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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  December 29, 2016 4:00am-5:00am EST

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>> live from philadelphia. this is fox 29 morning news. and a very good morning, happening rye naught on fox 29 morning news. take look, your morning commute. oh, it may and slippery one. rain, snow, moving into parts of our area. of course, sue has you covered, what you can expect and when, as you prepare to head out that door. >> after disappearing christmas eve, finally we've gotten good news. a woman and her great granddaughter have been found alive. where and how authorities found them next. also ahead, have you seen this right near? caught on camera. man crashes through local department store with a sledgehammer. what investigators say he got away with that's worth tens of thousands of dollars. and: ♪ ♪
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>> good morning to you and waking up with this very sad news, just a day after losing her daughter, carrie fisher, a broken hearted debbie reynolds, has died as well. she did so many amazing movies and we'll take a look at her life and legacy, as well. >> sing in the rain there. really is heart breaking. she said her last words i want to be with carrie fisher. more on her life and legacy. great to have you with us, this thursday, i'm thomas drayton along with karen hepp and sue serio. >> the precipitation is on our doorstep, almost here, and our weather by the numbers, we're going with measley four out of ten. and for the morning commute it, could even be less than. that will so our winter weather advisory is from 5:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. in the poconos mountains, expecting accumulating snow. right now, temperatures, critical to the type of precipitation, we're only a degree above freezing in philadelphia, we're right at freezing in lancaster, 28 degrees in pottstown, well above freezing in dover, delaware, but look at
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millville, 29 degrees, only 27 in atlantic city. so here is a look at our current temperature in the city. but it feels like 29 with the 33 degrees out there. so make sure you are bundled up. there it is, radar showing few flurries starting to edge into lancaster county. just flurries at this point. between now and 6:00, i think, is the arrival time of this precipitation, which will probably for many of us start out as snow. so cold start. eventually we just ends up with rainy, chilly, breezy day, high temperature in the mid 40's. and that is your planner for thursday. we're going to get you through the rest of the year and new years day, as well, in our seven day forecast. but right now, let's check traffic with a accident on the shoulder. this is in pennsgrove, new jersey, the turnpike southbound, just after the delaware memorial toll plaza, so with that accident on the shoulder, shouldn't slow you down too much. but keep an eye out for. that will once again on the vine street expressway, approaching 76, we have a view of a closed roadway.
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it is between broad and the schuylkill. where the vine is closed, as they continue that construction work. and still working on the water main break at penn's landing. it is not fixed yet. this is queen street, on columbus boulevard, they hope to have that next dollars by tomorrow. soap, all is well for new years eve, guys? >> encouraging news, 4:03, vanished on christmas eve. found days later, learning more this morning about great grandmother and great granddaughter took wrong turn on the way to visit family for the holidays. their wayward journey became a story of survival. jenny joyce joining just studio, good news they've been found, jen. >> i what a scary experience for this woman and her great granddaughter. they were founded stranded in a isolated rural area of virginia. seventy-one year old barbara briley and five year old la myra disappeared christmas eve, during road trip from mays landing new jersey to north carolina. law enforcement officers
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across three states performed extensive grounds and air searches last night, a man who just happened to be checking on his property came across briley and the child. they were outside of the car in a wooded area. police say the 71 year old was unconscious, and taken to the hospital in critical condition. the five year old child is okay. >> ms. briley and la myra outside the vehicle, probably 50 yards from the vehicle at a tree. there was apple juice boxes, some apples, some other items appear they probably had been eating and drinking several thumbs during the time period. >> they think briley became dis or y dollars, drove up a dirt party, the car had been stuck, they think they had been in the area for days. relief they were found alive several days after they had been reported missing. karen? >> absolutely, jenny, goodness, thank you. >> police say a man drunk driving is to blame for a crash in kensington, pretty
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bad. the driver sped into another car, the scene is second and berks, just about four hours ago. he and two people in the other car that he struck were all taken to the hospital. that is the scene. all of the injuries are minor. time now 4:05, happening today, visitation service also begin for elderly south philadelphia store owner fatally shot on christmas eve. marie buck was shot several times on christmas eve as she stood behind the counter, at marie's grocery. police say no money was taken from the store. so far, no arrest haves been made. visitation will be held tonight and tomorrow morning, at funeral home south broad street. her funeral will be held friday at one is 1:00 a.m. >> 4:01 is the time. police asking for your help to find the people behind pricy smash and grab robbery. it happened in bucks county. let's get to up steve keeley by the kohl's in lower makefield. looks like you're inside there, steve? >> reporter: right in the doorway, sounds like atlantic city casino with the music
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playing, but this guy did some major after christmas shopping here at this bucks county kohl's, we're across route one from the oxford valley mall and sesame place. this guy got the 100% discount. no gift card used but look at our surveillance video that we obtained from lower makefield police. he used big sledgehammer. first to get into both set of front doors, then to the kohl's jewelry counter, not too far from the front doors, where the sledgehammer was used again on the glass cases. he carried in one of those canvas tool sacks usually used only by contractors and construction workers, filling it up, and he brought the bag in with him, with a estimated $100,000 in watches and jewelry. >> i mean, it is pretty shocking because -- >> we shop here all the time. >> yes. and i mean, i think we live in a nice area. so to think something like that can happen anywhere i guess is pretty scary. >> and so instead of a real
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after christmas sale sign on the front doors, we come back live, there is a please use other door sign taped here, then see the boarded up doors, both sets, this one and then another one on the other side, then right past the second boarded up door see the still boarded up jewelry cases with kohl's cardboard boxes all around them. so, they likely didn't get all of this stuff finished for two reasons. the guys that do this maybe off for the week, plus, they probably left it as is, for police to gather some evidence. maybe they were open for a fingerprint. karen, thomas there is guy used gloves, well thought out, and the police chief, told reporters last night, it is likely this guy had shopped in the store several times. so what they are going to do is they'll go back on surveillance video, maybe see if there is any guy, whole lot of surveillance during the christmas shopping season, see if any guy somehow has those distinctive nike sneakers that you saw in the video or anything else maybe that he was wearing that he may have worn in the last couple of weeks when he was in here looking to see what he was
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going to steel. >> great way to handle it, try to figure out the suspect. steve, thanks so much, appreciate t. 4:08. look at the big sinkhole right there in bethlehem. there was sinkhole and gas leak, and it forced more than two dozen people out of their homes pretty quickly. firefighters detected there was pretty strong odor of natural gas inside several homes wednesday. fire officials say they had to evacuate at least 30 people in a whole four block area. they had to close it off to traffic. now, we spoke to one couple who ended up staying with neighbors, before they were allowed to go back home. >> right now, you feel safe. but in our minds we are thinking, okay, what about the rest of the area here? is this area in good shape? >> but i was really scared. i didn't know what we were supposed to do or anything. quite a day. >> fire officials began to let everyone back into their homes
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yesterday. we lost another hollywood icon, debbie reynolds palings the away one day after losing her daughter carrie fisher. >> ♪ ♪ >> hard to believe. she was such a tal edge, just 19 years olds when she shined alongside gene kelly, and donald o'connor in singing in the rain. she was just amazing force. this morning, so many people right now are saying that she died after broken heart because of course she was making those funeral arrangements for her daughter when she suffered a stroke. >> she toll her son before she passed away i want to be with carrie looking back at the life and career of this hollywood legend. >> ♪ good morning to you ♪ >> legendary actress debbie reynolds has died at 84 years old, one day after her daughter, carrie fisher passed away.
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it the acclaimed actress, dancer, singer, 40 film, count less tv shows, also business woman, film historian, humanitarian, after i had collector of film memorabilia. >> ♪ ♪ >> born marry francis reynolds, april 1st, 1932, in el paso, texas, she had her break out role in 19 50's, three little words. but danced her way into film history two years later, when she co-starred with gene kelly and donald o'connor in singing in the rain. >> ♪ ♪ >> her success in the 50's continued with the affairs of doby gillis, susan slept here, and tammy and the bachelor. the title role in 1964 the unthinkable molly brown, garnered her best actress nomination, inbetween movies and stage shows, she also headlined the citcom the debbie reynolds show.
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debbie was married and divorced three times, most famously to carrie fisher's singer father, eddie, who left her for reynolds' good friends, elizabeth taylor. reynolds remained active well into her 80s, and was recognized for her charity work with the humanitarian at this year's show. and a lifetime achievement award from the screen actors guild. she is survived by her son, and in hollywood, trace gallagher, fox news. >> jolie fisher said she is inconsolable losing another loved one. she tweeted breaking my silence with a broken heart. >> also played the mother of debra messing's character on will and grace, and said so heart sick went to be with carrie, such devastating one-two punch she was my mom for years and i loved her dearly, a legends. >> albert brooke, cast reynolds in the title role of the 1996 comedy mother. he tweets: debbie reynolds, a legend in my movie mom. a can't believe this happened
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one day after carry, my heart goes out to billy. >> it is coming up right now about to click over to 4:12 on this morning. confessions of all kerr. man was shot while driving down the street. >> yes, straight ahead this morning, the person who police say has admitted to pulling that trigger. >> and more political drama every day. now from secretary of state, john kerry. his comments about israel to the controversy over the transition of power. we will break it all down just ahead.
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♪ ♪ >> all the is tranquil now, all is dry now, but things are going to get a little dice any spots this morning. and let's get right to it. as we start off with a look at where the winter weather advisory is in effect, monroe, carbon counties in the pocono mountains, where we expect accumulating snow. throughout most of the early part of today. two-4 inches there, you can see the precipitation is on our doorstep, starting to sneak into the western part of our viewing area. most of which you're seeing here in lancaster county probably not quite making it to the ground yet. there could be some flurries flying around, eventually sneaking into chester county, and the rest of our area, so, all of it is moving in from west to east. you can see from the coloration of the radar, most of it is snow at the moment. and that's because of these
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temperatures, so we have 33 degrees in philadelphia. we have 23 in mount pocono. 30 degrees in reading. twenty-seven atlantic city. thirty-seven in cape may. and 32 degrees in wilmington. so we're very close to freezing, only few places where we're above freezing, but we do expect as you see the future cast temperatures to rise pretty quickly which means we'll have quick change-over. here we are at 5:00. we see the snow starting to move into lancaster county, then you see that this is where it gets dicey, around 6:00 this morning. so, basically, either leave now or try to put off your trip if you can, until we get that change-over to rain. at 7:00 to up 35 degrees, but north of the city in montgomery county, bucks county, in chester, we still see some dicey conditions, and even further north of course as well with the temperature up to 39 degrees, by 8:00. we've switched over to all rain in philly. you see the rain line, moving northward, by 9:00, 10:00. that's when we are well into the 40's, keeps raining
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through lunchtime. but looks like it is all gone by about 3:00 in the afternoon. definitely messy start to our day. here is a look at the average high temperature, which is 41 degrees. we went well above average on tuesday, with 64 degrees, then we reverse the numbers yesterday, with high temperature of 46. and that's probably where we will be today with what will end up being rainy day for most of us unless you are in the mountains, 39 degrees tomorrow, very blustery, won't even feel like 39. it will be coast one there. and 43 degrees, for new years eve. that's the daytime high. we still think low to mid 40's at midnight. if you are going to go out, make some noise, to celebrate 2017. we'll have high temperature close to 50 during the day, we start off in the upper 30's for the mummers parade. not bad. specially because our gift to you is dry conditions for the mummers parade. that's a nice change. the rain monday and tuesday, and it looks like we will be on mild trend after that. so that's a look at your seven day forecast, let's get to the
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traffic situation now. the roads, many of them, throughout the area, have been brine overnight, be aware of that, hopefully that will help. here is a look at lonely disable vehicle with it lights flashing, i95 southbound, just after columbus boulevard exit. the left lane is blocked there, and hopefully somebody will come to help that poor person out. i don't know if there is a human in that vehicle. but anyway, that's what's happening on i95 we go out to limerick now, swamp pike, accident at fruitsville road. the police and fire department are on the scene. in delaware county, an accident, haverford, glendale road at colonial road. overturned vehicle there. we do have police on the scene in haverford there. and an accident on the shoulder in pennsgrove, new jersey, the turnpike southbound, just after the delaware memorial toll plaza. soap, few incidents already this morning. thomas, karen, we hope everybody makes it through the messy part of the morning safely. >> that's the truth.
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we know there will be some issues, thank you, sue. update now, 33 year old man shot to death while driving. this morning, police say they've got a confession from his killer. miss say it all start wad argument between bruce and 27 year old martina westcott. vigil they had for them last evening, investigators say the exgirlfriends shot the victim. now, the suv they were driving in, that's the victim right there, who lost his life, and his family said it was his exgirlfriends that shot him. now charged her, that's the scene of the crash where it all happened. the suv they were driving in crashed with another car right there at walnut lane. the victim's family says they've been broken up for more than a year. they are not sure why she was in the car. friends are remembering the victim as someone who enjoyed helping others. >> he is a great man. a great uncle. a great brother. and he cared about people. he wanted the best for everybody. he wanted to see you win, even if it didn't mean anything
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beneficial for him. >> now, police are saying the suspect graduated from penn, then thomas jefferson university, worked in public health. she has been charged with murder. >> time had 20:00. happening today, the white house could announce sanctions against russia for attack attacks. the actions could mean economic sanctions and changes to diplomatic relationships. republican senators john mccain and lindsey graham have been among the congressional members calling for the obama administration to takings. president-elect donald trump has rejected claims, any claims after russian hack, rush has denied those allegations, as well. still the cia conclude that russia interfered with the election to help trump win. >> and tension between the united states and israel showing no signs of letting up. secretary of state, john kerry, fired back yesterday, against accusations that israel has been making. he denies the us orchestrated un vote condemning israeli settlements, he defended the us position that those settlements only create more hostility with the
4:21 am
palestinians. kerry directed sharp message at the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. >> friend need to tell each other the hard truthment and friendships require mutual respect. >> israelis do not need to be lectured about the importance of peace from foreign leader. >> israel says it can proof that the us has long been planning that controversial un vote. but kerry is insist that israel has no greater ally than this country. >> meanwhile, president-elect donald trump, taking credit for bringing thousands of jobs back to the u.s. he spoke with reporters at his florida resort, weighing in on president obama and the us transition of power. fox's jacky ibanez has more. >> treated unfairly by a lot of different people. >> president-elect donald trump taking part in his longest exchange with reporters since the election wednesday. >> when do you see the united nations solving problems? they don't. they cause problems.
4:22 am
>> this as trump touted plans by japanese billionaire to bring 8,000 jobs to the u.s. >> taking them from other countries, bringing them back to the united states. >> trump says he talked with the head of japan south bank tech firm who owns mobile carrier sprint. >> i just spoke with the head president. he said because of me they're doing 5,000 jobs to this country. >> mr. trump says the satelite company one web will also be hiring 3,000us workers. meantime, the president-elect, said he talked with president obama wednesday. >> he called me. we had a very, very good talk about generally about that. he was in hawaii. and it was a very, very nice call. and i actually thought we covered a lot of territory. >> this after trump recently accused mr. obama on twitter of creating, quote, inflammatory roadblocks in the midst of the is transition of power. late wednesday, trump saying this: >> well, our staff gets along very well. and i'm getting along very
4:23 am
well with him. couple of saint that i responded. >> mr. trump met with number of business and medical leaders wednesday, including head of john hopkins and partners healthcare. in new york, jacky ibanez, fox news. we should point out the head of sprint's company those 5,000 jobs being create rod padge of larger invest many plan the company had already announce that plan, could bring to up 50,000 jobs here to the u.s. still ahead this morning, we are tracking your forecast. it is all calm now. but snow and rain, it will be moving into the delaware valley. so just how long is the slick weather expected to stay? sue has you covered. >> and also, here are your winning lottery numbers. >> ♪
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>> this is sports in one minute. >> eagles aren't making the playoffs but still have something to play for the guy on sunday can go long way toward their future. >> if we've able to ends the season on a high note, going with momentum, that's good for us, take the momentum into the off season, positive outlook, if we're on our game, able to improve in this area, that area, we will have the ability to be really good offense? to the flyers, they took on the blue, third period, look at this, the blues robby.
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>> get into there, shoots, scores, mason, he had his first career hat trick right there. that was difference in the game. flyers move six to three. to college hoops. nova taking on the ball. >> this game way too close for comfort. nova up by three, 32nd left, and great shot to send this into over time. but it doesn't go down. nova somehow survives, 68-65, improving to 13 and zero. that's sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. >> they told me they want to shoot a promo. big tv smile. when i do things a little different. billion unique weird beautiful stories in it town, i share them with you, but i'm telling you now, i don't do dress-up news, right, guys? we go there.
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>> we have a wintery mix coming in, how much, and what kind, from sue. >> loved ones, you see on the screen, that's great grandmother, great granddaughter. they've been missing since christmas eve. well, they've been found. police, though, now trying to figure out why they got lost hundreds of miles from home. ♪ ♪ >> debbie reynolds, family heart break, and hollywood, debbie reynolds now died while making plans to bury her daughter carrie fisher. >> great to have you with us, we'll have more on the life and legacy of debbie reynolds
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coming up. >> good morning to all of you waking up, we'll have pretty interesting day, when it comes to the weather. >> is it going to be amazing? >> well, making punch me for amazing, i already said it one time today. so i am trying my best. you can do your game at home over your coffee. >> and sometimes the conditions are worthy of that word. today probably won't be that day because we do have some messy weather on the way. so i would say either leave right now before it gets here or wait a while, until the change-over to all rain. because it is a four out of ten today. and here it comes. you see on radar, little white and gray there, that's snow starting to move into lancaster and chester counties, right now. some of it not making it to the ground. but won't take long. you see, down toward washington, d.c., that's rain. and eventually, that's what we will get. but up in the mountains, winter weather advisory in effect from 5:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. expecting it to stay snowy, up there, with 23 degrees in mount pocono, cold enough for
4:32 am
that. twenty-eight in pottstown. right at freezing in lancaster, only degree above freezing here in philadelphia. factor in the breezes, and it feels like 29 degrees right now, so bundle up. sunrise at 7:22. so plan on a change-over eventually to rain, probably within a couple of hours of when it all begins, and then eventually we get into a high of 46 degrees. so that's a look at your weather authority forecast for today. now the bad weather has not even arrived yet. but we are already seeing some accidents this morning, number every accidents, including this one, at columbus boulevard, at snyder avenue. there is a look at police on the scene, and few lanes are blocked, in that part of columbus boulevard this morning. also, in burlington, we have an accident neck road at lippincott avenue up to limerick swamp pike at fruit ville road, police and fire department are on the scene that far accident. and another one to tell but, maple shade, route 73
4:33 am
northbound, at high street. we have downed wires with that one. so, it will be a while before they clean that one up this morning. karen, thomas? >> thank you so much, sue. we have some good news. happy update. relief this morning the new jersey grandmother and great grant mother missing since christmas eve have been found alive. wayward journey a story of survival. right to jenny joyce to explain what happened and where they were found and how they survived. jenny? >> good morning, karen, the 71 year old and her great granddaughter found strands in the isolated rural area of virginia. police think that they were in this area for days. barbara briley and five year old la myra disappeared christmas eve during a road trip from mays landing, new jersey to north carolina law enforcement officers crossed three states performed extensive grounds and air search. last night, a man who just happened to be checking on his property, came across briley and the child. they were outside of the car in a wooded area, police say,
4:34 am
the 71 year old was unconscious, and taken to the hospital in critical condition. the five year old child is okay. >> fortunately today took a path that goes further back in the woods, quite a ways, and that's when he came across the vehicle. >> they were about 100 yards back to the main path where they put her in one of their police cars. >> police think briley became disoriented on their trip. she drove up a dirt path, and her car got stuck. investigators say there were apples and juice boxes found near the child, and grandmother, a indication that they had at least some food during the time they went missing. thomas? >> i am so happy they're home safe and sound, jenny, thank you. 4:34. former bucks county corrections officer behind bars for smuggling drugs into a prison. john, right here, will serve sentence of six to 23 months,
4:35 am
prosecutors say he slipped an opioid drug into bucks county correctional facility in exchange for fifth hundred dollars. judge fined former corrections officer $2,500 saying it was five times what he was willing to sell his honor for. >> the cumberland county prosecutor's offers is now offering a 2,500-dollar reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of a man wanted for murder. that is the suspect. police have been searching for 32 year old jeremiah manel since last week, want the for the murder every his estranged wife, tara owe shea watson. they were having domestic issues, she was found dead inside her commercial township home last monday, killed in front of one of her two young sons. >> four had 35:00. we are following breaking news just coming into the "fox 29 news" room. we understand early morning apartment fire on lancaster avenue is now under control. the fire broke out above a hookah bar, 3600 block, all
4:36 am
happened around 2:30 this morning, we understanded everyone in the builds diagnose get out safely. fire investigators, they're currently on the scene, going through what remains there. as soon as we get official word, we will pass it along to you. >> security cameras captured bold robber at bucks county department store in the act. suspect making offer with tens of thousands of dollars in jewelry. steve keeley on the scene, lower makefield township, this was a smash and grab. they did a loft smashing. >> reporter: they did a lot of research. because look, there are employees here in the parking lot now. this happened 3:17 a.m. yesterday. workers are here now. how did he know no workers were here at this hour yesterday? hmm. what else did he know? there is no surveillance cameras around here. notice in the front. there is no surveillance cameras by the front doors, or we could spot in the parking lot. maybe he knew that, as well. now, you can see, the front door all boarded up. and the second front door all boarded up. why?
4:37 am
let's go to the surveillance video and you'll see how those doors went from glass to wood. he used a big sledgehammer. a demolition-style sledgehammer. and another item construction workers and contractors carry, a canvas tool sack. he used as his shopping bag. smashes through the doors, then casually does not run, but walks over to the jewelry and watch cases, not far from the front doors, then smashes them, fills his bag, with about 100 grand worth of citizen echo watches and other jewels, and then walks out. >> you can see him. he has the sledgehammer. >> oh, wow. yo i think we live in a nice area, so to think something like can happen anywhere i guess, pretty scary. >> you hadn't heard about it, though? >> no, no, i had not, no, i hadn't. i'm on my way to work.
4:38 am
>> so the question is what was the guy driving? we don't know. and police might not know either. because as i said there are no surveillance cameras that we can spot right now outside either the front doors, where my man jared vol is or over here in the parking lot like you see in most department stores and strip malls. you can see, restaurants to the right. there is a bank far across from where we are, definitely drove to go by that bank to get out of here. but this is odd. karen, you're bucks county person. perhaps crime not as bad up here where there was a no thought they would need surveillance cameras until now. >> well, i'm actually chester county. but or floorman injury di is from that neck of the woods. in fact, that's her kohl's, she said they don't expect a lot of that kinds of crime up there. maybe that's the reason they struck there? steve, thank you. >> time is 4:38. another hollywood star has fallen. legendary actress debbie reynolds passed one day after her daughter carp i fisher. >> apparently her last words according to her son was i miss her so much.
4:39 am
i want to be with carriee reynolds was planning her daughter's funeral when she suffered a stroke yesterday. >> ♪ >> how many people sang that one, three little words, just one of more than 40 musicals, films, and countless tv shows that she starred in. reynolds garnered a best actress nomination for her role in the 1964 movie the unthinkable miley brown. she is also being remembered as business woman, a film historian, humanitarian, and avid collector of film memorabilia. she was 84 years old. >> a lot of hollywood celebrities weighing in this morning. more of tweets and more on the life and legacy of debbie reynolds coming up in just a little bit. time is 4:39. high school marching bands from florida spending seconds night in philadelphia, but they didn't plan it the way they wanted it to go. we'll tell you why they were stranded and how they're trying get back home.
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>> half of the bands got stranded in philadelphia. the student and the chaperone are from manatee high school. they had lay over in philadelphia on tuesday. so it ended up that their flight was canceled. so half the bands wound upgoing to rome, now, there the other half staying here in a double tree hotel. so it is a con up drum for them. each student paid a lot of
4:43 am
money, $3,500 to have this experience, pretty bummed missing the performance, american airlines is making sure they leave finally this morning on flight from jfk. >> so they released a statement the airlines that red in part: we are sincerely apologizing for the disruption to the travel plans, our customer relations team will be reaching out to all of their students and chaperone impacted by the previous flight concellations from philadelphia to rome. >> it is 4:43. president obama versus president-elect trump. lots of debates are being made about both of them. there is new pole, and you can be weighing in, too.
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>> back to the accident in maple shade, route 73 northbound at high street. we have flaggers directing traffic, but northbound all of the lanes in that part of route 73 are blocked. and southbound, there is only one lane that gets by. so, you probably want to avoid that area, route 73, at high street. downed wires. it looks like that will be out there for a while. then we go to delaware county, pennsylvania, with an accident at glendale road, in haverford. right there at colonial road. overturned vehicle, we have police on the scene, directing traffic around that. and another accident to tell you about, columbus boulevard, and snyder, in south philadelphia, you see in that live picture. that the police are still on the scene, and they haven't
4:47 am
cleared it completely just yet. then out to limerick. limerick, swamp pike at fruit ville road. police and fire department on the scene of that. than is all before the bad weather gets here. we will time it out for you, in 15 seconds. >> so we're starting out with a look at the winter weather advisory that's in effect for carbon and monroe counties, expecting two-4 inches of accumulation, very welcome for the ski resorts there. but for the rest of us, just going to be a mess. and just in time for morning return hour. so the leading edge, let's say, of this precipitation, starting to now edge into new castle county, delaware, chester county, pennsylvania, lancaster, berks county, not all of this is making it to the ground just yet. the precipitation moving into
4:48 am
some dry air that we had in place from yesterday. but it won't take long before we start to see something out there. meanwhile, temperatures, critical, as to the type of precipitation, we will get. 33 degrees in philadelphia, only degree above freezing, then right at freezing in wilmington. so initially, it could be a little dicey. then we're in the 20's in pottstown, allentown, up to mount pocono, speccing it to stay snow there. eventually though as we look at the future cast, watch the temperatures, here we are with 33 degrees at 6:00. still little tricky. thirty-four in wilmington, now see the line between the rain and the snow move little further northward. we get above freezing to 34 in philadelphia. and we move into the 30's up in pottstown, allentown, so eventually we will see the snow change over to rain there, as well. but it will happen over a couple of critical hours when folks are trying to get to work. those who are working this week. we know it is a popular week to take off. but not everybody did. 41 degrees by 9:00. so we've definitely changed over to rain by then.
4:49 am
and we see the rain-snow line moving ever northward, stays kind of snowy in the mountains as we have a rainy, early afternoon, and it is all gone by about 2:00, 3:00. so again, if you can leave either now, or little bit later, probably be your best bet. eventually though very cold air settles in after this. so as we see in the # day forecast, big drop in temperature tomorrow. we start off with very cold temperatures in the morning, then 39 degrees, with the winds picking up, it will be very blustery during the day, could even see flurry or two, because of the lake effect. 43 degrees new years eve. eventually getting down into the 20's, probably we start off though 37 degrees in the morning, for the mummers parade. and then eventually up to 49. so not a bad new years day, at all, just don't forget about the winter weather advisory if you are traveling up in the mountains this morning, karen, thomas? >> looks good, sue, thank you. time is 4:49. about to say good-bye to the white house, apparently a lot of people are sorry to see him
4:50 am
go. >> according to a pole, president obama has been declared the world's most admired man, edging out president-elect donald trump, in a new gallop survey. the president obama won with 22% of the vote, 15% said they most admired trump. mrs. owe bamm -- this is obama's ninth straight win in this survey. >> this morning kind of going down the list looking back at 2016. just how many greats we've lost this year, debbie reynolds of course overnight. >> just so shock to go have this news now. so michelle poe lean owe takes us back to celebrities who lost their lives this year. >> reporter: the entertainment industry said good-bye to some major stars in 2016. most recently 60 year old star wars actress, carrie fisher, who died tuesday, days after suffering a heart attack on a flight from london. the year began with a surprise passing of rockledge end, david bowie. two days after releasing his critically acclaim albumn
4:51 am
black star, the music world also lost the eagles founding member, glenn friday fry, and blues man leon russell, singer songwriter leonard cohen. the world was shocked by the overdose death of pop superstar prince, country music lost merle haggard, and pop star george michael, died on christmas day. tv and film say good-bye to everybody loved raymond mother doris, and garciaparra i shandling, eric rick lands, patty duke, ken howard. other taken too soon were growing pains dad allen thick -- alan thicke, and known for star track film, wwe superstar china, actor jean wilder, and brady bunch mom, florence henderson. other icons who left us include director garry marshall, 60 minutes
4:52 am
correspondent more i safer, author harper lee, first laden and actress nancy reagan, zsa zsa gabor, boxing legend muhammad ali. >> in hill wood, michelle polino, fox news. >> so many great ones, 4:52, boys health battle inspires christmas wish. >> how he's helping out other kids and making their day so much brighter. gah! look at us. we're rapidly losing credibility as handymen. mom washed our clothes. one wash with tide pods and we're right back where we started. we look like catalogue models! who trusts a clean handyman anyway? yeah! turns out it was just dirt left there by our old liquid detergent. that's gross! they had built up a respectable, dingy character over the past couple washes.
4:53 am
we earned that dinge! look how good we look! we can't look this good! dinge is the dirt the bargain detergent can't get to. tide pods can. it's got to be tide.
4:54 am
honey nut cheerios get their delicious taste from honest ingredients. like real delicious honey... and real oats. ok, that's still honey. ahhh, there we go. we're back to honey again. who's directing this? that guy! figures.
4:55 am
>> welcome back there is next little guy you are about to meet, had a christmas wishful filled. >> karen wire says her eight year old son, justin, wanted to deliver some toys to patients at the children's hospital of philadelphia. and it happened. there is his dream coming true, delivering whole van full of gifts for his friends over at children's hospital. now, justin is a patient himself over at chop. he has an inoperable benign brain tumor. so with the help of his mom he created toy drive in honor of giving tuesday, and dot nations came pouring in. they filled up eight large bins every toys and crafts. and he has this message for everybody who helped him. >> hi, i'm justin, thank you for dot nations to chop. >> oh, thank you. here are pictures his mom sent us, just diagnosed with the tumor this sum earl, now making the lives of so many other kids brighter as well. >> thank you, justin, a lot of people on the carson wentz
4:56 am
bandwagon and mike trout, one every them. >> so everybody all smiles when their picture came out, right there, look at that, the sea isle times. they're hanging out in avalon. turns out, trout is from south jersey which we nope, spends a lot of time in his off season there. not far from where carson wentz lives. so, trout is a huge eagles fan, and always roots for the hometown team. the two men spent a lot of the time, the holidays, hunting together. who knew? >> wild news year eve party, isn't it? i can see those pictures. still ahead this morning, great grandmother and her great granddaughter missing for days found alive. jenny joyce on this story this morning, hi, general i. >> reporter: good morning, that's right, they've been missing since christmas eve last night. incredible relief after they were discovered in virginia. confused but okay. steve? >> reporter: not okay is what happened at this kohl's up here in bucks county where the doors are all boarded up for some reason. and we will tell you what that reason is.
4:57 am
looks like we're still a man short. not anymore. gus! the second most famous groundhog in pennsylvania. let's hit the ice. whoaaa! take the shot! (buzzer) that shot was one in a million. so's this. all the money millionaire edition, new from the pennsylvania lottery. with five top prizes of a million bucks. it's a real game changer. (giggles) keep on scratchin'
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4:59 am
>> ' vet goods morning, great to have you here. see the radar on the screen, all of that stuff moving, in the blue, the red, the yell snow rain and snow moving into part of our area. sue don't worry has you covered when you head out the door. and after disappearing on christmas eve, finally some good news. a woman and her great granddaughter have been found alive. where and how authorities track them down. >> also ahead this morning, caught on camera.
5:00 am
yes, they were pretty bold a man rashes right through local department store with a ledge hammer watch investigators say he got away with worth tens of thousands of dollars. also: ♪ >> oh, singing in the rain, just a day after losing her daughter, carrie fisher, a broken hearted debbie reynolds has died, as well. such sad news on that. more on her life. >> good to have you with us, i'm thomas drayton along with karen hepp. sue serio joining us doing double duty for bob. >> bob enjoying a vacation this week, and we will have an interesting morning. >> we new we would have some problems today. oh, we'll let sue hands it will. >> the odds were in our favor for messy weather. today will be the messy morning. now, buddy has the umbrella, has his boots on, his waterproof warm coat. temperatures are in the 20's, 30's, and


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