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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  December 30, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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family and friend are preparing to say good bye to this woman a beloved store owner, police say they have got her killer. lame duck? president obama says um-hmm, striking back at russia for interest tiering with the presidential elections, this morning tells, republicans and president-elect donald trump all weighing in. partying safely, it is almost new years eve and security is beefed up and revellers are warned to behave and, break out them golden slippers, sequins, struts, all getting ready, so folks are ready but we will show you fun too because that is a good way to celebrate on new years day. good day everybody. it is a friday.
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i can't believe we are wrapping up this week, the day , the week, the month and the year. >> yes, milestones this weekend. so it begins with the weather that it is colder outside, yesterday at this time. we don't have have messy rain and stuff. >> it looks like it will be thighs for sunday and in the too bad new years eve. >> back on monday there was a little chance of rain. we have removed that from the forecast. >> you're welcomed. >> lets look at bus stop buddy , there is one more eagles game left this sunday. even though it doesn't matter, it is verse the cowboys. we will root for them anywhere we are colder as we walk out the door, scarves, hats, gloves, good idea that is what is going on with buddy. we will give you five out of ten, because it is colder today. we're watching streamers of lake effect snow moving off lakes erie, ontario, lake erie streamers could make it down to our area but we will not see much flurry activity
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yesterday -- yet. thirty's every where else. it feels colder then that thanks to the wind. so dress as if it is in the 20 's, this morning. because that is what it feels like outside, we will look down the street, at the menorah at independent mall and it is 34 degrees but feels like 27, that is what i'm talking about, sunrise time 7:22 this morning. for today we will start off with some cloud but we will see sunshine, high of 41, feeling colder then that because of the blustery day. that is your planner for friday. we will get you through that holiday weekend coming up but right the new we will talk about the mummers parade, some of the closures, on jfk boulevard, between 15th and 20th street, that road is closed, and sunday there 3:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. for the parade, your alternate would be arch street. and market between 16th and 15th will be closed also on sunday from 3:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. take race street instead. plan accordingly as we say, a look at this morning at the schuylkill expressway at
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montgomery drive, traffic, running smoothly very few cars on the road this morning. route 15 trolley, we still have that shuttle bus situation between richmond street and west moreland and 63rd and girard because of an ongoing construction project. you could see the lines waiting, all people that love marie and her daughter and her son, they are all very nice people. >> she is certainly not only one would you look at all of the lines that came out there around the funeral home. that is a testament to a person of how much she was loved marie buck 81 year-old gunned down behind the counter of her grocery store and police have made an arrest in her murder. they are saying that this was an act of revenge. lets get out to steve keeley to explain, what we know and how services will be today, steve. >> reporter: all of south philadelphia didn't think this story could get more sad or
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shocking but it did when police revealed details and most of the south philadelphia will be here at this church later for the funeral today, marie buck, has a real big family and the shock came when police revealed it was a member of her own family, involved in things that got the her kill. her grandson, a guy, we have learn from police, who is in his 20's, and was involved, police say in drug dealing with the accused killer, here's his picture his latest mug shot 31 year-old maurice green. with at least 15 arrests in the last ten years, two of them just in the syringe time here in south philadelphia for dealing drugs. the grandson not charged with anything in this case, cooperated with homicide detectives who solved marie buck's christmas eve murder before her funeral here later this morning at saint mary mag dellan church on monday trees street the in south philadelphia and you can bet this street will be real large with the crowd today. >> something that he was into,
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unfortunately and ultimately got the his grandmother kill. so obviously he is very sad. the family is very upset but did he work with us. on of his why usually she was intended target. he opened up the door and shot her 11 times. we believe the grandson was actually supposed to be working that morning. we think that he went there with the intention of shooting killing the grandson. he opened up the door and he made the choice wow kill the grandmother since he wases not there. he is alleging this jewelry was taken that was estimated worth between five and $10,000 obviously no police report was ever made so we don't know that. that is what he is alleged that the grandson and someone else got into his house, stole his jewelry and pawned his jewelry. one of the more horrific murders. we a 81 year-old grandmother, defense less, beloved by the community, and to be killed, in this manner is horrific. it is very sad. but we are very happy that we were able to put this to a
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close in a very short time period. >> reporter: so green tells homicide detectives about having his gold chains stolen but doesn't tell him where the gun is. so not cooperating. but did try to tell police here's why, i did that which sound crazy. by the way, karen, that gold chain stolen, months ago, and for some reason as police turn it, he stewed on this until christmas eve morning, suddenly then he want revenge after this gold chain that he allege was stolen from him was taken way back in the summertime. >> such a tragedy. at least they did make this arrest. that can be comfort for some people gathering today good bye that it all happened before the funeral. steve, thanks very much. police are talking to two people after a shooting happened in fair hill, they have found a gun, police say, after a 27 year-old man was shot the in the leg. this was on the 3,000 block, excuse me obviate the street after 7:00 last evening. victim's over at temple hospital in stable condition
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but he is also in trouble and in custody because he was trying to hide a gun. police say near the shooting scene. there is a pedestrian in the hospital, after a crash from the olney section, this is some video from a fresco users, marvin subhar, at fifth and godfrey, fire officials say the car, crash in the person was just walking about 7:30, the victim was taken to einstein hospital, we do not know their condition at this hour. getting ready, we will celebrate the new year, even of this year and beginning of the new one, lots of festivities for tomorrow and, of course, more security for all of that to keep us safe. jenny joyce in penns landing, good morning, jenny. >> reporter: good morning, karen. lots of people will be out and about tomorrow celebrating the beginning of the new year. lots of people coming down here to penns landing as well, regardless of where you celebrate, philadelphia police want people to make sure they are celebrating safely. while you are out counting down to the the new year and celebrating with fire works, friend, family, philadelphia
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police, want to remind people not to celebrate by firing a gunshot into the air. twenty-nine year-old joe jasku lka is living proof of the arm that can happen when people fire guns in celebration. when he was just 11 years old, he was walking down the street in south philadelphia and was struck in the head by a bullet that was fired in celebration. the bullet remains lodged in his head and he has been paralyzed ever since. >> what goes up, must come down. i can't believe that people think that once it goes up, it gets out into outer space. it is crazy. >> reporter: city officials know new years day is a big day of celebration in our city they want people to even eye good, clean fun. many people head over to broad street and watch a famous mummers day parade, a philadelphia tradition, expect to see lots of blocked off
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road, along the parade route which starts at city hall and moves south to washington avenue. on new years day there are parking and driving restrictions, through center city and south philadelphia. and mummers parade will start at 9:00 o'clock on sunday, for a full information, of road closures and parking restrictions head to our web site at tax, karen. >> what are you doing for new years. >> we're going to a party, i'm off sunday morning so we are going to a part which friend on at day night. what about you. >> i will be at home with my family. it will be fascinating. i love it. thanks, jenny. if you try to get over use patco, for free, because they want to keep us all safe and keep drunk drivers off of the road there will be free ride on patco from 8:00 o'clock saturday night until 4:00 o'clock in the morning on new years day. patco section about 7,000 passengers, over the holiday.
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coming up in just a few minutes we will get to times square because they have certainly taken security measures very seriously to keep that city safe, as well. developing right now president obama taking major action to retaliate against russia for the elect hacking that ultimately hurt hillary clinton's campaign. president ordered sanction as begins two intelligence services and their top officials, he is also forcing three dozen russian diplomates to leave the country. the white house has accused russian president putin of orchestrating the attacks which were revealed by wikileaks. we will have more on this developing story in a live report later in the show. other news, there is a former local politician, who was arrested accused of inappropriately touching a woman, who was more than 100 years old. well, there is the suspect. we will explain what happened. also, this little buggies
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all right. we are looking at again, the beautiful, and huge menorah we have over center city in our olde city neighborhood here at independent mall. it the lights our way every morning. this holiday time of the year,
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and, of course, the changeover there 2016 to 2017, happens this weekend as well. so we have your fire works forecast because we have two instances of fire works, one the at 6:00 o'clock, and they say it is for kid but it is also for people like yours truly who can hardly ever make to it midnight. 40 degrees for that set of the fire works. they to it all again at midnight when we officially say happy new year and happy 017. it will be about 35 degrees. that is cold but certainly not as cold as we have seen in new years past when it has been in the 20's and really frigid. we will count our blessings. we have cold air moving across great lakes and that is giving us lake effect snow, not us but folks in the buffalo, area , and all of the usual places. the pittsburgh getting snow this morning, could any of that make its way here? yes, the answer is, you can see snow shower, snow squall is more likely north and west of the city but it could happen to any of us who may be
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just a little brief snow shower don't be surprised if you see that during the day-to-day. as far as precipitation for rest of the weekend really slight chance around midnight, in southern delaware, from a southern storm system but for the rest of us i think we're okay through weekend, it is monday morning we will see rain coming back in our area, welcoming us back to reality after a long holiday and when kid go back to school on monday. won't that be fun. mid 30's for mess of our temperatures but it is chillier in allentown, pottstown down to the lower 30 's and 27 degrees in mount pocono. but the wind chills that is what you trust for they are in the 20's. that is this morning. wind speed sustained at 9 miles an hour, 12 miles an hour but we expect wind to gust in the 20 to 30 miles an hour range by later this morning, but notice a different outside after sunrise but we expect wind to pick up to 25, 35 miles an hour wind gusts, throughout the day. that makes for a blustery day,
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flurry or two is possible. 41 degrees. forty-four tomorrow. up to 49 on sunday. then the rain will roll in on monday, with a warm front and warms us close to 60 on tuesday, around 60 on wednesday, and although that would be an early high and then chillier weather, of course, will be returning, and it will be, january by then. that is your seven day forecast. lets take a look at traffic on your friday morning, there isn't much, we will tell you that, i'm sure toll accounts decided to take off today but we have our share of problems including this one a disable vehicle north bound i-95 right at cottman avenue but it is on the shoulder of the road, it looks like some assistance being rendered there hopefully ben franklin bridge from the camden side take a look there and traffic is running very smoothly. that is because there is hardly any traffic. so continuing our look at closures on sunday, for the mummers parade, jfk boulevard between 15th and 20th streets, closed there 3:00 a.m. to 6:00 .
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your alternate is arch street, market between 16th and 15th, your road is closed, there 3:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. you can take race street to get around that, karen? so about a million people, of course, expect to be packing new york city's times square one of the big celebration areas and they want to keep everybody safe there as well so nypd ramping up security, we have liz, from our sister station up there in , this, good morning to you. so what are they to go. >> reporter: good morning to you, karen from new york city, this will be a security land of epic proportions. similar to what we saw during thanksgiving day parade and when pope came to visit new york city not too long ago. we are expecting 2 million people to pack into this area of times square and everybody wants to know if the the nypd will be ready for this. stage is set for some performers and police are telling us that they are absolutely prepared. if you are going to be heading
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out to the crossroads of the world you will notice security change is here on sat take. for the first time ever garbage trucks ledded with sand will be positioned around this area as a perimeter. they will be used to deter type of truck attacks we have seen most recently in germany and france which killed and injured hundreds of people. in addition to that, 100 police department vehicles will be used to block street access, so 4,000 police officers, anti terrorism units , to beat patrol cops will be out here as well. anyone coming here has to know that there will be several security checkpoints before accessing one of the 65 pens set up here between times square and 59th street and advised to leave umbrellas, coolers, backpacks at home. they will not be allowed under any circumstances. looking live at times square this is, of course, where ball drops, we will see lots of people packing into this area, early tomorrow morning and we
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all know just how exciting a celebration can be here from times square, we're hoping and expecting it to be a safe one. we're live from times square in new york city, karen, we will send things back to you. >> liz thanks very much. always so much fun to watch. thank you. in other news from bucks county there is a former manager of a car dealer ship in a lot of trouble behind bars accused of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from her employer, almost half a million-dollar. the suspect 49 years oldies name kelly lutes. she stole $470,000 from the thompson organization, the auto group up in doylestown. over a ten year period. prosecutors say that she blames her addiction on high end bingo games, for the theft she pleaded guilty last month. judge has sentenced her to one to two years in jail plus ten years of probation. there is a search for two men who robbed this metro, a metro pcs store in the ogontz section. this is surveillance video capturing them from a different business. this is them inside the metro
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pcs. police say they went this there. they are on the 5600 block of north broad street on tuesday. you can see them running out. they are running out trying to get away. they demanded money, got the cash and then took off. there is a man, facing charges now for an atm robbery in king of prussia 25 year-old jamal goodwin robbed a man a gun point over at wells fargo bank on the dekalb pike, victim was not hurt, goodwin is a chester county prison right now, whose bail is set at $25,000. there is a new jersey woman we have been telling but since she disappeared on christmas eve. she and her great granddaughter are in the hospital a day after they were found in the wood near richmond, virginia. family members of the 71 year-old barbara briley and five-year old le myra are both doing already. such a relief. they had been stranded for days. they had gotten lost, great grandmother lost her way and wound up in the very remote area, in a rural road, got stuck, could not get out and luckily there was a farm shore
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came across them, called the rescuers, and they are now safe in the hospital and so we are hoping for a full recovery u.s. customs ape border protection agents made a disturbing fine inside a ship. shipped to our area in camden there was hey little bug. it is mediterranean fruit fry, med fly, that can destroy crops once it gets inside and lays eggs. officials quarantined the whole ship of these moroccan clementine. a med fly hit the station which was responsible for billions of dollars of losses for food in california. penn state getting ready for their bowl game out there in the rose bowl but two starters will not be playing in that game against southern california. that is because they got in a lot of trouble. they are not releasing details but we know junior wide receiver, blacknel and manny bowens has been suspended for what they are calling a violation of team rules. now, these are both important
5:22 am
preparing, blacknel had six catches, 135-yard in the big ten championship game against wisconsin and bowens is going to hurt. nittany lions are already short line bankers because of some injuries. so it will hurt. they are in the releasing details of what the team rule violations are and probable willly will not. there is also a lesson about bad behavior, why can't people just listen to what people tell them to to this is an airplane. couple screaming at police before they are hauled off in handcuffs, what they are accused of, to tors the lane back to the airport.
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unaudible. >> grown ups behaving badly on this airplane this was cell phone video of a couple being arrested, on the flight. there is the couple, going toward los angeles from minneapolis, st. paul. they had to divert the flight all the way back to minnesota on wednesday after the couple started fighting, with the flight crew, and as they were flying. and then they refused to follow instructions. not a lot of details on exactly what started the whole thing but they got ticketed for disorderly conduct. tragedy for a woman and her daughters and then they topple out of the ski lift in colorado. for some reason the three of them suddenly fell from the chair lift plunging to the ground this was the scene after they had chair lift
5:26 am
stopped right there the at grandy ranch near aurora. mommies 40 years old, she died her girls age nine and 12 were hurt but they are expect to survive. the family was on vacation from san antonio, texas. investigators do not know what caused them to tall. investigators on the scene in texas at site of the deadly military helicopter crash, special u.s. army investigative team has been called in. this chopper crashed in the galveston bay area wednesday during a routine training mission. both crew members on board were killed. witnesses say the apache was flying unusually low on thursday, search and recovery teams used a crane to retrieve the aircraft. what do you think about this, new trend that has apartment complexions getting rid of parking spots and encouraging people to get rid of their cars as well. idea to stay ahead of the curve, instead of parking spaces more complexions are giving people a different kind of perk: credits to a ride
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sharing services to uber or lyft. real estate analyst say parking need to be cut over the next 30 years in half, so we have more room and they think that makes sense. greener way to live and works particularly well in the city or close environment. today get ready to save, did you get a new device? now get good content, it is amazon digital day, black friday for video games, apps and other content. amazon is teasing up to 80 percent discount on video games, 50 percent off movies, tv shows. they are trying to target people who got new gadgets for holidays but you do need to act quickly because you have to lays your order on this 24 hour period because, that is all they will be around for. how about this, game, set, love? serena williams big surprise, and why she took to social media to announce it.
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saying good bye, final farewell to a beloved south philadelphia grandmother, police say they have her killer. ramping up security is what being done to keep you safe as we usher in, the new year. plus, also, is your gas tank low? fill upright now because our gas prices are going up. how much more we will be dish
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ing out to fill her up. good day everybody it is a friday, i'm karen hepp, thomas is off, mike will be along half an hour. he is back from vacation. you have been here all along. >> for the two of us, for now but we have got the a lot to look forward to in this show. we have mummers coming in. we will have new years eve party ideas. but we have to get you through , um-hmm, and a hat. >> yes, we're ready. but it is the eve of new years eve. first we have to get through this day and then to your part which that forecast next time. it is five out of ten weather by the numbers. bus stop buddy, he is geared up for sunday's eagles game with the cowboys but more importantly he is bundled up. temperatures in the 30's but feels colder then that. nothing here, on ultimate doppler, maybe a few flurries in the area, it is all because of that cold air moving over great lakes. we have 33 degrees to the north of us, 37 to the south of us, in dover, delaware but every where, except mountains where it is in the teens, the
5:32 am
wind chill, it feels like it is in the 20's as you walk outside the door this morning. here we are in olde city where we are at 34, feelings like 27 sunrise time is 7:22. it sets at 4:45 so believe it or not the days are starting to get the longer now thinner is here. thirty-five to start. forty by lunchtime. forty-one our high. wind will gust up to 31 miles an hour. that is your planner for friday. we will talk about the rest of the holiday weekend coming up but right the now we're checking the schuylkill, at city avenue, a few cars on the road and everybody is moving along just fine. reminder about the patco high speed line, if you take that between philadelphia and lindenwald there is a special schedule to take because of expected earlier then normal departures, folks getting out earlier or just leaving work early because they are anticipating new years weekend we have shuttle bus situation on the route 15 trolley because of ongoing construction project this is
5:33 am
between richmond and west moreland and 63rd and girard, you are still shuttle busing there. couple of road closures for the mummers parade on sunday, jfk boulevard between 15th and 20th, that is closed starting at 3:00 in the morning and until 6:00 in the evening because of that parade, your alternate there is arch street , market between 15th and 16th, is closed from the same hours three to 6:00 your alternate is race street on sunday, karen? >> thanks, sue. well, count down is on to get ready to ring in the to you year we will have fire works going off and police want to make sure we are all safe. lets get out to jenny joyce at penns landing. jenny, we were just talking to new york. they are garbage trucks ready to block off so no trucks can come in. are we doing same kind of things in our area. >> we don't have any information on that right now. what police wanted to put out yesterday was to make sure that people are careful as always. we talk about fire works safety but we're talking about gun safety. they do not want people firing
5:34 am
off, celebration gunshots at midnight. while you are out celebrating with fire works, friend and family, philadelphia police want to remine people don't fire a gunshot the in the air. twenty-nine year-old joe jasku lk is living proof of the arm that can help when people fire their guns in celebration when he was just 11 years old he was walking down the street in south philadelphia and was struck in the head by a bullet that was fired. the bullet remains lodged in his head and despite countless surgeries, he has been paralyzed ever since. >> since 2005 i have in the been able to walk. i was playing football with my neighbor in the front yard. every brain surgery, i lose more mobility. so really it is a life in
5:35 am
decline. >> reporter: officials know new years day is a big day of celebration in our city. they want people to be careful , enjoying good clean fun as many people plan to line broad street for the mummers day parade. there will be road closure and parking restrictions throughout center city. to see a full list head to our web site at fox 29 to the come , karen. >> jenny, thank you. so many -- >> all of the people that love marie and her daughter and her son, they are all very nice people. >> she was loved by everybody. you could see that. you could see that. >> so many people, sure you can see that because there were literally hundreds of people that came out to pay their respects, to marie, that beloved grandmother, grocery store owner who was shot in her shop on christmas eve. they are saying their big goodbyes. police say they have her killer. they think it is an act of revenge. lets get right out to steve keeley, steve. >> reporter: revenge meant for her grandson and that was the
5:36 am
stun their came out, there police, yesterday. that her grandson was involved , with marie's accused killer. we're at st. mary magtellan church and you can bet this place will be filled every pew , every seat and even small street out front here they have no stopping signs because they will clear these cars because they know how busy, this street will be later today, she was so popular, and the constantly hear stories about how loved that she was. she was small in stature just 4 feet ten but with a giant heart and everybody, still saddened, here during the holiday season, her favorite time of the year and they are saying their last good bye to marie buck. so that was the stunner, how was her grandson involved? well, he was involved in drug dealing with the accused killer, here's his new mug shot 31 year-old maurice green when we say new? this was third mug shot taken just this year, two arrests in the springtime march and may
5:37 am
for drug dealing. the at rest in march coincidently right on reid street, and that is the next block up from marie's grocery so this guy lived in overbrook , but came down here to south philadelphia, dealing drugs and was involved with their grandson, and he thought the grandson stole a gold chain from him, way back months ago, and he and another guy, green told the homicide detectives, stole his chain, owed him money and he went looking for grandson christmas eve morning and found grand momma rebuck instead. >> the decedent had a grandson who the suspect believed had something to do with stealing his expensive chain, as a result of that he was demanding money back from him. he never gave it back to him. showed up at the store paw he thought grandson would be there working, the grandson was not, and very sadly, shot and killed the grandmother. so he opened up the door, he never fully even was inside, one step inside of the store,
5:38 am
and he fired multiple times striking her 11 times in the the chest. there is videotape of him parking the vehicle, walking down toward the store, minutes before the murder, right after the murder, fleeing the scene, getting back into that vehicle and leaving. we also have help from the public we have some anonymous tips that came in. we have different things that tie him into the scene. >> reporter: he never said one word. he didn't even get both feet inside the store. sadly we have learn that marie buck had $750 cash in her pocket. hundreds more in the register ready to start for business, ready to pay any delivery guys that were coming by and grandson was supposed to be working. he never showed up for work. marie's last phone call was to her grandson to get to the call and she wanted to see that store and customers and friend who need coffee, sandwiches, whatever not to be disappointed so she opened up instead that morning when her grandson was supposed to be there and this killer knew grandson so much, knew his schedule at work, knew he was
5:39 am
supposed to be in the grocery store on christmas eve morning and that tells you how close he was to the grandson and you can bet that grandson feels awful right now, about getting his grandmother killed and captain clark's word but that is exactly what happened and that was true stunner for everybody at viewing last night and everybody who knew marie buck, just shocking it was a member of her own family behind all of this. >> make it so hard for him, and for that whole family, thanks steve. get ready to pay more for gas at gas pull in pennsylvania in just a couple of days. starting january 1st, it will be going up. we will tell you more when we come right back. we were awarding 1.6 billion and up to 2.4 billion. that translates into many more miles of improvements. >> starting on january 1st the gas tax will go up eight cents , so that will be pass
5:40 am
add long. getting ready for mummers day parade, you'll be paying more, so fuel up now, we will be right back. eat well for less. my giant.
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yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant. good morning i'm tom sredenschek, carson wentz and eagles taking on cowboys sunday afternoon at the link. it looks like dallas will use dak prescott for a series or two. mark sanchez expect to play most of the game. went is getting each of his offensive line hand their own
5:43 am
shotgun as a credits has mass gift each with players name and number on the butt. cease-fire pa has chimed in with their own holiday tune, sending each of those lineman a gun lock. guys up front, more than appreciative. >> it is a really cool one, really thoughtful. it just tells but carson. i was excited about it. >> reporter: are you a hunter. >> in the really but i have to try it now. >> the 76ers continuing their road trip out now, in utah, up by four, after three. you play four quarters in nba. utah a 21-two run to start the fourth. they beat sixers 100-83. that is sports in a minute. i'm tom sredenschek.
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we start off our traffic with some police activity, it is a report of a disable vehicle ape it is at markly and main street, north bound, in norristown. we have two lanes block there by police, so watch out for their part of norristown this morning. we have a tow truck, taking care of that disabled vehicle right now. so, sunday, mummers parade, the big roads that will be closed, because of that parade it is jfk boulevard between 15th and 20th, forget about it , between 3:00 in the morning and 6:00 in the evening on sunday your alternate is arch street. market street, between 15th
5:47 am
and 16th, it is going to be closed from 3:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. race street is your alternate there. plan accordingly for new years day. the patco high speed line they are on a special schedule between philadelphia and lindenwald because they expect people to get out of town early for new years weekend. we still have the water main break at penns landing, southbound columbus boulevard at queen street with one left lanes blocked, been there all week long, we do expect it to be fixed today so we can say happy new year but is what the forecast? we will find out in 15 seconds in the wake of what happened yesterday, the rain that we had in the morning, we have cold air, very cold air, that is moving in over the
5:48 am
great lakes and this is what is creating lake effect snow. you have heard the term, cold air moving over the lakes, moisture, dumped snow. this is lake superior-- no, lake ontario and thinks lake erie. you can see right around buffalo. that is why they are known for that snow and towns to the south of there getting pounded this morning. we are seeing a couple of flurries, popping up here and there, there is one in cumberland county seeing what can happen today is we can run into a snow flurry, snow squall, temporarily like all this snow and gone just as quickly as it arrives and that is possibility for today as we look at future cast. really impossible to pre particular where that will pop up but enough cold air and moisture gets down in the philadelphia area but it is likely in the mountains and north and west of the city that you run into a snow shower or a snow squall, today , we will jump ahead to new years eve and right at midnight, a very slight chance in southern delaware, extreme
5:49 am
southern delaware, ocean city maryland maybe a shower there but for the rest of us, it is a try tore cast all the way through new years day for mummers parade, eagles game and then machine morning early we will be greeted forget willing back to reality on yan second, with the possibility of some rain. back to today, 34 degrees as we walk out the door. thirty-three in allentown. thirty-five in lancaster. this is not what it feels like forking in the wind and it feels like 20's every where. colder in the mountains. wind sustain at 9 miles an hour, in philadelphia. so, for the count down, today, we have the fire works forecast, five, four, three, two, one but we have two count down in philadelphia we have early one for kid and people like me who cannot stay up until hid night. that one at 6:00 will be about 40 degrees. we expect it to be dry. thirty-seven for the midnight count down, so, all of these temperatures, although they are chilly will be, above
5:50 am
freezing, and for new years that is a good thing because you know around here sometimes it can be in the 20's. lets get through that seven take forecast, last two days of the year today and tomorrow forty-one today but feeling colder. forty-three tomorrow. and then 49 our high temperature on new years day on sunday. rain will roll in on monday, gets milder, because it is coming with a warm front and it will linger into tuesday at least in the morning with a high of 58 degrees. we're still in the 50's at least early this is day on wednesday but a lot colder as we get into thursday and feeling more like wintertime then. there is your ever changeable seven day forecast, karen. >> thanks, sue. well, we just have news that is happening right now, developing, russia going tit for tat in the united states suggesting just amount of minutes ago it will ex-pull dozens of our tip hates, and close two facilities in moscow in response to president obama sanctioning russia for its
5:51 am
alleged involvement in our presidential elect. lets get down to washington. towing luzader with all that is happening, good morning, doug. >> reporter: to the exactly a shot, russia's foreign minister said vladamire putin that they son almost exactly in kind to the what the u.s. announced yesterday which was expulsion of the 35 russian officials from the united states, as well as closing down a couple of russian facilities here, all in response to those allegation that is russia medalled in our election last month. we knew there would be a response, from russia, along these lines, and here we may kind of had a preview of it. it will be interesting to see how this moves forward once president trump takes office january 20th. will he reverse the sanctions or will he continue them. he will be under pressure even for some republicans, to to something, to dissuede russia from interest tiering again in eerie lex and arguments there many republicans on capitol hill is russia have targeted democrats this time around,
5:52 am
they may target republicans next time around and that some kind of message need ton sent to make sure russia does not do this again. >> absolutely, all right doug, thanks very much. we will see what happens. there will be many developments over the weekend. thank you, we appreciate it. serena williams big news, of course, an ace on the tennis court the but has she found her ace this real life? has she met her match
5:53 am
5:54 am
♪ don't let the food you eat during the day haunt you at night. nexium 24hr... shuts down your stomach's active acid pumps... to stop the burn of frequent heartburn... all day and night. have we seen them before? banish the burn with nexium 24hr.
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welcome back at 5:55. those slopes are snow covered. we will head up that way. we will see you later going up to the poconos maybe you will be for weekend as well. we need to tell but this exciting news for serena williams. she's getting married, she's engaged. tennis phenom engaged to red dit co found's lex is oheni an, they have been dating for a year and they went where they first met, and they announced it on his lath form reddit, of course, putting it out there with the caption i said yes. so far, no wedding date has been a announced. fans of the gillshore girls are talking, netflix sent out a tweet that they are wand fairing there will be more gillshore girls. they had a whole marathon.
5:56 am
the tweet said where does an eighth grade science fair where they need one? that is throw back reference to the cliff hanger to the revival series. that was speaksed to be a stand alone series but it looks like it was such a huge hit, maybe there will be more. manikin challenge maybe they will get rid of this year but this was neat this will be last one we will show you this year. out of this world, crew on the international space station, they had to cling to the hand holds, others throating around but they don't want to move so it is pretty cool they could to this in micro gravity. tis season for giving but where does that go? money you donate to charity may not be helping the people that you i been tend, plus, oh , a restaurant, it is carnegie deli they made giant sandwiches, closing its doors for good. how many times you have left to get a world famous, look at that meet heat piled up from the carnegie deli.
5:57 am
mike jerrick back in a minute.
5:58 am
5:59 am
family and friend will say fair final farewell to a bee love shop keeper gunned down on christmas eve as we learn
6:00 am
more about the man accused of killing her. the relationship he had with her grandson. cracking down on russia, president obama issues sanctions for hacking the election. how russian president putin is expect to respond and already a tit for tat on that one. ringing in the you this year, the safe way, come on folks, message from philadelphia police about how to stay safe, tomorrow night. happy new year. >> well, almost. >> look at how matchy matchy we are all silvery. >> we're in holiday mode. >> how was your vacation. >> it was great, i just got back from mexico, fantastic, slept a lot. so last night i get an e-mail, sue serio, karen hepp, it says on your desk you will fine party favors if you want to pretend like it is new years eve. >> this is it. >> i have the good


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