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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  December 30, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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more about the man accused of killing her. the relationship he had with her grandson. cracking down on russia, president obama issues sanctions for hacking the election. how russian president putin is expect to respond and already a tit for tat on that one. ringing in the you this year, the safe way, come on folks, message from philadelphia police about how to stay safe, tomorrow night. happy new year. >> well, almost. >> look at how matchy matchy we are all silvery. >> we're in holiday mode. >> how was your vacation. >> it was great, i just got back from mexico, fantastic, slept a lot. so last night i get an e-mail, sue serio, karen hepp, it says on your desk you will fine party favors if you want to pretend like it is new years eve. >> this is it. >> i have the good stuff.
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>> see, this is all i got on my test being. >> a black lay, that is it. it goes with my outfit today. so good day, everybody, it is december 30th. >> can you believe we are finishing up this week, this day this month, this year. >> 2016. >> yep. >> so what is it going to be like this weekend. >> new years eve, our concern is not the a bad one at all. we will get through to take, and then it will be new years eve. it is eve of new years eve, five out of ten, colder then yesterday, rain rolled through yesterday with the cold front. buddy is here, all bundled up with the mittens on because temperatures are in the 30's from wind chills are colder then that but we can see evidence of the cold air with the lake effect snow coming in off of lake erie, and a few flurries flying around in our area as a result, so with temperatures, as we said in the mid 30's, this is what it feels like in the 20's trust for temperatures in the 20's just like bus stop buddy did and get ready for a high of 41 o
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feel like it because wind chills are in the 30's all day long and we will call that a blustery day. sunset time 4:45. bob kelly continues his vacation this week. lets check traffic for you if there is any on this eve of new years eve. people dropping stuff in the studio. we are going nuts. the here's a disable vehicle on route 209 northbound it looks like it is off to the shoulder not slowing anyone down at all. i-95 near highland avenue everything is moving smoothly there. another disable vehicle to tell but route 202 north bound , just before route 252 in paoli, and for sunday, couple of big road that will be closed for mummers parade, jfk boulevard between 15th and 20th street, market street between 15th and 16th and these are the close another that will be in effect from 3:00 a.m. this will 6:00 p.m. on new years day. >> on new years day. >> 6:02 on this friday morning >> developing right now, so many people came out to pay
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their respects to a grandmother who was beloved in south philadelphia, you can see there was just a line around the block right there. she was shot in her own store. >> this is on christmas eve, right? my gosh. the good byes come as police make an arrest in her murder, they are calling it, an act of revenge. steve keeley in south philadelphia, steve. >> reporter: well, it was revenge a begins marie's grandson that was real shocker that came out yesterday. we're out front of saint mary magdellan church just four blocks from where marie buck was killed and this is where her funeral will be held later today. in a coincidence we have new information, why a killer from overbrook, deal drugs town here, how did he know her grandson? well, her store, was at sixth and titan. this guy, 31 year-old maurice green, grew up four blocks from the store. grew up there. went to that store as a kid. so he knew the family. knew her grandson. he grew up at sixth and
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carpenter right by his grandparent down here in south philadelphia. when they moved to the west philadelphia overbrook area, he came back here, and this is where he would deal drugs with the grandson apparently according to police, arrested twice just this year that we know of among his 15 to 17 arrests, since he became an adult. >> something that he he was into unfortunately and ultimately got his grandmother killed. he is very sad, family is very upset but did he work with us. >> obviously she was intended target. he opened up the door and shot her 11 times. what we believe the grandson was supposed to be working that morning, so we think he was there with the intention of shooting, killing the grandson. he opened up the door, saw the grandmother and then he hade choice that he would kill the grandmother since he wases not there. >> he alleged that this jewelry was taken that was estimated it is worse anywhere between five and $10,000. in police report was ever made so we don't no that but that is what he is alleging that
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the grandson and someone else, got into his house, stole his jewelry and pawned his jewelry it is one of the more horrific murders i have dealt with in nine years. we have a 81 year-old grandmother, defense less, beloved by the community and to be killed in this hander it is just horrific, it is very sad but we are very happy that we were able to put this to a close in a very short time period. >> reporter: i learn from police yesterday that the grandson is in his 20's, close to the 31 years old that the accused killer maurice green is and how about that information, maurice green likely knew the woman he killed real well, probably grew up, she probably made sandwiches for him as she did everybody else here in south philadelphia and what he didn't know was that she had 750 bucks cash in her pocket, more in the register, she would have gave him all of it, and debt would have been paid off if she knew her grandson
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had this debt but grandson didn't tell her and this guy didn't ask any questions, just came in blasting away, knowing who he was killing and likely knowing this woman. we don't know that for sure but would you figure if he grew up just down sixth street from this store as a kid, knew her grandson that they knew her too. that makes it even more shocking, at 6:00 a.m. today. >> yeah, all right steve, just senseless. reparticular lust. 6:06. >> we have had new developments russia going tit for tat with the you had suggesting now that it will be expelling dozens of our diplomates ape close two of our facilities in moscow after , of course, president obama announced very similar sanctionness retaliation for at alleged hacking of the u.s. election by russia. white house accused russian president putin orchestrating it forwarded to wikileaks. russia promised retaliation against u.s. and maybe that is coming. 6:06. you said tit for tat twice.
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>> there you go. >> it can happen again in the next hour. >> okay. >> thank you for watching good day fail on this friday, i know, i'm probably looking a little sun burned. >> we're a little bit jealous. >> a little bit. >> 6:07 now. this is a horrible story. a former elect official in delaware county is in trouble with the law. big time. prosecutors say that william spangler assaulted an elderly woman, 103 years old. used to be a radnor township commissioner, william spangler is facing indecent assault charges for instance dents that happened at a nursing home. he has a preliminary hearing scheduled for january the fifth. so right now we are getting ready for, of course, new years eve and we do it so well here. we do it at 6:00. we do it midnight with the
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fire works. >> that is right, early for the kid, later for the adults. >> what will you be doing? >> i don't know. i just don't know. i was going to come up with some quip but i don't know what i will be doing. >> well, whatever you want to do jenny joyce will have our plans, out here. >> this is what i won't be to go shooting a hand gun in the air, come on folks, we have to stop doing this, jenny. >> that is for sure. >> reporter: positive thing is you can come down here for fire works at penns landing but police want everyone, to be celebrating safely. while you are counting down to the new year and celebrating with fire works, friend, family, philadelphia police want to remine people not to be celebrating by firing a gunshot into the air. twenty-nine year-old joe jasku lka is living proof of the harm that can happen when people fire their guns in celebration, when he was just 11 years old he was walking down the street in south
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philadelphia and was struck in the head by a bullet that was fired, in celebration. the bullet remained lodged in his head and has been paralyzed ever since. >> what goes up, must come down. i just can't believe that people think that once it goes up, it gets sucked into outer space. and it is just crazy. >> reporter: city officials know new years day is a big day of celebration in our city they want people to be careful , enjoy good, clean fun many people head over to broad street and march on famous mummers day par ray a famous tradition, expect to see lots of block off roads along the parade route which starts at city hall and moves south to washington avenue. on new years day there are parking and driving restrictions, through center city and south philadelphia. so, parade will kick off at 9:00 a.m. on sun dane and to get a full listing of the road
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closures and parking restrictions head to our web site at fox, mike and karen. >> that is a good eye tea. lou great by the way, very fresh. >> reporter: thank you. great to hear considering i'm not feeling very well so appreciate that compliment. >> do you have a cold. >> i do. >> i'm not feeling well either but i can't tell you what it is. listen, i got to run. kick out for being transgendered a young boy is very disappointed after he gets boot from the cub scouts, why the organization says he is not allowed in. this is time, giving season, where so many of us donate to charity but there is a question right now are the people we want to get our money really getting it where does a large portion of our donations really wind up. >> um-hmm. jazz coal contact. jazz column contact.
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boy scouts are responding after a new jersey boy says he was kick out of his pack, because they found out he is transgendered. >> so they say joe maldonado does not meet eligibility requirements to be in the program. boy's mom christie say joe has been living as a boy for past two years, his school has accepted her child and she cannot understand why the cub scouts won't. >> i sound like why make a big tiehl, he wasn't bothering anybody, he was having fun, he lives as a boy.
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>> i think i'm very sad and angry. there is no difference if i'm a girl and they are all boys and i didn't bother them. i was having fun. >> well, mom came forward because she would like to have her child's story shared and she hopes that there are changes in the future and that is why she's talking and hopes that the boy scouts kill call and apologize. >> we shall see what happens. new year brings new changes to affect your wallet. hear why penndot says that the increased gasoline tax, in pennsylvania, will actually benefit all of us.
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you know, in philadelphia, we count down twice, with fire works, in philadelphia. we have had the 6:00 o'clock count down. it will be about 40 degrees tomorrow night for that one. not only for the kid but for people like me who can never stay up this will midnight. here's the midnight temperature about 35 degrees. it could be worse, a lot colder, best part, it will be try for your new years celebrations tomorrow. a lot colder today then yesterday. we have got cold wind coming across the great lakes, lake effect snow, and as we see here the possibility during the day of maybe a pop up snow shower or two, just because of
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that moisture coming off of the great lakes, it will be brief if you do see a snow shower or snow squall and it could happen at anytime, then we're try through new years eve. it looks like we will stay dry , even to the south of us, it is very slight chance of a shower but the big rain comes on monday just as we get back to reality on the second day of january, rain comes from the south and that will be with a warm front. right now 35 degrees in philadelphia we are in the mid 30's every where else but it feels chillier then that thanks to the wind. wind will be picking up more after sunrise time so that is for temperatures through 20's. wind chillies 26 degrees in philadelphia right now. we have westerlies coming in sustain at 14 miles an hour here in philadelphia. so seven day forecast, cold one today, 41 but feels like 30's all day. forty-three tomorrow. wind calm down, should be a decent new years eve night, and for the parade on sunday plenty of sunshine we will start off in the upper 30's, end up in the upper 40's, a great the forecast for new
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years day, rain rolls rolls in on monday and lasts through tuesday, it is mild for those two days, tuesday and wednesday, but will get colder by thursday and that is your seven day forecast, we're checking traffic on your friday morning with a look at the closures on sunday for mummers parade, big road that will be closed jfk boulevard between 15th and 20th street, your alternate there is arch street. market between 15th and 16th street your alternate is race street and these closures in effect starting at 3:00 on sunday and going until 6:00 in the evening. more hummers there 7:00 a.m. until the event conclusion, broad street from south penn square and washington avenue from 12 to 18th, closed. disabled vehicle to check on here route 202 north bound in paoli just before you get to route 252, and a look at the schuylkill expressway at montgomery drive, all is well mike and karen. >> thanks, sue. we have got new developments that have have just happened in the last half
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an hour, russia now striking back in the war of word. country's foreign minister saying it will spell 35 diplomates and close two facilities in moscow this comes of course after we sent similar sanction from his president obama toward them. >> yeah. >> patricia starks has more on this. >> reporter: moscow is threatening adequate retaliation, blasting u.s. sanctions on russia issued by president obama on thursday. sanctions target russian officials and kremlin intelligence services, white house says russia interfered in the u.s. presidential election by hacking american political e hail accounts and web sites. moscow denies this and calls them unlawful. >> the president wanted to day to make sure russia knew we weren't going to accept their interfering in our election. >> reporter: washington has ordered 35 russian diplomates to leave the you had, and shutting down access to two
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russian government owned compound in the u.s., following move president-elect donald trump says it is time for our country to move on to bigger, better things but did say he will meet with intelligence officials for an update. >> great political fanfare and largely symbolic but will it have impact? >> reporter: new sanctions could be reversed by mr. trump once president but top senate republicans approve of the sanctions. some call them a small price in awe push for stronger sanctionness congress. >> if the next president wants to lift sanctities as begins senior russian intelligence units to make it easier to interfere with our elections then he can do so. we just don't think that will make sense. >> in a initial response, russia has reportedly closed an american school in moscow that serves children of u.s. diplomates. president obama is warning that the u.s. may still take further actions, covert against russia. in new york patricia starks "fox news". 6:20. so, we're all ushering in the
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new year up in new york city, so many millions will be there , and nypd getting ready they will have checkpoints we will look at the their security coming up. (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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good morning i'm tom sredenschek carson wentz and eagles hosting three-two dallas cowboys. went sending a christmas thank you to the guys up front on his offensive line. wentz giving each their own bar receipt a shot gun and each customized with the player's number on the butt of the again. cease-fire pa has chimed in with their own greeting sending each of those lineman a gun lock. guys up front, more than appreciative. >> you know carson, he is an outdoors man so i think his passion is outdoors and so i think he is sharing that with the the guys and i personally i enjoy to hunt. i love the outdoors and i love to hunt and i love to be outdoors and i'm looking forward to getting the use of it. >> how about the 76ers four game road trip continuing out west. last night in utah.
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sixers were actually up four to start the fourth quarter. problem is, the utah jazz started the quarter on a 21- two run an ran away with this one. that is sports in a minute. i'm tom sredenschek. i have a passion for the indoors. my mike is not on. >> there is a reason my mike's not on. >> lets talk about this. >> i'm looking. >> thanks, mike, bye. >> i will be back. >> penn state and their bowl game we are so excited for that but two starters will not be at the rose bowl when they take on southern california because they have been suspend junior wide siever, blacknail and manny bowens has been suspended for what they are calling a violation of team rules. they have in the said what their violation was and they probably will not but black nail posted career highs with six catches, 155-yard, two touchdowns in the exciting
6:26 am
big ten championship game against wisconsin. bowens a great asset as well, he is tied for fourth on the team with 68 tackles and tied for second with eight and a half tackles for losses. so they will be two big pieces miss willing. we have exciting news for serena williams. she's getting married. ten us phenom engaged to the reddit co founder alex is, they took her to rome, where they first met got down on one neat and announced the proposal on reddit with the cartoon and caption i said yes they just gotten gauge. we don't know when wedding will be. naturally we will finding out in the new year. i didn't have my mike own. >> you can come do this line. >> carnegie deli. you have been there. >> yes. >> we hardly knew you. >> i have been behind the count are and made a sandwich there. huge. very sad. they are closing.
6:27 am
>> i know. >> when are they closing. >> that is what we will find out. we are down to hours thousand. >> yeah, i hate that. is this jenny. >> hi there jenny. >> good morning mike and karen philadelphia police want to make sure everybody has their lance ready to go but they want to make sure everybody will celebrate the new year, safely, hear from them coming up next.
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final farewell to a beloved south philadelphia grandmother gunned town in her store police say they have her killer now. all right. tomorrow night we are ram pink up, what is being done to keep you safe, as we get set to celebrate the new year. all right. take a look at this, why my goodness. why is that teenager doing push-ups in front of an officer. why the officer says that this exercise is keeping that teenager out of jail. >> really. >> yeah. good day, everybody. it is test 30th, 2016. can we get something straight right now. >> yes. >> at 6:30. i should wait a little bit. yesterday i was over at cvs at third and market. >> um-hmm. >> woman behind the counter, lovely would hand said to everybody as they left the store, happy new years. it is happy you this year.
6:31 am
there is not a lot of years here. it is happy new year. >> new year celebration. is it new years celebration or new year celebration. >> it is not happy new years, it is happy new year or is it happy new year. happy new year. no, it is not happy new years. >> is it new year's eve. >> well, that is tomorrow, we are starting 2017, it is happy new year not happy new years. >> maybe because tomorrow is new year's eve, apostrophe s people get it confused. it is still in the right and you are right, and i have said that maybe guys in my life, mike jerrick you are right. >> it is happy new year. >> yes. >> because there is a new year coming just one. >> why are we so happen bye that: >> a lot of people didn't like 2016. they are saying good riddance.
6:32 am
>> i can't to spit 2016 out. >> all right. >> it has got to be happier then what just happened. >> new year. >> this is our moment in time is deteriorating quickly but temperatures in the 30's out there bus stop buddy is, more bundled up then yesterday because it is colder and evidence is lake effect snow, some of the flurries are making it down here a little snow squall in cumberland county and that that is what you have a possibility oven countering, isolated snow squall traveling around, don't let it throw you, say, yeah that was a possibility. 35 degrees feels like 26. sunrise time is 7:22. 41 degrees right now, sunny, blustery, a stray snow shower or squall is possible throughout the day to take, and we will be very isolated though if you get one. 29 degrees overnight with clearing skies, and wind will still be kicking up to 25. that is today's ter cast.
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we will get you through rest of the the year and beyond, coming up in the seven day forecast, we will start off with a look at an accident where we're hearing about on i-95 northbound in delaware. it is at the off ramp to route 202, there are reports of two tive rent crashes, and icy conditions out there this morning with the rain we had yesterday there could be a few slick spots. i-95 at cottman avenue road is dry and everything is normal. we will check the roosevelt boulevard approaching the schuylkill, and a lot of volume out there but we do understand that folks will get out of town early and that is why the patco high speed line has change their schedule today and they anticipate earlier departures for new years weekend, so, lots of folks want to get started on their holiday early today. you could see lines are waiting, all the people that loved marie and her daughter,
6:34 am
and her son. they are very nice people. >> take a look the a the line, thinks a testament to how much this woman was loved. this murder victim 81 years old working behind the counter of her grocery store as she was shot to death. >> as they said their good boys police arrested a suspect and called her murderer, and her murder an ago of revenge but revenge against her grandson, right? >> exactly. lets get out to steve keeley to explain that connection from the funeral home where services will take place today , steve. >> reporter: yeah, they said it was revenge from the get go , but we didn't know, it wasn't revenge begins her. that the was big question mark who would have anything against marie buck, she was nice to everybody, that was shocker, it was her grandson. you can see here trent doors are already opened for her funeral. there is a second viewing later this morning but don't be surprised if you see people coming in here on their way to work if they go to work to say a pray error whatever but st.
6:35 am
mary magdellan church here in south philadelphia will be packed as much as possible for sure judging by lines we saw out in the cold and wind last night. the shocker her grandson involved with the guy who now lives in overbrook but we have learn this morning grew up just four blocks down sixth street at sixth and carpenter, from the sixth and titan marie 's grocery this guy maurice green arrested for her murder likely knew her real well, really had her making him hoagies just like everybody else did in this south philadelphia area ape that is another stunner, he knew who he was killing, and he likely you this her grandson close to green's age 31, we're told he is in his 20 's and he and green together on the streets here in south philadelphia apparently dealing drugs. green has got a couple arrests for dealing drugs just close by here, all ready this year, two of his, 15 or more arrest that is we know of since 2005
6:36 am
and here's captain clark talking about the relationship between the grandson and the killer. >> he was an animal, just to shoot them over a chain they say. that is what i saw in the news that is very sad. this world is very ugly. we just to have watch who we talk to. but what can you say, it is just sad. >> all right, i'm sorry viewers we will not hear there captain clark apparently but we will i promise at 7:00. what i can tell you more about maurice green is this, that he was arrested just in march, right down reid street, marie 's store was at the corner of titan and sixth but the next corner, on the other side of her store this is the back of her stories reid street. he was arrested for possession with intent to deliver heroin on reid street in march. gets out on $15,000 bail. back to the same area, doing
6:37 am
the same thing again, arrested just weeks later in may selling crack and heroin, released even on lower bail next time $10,000. karen, mike, i'm guarantying you this he won't get released on bail ever again. >> ever again. >> all right, steve. well, how this story a south jersey woman and her great granddaughter are still recovering at a virginia hospital after being found in the woods near richmond, virginia. this is in the central part of the state. family members of the 71 year-old barbara briley, and five-year old le myra tell us they are boating to be okay, the pair had been stranded for days after disappearing while on their way from mays landing , new jersey to celebrate christmas in north carolina their family is sending a message to those who helped bring them to safety. >> we think that -- we thank everybody for their prayers and their willingness to go out and search with the family
6:38 am
to bring them back safely to us. >> well, circumstances of how they ended up, there in virginia still somewhat of a mystery. police do not suspect any foul play though. it is 6:38. former manager of the bucks county car dealership is you this behind bars accused of stealing about a half million-dollar from her employer, police say that this suspect 49 year-old kelly lutes stole $470,000 from the thompson organization. thompson up in doylestown, over a ten year period. prosecutors say she stole this honey because she was addict to gambling on high end bingo games. she pleaded guilty last in to a long list of felony charges. judge sentenced her to one to two years in jail plus ten years probation. all right. we are getting ready right the now. >> that is a lot of bingo. >> yes. >> bingo with their fire works right there we will have not one but two. >> bingo, bingo. count down is on to happy new
6:39 am
year. happy new year. so jenny, where are you going to watch. >> reporter: i think we will watch from a trip's house, i was telling karen earlier we were going to a house party. >> is it a man or would hand. >> well, it is a couple, it is a couple. we're going to friend house. you can come if you want. >> would i like to go. >> andrew and nicki, they are hosting friends for new years, yes. >> okay. >> i'll be there. >> are youing ago loan. >> i'm not going a loan. moving right along but i will be watching fire works, of course on tr but for those who are interested in fire works, displays you can come down here to penns landing as karen mentioned one shows, one at 6:00 p.m., one at midnight. so where ever you are going to watch the fire works or
6:40 am
celebrate the new year, philadelphia police want to remind people to celebrate safely. one thing they don't want you to do is fire a gunshot in the air. twenty-nine year-old joe jaskolka is living proof of the arm that can happen when people fire their guns into celebration. when he was just 11 years old he was walking down the street in south philadelphia and was struck in the head by a bullet that was fired, the bullet remains lodged in his head and despite countless surgeries he has been paralyzed ever since. >> since 2005 i have not been able to walk. i was in the front yard. every brain surgery i lose shore mow built. so, really it is a life in decline. >> reporter: city officials know new years day is a big day of celebration in our city , so they want people to
6:41 am
be careful. many people plan to line broad street for mummers day parade there will be road closures and parking restrictions, so to see a full list of those as you rare for the parade 9:00 a.m. sunday head to fox, karen and mike. >> fox >> so you are not going to this party alone. >> reporter: no, i'm going with my boy friend, is that what you wanted to hear. >> no, not at all. >> reporter: okay. >> and what is his name? no i have met him, he is a great guy. >> you did meet him. ryan, yeah. >> nice guy. >> thanks, jenny. from the festivities here to the festivity up in new york city we will take re cautions, certainly to make sure everyone does the same and they will be doing the same in new york city a lot more stricter in the wake of the terrorist attacks we have had overseas in france at big public events n times square they will have have people wanding people down. they will have some security
6:42 am
checkpoints, people have to go through and they will use their trash trucks to stop attackers like those that just happened this germany and france, plus we will see police, in uniform and out of uniform. >> it is after that situation at christmas village in germany with those sanitation trucks. >> led them with sand so to one can barrel a truck there. >> i hear we may see that around philadelphia too especially tomorrow night. where does money go that you give, why money you give to charities may not go to the charities. everything nature's promise is so wholesome. and it doesn't take the whole paycheck. giant's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my giant.
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yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant.
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we will check traffic with this disable vehicle close-up look but i'll tell what you road, it is on i-95 southbound a roaching the blue route. now it is off to the shoulder and we understand tow truck is on the scene about ready to remove that vehicle. the big road closed on sunday for mummers parade, jfk boulevard between 15th and 20th street, and market between 15th and 16th. this is from 3:00 a.m. to 6:00 m 7:00 a.m. until everything is finish, broad street from penn square, washington avenue, from 12th to 18th also closed. an accident this delaware i-95 north bound at off ramp to route 202, there was a little, report of ice on the roadway, and caused a couple of accidents there.
6:46 am
it is 6:45. a look at traffic and weather in 15 seconds. having looked at traffic already let us proceed to the forecast, for tomorrow night, there are two fire works, one at 6:00 where it is 40 degrees and when we say welcome to the new year at midnight it will be 35 degrees, best news about the new year's eve forecast is it will be dry. we don't expect any precipitation. we have a few snow flurries that is creeping town into our area this morning. a couple of snow squals and that is the case today as wind pick up and we expect that to happen after sunrise, and so yes, some of these, streamers coming down from lake erie with the moisture and the cold air, it could give us a little
6:47 am
snow squall or two. other than that it looks like a very cold but dry day and it is probably cloudy, as we get to the new years eve celebrations around midnight but it should be dry as well, next chance of rain is not until machine morning when we are getting back to reality. it is 35 degrees in philadelphia. but feels like 20's all the way throughout the region. forty-one our high it will feel blustery all day long. sunny chilly tomorrow, high of 49 degrees on sunday in the bad at all for you this years day, rain, monday into tuesday , morning, milder temperatures for a while, and it gets cold again, on thursday. karen and mike. >> thanks, sue. >> what was your tweet. >> i'm in rare form. that is from teddy. kevin brings up a good point, kevin williams, why to we say new year's eve, there is no christmas's eve, why
6:48 am
wouldn't it be new year eve. >> unaudible. >> what? >> it begins with a s. >> christmas eve. >> christmas eve, evening before christmas, so wouldn't it be new year eve. >> i would say mike kaine i would say mike's candy it show possession, eve of it belongs to the new year it is new year 's eve. >> new year's eve. >> s apostrophe. >> i gotcha, okay. >> most of us. >> now see here somebody has said happy new years. >> i appreciate the sentiment, happy new years. >> mike. >> it will be the new year before we do this this next story. >> a lot of us, i don't know
6:49 am
maybe we're generous. we try to dot right thing. not all money we are donating is getting to the people we think that should get it. >> let me explain. i will not explain william long onness will explain. >> reporter: american households on average toe nate $3,000 a year to charity. regulators say about half doesn't go to charity, however but rather to the professional fundraisers and tell marketers they hire. >> there is many cases where is there a fun raising contracts where 85 to 90 percent of the money go to the professional fund raising company. >> reporter: to test that we have examined california's registry of charitable trusts, a list of most that the campaigns. this many cases charities raised thousands but got little back and some actually lost money, example, two campaigns this 2014 for covenant house raised a combined $66,000. but the charity got billed for a total of 209,000 in, a statement covenant house says it uses telemarketer to
6:50 am
convert current donors to ongoing inly donors but ended the program this year n2015 the environmental detense fun ran seven campaigns, two hade nothing and four lost money costing it tens of thousands. it in a statement edf says campaigns were designed to attract new supporters and in the raise fund. they are not alone n2015, 24 percent of the charities in mostly national cam papers took homeless than zero cents a dollar and 21 percent lost honey all together. >> at charity watch we think it should cost more than $35 to raise a hundred dollars, that is our standard for reasonableness. >> reporter: but that is a high bar over last three years , almost 80 percent of u.s. charities failed to keep at least 65 percent of their donations. but it is legal. u.s. supreme court ruled states cannot regulate how much honey, a charity keeps. >> the bottom line experts say don't give to charities you do not know, don't be fooled by familiar names, don't be
6:51 am
pressured, don't give cash and don't give money over the phone. if you do give give directly to a charity do you know n los angeles william longonthis is "fox news". >> wow. isn't there a charity tracker. >> that is what i'm looking up now. is there a web site where you put in whatever charity and it tells you how much honey goes to the cause or how much will go to their management or officials or something. >> gotcha. >> an exercise of kiss plane for a teen in texas, why he was doing push-ups in front of him.
6:52 am
6:53 am
looks like we're still a man short. not anymore. gus! the second most famous groundhog in pennsylvania. let's hit the ice. whoaaa! take the shot! (buzzer) that shot was one in a million. so's this. all the money millionaire edition, new from the pennsylvania lottery. with five top prizes of a million bucks. it's a real game changer. (giggles) keep on scratchin'
6:54 am
folks in texas a police office shore decided to take justice in his own hand is making some headlines. >> he believes in second chances and he saw someone doing something that wasn't right and he said, this is mylan. >> who is it. >> his name is officer eric ball, working an off-duty job security guard at a movie theater there was a teen smoking mar yawn a right outside. the officer sees the teen drop something that looked like marijuana and he would have face a citation but he got the teen to to this, let him to
6:55 am
what, 200 push-ups as punishment. he believes in second chances and he knows something about that firsthand. >> you know, my mentor, he looked out for me so i just wanted to to it as a learning tool, you though, you can do 200 push-ups or get to jail. >> he did. this was really thief. when teenager gets up apparently, he shakes the officer's hand and gives him a hug and said he was sorry. >> i'll be darned. >> so 200 push-ups. well, i would have to go to jail. >> yeah. >> how about 20. >> that wouldn't be as impressive. i thought it was 20. 200 got my attention. 200? >> i can't do it. >> fivebefore seven. we have had so many amazing stories, of survival,
6:56 am
history being made in south philadelphia as well, we will see the dnc here. lets look back at the top stories, of the year. >> to you remember this. >> was this the police shooting. >> yes. >> my goodness. >> that just shook us to our core. we will look at big stories of the the year. >> okay. >> steve is on a story of a horrible story in south philadelphia, steve? >> reporter: sadly we're ending 2016 with one of the worst stories of the year and certainly we're capping this holiday season in south philadelphia with a funeral, the worst feeling at christmastime anyone around here can remember for sure.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
preparing to say good bye to a beloved store owner, gunned own on christmas eve. >> she was loved by everybody. you can see that. >> family and friend paying their respects to marie buck, the same day an arrest is hade in her death. how at alleged killer knew her grandson. striking back, white house punishes russia with harsh sanctions for allegedly hacking the presidential election as russia promises a retaliation of its own. plus we're counting down to 2017, big celebrations planned across the city, looking at some easy recipes to spice up your new years party and tips to cure your hang over. and a rivalry renude, well
7:00 am
, sort of, the eagles hosting the cowboys the season finally on sunday with little on the line here. we will look at some of the players, who may be wearing midnight green for the last time. my twitter. >> what. >> hey mike, welcome back. happy new years. lol. okay. all righty. >> that annoys thaw people say happy new years. >> it is like when they say happy valentine. >> happy valentines. >> i have never heard that. >> happy valentine's day. >> i never heard that. >> valentines. >> where have i been. >> do you know valentine candy is out. >> you just said valentine. >> doh.


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