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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  January 5, 2017 4:00am-5:00am EST

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this is good day philadelphia. >> happening right now on good day philadelphia, a eight year old girl dice suddenly on new years eve. the focus this morning on the investigation. and breaking overnight. one man is dead after an early morning shooting. why officials think there may have been two gunmen. >> plus macy's is cutting thousands of jobs and closing dozens of stores including several in our area. we're going to tell you which locations this morning. >> and a heart breaking lost for villanova. oh, for the first time in history, the nation's top ranked team lost. we'll have some of the highlights coming up. certainly watch that one. >> we felt the pain. but so much to be proud of. great to have you with us on this thursday. >> j. wright, were they holding him back? what was going on there? >> a lot of action.
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>> in somebody's face maybe? >> it was exciting. good morning, bob. >> how are you doing? >> good, got our blue on today. >> look at that, blue and red, you know, the colors of the country. >> we'll get a check on traffic in a moment. good morning. >> good morning you did you feel the difference walking out the door this morning? it is so much colder out there this morning and oh, you know what, this is not what i wanted to show you, but i will show you what you wanted to show you. we do have the possibility of some snow for tomorrow morning, actually, earlier arrival time than we had told you about yesterday with the rain, with the snow, i should say, arriving tonight instead of early tomorrow morning. so, that is going to be an issue. we will be dealing with then for us right now here comes s just wait for t there it is, your number of the day. it is a six out of ten. it is a lot colder out there. here are the numbers to prove t temperatures in the 20's,
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30's, teens are our windchills. these are 18, 15 degrees colder than yesterday. look at this, feels like 14 in reading, 16 in lancaster, feels like 21 degrees in the city right now. no rain or snow to show you at the moment. but 24 hours from now, it will be a different story. so basically, 31, feels like 21, we start out with some sunshine today. won't last long. we will see increase being clouds getting ready for some snow tonight. we will time it all out for you and give you the projected amounts coming up in just a few minutes, do you have great start this morning, bob kelly. >> it will only get better. have cup of coffee. we're good to go. 4:02 on a thursday, dodging the deer here this morning on the schuylkill expressway. this is live look at the westbound schuylkill, right before conshohocken. now, i dodged a deer this morning, on my way in, coming around the same curve, i was coming eastbound, and the deer jumped over the guardrail into the westbound side here. i'm hoping that everybody's okay. police just pulled up to the
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scene here. looks like one car sitting off to the shoulder and that is usually a sign that somebody's strung a deer thereon that schuylkill expressway. we will keep our eye on. that will otherwise, vine street expressway, looking good except looking like no traffic, shutdown between the schuylkill and broad street here all part of the overnight construction, construction still out on the northeast extension, working northbound just north of lansdale. so from lansdale up to quakertown watch for delays. as sue just mentioned, plan ahead for weather delays. this time tomorrow. all of the folks that are typically traveling for business or pleasure tomorrow morning could be a hot mess. tonight will be a hot mess into tomorrow morning. so, check ahead, and check with the airlines for your air travel plans for the next couple of days. septa regional rail lines, off to good start with no reported delays. thomas, karen, back over to you. >> bob, thank you. breaking news, police are investigating a fatal shooting in the strawberry mansion section of the city overnight.
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it happened right here on the 2900 block of oakdale street. little after 1:00. the victim is a 26 year old man, found unresponsive on the sidewalk with a gunshot wound to his head. you can hear the screaming. police say preliminary reports show two shot were fired in close proximity to the victim. >> also, a fire has broken out at a home in frankford, crews called to the 1,000 block of wake land street about 12:15 this morning. quickly the firefighters were able to knock this one down, about half hour, no one was hurt. investigators are trying to figure out the cause. developing this morning, out of camden county, an investigation into the death of a eight year old girl, who police say, died on new years eve. investigators are describing her death as sudden. our jenny joyce in the news room this morning with this heart breaking story. jenny? >> good morning, thomas, there has been enormous outpouring of support on social media from members of this tight night stratford community, everyone heart broken over this smiley eight year old's
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death. police say eight year old found un response enough her stratford home in the afternoon of new years eve. she was returned to kennedy hospital where she was pronounced. the camden county prosecutor's offers is simply calling this an ongoing sudden death investigation, in a 911 call, fox 29 requested and obtained from camden county sailor's brother tells the operator he needs help for his baby sister. he says she's unresponsive. and that his mother went upstairs and found her and told him to call 911. neighbors say sailor is the daughter of stratford police officer, she was on a local cheerleading squad, sterling lady night. the group has posted on it facebook page says no one goes through this alone, they ask for prayers, there is also a memorial fund set up for this child through a stratford td bank. checks can also be sent to the stratford police department. at this point investigators are not releasing details of what happened or how this girl died, only family members were home at the time of the
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incident. >> karen? >> i know it is hitting a lot of people hard. jenny, thank you. police this morning are searching foreman who they say exposed himself to a woman while peeping right through heroin dough. officers were called to a home along wood lake drive, evesham township, yesterday night. to reports of man standing on the lady's patio looking inside of her house, while exposing himself. the suspect, being described as tall, slim man, wearing dark hoodie, dark pants. this is near the same area where two teen girls told police a man jumped out of his jeep, naked, and chased them back on december 30th. if you know anything, you are asked to call police. >> the fraternal order of police is calling out the district attorney's office in philadelphia. it is angry that prosecutor's dropped charges against the teen that you see right here. now, in this video that we first showed you monday, philadelphia police officer forces a teen girl to the ground and you can see her punching her. commissioner richard ross says the video does not show that teen smacking the officer so hard in the face, here's what
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the f.o.p. had to say in a statement. the young woman, who freely admitted assaulting a uniformed officer on duty is allowed to walk away with absolutely no accountability by a district attorney, too busy dodging federal subpoenas to do the job he was sworn to do. it is to has been very disappointing over the past seven years watching an once promising district attorney to generate into a morally annette i cannily challenged side line playboy. the district attorney's office has a response saying, quote, district attorney williams will never apologize for lying on high investigative and prosecution standard before deciding to take away someone's freedom. it is stunning that anyone much less a member of law enforcement would ever believe anything else. >> thomas? >> karen, today family and friends will say their final good-byes to a fallen pennsylvania state trooper. hundreds showed up for the viewing of landon weaver in altoona yesterday. authorities say paul robeson shot and killed the 23 year old state trooper while he was
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investigating a domestic incident in huntingdon county friday night. state police shot and killed robeson the next morning after they say he threatened them. trooper weaver's funeral set for tomorrow morning. >> all right, your money news right now. big news. macy's closing 100 stores and cutting thousands of jobs after a pretty dismal holiday shopping season. some will be in our area. steve keeley is at the macy's in moorestown, one of the ones that will be shutdown. good morning, steve. >> reporter: yep, always awful when we have to tell but job losses, we are talking about 400 almost locally full-time as they call associate jobs. and the most of the four macy's losing jobs, the moorestown with 107, we are told by macy's. this time of year where we're always doing these shopping stories, we start right across the street from this store every thanksgiving where the k-mart is open. then we're usually here around the moorestown mall for "black friday", then pre-christmas
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sales, even the post christmas sales over at j.c. penney, now another big sale, and this one a lot sadder on monday, they're going to start their closing final clearance sale, we're told monday, and expect really big deals later, because they say these stores are going to close in early spring. so, probably another big percentage off what you got and saw after christmas, and then a huge percentage off if they have anything left in late february and early march and late march. because they'll clear these stores out, never get any of the spring lines in or the summer lines in, you will have to go to the other macy's, so talking moorestown there is store opened in 99, used to be a john wanamaker way back when they opened this mall in 62. then the old echelon mall, now called the voorhees town center, the may i's there opened in 1970. seventy-seven jobs gone there. over in pennsylvania,
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neshaminy mall opened way back in 68, 89 jobs lost. then plymouth meeting mall opened in the 196 sixer a with 74 jobs lost. soap, a lot of these scores have a lot of history with a lot of families, and another sad lost for people who are used to shopping here. you can guilt to a macy's, you got the one in downtown philadelphia and others in this area. but will be a longer drive for either shoppers or for any of the lucky associates who get transferred somewhere. but karen, thomas, you know, they only need so many managers, so if you were the manager of this store, not like you could get the manager job over in philadelphia. that job obviously filled. but when we see the next macy's thanksgiving day parade, sadly, hundreds of local macy's workers and thousands every macy shoppers who are used to their local stores won't have them. they'll have the parade and longer ride to get to a macy's if they want to shop there. >> it is a sign of the times. all right, steve, thank you. >> you said it, though, something we certainly don't want to see people losing their jobs. >> still ahead this morning,.
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>> police officers nefertiti what they'll come across when making a traffic stop. >> it is 11 little girl had for a local cop that left him speechless. speechless. the gift, well, that's now getting passed around. >> and we want to show you a woman, she is in a lot of trouble over the lottery. investigators say when she didn't win the jackpot, she put in a call to headquarters. that's where her problems started. what investigators say she said that got her busted. good morning. >> good morning, 4:11, working in wilmington, 495 northbound, route 13, the dew point highway. but otherwise, no problems at all, as you travel up and down the majors, in the first state. a loft you park on the driveway and drive on the parkway. here is a live look at the ben franklin parkway, sue has the snowy forecast, you want to grab a coffee and meet us back here in two and a half.
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>> how many combed err it was than yesterday. temperatures mostly in the mid 40's around the region, higher than the normal high temperatures, this kind of feels a little more like january, 31 degrees in philadelphia, 17 up in the mountains, 25 in reading, 31 degrees down in dover. but, this is what it feels
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like, these are the future windchills we expect throughout the region so expect the windchills all day to stay in the 20's, or in the teens right now, so many places, even by 7:00 tonight it, will feel like 23 degrees. >> so with cold temperatures in place, couple of things working here, and getting better handle on when this will start and how much snow we will get. we have this area of energy in the midwest, headed toward ohio it, will help in the formation after coastal low. we told you yesterday, that hasn't even formed yet. but it will. and eventually, give us some snow. starting tonight, now, instead of early, early tomorrow morning, let's time it out for you in the future cast. here is 2:00. it doesn't look like anything is happening. we're all dry and going to the grocery store. no kidding, it won't be that bad of a storm. it is 7:00 tonight, we start to see it moving in from west to east. so, chester county, lancaster county, could you start seeing the first snowflakes by then. 9:00, we're seeing snow
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throughout most of the region, through 11:00, through about midnight, starts to get little spot year ier, will start to make its exit, now, starting by about 3:00 in the morning, but still snowing in the area. and it looks like the last places to see snow will be the jersey shore. this is coastal storm, change in track, just little bit. could change the timing of this, and of course, how much snow we are going to ends up with, at the ends of the day, looks like maybe between one and 2 inches in most places, here in philadelphia, up in pottstown, about an inch in allentown, the least amount of snow on friday will be in the pocono mountains, and it looks like there will be some, as much as 2 inches of snow in some places near the coast. as far as temperatures are concerned, your average high is now 40 degrees. so yes, 24 hours ago we were above the average. we ended up with 54 degrees yesterday. today, 37 for a high, tomorrow, 36, and that seems
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balmy compared to the weekends, because now both days of the weekend, we're not going to get out of the 20's. 29 degrees on saturday. bitter cold again on sunday, only 30 degrees for high on monday. but by the time we are in the middle of the week, close to 50 degrees again. are you ready for that roller coaster ride, bob kelly? >> two tickets for that ride, you got it. 4:17. good morning, thursday, accident here on the schuylkill expressway. i think this fellow actually hit a deer. i was telling you last time around, the deer nearly missed, coming into work this morning, jumped over the barrier, right here at the conshy curve and unfortunately looks like this guy clipped him on the westbound side approaching conshohocken. i think everybody's okay. they just got the police there, sorting things. good morning, old glory blowing in the wind from the camden toll plaza. no problems this morning up and over the bridges with the nasty weather coming our way tonight now sue just mentioned probably going to see today all of the dot crews out there
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with their salt brine solution trucks. so just be aware of that. you want to give them plenty of room behind. you don't want to try passing those guys. because that gook that they're putting down on the road will be all over your car. just cut them break. let them do what they have to do during the midday today. that will help the roads from freezing, when we get those first flakes later tonight. the vine street expressway shutdown between the schuylkill and broad street part. normal construction, usually out of thereby 5:00 or so. working on the pennsylvania turnpike, stretch from street road overthrew the delaware valley turnpike interchange here, the delaware, turnpike toll bridge, no new jersey. so, it is a roving crew, between street road and over to that connector bridge. also, working on the northeast extension, between lansdale and quakertown. if you have any plans to travel, via philly international, tonight through tomorrow, get your itinerary out. you just saw sue's forecast,
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plan ahead, for weather delays that are sure to come at philadelphia international airport later on tonight, into tomorrow. karen, thomas, back over to you. >> thanks forgetting us around, time is 4:19. bensalem police say tips help them catch hit-and-run driver. that guy right there, james harbor, now faces charges for a new years day crash, that seriously injured a bicyclist on tennis avenue. police say after releasing this surveillance video of a truck involved, they received numerous tips, that led them to harbor. harbor ended up turning himself in. the fbi this morning, is looking for this man. they say knocked off bank in northeast philadelphia yesterday afternoon. investigators say, the man walked into the bank on night road with a gun, and handed a teller a demand note. he got away with some cash. no one was hurt. >> a drive-by shooting in germantown has resident shaken up. this all went down monday afternoon in broad daylight on the 5,000 block of germantown avenue. the two men being shot at ran for cover, one of them running
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inside a nearby supermarket. it is a busy part of town. people are scared for their safety. >> with the children, all in the day care it, doesn't make it safe. we are worried about that. >> people scared to go into a store now, you know, a lot of things going on. >> no injuries are being reported. but every right to be concerned here. police are looking for a car described as new err model buick sedan, silver or tan in color, with damage to the passenger side front and rear doors. >> thomas, incredibly emotional day foreman in south jersey watched his cousin's accused killer go before a judge. jeremiah moanel made his first appearance for the murder of his estranged wife. did he not have much to say but certainly the victim's family did, as our dawn timoney reports. >> he's hurt her for way too long. now it is time for him to feel some that far pain, take away his freedom. >> brian dunn says anger filled his heart today when he
4:21 am
saw his cousin's accused killer appear on video in cumberland county court. jeremiah monel accused of stab to go death his ex-wife back on december 19th. dunn says the 35 year olden dude years of domestic abuse. >> she had a restraining order. she had definitely went to the judge plenty of times to get the kids and herself out of state. the judge granted her to leave the state, but not the kids. she wasn't leaving the kids behind. >> owe shea watson had two children with monel. police say they were at home at the time their mother was broughtly murdered, allegedly, at the hands of their own father. >> i'm done hiding what i feel. i want him burried under that jail. >> thirty-two year old monel managed to he will leud police for two weeks, his pick up found in cedar villa day after the murder but wasn't until monday that someone spotted him hiding in the woods and called police. the victim's family hopes justice will finally be served. but their hearts ache, especially for owe shea watson's children.
4:22 am
>> she gets to watch them from above but not to stand in the pictures with her, not stands with her son while he gets married or be with her daughter when she gets marriage dollars. she doesn't get the privileges, why should he? >> he faces hearing monday to determine if any will even be grant in the this case. he's facing 30 years to life if convicted. dawn timoney, "fox 29 news". >> time now 4:22, you know, always disappoint whg your lottery ticket is a dud. but one philadelphia woman took that disappointment to a whole new level. she actually threatened pennsylvania lottery workers. so, ms. shields right here allegedly made death threats to employees at lottery headquarters in central pennsylvania. police say she called them multiple times, between april and december of last year, she was apparently upset she never won big. well now she is facing big charges, including making terroristic threats and stalking. a warrant has been issued for her arrest.
4:23 am
still ahead this morning, villanova in a top 25 show-down with butler. and jay wright goes nuts on the rev. check out nova in the upset alerts. upset alert coming up in sports in a minute.
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>> good morning, i'm cell b
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flyers going through tough stretch, lost four in a row, six out of the last seven, once again, fall to the rangers. second periods, no score, just terrible defense right here on the fast break. kevin haze, just goes straight to the front of the goal and gets score. the flyers go onto lose five-two, fifth straight lost. villanova and butler, jay wright getting fired up in this one. it didn't matter either way, butler came to play. right here with the steel. coast-to-coast, get the and one. nova no longer un unbeaten, losing, to terrible, s and u, fran dunphy trying to stop the two game losing streak. just struggling, three in the corner right there. the owls lose 79 to 65. and everyone in philly taking a l except lasalle. they score taking on st. louis. that's omar, right here, coming up, hitting the jumper. go onto crews 757 to 74. sports in a minute, i'm sean
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yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant. bliss officers' daughter dice suddenly on new years eve. investigation underway right
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now. >> major department store closing it doors, why many macy's workers will soon be out of a job. >> this mother and daughter duo, so famous, died less than 24 hours apart. today carrie fisher and debbie reynolds will be burried together. >> good to have you with us this thursday, every time you see them, just such a powerful force there. they will be remembered. great to have you with us, i'm thomas drayton along with karen hepp. bob will have your traffic coming along in just a minute. >> so far so good. i saw deer this morning coming around the conshohocken curve. what did you say, oh, deer? >> i didn't actually say that, but i will tell you what i did say coming around the curve. >> well, you know, it is what happens. and we've got the colder temperatures, so maybe everybody is running around crazy today. figuring out where's my scarf, where's my hat, all of that stuff that i need to layer up. it is a six out of ten, in your weather by the numbers, and temperatures are in the
4:31 am
20's, in pottstown, allentown, lancaster, it is in the teens, mount pocono, degree below freezing in philadelphia, these temperatures are as much as 18 degrees colder than they were 24 hours ago. and this is your windchill. teens in reading, allentown, lancaster, feels like one in mount pocono, 21 is the windchill here in philadelphia. no snow yet. but now it is coal enough, so when it arrives, later on tonight, we will see some slippery conditions undoubtedly. 31 degrees with 13-mile per hour wind out there. some sunshine in the beginning of the day. but it won't stick around long. we are going to cloud up, getting ready for the snow. we will tell when you it arrives, and how much we'll get, coming up in just a few minute, so bob, the deer story, let's go. >> okay, well, we can't play the dash cam audio from what i said when i was coming around the conshy curve. i didn't really think anything of it until i came in here and
4:32 am
saw the accident. around the conshy curve, coming around the curve and there is the deer, smack dab in the center of the lane. i had no where to go. you know, you teach the kids, teaching my son to drive now. and you teach him, you don't swerve because could you cause even more problems if you swerve. so, i knew i was going head on on into this deer, but he jumped over the guardrail, near miss, jumped into the opposite lanes here. looks like this fellow may in the have been so lucky. >> this accident didn't happen at the same time. i think the deer was then wandering in the westbound lanes, and this guy clipped him here. so it is westbound schuylkill, right near conshohocken. definitely gave me a big wake-up call. better than a cup of coffee than i was drinking on my way in. but be careful. deer are out there this morning, especially in the area of the schuylkill at conshohocken. a live look at the boulevard, no problems at all. they are still working on the vine street expressway, closed this morning, until about 5:00 between the schuylkill and broad street. they'll be opened up after 5:00 a.m. for the commuters coming into center city.
4:33 am
crouds are still working on the extension northbound, between lansdale, and quakertown, and as sue just mentioned with the forecast, tonight, into tomorrow, if you have any plans, to travel via air in or out of philadelphia international airport, i would plan ahead, get your itinerary out. check with the airlines, things will definitely get shaken up here like a snow globe down at philadelphia international airport. right now, we're okay for the morning rush hour, no problems out of the gate here this morning, on septa's buses, trains, or trolleys. karen, thomas, back to you. >> bob, thank up. we have some break breaking news, police investigating a fatal shooting happened in the strawberry machine sean, the scene 2900 block of oakdale, little after 1:00 a.m. the victim is a 26 year old man, who was found on the sidewalk, with a gunshot wounds to his head. preliminary reports show that two shot were fired, in close proximity to the victim. >> and there was fire that broke out at home in frankford, crews were called out to this scene, the 1,000
4:34 am
block of wakling street, about 12:15. firefighters were able to quickly knock this one down, and less than half an hour. no one was hurt. investigators are trying to figure out the cause. >> the camden county prosecutor's offers is investigating the sudden tragic death of a eight year old little girl from stratford. police were called out to sailor righter's home just before 2:00 new years eve. officials say the young girl's brother called 911, telling the operator, his mother found her unresponsive, and she wasn't breathing. sailor rushed to kennedy hospital where she was pronounced dead short time later. the eight year old was cheerleader with the sterling lady nights nights, daughter of a stratford police officer. only family members were at the home when it happened. >> time now 4:34. an ambulance on it way to a crash in montgomery county that involved several vehicles. also ended up getting into an accident. here's the scene. fresco user katrina shot this video, this ambulance was on it way to a four-vehicle crash in montgomery township just
4:35 am
before 6:30 last night. when it was struck by another car just before it got to the scene. we understand one person was taken to the hospital from the scene of the original crash. fortunately, no one involved in the crash with the ambulance was injured. >> controversy over a proposed middle school in upper perkioman. hundreds of people turned out for the district herring on plans for new $58 million middle school to replace the current 80 year old building. school board has already approved the proposal, but the meeting was last minute effort to ask the state to put the brakes on the project. opponent say it is too expensive. lan cause traffic and environmental problems. >> a lot of us are on fixed incomes. where does the extra money come? >> should this go through, weaver to make serious decisions about whether or not we'll be able to stay in this community. and that kills me. >> it is likely it will go through. the new school is set to break grounds this summer and open
4:36 am
in two years. >> former pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane says her perjury conviction should be overturned because of errors in her trial. she was convicted last summer for lying under oath about leaking confidential documents to the media to embarrass the political rival. her lawyer is challenging the use of the special prosecutor to investigate the leak calling the charges redundant, says kane should have been able to introduce evidence about explicit emails she found on state accounts. kane has been sentenced to ten to 23 months in jail, but remains free while she appeal her conviction. >> time 4:36. happening right now, macy's is trying to stay afloat after poor holiday sales. the company is cutting jobs, and closing several stores. our steve keeley at macy's in moorestown, one of the location that is will soon shutdown, not the news we want for the new years, steve. >> reporter: yes. four of the 68 stores macy's is shutting across the country in the philadelphia area, and we are at one of them. than is a long time store, and they call these anchor stores,
4:37 am
at local malls. and this is long been anchor at the end of the moorestown mall. you can see the big m, and that is for the moorestown mall, which they've really changed and upgraded with restaurant, they now have restaurant that serve liquor. so this mall is now thriving. how much, at the ends macy's not so much. they said christmas sales were way down. so this macy's will shut down. and then, one not too far from here, at the voorhees town center, which used to be the echelon mall, in it heyday in the 70s, and so that macy's will shut down. and then two over in pennsylvania, in the philly suburbs, over in bensalem and plymouth meeting at the neshaminy mall and plymouth meeting mall a lot of people work in these stores. we're looking at about had hundred local jobs, moorestown had the most of the four, with 107 jobs, and then 77 in voorhees, out in neshaminy, bensalem, 89 people will lose their jobs. and then in plymouth meeting
4:38 am
74 people losing their jobs. as far as people who love these stores, who shop at them, "black friday", and then came the day after christmas, either for returns or for some great sales, well, you will have another great sale. but it will be a sad sale. because the final clearance closing sale almost begins instantly monday we're told, january 9th. so this monday, if you want to go into macy's and see what they got left over from christmas, because you are not going to see a lot of spring time stuff like you normally would start seeing in the after christmas mess. you will just see anything that's left over from the christmas sales, and then look for even further reductions as the stuff doesn't move next week. because we're told that these four local stores will be open past early spring is the time. they didn't give us exact date. but early spring, which could be late march, at the latest. karen, thomas? >> so disappointing for so many people. we were just saying we both shop there. so it is surprising. thank you, steve.
4:39 am
>> let's get check on the traffic here at 4:38. good morning, bob. >> gang, good morning, everybody, looking good on most of the major roadways, some work crews still out there from last night on the pennsylvania turnpike from street road over into the connector bridge, and good morning to wilmington. as we look live up and down 495, and i-95. no problems now. but wait until you see what sue is stirring up for tomorrow. stay there. we're coming right back.
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>> disturbing video out of chicago, four suspect in custody in connection to brutal beating every mentally challenged man, disturbing video once again. brazen suspect's broadcast this crime for the world to see on facebook live video. the attack happened on chicago's west side. the video here shows the suspects ripping the man's clothes, beating him, and cutting him with a knife. police are now interviewing the victim. we are still talking to the victim, it is quite a possibility it is a kidnapping, that certainly is one the charges we will be seeking if it turns out to be that. but he's a little traumatized by the incident, it is gentlemen tough to communicate with him at this point. >> our fox affiliate in chicago reports that formal charges are expected to be filed today. >> well, carrie fisher, debbie reynolds, will be laid to rest today together in a joint service. their family says a public memorial will be later, and that's going to be, quote, a
4:43 am
hollywood event. "tmz" is reporting the public memorial will have some of their costumes from reynolds' singing in the rain, to fisher's princess leia outfit. no date has been set though as of yet. there is a police officer who get a gift during a traffic stop that really surprised him. so what is now making the rounds to first responders, all over our area. where things come from? how they get here? what they're packed in? it's a lot of stuff. and these things add up. that's why we recycle. [vo:]it's nice to know that
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>> tomorrow morning we will be tracking the store, but don't let that innocent face fool you. alex doesn't know how to ski. women, she will get a lesson. she will hit the slopes in our 7:00 hour tomorrow. she may be doing a little tumbling. >> she probably won't have to go far. we will have snow right out the front door. we will put her out the ramp outside of our building here. good morning, everybody, had 46:00. live look at the schuylkill expressway, where this fellow had brush with a deer this morning. looks like everybody's okay, as he heads westbound on the schuylkill near conshohocken. watch out. i had the same thing, near miss, this morning, coming around the schuylkill at the conshy curve. live look at the 42 freeway, coming in toward the philadelphia area. no problems or delays at all. now, with this snow that's now coming tonight, and will be with us for tomorrow morning's rush hour, expect to see all of the department of
4:47 am
transportation vehicles out there today putting down that salt-brine solution. you'll see it looks like big giant water jug on the back of the dump trucks. they got the four, five nozzles sprague, and then you'll see what looks like they took fork in the road, and those little fine lines, and all of the travel lanes. they'll be out there today right after the rush hour, all during the day putting down that solution that will help the first flakes from freezing when they start hitting us later on tonight, time line coming up in a minute. shuttle buses on the market frankford and subway until about 5:00. so far so good this morning, out of the gaeton the regional rail lines, but again, travel tomorrow is definitely going to be impacted, at least for the morning rush hour, with the snow that's on the way. patco, new jersey transit, dart, all looking good. they're still working on the vine street expressway, closed until about 5:00 from the schuylkill over to broad street. again, you know, the normal detour routes. we got snow on the way. sue is on the way with all of the details in 15 seconds.
4:48 am
>> we don't have any watches or warnings issued by our national weather service yet for the upcoming event. boy are there plenty every place was winter weather advisory all throughout the ohio valley, kentucky, tennessee, throughout the center of the country, parts of kansas, and then it is going to be a lot of heavy snow out toward the rocky mountains. so good portion of the country affected by wintery weather. for us, it is this little area of energy, which is going to transfer to the coast, and give us a coastal storm. now, a lot of times, they produce great amounts every snow, but this one is expected to be far enough off shore that we won't see a whole lot. but we will get impacted by t
4:49 am
your storm number one, watching, actually two storms to watch, there you see, two storms to watch, number one, will affect us tonight into very early tomorrow morning. number two, starts to come up the coast on saturday. but it looks right now from all of the computer models like as far as its impact on our area, it doesn't look like it will have any at this point. but if this decides to hug the coast little more, we could get little more snow on saturday. but it looks lick we're just dealing with tonight, into tomorrow, arrival time, say, between 7:00 and 8:00 for most of us, seeing the first snowflakes, maybe if you're way out in lancaster county as early as 6:00 p.m. then throughout the night it snows on and off, all along this i95 corridor, things getting little slippery into the early hours of tomorrow morning. by the time we're here together at this time tomorrow, it will probably still be snowing. but hopefully it will be on it way out. it lingers along the coast last, as the rest of this
4:50 am
storm exits by mid-morning, and we should be finished and cleaning up maybe a couple of inches of snow. this is some of our general projections. one to 2 inches along the metropolitan areas. little bit more than that possible along the coast, coastal storm, remember, and the least amount in the pocono mountains, you heard about alex's skiing lesson, well, there will be snow, but not a lot of natural snow from this storm anyway. 31 degrees in philadelphia, it is in the 20's to the north of us, still below freezing to the south of us, and these windchills throughout the day will stay in the 20's, it is a big shock to the system after we got to 54 degrees yesterday. it was a chilly 54, because of the wind, but it is still bearable. the average high is 40 degrees from 14 degrees above average to below average temperatures today, tomorrow, bitter cold on saturday, and sunday, where we don't even get out of the 20's, and that's in the city. you know, in the outlying
4:51 am
areas, even colder. cold continues through monday. by tuesday and wednesday, of next week, we will be back to average and maybe even little bit above. so it is a bit of a roller coaster ride, karen, thomas, we're with you through it all. >> that's right. actually as always the first ones on at 4:00 a.m. to get you through it tomorrow, sue. thank you. officers they don't like to call it routine. they never know what they're going to find during a traffic stop. >> and it is one little girl gave to an officer when she was pulled over that took him by surprise in our photo journalist, bill, has their story. >> this is five year old mackenzie brown, giving my camera a tour of her house before an interview for this story. >> i would describe mackenzie as free spirit, determined onto do what she wants. >> the kids like most children, she loves playing with her toys and spending time with her brother and sister. >> mom, dad -- >> one day coming home from
4:52 am
dance class, motorcycle sen sai and her mom were pull over for police for expired vehicle registration. >> very nice officer stopped me and did not give me a ticket. >> it would be a good idea -- >> when officer of town men son township police department made his way back to motorcycle motorcycle connecticut is he's vehicle she tried to give him her moose. he said no. >> she said the moose would keep me safe. kind of authorities say no to that. >> moved by mackenzie's kindness, the officer decided to start mr. moose world tour on facebook. >> within a day and a half or so, over 400 likes on the page just from people who caught winds of it. >> the plan for mr. moose i to move about the globe, spend few days with other first and second respond tears keep them safe too. >> have the idea to just kind of share the wealth so to speak. >> i had no idea. >> see, mackenzie and her mom never told her dad. >> out of all of the places you could go, it ended up there. >> actually her dad, right there. >> full time paramedic for the
4:53 am
second alarm err rescue squad in willow grove, he heard the whole story for the first time at work. >> just real special thing, i think it goes a long way for a little girl to express something that i think a lot of adults take for granted. >> mr. moosey has been sharing his safety at a few places now, from the fire department to pennsylvania state police. even world series winning manager, joe madden, of the chicago cubs had his picture taken. >> i was amazed by it, i mean, not even the fact that it was a complete stranger, the fact, you know, what turned out to be five year old little girl had such a billing heart. and, you know, gave such a meaningful gift at that time i was actually taken back by it. >> mackenzie may not understand the impact of her generosity until she gets a little older. for now though it is all about having the right. "fox 29 news". love that story. officer james says in the best tradition of flat stand lip, he's going to continue to let
4:54 am
mr. moosey hang out and help all kind of first responders for another year, before he finally goes home to motorcycle ken zip, loaded down with all kind of souvenirs. >> mr. moosey has had quite the journey but always ends up home he will. time 4:54. straight ahead. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> a chance to get up close and personal with bruce springsteen, how some of us ordinary folks are getting the chance to have a conversation with the boss.
4:55 am
4:56 am
4:57 am
>> the boss is coming back to new jersey with a silt down at you, a talk at monmouth university. build as conversation with the rocker. it will be hosted by the executive director of the grammy museum, it is sold out. >> oh, i don't know. >> what a chance, though, sit down, have a conversation. maybe next time. we're coming right back. stay with us.
4:58 am
4:59 am
5:00 am
>> good day philadelphia, a eight year old girl dice suddenly on new years eve, the focus of the investigation, this morning. plus, macy's cutting thousands of jobs, and stores in our area, the specific locations that will be soon closing their doors forever. >> and a heart breaking lost for villanova. for the first time in history, the nation's top ranked team, well, they lost to butler. we'll have the highlight, low lights, and everything inbetween coming up. >> plus we're waiting on the weather. get ready for pretty messy morning commute tomorrow. the snowy forecast in store. >> the trucks are out there, bob, getting the roads red. >> i i got my milk, bread, and eggs for the french toast. >> don't alarm the masses. >> the kids are praying for a snow


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