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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  December 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> got ready, all lit up. commute could get little mess think morning. live look at wilmington, not going to see the snow down there. but you will see plenty of rain. what exactly can you expect in your area as you head out the shnewer sue has you covered. >> plus: they've been found, a south jersey woman, and her great granddaughter, rescued in rural virginia. where a hunter stumbled across their stranded car. >> ♪ >> more heart break-in hollywood. actress debbie reynolds passes away just one day after her daughter's death. her somber final farewell, and final words, to her son, moments before she died. good day everybody. so much news. this final week of the year. it is already december 29th. wow. >> couple of more days until the new year, thomas drayton
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along with karen hepp. if you look outside, looking pretty good right now. but things, sue, are about to change? >> that's right. it is going to get to be a mess, no matter what kind of precipitation you get this morning. it is a four out of ten in your weather by the numbers, probably lower number and we talk about this morning, ready for rain and snow being temperatures in the 20's, 30's, and there in lies the problem with the frozen precipitation, that will eventually change over to rain, and you see down around washington, and northern maryland, it is heavy rain, at times, some of that is starting to move in to new castle county right now. at least the southern part of the country. but in the northern part it, looks like it might be getting a little dicey. say the same for part of southern chester county looks like snow, but could be some freezing rain mixed in. seeing the colors change a lot on this radar picture, we will look that the little more closely coming up. meantime, there is a winter weather advisory in effect for the mountains, we expect it to
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stay snow there. and accumulate two-4 inches, only 30 degrees in pottstown, below freezing also in allentown little boz in reading and lancaster. looking at radar, look at the precipitation a loft. so it could be falling as snow, and then maybe melting as it hit the ground. the roads have been brined in most of our area, that's good news, so watch temperature, precipitation, hopefully hear from. you can tell us what it is doing in your area just tweet us, just tag me at sue serio fox 29. and we appreciate that. easterly winds at 5 miles an hour, makes 35 feel like 31. eventually we get, though, into the 40's today. and we will have rain that will taper off by the evening rush, more on traffic, well, now, it is 6:02, bob kelly continues his vacation. we take a look to start, i95 at spring garden street. still dry for the moment. but not for too much longer. we move over to maple shade,
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new jersey, where we had accident with a tractor-trailer. which took down some wires on route 73, between route 90 and high street. so the road is closed there, southbound, and their alternate to just stay out of the area is a good idea, lenola road, or fork landing road in maple shade. an accident in new hanover township between short road and north charlotte street. this is near the boyertown east junior high school. and we still have an accident in pennsgrove, new jersey, new jersey turnpike southbound, just after the delaware memorial toll plaza. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ >> ♪ debbie reynolds as just 19 years old when she rose to stardom in singing in the rain. of course we lost her yesterday. one day after losing her
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daughter carrie fisher. a heart broken reynolds suffered a fatal stroke, in fact, her son says they were making final funeral arrangements when they fell ill yesterday. her last words to him, i want to be with carrie. debbie reynolds was 84. >> time is 6:04. they disappeared christmas eve, launch massive search. great grandmother, great granddaughter have been rescued. >> so good this has happy ending. found strands the hundreds of miles where they were supposed to be headed for the holidays. jenny joyce explains who found them and where they were found. jenny? >> reporter: what a scary experience for had woman and her great granddaughter, found stranded in a isolated rural area of virginia, 71 year old barbara briley, and five year old la myra disappeared christmas eve during road trip from mays landing, new jersey, to north carolina. law enforcement officers across three states performed extensive grounds and air search, outside a man just
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happened to be checking on his property, came across briley and the child. outside of the car in a wooded area, police say the 71 year old was unconscious, taken to the hospital, in critical condition. the five year old child is okay. >> miss briley and la myra were outside the vehicle probably another 50 yards from the vehicle, at a tree. there was some apple juice boxes, some apples, other items appear they probably had been eating and drinking several things during that time period. >> police think briley became disoriented during the trip. she drove up a dirt path, her car got stuck. police think the pair had been in the area for days. but found alive several days after they had been reported missing. karen? >> jenny, thank you so much. it is 6:05. lot of news to get to. a woman in stable condition right now after she was shot in the arm and leg. this victim is 26 years old, and she claims this all happened over a tenth and west norris streets, about five hours ago. but the thing is, police have
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been unable to locate the scene, and the victim is not cooperating. >> another example not to drink a.m. drive. city police blaming drunk driver for this cash in kensington, see both cars all smashed up. this is at second and berks. happened about midnight. three people suffered minor injuries. >> and we had an apartment fire early morning on lancaster avenue. it is now under control. this broke out above a hookah bar. the alush hookah bar, 3600 block of lancaster avenue the city of philadelphia about 2:30 this morning, good news, everybody got out safely. we don't know the cause. >> this one here becomes to see, a smash and grab. security cameras capturing a bold robber bucks county department store. see them there in the act. >> here is exactly what he is going for. he is getting thousand of dollars in high-end jewelry. let's get right out to steve keeley at the kohl's in lower makefield with the damage and what we know. steve? >> reporter: a lot of the employees showing up now. and they got the surprise when they showed up here yesterday.
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because the front door was smashed, they were probably the first to notice it. and how much did he get at kohl's? how about 100,000 is the estimate. let's go to the video, ' see on surveillance one i go -- one guy, one big sledgehammer, one big tool sack. he knew where he was going when he got through the chief tells us because this guy must have shopped in there and figured out that they even though kohl's is not known for its high price high-end stuff, i went on line, some of the watches, some of the necklaces, 600 bucks. you can grab a bunch of those and easily add up to 100 grand real quick. a lot of the shoppers, shawnette wilson talked to last night, pretty surprised. >> here is the sledge hammer. >> oh,. >> 1:00 in the morning. >> really? >> they said he got up to like $100,000 in stuff. >> oh, my word. >> isn't that crazy? >> wow. that's craze. >> i so you hadn't heard about it, though?
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>> no, no, i had not, no, i hadn't. >> we have no clue what he came or went in. there is no surveillance apparently outside. so police didn't put out description of any car or van or truck or whatever he was in. and it looks like they didn't put one out because they don't have one, and kohl's probably never thought they needed surveillance system out here in the parking lot or outside on the sidewalk before, don't be surprised that not going to replace the glass front doors, but maybe start seeing surveillance cameras getting installed here real soon, too. so this doesn't happen again. >> you know, let's hope some of the surrounding businesses, is that a bank across the street in hopefully they captured something. >> reporter: yep, they got a bank, they got a gas station, but the problem is you got to look at a whole lot of surveillance to see. >> this guy probably new what was doing, new where he was going, and thought you can avoid all of those buildings that bank is way across the parking lot here.
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so he probably got away without going too close to those places. and almost taylor made from a flash and grab. it is hidden from the road. you can get to the road either way without ever going by a surveillance system probably. >> yes, he planned this one out. steve, thanks. >> so, from that shopping center now a mall. we had some big problems for two nights. there was calm last night at the philadelphia mills mall. because police were there. they had beefed up security following some violence from some flash mobs, teenagers there week. and police are blaming a lot of the parent saying you got to know what your kids are doing. four teens right now facing felony charges after flash mob on tuesday. the kids range in age from 13 to 17. and kids are facing serious crimes like punch police officers. mall security no longer groups of teens under the age of 18 in the mall without parents. there is a lot of war of words this morning between john kerry our secretary of state, and the israeli prime minister. we'll hear what they had to
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say. a loft back and forth over the recent un security council resolution. plus confession in that odd murder of a driver who was going along park lane drive. that's how we wounds up. he got shot and he crashed into another car. police have arrested a person who admits she pulled the trigger.
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>> the police are saying, jerrell bruce, killed by an ex girlfriends, she has confess today a crime. >> police say bruce and 17 year alomar tina westcott got into an argument on the road at some point. westcott shot bruce once notice head causing him to crash the vehicle. westcott then fled the scene. the victim's family told fox 29 the couple had been broken up for a year, friends are remembering bruce as someone who enjoyed helping other. >> great man. a great uncle. a great brother. and he cared about people. >> he wanted the best for everybody. he wanted to see you win, even if it didn't mean anything beneficial for him. >> police say westcott graduated from penn, then thomas jefferson university, worked in the field of public health, since charged with murder. >> donald trump is weighing in on the transition of power at the white house, after a phonecall with the current president obama. why what he said, though,
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doesn't match what he tweeted. >> and the eagles offensive lineman having blast with their christmas gifts from quarterback carson wentz. what he got them, and has a lot of people talking this morning. fios in the house!om>[a5df]
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>> it is 6:15, here's what you can expect this morning, a messy morning rush hour, whatever type of precipitation you get, some snow, and freezing rain, to start. then, event lip, a change-over to rain. so as we mentioned earlier, there is my twitter handle. it is also facebook, sue serio fox 29. you can let us know what's happening in your neighborhood. it is changeable, changeable, changeable, as we see this mess of precipitation, now, entering our area, from west to east, hasn't quite reached philadelphia yet. but it looks like maybe the leading edge is in delaware county, moving up to central montgomery, bucks county, and allentown, where you see the pink it, indicate the possibility of freezing rain. there is some heavy rain headed into new castle county around odessa, delaware. we zoom in little bit closer. looks like it is snow along this part of route one, east nottingham, london grove, sometimes call this mushroom country, southern chester county. up in pottstown, indications of possible freezing rain, and it is already start today snow in mount pocono. and other part of the higher elevations, that's where we expect accumulations, and the
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resort, happy about that. the possibility of two-4 inches, at the ski resorts, 25 degrees in mount pocono, little bit above freezing in allentown, reading, 35 here in philadelphia. at least at the surface. but it is below freezing in pottstown. so, this is the time of day when the travel could get tricky. we see the rain-snow line. the freezing rain inbetween move ever northward throughout the rest of the morning. 39 degrees by 8:00. and then we're in the 40's by 9:00 a.m. and the change-over is complete to all rain, but still little tricky to the north of us, perhaps, around the lehigh valley, for travel. and then just messy rainy day, at least until about maybe 3:00, 4:00 in the afternoon, that's when it should all be out of here. so the ride home, probably a lot better than the ride to work. but we could still see stray shower or two, maybe around 6:00, 7:00. so we put all of that together in the seven day forecast, after today's mess is out of here. weaver cold temperatures on friday. it will be blustery day, high winds, not even feeling like
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39. feeling a lot colder than that. so, the winds die down on new years eve. we get to high of 43 degrees. a chilly midnight. at least it is dry. and it should be dry, and 49 degrees, for new years day on sunday. that's a look at your weather authority forecast. let's see what's happening on those soon to be messy roadways. we had an accident hours ago, in maple shade, that's caused a lot of problems on route 73 southbound, between route 90 and high street. that part of the road is closed. southbound side with the police and the fire department on the scene. we've cleared the downed wires, and we're in the process of clearing out that tractor-trailer. the alternates, to stay out of this area, lenola road, and fork landing road, as the clean up continues. now, we go to another accident. in douglas township, route 100 northbound, jackson road, partially blocking the roadway there. and we'll have much more throughout the morning, thomas, karen? >> thank you there, sue. we have very important story to tell but, that's the
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tension between this country and israel. showing no signs of letting up. secretary of state, john kerry, firing back yesterday, saying the us did not orchestrate un vote condemning israeli settlement, defended the us position, that settlement only creating more hostility with palestinians. >> friends need to tell each other the hard truths. and friendships require mutual respect. >> israelis do not neat to be lectured about peace from foreign leader. >> israeli benjamin leader netanyahu, says it can proof, but kerry insisting israel he has not greater ally than the united states. >> president-elect donald trump taking credit for bringing thousands of jobs back to the u.s. >> he spoke with reporters at his resort in florida weighing in on many issues including the current president obama, the transition of power. our fox news correspondent jacky ibanez with the latest.
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>> very, very strong on this view. i think israel is tweeted very un farley by a lot of different people. >> president-elect donald trump taking parts in longest exchange with reporters since the election wednesday. >> when do you see the united nations solving problems? they don't. they cause problems. >> this as trump touted plans by japanese billionaire to bring 8,000 jobs to the u.s. >> taking them from other countries, they're bringing them back to the united. >> said he talked to tech firm, owns mobile carrier sprint. >> i just spoke with the head president, he said because of me, they're doing 5,000 jobs in this country. >> mr. trump says the satelite company one web will also be hiring 3,000us workers. meantime, the president-elect said he talked with president obama wednesday. >> he called me. we had a very, very good talk about generally about things. he was in hawaii. and it was a very, very nice call. and i actually thought we
6:21 am
covered a lot of territory. >> this after trump recently accused mr. obama on twitter of creating quote inflammatory roadblocks in the midst of the us transition of power. late wednesday, trump saying this. >> well, our staff get along very well. i am getting along very well with him. after a couple of statements that i responded to. >> mr. trump also met with a number of business and medical leaders wednesday including the heads of johns hopkins and partners healthcare. in new york, jacky ibanez, fox news. thank you, jacky. well, from tv's to atv's, to first class trips around the world, quarterbacks are known forgiving their offensive linemen who protect them of course great gifts over the holidays. but the one that our quarterback carson wentz just gave to our guys, have a lot of people talking. it is pretty unusual. so what people are saying, what he gave. >> wouldn't give it to me. >> heck no. >> don't be afraid. we'll tell you what it is coming up.
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>> if weaver area able to ends the season on high note, take some of that momentum into the off season have, the positive outlook, if we're on our game, able to improve in this area, that area, we will have the ability to be really good offense. >> to the flyers, they took on the blues, thirds period, look at this, the blues robby, with the great thin move. gets into there. and shoots and scores. right past mason, hat trick there, the flyers lose six to three. to college hoops. nova taking on the ball, and this game way too close for comfort. nova up by three. thirty-second left. and great shot to send this into over time. but it doesn't go down. nova somehow survives, 68-65, improving to 13 and zero. that's sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. >> so what do you normally get a co-work, during the holidays, cookies? >> bottle of cheer?
6:26 am
>> apparently eagles, women, they got guns for christmas, guess who passed them out? >> well, it was our new quarterback, we know from north dakota, we know he is a big hunter, we he thought his buddies, offensive line that protect him, he got them some shotguns, according to guard allen barbre. he was telling espn about it, he said that went got him a breath a silver pigeon model for christmas, likewise -- >> did you ever give a co-worker a shotgun? >> no. >> people at home, nope, not my co-workers, anti-gun cease-fire tweeting about it this morning saying we're sending gun locks to the eagles, defensive line, so they can be safe once again there is tweet coming from cease-fire pa. >> just saw that carson wentz, was out hunting with mike trout. the baseball player. >> his bff. >> also from our area. not unexpected. all right there is one is very unexpected. found alive, a happy ending that south jersey woman who was missing along with her great granddaughter have been rushed to safety after they disappeared on a christmas eve
6:27 am
road trip. how a chance encounter led to the rescue. >> first a check on the weather a lot of activity we see behind you, sue. >> just in time for the morning rush. a messy thursday, coming up. we'll have all of the details after this.
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>> some starts are already starting to see some snow, starting with snow, other
6:30 am
areas will switch over crick i go. we'll let you know who will get what and how much. >> what incredible story, remember the last couple of days telling but this story here, great grants mom, great grandchild, missing since christmas eve. well, they have been found alive hundreds every miles from home. we will have the latest on that investigation, jenny joyce, standing by. and heart break-in hollywood. debbie reynolds now died, just one day after her daughter, so we will take a look at some of the iconic roles that helped her rise to hollywood's elite. >> so touching. her final words to her son. she said i want to be with kerry. then she suffered an illness, remembering debbie reynolds, good to have you with us. >> thank you so much for joining us, weaver a lot of news to get tonight one of the big stories of course going to be the weather, sue, because any time we have even like spit coming down out of the sky, people can't drive. so we know today will be double trouble. >> right. even if you're only getting rain in delaware it, looks like it is very heavy rain,
6:31 am
indicated here on ultimate doppler radar. we move in little close their. you see the orange, the red, there around odessa, delaware, places in southern new castle county. that rain line is starting already to move northward, trickiest travel in chester county, lancaster county, up toward montgomery and bucks and reading very changeable from snow to freezing rain, eventually to all rain as we get through the day. so four out of ten in your weather by the numbers with bus stop buddy already for whatever is coming. not quite here if philadelphia, yet. but when we get the precipitation in the mountains, it is expected to be snow and stay snow throughout the day with two, 4 inches accumulations so already above freezing in philadelphia. still could be little tricky as the precipitation falls through several layers of the atmosphere, maybe could start as snow, and then melt as it hits the grounds. we hope that happens. 41 degrees down in dover where we are only specking rain. dry roads, 35 degrees, feels
6:32 am
like 31 out there. and almost at our sunrise time, not that we will see sunshine, but we will see daylight dawning soon. 35 degrees, to start, 45 by lunchtime, topping off at 47. so it will be chilly rainy day, with the rain tapering off by the evening rush. and that is your planner for thursday. let's talk traffic right now. 6:32. i95 at cottman avenue, everything is moving along okay, roads are still dry. in that part of our area, ben franklin bridge, from the camden side, everything running smoothly there. no precipitation yet. an accident in douglas township, route 100 northbound at jackson road, partially blocking the roadway, and we do have picture now of this accident on route 73, southbound, in maple shade. it happened between route 90 and high street. it was a tractor-trailer involved there. and fluidly debris on the roadway as well as wires that came down from this bad accident in maple shade, new
6:33 am
jersey, avoid that by going lenola road and fork landing road this morning. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> good morning, we begin with sad news of this family, heart break, we've lost both of those lives, debbie reynolds rose to stardom 1962 singing in the rain, but suffered fatal stroke yesterday, while making plans to bury her daughter, carrie fisher. her last words were i want to be with care, she was 84 years old, claimed so many ways as actress, as singer, as dancer, starred in more than 40 musical and films and countless tv shows so there are so many celebrities now paying tribute to her on social mediament carl wine err tweet: how shock we were to
6:34 am
learn that debbie reynolds passed away just day after her daughter carry. i loved and worked with both of these icons. >> you will remember, it was albert brooks, who cast reynolds in the title role of his 96 comedy, mother, he tweets: debbie reynolds allege mends my movie mom. i can't believe this happen. one day after carrie my heart goes out to billie, of course being her son. >> debbie reynolds played the son of debra messing's character on will and grace. so she tweets: so heart sick. debbie went to be with carrie. it is such a devastating one, two punch. she was my mom for years, i loved her dearly. a legend. so we will have so much more on her life and career, of course married to eddie fisher, that was the father of carrie fish fresh south philadelphia. so we will talk about her love and life more. >> also developing right now, at 6:34, a great grandmother, and great granddaughter missing since christmas eve. they've been found alive. >> such bizarre journey of course turning to a story of
6:35 am
survival. jenny joyce joining us with what exactly happened here, jenny. >> reporter: good morning, thomas. well the 71 year old and her great granddaughter found stranded in a isolated rural area of virginia, police think that they were therefore days. barbara briley and la myra disappeared christmas eve during road trip from mays landing new jersey to north carolina law enforcement officers performed edges tens i have grounds and air searches, last night a man who happened to be checking on his property came across briley, and the child, and they were outside of the car in a wooded area. police say the 71 year old was unconscious, taken to the hospital in critical condition. the five year old child is okay. >> fortunately to, he took a path that goings further back in the woods, quite a ways. and that's when he came across the vehicle. >> actually carried miss briley about 50 yards back to the main path, put her in one
6:36 am
of the police cars. >> police think briley became disoriented, drove up dirt party, and her car got stuck. investigators say there were apples and juice boxes found near the child and grandmother. an indication that they at least had a little bit every food during the time they went missing, karen? >> thank you so much, jenny. that's an amazing story. >> new jersey state trooper so sad to report who fell ill after responding to the worlds trade center attacks on 9/11, and he has died. lieutenant bill fear and diagnosed when malignant brain tumor, back in 2015. he just died yesterday. officer joined the state police in 1994, he leaves behind his wife and their three children. >> also, police trying to locate the scene of early morning shooting because a woman who claims she was shot in the arm and the leg at that scene, at tenth and west knorr street at about 1:00 a.m. the 26 year old victim is in stable condition. but she not cooperating were
6:37 am
police. >> also, there is an investigation, into this accident that happened in kensington, police say there is was drunk driver, that slammed into another car over at second and berks. he was not badly hurt. and neither were the two people in the other car. police say all of the injuries were minor. >> also police asking for you are your help in finding. >> see it right there. this person new what they were doing. he got in, made off with tens of thousands of dollars, in jewelry. our steve keeley, at the kohl's, in lower makefield. talk about a smash and grab here. >> no surprise, we told you what to expect. and that would be a security company, coming here, to make some changes. and you can see, the van out front, secure tim, so before the sunrise, man now in the vestibule area there, that was key to this case, because you can see, the boarded up doors, and the question, why weren't there any surveillance cameras, outside the show perhaps, what vehicle the young man drove in before he smashed his way in. here's the surveillance video
6:38 am
from inside, and it is clear, and it is in living color. this guy takes a big yellow sledgehammer, the kind you would see maybe at a demolition site, when people want to smash dry wall out. and he uses it to walk through two sets every front doors, casually walks to the jewelry case, which just happen to be in a shear coincidence i guess for him, a happy coincidence, because the jewelry case, just short walk, through the front doors, more smashing done there. and he collected a whole bunch of citizen echo watches, which are kind of pricy, if you didn't know, up to 600 bucks on the kohl's website from necklaces, will ever, also up to 600 bucks on the kohl's website, filled another thing you see with construction crews, canvas tool sack. >> you can see him, he has the
6:39 am
sledgehammer. >> oh, wow. quo, i think we live in a nice area, so to see something like that can happen, anywhere i guess, pretty scary. >> so you hadn't heard about it, though? >> no, no. i had not, no, i hadn't. literally i'm on my way to work. >> so this kohl's couldn't be in a better position for a criminal like that man. because you can see it is on an angle. there is a shell station across the street. oxford valley road over there. but the front doors kind of hidden from everybody on that side. on this side, nothing but dark woods. and even though we're in a kind after strip mall complex, no other stores anywhere near here. you got italian restaurant that likely doesn't neat surveyed ends cameras on the parking lot, starbucks that didn't open until about three hours after this guy was long gone with about 100 grand in loot from kohl's, so probably the best after christmas deal going anywhere. 100% offer for that young man. and hopefully, police,
6:40 am
somehow, can find something in that video that links him to this case. maybe it is nike sneakers he had on, maybe the construction stuff that he carries, and co-worker may recognize something about him. but police hope so. that's why they put out that video. >> up never know, the movement, the action cents, whatever it may be. quick question. is kohl's open today or still active investigation? >> reporter: yes, they got tull staff that just arrived for work, getting the store ready, see vacuuming going on right through the front doors right now. it will be open. not open obviously will be those doors. you got to use the other doors until they get this door fixed. >> all right, steve, thanks. time now 40:00. remember when we were in high school all looking forward to the big strip in couldn't wait. counting down the days. apparently florida high school marching band, not so much. the once in a lifetime performance, they were headed to rome. had lay over in philadelphia. and they got stuck. so we'll tell you exactly what happened. >> well, you raise all of that mine, like $3,500, and then they got stranded here. so they're trying it make the
6:41 am
best of it, playing games, do all kind of things. these are student and chaperone from a high school in florida. so, the flight ended up being canceled. that's why they got stuck. but here's what compounds this all. half this trip was on a different flight. they're already over there in rome. they're having fun, they're tweeting and sending back all of the message, the other half right there sleeping on the floor stuck here. they wind up at the double tree, been here for two nights, so now american airlines says we'll try make it up to you. they'll get them on flight out of jfk today. >> so sends out the typical statement here in course rides in part: sincerely apologize for the disruption. will try to get them over there. they really care about their customers. hopefully they'll sends them out this morning. so they should be taking off in a couple of hours. $3,500 for the trip. i know the airlines probably going to give them a yesterday. >> i we would hope. who knows. >> but they're head that way hopefully in a couple of hours, we'll check back in. >> 6:41. >> we've been talk about this, really is heart break coming out of hollywood.
6:42 am
debbie reynolds passed away. we'll tell you her last words to her son about the devastating loss of her daughter carrie fisher. stay with us.
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6:44 am
>> heading into western pennsylvania watch for the tricky travel. rain could change from rain to freezing rain, dicey
6:45 am
conditions in many spots this morning. we continue with traffic. this look at further north on i95, this is at 452, through delaware county. the roads are starting to get little wet there, as well, and i actually traveled this road earlier this morning, and i saw that the brine had been put down on that part of i-95, in the overnight hours, and yesterday, as well. now, we check route 73, southbound, the travel lanes now open. this is in maple shade, new jersey, where we had the tractor-trailer accident earlier. but the clean up crews are still there blocking the shoulder of the road. now, we go to lower frederick township. big road and gerlotf road, around swenksville, harleysville, accident there, as well. in pennsgrove, new jersey they've in the cleared that accident yet on the southbound new jersey turnpike, around the delaware memorial toll plaza. so now that the weather is worsening, what's going to happen next? your forecast is 15 seconds.
6:46 am
>> talking tricky travel all morning, there you see the evidence, you saw wilmington, own raining, but his is a scene in reading, right around that exit there, right around downtown reading, where 422 empties out into reading. so folks are going appropriately slowly on the snowy roadways. and it look like it will stay that way for little while. and then change over to rain, maybe with some freezing rain inbetween, thank you to peggy, for this picture of west caln township in chester county. big fluffy snowflakes, now, she says, yeah, probably, she may, well, probably doesn't have to travel in it, at least right now, so, that's one thing that's happening this morning. we also are taking a look, seeing if anything is
6:47 am
happening here in our neighborhood. trying to zoom in on there is one of the snowflakes, do we see little bit of snow flack activity there? maybe, snow and freezing rain to start, messy morning rush, change over to all rain. this is the time when travel is tricky. if you can put off your trip for little while, may only be dealing with rain after. that will there is the heavy rain new castle county, delaware, the line is almost exactly along the line between pennsylvanian maryland, and delaware, and then you see the frozen precipitation to the north of. that will we just saw the snow in reading. there is west caln, where we just saw the big white fluffy know flakes, there is the rain in wilmington, concord township, could be tricky there, as well as just about all of chester county. and we go to the north, it is already snowing in the pocono mountains dover rain heavily as well, no matter matter what u
6:48 am
are getting a mess this morning, eventually all rain, and 47 degrees, very cold day tomorrow. moderates little bit on new years eve, and then we get up to 49 degrees, for the first day of 2017. looks like possibility of some rain on monday and tuesday of next week, but will also get little milder, as well. >> ♪ ♪ >> debbie reynolds could do it all, she sing. she could dance. she was a star. and this morning, we are remembering the hollywood icon dead at the age of 84. she was making funeral a ragements for her daughter carrie fisher, when she suffered a stroke yesterday. >> what a voice she had. right? reynolds last words according
6:49 am
to her son: i miss her so much. i want to be with carrie it has been so difficult for the family, for the son, also her granddaughter billie which was carri. 's daughter a look at her incredible life. >> ♪ good morning to you. >> legendary actress debbie reynolds died at 84 years old, one day after her daughter carrie fisher passed away. >> i want to be loved by you ♪ >> the acclaimed singer, actress, starred in more than 40 films and countless tv shows. she was also a business woman, film historian, humanitarian, and avid collector of film memorabilia. >> ♪ >> born marry francis reynolds, on april 1st, 1932, in el paso, texas, she had her brake out role in 1950, three little words. but danced her way into film history, two years later, when she co-starred with gene kelly and donald o'connor in singing
6:50 am
in the rain. >> ♪ singing in the rain ♪ >> her success in the 50's continued with the affairs of gillis, susan slept here, and tammy and the bachelor. >> the title role, garnered her best actress oscar nomination, inbetween movies, stage shows, she also headline the citcom the debbie reynolds show. debbie was married and divorced three times. most famously, to carrie fisher singer father eddie who left her for renolds as good friend, elizabeth taylor. over the years, reynolds emassed huge collection of movie memorabilia, later forced to auction off due to bankruptcy. in 2011, she told us, why so many people finds these items so endearing. >> we all would like to have a favorite movie star live with us, i would say, and be quiet.
6:51 am
and it is just nastolgic, and for our hearts. >> reynolds remained active well into her 80s, recognized for her charity work with the humanitarian oscar at this year's show. >> i'm so excited. >> and lifetime a chiefment award from the screen actor's guild, survived by her son, todd. in hollywood, trace gallagher, fox news. sue, actually got to meet her? >> she was on this program. i can't remember which year. but it was in the early 2,000's. she was going around and she was representing a drug company that had a pill for osteoporosis, as a dancer shied said it was important for her bones to stay strong, she was just so classy, so nice, working on get being pictures that far visit. but what's interesting to me is that she got her first big break in a big movie at age 19, singing in the rain. her daughter went on at age 19 to get her first big break in a big movie as princess leia
6:52 am
in star wars. took different paths, but debbie reynolds one of the last of golden age of hollywood with the mgm musicals, singing in the rain. just if you watch, if you want to watch debbie reynolds movie, wall unsingable molly brown. try to find that one. a rocket movie musical, and the tammy movies, that song, tammy. >> the voice, the sounds. >> huge hit. >> her had a chance to meet her, but i heard from so many people she would come into the studios, just have this presence about her. >> you knew she was a star. >> yes, yes. but yet, very down to earth, very, very sweet to everybody. and i guess you can almost understanded how this could happen. >> died of a broken heart. >> when you think about it, one week ago, none of this had happened yet. carrie fisher hadn't had her attack yet on the plane, now all of. >> this and her daughter, carrie fisher's daughter loses her grandmother and her mother. >> and they were so close. lived right next-door to each
6:53 am
other. >> they did. very close family. very sad. >> so much more on. that will what's interesting, also she would talk very openly about being un luck any love. she had three husbands, the first one left her for her best friend, where liz taylor steels the husband. and then she had two more, in later years, basically took all of her money so lost the beautiful collection we were looking at, those dresses. >> that casino in last vegas? that didn't quite make it either. >> husband three to blame for that one. >> exactly. >> time now 6:53. we will look back more at life of debbie reynolds coming up. but also, would you try this? there is a new flavor that m and m is testing out, and it has to do with cheese? just in time for valentine's day. >> oh, sounds cheese toy me. good a? it is good a.
6:54 am
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6:56 am
>> imagine there is cheese cake m and m's. >> would you ever eat them or try them? they come in different colors, they are cheese cake flavored, no chocolate.
6:57 am
>> cheese cake red velvet? >> oh, kind of yummy. impulse buy. wait cheese cake flavors. can't get them everywhere, coming out in time for valentine day. right now wal-mart is the only store that will be selling them. >> so smart. they only sell the patti labelle peace, and then the twinkie frozen twinkies that you bake in the oven. >> love you, you know your wal-mart. >> i know my food. wal-mart is like you again? >> so delicious. so tell us, would you try it? tell us on facebook, twitter, stain gram all of that good stuff. 6:57. look outside, look what it is doing. >> a lot of snow. we new certainly north and west would be getting a lot more snow, up there in the reading area. what is happening outside our window. we've got some rain. what's happening outside of yours? let us know, share your pictures, on fox 29 goodday, hashtag, sue will give you the forecast in just a minute.
6:58 am
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>> the commute could get messy. tracking rain and snow. what could you expect heading out the front door. >> discovery in virginia, a grandmother and her great granddaughter found alive. chance encounter that helped bring them to safety. >> more heart break-in hollywood. >> ♪ >> actress debbie reynolds,
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