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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  December 26, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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crowded malls in just a minute. does not feel like december out there, does it. here's a live look at the ben parkway. big warmup is on the way. good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm iain page. lucy a off tonight. your fox 29 weather authority tracking warm spring like weather right on our doorstep. >> fox 29 meteorologist mike masco here now. warm day for christmas but warmer on the way. >> it's actually 70 degrees as you get towards the ohio valley i'll show that you in one second. here's the shot in old city. mostly cloudy skies a damp feel with southeasterly wind coming in our big number at 5:00 o'clock is 44 degrees. and most areas are into the 40s as you get across the delaware valley. we take look at the temperatures the coldest spot as far towards the north and west allentown 35. 33 degrees in mount pocono. so a place like cherry hill where if you are at the cherry hill mall you getting your shopping on it's not bad. 47 degrees. voorhees is 47 degrees. and moorestown also checking in at 47. so for the rest of this evening, temperatures really hanging out into the 40s.
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the milder spots will be along the shore points we'll be flirt wig 50 degrees. as we get into the overnight hours you'll notice the fog thicken up across the region and temperatures actually rising. overnight lows getting into the low 50s and we're on our way close to 60 degrees. it will come at a cost though out to the west we are watching a cold front pushing in and that will bring a couple of scattered showers for your tuesday morning commute but look at cincinnati right now and iain, 72 right now in nashville. not going to get that mild but we will get close to 60 degrees. we'll detail that forecast and then talk about another storm on the horizon that's all coming up in just a little bit. >> christ mace may be over but the holiday shopping frenzy is full force. many people spent their day off heading to the malls look, for great deals or use their gift cards. joanne pileggi is live at cherry hill mall tonight. joanne, what's the scene like there. >> reporter: the scene is i'm feeling de ja vu like i was just here on black friday with all
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the enthusiastic shoppers and i folic i was just here a couple of days before christmas, and hanukkah and here we are back at it again doing just what the retail industry loves. christmas music is well old at this point. sound of the scanner is what you'll hear. stores are packed. the mall is jammed. it must post christmas shopping frenzy. >> i'm going to use my gift cards i got for christmas. i'm going to go from there. >> i got loads of gift cards. i got h and m. foot locker all of them, so, you know, the normal 21-year-old gifts. you know how it is no more kiddie presents. >> that's right. everyone it seems is right back out here using gift cards spending christmas cash and returning and bying more. >> did you find any good sales? >> absolutely. h and m has amazing sales right now. >> reporter: you knew coming in. knew you were going right to h and m. >> i knew i was going there. i'm goss to express and sephora. >> it's a good day as far as shopping goes because you see a lot of people same thing as me
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spend their christmas money and whatnot. >> reporter: retail industry looks at the day after christmas as a time to flow blow out leftover merchandise and book mark the end of the year with big sales. >> i think we're all getting for ourselves. we bought everybody else's gifts and now i'm treating myself. >> reporter: it's hard to resist all of those huge sales. 50, 60, 70% off. well the party goes on. this mall open 8:00 o'clock this morning. there's time to get and join the purchasing party the cherry hill mall closes at 10:00 o'clock tonight. back to you, iain. >> joanne, thanks. looks busy. as we look live at wilmington, delaware, don't load our fox 29 news app. you can get breaking news and weather alerts first just download the app on the google play or apple stores. a man is fighting for his live tonight after police say someone shot him multiple times in nicetown. it happened last night around 11:30. police say the 52-year-old man was shot on the 3800 block of north bouvier street someone
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drove the man to temple university hospital. he's in critical condition right now and police are not saying anything about a possible motive as of yet and investigators are not sharing the dent account of the victim. residents in northeast philadelphia woke up to this christmas morning. their tires slashed. now police are trying to catch the vandals behind it. police say someone damaged the tires on nine cars on the 900 block folk road street movement word yet on any suspects. delaware state police are looking for a car involved in a deadly hit-and-run on christmas eve it happened in new castle. investigators say lisa bolden was crossing christiana road around 8:00 p.m. when a car hit and killed her. police believe the vehicle is a white four door sedan with some damage to the front right corn corner. a lehigh valley woman was found 26 miles from her car after becoming stranded in the snow near the grand canyon. 47-year-old karen klein, her husband and 10-year-old son rented a car in vegas and they planned to visit the canyon.
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they got rerouted ended up on snow-covered service road that's when police say mrs. klein got out of the car and tried to walk to look for some help. that was thursday. she was found late last night after her husband walked to higher ground and called for help. she was severely frost bitten season being taken to utah hospital. her son and husband thankfully are okay. more clarity tonight about how the trump administration will operate after the inauguration. it's not just the president-elect's tweets that are giving us some clues. as fox's doug luzader reports it's back to work this week for donald trump. hawaii. >> reporter: president obama greeting troops in hawaii for christmas that's one of the more pleasant presidential task but make no mistake, this is an uncomfort period. president-elect donald trump who garnered applause over the weekend attending christmas church service is clearly anxious get moving but he doesn't control the white house yet.
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president obama is flooding the zone with new regulations and executive orders banning oil drilling in parts of the atlantic and on the verge of releasing a new group of detainees from guantonimo bay. >> they're incredibly worried why they're taking some of these steps right now, and with most of the things you're seeing the president do over the last few weeks, he can't lock things in permanently but he can make them harder for president trauma top remove. i think that's what you're seeing. >> reporter: on the other hand, trump is doing what he can to muscle in. on twitter he has as sailed the obama administration's decision to allow the united nations to criticize israeli settlements. trump says the us should expand nuclear capability and those kinds of decrees through social media may not stop after janua january 20th. >> on the tweeting thing let me just suggest f i might, um, we might as well get used to it. this is who he is. it's how he's going to operate. whether it's brilliant or stup stupid, um, he beat 16 rivals then he beat hillary clinton and he beat the elite media. he ain't giving it up.
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report. >> that was fox's doug luzader reporting. donald trump announced he's closing his halfable foundation some democrats say it's not enough. they want him to put his assets in a blind trust. meantime, new york attorney general is investigating the foundation after media reports that foundation spending went to benefit trump's campaign. the foundation can't close until that investigation is finish. later on we'll show you what's happening behind the scenes at the white house. as president obama gets ready to move out and president-elect donald trump moves in. inauguration day is just 24 days away. developing overseas tonight, russia announcing a day of mourning today after sunday's deadly plane crash. the search continues for both bodies and wreckage that might give investigator as clue as to what happened. 3500 people and 45 ships are involved in the search operati operation. today recovery teams found 11 bodies and several fragments of the plane's fuselage.
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they're still looking for larger parts of the plane and the crucial black boxes. all 92 passengers and crew were thought to have died. 60 members of the famous military choir were on board. people have been playing flowers and lighting candles outside the musician's moscow headquarters. the band had been head to go syria to perform for russian troops. russia has declared today a national day of mourning for all those who died in the crash. there were also eight journalists on board. a well-known charity worker and a number of soldiers. russian investigator investigaty they're considering all possible theories of what may have caused the crash but the russian transport minister says there's no reason to suspect this wasn't an accident. some other theories include poor fuel quality or foreign object in the engine. >> this type of soviet military plane has been involved in several crashes over the years. finding those black boxes of course will be key to figuring out what exactly went wrong.
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coming up the picture appears to show them just checking out local wawa. police say they're committing a crime. they can catch you by surprise but they can also be deadly. we're talking about food allergies and children could be most vulnerable there's a new technique that involves trick your child's bodies into not having a reaction. >> terrifying moments inside a local fast food joint. a guy's worker on store worker. the video they just released they want to you see. the death that left people around the world in shock over the this past holiday weekend. look back at the life at pop icon george michael coming up next. i had frequent heartburn,
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>> search is on for burglar who burst into the offices of a popular philadelphia restaurant. police say this man on surveillance cameras broke into the star restaurant's office building on the 100 block of market street. he got away with a sirius xm
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radio and laptop. they belong to steven star who manages and owns a dozen restaurants here in philly. ♪ people around the world are mourning the loss of a pop icon. news of british pop star george michael's death breaking on christmas day and now his fans are stopping by his home in england to offer their condolences. fox's will carr has the story. >> reporter: fans paid tribute to george michael outside his home in he know land leaving flowers and other items that the at the place where it appears the pop star died from heart failure. >> sadly missed. he's always sort of been here because he's local man. >> reporter: gaining star status with wham in the early '80s. pop duo last christmas annual holiday favorite. >> ♪ christmas >> reporter: michael moving on to solo career selling over
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100 million albums winning and -- globally and winning album of the year in 1989 for faith. the 53-year-old recorded duets with icons such as aretha franklin, ray charles and elton john who writes on instagram "i'm in deep shock. i've lost a beloved friend the kindest most generous soul brilliant artist. my heart goes out to his family, friends and all of his fans ". michael also known for off stage controversies he struggled with drug use and was arrested in 1998 for lewd conduct in los angeles. the singer keeping his sexual orientation private prior to the incident but didn't let the arrest silent him releasing a single making fun of the incident. george michael also known for his charity work a you'll counseling foundation revealing that he gave millions to their cause and the singer was long-time donor to a trust that helped people with hiv and aids. will carr, fox news.
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police are hunt fog the killer who stabbed a man to death overnight in allentown. police say 27-year-old lodger roar row pronounced dead this morning. another span in the hospital. police say the victims were part of a disturbance in the street involving several people but no arrests have been made as of yet. now to upper merion where traffic just started moving again tonight on i-76. a tractor trailer overturned there near route 202 just before 10:00 this morning. our traffic cameras caught the scene. it took crews hours to clear the road. medic took one person to the hospital. no word yet on what that truck was carrying or why it flipped over. lawyers leave during their lunch break so second graders can invade their offices. fox 29's lauren johnson explains why some elementary school students are allowed into the board room of the law firm. check this this out. ♪ >> reporter: ellen bailey has a full plate.
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>> problems you want to help but it's always a time issue. >> reporter: she makes the time and schedules her life accordingly. >> it was on tuesday. i can't do it because i knew i have this to do. >> reporter: this molding young minds. >> it is probably the most cathartic thing i do all day. >> reporter: business litigation how she pays the bills. mentoring children is how she pays it forward. >> they're the people that require the least amount of our time and we get the biggest gift back on our invest many many. >> reporter: pointing kids in the right direction partnership with philadelphia reads. the bond was form three years ago. >> it's important for to us invest in our children. >> reporter: once a week second graders from spring garden school -- >> it's important that they get to see that there's a world outside theirs. >> reporter: step into a different world. >> they get to see people who
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don't look like them. they get to see people who look like them. >> reporter: from the bus to the lobby to the elevators straight to the top. >> we have kids who in an elevator for the first time. >> reporter: headed to the big board room on the 22nd floor at eckert seaman. >> energy left goes up dramatically. >> reporter: after they calm down they're assigned. groups of one, two and sometimes three. and off they go. >> they read for about the 45 minute session they're reading and their writing to reinforce their literacy skill development. >> very good. >> reporter: it's positive reinforcement and patience from someone other than mom and dad. >> i was a foster child so i know how important it is that somebody give you time. >> reporter: time. >> it's a hard word.
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ready. peninsula. yes. >> reporter: it's attention. >> i think for adults sometimes it's a little difficult for us to remember what it's like to be a child and how impactful it could be for you to have a mentor someone who takes time to express love towards you. >> reporter: and making progress. we find that the children who participate they grow 1.04 years in their reading level assessment. >> reporter: in a city that struggles with literacy. >> it's an unfortunate statistic but over 50% of our children cannot read on grade level. >> reporter: on so many level levels. >> not only is it social and emotional development but the academic. >> reporter: oh and speaking of levels,. >> reading is fun. instead of keeping your brain in one place, locked in one place it reading will take to you another level. >> reporter: this one-on-one
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time means the world to seven-year-old jabrey short. >> one time my mom say i might be a lawyer. >> reporter: it's not just lawyers in the philadelphia office. >> there's senior partners in the firm. two people who work in our mailroom. secretaries, legal assistants, it's everyone in the firm. >> reporter: because it takes a village. >> it's a small small sacrifice and really does make a difference. >> reporter: it's never a tough sell to give up lunch once a week. >> sign me up. it really didn't take much convincing. >> i will say thank you. >> reporter: with that they say goodbye. >> bye. >> reporter: until next time. lauren johnson fox 29 news. >> you did your holiday shopping and wrapped everything and tour open all the packages but one retailer says wait a minute. don't throw everything out just yet who wants all those empty boxes. tiger at a local zoo about to get a new home. why zoo officials say this
5:20 pm
beautiful animal is heading to new york. ♪
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>> siberian tiger currently living in the brandywine zoo in delaware preparing to move to the bronx zoo. the tiger is eight years old and about 100 of 500 siberian tigers in the world. she'll be matched with a male tiger for breeding. she came to the wilmington zoo in 2011. they're not sure if another tiger will take her place. coming up on new year age old controversy simmering in philadelphia. what to do about the mummers. some say forget about center city and bring the parade back to south philadelphia. supporters of the move have starter online petition that's gathered more than 600 signatures. budget cuts impacted the mummers in recent years shorter parade route and change in venue for the fancy brigades who now perform at the convention cent
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center. local kids are spending their holiday breaks learning basketball skills from the pros. today kicked off the thee-day sixers holiday hoops clinic for kids across the area. this is video from cardinal o'hara high school in springfield. it's one of eight locations hosting the clinic. parents can sign their kids up for 100 bucks and also get two sixers tickets invitation to sixers practice and autograph from a player. the changing of the guards means chaos for those who work inside the white house. coming up a behind the scenes look at moving day at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. huge act of generosity what one man donated to a homeless shelter that left a whole lot of people smiling and full this holiday season. mike? >> damp dreary kind of conditions across town iain as you take a live look towards the airport. no issues if you're flying out of here tonight or even tomorrow. however things will start to change. temperatures are getting pretty mild into the evening hours. we're into the 40s but for the overnight we get to 50 and how
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about 60 for tomorrow. weird things going on with the weather. we'll talk about that coming up after this. ♪
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♪ here's life look at blue mountain tonight from our pocono mountains cameras it's going to be a warm to make snow. mike masco standing by with your warm forecast in just a few. to seattle washington a generous an nom muss donor made christmas unforgettable for homeless people and they did it with steak. that's right. someone donated 3500 pounds of thick rib eye steaks to the union gospel mission for christmas meal. the unique and generous gift turned into many christmas dinners for those need on the holidays the mission runs on donations but no one has donated like this before. >> 80% of the meals that we serve are supplemented through donations. this is above and beyond and something really really special for christmas. >> awesome. you can get meal like this at a homeless shelter. i mean who does that? >> these steaks go for about $10 a pound. someone spent $35,000 for this
5:29 pm
up credible meal. great stuff. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. christmas miracle out west. residents in arizona getting the gift of a white christmas. look at that heavy snow hammered parts of the state this weekend. 14-inches of snow came down in the flag staff area leading to multiple car crashes, road closures, the know has move out of the area but crews are still working to get those roads from icing over. here at home, no snow today but parts of our area saw a shower or two and it's definitely not cold enough for any snow. mike masco has your full forecast in just 15 seconds. iain had mentioned a couple of those scattered showers especially to the south and east of the city and that's now pushing off. you see a couple of showers out around williamsport this may clip far northern suburbs the rest to have night. north of i-78 but the majority
5:30 pm
of region staying pretty dry. it's mostly cloudy skies as we look out towards old city with a pair of fours at 5:00 o'clock. nice calm wind in the city little gustier along the coast and feels like temperature pretty much in check with our actual air temperatures. made it to 45 this afternoon. above average for change. normally we should be at 42. far cry from the 1964 record of 68 degrees. nothing really going on in terms of these temperatures. other than it rises especially south of the atlantic city expressway look at dover now checking in at 45. forty seven rather. north and west a little bit cooler. the winds are coming right off the ocean. that's why we have uniform temperatures into the 40s. pretty much are in sync with our ocean temperatures currently around five to 10 miles an hour on average. one thing you'll notice the fog is going to start to increase as we get the south wind and more mild temperatures. you can see our visibility is now falling as you get up towards north allentown down to three. three in reading. continue to number wait may have
5:31 pm
dense fog advisories across the region. our system benign system out west producing showers and thunderstorms. it's going to come through here by tomorrow morning's commute. i don't think lit will be major issue in terms of your commute tomorrow morning. you can see just a really thin veil of precipitation just about 12 hours due west of the region. but the big thing we'll notice though these temperatures look how mild they are. 70 in cincinnati. 72 in nashville and this mild slug of air will head our way by tomorrow morning and into tomorrow afternoon. so fox future cast i'll stop it around 8:00 o'clock in the morning. we're already close to 60 degrees. a couple of scattered showers out there mostly cloudy skies. afternoon highs getting into the low 60s. it may even get into the middle 60s as you get south of the bridge into dover, you know, area like wilmington may get to 63, 64 degrees and then as we get into wednesday, we kind of erase all that mild air and we're back down into the 40s. so just, you know, a thin window
5:32 pm
of just some really beautiful conditions. now by thursday the next wet weather system comes our way. there's a little bit of an issue with this storm because a lot of cold air will come out of the mountains and as the milder air rolls up we'll see this huge division of maybe some heavy downpours along the shore and rain or snow mixture up towards the poconos. may seen accumulation so we'll have to watch this storm. but put thursday on your radar as we go into the next couple of days as we can see wet weather out of that system. for tonight upper 30s well to the north. 45 in philadelphia. but these numbers are very deceiving because they'll be rising for the overnight hours. as we get into your day tomorrow, 59 degrees is the forecast here in philadelphia. i think that might actually be tweaked up a little bit. 60s as were you get into delaware and across the jersey shore it's upper 50s and low 60s. so this weather is feeling great next 24 hours but then it's out of here as quick as it came in. 62 the official high we'll go for on tuesday afternoon in philadelphia but again like a wilmington you might be closer
5:33 pm
to 65 degrees. by wednesday, it's much colder 45 on wednesday and that storm i just mentioned on thursday you know it's couple questions as to whether we'll see a lot of rain or maybe even a little wet snow if from that system. 45 degrees mostly sunny on friday, 41. if you have big plans or you're trying to figure out where we going we got to watch the ball drop or stay at home, 40 degrees temperature noose the 30s at midnight so this weather looks pretty good but then for the mummers parade 46 degrees. so these numbers are easy to take iain. great weather going on thursday will be an issue and talk more about that coming up at the 5:30 edition of fox 29. >> mike, sounds good. coming up christmas eve mass comes to standstill inside one local church but everything is just fine. what members plan that is sure to go viral. okay. did you your shopping. you wrapped everything. you tour open all the packages one retailer says don't throw everything else just yet whom wants your empty boxes. >> robbery at gun point inside a
5:34 pm
oh local fast food restaurant. police released video that shows scary moments. the pictures cops want to you see so they can track this guy down. >> millions of americans are celebrating the long of kwanzaa today. kwanzaa focuses on seven principals and each day of the holiday honors different one. during the week of people enjoy african dishes much this the 50th anniversary of the holiday.
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now to some video sure to go viral and right from our area. members of one local church did the mannequin challenge on christmas eve. take look. ♪ >> that guy was moving.
5:38 pm
that was all right. that saint john lutheran church in folcroft delaware county posted the video on its facebook page and creating quite the buzz. in your money tonight, you ripped open all your christmas packages but you might want to think twice about throwing out amazon boxes you have. amazon has way for you to put those boxes to good use. you can recycle them and clear out clutter at the same time. online retailer has come up with a give back box program. you can use those boxes to ship clothing and other stuff to goodwill for free. all you have to do is print the shipping label at give back and it won't cost you anything. if you drive at home the next few days from your holiday vacation you may want to fill up in new jersey or delaware. according to gas the average price of gas is ringing in at $2.29 today. delaware falls blow the average but in pennsylvania here you looking at 2.46 a gallon on average. prices are up 17 cents from this time last week.
5:39 pm
hundreds of swimmers braced the cold for a traditional bo boxing day plunge in the chech republic. more than 400 people took part in the annual post christmas day swim in prague. swimmers compete in 750, 300 and 100-meter races. this year the water was just above freezing at 39 degrees fahrenheit. get this the group's old defendant registered swimmer 87-year-old woman. oh, my gosh. the changing of the guards means utter chaos for those who work inside the white house. coming behind the scenes look at moving day at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. they can catch you by surprise but also be deadly. we're talking food allergies and kids can be most vulnerable but new technique that actually involves tricking your kid's body into not having a reaction. we'll show you how it work. sean. >> temple spending the holidays in annapolis for the military bowl. see what they did over christmas to give a little something back.
5:40 pm
that's coming up later in sports.
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♪ donald trump will take the oath of office and sworn in as america's 45th president on january 20th of 2017 while most americans are familiar with all the pomp and circumstance that follows the swearing in of the new president what many are not so familiar with is exactly what goes on just a few blocks away.
5:44 pm
joel waldman gives us a peek. what happened on inauguration day is like a very fine tuned almost military precision moving. >> reporter: as we found out the white house changes hands almost as instantaneously as the presidency does. >> what people don't know is that in that six-hour window that they have to move one president out and one president in, there are 132 rooms in the white house and that's a ton of furniture that's a lot of momentos. a lot of things to think about getting in and out. >> reporter: while the inaugural ceremonies are getting underway members of the white house staff will be frantically moving out the remnants of the obama administration and preparing the residence and offices for their new inhabitants. >> starting that morning, every single item in the west wing is moved out. the desks, the paper, the computers everything. new paint is put in. new carpet is laid. they'll bring in new pencils, new desk the whole nine. >> reporter: what about those hundreds of white house staff members that spent years serving
5:45 pm
president obama and his familiarly? >> the president has a political staff who come in with him on his first day. remainder of of the folks at the white house are what called career staff and they'll stay from president to president. some of these folks whether it's the butlers, the chefs, pastry chefs, reporters management folks, some of these people have been here for 30, 40, 50 years. >> reporter: back to the incoming president as we're learning a little more about what a trump white house might look like. >> the trump penthouse is filled with gold and very louie the 14th style from what i hear they're not going to replicate that at the white house. however, i'm sure they might ache ma few changes to suit their tastes better report report after the obamas accompany president-elect trump here to the capitol, they'll head off on marine one for the very last time headed to undisclosed warm location for vacation and a upon their return they'll move into a rental home just a few miles from the white house in washington. joel waldman, fox news.
5:46 pm
actress cary fisher still in the hospital after what's being called a cardiac episode. after a flight from london to los angeles last week. fisher is in stable condition as of this morning per mother debbie reynolds posted update on twitter asking everyone for their prayers. fisher of course is best known for her role as principal says lay ya in star wars. she's now 60 years old. in your health tonight fighting footer allergies you may not even know they exist until it's too late. kids can be the most vulnerable but tonight there's much needed hope for patients who deal with life threatening energies of allergies and involves playing a trick on the body. melissa, introduces to us grou ground-breaking therapy. >> reporter: from the outside it's unnoticeable for those who suffer day in and day out it can be debilitating. >> i'm still eight and tepp years old in charge of every single food that goes in their mouth. >> reporter: concern suzie is all too familiar with. her two boys danny and peter are part of a rapidly growing group of kids that suffer from life
5:47 pm
threatening food allergies. >> every day that we wait is a day that we have to get through, keep our kids safe, maybe they were included and try to have a quality of life for ourselves as well. >> reporter: however, all that might be changing. thanks to a new practice called or cal immuno therapy. the approach involves giving patients small doses of food allergen the goal trick the body into not recognizing the substance in allergic way. >> it is a process where by we are helping patients out grow or learn to tolerate the particular food they're allergic to. roar report one of around $70 in the united states who practiced oit dr. joel seltzer treats patient who's suffer from peanuts, egg, soy, tree nut, wheat and milk allergies. >> how can we make it safe for these pairs of patienting to go out to a restaurant g to a pear. more the most part they've shunning. >> reporter: the procedure is straight forward. patients required to make one hour weekly visits where they were given miniscule doses of the allergen.
5:48 pm
>> happy fourth day. >> finally. >> reporter: then diligently monitor. >> make sure you drink the all, okay. >> okay. >> reporter: a at 10 year years old danny suffered from multiple food allergies working with dr. seltzer to treat his peanut allergies. once in fear of going into shock from even just trace amounts of the allergen -- >> take deep breath. >> reporter: danny is working his way up the peanut chain. the treatment plan taking between four to 12 months. >> you're doing great. no belly pains, throat doesn't itch or anything like that. >> no. >> mom he's doing great. >> reporter: maintenance is not just in the doctor's office. >> once done with the weekly visit patient are sent home with a week's work what the practice calls doses each patient required to take one or two doses of their allergen every 24 hours. each time monitoring their response. >> we really need significant commitment on the part of parents to be able to go through the process. >> reporter: if all goes well at their next visit, the doses
5:49 pm
go up. >> danny you hear that two weeks. >> reporter: small steps towards big victories. >> it's amazing to think that you have to look at all -- >> one, you have to look, two, i know to know it. i can go buy something that says it may cotton cane peanut but i'm not as worry. >> some critics have argue the treatment is too risky to try. fda studies won't be done until 20018. but for dr. seltzer, who has nearly 100% success rate with his patients he argues that something we've actually been doing for quite sometime n what have we been doing all these years for somebody who has a bee sting allergy, someone who almost died for a bee sting we're able to sale, cautiously, but safely administer allergy injections to him to desensitize that person to against bee stings. so we're able to manage risk which is really major concern. >> as for sues see and her boys -- >> i was too scared not to do it. not scared of the symptoms of
5:50 pm
doing oit. i'm scared of having a reaction from all the foods that we eat on daily. >> basis danny telling us this round of oit is just the beginning. he hopes to tackle his wheat allergy next. >> i'd be looking forward to like baked goods or something to actually know if it's better than my mom's baking or not. >> reporter: the fear avenue live or death moment possible al bite away may soon be long gone. i want to be able to sleep at night. i don't want to worry and i want them to be able to eat and enjoy, not just have to continue to monitor. it is giving us hope for the first time. for the first time in 10 years. >> reporter: melissa, fox new news. coming up the picture appears to show them just checking out at a local wawa but cops say they're committing a crime. and coming up at 6:00, terrifying moments inside a local fast food joint. cops say a guy's gun on a store worker. a video the police just released they want to you see.
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in burlington county, new jersey, maple shade police need your help finding this pair. investigators say the two tried to use credit card that had been stolen from someone's car. now the surveillance pictures from a wawa on route 73. cops say they tried to use the credit card christmas morning. now to burg ton new jersey where a 29-year-old has just been charged with luring. police say sink tried to get juveniles into his car for oral sex. those kids were able to record one of the encounters they had with this guy as he allegedly tried to lure them a judge is
5:55 pm
now holding sing on $25,000 ba bail. 2016 comes to an end we're taking look back at the big moments from the past 12 months from late night comedy to some major disappointments on the big screen. 2016 really had it all. fox's michelle polino recaps the year in entertainment. we are going to make our country great again. >> reporter: the year in entertainment was dominate beside a celebrity named donald trump now the next president of the united states. the election brought with it many saturday night live spoofs and lots of celebrities voicing their opinion but it wasn't all politics. there were plenty of other stories stealing the spotlight, too. >> you're going to give me the names and the names of their victims. >> reporter: movie spotlight took home best picture february' oscars with leo dicaprio finally winning his first statue for the
5:56 pm
resident and row larson taking home best actress for the room. it it's share of controversy with a lack of diversity among nominees. diverse group of movies making night the top five money makers with disney's long awaited sequel finding dory sitting at number one. followed by captain america civil war the secret live of pets, the jungle book and dead pool. >> you may be wondering why the red suit. well that's bad guys so can't see me bleed. >> in addition to dead pool, suicide squad, captain america civil wars, dr. strange and batman versus superman dawn of justice suited up for comic book fans. ♪ >> reporter: shocking deaths this year when rock icon david bowie passing at 69, prince dying of an accidental overdose, and eagles founder glenn frye losing his battle with cancer. >> ♪ >> reporter: in music adele
5:57 pm
broke records with her third album 25. other big drops included beyonce'' lemonade. justin beiber purpose, legendary rocker bob dylan won nobel piece for literature and age less rolling stone played a historic concert in havana and released a 25th album called lou and lonesome. top grammy winners including taylor swift. kendra lamar and ed sheeran. >> tv top honors went to game of thrones becoming the top fix al program in emmy history. the people versus oj simpson america crime store won five awards and veep laughed its way to best comedy series. over on the stage lin-manuel myhr reason today hamilton won 11 tony's and broke broadway box office records the song writer wrote music for moana. there was a lot of time spent
5:58 pm
playing pokemon go and hulk hogan force gawker website to declare rank superintendent owe after winning a lawsuit surrou surrounding a sex tape film when it came to celebrity break ups, the biggest a listers were angelina jolie and brad pitt followed by johnny depp and amber heard both causing huge media attention for weeks. kanye west and wife kim kardashian were very much in the news. kim was rob at gun point in paris the rapper hospitalized after being put on psychiatric hold. he cancel his tour and then he had a much publicized meeting with president-elect trump. >> ♪ >> reporter: just another year in the life of the rich and famous certain to be out done in 2017. in hollywood, michelle polino, fox news. ♪ right now at 6:00, as folks flock their local stores for after christmas returns, things
5:59 pm
are heating up literally. your fox 29 weather authority is tracking some unseasonably warm weather. how long it's going to stick around before another cool down. live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. at 6:00 o'clock warming up across our area looking live at reading your fox 29 weather authority tracking just how warm those temperatures are about to get. your forecast minutes away. first mad rush to the malls and shopping centers you've given all roar gifts and gotten some too. now it's either to make returns or use those gift cards. good evening, i'm iain page. we are tracking big crowds out shopping on this day after christmas. in fact joanne pileggi is live at the cherry hill mall tonight. joanne, you pick up anything for yourself? >> reporter: actually i did not. seriously, iain, this is just what the retail industry loves. shoppers out here picking up things they didn't get, returning things they didn't
6:00 pm
want or just buying something else that's what so many people do. on the day after christmas. >> the stores at cherry hill mall packed the mall is jammed. the sounds you hear over and over the hum of the register scanner. it's all part of the post christmas shopping frenzy. >> i got loads of gift cards. i got h and m, foot locker all of them. the normal 21-year-old gifts you know how it is no more kiddie presents. >> spending gift cards. shopping for my self now. >> we're all getting for ourselves. we bought everybody else's gifts and i know now i'm treating myself. >> that's right. most everyone it seems is right back out here using gift cards spending christmas cash and returning and buying more. >> it's a good day as far as shopping goes because you see a lot of people same thing as me spent their christmas money want not. >> i'll use my gift cards i got for christmas i'm going to go for there. >> reporter: for the retail industry the day after christmas is a time to blo


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