it home. it was e7 i can fail. container for beer bottles, like you would have at a party i tried to give it back. >> a beer container. >> and party at karen's house coming up. >> yes. >> that we can do. >> yes. >> hey steve keeley, steve keeley has been outside all morning long, in cherry hill. hello, my friend. >> all right. you are going to have hit of the day because, we have lisa, listen. >> wallstormer and she does public relations here. we will do an interview. you will not be pr person. lisa and i, we are high school friend from bishop eustace. would she ghetto fended.
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i always a my age. i was a senior when she was a baby freshman. but, she's local. now she lives up in north jersey and commute is here every day. we were talking about stuff here at cherry hill mall, even though it is big return day, big shopping take, we will get to the business stuff later, but one of the funny stories we were telling jared, is how they had parrots here when we were in high school. the problem with the parrots was the parrots would imitate everything they heard people say. and, mean little kid like me, would teach parrots dirty word you had to get rid of them, repeating curse word. >> we did because teenagers were teaching them, not so nice word and they were cursing at shoppers, and so bird had to go away. but it was a beautiful, giant avery that had these great parrots and bird and because they were cursing they were taken from the mall. >> reporter: and then, moorestown mall, they had monkeys, and ducks. and then monkeys bit somebody.
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here the parrot where is not in cages. they start biting people because people would put their fingers up. they would curse you out and then bite your finger. >> they were not nice birds. >> wouldn't it be cool to be walking down a small today and have a parrot curse you out, hey you bleeping shopper what are you doing here it is day after christmas. >> i don't think we want them saying these word. we want them say hage, shoppers welcome to cherry hill hill mall. >> if you had cursing parrots they would bring crowds here. >> they might, they might. we want them to be nice birds. >> all right. this as i said on national news this morning this was biggest mall in the country when it open. year i was born in 1961. famous year for two reasons now. when did you lose that status of being biggest hall in the country. >> i think probably when mall of america opened and king of prussia opened, we're still one of of the largest malls in the country but those have surpassed us. >> you expanded at eustace around 1981ish. >> in the 80's we expanded and
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then added jc penny and redevelopment in 2009. >> well, now don't lie to me, don't be your pr self, how was christmas this year at the mall. >> we don't really have the sales results yet so we have to look at november and december and wait until this week is over. but all things indicate it is probably going toke a good season. >> is this compared to black friday and then super saturday before hand. we all hear these nickname days now for prechristmas. is day after christmas a massive shopping day like today. >> it is, because people have returns, changes, gift cards that they want to spend. they want to do fun things, and busiest shopping days of the year. it will be high traffic today. >> so here at pennies they were giving coupon is a way that were like cash. minimum would be ten bucks. at least handing you ten bucks when you walk n sales were up to 80 percent off. we were talking to people who came here, got bags and didn't spend a dime, have you ever had that here before. >> really.
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>> yes, we watched lady had a receipt, she had two shirts for 88 cents. so 44 cents a shirt, and they gave her money back, to come back until the end of january to use. >> yes. >> she left here with cash and two shirts. >> wow, i have toe go shopping in the jc penny we gave them our coupon. three of them got stuff for ten dollars. they got hats, scarves and shirts. they got like five things for ten dollars. >> that is pretty awesome i'm in the the trying to do a commercial for jc penny. we have new jersey transit guy waving to us, and they are bringing in bus loads of shoppers here. is what best time if you could recommend people watching and they want to shop is what best time and worst time daze after christmas to shop. >> best time is early morning. probably the most traffic time will be midday, and then later in the evening is a good time to come shop. >> you guys were opened early. how much longer will you stay opened that early. >> today is our last day. we will go back to normal hours tomorrow. >> how late tonight.
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>> tonight we are opening until 11:00. >> you will have live shots at 11:00 tonight on the 11:00 o'clock news then. >> hopefully. >> lease, thank you. >> you are welcome. >> you were just a little will fresh hand. way younger than me. >> all right. >> i want to to know how were you as a young lad. >> i was one of the kids teaching the parrot the curse words to be honest with you. >> you were class clown, weren't you. >> sue serio, tell me that wouldn't be great, tell me you wouldn't take your family to a mall if you know parrot was walking by saying hey, you bleeping idiot, it is busiest bleeping day of the year what the bleep are you doing here on a bleeping mall. >> there are children. >> it will be a trend now, don't be a steve keeley: >> that is kind of cool, cursing parrots at the mall. >> thanks, steve. >> thank you steve. >> you took a lot of pictures, karen. >> i did. there is so many fun things to
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do. >> that wasn't a set up to share them. >> okay, yeah. >> i'm just kidding. >> we love to see them. >> let's show pictures because we really love when you celebrate with us. kathy baker we had to see yours. me and the old man. >> yes. >> love the smile. >> yes. >> and best reaction, ever. >> i love that. >> isn't that what it is all about when they open up the gift, i wanted this, santa. >> that is the family there. >> joann. >> yes, and then some from lucy, happy holidays. >> we all have those pictures lined up in front of the christmas tree and taking that picture. molly shay is a wonderful second christmas. >> look at her. >> katie, thanks so much for sharing. >> we will get back to you now >> okay, karen. >> you you are a proud whom proud parent you take pictures of the relatives. you spend it at your sister's house. >> we were there for christmas eve she just moved into a new condo. we started with disney on ice. there we went to.
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that is still running there. so us and several thousand other people were there enjoying the disney on ice: magic is watching my three-year old as he sits there captivated by all of the wonderful stories. >> which one did he like the most. >> they have riley, from in and out a big move think year that we got to sianni true story we left at intermission because we had a holiday party for grown ups. we missed it. so i heard that was the best part. and then we also, this is here at my parent's house yesterday that is my little niece. would you look at her awe bring in her holiday dress, and my wonderful sister in law , becca, and feet of little tucker. and my three boys. >> that was our holiday. that is all of us going to church at our lady of lords over there in overbrook. >> holy selfie. >> we went there christmas eve which was so much fun. >> this is kid, you know i'm neatest mom in the world and refuse to get my kid ipods so
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these were kid kindles but santa did bring them and they could not believe it. that is what happened. >> they got right off and santa even wrapped the gift. it looks like it came right out of the store bag. santa was a little lazy. >> i make fun of my poor husband brian, guess what i bought my poor husband brian. >> oh, to, what. >> underwear. >> he got white underwear. >> you don't wrap the underwear. >> just give him the shipping bag. >> yes, i did. >> it is my husband. he got threetive rent kind of the white and wear from kohl's , special with the coupon. >> do i have any pictures. >> yes. >> okay. >> look at you. >> you cooked. >> thinks a white chocolate, cheese cake, believe it or not , it is very good. so is a layer of yum which
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deliciousness. >> when i look at it in full screen it doesn't look as good >> yes. >> it really came out beautifully. i took a bite, a slice from the other site, so, i pointed it a little bit. this looks like moon pie or whoopi pie. >> yes. >> it is white chocolate in the middle... white chocolate cheese cake with a cream cheese drizzle on top. >> yes. >> and organic milk in the background. sweet potatoes with the marshmallows, and corn bread, like a pudding. >> who do you cook. >> well, tv is making it louisiana burnt but i like my ham. >> carmelized. >> heck yeah. >> so that is the ham right there. >> yes. and that is god a, potatoes.
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i don't know if i have pictures of the family. >> in hugh hands. >> it was me, and, my sentiments. the somewhere tonight spam folder i'm sure. do we have, is what the next one. it is greatest thing about it. so, oh, okay, i have to set this up. candace, our producer, can we take a shot, i know she loves this. she was frantic. she has what do you have a niece, two nieces and a nephew he didn't want to, every year i have to get them all gifts and it is expensive. i think your sister is having another child or something. she said what do i get them. hi, there. does she have another kid on the way, possibly thumbs up. >> no more kids. >> we're done. >> okay. >> this was a family executive decision. so she is like what do i get. best gift and this is what i got my nieces a couple years ago that big piano, and then
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they can jump on it. you can get this for 30 or 40 bucks. probably even cheaper 506789. she got it for 50 bucks. you give that one gift and whole family can enjoy with the little once. they open it up. >> they will open it up on this morning. >> the true fact, actual piano from biggies at please touch museum. go over there and jump on it. it was a nice event you can do the with kid as well. >> kid will want one next year you have one at home. >> i included a picture. it didn't make it. i got the my pillow, remember a couple weeks ago you asked me about that. >> how was it. >> how was it. >> i got two. it wasn't buy one get one free i got two separate pillows. >> was it the best night sleep and the whole wide world. >> my pillow is going back in my box and back to my post office and it is going back to the factory. >> it is -- maybe i didn't read instructions. >> is it a bamboo pillow you
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need to shake out. >> there are instructions, right. >> yes. >> no, it is foam, cut up foam stuffed in the pillow. you can get firm, medium, i got one firm, one medium. i have a kink in the neck. i don't know, it feels like a bunch of lumps, sitting on your face. wasn't most unconfidentable sleep the in the world. i will give it another week. >> yes. >> there may be actual instructions, i don't know but i have one and i thought it was worse thing. it it is flat. and then i read them, shake it out, put it in the dryer and then it fluffs up. >> you have to to one. >> put your head on it. >> i don't know, i'll give it a couple her days. everybody wants to know some people love it. others not so much. it is their feather pillows what about you, sueby.
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>> good review. >> we will look at big video first. there it is. we did a facebook live video. everybody asking about my husband because he has had some heart issues. a month and a half ago. he looks good. >> he has facial hair. >> yes, he has a defribillator >> strong and healthy for the holidays. >> yes. >> that was at the my sister and brother-in-law's house christmas eve. we have a few more. that is my mom. >> yes. >> and so, she's, she was in the hospital too. >> yes. >> she looks fabulous. she was all sparkling. so, so happy that everybody appreciates it more being with family on holidays. there is the video we took, facebook live, yesterday, nieces at the top, there is macy, there is tara and morgan , and my sister was the one in the hat next to me. there is my nephew jake, he
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turns 16 today. his birthday day after christmas. poor guy. so weird. your birth the day too. >> yes. >> that is my sister in law sherry, my nephew matt. >> blow a kiss for family there. >> really, matt. >> there is my siblings my sister beth with the hat and my brother with the hat, ravens, it was in baltimore so we had to watch ravens, of course. >> yeah. >> we all looked at ourselves basically. >> how long did that selfie go on for. >> fifteen minutes. >> well, i ended up going around the room and stuff. but we were together. >> you like to watch the extended version of that selfie. >> go to sue serio at fox 29. >> we're an exciting family. >> did you get everything that you want. yes, and more. my daughter, i think, we went on a day trip to new york last week while i was off. we saw phantom of the opera.
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this goes back to what you are saying. even now at 19 i still get the a kick out of her watch a show because when have the big chandelier and to watch her watch it that makes me happy. >> it is like magic of the holidays. staying together. happy and grateful for. >> it is just like be well. >> we were talking about this piano. in case you don't know what the big piano is. this is when little tom hanks was playing, he was playing little, but it was really big. >> yes. >> so, this is at fao schwartz >> yes. >> which isn't there anymore, it was closed in new york. >> yes. >> that was an experience, you have ever been and they have all of the big giraffes and gorillas and so forth. >> and you have want to get to it family one year that says it all, 40 or 50 bucks.
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>> play ate the police touch museum and jump on just like that and it will light up for you. >> it is one of the favorite things to do over there. >> yes. >> feeling a little drains this holiday season. >> yes. >> cooking. >> dealing with family members ,. >> the shopping. >> too much fun. >> made me tired. >> that is a good thing. >> it seems like the holidays can certainly drag you town, psychologists, they have a name for it. they call it. family jet lag. some people feel like they need a holiday from the holiday. experts suggest you carve out sometime for yourself, for vacation. >> yes. >> and i think it is just time of the year you are with your family, and your loved one and they are used to being on their own. maybe they do need alone time. it could be too much family going on. >> kids are off from school. >> you love them but you can't getaway from them. yes. >> when you are dealing with family members. >> yes.
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>> especially i don't know if you have any siblings love them, hi. but they get there. how many glasses of wine. when does politics start. all of a sudden, it is like game on, you are just like, yes. >> we banned political talk for thanksgiving and christmas and it ended up being, we were all much better off. >> that was a target. i saw in the the magazine cover it says learn how to say no for the new year. it is hard to to, you are dealing with family members, dealing with your job, can you really turn it off and say into your boss. >> no. >> it seems like i do it all the time. >> i never talk to my boss. >> are you afraid. >> jim. >> hi jim, love you. >> jim's a nice guy. >> i don't get that much asked but i don't have many times to say into him. >> can you come in, 12:30
9:20 am
instead of 1:30. >> #grateful. >> lets look at a video sure to go viral from our area it is trending, these are members of the saint john's lutheran church in folcroft, pennsylvania. the the manikin challenge: we have seen this one. the here's their version, check it out. >> ♪ >> that is a friend of our show, and tamly because this is part of our family. how cute is that? it is so cute. small church but they have big hearts, big spirits and big singing voices. they are good actors too. >> elaine, one of our photographers this is her church. >> i bet the she was one behind the camera there.
9:21 am
>> she's a professional. >> that is neat. >> we get the whole congregation. >> they are all in on this. >> it is great. >> are you sure it is because church service went a little long and they are just frozen. this this is really one change load. >> that happens on the holidays. >> that is great. >> in one even moved. >> fun church. >> yes. >> oprah, oprah and gang celebrating the holidays and, in style how your favorite celebrities celebrated holiday weekend. they are all in their oness i'm trying to look for mine that i took with my niece, the footies and would you don cap saturday morning with your bowl of cereals in your onesy all snugged up. >> it is best. >> those were the days. >> they are in right the now. >> what are your celebrities doing? we will share them straight ahead.
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and, this is pajamas thinks most fun part, merry christmas from the rodgers family. >> looking good. >> look at the this the dog. >> seriously. >> and, hat and sweater. >> yes, thanks jen. >> this one i love happy, i love this by five of six kids loving their elf pj's, 27 year-old coach richie was scrooge. so cute. >> look at that within right there monica has not stopped playing since 5:00 a.m. yesterday. of course not when you get a cool present like that. i bet she's good though. >> who doesn't, that is a beautiful instrument. my sister gets three-year old, kelen a horn thing. >> does she have kids herself. >> well, they are ten abe 11. >> it is loudest thing. it sound like a screaming child. >> yes. >> we had toys, that are
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really loud. i have no concept of the toys. >> yes. >> thank you. >> okay. so celebrities, of course, were all over social media posting their holiday pictures as well, and many of them sharing what they did with their fans over the weekend including lady gaga. here's her helper for chris mass. >> you want a belly rub for christmas? merry christmas little monsters. we love you so much. i wish i could share all of this with you. but instead i'm just sending you my love. >> so sweet. >> apparently this was with elton john in aspen where she spent christmas. >> yes. >> very blingy, is there john legend and christie teigen with their little daughter luna. she posted this of the three of them on instagram. >> yes. >> look what she got she got a
9:27 am
hatchimals. it it wasn't for luna. we are trying to make everybody believe we got it for luna but john and i will share this. >> does she look like her daddy that baby my goodness look at that santa suit. >> i bought one of those for me, when she was a baby. >> okay. >> carrie washington on santa 's lap and mrs. clause, looking on. very merry. >> i don't know what look she's giving. >> look at taraji. >> yes, that is a side eye if you ever saw one. >> yes, sexy santa pose. dressing up, santa, sue, there , have you been naughty or nice, with the #merry christmas my favorite time, of the year. >> yes, onesy is a big thing now. there was another one that was in our holiday white elephant and it was inspired by christmas story. my nephew ended up with it. >> what was that. >> the pink bunny suit, there it is.
9:28 am
now this is my nephew matthew who is 6-foot five, and he enjoyed that. >> what is this white elephant thing. >> everybody brings a gift. our limit was $20 or less and you put all of the gifts in the pile in the middle and then you draw a number. if you are number one you pick a gift. then when you are number two you pick a gift or steel a gift from that person and it goes on from there. there is a lot of stealing. >> your nephew stole that gift >> yes, there his sister? yes. >> he wented the pink bunny suit. >> guy gets the pocketbook and then stuck with, you know, it is fun. >> always laughs. we have good time with it. >> so the big hit one was. >> what is it called squaty potty, it was hot one. >> this is a step stool you put in front of you have toilet. >> i look like a
9:29 am
million-dollar to google that. funniest video ever. >> while at it, since we have potty talk here, we can't do it. >> no, unicorn making soft service what it shows, it doesn't show someone going. >> can you google pooporie. >> mike's a fan. >> we will watch it during the commercial break and see fit is suitable to hair. we don't want to pay that fine >> it is funny. you have a step stool in front of the toilet and we can talk about it. >> at least idea is it is supposed to ease the process. >> elevate your legs. >> it makes it a more enjoyable morning. >> more anatomically correct. >> now my husband did, he could not wait to steel it, and we did it and we have it at our house right now. >> so maybe you got what you wanted, maybe you didn't, maybe you stole what you wanted but if you regift something you have something you didn't want i have this thing nobody wanted so now we
9:30 am
have to regift it out. >> beer bucket. >> i was thinking maybe buy a new beer and it would be a better hit. >> what is in that box? what is in that bag. can we regift it. can you pass this forward. we have do's and don't's honorary gifting. >> you have to be dare full? stay with us.
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tis the season to re-gift. so here is the deal. the holidays may be over, but still going to see a lot of people for the new year. so what do you do, do you take that gift you received over the holidays and say, sue, good to see you. i got something for christmas. i'm going to re-gift it to you. there are do's and don't's to re-gifting and the american academy of etiquette, joining
9:34 am
us, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> so, we've -- we will ' start with the do's, then go with the don't's, we'll all have re-gifting disasters, what's the number one gift of re gifting? >> them burr one rule, of course, there are several, but first of all think about the packaging, it is all about the marking as we know. and you don't want to give a gift that has some tattered tissue, or oh, my goodness, this is a real, the tags. >> like to tools from the johnson's? >> or even look at it and go no. >> and packaging tissue from something else, or package interesting something else, and then a card that was left by accident. so by all means check the packaging, but the re-gifting, completely different definition of it, completely changed over the years, not what it used to be. and i think. >> change for the better or
9:35 am
the worse. >> i think the better. maybe something not your color or for some reason it is a candle and it is not quite the right fit for you, then it is okay to re-gift it. but there is just a few things you need to, you know, pay attention to the details if you're going to re-gift. >> so let's talk about items it is okay to re-gift. >> yes. wine is always a great thing to re-gift. >> right. >> candles. >> you talk about red wine, but you know somebody might not like it. >> clothing as long as it hasn't been worn. you know, hey, someone gives me an orange sweater, orange is not my color, and, you know, maybe my sister. but i also think it is perfectly tell someone, maybe you don't wrap it up and you say you know i got this orange sweater, for the holidays, and it is really not my color, but i think it might look great on you, do you want it. >> do you tell them? >> well you don't wrap it up and disguise it as gift. >> and pretends you bought it for them. >> just be honest about it. or you can wrap it up, and give it to somebody completely out of your circle.
9:36 am
if you are going to re-gift that's real important. >> what if you really worked hard and you hand knit a dishcloth for somebody, and you wanted -- >> i have this beautiful towel. >> oh, thank you. >> that somebody gave me. >> it is absolutely lovely. and you know, i don't have a lot of red and green things in my can i, thank you very much. >> okay. >> and then sue is hurt because she sees it on tv. >> as long as you don't try to pass it off that did you it. >> exactly. >> number one rule. >> right. >> i made this just for you. >> and that is another thing that you need to be in tune with. if you are going to re-gift, you have to be okay with it. you have to be okay with it. >> okay. >> that's really important. it has got to come from the inside. >> and so then keeping with the honesty theme, let's say you got caught. and you forgot to take the little tag off the bag, and it says to sue, and i gave it, that bottle of wine to somebody else? >> come clean. come clean. obviously. >> any items you wouldn't re-gift? >> well, something that's been
9:37 am
used, you certainly, say, your grandmother gave you a potted plant, and you really don't like it, you give it to your aunt, that's going to hurt your grandmother's feelings. and so, you know, be careful, like i said. you need to, if you are going to re-gift, the best thing to do, to re-gift outside of your circle. >> why? >> maybe send it to minnesota. >> what if you don't remember who gave it snow. >> yes, you do, because could you really hurt some feelings. >> so the cake that thomas bake me that i took a piece out of, probably not good idea? >> not good idea and i've heard funny story about that. >> people real dow that? >> people real dow. that will avenue friend that told me somebody came over, and had a beautiful box of chocolates for hostess gift. and she couldn't stand it on the way over she said i just had to, the person giving it to, i just had to see what they taste like. she said here is your hostess gift, and oh, boy the way i took a chocolate out. so it is me. >> i heard some horror stories. >> gray goose, drink half, fill it one water, shake it up, put it in the freezer,
9:38 am
alcohol, most alcohol, doesn't freeze. >> oh, doesn't freeze. >> exactly. >> and this booth it will. >> same thing with gift cards, maybe you have a gift card to store you absolutely know you won't shop. that's perfectly fine. but i also heard horror stories where there is 14.77 left on a gift card. obviously it was used. >> it has been used. >> and you re-gift the gift card. so be very careful. >> maybe you should keep records what you get before you re-gift. so you know. >> that's always a great idea. >> great advice. happy holidays to you. >> thank you. >> kim kardashian ahead of the style trends, why you might want this look in 2017. we will break it down straight ahead.
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>> welcome back, all like specially around the holidays to do sparkly new looks for the new year, to see what some of the friends r well, you like to sport your sparkle lip gloss, fabulous on you. >> that's what i need in the my stocking this year. >> so, we will show it off, from kim kardashian, apparently onto something with one look. we'll show you a picture. she's got very -- no, she doesn't, not bold lips, very little make up. so very matte. but experts say -- >> who is looking at her make up? >> well. >> what are you talking about, sue. >> exactly. >> because i'm trying to figure out the engineering of this. how you actually move around with that outfit on. >> tape, all tape. >> you have to do the double sided tape, okay. >> so people looking at the future, i feel like that's the 90s, didn't we do that minimal in the 90s, i actually did that. >> she said no make up today. alicia keys has been doing that for quite a while now, the mo make up look. >> she not wearing no make up,
9:43 am
make no mistake, she is wearing ton of make up in nude and matte neutral colors. interesting, one of the back to the futures, can we already be going back to the 90s, has it been long enough? >> is that the 90s look. >> it was. i it. >> let's see offer the shoulder -- >> , no i didn't wear that outfit, no. >> big trench coat? >> i meant the make up. >> well, how about this one? now, this is one that i haven't heard before. it is fake freckles, you draw on your own freckles. >> they also have -- >> they're in right now. >> almost like those temporary tattoos, comes on sheet, and you place it on your face. >> seriously? >> you pat it, then you peel it off. and you get freckles, freckles is the big thing for the year. >> how about that? what is sun stripping? i don't know that is. >> whether go outside in the sun. >> and you take off al your clothes. >> ya, bear it all. no idea. >> i don't either. >> show pictures for those, it
9:44 am
does a disservice, and we know what colored mascara is. it is not black. it is purple. it is blue. you know, different colors. >> i like see rainbow. wouldn't that be up? >> yes. >> so, let's talk about food because we're hungry, all have lots of left over at our house, the turkey, the ma'am, all of the stuffing. >> what's this by the stay. >> oh, this is from my son quinn, i don't know if he still watching, he meeting still vomiting, the 24 hour flu going around my house. quinn and -- still throwing up. made me my guinea pig. >> love that. >> so did this at school. >> he takes little art classes at the rec center. and he made that was my gift. >> not to out do you, but my neice made me this mug. (laughing). >> no, she didn't. by the way i did get a letter from carol patterson. >> yes? >> in philly sharks wasn't to know where i got the reindeer mug. home goods. caroll, i didn't write you back, by the way, i love getting hand written notes, i went to the home goods to the
9:45 am
manager and he's going to try to track down a couple of these throughout the network, can do that apparently, i'll sends you one. >> oh, that's real nice. >> if not, i'll sterilize this one and sends it to you. oh, look at that food. probably few leftovers. we have some very creative ideas for you. don't go anywhere.
9:46 am
9:47 am
9:48 am
>> the forecast for the rest of the year. >> yahoo. >> i know, all in seven days, because of course, sat day is the last day of the year. and it will be a little bit of temperature roller coaster ride today for the first night of kwanzaa, maybe few showers around 48 degrees, we zoom up to 60 tomorrow. we are back to the midst 40's on wednesday. thursday, it rains, and then, an arctic blast, with much colder air for friday, and for new years eve. so you have to bundle up when you're going outside to watch the fireworks. >> all right, so still working on the whole rain thing for new years? >> yes. >> we'll see. i know you will be watching this closely. another thing scratching our heads over, what to do with all of the leftovers. i'm sure you have plenty in the house. >> oh, big dinner yesterday, yes. >> so we're making brunn every here. so joining us, good morning to you. >> happy holidays to you. >> sure smells good in here. looks like you took everything we had yesterday and re purposed. >> that's correct. >> what are we having? >> so we have to start in the
9:49 am
morning, we wake up. day after christmas, hard day. >> yes? >> what we do, we put together all leftovers for pretty traditional holiday. >> so today we put together pantone french toast, mandarin, use that thing, i know they give it to you, you get one every year. >> yes. >> so we made french toast, mix with eggnog. >> eggnog? >> call it drunken french toast. >> take the bread, dip it in egg? >> right in here. this is how we do it. >> we throw it right in here. >> i really thought that was soup. >> no, this is the eggnog, little bit of cinnamin, limb bit of rum. >> oh, there go. >> we start that right there. right here we have -- we all have sweet potatoes? sweet potato hash. use the left over hash, sweet potatoes, get the flavor from sauteing down onions, ham, bacon. put it in there. >> save ore? >> correct. it goes very good with that.
9:50 am
we also put together today a steak and egg. so, last night we had prime rib. >> right? >> perfectly cooked prime rib, that is, we put together honey glaze, all we did was re heat the prime rib. it is a meal. almost worthy every a restaurant. >> basically crack the egg, let it cook on one side, put it up. >> very easy. and it is a fast one, put that on or no? >> yes, because i am scared. >> what do you do, looking for something from 8:00 a.m. to noon. >> ya, coy use that. >> sue chef. >> sue chef! >> okay. >> that was a good one. >> that was. really good. right here we have, what we will call, the christmas latke. okay? left over mashed potatoes that we re purpose, we shave down some regular potatoes. then we did the firefighter mustard sauce, i learned this recipe from my brother-in-law who makes it for the firefighters here in philly.
9:51 am
>> awesome. >> bunch of some onions, some different things. >> you shred the potatoes,. >> little onion, saw toe it down. yes, works real good. you can make a bunch ahead of time. then we also it, you know how you get these clementine's? everybody gets these boxed clementines. come out this time of year. >> right? >> so we put together, we clem on tyne juice, we also did fresh pam grant. bring it back over here. >> oh, ya, ya. got to finish it off. >> so you can call it the merry mimosa? >> sounds wonderful. >> merry. >> something to wash it down with. merry christmas. >> and now, if we don't feel like cooking can we come to miles table and eat? >> definitely. 1620 south street. at any time we're monday through friday, or monday through sunday, that's every day, isn't it? every day of the week, in there cooking breakfast, making bread and french toast if we have to. no, don't worry about it. >> this is my kitchen. >> perfect. >> the entire philly fire
9:52 am
department. >> we're in good shape. >> oh, all right. >> who are l holidays, we always have different menu. >> every day? >> it is always a little different. there is always new menu items on there, so that's great. >> chef mike, happy new year. >> thank you guys. >> happy new year. day after christmas, kudos. >> all right, guess what? kate hudson revealing she is more than just an actress. ya, she has some hidden talents. we're going to share that with you straight ahead.
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
>> welcome back, there are so many people, a steady stream of mourners, coming right now, and they're bringing letters, and flowers, and memories, and tokens, to the home of george
9:56 am
michael, who lost his life yesterday, we just learned the news at 53, that's his cottage. >> sold over 100 million albumns. you see people dropping off flowers there, notes, it really is so personal. you know, a lot of people, never met him. but through the music it, takes you through the emotions of, you know, your childhood, or growing up, oring in college, that special time. and you identify with that time. and when you hear about the passing of an artist, you know it, does hit you. because it is so many emotions involved. but it is great to see everyone out there dropping off notes, and flowers, and teddy bears, and -- >> the sounds track of your life, part of, you know, what songs that meant something to you, if you broke up with somebody, and that song was popular at the time, and song really spoke to you. it always was. >> all been there. >> ♪ >> what was the song for you? >> oh, heck, many, lots of ups
9:57 am
and downs. you know, ya, a a lot of different songs. depends on the day, could be that one song you hear on the radio, oh, this takes me back, you know. one by amela rue. i forgot. i have to see if we can play it during the commercial break. >> maybe for tomorrow. i think we're out of commercial breaks. >> will we? is it that time? >> ya. kate hudson, we had tees earlier with us, promised to show you. >> she had wonderful -- so sore. >> i wonderful life-like you. >> she can sing. so sometimes you have hidden talents we know she can act. but did you know she can sing? let's show you. >> ♪ have yourself a merry little christmas. ♪ make the ule tide gay. >> oh, how about that? she can sing. well, maybe we will do that one for tomorrow's show, your
9:58 am
hidden talent, sue, your hidden talent, all of you out there, your hidden talent.
9:59 am
10:00 am
live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show"! >> we won't judge, but we're judging. >> it's going to be juicy. ♪ >> announcer: now, here's wendy! ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> wendy: yeah. [ cheers and applause ] >> wendy: it is what it is. thank you for watching.


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