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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  January 3, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EST

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caught on camera a knock out fight right in the middle of the street, police arrived to break it up but that is when things take a strange turn who was caught throwing punches. he survived deadly istanbul nightclub attack but here from the delaware man who came face-to-face with terrorist in turkey. instant classic, penn state and u.s.c. battling it out during the rose bowl game, and it would all come down to the final moments. good day, everyone, it is tuesday, january 3rd, 2017. i'm lauren johnson. thomas drayton and karen we have have the day off. >> yesterday i already wrote down 2016 and had to scribbled it out. >> it will happen. >> i don't wanting to to work. >> that is how everyone feels today. >> yes. >> it is foggy, drippy, yes. >> it is damp, cold. >> that is right, so take care , wash your hand a lot, all that stuff because it is a
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day very similar to yesterday, out there, bus stop buddy with the rain gear on it may not be actively raining right new but it is coming back, the rain, and drizzly and to go i right now, temperatures in the 30's and 40's. luckily just about everybody is above freezing this morning we have a four out of ten, foggy in mount pocono, reading , pottstown, allentown we're still okay at philly international but the atlantic city airport it is foggy as well, temperatures, up to 37 in allentown, milder then yesterday, well above freezing , 40 in trenton and lancaster, 42 in wilmington, 45 degrees in dover. checking radar in our area, we're maybe seeing a little bit of drizzle but the big rain and heavier rain is coming back, it the is now down in west virginia and virginia, and headed our way. so for right now, in philadelphia, 41-degrees, little bit of the wind chill 13 miles an hour. that is keeping it from being foggy, but on and off rain,
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plan on the rest of the day high of 48, rain tapering off toward the end of the evening rush hour, sunset time 4:49, and we have got brighter days ahead but colder days as well, it is all coming up in the seven day forecast, bob kelly. >> sue, good morning. 5:02 on this tuesday morning, first day back for everybody, so come on we are all in it together. here's route 100 an example of what we are dealing with this morning, road are wet, we will have that spray out there, good news as sue just mentioned most of us if not all are above the freezing hashing so we are not dealing with any reports of the black ice but rain itself is just going to make it ayuky first day morning rush hour for everybody. live look at the boulevard, out of the northeast philadelphia, in problems or delays, one accident, just popped up, northbound on the northeast extension just north of the mid county interest change, that is like a one car accident, that hit the barrier , could have been a spin out, there is just an example, wet road causing
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delays and expect possible delays down at philly international, combination of the weather delays, so give yourself some extra time. there was a major customs computer glitch that occurred yesterday, that caused long lines, for check ins and check outs, they could in the get your luggage through customs. they say problem has been fixed, do check with the air lane to lay it safe if you are traveling in and out of philly interest that the. it sound like bookend weather problems for the morning and evening rush hour today. for a computers on mass transit, everybody is back on a regular weekday schedule. regional rails, buses, trains, trolleys, even patco new jersey transit and dart all running on a regular weekday schedule. lauren, back over to you. we have some breaking news to tell you about, a father is in serious condition after a man stormed into his home and started shooting. it happened as his wife was putting their four young children to bed. police say it happened late last night on the 1900 block of pratt street in frankford. lets get out to steve keeley live by the scene with more
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details, good morning, steve. >> reporter: crime scene unit has wrapped up their initial investigation on the scene, police are gone. you can see nobody pick these houses at random this row house where they hit right in the hid will of a block of row homes and twins, usually as we have seen in the past home invaders either follow a business home owner home or know know or think something is in the house that they want chris is walking in the house thousand. bullets went threw upper and lower windows to the left of the front door still wrapped open, porch full of shattered glass and right at chris's feet chalk outline where bullet casing where is found not just here on the sidewalk but on the porch and inside. eleven shots fired by both home owner and one of the home inviters shooting each other. home invader gets killed, home owner gets shock in the mouth and leg but successfully defend his family. chris will walk back now. this is a two story home. this home owner, 27 is father
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of four young daughter, just five month-old and four years old, mom and taughter were upstairs as soon as family came home at five of 11:00 when these two guys knocked and then barged in. >> second purpose traitor was last seen running wednesday in the 1900 block of pratt street and tribe as a male, tall, thin, wearing all dark clothing. so preliminary information is this was a home invasion, robbery, where the perpetrators were met by the 27 year-old home owner who hade a gun of his own. so one of the perpetrators, at least one, fired a shot, striking the home owner, the home owner return fire, striking and killing one of the perpetrators. fortunately along the 1900 block of pratt street where our second perpetrators fled the scene we did find several exterior surveillance cameras. >> reporter: we talk to the
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next door neighbor, he is one of those homeowners who has surveillance cameras. as we come back live you can see even a warning sign about the surveillance camera right in the front window just about 6 feet away from where these home invaders barged in, and they also have motion tea tech or lights on and that is lights on you see on the side of the next door neighbor's house. so that tells you that people around here are on guard for anything and good thing because if this guy didn't have a gun who knows what would have happened. he has four young daughters f these young people next door didn't have surveillance system set up who knows what kind of evidence they had set up trying to catch the second guy now in a early 2017 homicide and maybe justifiable homicide too, lauren. >> steve, thanks very much. we're following developing story out of west philadelphia , several fox 29 viewers sent us a video of the fight and they asked for answers. here it is, viewers say it started with a large brawl along 54th street around 4:00. police were called to the scene and attempted to break up confrontation but that is
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when things get a little bizarre. video shows a police officer grabbing a woman and pushing her away. the officer shown pushing her, again women can be seen put herring hand on the officer. the officer then slammed the woman to the ground sitting on top of her, and punching her repeatedly. what happened next is equally disturbing, she pulls would the man up by her hair and then tags her to the police car that is where the tape end we have reached out to philadelphia police and they say they are aware and internal affairs is investigating but they did not confirm any arrest. after one weeks on the run new jersey state police arrest a man for murder of his wife jer my a monell was taken in custody yesterday after a tip led police to a wooded area off high waste 322 where they found the man. police have been searching for him since december 18th when pod irv his estrange wife was discover inside the home.
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local victim of a terror attack in is istanbul is back home this morning. officials confirmed to fox 29 that jake raak landed in philadelphia last night but he was escorted out of the back exit. he was partying at a turkish nightclub on new years eve when a gunman started shooting ra aak was with a group of nine people, seven were shot. terror attack with isis has claim responsibility for a killing of the 39 people and injured zero seven more. raak spoke to reporters moments before his flight to philadelphia. >> all i can say is it is just a tragedy. it is very unfor the nate. -- unfortunate. i don't want to talk about what happened up side the night club. it is a very good country. it is so unfortunate that this is happening to you guys. >> the shooter caught on surveillance camera has not been arrested but turkish
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authorities say they are close to identifying him. pennsylvania state trooper , brandon weaver shot in the line of duty will be laid to rest on thursday inial tune a weaver was shot and killed on friday, from responding to a domestic dispute, suspect jason robeson was shot and killed by troopers after he threaten them, during a confrontation. the fbi and philadelphia police need your help finding these two men, authorities say they robbed a td bank in port richmond monday afternoon, surveillance photos show the men at the bank on the 2200 block of east butler street, it was around 2:00 p.m. police say they threatened teller at gunpoint and they were able to getaway with some cash. the authorities believe they are connect to the rash of bank robberies over the past few weeks. all right. lets talk sport, rose bowl, it was a great game but in the end penn state could not come out with the win. nittany lions fell to u.s.c., 52-49. some are calling the game an instant classic calling it by far the best bowl game of the season. the action featured big time
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plays, high scores, great defense, penn state trying to prove that they belonged in the playoffs. u.s.c. reintroducing themselves to the world. both offenses were scoring at will. lions had a 14-point lead but trojans for the back to tie the game. some experts, including our very own sean bell, a penn state alumni, said coach made a bad call decide to go throw it instead of taking the game to overtime. that led to trace mcsorely being pick off, that would set up this, the game winning field goal by u.s.c. the toast januaries winning the rose bell 52-49, highest scoring rose bowl ever, and exciting part about this is that both teams are super young, so they can both be playoff contenders next season all right. coming up a story you will see only on fox solder brutally attacked after mummers parade, coming up next what his mother told fox 29 about the incident that she hopes will bring us a
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suspect to justice. and president obama's days in the white house are numbered, what he has on his to do list before he turns the keys over to donald trump. but first, bob kelly. >> hey lauren, good morning. 5:11. getting redty leave down the shore and head down towards philadelphia, no problems on the atlantic city expressway, dealing with patchy fog not only on the roads but also at philly international, as we look live at the airport we will check with the tote board , sue has your forecast, we will grab a cup of coffee and heat you back here this two and a half.
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four people dead after a tornado touches down in alabama, it down trees, block roads, damaged dozens of properties there, a looked warning remains in effect in those areas. until this evening. so sue serio people heading back to work and school wondering what the weather will be like on this tuesday. we have messy weather on the the way but temperatures are all above freezing. yesterday we had a freezing rain advisory, none of that going on right now but it is glummy, foggy in places as well. so, visibilities, they are reduced in pottstown, reading, allentown, mount pocono, it looks like atlantic city international is foggy as well , but, so far, so good at least official measurement at philly international. but fog can slow you down and eventually the rain is coming
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back. today is shaping up to be a similar day. we don't see any downpours but just drizzle. by seven or 8:00 it is back, the rain, it is heavier at times this a few spots on and off, throughout the rest of the day. so, write this off as another rainy day. we will have left over showers through midnight or 1:00 a.m. and early, in the day, on wednesday, probably after 10:00 o'clock this cold front will come through and clear us out but temperatures will be a lot more chillier. you need to layer it up, again by late thursday night into friday morning where we're looking at a possibility of some snow showers. and at this point it toss look like snow showers, kind of flying around, we will see what happens. we will have a better handle tomorrow. fifty-one tomorrow early and then temperatures drop throughout the afternoon. we have a high of 36, on
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thursday, and then, late at night, in the 20's, we're back up to 36 on friday with that chance of light snow and then a cloudy, chilly day on saturday, sunday's high only 12 degrees, shaping up to be a cold weekend, the first full weekend of 2017. so, that is your weather authority forecast, bob kelly is here to let us know if the fog has given us any problems on the roads this morning. >> no, not yet, but again, we don't have the freezing icing conditions, we have drizzly rain. we don't have any black ice but the roads are still wet. we have dealing with some fog, here's a live look at the roosevelt boulevard, off ramp to broad street and just watch as one classic example of what we have seen once or twice so far this morning. coming off a major roadway, hit the off ramps, again, wet ramps are just as slippery sometimes as those icy ramps but we are dealing with just a wet, yucky first day back for a lot of folks back to work and schools as we look down the roosevelt boulevard. accident northbound on the
5:17 am
northeast extension is north of the mid county. it sound like a one car crash in the barrier which means the guy did a spin around, hydro planing there, watch for possible weather delays, we have bookend today, morning delays because of weather, evening weather coming our way which caused, could cause delays at philly international so check with your airline. we have had that customs compute ther glitch, that caused havoc, for toll accounts trying to get their luggage in and out of of costumes yesterday. philly international says that has been repaired, fingers crossed so that it keeps on working and nobody pulls plug out today. weekday schedule back on regional rail lines, we will probably have a slippery rail delay along the way here sometime this morning, and buses, trolleys all back on a regular weekday schedule, same deal for patco, new jersey transit and dart. looking good on the blue route , no problems up and down 202, lauren, back over to you. bob, thanks very much. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is grilled by police for hours, after
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claims that he improperly accepted gifts. israeli media reports he took gifts from two different businessman, netanyahu has denied wrongdoing, and he is calling the reports baseless. you this congressional leaders get sworn in today and there is already some controversy, house republicans voted behind closed doors last night to gut the independent office of the government ethics, this gives control of the office to the house ethics committee. democrats outraged over that move, the full house will vote today, measure is expected to pass. president-elect donald trump's incoming press secretary is doing a little damage control after trump makes cryptic comments about russian hacking. the president-elect says he knows quote, things that other people don't necessity. soon to be press secretary sean spicer has had to headache round on the cable news networks to clarify trump 's comments, it comes after the president-elect promised a major revelation about those russian hacks,
5:19 am
when someone asked what he knows what other people don't though. mr. trump said you'll fine you the tuesday or wednesday. spicer says donald trump is getting security briefings every day and there is not conclusive evidence that russian where is behind the hacking of the democratic e-mails during election season >> i think what the president-elect is referring to is he gets briefed on different threats and issues facing this nation by his national security team and by other members of the intelligence community. so he is privy to the information that in one else is. >> spicer dismiss aid report release by fbi and home land security department supporting the accusation as begins russia. state law makers in pennsylvania will be sworn in today that will kick off legislator's two year obsession house will consist of 121 republicans and 82 democrats. the senate margin is 34 republicans, and 16 democrats. governor tom wolf will make his budget address on february . president obama is leaving office in just three weeks but
5:20 am
he is showing he is not going quietly. fox's shannon bream reports from the white house, with what the president plans for his final days in office. >> reporter: as critics roll out their assessment of president obama's two terms this is white the house he is preparing to make a final pitch of his own. citing example of the george washington's 1796 peaceful democratic transfer of power, president obama says he will give a farewell speech from chicago next tuesday evening. in an e-mail mr. obama said quote i'm thinking of them as a chance to say thank you for this amazing journey to celebrate the way you have change this country for the better these past eight years and to offer some thoughts on where we all go from here. >> chicago is the place where he started his political career. chicago is the place where he based his two that the campaigns. chicago is the place where he met his wife, raised his tamly chicago is an important part of obama's story. >> reporter: this weekend began tweeting items of remarkable progress over the lease eight years, including
5:21 am
after decade of rising health care costs to day nearly every american now has access to the financial security of a affordable health care. a claim critics questioned. >> it is unclear, first of all , how many more people have health care, or health care insurance, those are different things, then before obama care a lot of the growth in obama care exchange insurance is simply people who have lost lance that they were liked and they were forced in these worst obama care plans. >> on wednesday president will meet with capitol hill democrats to talk about having a strategy to save what many regard as his signature legislative accomplishment. obama care without a single g.o.p. vote. president tweeted about gains in the economy, bringing u.s. troops home and bolstering clean energy if you look at electoral scoreboard we don't look like we did so good, so i think it is critical for him. is there a legacy made up of a heavy emphasis of the use
5:22 am
of executive power. >> if you live by executive action you die by executive action. would i expect on day one, two , three of the trump administration, there to be a rescinding of a lot of rules and regulations and a lot of orders. >> president has granted hundreds of acts of clemency as by pardoning people or commuting their sentences in recent weeks. the white house says we should expect more of that before he leaves office later this month at the white house, shannon bream, "fox news". 5:22 this morning. one of the mcdonald's's new restaurants has a lot of catholics upset why some people are not loving it, because of its, new location. but first your winning lottery numbers, good luck to you.
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motor skills test. researchers at mid they could not pinpoint what causes link between obese parent and developmental problems in their children. well, hanging out with your grandmother could help her, live longer, a new study found that loneliness plays a large role in mortality rates. nearly 23 percent of lonely participants died within six years of the study, as opposed to 14 percent of those, that were adequate companionship, it followed 1600 adults with the a average age of 71. restaurant opened with little fanfare about 100-yard from the vatican state. mcdonald's is paying more than $30,000 in rent, for this space that sits just below where some cardinals live. well, commercial use of the space of the vatican's property supervisor says he does not understand the controversy. mcdonald's has not commented on any of the backlash. well, 2016 was a record
5:27 am
year for hollywood at box office it raked in $11.4 billion, that is tops 2016 record of the 11.1 billion. higher earnings are in part because of higher ticket prices. industry continues to have stiff competition from at home streaming services but slate of big ticket movie release is a head in 2017 culled still convince people to keep going out to the the theaters. okay. coming up at 5:30, celebrity apprentice has a you this host and tag line, terminate or issuing new record, for saying you are fired.
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a father shot during a home invasion his wife and four young daughters inside at the time of the shooting what officials say the tatter did to help protect his family. and fists fly during a massive fight in west philadelphia but it is who was throwing punches that had people talking this morning. and a tragic twist to a holiday reunion a solder has long recovery ahead of him after being jumped by a group in south philadelphia, a story you will see only on fox. good day it is tuesday january 3rd 2017, thomas drayton, karen hepp have the morning off so here i am. >> yes, here you are.
5:31 am
>> up early. >> we all wish we were in our own bed with the the cover over our head because it is a glummy morning out there. bus stop buddy says bring rain gear. it may not be raining outside right now but rain is coming back. so temperatures are a little bit better then they were yesterday. we still havetories will and fog around. it is four out of ten, that is your number to take, and visibility, very bad in mount pocono, reduced in allentown, reading, pottstown and now down to 4 miles at philly international, two and a half miles in atlantic city, fog is invading the entire area but at least mostly everybody is above treeing except for higher elevations, a lot of the temperatures in the mid 40 's to the south of the city. looking at ultimate doppler radar and down toward washington d.c., oh, yes, there is plenty more rain on the way, mostly in virginia, west virginia, and western pennsylvania right now but heading back. it is still tamp at the moment
5:32 am
41 degrees. sunrise time or daylight dawning at 7:23. rain will eventually taper off but with us on and off again, the rest of the take, high of 48 degrees but things will change starting tomorrow, bob kelly, chilly changes coming up. because it is first day back to work and back to school for everybody, what to you think over/under is how many times mom has to yell up the steps to say come on, get up, don't make me come backup there good morning, hello northeast philadelphia, 5:32. here's a live look at harbison and torresdale avenue an example of what we are dealing with this morning. we have a finetories will, road are wet, we have no reports of plaque ice, that is good because temperatures at the 41 if you we are dealing with some fog outside in the suburbs. live look at ben franklin bridge to see the fog starting to form here up and over delaware but windy, old glory waving from the new jersey side. an accident at a peco power play, an accident at flourtown and joshua road, pulled down
5:33 am
some of the peco power lines. so watch for delays and detour s that just popped up a few moments ago, north on the northeast extension, just north of mid county. for anybody heading up toward lansdale watch for single car accident. watch for weather delays. we have bookend, we will have wet ther problems for the morning rush, weather problems for the evening rush, not just in the cars but probably also down at the airport. check with the airline. also that customs computer glitch that caused havoc yesterday, airport officials say that is been fix. we should not have any issues this morning but just throwing it out there to grab that jump he coffee and be ready. we are good to go on the rails , buses, trains, trolleys are all operating this morning on a regular weekday schedule. lauren, back over to you. a home invasion in frankford, leaves a father seriously hurt. suspect is dead this morning. scary moments happening just as a family was getting ready for bed. steve keeley is near the home with the details and compactly what happened, good morning,
5:34 am
steve. >> reporter: family wide awake and they were out here on the street the when this happen. what happened was we will walk up, you can see next door neighbor watch this light go on. this next door neighbor is ready for bad things because they have motion detector lights that go on and they have surveillance camera. there goes motion tea tech or light and look at their front windows. we have got you on surveillance but this 5 feet from that sign, lauren, the shoot-out occurs, right here on the front porch, and you can see two windows shattered. front door still propped opened. what happened was somebody may have been following this family or just waiting for them to come home. as soon as they come home at five of 11:00 a mother were four daughters walks up the steps, steps right inside that front door. as she goes up the steps there is a knock, husband answered the door but husband smartly and for some reason is arm, and again, we have seen home invasions with business owners who sometimes are armed but don't have their gun handy enough we saw with the asian owner a couple weeks ago, but
5:35 am
this guy is ready, so are home invaders and shoot-out occurs between the home owner and home invader. here's inspector scott small. >> two males forced their way in point of gun, there was a struggle between 27 year-old home owner and these two males and one of the perpetrators did shoot home owner two times , and in his mouth and in his leg. the 27 year-old home owner had a weapon, in his possession, and he fired multiple shots, striking one of the perpetrators in the head. that perpetrator collapsed, on the living room floor and he was pronounced dead at 11:32 p.m. by medics. >> and they rushed the father to hahnemann hospital, he was listed in serious condition, but the surgeons there told the police, with him, that he would likely for sure survive. the wife, gets the four kid, family members and she talks to homicide detectives, basically hearing the whole
5:36 am
thing she was just feet away and she saw the second guy, run down pratt street here, so they were hoping that surveillance in the just on this house but other house is here would help identify him, maybe show both side beforehand walking up, waiting or parking a vehicle nearby and waiting and then seeing that second surviving home invader runaway, lauren. so why would they pick a row house in the middle will of the block here, and then wait, and instead of burglarizing the house when no one is home, wait for people to get home. the those questions usually yield to more answer about more activity and what is behind this home invasion as homicide detectives continue to look for the answers in this case, lauren. >> all right steve, thanks very much. internal affairs investigation is opened after cell phone video surfaces as video shows a disturbing altercation involving a police officer in west philadelphia. several fox 29 viewers sent us this video and asked to us look into it for answers. they claim it started with a
5:37 am
fight involving several people on 54th street, during the altercation, video shows an officer pushing a woman who intern puts her hands on the officer. the officer is then shown sitting on top of the woman punching her and then tracking her by her hair to a police vehicle, that is when video stops, this word on any arrests. happening right now, it will be a long, road to recovery for a sold shore was just in south philadelphia. austin freeney was heading home from the mummers parade when he was attack. it is a tragic twist to the who will take reunion we first told but a few weeks ago. our dave kinchen spoke with that solder's mother. thinks 19 year-old army service hand austin freinty day in a jefferson university hospital bed, same day he was supposed to head back to base. >> we're lost. justin complete, disbelief. >> reporter: his mother laurie said they were jumped at third and oregon after leaving the hummers take festivities. >> he is such a good kid. he did not deserve this. >> reporter: laurie says it began with young man ripping
5:38 am
austin over his army jacket which she now wears. she said one struck austin when he was on the phone with more piling on. >> me and his girlfriend tried pulling them off but they hit us. we got the hit in the face. she got thrown in the street. then they went after his 14 year-old brother and were kicking him. >> reporter: austin came home from fort beening, georgia just before christmas in a vice arranged by a stranger since laurie could not after the airfare. tough times since his father died from cancer and she lost work due to disability. austin had been sending his earnings to the family, and now times get even tougher. >> he has to get plates put in his jaw, and his how the will be wired shut for the next eight weeks. >> reporter: austin's upcoming deployment to the middle east is very unlikely as he heels, his hotter ponders. >> how anyone can put down the military, it is just, it makes no sense to me. the these guys give up their lives, just like for our
5:39 am
freedom and you will beat them down. i'm dumbfounded. >> reporter: laurie is asking anyone who saw anything suspicious a the third and oregon around 10:30 to call philadelphia police, police are looking into the matter. at jefferson university hospital in center city, dave kinchen, fox 29 news. well, eagles end their season on a high note, layers pack up their stuff clean out their lockers, but that is not the end, where they might be meeting up, a place that you would never guess. i was wondering if an electric toothbrush really cleans...
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good morning i'm sean bell eagles finish the season by winning two in a row over division rivals and layoff teams, but that wasn't enough to get them into the playoffs. so yesterday players had to clean out their lockers, and meet with the team for the final time, this season. good news is, carson wentz said he is going to stay around philly in the off season and work with his wide receivers. to penn state and u.s.c. this is rose bowl an instant classic, trace mcsorely hits the saquon barkley for touchdown. that gave lions a 14-point lead. trojans would fight back to tie this game. penn state, in a tie game instead of taking it to overtime takes a shot down the field, and is pick off, what a terrible, coaching decision, that cost this team the game, because that led to this a
5:43 am
game winning, field goal by the trojans, penn state falls 52-49 in the highest scoring rose bowl game ever. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell.
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5:45 am
it is first day back so grab your coffee, keys, lets get moving. here's a live look at schuykill expressway. we have lights lit up, construction crews at it early
5:46 am
on some of the high rises. peco power lay advertising the girl scout cookie sale that is coming up in a couple weeks. here's a live look at ben franklin bridge, again, roads are damp, you can see the fog put ago this moisture in the air. that is our problem this morning. we don't have any black ice issues but we have wet road and fog. we also have an accident on the pennsylvania turnpike, this is turnpike, it is westbound, all the way out, near that valley forge interchange, it is at valley forge off ramp so watch for delays and on and off ramps we will see delays today, watch for, some delays on i-95 working your way south down through that construction zone , between bridge street and center city. that first take back is always difficult for everybody, the school buses are back at it again today making those trek stops through neighborhood, and it is just one of those yucky starts to the morning rush hour and as sue will tell us, ayuky evening rush hour as
5:47 am
well. heading down to philly interest that the airport, expect double possible. we have weather delays bet this morning and this evening, possibility, and then we have had that customs computer glitch that occurred yesterday in a lot of the airports. they say that has been repaired, but, expect some delays because of weather to take. accident flourtown road, blocked between colonial and joshua road, this crash, pulled down the peco power lines. so it is a peco power play. repair crews, peco says probably through at least morning rush hour before they can get this up and running again. that will cause delays in the neighborhood. and also, for gang in wilmington, north on 495 watch for construction, at the to upon the highway. when does all this rain and fog clear out? sueby has the answer in 15 seconds.
5:48 am
there is more rain on the way, another system that is heading our way and it is moving up, into our area, again, very similar, to what we had going on yesterday but then things will turn chillier after that. so one thing at a time. first off, temperatures are well above freezing every where but the mountains. that is an improvement from yesterday when we had freezing rain around but visibility is poor, in many places. there is your trade off, and reading, pottstown, allentown, mount pocono, even lancaster has reduced visibility, down to 4 miles at philly international. worse in atlantic city international. we see all that rain from the south and west, and it is not here just yet in philadelphia but give us a couple of hours and here it comes, by eight or 9:00 at the latest, probably between seven and eight we will see rain return, heavier at times through lunchtime
5:49 am
through 3:00 in the afternoon, starts to dissipate maybe by six or 7:00 o'clock and then a few left over showers in the overnight hours. day starts out actually pretty nicely on wednesday, with sunshine, early in the take, but then right around middle of the day we will see temperatures tall, very cold, and thursday, by friday, it looks like we might get this southern storm. the it is still early to tell whether any light snow we get will stay to the south or any will sneak up into philadelphia, we will get a better handle on that as we said tomorrow 48 degrees today 567891 degrees tomorrow with falling temperatures eventually. thirty-six, our high on thursday and on friday, and by saturday though it is even colder, with temperatures, during the day, barely getting to treeing, and then still child on monday, of next week. so even though it is raining it is mild, and colder temperatures air head miss lauren. >> sue, thanks very much. congress returns to work today in washington, republicans anxious to start
5:50 am
dismantling president obama's policies while democrats are talking about making lifety for president-elect donald trump. doug luzader live in washington for us this morning doug, it appears 2017 will be a eventful year for both parties. >> reporter: well, you will have a lot of action taking place in congress. republicans, of course will control both senate and house which means they can move, you know, considerably toward getting rid of obama care and replacing it with something else but big question is replace it with what? democrats meantime, obviously they don't control thinking, shut out of the is that the, house and white house, after january 20th, but they can still make things difficult for president-elect trump. they can slow walk his nominee s through congress and they are talking about to go that, targeting eight of president-elect trump's nominees for cabinet posts and making these confirmation hearings extended affairs that may go into how much even. this is something we may see play out through course of the
5:51 am
next few months, really, here on capitol hill. >> a lot of people not very happy about those cabinet selections. do we necessity any specifics that will drag out for a long time, with these confirmations sort of stalling them. >> reporter: yes, democrats are unhappy, republicans are very happy with them. we have divided opinion about these cabinet picks are concerned but democrats do have the power to essentially, you know, throw some sand in the gears here and republicans are already crying foul about this but this is the way that the process works. it means that we may talk about these cabinet picks for a while yet to come. chief among them may be tiller son, pick for secretary of state, former head of exxon mobile, and that is going to be a tough cabinet pick, for trump. he may ultimately get confirmed but there will be some considerable questions about his business dealings, his thoughts on russia and some of those questions may come from republicans as well as democrats. >> all right. our current president has a little time left in office and
5:52 am
he will be on the hill tomorrow. can he work maybe to save his signature health care law do you think? >> well, that is what he will try to do. he will sit down with cockal tell i can leaders to see what they can do to play defense. the tools at their disposal will be largely public opinion , trying to get people to rally around the more popular aspects of obama care and try to create pressure on republicans to conserve as much of it as possible, but republicans have been talking about this dismantling obama care from the moment it passed and signed into law and it is something they will pursue in the year ahead. >> we have heard back and forth from president-elect, we will get rid of it, keep parts of it. like you said earlier what will be here to replace it is the big question. doug, thanks very much. >> thanks. >> all right. >> we will leave with you a live look at pocono mountains and we will be right back. the whole paycheck. giant's exclusive nature's promise.
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i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase.
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yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant. we will have more on your forecast and been will have more in traffic in a moment but carrie fisher's daughter has a message to fans after the death of her mother and grandmother. she writes on instagram receiving all of your prayers and kind word over the past week has given me strength during a time that strength could not exist. there are this words to
5:56 am
express how much i will miss my abadaba and one on only mom by. their love and support means the world to me. she's currently a star on fox 's scream queen. new host and catch phrase arnold schwartsenager debuting last night what will be his phrase as host of the celebrity apprentice. >> so therefore, carrie, you are terminated. now get to the chopper. >> thank you. >> thank you. from you're fired to you are terminated schwartsenager took over for former host and current president-elect donald trump. trump remain a credited executive producer for the show, carney wilson and kerry keegan fired by storm are governor of california in the two hour premiere. schwartsenager gets help in the board room from advisors that include tyra banks and jessica alba, and warren buffet. michael phelps celebrating tying the kthis is yet again,
5:57 am
friend of the phelps and his wife nicole posted this photo of the couple together again during their new years wedding party. they first got married in june of last year, they had a second wedding ceremony in october, michael and nicole celebrated for a third time over the weekend at new years bash. fists flying in the streets, but it is who is throwing punches that has many people talking this morning, the latest on the investigation into a video of a large street fight, in west philadelphia. stay with us. here you go, the spare!
5:58 am
the spare, no, i don't want to put anybody out. nonsense! we lend it to everybody. some people we hardly know.
5:59 am
6:00 am
when you look at it, and then it got bad. >> history making show is what it is, grand daddy of them all really came through. there is a bright spot for nittany lions fans, despite this heart breaking loss. >> i hope you will tell us. >> but what a game. >> what a way to lose too. >> what is happening here in west philadelphia, shocking video a large brawl in the streets but it is what one officer toss while trying to break it up that has police investigating this morning. and a horrible home invasion turns deadly, in frankford, a daddies shot, by an armed man inside of his home, police say what that dad did, next, that saved the rest of his famil


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