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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  December 30, 2016 4:00am-5:00am EST

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right now, on fox morning news family and friend preparing to say good bye to the beloved grocery store owner as police made an arrest in her murder. playing duck, president obama says not so fast striking back at russia for interfering in our presidential elections, this morning democrats, republicans , and president-elect donald trump are all weighing in. partying safely, for this stay away from new years eve security is beefed up and revellers are warned to behave themselves. and break out them golden slippers, seek wins, struts all ready big road closures because the mummers festivities, are already getting underway, for the new year. good day, everybody. it is a friday. it is just you and i, hi, sue. >> almost happy new year.
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>> almost happy new year. thomas's off, bobbies off, mike jerrick will be back and thank you for waking up early and joining us on this last day of the week and heading in the new year. >> new years eve and it will be a lot colder out there. you noticed it when you walk outside the door this morning if you were watching. if you november yet done so. >> bundle up. >> what is the number today. >> it is a five because it will be cold, windy, blustery today, and there is a slight chance of a snow shower, why? because all of the cold air is coming across the great lakes and occasionally, one of those bands of snow, hits our area. so, further north and west we will go more likely you for see snow shower or two, today but all we could find was one little one just southwest of lancaster county around york, pennsylvania and that is it. so temperatures are in the mid 30's, this morning, just about every where, except the mountains but the wind chills are in the 20's, so, that is
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what it feels like, that is what you dress for, 26 degrees , in philadelphia, we have dry conditions, and the rain, of course, went away yesterday as predicted and 35 degrees is our current temperature. wind sustained at 14 miles an hour. we will see sun at 7:22 but it will be a blustery day with the wind around all afternoon and a high temperature of 41 degrees work sunset time at 4:45. those days are getting longer. all right. we have good stuff, of course, to tell but to start the day. usual place, vine street the expressway, approaching the schuylkill, all lanes are blocked, until 5:00 o'clock this morning, between broad and the schuylkill, and guess what, it is still out there this the water main break at penns landing. southbound columbus boulevard at queen street, still has these left lanes blocked, crew s are expect to have the roadway, cleared, today. sometime today. as far as the patco high speed line is concerned between philadelphia and lindenwald, trains will operate on special
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schedule, due to expected early then normal departures because people getting out of dodge just in time for new years holiday weekend. you could see lines were waiting, all of the people that loved marie and her daughter, and her son, they were very nice people. >> wow. look at the lines wrapping around the building, so many mourners coming out to show, how much marie buck was lives. that 81 year old was gunned down while working behind the counter of a grocery store. good byes come as police have made an arrest in her murder, the senseless crime is being called an act of revenge, steve keeley is live in south philadelphia where she will be remembered and to explain what we know, steve, good morning. >> reporter: well, her funeral later here at st. mary magdell an church and you can see already on this tight south philadelphia street where they have a tight k nit
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t neighborhood, because they know this street will be as full as broad street looked last night. the lets go back to the video of the viewing. you can see line went around the block. that line, matched the size of the heart, that marie buck had , just 4 feet ten but this petit woman was a giant in this neighborhood. coincidently her store right on titan street, titan the greek name for a giant annmarie certainly was that. and a giant move and great work over the holiday by philadelphia police, because here is the picture of the man that is now accused of killing her maurice green, he is 31, and this was arrest number 16, for this guy, just in the past ten years. the latest two practically back to back not far from maureen grocery. despite the fact that the maurice green lived in overbrook police busted him for drug dealing repeatedly here in south philadelphia in the far from the grocery storm where he is accused of killing
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marie buck, shooting that little woman is 11 times. front and reid street in march on possession to deliver heroin and as soon as he got out on bail, on 15 you this dollars, back doing the same, near the same spot in south philadelphia, just weeks later just last may, getting caught, selling crack, and heroin at south tenth street and then put out gannon a low $10,000 bail. likely, not getting out ever again, no bail in this case, so far, and maurice green had a relationship, we learned, with marie buck's grandson, dealing drugs with him, according to the homicide team who took him down. >> obviously very upset. something that he was into, unfortunate thely and ultimately got the his grandmother killed. the obviously he is very sad, family is very upset but he did work with us. >> reporter: marie buck's funeral coming up after another viewing, early this morning. so south philadelphia did not
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expect to spend the holidays mourning one of their favorite people, unfortunately, that is what this holiday season will be remembered for, karen. >> all right, steve, thanks very much. police, also have another shooting, where they have a suspect gunman and their victim in custody following this one it happened in fair hill. you can see evidence markers there the 27 year-old man shot the in the leg on the 3,000 block of eighth street last evening. authorities are questioning, the man, they think pulled the trigger. also the victim is in stable condition over at temple hospital and he is also being held by police, who say that he tried to hide a gun right near that scene. three people are in the hospital after a car slams into a pole in mayfair, rescue crews raced over there at frankford avenue around 2:30 this morning. impact so severe it is hard to recognize the car n word on the driver or passenger's condition. getting ready for biggest celebration of the year, of course, new years eve and we have such a wonderful
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celebration down there on the water. lots of festivities. they are scheduled for tomorrow night. of course work all that we do worry about our security and that has been beefed up as well. lets get to jenny joyce in pence land to go explain all that, good morning, jenny. >> reporter: good morning, karen. penns landing will host two fire works show tomorrow one at 6:00 p.m. for families, another one at midnight for mostly adults, however, you plan to ring in the new year philadelphia police want people to do it safely. counting down to the new year in celebrating with fire works , friend, and family, philadelphia police want to remind people not to celebrate , by firing a gunshot , into the air. twenty-nine year-old joe's jus cola is living proof of the harm that can happen when people fire their guns in celebration. when he was just 11 years old he was walking down the street in south philadelphia a and was struck in the head by a bullet that was fired in celebration. the bullet remains lodged in his they had and he has been paralyzed ever since.
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>> what goes up, must come down, i can't believe that people think that once it goes up, it just goes out in outer space and it is crazy. >> reporter: city officials know new years day is a big day of celebration, in our city. they want people to be careful and enjoy good, clean fun. many people head over to broad street and watch the famous mummers day parade a philadelphia tradition, expected to see lots of block off road is a long the parade route which starts at city hall and moves south to washington avenue. new years day there are parking and driving restrictions, through center city and south philadelphia. and, mummers parade will start at 9:00 a.m. on sunday, to see a complete the list of closures and parking restrictions head to our web site at fox karen. >> all right, jenny, thank you
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party revellers can catch a free ride to the celebration , they can use patco trains it is all about public safety and keeping drunk drivers off the road. free fares will be available from 8:00 on saturday until 4:00 o'clock in the morning new years day. of course, when they worry about security for new years eve celebration they worry about it in new york city. times square will be ringing in the new year, nypd says there are no specific threats but security measures will be more strict then ever. it doesens have trash trucks will be filled with sand and surround times square in the so-called ring of steel, to prevent attacks similar to those in berlin and also nice. thousands of uniform officers will be patrolling the area and they will be checkpoints to get in. 4:09, punishment for putin , president other bam a now retaliating for alleged cyber attacks by russia during the presidential election. "fox news" correspondent kevin cork has more. >> reporter: seventy-two hours , that is how long nearly
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three dozen russian diplomates have to leave the country after the united states, expelled them in response to the alleged russian cyber hacking activity leading up to 2016 election in november. president obama saying in a statement that these actions follow repeatedly private, public warnings that we have issued to the russian government and are a necessary and appropriate response to efforts to harm u.s. interests , in violation of the establishment of international norms of behavior. president went wouldn't to say these are not sum total have of our response to russia's aggressive activities. we will continue to take variety of actions at a time inn place of our choosing, some of which will not be publicized. white house has not been shy about accusing russian president vladamire putin of orchestrating hacks which were revealed by web site wikileaks and exposed allegations of democratic in fighting and concerted effort by senior party officials to boost the candidacy of eventual party nominee hillary clinton. >> our bottom line what russia engaged in over last few months and years is
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unacceptable, outside norms of diplomatic behavior and president is sending a message to cull them to cut it out. >> reporter: while leaders agree the russians needed to be punish, the method and timing of the administration sanctions, got a luke warm response from house speaker paul ryan who said while today's action by the administration is overdue it is an appropriate way to end eight years of failed policy with russia and it serves as a prime example of this administration's ineffective foreign policy that has left america weaker, in the eyes of the world. for their part russians snapped back immediately, ridiculing president obama in a tweet from their uk embassy writing president obama expelled 35 diplomates in cold dejesus a view as everybody, including the american people, will be glad to see the last of this hapless administration lame duck. experts warned that while sanctions and expulsions are easy to spot, american cyber response could be felt by russians for year, well beyond
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the end of the obama presidency. >> these things don't always of medicinally consequences like a bomb going off or fighter jet and bombing insurgentness a certain area. its is a different type of warfare with different types to measure it. >> reporter: kremlin is weighing in on this once again saying flatly president vladamire putin will order an appropriate retaliation, to the u.s. move that we have seen today, a symbol being salvo from a president who will be out of office in just a few weeks. traveling with the president in honolulu, kevin cork, fox fuse. it is 4:12. former politician arrested, pretty disturbing allegations, the victim more than a hundred years old, that is the suspect we will be right back. the whole paycheck. giant's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my giant.
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it is a friday morning. yeah, friday eve of new years eve, we're getting ready for our second holiday weekend in a row and things sure looked better then they did yesterday at this time when we were anticipating that snowfall, north and west office city and we got it and now we're looking at snowfall in our -- not in our area but north and west of us and this is lake effect snow fall, so that is cold air moving over the not yet frozen great lakes bringing lots of snow to buffalo and down to erie, cleveland getting snow this
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morning, now with wind as high as we have them, some of these streamers will possibly make it, south, far enough south that it will effect the mountains, maybe berks county, maybe lancaster county getting a snow flurry or two from the lakes, from the great lakes, we did have a little bit in land cast tore county a little bit earlier but future cast shows that most of the the snow will stay north and west of us, but again, they were happy to get snow in the mountains yesterday, it could happen again today, and, ever so slight chance, if you saw it there have rain on new years eve down to our south, ever so slight, and then by monday, it is when the rain comes in. we were worried it would rain on new years day for the mummers parade. it does not look like that will happen. the as you walk out the door it is different, 35 degrees in philadelphia. twenty-seven mount pocono. twenty-five lancaster. 36 degrees in dover but the wind makes it feel even chillier then that. mild, comfortable for the eagles game, i mean for
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wintertime it is 46 degrees, on sunday, for the last game of the year with the dreaded cowboys. a wind chill 26 degrees outside right now, winds are sustained at 14 miles an hour after sunrise we do expect that to pick up, a bit. so average high 41 degrees. where were we yesterday? above average with the bad weather in the beginning of the day and then it ended up being okay. 46 degrees was our high, thinks your fire works, fox cast, because you know, we do have two fire works on new years eve. we have that family friendly one, we told but earlier at 6:00 o'clock. we think it will be about 40 degrees then. thirty-seven when it is midnight, and we're all saying happy new year for sure. now we have a high of 41 today , feeling colder then that because of the win. forty-four on saturday. forty-nine for new years day on sunday. the clouds and the rain roll in on monday and tuesday,
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where the rain is mostly in the morning but look at how mild it gets on tuesday, wednesday's high could be up to 60 degrees, a little bit colder after a cold front comes through on thursday. that is your seven day forecast, taking new to next year. we start off our traffic report this time with travel times on the blue route, going from the schuylkill to the turnpike that is only a four minute drive, 295 in new jersey from route the 38 to 168, it is a 13 minute trip, i-95 northbound from 676, that is the vine of course to woodhaven road, well, that is a 14 minute drive for you there. moving on, to the vine there there are no cars on the vine because construction continues today until 5:00 o'clock. quite a few road closures as we will look at new years day and mummers parade on sunday, the big ones are 15th and 20th street. road closed on sunday 3:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. for the
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mummers and 16th, 15th closed 3:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. your alternate would be race street for. that so the usual streets, karen, closed for the mummers parade on sunday. >> thanks, sue. in other news right now a former elect official this delaware county, that person is in trouble with the law. prosecutors say that william springer assaulted a ten three-year old woman. as our shawnette wilson reports, the former radnor commissioner is facing difficulties gray. >> reporter: seven five-year old william a former radnor township commissioner is face ago salt charges for an unspeakable crime begins a elderly mentally disable woman he inappropriately touched a ten three-year old woman on several occasions while visiting her at a wayne nursing home. >> i saw it on social media this morning. >> reporter: as news spread, people were sickened to learn that the details of the allegations. according to this court documents, radnor police were called to the wayne nursing home on 30 west avenue on december 16th.
4:20 am
for a report of an assault. at least two staff members say that they saw him greet the victim by kissing her on the lips and then later with his hand moving around the victim 's chest area underneath the blanket that was covering her. employee say quote what they saw could not be misconstrued with anything else but inappropriate touching. >> that is pretty sick, yeah, that is shocking, definitely. >> reporter: employees say it happened during three separate visits and notified a supervisor after the first time. they were on guard when spangler returned. the first two times they say spangler left immediately when he noticed he had been seen. third time an employee report seeing him hug would the man good-bye and reaching around the same area of her body and grabbing. that employee approached him and told him to stop. he allegedly replied by saying what? then left? and then the employee say victim's face indicated that she was uncomfortable and began to pull away. police say would the man suffers from dementia and physically, mentally unable to
4:21 am
defend herself. >> shocking, ridiculous. >> that was shawnette wilson reporting. there are neighbors from glassboro, new jersey on edge after police say there is a peeper leaving in at least one person's home. they got a call police did after a man grabbed a lawn chair. this is video as it happens. he grabs this chair so he can look on people inside of a home. police say there was another person who reported a very similar incident on december 7th. look at that, pretty brazen, standing up on a chair and looking inside. if you know who that guy is, please call the police. as a former manager of the bucks county car dealership is behind bars accused of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from her boss. police say 49 year-old kelly lutes stole more than $470,000 from the thompson organization in doylestown. over ten years, prosecutors say, that she stole the money because she was addicted to gambling and high end bingo games. she pleaded guilty last month to a long list of felony charges. judge sentenced her to one to
4:22 am
two years in jail plus ten years probation. the search for two men who robbed a metro pcs store in the ogontz section in very clear video of them right there as they were walking in a nearby business. police say men burst into that met the tro pcs on the 5600 block of north broad street on tuesday, demanding that the employee give them money from the register. they took the cash and then ran away. there is a woman from south jersey and her great granddaughter now in the hospital after they were found in the wood right near richmond, virginia. they have been missing since christmas eve. well, now they are back safe. family members of the 71 year-old barbara briley and her five-year old great granddaughter lah my ra tell us they are both okay, they had been stranded for days after they got lost on the way from mays landing, new jersey down to that area in north carolina to celebrate christmas. police do not suspect foul play. did you see the news, game , set, love? serena williams officially off the market.
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carson went and eagles hosting their three-two dallas cowboys sunday afternoon. carson wentz said a christmas thank you to the guys up trent
4:26 am
on his offensive line, wentz giving each their own shotgun and each customized with the players number on the butt of the again. cease-fire pa has chimed in with their own holiday greeting sending each of them a gun lock, guys up front, more than appreciative. >> you know carson, he is an outdoorsmen so his passion is outdoors and so i think he is sharing that with the guys, and i personally enjoy the outdoors and i love to hunt. i love to hunt and being outdoors. i am looking forward to get to go use it. >> how about 76ers four game road trip continuing out west last night in utah. sixers were up four to start the fourth quarter, and problem is, the utah jazz started the quarter on a 21- two run and ran away with this one. that is sports in a minute. i'm tom sredenschek. coming up at 4:30 there is a mom from our area who signed her child up for cub scouts
4:27 am
but she said scouts discovered a secret about her son, and then he got booted, they are explaining that decision, and you may in the like it.
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saying good bye a final farewell to a bee love south philadelphia grocery store
4:30 am
owner, gunned down in her store, police have made an arrest. ramping up security, is what being done to keep you safe as we get ready to celebrate the new year, and say good bye to 2016. you may want to fill upright now pennsylvania is about to hike gas tax, how much more, it will all be on the. good day, and very end of this month, and the year. >> i know, went fast and some cases it lasted long. >> yes, not fast enough. >> good riddance to 2016. >> yes. >> hi sueby. the pretty good weekend overall. >> yeah, i will tell you we have seen new years eve that have been colder then this one temperatures will probably be above freezing. >> yes. >> slightly. >> but above freezing. we will take that, of course, for today it is so much colder then yesterday, a five out of ten, weather by the numbers and possibility of a snow shower or two, thanks to lake
4:31 am
effect snow, all of the cold era cross lake erie and ontario had a couple flurries in lancaster county earlier but mid 30's in philadelphia, 27 degrees in mount pocono, and 30's every where but it feels like it is in the 20's, so keep that in mind as you layer it up, if you have to go out this morning. it feels like 13 degrees in the mountains, feels like 26 in philadelphia. at least it is quiet and dry, we don't expect any measurable precipitation like we had in the mountains yesterday. sunrise time 7:22, plan on some sunshine today and blustery wind with the high temperature of 41 degrees but it well feel like 30's all day long. sunset at 4:45. checking traffic this morning, we will start with the look at patco high speed line, between philadelphia and lindenwald, the trains will operate on a special schedule today and that is due to earlier then normal departures, that means people are leaving work early
4:32 am
because they wanted to start their new years weekend early. checking speeds throughout the area roads are clear, dry today so we have everybody able to travel the posted speed limits. we have a lot of road closures right around the parade area for sunday, it is a pretty long list and pretty complicated list, between 15th and 20th, 16th and fifth the event, penn square, washington avenue, the route of parade basically, so if you are planning to come into town on sunday and not going to the parade you will have to detour around the parade route. ben franklin bridge from the camden side, there it is, still running smoothly this morning, karen. >> thanks, sue. well, count down is on to ring in our new year and police are looking to make sure we have fun and stay safe lets get out to jenny joyce at penns landing some of the things they are doing about security and festivities. good morning, jenny. >> reporter: good morning. big festivity always happen here at penns landing, you
4:33 am
know, two fire works show will happen tomorrow one the at 6:00 p.m. for families, one at midnight for adults. while you are out counting down to the new year, celebrating with fire works, friend, family, philadelphia police want to remind people not to celebrate the by firing a gunshot into the air. twenty-nine year-old joe jasku ka is leg proof of the arm that can happen when people fire their guns in celebration. when he was just 11 years old he was walking down the street in south philadelphia and was struck in the head by a bullet that was fired. the bullet remained lodged in his head and despite countless surgeries he had been paralyzed ever since. >> it is 2005, since then i have this is been able to walk i was struck in the front yard every brain surgeonry lose more mow built.
4:34 am
so really it is a life in tea kline. >> city officials know that new years day is a big day of celebration in our city. they want people to be, careful enjoy good clean fun as many people plan to line broad street for mummers day parade. there will be road closures and parking restrictions throughout our city. to sees a full list of those closures and restrictions head to our web site at fox karen? >> we cannot wait, thanks very much, jenny. he so such a show of support, hundreds of mourners lining up to pay respect to a beloved grocery store owner, gunned town in cold blood. as they say, their goodbyes police have made an arrest in connection with this case. lets get out to steve keeley right now, chief of police, anytime we have a murder investigation they hope to bring somebody in ahead of the funeral and that is what happened this time. >> reporter: well, with another shocker for all of those this line, lets the go back to the video of the the
4:35 am
viewing last night at baldi funeral home on broad street. the shocker for all of those people was hearing the connection with marie buck's grandson, to her killing, and just come back to the live picture because those same people there last night all of harry's family and friend will fill this tiny street where we are in south philadelphia later this morning as they file into here, saint mary mag dellan church for marie's funeral. long line last night for her viewing and everybody here hearing stunning connection to her grandson made it even worse, that he was involved in drug dealing, with the accused killer this man that we have a picture of the mug shot maurice green. this guy has taking a lot of mug shots. sixteen arrests since just 2005. everybody in line said the same thing, by the way, we found out that marie had 750 bucks cash in her pocket, more cash in her business cash register, she would have gave
4:36 am
that guy all of the money that she had. she would have gave her grandson all of the honey he needed to headache up whatever debt he had with this guy, had somebody just asked for it. >> decedent had a grandson who the suspect believes had something to do with stealing his expensive chain. as a result of that he was demanding money back from him. he never gave it back to him. showed up at the store, thinking grand somebody would be there work going. the grandson was not. very sadly he shot and killed the grandmother. he opened up the door, he never fully even was one step inside of the store and he fired multiple times striking her 11 times in the the chest. there is videotape of him parking the vehicle, walking down toward the store, minutes before the murder, right after the murder, fleeing the scene, getting back to that vehicle and leaving. we also have help from the public, none must tips that came in. we have different things that tie him into the scene.
4:37 am
>> reporter: one thing they don't have him that ties him just yet is the gun. he has not been too cooperative. he knows not to cooperate and not to say much because he knows from defense lawyers because he has been in and out of the system, jail and courtrooms constantly, since he became an adult. latest two trips that we know of, just last march, and may of this year, and strangely, karen, this guy lived on the other side of town over this overbrook at 54th and berks, but yet come down here to south philadelphia to do his drug dealing. they busted in march and may at front and reid street, the next street behind titan where marie's grocery was coincidently. he was doing a lot of drug dealing that is why he had a relationship a business relationship, if you want to call that it with marie's grandson. well, i think that was such a shocking connection for so many people to learn all about that, all right, steve, thank you, so disappointing. we have scary moments caught on camera in the feltonville neighborhood. police say there was a guy that worked in the j.d. feud
4:38 am
market along 4,000 block of grandback street and demanded money from a worker there, even claimed he had a gun, but not to be, because the bag guy came out and nobody was hurt. get ready, we will all be paying more when we get gas, after this weekend. starting january 1st the the state's gas tax will be increasing eight cents a gallon, as a wholesale level, so that will be passed on to consumers, we expect, the state already has the highest gas tax in the whole country, but penndot says we also have one of the largest highway systems. biggest highway systems. this means that we have more than a billion dollars more a year to fix our road, and bridges. >> in 2013, we were awarding about 1.6 billion a year in work, now we are up to 2.4 billion. that translates into many more miles of improvements. >> just last month new jersey also increased its gas tax by 23 cents, a gallon. well, boy scouts are now
4:39 am
responding after a new jersey child, says that he was kick out of the pack because they found out he was transgender. they say that joe maldonado does not meet eligibility requirements to participate in the program. there is the child. his mom says joe's been living at a boy. she said will school has accepted him and can't understand why the cub scouts won't. >> i just feel like why make a big deal, he wasn't bothering anybody, he was having fun, he lives as a boy. >> i think i'm very sad and angry. there is no difference if i'm a girl and they are all boys and i didn't bother them. i was having fun. >> joe's mom said she came forward with the story because she would like to see more change as also hopes that the boy scouts of america will call her to apologize. u.s. customs and border protection agents headache an alarming find in the ship. that came to camden and our area. it is a dangerous bug. it is a mediterranean fruit fly or a med fly and it can
4:40 am
destroy crops once it makes its way inside and lays eggs. officials quarantined the entire ship. of these moroccan college tine s. you may remember we heard of this before, back the in the 1980's. we had a infestation so bad it destroyed billions of dollars of crops in california. lighting up may get harder for people in pennsylvania. the reason your children's education, will play a role, in where you can smoke. we will explain. nature's promise. eat well for less. my giant.
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this is what you are not supposed to do on the airplane h thinks video of the couple being arrested, there they are , they were on a flight going to los angeles from minneapolis st. paul and then they turn it around and took it back to minnesota after couple started fighting with the flight crew as plane is up in the air. they refused to follow instructions. they don't have a lot of tea tails but they took them off and they got charged with disorderly conduct. never underestimate power of have love. there was a dog facing tough challenges and even some vets thought maybe it would be aboutes to put her to sleep. coming up next, how the community came together to give this girl a bright future
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it is a quiet friday morning but there are some folks out and about this morning. this is a look at the schuylkill expressway at spring garden, traffic moving along just fine and roads are dry, and we expect them to remain that way, throughout the morning, throughout the day, route 42 tree way, riding smooth thely as well in new jersey, very little volume out there at the moment. beware if you take patco high speed line between philadelphia and lindenwald, trains will operate on a special schedule today because they expect earlier then
4:47 am
normal departures for the new years weekend, so, check your schedule for patco today and ever present water main break at penns landing, really a lot of challenging fixing that one up southbound columbus boulevard at queen street still out there this morning, expect it to be fixed sometime today. we will be back with your forecast in 15 seconds. it is almost here 2017 and we like to have a party when celebrating the transition there one year to another. the new years eve forecast for midnight is 37 degrees, and another fire works display, at 6:00 o'clock here in philadelphia, and that one will be about 40 degrees, most important thing is it is going to be dry, we don't anticipate
4:48 am
any rain or anything else, for that. now we do see a couple of snow showers, maybe edging in the poconos mountains but we will keep an eye on these sometimes streamers coming off the great lakes when that cold air gives us lake effect snow but they are really getting pounded in buff lose, in western new york it is really piling up there. so the snow, some of it the may reach us if you run into a snow flurry or snow squall, don't be surprised especially north and west of the city and that is it for today, and ever so slight chance of a shower right around midnight on new years eve, maybe south of us in southern delaware. not sold on that one just yet but it looks like rain will move in for monday morning, so we will all get back to reality on january 2nd, it will probably be raining. 35 degrees, right now in philadelphia, 35 in allentown, mid 30's just about every where, except the mountains but we do have some breezes
4:49 am
out there that makes it feel cold. so dress for temperatures in the 20's, teens up in the ski resorts, and these wind are sustain at 14 miles an hour. these wind will pick up after sunrise. seven day forecast. and feels like the 30's and. and parade starts in the morning, mummers parade will be in the upper 30's by then, rain possible, monday, and into tuesday morning, at the very least, maybe even lingering longer but it will be mild on tuesday and wednesday, with a early high temperature of 60 on wednesday and chilling out a lot on thursday. that is your seven day forecast, into next year, karen? into the the next year. starting sunday it will be more difficult to buy cigarettes the in philadelphia especially live near a school because is there new rules. department of public health is stepping its fight to keep
4:50 am
tobacco from children saying it will prohibit the new tobacco retail permits within two blocks of any elementary or secondary school. the department is also capping how many stores can sell cigarettes and cigars by allowing one tobacco retailer permit per 1,000 people, in each district of the city. there is a special need dog, who faced a pretty uphill battle, now getting a new lesion life. a disability made, just getting around pretty difficult for this talk, and even some vets thought it would be best to put the dog down but as our bill anderson reports it is amazing what love, and new wheels, can do. >> reporter: i first met mika a year ago as a puppy. >> we dressed her up for christmas for you. >> reporter: we were trying to help her find a forever home but her disability was a serious challenge. >> good girl. >> reporter: because of the brain deficiency she could not walk more than a few steps, and some, even some experts, thought it would be best if
4:51 am
she was euthanized. >> she's a happy girl. >> reporter: one year later and a lot has change. >> so, you refused to accept she was a lost cause. they found her a loving, home, and raised money for her care and today mika is getting her wheels. although she's still pretty unsteady but because of the support of the loving owner and support of the community who refused to give up on her she's getting better every day >> she's got a great mom, great siblings in her house. she's walking. the she's house broken. and she's just loving life. >> reporter: mika's story could have been very different as much of a story of her tenacity it is a story of a animal rescue community at her best. >> as long as she was loved, someone loved her, that was enough for her. we are all just working together for a dog. >> reporter: good group of people that refused to accept the result.
4:52 am
>> absolutely. >> reporter: back to her wheels, as a result of the fund raising, mika is getting a set of wheels to help her get around and to be more independent. because she's still stalls a lot there is concerns about her hurting herself wheels should help. >> she does well on grass and carpeting but we want her to have a full life to be able to get out, go places and see people and with the wheels she can be on conn crease and any surface and be able to move herself and not be carried. >> reporter: first experience with the wheels were tough on mika for a pup that i spent a year learning to compensate for her disability everyone expected them to be a initial setback and they were. >> she has to learn. >> reporter: although it is a challenge, mika and her support group shows that she has determination to overcome the odds. they have patients and love to continue to support her as she
4:53 am
does. >> shelter, rescue, animal lovers coming together to help this very special girl. >> reporter: wheels off for time being, she got a chance to show off a run in front of the supporters hoff demonstrated that they will support her even when her legs and her new wheels can. for goodness sake i'm bill anderson. >> look at how beautiful. happy hanukkah. we're celebrating, again, today and so is boat house row all decked out. we will have more when we come right back.
4:54 am
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welcome back taking a look outside we're close to 5:00 a.m. on this friday morning. let's celebrate again, we have hanukkah celebrations, on boat house row last evening. a lot of officials came out there for the celebrations. i have been loving decorations and lights. nice to see blue and white. there is the mayor, other officials, many members of the the jewish community gathered festival of the lights. sixth house on boat house rose was blue and then there is one light to mark sixth night of the holiday. also...
4:57 am
>> ♪ >> awesome. lots of celebration in west philadelphia the founder and creator of the holiday, doctor karenga was in our city and he gave a speech at west philadelphia high school in honor of the holiday's 50th anniversary. so there they had a great time they enjoyed music, shopping at african marketplace. all right. lets get ready to ring in the new year on a safe note, jenny >> reporter: yes, this morning karen from hanukkah and kwanzaa right to new years day , coming up this weekend philadelphia police want to remind people how to celebrate , safely. we will be right back.
4:58 am
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family and friend are preparing to say good bye to this woman a beloved store owner, police say they have got her killer. lame duck? president obama says um-hmm, striking back at russia for interest tiering with the presidential elections, this morning tells, republicans and president-elect donald trump all weighing in. partying safely, it is almost new years eve and security is beefed up and revellers are warned to behave and, break out them golden slippers, sequins, struts, all getting ready, so folks are ready but we will show you fun too because that is a good way to celebrate on new years day. good day everybody. it is a


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