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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  December 28, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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>> breaking news out of the if i town, fire claimed the life of 50 year old man. live with the key tails. >> ahead this morning, a man is in critical condition after shooting at a philadelphia bar. what police say led to the gunfire. plus, the melee has continue for second straight night. >> we just seen cop flying from everywhere. and we tried to get in through j.c. penney. but they had already locked the mall down. >> common threat linking malls from our area and around the country. >> it was one of the top sports moments of 2016. chris jenkins, buzzer beater to give villanova the national championship. how does this stack up to other big moments? looking back at the top plays of this year. >> good day, that is holiday weekends, may be off, just waking up, thank you for joining us at 7:00.
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mike and alex, speaking of time off. >> bob is off. sue here. >> just talking about all of the holiday things you used to do with nia. she still enjoys that. >> yes. we went on holiday hey ride at the farm last week, we always used to love the brandywine river museum, they have the coolest trains set up. and i play drag her there today. she is such a good sport. >> does she enjoy? do you think she is or won't let onto it. >> she enjoys placate g me. we'll see what happens later today. blessly for her, she still sleeping. 7:01. appropriately cold on this national chocolate candy day, one little bonn-bonn for bus stop buddy as he gets ready. yes, we make him work even though school is out this work. it is colder start than it was yesterday as we mend sean, temperatures mostly in the upper 30's, there is
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27 degrees in millville. twenty, 30 degrees colder today than yesterday. depending where you are. windchill is 30. make sure you have enough on. don't forget your gloves this morning. sunrise time coming up at clock 22. at least the rain is gone. no other precipitation today. lots of chilled sunshine with seasonable high of 43 degrees. we are anticipating messy morning tomorrow, coming up in the seven day forecast, but right now, let's check traffic. if there is any up. >> fortunately an accident to tell but in collingdale, chester pike at mcdade boulevard. and we do have an injury with that one. so avoid that area if you can. taking a look at i-95, at girard avenue. quite a bit more volume. upper dublin, susquehanna road. we have report of debris on the road, right, there at crystal valley drive. so that indeed is going to
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slow you down again this morning. guys? >> sue, we've had a tragedy overnight. we've had a deadly fire. we know 50 year old man has lost his life. >> broke out in the fishtown section of the city. >> this one was fast, steve keeley on the scene in fishtown this morning, steve? >> reporter: 2016, bad year for philadelphia fire death, too, because this makes number 21, after last year's historic all-time low, of just 12 people killed by fires in 2015. and doesn't even look like any fire happened here in this three-story apartment building, right at the corner every busy frankford avenue and thompson street, where it meet another street. but you can see, light on in that third floor bedroom with the bin dough open just to air it out some. that's where the man was when killed. here is video of the scene few hours earlier, put under control, almost instantly at 3:37. smoke alarms blaring. still, not enough warning to wake that man up, and get him out of there safely. two firefighters, who rushed
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in that door, where you see, as we come back to live picture, tenants returning right now, and through that doorway, there is a spiral staircase in the rear hall, and these firefighters ran up there with such might. got into that place, that locked door, so much with so much vigor that they hurt themselves dealing with all of that, and the smoke. so, they had to be taken to the hospital just to get checked out and they'll be okay, we're told. so another fatal fire her in the month of december too. always high point for fires, because of all of the christmas decorations, the candles and things like that, we don't know if any christmas decorations played a part in this. so the investigation is still resuming right now. but again at the scene every another fatal fire. let's hope this is the last one for 2016 and maybe 2017 can get back to setting all time record lower than 12. how about a big zero maybe for 2017 whether it comes to this. >> we certainly hope so. you mention, great point to
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point out once again, that the firefighters do such an amazing job trying to get to these individuals. but sometimes the fires just too fast. >> steve, thank you. 705:67:89 want to talk about this developing story. we took to you aurora colorado yesterday, down to fort worth texas, seeing so many of the melees, teens with nothing better to go going on social media, basically saying hey let's go to the mall, cause some problems. >> people are behaving badly, and does appear there was common thread to all every these cases, especially an incident in our area, dave clinic kinchen, figured out there police quick on this one, was snap chat. explain? >> reporter: yes, snap chat quick posts on line, telling people where to be, and generally what time to be there. apparently the philadelphia mills mall was that place. and last night around 6:45, was that time. police will be out keeping an extra ion some things, after the last couple of night. this happening not once but twice here last night, 200
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young people, 200 showing up by septa bus mostly according to police. but investigators say the cops were already on the scene ready for them to turn away most of the kids, between 14 and 16, but 30 to 40 of them did get inside the complex of course formerly known as franklin mills mall. police say three were arrested for disorderly conduct, one after he is dollars after allegedly trying to punch an officer. number of teens initially showing up last night, double that of the night before. our cameras actually caught the ends of it, breaking up outside, with number of boys on bikes, swerving in and out of traffic. and as we said, much of this starting on line with social media chatter, snap chat. we spoke with witnesses, too. >> just seen the cops flying from everywhere. and we saw the flash mob, tried to get in through jc penny but they lock the mall down, so had to go in through forever 21 to get to the mall. >> most guys, girls, phones being thrown, i seen them running through security.
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security ended up seeing whether they were trying to keep them out of the mall, they just ran. >> there is also the possibility as we see with these things that as police look at the video that you just saw, and individual that's on social media, that other people could be identified and arrested later. that's something that's typically happened in cases like. >> this police also sending up a warning to parent, they say, because a lot of kids are on school break, between christmas and new years, keep an eye on what your kids are doing specially when it gets dark, as will. back to up, karen, thomas. >> thank you so much. we appreciate it. >> developing story right now. this morning, that we are following, there has been shooting at the bar and all start wad game of pool. there was big fight over t they decided it the way they would set thal fight if he lounge 62 bar and grill, was with a gun. this was just before midnight. there is the scene, the 6200 block of woodland avenue. we know a man in his 30's was struck in the torso. he's being treated over at
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presbyterian hospital. they do think that he will survive. police say they even had video of the fight that started by the pool table, camera inside, that captured the shooting. also we know man is dead after crash in philadelphia. police say the victim was driving when he was shot in the head. so you can see he crashed into another car, this is 500 block every walnut lane, mt. airy. investigators say got called out to the scene because the car ford expedition was turned over. when they look inside that is when they found the victim, 33 year old man, he had been shot once in the right temple. the other car they struck, witnesses, there one professor, saw a woman jump out of the car and run away, and throw a right jacket over the edge after bridge. so it is not clear if she was the shooter or if the man shot himself. >> he was a great man. a great uncle. a great brother. and he cared about people. he was the only man that i let
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call me princess. and i'm very upset with the news, the manner in the way he got his life taken away. and i hope to god that the police find the hearn who did this immediately. >> so they are still looking for the woman who took offer. but they did finds that white jacket that she threw over the edge. and they're trying to see maybe there is some surveillance video that can help them with their investigation. >> 7:09. we are all remembering legendary actress, carry fisher. >> fisher famous for her iconic role as princess leia died in los angeles yesterday at the age of 60. >> ♪ >> (movie clip). >> just couple every days ago we got words she suffered cardiac emergency on international flight. she was coming home from
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england. of course her top film critics, not only star wars, but so many other memorable fill that many we're looking back on this morning. she was also an amazing screen writer and author. she spoke publicly about her struggles with bipolar disorders and with drug abuse. >> so many members of her star wars family are paying tribute on twitter. this picture from peter, known for role obviously as chew back, a saying there are no words for this lost. carry was the brightest light in every room that she enters. i will miss her dearly. then this one from anthony daniels. i thought i had got what i wanted under the tree. i didn't. in spite of so many prayers and thoughts, i'm very, very sad. >> and this one from san all l jackson, light in the gal a, i dimmed, may the force be with her, rip. >> an apparently sin a bun hat gotten itself into hot water with fisher's death. they tweeted something.
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>> sin a buns on the side of the head they thought it was funny but one of those not the time, not the place, not the way. according to a lot of people on twitter. snow is the tweet that they put out saying, quote, rest in peace carrie fisher, you'll always have the best buns in the galaxy. then they needed to back pedal that after lots of criticism. our deleted between was generally meant as a tribute but wu zero we shouldn't have posted it. we are truly sorry. >> clock 11. obama administration scrambling to defends its roll in the un resolution condemning israel. secretary every state, john kerry; about to deliver what's being called a major address this morning, on the mideast peace process? right out to bill said for explain the lateness one, because so many fast moving element as there are every day in this time and change every administration. good morning, doug. >> good morning, we don't know exactly what john carry will say about this today. but the obama administration has run into a lot of criticism from its -- israel
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refuse to go block this un measure pretty critical of israeli settlement. meantime, carry is left having to kind of address this. >> with president obama continuing his vacation in hawaii, it is to up his secretary of state, john carry, to explain exactly what role the the the administration played in last week's controversial united nations vote, to condemn israeli settlements in the west bang and east jerusalem. department denying the us orchestrate philadelphia. >> we reject the notion that the united states was the driving force behind this resolution. that just not is true. >> not the driving force perhaps, but did the us play some role? the israeli government not minutes willing words here, already tens relations between the us and israel became more frayed. >> we know deep collusion between the obama administration, the palestinians, to push this united nations security council resolution forward.
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that is deeply deeply disappointing because historically america has protected israel, at this very, very bias, body. >> all of this as president-elect, donald trump, has ramped up his criticism of the united nations. >> as you see, the israelis try to collect this evidence, they'll show to trump to prove to that obama both produced and provoked this resolution, this is going to be ongoing story, as we have, one president at a time, but it is a story that trump will relish being involved in. >> we'll see what secretary carry has to say later today about this. this really does underscore that frosty relationship between president obama, and israeli prime minister, netanyahu. back to you guys. >> certainly more to come on this one, dooling, thank youment always good to see you. >> it is 7:13. so yesterday, lot of us had our eyeballs glued to the tv screen watching the big bowl game. temple going bowling helping to finish one of their best seasons ever with a victory.
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didn't happen. >> we were hoping. >> yes. down in annapolis taking on wake forest in the military bowl. >> late night for me. i couldn't. i couldn't go to bed. 7:00. pushing it. they had a good game though. first half kind of struggling little bit. but, you know, the second, hopeful, they'll get this done, up until the very end. but, as karen machined sean, as you know, didn't happen. but this bass incredible. >> this was a special honor. because temple decided to honor our servicemen and women by wearing this special helmet. you see right there. it has the temple t, then the strikes, in red, white and blue. >> also, they had the interim coach of course. on the side lines for the owls, maybe that made a big difference aftermath mat rule left for baylor following the big win, so exciting, just horrible you don't have the regular coach. new coach isn't in. you have interim coach you know, but temple got out early, awesome, so great. had the early lead, early touchdown, still ex soothing, then all wake forest for the
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rest of the first half taking it to 31 to ten into the break. but they got inspired in the lockerroom. came out strong until the thirds, we had, bamm, but still trying to came up short on one of the passes right, there i think i missed up the highlight. general thing, we ended up losing, didn't come one enough. we tried hard. we lost in the military bowl. bye we are still champions in the heart, had great season. >> just keeping that eyes focused, getting that balks connecting the ball, just didn't happen. i know you said bill way going to watch the game. >> he is a temple alum, my husband s so i call myself an owl by marriage. not too happen which those results yesterday. but it still was fun. now as we say happy new year, and we will, this weekend, here is a little preview of the forecast. 35 degrees, right around midnight, new years eve, now the sun won't be shining. it will be dark. 49 degrees still in the new years day high temperature, as you are watching the mummers parade. so it would be a little bit
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better. high pressure in control right now. but cold high pressure. and the 64 degrees we had yesterday, not going to happen today. it will be chillier, at least dry, see plenty of sunshine, next system out to the west. this is cold front with much colder air behind it. so, friday, we end up being the colds he is day of the week. with the mix of precipitation, we're expecting tomorrow morning, there is a winter weather advisory in the pocono mountains, they'll get all snow, and it will probably be about two, 4 inches, you see it moving in, snow to the north, rain to the south. and inbetween, that pink area, is a wintery mix, probably freezing rain, or sleet most that far will stay north every us throughout the six, 7:00, 8:00 hours in the morning, bus years hours on the roadway, but for the change-over to rain, that continues through about lunchtime. 2:00, 3:00 in the afternoon most of precipitation is out of here. sunshine again friday. that will be a really chilled sunshine, because of the
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windchills that will probably be in the 20's, for the day. but tomorrow morning, got to be careful. watch the temperatures, stay with us tomorrow morning, we will get you through all of it, two to 4 inches of snow in the mountains, inch or so in the lehigh valley. before the change-over to rain. we could see brief mix every rain or snow in philadelphia before the change over, will probably happen around 6:00 a.m. again mostly rain in south jersey and delaware. now back to this morning, 37 degrees. 29 degrees mount pocono. 27 degrees in millville. a lot colder than it was yesterday. these are your wind chills, so feels like 30 in philadelphia, right now, and 19 in the mountains. so chillier day, but appropriately so for december. 43 degrees today. forty-four with that mess tomorrow morning. and 39 degrees and windchills in the 20's, on friday. it does get a little bit better on saturday, but still cold. high of 43 for new years eve. little better new years day, it looks like the shower chance is now on monday and tuesday of next weeks. that's your seven day
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forecast, time to check traffic. we haven't seen much this morning, but we do have an accident to tell you about in upper merion, it is on forge springs lane, valley forge road, route 23, so avoid that area if you can. another accident, in collingdale. chester pike at mcdade boulevard. delaware county. with a injury there. the septa broad street line, southbound service is operating with residual delays, due to earlier equipment problem at all of the stations. so, slower service on the broad street line this morning. guys? >> thank you there, sue. how about this? forget the grinch who stole christmas, we have some video of people around this country, thieves, stealing christmas. >> i know we always say it is a bowl move, but take a look at this right here. really is bold. up in new york on christmas eve. you see the guys, they smash the glass there. this is at the dennis basso boutique, un err east side, very expensive place, that carries furs, some of the
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chinchilla, sable furs, valued at over 100 grand. so they broke the glass, went inside, think there are about three of them. went straight for the furs, grabbed as many as they corks then ran out. >> it looks like to me maybe two of those were women. so i don't know if they were behind it or who was, hopefully they catch this. from california, video captures a guy, got his back pack right, there going under the tree. he is picky. looks like he's rummaging after someone's christmas tree, two days before christmas, trying to pick out the presents he want, home near los angeles, bag he brought from under his jacket right there, getting specific items. and police want to get this guy off the streets. that's why they shared this video. because they are hoping to catch him. >> amazon echo, you've seen the commercial, alexis what's the weather going to be like, and then she answers, well, apparently there is was very popular. high tech device, very popular over the holiday season, a lot of people have them.
7:20 am
now prosecutors, they're issuing a warrant for one man's amazon echo, and they're connecting him to a murder case, we'll explain that one. >> also a little boy, and he's battling a very big disease. he has cancer. he gets an amazing surprise? his hospital room. see which nfl start is -- star is that paying him a visit. we'll show you more after the break.
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judge shawnee mountain. >> two, 3 inches possibly more by friday? >> thursday overnight,. >> let it snow. let it snow. let it snow. clock 23, good to have you with us. >> experts say we had pretty good holiday season, in fact, one of the best shopping
7:24 am
seasons, especially for amazon. >> people were buying up the amazon echo. in fact, producer ryan you have one, right? do you love it? >> the weather tells me my commute, has all of the details. >> live such a sad life. >> no, it is true, we love you, ryan. >> apparently, i mean, a lot of people have the amazon, and it is alexa, probably won't even respond to me. police are now using the amazon echo to solve a murder mystery. so our detective, lauren simonetti joining us from the fox business network. >> hello. >> so, yes, start with the sales. amazon had a really good year? >> it seems people don't care at all that when you talk about a smart device, a home connected device, that you're also giving up good deal of your privacy. because echo speaker sales and the echo dot, these were what customers wanted the most. amazon over the holidays
7:25 am
shipped more than 1 billion ever year for them. they don't even keep enough echos in stock. they saw nine times the volume from last year. but there is concern now that the echo, it listens to your voice, answers your commands, and it also records. everything that you say. the walls have ears. right? >> and that's the issue, right? prosecutors arkansas, trying to solve a murder mystery, asked alexa a question, and it started recordingment wanted know if he was talking about the murder? >> police received warrant in arkansas to get those record frost amazon. because they can help them finds out more about this case, where a man is accused of drowning a friend in his hot tub last year, so crazy story, and technology could play key part in the fact of the case. so, the question is: why is the echo continuing to record
7:26 am
things? amazon stores that data, they use it to perfect their voice recognition, artificial intelligence. that's the reason. but now amazon, like apple, so many of these similar cases, terrorism cases with respect to apple specially. how do you protect privacy for your customer? and also, help authorities when necessary? >> well, i think amazon put out statement they said they waited until they get a warrant in the case, not going to just hand it over just because you ask. you do need to go through the whole process and make sure to get a warrant. >> of course. >> if you don't commit murders then it probably isn't a problem? >> and don't ask al axe about it, how do you drown someone in a hot tub? terrible case. see first if they get that warrant to get all of the information from amazon see if amazon will hand it over. >> also a warning, probably change your behavior by all of your smart devices, my husband
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hooks everything up to the internet. always yelling, stop, i feel like someone is spying on me, i don't need everything hooked up to my phone. but that's what people are doing. >> maybe hubby is listening to you this morning. detective lauren, thank you. >> he is definitely not. good to see you. >> thank you, lauren, we appreciate. >> does this change anything, ryan, back to our producer? are you going to be little cautious? >> no, doesn't change anything. i don't do anything that i don't want alexa to know b also, i just don't think -- i don't know how long this records after. if i'm -- if i say something to al innings a, tell me on my phone what i just said, so i assume wag it says. if i can her a question it gives me the text to my phone. so i don't think it records after. that will i don't know, i am not worried. >> what's the most intimate thing you asked alex election a? >> that's not safe for tv. >> i knew it. >> i knew it. thanks, i think a lot with technology so afraid in the beginning with e-zpass, they know where we r if you're
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naught out there doing nefarious activities. >> caught with the laptops, web cam spying, who is listen? more to come on that one, see you, how amazon responds to that, because they'll get it. 7:28. buzzer beaters, hail marry he is, a n and unlikely champions, some of the mother from the world of sport this year. guess what? we will look back. specially villanova national title. >> what were some of your favorites? what do you think should be on that list of the best sports moment? see the #fox29goodday.
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movie clip (. >> she was so feisty, and funny, and just would speak power in the movies and in relief, an icon, actress carrie fisher has died at the age of 60. we are remembering her as princess leia, and so much more. >> we will look back. also ahead this morning, holidays nearly through. why not consider giving your wall the eight break? sounds good. financial checklist helping to you save big in 2017. great to have you with us. >> morning. >> you got off the egg. >> thomas makes fun every me, doing the whole six hours, mike and alex are off, time to
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gross him out. >> looks like a foot, sue? >> hard boiled egg smell. ya, they may be good. but yum. how about chocolate cannedy? wouldn't we much prefer that? we know it is healthier. but anyway. temperatures are in the 30's, 40's, and bus stop buddy more bundled up than he was yesterday. because it is a lot colder. these are your temperatures, 37 degrees, in the city. 29 degrees in mount pocono. 40 degrees in dover, delaware. these temperatures are as much as 20, 30 degrees colder than yesterday at this time. so, change your outerwear. it is abut full sunrise. we are starting to see the sun peak through the clouds. 37 degrees, but feels like 30 out there, no precipitation, no rain, no snow. lots of sunshine today. high of around 43, 44 degrees, very seasonable high temperature, four seems to be the number, sunset 4:44. play that number maybe today. that's your wednesday planner. let's get to traffic on this wednesday morning. starting off with a look at
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this accident, happened in newtown township, newtown street road, 252, and goshen road, there is an injury involved there. that's in the newtown square area. so avoid that if you can. an accident in upper merion, at forge springs lane valley forge road. and the septa broad street line, southbound service on the broad street line, operating with residual delays, and that's because of earlier equipment problems at all stations this morning. thomas and karen? >> 7:33. man died in fishtown, happened about 3:00 at frank forwards and girard. firefighters had flames out in just about a half hour. two firefighters did suffer minor injuries. and developing overnight, man was shot at a bar, cops say the reason, a pool game. they had a fight. this happened at the lounge 62 bar and grill just before midnight. and they call it lounge 62 because right there on the 6200 block of woodland avenue.
7:34 am
we know a man, the victim, in his 30's, hit in the torso. he is in critical condition. but they do think he'll live. police say they have a camera inside that captured the whole shooting. >> we've been showing you the video, this is disturbing trends that's sweeping the nationment teens showing up at malls looking to start a fire. shear one. >> wait, wait, wait. >> chaos there. this one was taken at jersey gardens in elizabeth monday night. pen team with hurt, including two pregnant women, and two children, as they try to escape that violence, basically, it started as a small fight and someone said, well, i think someone has a weapon, then someone else heard gunshots. wasn't the case. no one had a weapon, still everyone trying to get out of the mall. >> we've had so many of these. here is the scene in texas, we had about 150 teenagers, all show up at food court at a mall. this is in fort worth. several of them were taken into custody.
7:35 am
they had to close the mall early. some of them are facing even felony charges. >> right here in philadelphia, up to 200 teens causing pandemonium for shoppers and workers at philadelphia international airport mills mall. police in our area say there is a common thread among all of these attacks across the country. and it has to do with social media. >> let's get out to dave kinchen, dave, a week, a loft kids, teenagers are bored, they don't have anything to do. we saw big problem with flash mobs before in our area. what's going on snow. >> yes, actually what police said, due to, in part, a lot of these kids, not having much to do. but also, social media, in particular, snap chat, and post that led teens here to the philadelphia mills outlets, and they've been having trouble over the last couple of nights, 200 people last night, 200 young people, mostly between 14 and 16, arriving here, by septa bus, police were ready, they turned most of them away. but 30 to 40 did get inside
7:36 am
the complex. and cause problems, this area, known as formerly known as the franklin mills mall. police say there were three arrested for disorderly conduct, one arrested for allegedly trying to punch a cop. the number of teens initially, showing up last night, double that of the night before. our cameras even catching it ending when we saw several boys on bikes swerving in and out of traffic. so, even some of the spilling out on to the roadways, and much of the starting with snap chat as we said before we talked to witnesses, too. >> when i was leaving, they were all up here at the bus stop waiting for the bus. >> so was it just kind of kids stuff? >> teenagers. >> getting out of control? >> i heard, when i was in the mall, the kids talking there was bunch of fights, probably five i heard about. >> when they got in the food court area, that's when they began acting disorderly. this yes running around. jumping on tables, chairs, yelling, and screaming, and just caring on, and acting disorders errly.
7:37 am
>> social media really exacerbating all of this, when we see a lot of these things that have happened, and at least ten other areas, ten other reports, as we had talked about, of similar melees at malls. we can tell you here at philadelphia at the philadelphia mills police say that they're not only going to keep extra ion things, but they want parents to actually talk to their kids, and make sure that they know where their kids, are specially, when night falls. back to you. >> we have parent, have to stay on our kids, know where they are, because if you leave kids alone for too long, they'll just make poor choices, bumm decision. >> look at the social media, even if your child doesn't like t see what they're doing on twitter, instagram. >> what else is out there? >> all it takes is a moment, right in the you take a little time out. makes big difference. so young boy battling cancer, gets amazing surprise in his hospital bed. we are going to tell you which nfl star paid him a visit. well, there you go.
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>> breaks your heart. timing now 742:67:89 speaking of sports. >> certainly, some of the top moments, 2016. this right here, chris jenkins, buzzer beater. to get villanova the national championship. well, how does this stack up to the other big plays? we'll look back at the top year in sports.
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>> checking traffic at 7:45, we really don't have a lot. yeah, that's one good thing about the week, between christmas and new years, school's off. a lot of people take off this week. this is the schuylkill at city y avenue. on another wednesday morning, it sure would be back up. but not today. so get out there and just take a drive. route 42 freeway, also running smoothly, in new jersey, as we see the sun start to come up
7:46 am
behind the trees there. un for the lip, we have an accident to tell but in newtown, township, in delaware county. newtown street road, that's 252, and goshen road. and an injury involved in that crash, and in collingdale, chester pike at mcdade boulevard, also, an accident with a injury there. so, take your time, out there this morning. on those smooth running roadways. let's see what the forecast is, we'll let you know in 15 seconds. >> this is for tomorrow morning. winter weather advisory, for the pocono county, pocono mountain counties every carbon and monroe. we expect wet winter weather, 5:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. great for the ski resort.
7:47 am
for us mostly rain event. when it starts between, say, 6:00 and 7:00 could see some mix withing freezing rain or snow. and then a change-over to rain as temperatures rise. messy morning rad less what type of precipitation you get. and if you go further north of philadelphia, it stays a little dicey, little longer, see the line further, getting later into the morning, later afternoon. by the time the change over is complete, everything is out of there. so really our escaping a much bigger winter event than we could have had, had temperatures been lower tomorrow morning. but be prepared to leave a little earlier to get where you are going in the morning on thursday. then, to bundle up, whole lot on friday. wind chills right now, are in the 20's, but we are going to get into 43 degrees. high temperature today, messy weather tomorrow. we told but that. blustery day friday. high of only 39. feeling a lot colder than that. saturday, still cold, but not as cold, and not as windy, so it should be dry for your new
7:48 am
years eve celebration, if you are going to go outside and celebrate there. and then, of course, the mummers parade. always like it when it is a rather -- when it is not too cold. looks like the high temperature sunday will be about 49 degrees. thomas, karen? >> i think we'll go to the parade, sue, sounds good. >> 7:48. temple football may get run at history yesterday going for win number 11, something that hasn't been done in school history. but of course, to do it, it would need monster second half come-back against wake forest, did you watch it? temple trailed 31-ten at half time. >> yes, temple came up real strong after talk in the lockerroom. quarterback gets it over there on the short pass. he runs, goes all the way, 58 yards, for the touchdown. so then, temple is only down 17 to 31. so the owls trailing. when we go to the fourth quarter, by eight. looks like oh, it is close, we can do it, facing what's fourth and three situation right there. so while looks to go on oh,
7:49 am
man, not same page of the receiver, hanging the head, some man tears, great, great season. does not take away. lose the military bowl. the celebrations for wake forest, they are so happen. >> i good to have the man tears every now and then. they had amazing season, though. should be very, very proud. >> the coach, the coach left, amazing championship, coach left e getting new coach in the interim. will be back better than ever next year. >> 7:49. let's talk about villanova. >> they were success story of last year most certainly. defending national champ, villanova wildcats. now ranked 12, they have ranked 12 and zero, number one in the country. tonight this is when the real test will begin. so the wildcats open biggies conference play tonight. versus depaul at the pavilion. depaul seven-six on the year. but the intensity always elevated when conference play begins. jay wright, josh smart talked about the state of the team headed into the big eat opener tonight. >> i think we're in a good
7:50 am
spot. i like the way we played pre-season. i say we can still get a lot bert. i like the guys understand we need to get better. so, as of right now, we feel pretty good. >> realize i'm a senior, you know, upper chest man, to just really hurt, you know, special to the young guys, how tough these next 20 or so games will be. so little bit of intensity, but not so much. >> well, of course villanova gave us one of the greatest moments in college basketball history. remember april, we had chris jenkins, gives us that game winning three pointer up there against north carolina. >> do it again. >> are you making up? >> great. no doubt, one of the best plays of 2016. so let's take a look back at that play and some other unforgettable moments of 2016. >> gets it to jenkins.
7:51 am
(cheers). >> unbelievable. >> (cheers). >> intercepted. >> ♪ ♪ >> n's done it. he's climbed the mountain. for the record goal. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ they do have a time out. to curry. right on top.
7:52 am
bang. what a shot from curry. >> what a block by james. >> ♪ ♪ it is a one point game. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> ♪ >> this is going to be a tough play. the world series. makes the play. it is over. >> oh, great thing about sports. >> but it bridges everybody
7:53 am
together. specially when you have like a year like we did with all of the politics, gets so devisive. oh, root on the team, so exciting and they make it look east. >> i so tomorrow we break down the top moments in loyal sports. obviously the phils will be in place soon, the eagles next year. and then the sixers. >> we go to the phils, oh, so what were the big moments in philadelphia sports? let us know. you can tweet us. #fox29goodday. we'll include them if they make the cut, in our best moments of philadelphia sports. >> yes, we will talk about that tomorrow. all right, the holidays are over. do you always feel that pain once all of the gifts are open? >> because now we got to pay the bills. >> and you realize your wallet -- >> the 15th of every month. >> so do you want some extra cash in your pocket to start the new year? who doesn't? you better act quickly. what you can do now during a -- to earn a little extra cash in 2017.
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
7:57 am
>> did you see what happened there? between yesterday and today, the lake has frozen. so icing up out there. getting more chilly temperatures, good-bye to those 60s, say hello. >> the producer just yelled at me. sorry! >> sit down, join the show. >> yes. made me feel little bad. that's all right. we love you, candice. sometimes do you have get up, stretch your legs, wake up, and look at the world. >> right. >> oh, that was tiffany. >> good morning to you. >> so the malls have been very busy? >> talking about we did a lot of shopping, maybe got a lot of gift. stuff you didn't like at all? you thought it was monday people returned it? really there is a day that people will return all of the stuff that you did not like. >> january 5th is the day. you know why? >> why? >> because we are waiting for all of the relatives to leave. then back to reality. new years over.
7:58 am
>> so we don't want to inch supt them while they're still in the house,. >> is that what it is? >> you don't bring it back yet to the mall. take them to the airport. >> sneak out? >> hideous was that sweater that juicy got me. >> everybody has an aunt juicy? >> cute one. i don't know how many aunt juicy. i know a loft marie's, mary's. >> the bottle, hit the bottle little too hard. we all have them, and uncle's. >> we do have them, that was their nicknames. >> maybe it is you? >> so we talk about -- >> definitely is, thomas, weren't supposed to tell me, that's what they called me minds my back. >> here comes juicy, coming to the news room to anchor. so, january 5th, national return day. this is according to ups. and that's when they expect to ship 1.3 million packages on that one day alone. so, you know, they'll have 5.8 million returns in all during the month of january.
7:59 am
>> so, sue, anything you'll be returning? >> yes. >> what? >> wow that was quick. >> well, see, my husband and my daughter new i wanted a new hockey book, as we say, purse, a handbag? and they each got me one, my husband got me two. >> oh,. >> so some of them are going back. >> somebody was good. >> but like you got three that maybe you didn't like as much, the one that you really wanted? >> right. well, i actually ordered the one i really wanted. >> so you didn't like any of them? they're all going back. >> well, yes. >> they know? >> they new they were making an attemptment. that's what i appreciate, trying to hit the criteria. >> do you make it though? do you let them know? that's the worse sometimes when you open up a gift in front of someone and you kind of oh, ha, what is this? >> so, i mean, you're grateful to have it bush. >> that's what it is, and that's what you express your gratitude. thank you so much. went to all of this trouble for me, and that's the most important thing.
8:00 am
right? >> that's what we say on the surface. deep down inside. just don't buy it again. >> family did good again usually every year i'm pretty disappointed. did pretty good. >> with my pillow. everyone so happen. >> i come back. i have an idea, ready? let's do another hour of the show. >> go for it. >> from the fox 29 studios. this is "good day philadelphia". this morning, mall mayhem. multiple fights, guys, girls, guys and girls, stones being thrown. security had no chance. >> hundreds of teens out of control after showing up at mall looking for a fight. the role that social media played in this melee. >> and from the ones to the bikini, one of america's most beloved princesses. >> she was -- >> the worlds mourning the loss of legendary actress carrie fisher, a look back at her life and her legacy. >> plus, holidays are nearly
8:01 am
over. why not consider giving your wallet a break? if would be nice, financial checklist to help you safer big in 2017. >> new year, good luck, how different cultures are using food to ring in the new year. >> good morning to all every you, thank you so much for joining us, mike and alex, off today. so we're subbing in. >> the pentagon, looking forward to that september. good to have you with us, depending on what you cook, like black eye peas. >> anything we can make and eat, anything will help. i figure why not? >> start new year off, right? >> yes. >> now, starting the day off colder than were you yesterday. remember, yesterday, was already in the 50's? we've got seven out of ten, but we have warmer coat on bus stop buddy today. because it is about ten, 20 degrees colder than it was at this time on tuesday. but it is also national chocolate candy day. so maybe one little bonn-bonn
8:02 am
to celebrate. we have 29 degrees in mount pocono. forty in philadelphia. thirty-three in wilmington, 30 degrees in millville. definitely, colder, look, 15, 16, 28 degrees colder in millville than it was 24 hours ago. still, have some clouds, stubborn clouds hanging around, but specking sunshine, 40 degrees in philadelphia right now, but feels like 35, no precipitation, until tomorrow. so today, expect sunshine. seasonable high of about 43, 44 degrees, there is your weather for wednesday, more coming up including your new years eve forecast. meantime, checking traffic this morning. to see if there is any in this holiday week, and plenty of cars out there. but they're all getting where they need to go at the posted speed. blue route at baltimore pike. looking fine there, i95 delco, near highland avenue. >> still construction logan township, route 130, both directions between 44 and 32 it, we have one lane blocked
8:03 am
there, and remember, all this week, is "disney on ice", follow your heart, and they have shows, several shows a day, every day, through january 2nd. so that could slow you down in that south philadelphia wells fargo center area. well, at any time, as karen well no, sir. >> fun show. worth a watch. if you have kids of that age, that would like that. all right, it is 8:03. sad to learn about this one, sue and i were just talking, hoping that carrie fisher would be able to pull through, after a health incident that happened over the weekends. >> as many of you know by now actress carrie fisher of course famous for her iconic roll as princess leia died in los angeles. >> fisher went onto become a screen writer and great author.
8:04 am
spoke publicly about her struck billions bipolar disorder and drug abuse. fisher also has a huge philly connection. her dad, singer eddie fisher, hailed from south philly, her mom was actress debbie reynolds. >> well, tina fay made big comment about all of this when she just, one of the of celebrities paying tribute to fisher, saying: carry carrie fisher meant a lot to me. like many women my age, princess leia occupies about 60% of my brain at any given time. but carry asarone he is writing and her razor sharp writ were an even greater gift. i feel so proud to have met her. i'm very sad thee is gone. remember she made appearance on 30 rock, season two, who can forget season three when the famous buns, trying get out of jury duty. >> excuse me. imperial gord, how long do these arson trials typically last? couple weeks probably. you can drop the voice. >> this used to get my out of
8:05 am
jury duty in chicago all the time. >> this ain't chicago, honey. look at these people. >> oh, that's so good. you know, tina fay, obviously, huge talent. she grew up in upper darby. being a woman of the same age, one of those things you looked at princess leia, one of those trailblazers, a woman, princess. >> and tina fay as she mentioned she had such a honesty about her, even with her writing, and her comedic delivery, that she took so many pages from her play book if you will. >> she was princess but princess that took action, she could go out there, take on the whole galaxy, and deepened dollars -- defended it. >> wasn't the damn sell in distress, it was that powerful woman who, you know, as you mention, taking on the universe. so so many young women looked up to her. she definitely paid the -- paved the path. >> i like the pictures, make you have some of them in your house, people sharing with their daughters that dressed up as princess leia, maybe you did, as well over the years. we can show them off on tv.
8:06 am
the time coming up 8: 06. we have some bad behavior to tell you about. some local malls, and malls all across the count rip, where bored teens are take to go social media. hey, here is a great idea, let's go meet up at the food court and cause a fight. >> police are one step ahead of them, also on social media looking at the posts and tweets on twitter. our dave kinchen, he is at philadelphia mills mall with the details on this latest one. good morning, dave. >> reporter: good morning to you, thomas, karen. it was night two of brawling here, with the a with a lot of juveniles,ly say between the ages of 14 and 16. and they were going at it pretty good after seeing a post on snap chat. so after what's happened over the last couple of night, police say they are stepping things up here. last night 200 young people arriving, mostly by septa bus, to the philadelphia mills mall. police were ready, though, turning most of them away,
8:07 am
about 30 to 40 of them did get inside the complex anyway, formerly known as franklin mills as we now know. police say three teens were arrested for disorderly conduct, one arrested for allegedly trying to punch an officer. the number of teens initially showing up last night doubled that of the night before of about 100. our cameras were even catching the end of it all, when several boys were riding around on their bikes, they were swerving in and out of traffic, so taking a lot of the dangerous activity even out on to the parking lot and roadway. we can tell you we spoke with witness. >> we seen cop flying from everywhere, flash mob, try to get in through j.c. penney but they lock the mall down. so we had to go through forever 21 just to get into the mall. >> multiple fights, guys, girls, guys and girls, zones being thrown, i seen them running through security. security ends up seeing when they try to get them out of the mall, they just ran. >> police say they believe part of this in addition to the snap chat connection is
8:08 am
just teens not having much to do since their on break from school between christmas and new years. so they are asking parents to keep an eye on their kids, especially after dark, because that's when a lot of this rowdiness tends to happen. specially what we've seen in the last kim of nights. back to you. >> we hope this is the last. time 8:08. man is seriously hurt after being stabbed inside a local hook a bar. police say it happened early this morning, in the alibaba cafe. this is on castor and glendale avenue in rhawn hers. he was taken to the hospital. he is in critical condition at this hour. there is no word yet on how this all went down, and police are still looking for a suspect. we have a controversy in new jersey. there is a little boy, just eight years old, who was kick out of the cub scouts because he is transgender. the child was born a boy. but is identified as a male for over a year. relatives say he joined pack 87 in october, was asked to leave, siting complaints from the grownups, not from the kids in the scouts. the organization released a
8:09 am
statement saying the cub scout programs are for those who identify as boys on their birth certificates. >> big make over could be on the way for philadelphia city hall courtyard. certainly has been a popular spot for public performers. >> well now the city wants to hear from you. so you can be weighing in on this one on how to design more inviting gathering space for people to hang out. last week the mayor's fun for philadelphia began soliciting input from anybody who wants to be weighing in. they're watching $70,000 project with help from a grant from the airlines to redo the dilworth park, recently renovated, and jfk plaza, now being refurbished. >> it is december, right? thinking what month it is. not typically the monday for weds action, right? >> no, it is more -- there are some, but usually spring-fall become the two hot times. >> do you like going to wedding? >> mike jerrick hates t i think men don't usually like it, do you like it or not? >> i like the reception the food. >> i think the women like the fairytale, i remember, maybe it is me, then ah, the fool ballgame is on.
8:10 am
>> what about being in the wed being, bridesmaids? >> no, no, no, no. >> there is a cut off limit? >> totally. you know, cut off age. like in your two's you want to be a bridesmaid. after that, no. >> and you get all of the requests specially after the maid of honor, do you have do this. do you have do that. there is a lit of things to do. so what's reasonable, what's ridiculous? there is a wedding guest blasting newly married couple. what she was asked to fay for at the reception. >> plus also. we want to get you some money. ends of the year. things you can do right now that may save you money in the new year. but you have to act quickly on this one. we explore.
8:11 am
looks like we're still a man short. not anymore. gus! the second most famous groundhog in pennsylvania. let's hit the ice. whoaaa! take the shot! (buzzer)
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that shot was one in a million. so's this. all the money millionaire edition, new from the pennsylvania lottery. with five top prizes of a million bucks. it's a real game changer. (giggles) keep on scratchin'
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>> checking traffic at 8:13, your wednesday morning, we unfortunately have a car fire to tell you about. it is on the turnpike's northeast extension. northbound, just after the lansdale exit. now, the fire is offer to the shoulder of the road. but it will slow you down if that's where you're traveling this morning. also, an accident, happened
8:14 am
just a few moments ago. 295 southbound at route 13. this, of course; in delaware, on delaware side of the river. so, watch out for that one, as well. bus route 47, southbound, septa bus, signs posted for new pick up location, at the old stop. so you go to the old stop. tell you where the new stop s that's route 47, southbound, and we will check traffic here at the blue route, baltimore pike, looks like everything is moving along just fine. as the sun starts to come out this morning. but how long will it stick around? your forecast in 15 seconds. >> messy weather on the way.
8:15 am
happy new year, we will clear it out. forecast for midnight on new years eve is for a temperature of about 35 degrees. then new years day the daytime high probably around 49 degrees. so, that's better than the colds air that's going to be moving in on friday. and the transition will happen tomorrow. and we will have some precipitation in the morning, accumulating snow in the mountains, so carbon, monroe counties have winter weather advisory for tomorrow. all this is happening tomorrow. the rain and/or snow rolls in between 6:00 and 7:00. the way it looks now, and it looks like that dividing line to see some sleet, freezing rain, all of that just north of philadelphia. whether we get some that far nicks in the city, remains to be seen. but it looks like temperatures will be just enough above freezing, that we will see mostly rain event, but it does happen during the morning rush tomorrow. so, plan now, and allowing some extra time. by 11:00, 12:00, 1:00, it looks like it is slowing down, and then it is out of here by about 3:00.
8:16 am
so that's it for that. and that should it be for precipitation. through the holiday weekends. but it does get a lot colder with the sun out on friday, and saturday mornings. so let's break it down, the thursday rain and snow pocono mountains could get good accumulation, two to 4 inches, resorts will love. that will lehigh valley only about an inch or so. could be slippery. philadelphia, north and west, quick change-over from the rain-snow mix to rain and south jersey and delaware, it is mostly rain. right now, 40 degrees in philadelphia. little chillier in other places, certainly a lot chillier than it was yesterday. we get to 64 degrees yesterday. but today, only 43. tomorrow, 44, with the rain, and possibly snow, depending where you are. 39 degrees and very windy, and cold on friday, but it starts to moderate little bit as we head into the holiday weekends, and the last hours of 2016. >> speaking of the last hours, thank you, there sue, all trying to live a little better. >> do you have explain this one to me. every year there is south
8:17 am
beach diet, the atkins diet. >> pail yo diet. >> and now there is something called the flexitearn. >> if you want to flex, maybe doing weight watchers, but cheat day where you can go have whatever little cheese cake. so the flextarian diet you have a diet, whatever it is, maybe a vegetarian, on your cheat day maybe have little bit of meat. >> then not a vegetarian. >> no, our flexitarian according to whole foods market, it may be the in trend of the year. here is the rules of the plan. it is more flexible. like i want to try not to do dairy in my diet it, and too much bread. >> hurt your stomach. >> no, my made up diet for weight wise, nothing make makes me fatter than cheese. but on cheat day i'll let myself have my cheese and crackers, but try not to eat it the rest of the time. >> information moderation i think. >> that's right. doctor mike would always say. >> you know, i lost the most weight, they always say try to have those three, four small
8:18 am
meals a day, makes such a big difference. three to four mall meals a day, kind of eat what you want. smaller portions. weight does come off. >> i still need to eat a lot of food. i need to eat, volumeetrics person, so i eat salads this big. >> but then the glass of wine that you have. >> or four. >> and the cocktail, the march teen. >> i everything in moderation as they say, nothing to excess. >> sure to be one of the best things you'll, oh, really is going to be the best thing you'll see all day. take a look at this right here watcher this little boy got for christmas that's causing the most heartwarming reaction ever. >> also, we lost a lot of famous faces over the years. she's not death. -- dead. let me say that right now. but people pitching in protest her. what's going on? they have some fun raising going on on social media. we'll explain. >> you can hear everyone, not my betty.
8:19 am
8:20 am
8:21 am
8:22 am
welcome back, winter wonder land. will get nor snow dumped onto their heads thursday. going into probably overnight actually, going into thursday morning. little messy up there. so more on that in just a minute. >> trying to get information on this next story here. so apparently. >> athlete of the year! >> oh, so he's name, talk about betty white in just a moment, she is fine by the way, but bizarre money raising money to protect her through the ends of the year. trying to get clarification. labron named male athlete of the year. cavaliers star, well, he, 52 years of sport heartache ends that for the city by delivering nba championship. i know i'm little bit behind here. simone biles named ap athlete of the year monday. big congratulations to her. >> yes, absolutely, we love them. most deserving of that. so here is the story that we
8:23 am
will explain. >> this one also lit up over the internet, because people were talking about trying to help save betty white. why save her? she is perfectly alive. so there is a guy down in south carolina, who has created? go fun me page. >> to protect her. so you explain t i don't under stands it at all. >> i don't know how to explain. trying to get in touch with our news channel eight down there. just to be clear, white alive, doing just fine being, but the man says the reason why he wants to raise money is basically so i guess he can hire security to keep her safe, to keep her alive through the end of the year. >> i'm just going to read what's here, at age nine # three the last surviving member of the golden girls. so, if you read the fine print, in this guy's post out there on go fund me, she is actually trying raise money for local theater. he says the worlds needs new artist toss carry the mantle of the great ones we lost this year. the campaign is already raised $1,700 toward a $2,000 goal for their theater. >> weird, right? >> what's it have to do with
8:24 am
betty and the tiny theater down in south carolina. >> we love bet. >> i we're journalists, we'll stay on top of it, see what his intentions are. >> i need some good luck, can you give me some good luck. >> i can't even get myself good luck. depends on you what cook. >> can you help me get lucky? >> depends you and your hubby. >> i'm talking dumpling, black-eyed peas, ringing in the new year with success, good fortune. about bassett. you really can custom make your furniture exactly how you want. it's all about customization. the possibilities are endless.
8:25 am
8:26 am
8:27 am
>> (movie clip). >> oh, yes from the buns to the bikini, princess leia one of america's most beloved princesses. so, this morning, we will take that little step further. let us know who is your celebrity crush? use our #fox29goodday.
8:28 am
>> oh, do we have to be weighing in, as well? >> think about that one, celebrity crush. >> all right, i'll tell this morning, also starve one of the most acclaimed of the year. fields attacked by her fame. >> sue, let's get a check of the forecast, it was a seven yesterday, and pretty darn cold. and it is a seven today? >> yes, it was -- >> warm yesterday? >> different reasons, warm yesterday, but we had a lot of clouds. today sunny more seasonable, and that's a colder start than yesterday. so, bus stop buddy has much warmer coat on today. and the mittens, and a little bonn-bonn for national chocolate candy day. it is 29 degrees, up in the mountains, 38 in lancaster, but chilly 30 degrees in millville. even colder in atlantic city, we've got some northwest winds, brought in colder air, and the temperatures are as much as 28, 29 degrees colder than they were 24 hours ago. now, few stubborn clouds in the city this morning, other places seeing sunshine. 40 degrees in philadelphia, but it feels like 35.
8:29 am
won't have any precipitation today. but we will tomorrow morning. in the meantime, enjoy the sunshine when it is here. 42 degrees by lunchtime. probably 43, 44 for high temperature today. which is pretty seasonable, for almost the end of december. that's your weather authority forecast, time is just about 8:30. and we are checking on this car fire, pennsylvania turnpike northeast extension, this is the northbound side of the extension, just after the lansdale exit. the fire is on the shoulder of the road. and all lanes are blocked right now. so, avoid that part of the northeast extension right now. >> disable vehicle, on roosevelt boulevard, northbound, just at f street this morning. another place that will slow you down. now we go down to delaware, and we check on this accident, 295 southbound, just before it splits off to i-95. it is on the shoulder. so you should be able to get by okay with that one. and just look at the platt bridge in south philadelphia.
8:30 am
at i-95, shows traffic moving along just fine, if only every morning were like this, karen, thomas? >> thank you so much, there, sue. so we don't want -- we all want good luck in the new year. thomas, come on over here. we need some good food. there go. >> what do you did with that bread? >> trying to get some good luck in the new year, what kind of food should we be using? david simms from eatable delights, hey, good morning. >> absolutely good morning, who you are you? good morning to the viewers. >> good morning, different foods from different cultures. >> absolutely. >> what's over here? what are we starting with? >> because the chinese culture, likes dumplings, one of the foods for the new year, we have prepared dumb links today in two different fashions. >> okay? >> we have got our theme dumplings, traditional. this is what most people like. we've got our tea, as well, to company it, and then we've got some fried dumplings, some lied freaked, some like them steamed. >> i will go with steamed. >> and you brought me some
8:31 am
sauce. >> wonderful sauce. let me tell you what we have. >> tell me. >> we've got at the aki sauce. >> right? >> right next to it, wasabi. >> oh, that's me, spice. >> i hot chilly pepper right there, then right next to it we have a filet. >> why are dumplings good luck? >> because the chinese say so. >> sure. >> but more important to that, because they bring healing to you, they bring good fate. and when you have a dumpling, you think of goodness inside of you, that's what it is that they say. >> i'm just taste tester. don't mind the man behind the flowers. >> fried one? >> big plate of meat for you over here. what's going on over here? >> great things about dumpling, i'll finish up with this, you can use those for superbowl sunday, one of those kind of things. >> interesting take. i've never been to superbowl party where they had dumplings. that's the party i want to be. >> beautiful. so here, we have what the it
8:32 am
attains like, they think is good luck. and what i have provided today is some whole food and hardy crusted bread. we've got some wonderful bread sticks, you know, see salt, pink almost lay and salt, see salt, those are things that are new seasoning today, like the trendy thing going on. >> so more course? >> more course. >> why is this good luck? why is this plate of meat and cheese good luck? >> it is good luck because what the italians want you to do is to fill up. they want you to be hearty. they want to provide a lot of food. and italian weddings where you have massive amounts of food? >> food is love. >> food is love. >> i feel like i'm chewing like a horse. you can bring my audio down. i can hear it in my ear. >> so we have some proscuitto here. >> i'll put away my dumpling, and for those who don't know,
8:33 am
proscuitto? >> that's ham. >> ham. >> salty ham. >> right next to it, we've got some sopriso. >> oh, creamier than i thought. >> creamy sauce cheese. >> okay, thank you. >> is that too much? >> no, that's great. >> too much is never enough. >> so you have some capriso here. >> i'm making a mess of this one. >> that's okay. >> like a cream cheese. >> it is. and these can be used for different type of horder respect, not just italian thing, we put it on a table with crackers, little bit of ham on top. it makes a wonderful horder of. >> good luck, brinking in hearty new year. >> absolutely. >> right next to we've got some great salami, from the butcher, only place to get the salami from the butch ever. keep that in mind. >> why? >> not the store bought stuff. >> i do agree with that.
8:34 am
>> because it is cured, and it is actually spliced in front of you, you get the whole experience. that actually came from the reading terminal. >> let's get to -- >> hold on. >> rahman owe cheese. >> oh,. >> something to be have, and black-eyed peas, black american culture. >> so one of the things about black-eyed peas that you want to do, you want to soak your beans. >> how long do you soak them? >> soak them overnight. >> okay. >> just water, salt. >> just little water. so if you notice that the beans are little larger, and these are what your beans look like if you don't soak them. they actually cook better when they're so long overnight. >> so it doesn't dry out. >> did doesn't dry out. got great smoke turkey, you can use ham hocks if you like. use some fresh garlic, use some seasoned salt. our sees orthopedics salt edible delight, black pepper, garlic, also cut up onion. cook it for about an hour, then total time for the beans about three hours.
8:35 am
and add in your onions, your seasoning salt, fresh garlic, about an hour in. >> can you throw this all in the crock pot? >> absolutely. >> black-eyed peas, ham hocks? >> absolutely, with smoke, give it more flavor. this is wonderful thing. african-americans think that brink that into the new year is a great culture. that bridges good luck, as well. >> what's the good luck behind it? do we know what it is? >> good luck behind it, once again, something that's filling. it sticks to your stomach. it is good, goes well can women adder greens, something that i want to have. >> little cheese grits. >> happiness. >> not too late. put an order in for your black-eyed peas. >> how about mac and cheese? >> is that good luck, good look for me. >> could be good luck for you. >> we have two parts, one at the african-american museum,
8:36 am
one at home, but the great thing about this, is that you don't have to leave the home. we'll deliver it to you. we'll come in, set up for you full service, edible delights catering, 235. >> we love you david. we have a question, if you want to save money in the new year, want to save money in the new year? we have some advice. we have some tips. >> i'm listen. >> all right, we'll let you know what they are. the whole checklist every things downing right now to save you money in the new year.
8:37 am
fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we're offering incredibly fast 150 meg internet, just in time for the holidays. hurry, freddy, you're gonna miss it!
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8:39 am
>> good morning to you. good morning to everybody joining us, 8:39. >> hey, who wouldn't like little extra cash in their pocket for the new year? guess what? you need to act quickly, you have until the end of the year to take that happen. >> all right, we will give you
8:40 am
checklist, some of the things you can do right now to help you save some big money. first, you want to make out your 401k or retirement account. experts say, you should also defer as much income as you can, through the next year, particularly, if you have a lot of holiday bills, or if you receive a year-end bonus. that will would be nice. so your year end bonus. >> so remember there are tax benefits to any charitable contributions, you make, so you'll want to do it now. >> all right, well, we'll talk with our accountants. >> i always wondered about those, sometimes you open the envelope, says charitable foundation has been made in your honor. apparently you can't claim that on your tax return. >> oh, the person that gave the gift, they can? >> yes. >> they gave the gift to you, and gift to themselves. >> uh-huh. >> all right. let's go over to our steve keeley. he's with the master of disaster. >> do we have him this morning? hey, good morning, steve. >> reporter: hey, we swept under fedoruk's desk at workment we got all of the dirt. >> oh, ya.
8:41 am
>> brought it here to trenton. we brought it here to trenton. why? because the new news truck that we're taking out in the blizzard coverage next, top that channel ten, that's what i'm going to be driving around covering the blizzards.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
>> you have never had black-eyed peas. >> not this way. with the ham tox. >> what are we looking at here? >> this is fernwood, pocono mountains. got some snow. soon to get more, tomorrow morning. >> they need it. >> accumulating snow. and i think that the resorts, like this one, will welcome them with open arms. snowflakes, that is. all right, so, this is good. >> so good. >> all right. never been in front of the weather wall. >> where is mine? >> oh, wait. i have to do the weather first. >> i'll get out of the way. >> he's filling himself with good luck on this wednesday morning, black-eyed peas, good luck for new years. all right, we've got the return to seen only temperatures, in our weather headlines, messy start to the day tomorrow. talk about the snow in the pocono mountains in philadelphia, we may start with a rain and snow mix, then change over to rain tomorrow. looks like it will be dry through the new year. so let us know what's going on with you on twitter, facebook, we love hearing from you. 43 degrees today. forty-four tomorrow with the
8:45 am
rain and 39 degrees much colder on friday. because the winds will make it feel even colder than 39. forty-three is our high for new years eve saturday. about 35 at midnight. if you are going to go out and make some noise, then on sunday, it is a high of 49 degrees, when the mummers parade starts, it looks like it will be in the upper 30's, and things will be dry, now seems, for the mummers parade on sunday, rain arrives probably monday, and tuesday, of next week. karen? >> thank you so much, there, sue. we're going to talk about some monster gems. because it is back, the master disaster will be there along with some fan favorites, like the gave digger, and the monster put. we have our own hard-working guy steve keeley throughout with amazing vehicles. horse power. >> reporter: by the way i'm doing this, karen, did you say aids nagging because you wanted all those frat boys -- >> , i thought i made it all the way through the whole day. >> no way. >> i already heard it. karen, i heard it in the first
8:46 am
hour today. okay? bell mounted. every time you say amazing it will go ding and have counter at the bottom of the screen. nothing wrong with that, karen. that's good. >> high five up top. >> reporter: how amazing these headsets? not for music, it is so the deafening roar of these monster trucks, you can watch it, and not have an ear ache afterward, or, these are also available for jenn frederick live shots, for that screach, fingers on nail board voice of hers. so of course she's off. i'm doing this segmentment tomorrow i'll be interviewing all of the stars of the new fox january series. that's a joke. all right, with us now, the star of the show here. look at this. you got back stage access to everything. look, your name is not on here. what's going on? >> that picture, that picture doesn't do you justice there. >> no. >> all right. >> more handsome. >> he's local. what coincidence, see these tires here? the same tires on the amish
8:47 am
buggies that we see. >> you had to go there, didn't you? >> yes. so here is the 29 year old kid. how did you get into this? >> i went to my first monster jam show when i was like, i don't know, two, three years old, at the philadelphia spectrum. and i guess like a loft kids that come here this weekend, just in awe. they are huge watch can you not like about monster jam trucks? >> you don't just work here. you actually own these trucks? >> nope. i actually own stinker and the master every disasters, that's running here this weekend, that my buddy paul is driving. that's our new truck, the team, that we have both of these trucks, so we're super excited to be here. >> did you build these from scratch or buy them already done? >> we built them for the most part. we have the frames, chassis built, then we buy all of the extra component, bolt everything together, make it all happen. >> what are these things worth? >> the new truck over there, weaver about 150,000 invested into it. just to get it here. >> all right, well we see these on tv. we have video. we'll show them for everybody that doesn't know what we are talking about, probably do, jared be my guest. man behind the camera, the man who does voices, all right,
8:48 am
let's lower that natural sounds people back there. all right? if we can. because it sounds like sounds bite. for the people at home that don't remember these commercials, through the voice that they'll notice. monster jam. >> jared will put that guy out of business. what did you think of that? >> phenominal. >> announcer here this weekend. >> awesome. he'll be on tv eventually. so what i was going to say, now that we saw them on video, you never see these driving down 95 to get to here, because you came from another place to get to trenton here where we are now. how do you transport these babies? >> well, we actually have to put small tires on them to get them inside after tractor-trailer, which we have tractor-trailer up in the parking lot. both of our trucks fit in it. so what we have here now is buddy our crew chief, has one of the big tires off the truck already. so, every time we get to a show, we will have little tires on it, so they come out of trailer, get into the building, then start our show prep. so then it is pretty big task to get the tires mounted on to the truck, and get all of the
8:49 am
lug nuts tight. >> i thought you called triple a to change these tires? buddy not with triple a then? i thought were you my local triple a guy. look at this, he has in his hand, remote control that goes to the jack. and he lowers it. and look at. that will he got it right on there. and candice, how much time do we have for budd toy put those lug nuts on? oh, buddy, she said 45 seconds. you can do that even faster than that. by the way, more lug nuts, than you have in your normal car. that sounds like we're in a pep boys now, doesn't it? the sounds as soon as go into pep boys, even buying an air freshner, that's the counts sounds you here. if you're little kid, it is cool, you like the smell of tires and you like that sounds. if you're a kid, you can come here, friday morning, pit party it is called, right? >> absolutely, pit party is two hours before the show. you can come down on to the floor, get all access to, you know, take pictures right beside our truck, take pictures with with us,.
8:50 am
>> that's a separate ticket than the show ticket? >> absolutely worth t you don't realize how big the trucks are until you actually, you know, are standing down here on the floor right next to them. the tires themselves are five and a half foot tall. bigger be there like a family car. >> the publicity stage, keeps running away, we will get you on tv anyway. they actually generally think this is cool. because they didn't know they were going to be on tv. they go you really have to come here to see, experience it, i said i'm really not into this. they said you would be if you showed up as a show. that's what you felt? >> i was in awe, i loved it. my parent said i loved it. i remember growing up through school, that's all i wanted to do. so i just kept my head to the grinds stone and made it happen. >> these are base in the lancaster, too, your hometown, and on the road 20 weeks a year, and take these back to lancaster? >> on the road 20 to 25 weeks a year, based out of lancaster pennsylvania, the shop, everything out of there. excited to be in trenton. trenton, new jersey, this building where i get my first monster jam show back in 2014.
8:51 am
and i actually walked away what wheel i competition win that weekend. hopefully we can keep it going this year. >> all right, so what truck are we going to show in the next hour? what are we going to ride? the one shaped like a dog. >> monster put over there, kevin crocker will be here moving it around, showing you guys what we are all about. >> karen, how amazing is that? karen, i think your three boys would like to see this show tonight, tomorrow or flyer. >> since you guys are working early, i'll suggest friday matinee show at 1:00. >> that's right after the show. >> gives you time to get to trenton. >> thee shows sell out. they are amazing. steve so you know, jenn fred would actually get in one of the trucks. is that going to happen? >> are they going to let you drive it? >> they won't let me drive it because i would drive it on 95, just for fun. i would ride over, stop traffic, i wouldn't stop. we will probably be in the truck. we'll get in the truck. toyed sign a waiver and wave
8:52 am
my life away in case i'm killed out here. i wanted ride under an truck but they wouldn't let me do that because sometimes i just want to sit under a truck on days like this. >> you know what, steve? you're amazing. >> yes. >> thank you. >> i heard her say it. i heard her say it in the 4:00 hour steve. she lost that bet long time ago. >> oh, you giles. thank you. >> who couldn't love a face like this? isn't that adorable? they're hatchables, apparently some parent don't love these little creatures. they say there is something wrong with the toy. and they're writing about it, they want a company response. but they're not getting answers. what is it? we'll show you coming up.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
so these are hatchables. what are you doing?
8:56 am
>> yes. >> i have an egg. it is empty. apparently supposed to rub, rub, rub, and this thing is supposed to peck itself through the shell and hatch. some parent say it is not all cracked up to be. >> a lot of people maybe not patient or maybe that they're hatch recall, which is the hottest toy for christmas. >> supposed to be doing this, flight. >> loving it, hugging it, will make little noises and sounds. so, some parent think this is a dud. because it takes too long to hatch. and some say even after they loved it and corrected and hugged all over it, it didn't hatch. so, the company that makes these toys, now responding, saying, sometimes products don't perform as expected. but they're committed to resolving all of the issues. >> apparently some of these moms are complaining on twitter. so, i've been calling for two days it, keeps telling me to call back later. halfability is a dud and store won't take it back. >> another tweet here: this one is from vicky. she says, spin master, dead as
8:57 am
a dough. over two hours on hold. hatchimals fail. >> maybe spend the two days rubbing the egg it might hatch. >> it seems in those situations they tried. and the toy isn't working so then you're so upset because you want your child to have this experience, then they don't. a lot of people wait in lines at the tarring tote get them. directions take an hour or two to hatch? >> but maybe they're not hatching. >> at what point do you give up? at what point do you say four hours, five hours? it is a birth. you have to be patient. >> oh. well, we'll look more in depth investigation into the hatchimals controversy. >> hatchimals2017. we'll get on t celebrity crushes. >> with the passing of carrie fisher, so all right breakingment some people had a crush, you know, they saw this
8:58 am
powerful woman on screen, who had such a presence. and they fell in love. >> then like her voice, like her, as a girly like her, i likes luke sky walker and like her, too, she is awesome. so who was your celebrity crush? >> i'm going to reveal that. you'll reveal it, celebrity crush. posters all of that good stuff. >> oh, like the hardy boys, all like the early boy bands, which were so bad. not the hard i brother.
8:59 am
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