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tv   Chasing News  FOX  December 27, 2016 12:30am-1:01am EST

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>> if he registered 12? >> that was racial. >> completely insane. >> were trying to find a silver lining here. >> all of my daughter's birth pictures were in the third floor. >> thank you for your service. >> ashley, you brought us a story before, before, it's a follow-up to young man who lost and i to gun violence. >> it it is been two months since 18-year-old from patterson
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lost his left eye in a shoot out. not far from from where he lives. these days, his puppy who he got one month after being released from hospital is his best friend. >> the dog is a man's best friend. >> he definitely is. >> you are really lovable. >> i commend him for his strength and positivity after going through a horrific experience. when most people would hit rock bottom. when i when i first met with him he showed with me a rapper who is also from patterson and has a process that a guy visiting him at the hospital. he said ever since then they have kept in touch and betty continues to be a source of inspiration for him. >> i'm okay, and the old tell me
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stuff like that. >> he sheds light on shootings becoming a growing problem in patterson. there are 31 shootings in shootings and eight homicide sense i guess. since his accident at 15-year-old boy was was a victim of a shoot out. his father says he is grateful that his father will be his son will be able to see another year. >> think that i didn't have to go through to a funeral. i went to the hospital. god is good. kenya helps to become a mechanic and he also hopes to move out of patterson. the family needs everyone's help. if you're in the holiday spirit they set up a gofundme and need help with medical expenses and getting him a prostatic i like his idol. the boy says life is not really that bad even though he is walking around with one eye. >> how is he doing in terms of physically you would think if you walked around with one eye closed to be disoriented. >> he doesn't see much of a difference. he grew up boxing and continues to keep boxing.
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>> it's no different. >> he wasn't involved in the gunfight come. >> know he was in his friends car and he heard gunshots. he actually ducked down and when he got back up he didn't realize a bullet hit him on the side of his face. >> he's lucky to be alive. as tragic as it is this happens when people think feel thankful that things are worse they are faced with adversity, that is inspirational that they can rise up and deal with that. >> forget what you know about the boring old printers and start imagining something a little more 3d. >> something i can do this or this, 3-d printing is transforming your world and the question is, are you ready? >> this is a manufacturing outlet in stanton island run entirely by 3d printers. the printers you see here were
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made using 3d printing. >> and has a basic outline of what you're printing and then moves up and then it keeps him moving up and up. >> it is not exactly new technology. for at least a decade designers and engineers have used these printers to create cheap prototypes. now the printers are so advanced experts say they will soon be in every home. >> it's the best technology out there. >> you don't have to think about outsourcing something for china are going through the process that you normally go through. you just have to think it and then it can print it. >> so far that appears to be very true. in 2015 the fda approved the first 3-d printed drug to treat epilepsy. in february wake force
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implanted way course implanted 3d tissues and organs into animals. before comes out of her printer. >> if you want to print something you need the picture and a digital image. >> this is how digital files are formatted to fit the 3-d printer. don't worry, you won't have to do all of this. there are already websites in the works for you soon be able to download the digital files is easily streaming a song. >> everything on here's free to download and then you can print it yourself. >> maybe the future isn't as scary as you thought. tweet me your thoughts a chasing news. >> it's christmas season in your chasing in brooklyn. >> there is a movement in brooklyn to make a priest a saint. i chase us to brooklyn to the church of saint peter clever and there he met with a father. he told me about a priest
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they're trying to transform into a sink. his name was monsignor bernard quinn, he, he was irish, born in newark and worked in the brooklyn diocese. in the early 20th century catholics were black were being denied access to any churches in brooklyn. there were not allowed to attend mass or worship. and monsignor quinn was one priest who stood up for the community. >> they were not welcomed at the paris not parish next door. the pastor at the time told father quinn that if you want to work with the black community and your church. and he did. did. >> monsignor quinn transformed his former bus depot station into this beautiful church. inside the church you can see the cornerstone dated 1921. now there is a movement to make him a saint. >> the process of his canonization has gone to rome. for the last six or seven years we have been working on the course here in the diocese and
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looking at some of the miracles that may it be designed to him. >> i asked if he was already responsible for miracles that happen to brooklyn and he said. >> the brick they denied that he had some heart issues a couple of years ago. as he he was getting ready to get his procedure he had monsignor quinn's image in mind. he. he just thought of monsignor queen. he came to that surgery very successful. he attributes that express to the intercession of monsignor quinn. >> he he also built an orphanage in long island. when workout out there is a black is there at the kkk burnt it down. he rebuilt it in the kkk burnt it down again. >> the story goes he confronted the kkk right outside -- and he
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said if you're going to burn it on your going to burn it don't mean my people in it. you not to do this again. he stood up to the kkk. >> monsignor quinn work there and he was a pre-still a priest till his dying day and he was buried right there. he still there. >> ron, you did the right thing by us. chase the story on food and he brought some. >> talk and everybody in here everybody's busy these days and a lot of people are subscribing to come is like lou apron and plated which deliver ingredients to your meal. door. one problem is that indian food is a cuisine that averages 20 or 30 ingredients per dish. a 23-year-old graduate started a company two years ago called chutney chef. now this is just like blue apron
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but. >> were making it easy for anyone to make any food at home but to be able to make it at home with very little prep time is our market. >> when you're done making blue apron or plated meal how many dishes, knives and cutting bursty about? makes a mess. >> i love blue apron. >> i think that depends on the chef. >> i think that depends on the chef it's in the middle. so a lot of stuff is marinated are ready, so where did the business*question mark his parents kitchen. >> can you tell me why so difficult to make indian food. >> because of the number of ridiculous spices that you need. some recipes have 14 or 16 spicy's. as observed to think somebody will have these in your house especially if you don't make it every day. >> were not talking indians
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here,. >> it's like think about -- it's not as cheesy. >> so here's some rice if you wanted. i ate some of the food there is absolutely awesome. >> and dig inches a little bit of everything on their. >> that is really good. >> did you bring plates for us? >> were here. >> it's delicious. >> what's to stop blue apron from just having a recipe that's indian? >> they do have some indian recipes, but if you look at the amount of ingredients in the recipes that's indian cuisine. indian cuisine is 1520 or 25 spices which five spices which these are made by chefs.
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>> how much for that? that one meal. >> about 12 bucks for meal. >> it's comparable. >> this is really good. >> it started in the new jersey area and always on the eastern seaboard at the moment. he's an enterprising entrepreneur, 24 years old. this is amazing. he doesn't 15 hours a day. >> is he merry? >> is he married? >> he's not, he signal. >> hello. >> this is really good. >> there are a lot of calendars one can buy to track the days in a city that never sleeps. introducing the 2017 new york new york city taxi drivers calendar. >> where we can find a hydrant
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with optimal lighting. >> i'm excited to get back into my house for christmas. >> see news happening near you? it uploaded to the fresco up today. become become a citizen chaser and download fresco at the app store google play.
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>> here's a fun holiday version of netflix shows stranger things. this time marshmallows in a perfect way for # justice for bar. the northern lights, mr., mr. wonderful and super exploder created barb's revenge. >> marshmallow, marty marty mcfly from back to the future, and a ghostbusters join forces to interrupt. killed and then escaping safely. weird but a better version of the end of barb's journey. so, happy holidays.
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>> there are a lot of calendars one come by to track the days in a city that never sleeps. for for me it's usually filled with hunky guys from that fdny. this year i thought i would try new group of hunky guys, one that drives. introducing the 2017 new 17 new york city taxi drivers calendar. >> a comedic take on the traditional pinup it takes drivers out of their cabin into their elements, whatever that may be. for more inside i headed to queens and gave one of the gaze a gays a one over. meet mr. october. >> that is taxi mike who is also the back cover boy which he signed for me over coffee and bagels. other staples here in nyc. though he loves his newfound fame he loves his job every day. >> i'm gone all over the city, different neighbors you probably
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would've go to. kind like a new york city investor. >> mike was hand-picked by the man behind this a brooklyn-based photographer. photographer. we struggled to find a spot to shoot are entered interview. for the calendar his strategy, grabbed the first 12 guys that reply, find a hydrant find a hydrant your cool new york backdrop. >> generally where we can find a hydrant with optimal lighting in time a day, not a lot of traffic and that sort of thing speak and. >> i did a bit of a a photo shoot do over. yes, it is all in good fun but because of this mike is making changes he hopes can resonate with everyone. >> would you do it again? >> i would, but i probably use it more as a before picture, definitely to try to get back into my health and fitness. >> vanessa commissioner to sponsor any driver that would
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want to run the new york city marathon. >> in this one-of-a-kind challenger you'll see employees of the tlc with ice, balloons, and a and a squeezy. if that decision is getting the pause .-ellipsis it's all for good cause. >> a portion of the proceeds go to university settlement. their their markets for settlement back in 1896 and they basically provide immigrants and working individuals and families with basic services. >> so which calendar you choose this year is up to you. the keep in mind that for 1499 you can order a year of these guys and never again will you have to ask who the drivers behind the glass. >> jewelry. >> on chasing beautiful jury from the vietnam war era. to
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find these beautiful items i chase this to soho in new york, went to went to the store called article 22 on 196 street. i met kimmy and elizabeth who are the creator. they showed me the beautiful potassium and around their store. i asked elizabeth to give me contacts as to where the materials for this jewelry comes from. >> we are transforming weapons into jewelry and home goods. the both meaningful and beautiful. >> u.s. was conducting a secret war and lau, a country of the western border of vietnam. at the height of the war they dropped more bombs on the country then on germany and japan combined during world war ii. i asked elizabeth elizabeth how they make the jewelry? >> were looking at cluster bombs in particular. bombs that were made out of aluminum and have a low melting point. point. within the pieces can be melted
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and kilns behind the homes were artisan partners live and lau. price of the jewelry ranges from $25 to thousands of dollars. some dollars. some of them actually contain little bits of diamond. it's for everyone's taste. what people need to realize is a lot of the bombs that were dropped are still there. >> 250,000,000 bombs are dropped at about 80,000,000 to not detonate on impact. they are. they are lane in the farmlands that they farm every year knowing that it's contaminated. they don't have another choice if they want to eat. >> every day they take the lives and their own hand to face danger because they don't know where those bombs are. if you buy jewelry from the store you'll help them in their cause because they're using some of the money from profits for
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the store to pay for de-mining and removing the unexploded bombs that are in the country. >> i'm glad you said that because my first question is that this sounds very disrespectful. they're using the bomb material considering people still have to get through this and risk their lives. >> this jewelry is of the bomb. >> the nfl playoffs are just on the corner. that means the end of the season for a lot of local teams. what do nfl players to in the off-season question. >> i'm in fashion business or fashion design. you get an idea and put it together and say these things don't really go. >> having an investment. learning. >> good idea.
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>> i had to treat these. i do get water on him and he got the dots out. very it.
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every town i live in the first thing it was when she died. she was a very important.
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our friend over it fox had a sweet 16 surprise for his daughter. casey starts to open a box and inside is mickey has in his shirt that says i'm celebrating casey's sweet 16 in disney world. her sister had not seen her for months. >> we have to hurry up and get ready. >> unit going to school. >> were going to disney world. >> it was beautiful, so happy birthday casey and there's nothing quite like family at the holidays, that's for sure. the nfl playoffs are just around the corner, sadly that means the end of the season for a lot of our local teams. what do nfl players to on the in the off-season? for one player, rodney it's
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off-season he's gonna try his hand at something new. >> if you had your way, what would you be doing this off-season? >> if i had my way? either maybe a little broadcasting or i'm not trying to take your job or nothing, maybe five years from now. >> and also may be something to do with fashion business or fashion design. i'd be interested in that two. >> run is always stress to the nines and i think he would make a fantastic fashion line, but before he gets into the industry he wants to make sure he has all of his tees crossed and i started and knows what he's getting into. this off-season he's taken the opportunity to take classes in their more about the industry. >> are you thinking jackets,'s ties? >> i don't know yet. that's why the classes are my horizon and help me figure out where i see myself that.
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>> i had the opportunity to stop icehouse in philadelphia to see them as he got ready and pick out his clothes for local fashion show. he knows everything. he he gets all the details just right. >> if i make an idea in your head and put it together and same in these genes don't really go and then five minutes turned into 15 just like that. >> and then were late so we have to go. >> pretty much. >> he just signed a really large contact with the philadelphia eagles but the money is never guaranteed time glad this year he's doing something with his off-season. he's trying to better himself. >> a lot of nfl players blow their money and are bankrupt early and have injuries they have to deal with later in life that's not covered medically by the nfl anymore. having an investment and investing in himself and learning is a great idea. >> he's super passionate about
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the pancreatic cancer society. during the holidays he gave away hundreds of turkeys to needy families and is helping out people for christmas. >> this is the aurora project. we hunt for buried secrets. one answer leads to another question and another and another. sometimes i see these things and it's like putting together -- why when you want to stop it? we're going to be fair, were going to be accurate and were going to be ruthless. this is the aurora project, going to be ruthless. this is the aurora project, ready?
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