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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  January 4, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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they so close that's part of the investigation. the scene tide up traffic if any your part of university city wednesday afternoon. one trolley somehow crashing into the back of another one at 38th and lancaster. several injured passengers he is cored by ems personnel over to a septa bus for a drive to the hospital. >> just sitting there and next thing i know, bam, i ain't had no hat on new york city glasses. the back of the pole hit me in the back of the neck. >> reporter: anthony, says he was sitting in the front of the first trolley when he felt the impact. >> back of my neck hurts, back. i'm upset. >> reporter: you're upset? >> i got a heart condition. >> reporter: fire officials say 46 have minor injuries which include the operators of both trollies. four of those injured had to be transported by medics to presbyterian and hahnemann hospitals. >> cuts, bruises, just real
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minor injuries. that's all. >> reporter: still the question is, how could this happen to a key part of septa's transportation system? a spokesperson tells fox 29 they cannot say just yet as the investigation is on going. passengers we talked with have their own conclusion. >> it's a freak accident. >> reporter: well investigators are also looking at the mechanics of both of these trollies as part of their probe. of course, we'll keep updated as the new information is released. back to you. >> all right, dave, thank you. ntsb trying to figure out what caused a train to crash in brooklyn during rush hour this morning. officials say about 100 people were hurt but they're mostly minor injuries. the train crashed as it pulled into the platform causing a hectic and scary scene for commuters. >> heard a loud boom and we all got thrown. people were standing getting ready to disebark. they were all on the ground. bags went flying. >> it could have been worse without a doubt. we were fortunate. i don't believe there was
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anyone... [ inaudible ] >> right now we don't know if speed caused the crash. the incident is still under investigation. tonight fraternal order of police calling out the philadelphia district attorney's office since it dropped charges against a teen you see here. monday night we showed you the video of a philadelphia police officer forcing a girl to the ground and punching her. commissioner richard ross has said the video does not show her smack the officer hard in the face. here's what the fop had to say in a statement. the young woman who freely adm admitted to assaulting a uniformed officer on duty is allowed to walk away with absolutely no accountability by a district attorney too busy dodging federal subpoenas to do the job he was sworn to do ". the district attorney's office has response saying "district attorney williams will never apologize for relying on high investigative and prosecute al standards before deciding to take away someone's freedom. and it's stunning that anyone, much less a member of law
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enforcement would ever believe anything else ". there you have it. time now for for your fox 29 weather authority. meteorologist kathy orr joins us for a first look at weather between those two statements heating up around here. >> it certainly is. it will be cooling down big time outside, lucy. we have to get out this evening. little bit windy but temperatures are still warm across the region. look at the high temperatures. wilmington 56. atlantic city 57. not so bad on the fourth of january. look at philadelphia. 54 degrees. trenton 54. allentown, reading 51 degrees. the big chill is coming overnight. temperatures already falling in the poconos 31. reading 40. lancaster 39. the cold will be taking over the region overnight tonight and tomorrow morning we're talking about temperatures in the 20s and the teens. mount pocono waking up to 14. philadelphia waking up to 27. allentown 22. millville 25 and trenton waking up to 24 degrees. but that's not all we're talking about some wind that will make it feel even colder. so you have clear skies.
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you have windy conditions. a cold start to the day tomorr tomorrow. and then a piece of energy out through omaha and spreading into denver into colorado this is going to be moving on east and help to develop a coastal low that will bring snow the first real accumulating widespread snow throughout the region. so coming up we'll talk about that wind chill the first snow that will be counting in inches and the deep freeze coming this weekend. many hours below freezing it's not going to be pretty out the there. >> all right. >> bundle and this weekend way good book, iain. >> i will. thank you kathy. >> prosecutors charged this man with touching sleeping college students once again. police say 25-year-old john cannon illegally entered a dorm and touched at least one female student. police say he also fondled young women as they slept in their dorm at rider university last year. he's now facing criminal sexual contact, burglary and trespassing charges. germantown police are looking for two gunmen wanted in a drive by shooting just relea
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released surveillance video from monday afternoon. car pull up to three men on the 5,000 block of germantown avenue one of them hopped in. that's when police say the two men in the car started shooting at the men outside. those men ran off and the bullets missed their targets. no one hurt. police want to find a driver in a deadly hit-and-run crash in atlantic county. police say a pedestrian was crossing the street on jimmy leads road in galloway township when she was hit by a durango her body was push in the opposite direction of traffic and then hit by another vehicle. police think that might have been a pick up. that second driver just cep going. suspect in the bensalem hit-and-run. james hash err face charge for new year's day crash that seriously injured a bicyclist on tennis avenue. police received a whole bunch of tips that led them to him. south jersey man accused of killing his estranged wife headed to court today. jeremiah monelle had been on the run for two weeks before cops got to him on monday. fox 29's dawn timmeney reports
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from the cumberland county courthouse. >> eat hurt her for way too long. now it's time for him to feel some of that pain. take away his freedoms. >> brian dunn says anger fill his heart today when he saw his cousin's accused killer appear on video in come cumberland couy core. james monelle is accused of stabbing his estranged wife together. she endure years of dough mow tech abuse. >> she a restraining order. she had definitely went to the judge plenty of times to get the kids and herself out of state. the judge granted her to leave the state but not the kids and she wasn't leaving the kids behind. >> reporter: o'shea watson had two children with mow monelle. they were at home at the time their mother was brutally murdered allegedly at the hands of their own father. >> i'm done hide wagon i feel. i want him buried underneath that jail. >> reporter: the 32-year-old monelle managed to elude police for two weeks his pick up was found in cedarville a day after the murder. but it wasn't until monday that
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someone spotted him hiding in the woods and called police. the victim's family hopes justice will finally be served but their hearts ache especially for o'shea watson's children. >> she gets to watch them from above but she doesn't get to be in them pictures with them. she don't get to stand and walk their -- with their son while he gets married or be with her daughter while she gets married. she don't get any of them privileges. why should he. >> monelle being held without bail. he faces a preventive detention hearing on monday to determine if any were even be granted in this case. he's facing 30 years to life if convicted. dawn timmeney, fox 29 news. philadelphia's bold experiment with expanded full day pre kindergarten kicked off today. a to us son youngsters from three to five began classes with more on the way in the weeks ahead in program paid for by that controversial new tax. our bruce gordon asks will it work? >> reporter: terry bradford stopped by the beautiful
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beginnings school to take care of last minute per week per five-year-old daughter rider starts full day pre k next monday. little girl it's a big step up from daycare. >> for her mom it's a big savings. free pre k versus paying for full daycare. >> what's the difference for you as a working parent? >> it's big difference. a huge difference. i want to say. tremendous difference. >> reporter: saving i was lot of money. >> yes. >> reporter: this school the expanded pre k program doubled attendance from 10 children to 20. they've added new teacher to handle the class load. phl pre k is the signature initiative of the kenney administration. designed to give thousands of city kids a head start on their formal education that no cost to mom and dad. little aiden has a speech impair many he's among the newly enroll here at the pre k program. >> how excited were you to find out you got your son in here. >> excited because he needed to be around other kids. >> you think you'll get something big out of this program. >> yup. >> the money for this bold new plan comes from the brand new
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and already controversial sugary drinks tax. penny and a half per ounce it's hard to miss on the grocery bill. director of operations at the school we visited says she's already paid the higher tax without complaint. >> i was happy. i felt like i should pat myself on the back. i was supporting the cause. >> reporter: of kids getting a head start and learning. >> we're really said setting that guideline for what their future is going to be. we're laying that foundation so i know after this year families will see the importance of this and the value and quality of pre k. >> reporter: terry bradford is talking to rider about her first day of pre k. >> she's like, mom, this is my school? >> i'm like, yes. so -- >> daughter has got school. >> yes. yes. yes. >> reporter: not everyone is convinced the benefits of these pro k programs but a long-term study of a million children in north carolina threw fifth grade showed the kids enrolled in pre k programs scored higher in math and reading tests than those who did not have pre k. the pre k kids were 48% less
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likely to require special ed he had programs and those pre k kids were 29% less likely to be held back a grade. quality program makes all the difference lucy. we will see if philly makes the grade. >> all right. thank you very much much, bruce gordon. don't expect to see any wind turbines like these off the coast of new jersey. why federal officials are pulling the plug on renewable energy plan. >> the trump taj mahal among the shuddered atlantic city casinos. why you shall not expect to ever gamble in that building again. sean? iain, brian dawn dawkins getting closer and closer to the hall of fame and the man still speaks with so much passion. hear what he had to say about potentially making it to haul coming up later in sports.
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♪ a lot of you could be seeing more vice-president biden after he leaves washington. he's developing a partnership with the university of delaware that will focus on economic and domestic policy. that is of course the vice-president alma mater. announcement comes a day after a hot mike caught him saying he plans to work on foreign policy at his cancer initiative with the university of pennsylvania. opener of the atlantic city shuttered trump casino trauma much tam taj mahal says the property is not far sale. billionaire investor carl icon has no plans to sell the building he plans to surveillance ren the casino license. he is also filed a deed restriction preventing any future purchaser from using the site as a casino unless they pay his company a fee. taj mahal closed on december 10th after workers hit the picket line.
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federal government taking the air out of the plans to put wind turbines like these along the jersey coast. the u.s. energy depth says the company fishermans energy failed to meet december 31 deadline to have an agreement in place. the department is now revoking most of the $47 million already pledged to the project. the d.c. eo hopes a last ditch effort will save the deal. wind turbines are controversial environmental groups like auto bon society say they kill hundreds of thousands of birds and bats every year. >> local leaders say economic developments on the rise in camden county. that's what brought freeholder louis capelly injury to cherry hill today. he was at the county regional chamber of commerce luncheon. telling residents about all the redevelop projects happening throughout camden and the entire county. he says more than $3.5 billion in private equity is being invested into the county. a pennsylvania woman celebrate add special milestone today. >> indeed she did. mary i don't know pish celebrated her 106th birthday
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in front of a crowd of 50 people at a senior living center in lackawanna county. the crowd sang birthday. she reveal her secret to longevity. >> take a walk every morning. before breakfast. rain or shine. and you'll see -- you'll be ok okay. >> love that. fish was born in 1911. imagine all that she has seen throughout all those decades. that was more than a year by the way before the sinking of the titanic. >> wow! >> yup. >> good for her. happy birthday to her. i'm telling you 106. that's impressive. >> yes. >> all in perspective. >> exactly. you know what, it was warm today. temperature. i didn't feel that warm out there. i don't know. >> you know lucy, iain and i were on the elevator today coming from the parking garage and i felt the same way. little bit of a wind. >> yeah. it's still kind of feels wet outside little bit. it feels that way. >> it's january. >> i know. >> 54 in january is different than 54 in april. >> i have to say it feels very
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warm to me. i'm not complaining. >> not that iain was. he was just commenting. >> by saturday and sunday iain will be hoping it was 54. >> look outside our camera shaking little bit here winds are still gusting to about 30 miles an hour out there. this is where we were today. 54 degrees the high temperature. and look what happens by saturday and sunday temperatures with highs only in the 20s so a drastic drop coming our way over 30-degree drop and it's going to be getting pretty cold overnight tonight. so temperatures in the 40s right now. 47 in philadelphia. pittsburgh looking at 26 detroit 21 degrees. look at chicago. 15 international falls 10 degrees below zero. that's the actual temperature in the wind chill come tomorrow morning we're talking about mainly in the teens with about 10 to 15 miles an hour wind and staying pretty cold throughout the day thursday. wind chills in the teens again on friday. so a lot of changes coming our way. we have one system that will be developing off the coast
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tomorrow night and into friday. i do anticipate the national weather service will put out a winter weather advisory especially for south jersey for about one to 3-inches of snow possible during that period. that will be swinging bye-bye early friday morning. friday afternoon the sun comes out. then another system is offshore slight shift in this to the west could bring additional snow for us saturday night. right now it looks as though it would be brushing by delaware and south jersey we'll keep an eye on that. kind of like a one-two punch opportunity. as we look at the fox future cast you can see late tonight into tomorrow temperatures getting colder. then that snow moving in tomorrow night as early as nine, 10:00 o'clock. if you have plans tomorrow evening, and then it snows during the overnight. lightly. and then it moves on out after the seven, 8:00 o'clock hour then the sun will be returning but temperatures cold in the 20s across the region. here's another view of the accumulations lesser accumulations toward the poconos and lehigh valley about an inch or so one to 2-inches in
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philadelphia and one to two plus towards south jersey the shore some locations picking up 3-inches of snow. look at the timing we're talking about 10:00 o'clock thursday threw about 8am friday, the poconos, lehigh valley, with a light accumulation even along the i-95 corridor and our suburbs we're talking about one to two inches and-accumulation in south jersey and delaware as our storm pulls away you will see additional snow there. overnight tonight, no problems. 28 in the city. 23 in the suburbs. turning blustery and when you have temperatures that cold it doesn't take much of a wind to get bitterly cold wind chill. so the high temperature 38 but it will feel like it's in the 20s. and by late tomorrow evening the snow begins. on your seven day forecast from the weather authority, morning snow showers friday. then i mentioned the sun comes out and it will be extremely bright because of that reflect have the from the snow. we call that the al beat tow. saturday sunday high temperatures only in the 20s. bottom out at 14 monday morning. 30 degrees will be the high and then tuesday we start to warm
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back up. to 39. wednesday a chance of a rain shower and 47. so how is that for you iain? warm it up to 39. >> hang on. >> we're trying to figure out what did you call that reflecting of the snow thing. >> it's called the al beat tow. >> okay. >> thank you very much. >> aft the snow when the sun comes out it will be blinding because the reflect have the of the snow. >> all right. al betty. ap wore of the day. take note, students. thank you. >> i don't know anything about that. >> al beat tow. she'll talk about graupel later. >> the eagles finally got good news. >> brian dawk kin so so close to making it to the hall of fame. he talks about what it would be like get in plus time for harry roseman to -- howie roseman to earn his paycheck. he talks about addressing the many, many needs of the franchise. here what he has to say next in sports.
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xfinity x1 will change the way you experience tv. ♪ the eagles season over early. once again and now it's time for howie roseman to actually earn his keep. he got a franchise quarterback last off season. now he has to get guys to surround him. eagles play makers among the worst nfl. howie roseman addressed his plan on fixing that. >> seems like a long time ago we were leading the national football league in 20 plus plays, and um, i don't have a did he lore yann time machine to go back in time and get some of those guys back. we have a young group. we have young room. um, they need to continue to grow. >> look at that. it's been a year and howie still taking shots at chip kelly. chip got rid of all those elite
6:25 pm
talent guys and how week woo he making sure you never forget that. now this team need to find out how to bring back those skilled players at the same time. roseman isn't going to jump to the gun at all. >> we have to be discipline. we have to stick to our plan. um, we have to stick to our process. and, um, that has to show up in the draft. i mean, i'm sure that everyone is sit here and write about positions of need, um, understand that, but we're going to do what's right when you have, um, some young core players. >> eagles can only hope to get a guy like brian dawkins this off season. b dawk bun of the best to every do it and he's this close to being introduced into the hall of fame. list down to 15 dan he talk about what it would mean to him to be a hall of famer. >> because of the way that i tried to handle myself and carry myself as a person that my teammates will smile at that. like i believe that when that
6:26 pm
day happens, that i won't be the only one crying. that my teammates the fans, the city of philadelphia, they'll be crying because they -- we have had, you know, kind of kindrid relationship. >> he doesn't do anything bough without talking about something with such passion. whether he's talking about something, doing something it's passionate. everyone feels it. and grabs it with him. >> you hang on to his words. >> yes. >> that weighty. >> good stuff. >> he's all philly and philly loves him. all right. tonight on fox 29 news at 10 police officers never know what they may come across during a traffic stop but it's what one little girl had for a local cop that left him speechless. the gift that is getting passed away. >> her smile lights up the house that. does it for us here at 6:00. >> we'll see you right back here at 10. have a good night. inside edition is up next. ♪
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only from fios. > it's a boy for janet jackson at 50! but does she already have a secret daughter? >> came out and said, you have a daughter with janet jackson. then, jenny mccarthy's extraordinary attack on mariah carey. >> it was that bad. and -- >> i have decided to pursue a new challenge. >> megyn kelly's big good-bye. >> thank you for watching. good-bye. plus, is madman charles manson dying? >> reporter: inside this hospital where he was admitted under the name joe doe. then, they're performing. so are they. >> deborah: the scramble to get


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