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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  January 5, 2017 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> ♪ >> who would you rather have on for the next hour, other than keith sweat? >> nobody, baby. >> there you go. nobody. >> ♪ >> we want you to holla though. >> holla. >> he's laughing at me already. >> if you ever want it to stop. >> hey. we don't want it to stop, though. >> welcome to fit i. >> thank you. >> good day everybody, it is thursday, january the fifth, the lovely karen hepp joins us now. >> good morning, karen. >> do not disturb. nicole kidman and her husband, keith urban, don't let the kids stop them from getting busy. what they tell the children they're doing in the bedroom. >> uh-huh. >> tomorrow's the day, mike. >> what? >> tomorrow's the day. i'm going to attempt to ski, this girl from texas, barely been around more than once,
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couple of inches of snow? >> in her life. >> ya. i'm going to try and ski, i'm nervous about this, so if you have any tips, i need them. people are starting to send prayers in for me. this is making me more nervous, but i appreciate it, but making me nervous. >> fairly easy, what i want you to do after you snow plow, snow board little bit, try ski jump, one of the more easy things to do. >> oh, easy, easy to jump? >> do we have any footage? now, watch it ski jump. really kind of fun. well -- >> what? >> well, well -- >> you're evil. >> no, no. really? >> that's like lake placid. >> that's what i am ' scared b doing my research. they said you are going to fall. like there is no doubt about it. just be prepared. >> you'll fall. you'll fall. >> no big deal. jen will hook you one snow pants or something so you don't like -- so you're comfortable. it is no big deal. >> one guy said don't worry, alex, make sure of snow, cold,
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air rushing at you, slopes. no big deal. >> first of all you don't like cold. >> no. that's the first thing i have to get over. >> snow skiing really a pain in the butt. >> it is? >> oh, you got sticks and polls and things and you stumble, fall. >> do you want mow to do this? like you're not encouraging me really. >> i want to see it on tv. >> fun, adrenyline rush, exciting, ya. >> it will be great. you can watch it play out live tomorrow starting at 7:00 here on "good day" philadelphia. >> oh, goodness. >> what mountain are you going to? >> trying to confirm this. getting it together. >> could be blue? >> yes. >> could be camelback. >> yes. we're working it out. >> okay. >> again, keith sweat with us all hour. welcome to philly. >> thank you, thank you. >> i got to tell you, i've loved your music for years and years and years. you used to play all the time driving around? you snow. >> didn't play it for the ladies? >> i played it for some of the ladies too, yes, i've six
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children because of you. (laughing) but i have to ask you a question, i don't want to embarrass you, make you feel uncomfortable, but who could love you more than me? >> nobody baby ♪ >> look at this guy. but i don't want to just to be a temporary love. how long could it last? >> (laughing). >> could you make it last -- >> ♪ making it last forever and ever ♪ >> well, hey, by the way, real quickly here, you're not performing in the philly area? >> no. >> going to be in vegas, this is big. >> vaguest, baby, you know? whatever goes, what they say? what's the saying? >> what happens in vegas stays in vegas. so i'm going to vegas and i'm staying in vegas for awhile. >> for awhile. how long? >> well, i'm in vaguest for three to four weeks at the
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flamingo. >> every night? >> every night. from tuesday through saturday. >> now, earlier mike mentioned that he has seen in you concert before. a loft us have in new orleans, you say this won't be like a live concert. >> this will be a little different. how is it going to be different? >> it is intimate. i'm doing songs like mr. bo jingles, songs like, that so i can't do -- i'm doing something, the standard keith swift songs, i give all my love to you, don't stop your love. the nobody's, the twisted, but i'm also adding something extra. little extra. you know, because i am from new york. >> right. >> you know, you have to make it more broadway, do it more theatrical. >> he even sounds sexy, right? >> the man is sexy. are you married? >> no. >> oh, well now. >> i'm good. i'm good. >> all right. >> i'm good. you know, i'm good. >> here too. >> so, you know, sometimes, though, when a woman breaks my
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heart, i think, i play some of your songs. >> my music when they break your heart? >> yes, sometimes when i got to be strong. >> because you did me wrong ♪ ♪ >> i love it. >> you know, people are so excited you're in philly. i've been getting tweets, alex being check out my keith sweat tribute. do people try and i am tate you all the time? >> all, all the time. i don't understand. i don't understand. >> well, you won't understanded this either, because alex and i tried to imitate you once. listen to this. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> i want your body. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> i'm so sorry. that's like dead cats. >> sorry. >> i'm getting ready to give you some milk. >> it does sound like some dead cats. >> oh, my goodness.
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>> no, she got little nasally there. >> ♪ i want your body ♪ to the very last drop. now, let's go. ♪ i want you to -- >> ♪ >> whether you want me to stop. >> see, there you go, that's it. >> ♪ ♪ >> oh, i had a cold. i had a cold. >> no, no, no, don't blame that. don't blame. don't blame that on it. >> we love you. we do love you. >> thank you. >> okay, i have another personal question for you. >> thirty years, though, i mean, 30 years in the business! >> yes. >> the godfather. the godfather of r&b. >> you know, just like a merry go around, it just keeps going around and around. >> you know all of the songs. >> ♪ merry -- i'll do it for you now. merry go ♪ i can't. i couldn't even get that out. (laughing). >> so you know we're having
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fun. >> well, all i know, i just want you to give all my love, give me all your love. >> you like that, you sing that. >> no, i can't sing that. >> listen, not like that. hang it up. >> okay, i need some advice from you about this. love advice. nicole kidman and her husband, keith urban, have no qualms about getting it on when their kids are at home. so, apparently, what do they say? >> well, there was recent interview, they were asking about what do they do when the kids are there? and so nicole came right out she said quite frankly what she tells the children and she has the girls, mommy and daddy need to have some kiss i kiss i too many. so they have the two daughters, margaret and sunday rose, dollars the ad don't dollars children from tom cruise, although i don't think she sees them too much since they got divorced come straight out, all right, we have to have some kiss i kiss i time. go put on your show, play with your ipod. >> we're going in here for kiss i kiss i time. we will be out eventually. >> kissy kissy time. really? >> do you think that's the way to go? >> i mean, you know, i mean,
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kissy kissy time. >> what would you say? >> me and mom got to do some homework. >> oh! (laughing). >> we got to catch up on some lost time. >> and who would you want to knock on the door? >> ♪ nobody baby ♪ we going to do this all day ♪ >> oh. >> we going to do this all day. no, i got you. >> for those that didn't know, he said nobody. >> don't some people "sex and the city" say say coloring, we're going to go in color? >> color? color what? >> outside the lines. >> ya. >> so, karen? what do you tell the kids then? >> you have three boys. >> nightmare. i mean, they couldn't be bothered with you all day long, the minute you shut the door, it is like they have like a heart attack. mom, mom, mom, why is the door shut, what's going on, it is
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like oh, you just give up. fine. >> is daddy hurting mommy? >> oh, stop it. you know sometimes when kids in the middle of the night, they have a nightmare. then you're not speccing it, they come in in the middle of the night. do you leave the door unlocked? >> baby is in bed with me. i mean, my baby was throwing up, the stomach flew came back around. that one. so we haven't -- i mean, you know, my poor husband. >> i've noticed over the years that soil breaks the mood. >> and deep rhea. >> oh, ya. >> you know? too too much. too much. >> i mean, who who wants diarrhea? >> ♪ nobody ♪ (laughing). >> everyone out there, listening, and looking, ♪ nobody ♪ >> oh, okay. now, we need to call out clinic i moms, you know who you are, one mother has a lot to say after seeing celebrities post picks of themselves hanging onto their teenage sons. they can't let them go.
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so, the daily mail's julia laurence a blogger, right this lengthy article about several, what she calls, drapers, women who drape themselves over their son. she calls out madonna, for hanging onto her son, rocco, in a recent instagram pick, oh. then victoria beckham, also on this list. she snaps several photos draped around her 17 year old son, named brooklyn. and then there is liz hurley another offer ender, with her 14 year old son, damon. damian says, as a mother of a 17 year old, it is all rather embarrassing, says this blogger. i don't find anything wrong with it. >> don't they say, at least like i said, i am a single one here, usually they say watch how a man treats his ma'am, a that's how he's going treat you, right? so if i see a man with a different relationship than his mother, oh, okay, all
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right, now, don't get too close. you doesn't want a mama's boy. thin line i guess. >> yes. >> there is a thin line. you can cut too close. >> oh, my gosh. >> let me look at my lyrics. >> (laughing). >> okay. cut close? >> yes, i had a group called cut close. >> cut close. >> they were good looking, too. >> they were short, that's why they were -- about 5 feet. >> cut close to the grounds. >> cut close to the ground. that's why i called them cut close. >> was that twist in the. >> yes. >> okay. so, you think you'll be a draper of your sons? >> my kids, still at the snuggly age, and i'm so happen that i sometimes my nine year old will still hold my hand. because i know that's going away in a minute. he's almost ten. but he will still let me do it. i can see my middle, i lost all, he is so close to his dad, all right, can't be bothered. so it is like they need to go on and have their
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independence, you remember as a kid you want to separate from your parent, everything, you want them to appear at the mall like how you could have ever gotten that without having your parents? drop me over by the penny store. >> right. you with a walk across, like just appeared. >> oh, there. >> it has to be hard. they're young. when they start dating i bet it is hard for moms like that used to be me. now he is holding hands with her. boo hoo. my baby. >> ♪ got to be strong because you did me wrong ♪ >> so he's ready, mike. >> ready. >> al election a -- alexia, play twisted by keith swift. >> twisted by keith sweat. >> ♪ >> oh, ya baby. >> ♪ >> ♪ got to make up your mind. >> ♪ >> i can see the dancing in the background.
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>> cut close. >> ya. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> look, still trying to sing. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> what do you know? >> ♪ >> ♪ baby i love you so ♪ >> is that right? >> ♪ but you don't feel like i do ♪ >> i know. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ did me wrong ♪ >> i tell you, they don't make
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music like this any more. >> no. >> there are a lot of people. we got him right here. >> albaladejo ex a, stop. >> some people who say, r&b, real r&b is dead now, they don't make it, like kind of poppy. >> yes, very poppy, not what it used to be, not marvin gay, not teddy pendergress, not guy, not what it used to be. >> guy, back in the day, the teddy riley. >> you know, teddy pendergress is from philadelphia. >> i know, definitely. turn down the lights. come close to me. you know i'm in a romantic mood. >> what i like is al election a -- al election a, play come on, go with me, by teddy pendergrass. >> come go with me live by teddy pendergress. >> here we go. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> is this a morning show? >> this is how we do it. >> definitely. >> you know what, i would go out on a date, get ready to go, showering, getting all dressed up, and i would play this before i go out. >> yes? >> gives you a lot of confidence. >> you verbalize? >> verbalize it will happen, and meet somebody, common. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> alexa, stop. >> i can picture you in your robe, shaving. >> ya. >> ♪ >> alexa is a female? because when you say stop, she
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just stops. >> this would not happen in my real life. >> she would just keep going on and on and off. >> ya, play this, baby. >> have you ever snow skid? >> no, i haven't. >> neither has alex holley. and she will do it tomorrow live on tv. >> okay. >> watch this little promo. >> you know alex holley, but did you know she's never tried to ski? like ever. but that's not going to stop her from going full speed down the mountain on live tv. for your entertainment. tomorrow morning on guy dad philadelphia. good luck, alex. you go there. >> i thought woe say good luck alex you'll need it. but he says go there. >> because i'll be going there tomorrow to the poconos. >> first time i ever did it was with a college roommate. he took me up somewhere in colorado on black diamond slope. i'll see you at the bottom. but i had bluejeans on. >> oh,. >> don't wear jeans. and did somebody send that you
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trip? >> yes, getting a loft tips and well wishes on facebook. don't wear jeans like i did at 16. i was saturate from the falling a lot and cold and i never went again. >> all right. so no jeans. i'll put on some leg, several layers, though. >> that's the key. >> then rick walsh says: don't cross your skis, practice squats before go. >> yes? >> so i need to be in the gym. what? >> too late for that. >> too late. listen, it is too late. >> great response from laurence. stay up. don't fall. >> oh, simple? simple as that. so watch for it tomorrow on good day philadelphia. >> it will be all morning. because one person all right, i need to know so i can figure out when i'm going to work, i need to see you fall. i mean ski. thanks. i'll be out there all morning, so you'll see me get suited up. no idea what to be wearing. >> by 9:30 you'll be a miserable mess. >> you'll be fine. i think you're getting psched out. you're going to surprise everybody. >> okay. >> i know. well, bob kelly said bring aspirin and some wine waiting at the ski lodge for me.
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as soon as i'm done. >> keith, how many people out there think that she is going to be really successful at skiing for the first time? >> how many people out there? >> yes. >> ♪ nobody baby ♪ >> i believe, i believe. >> it will be fine. >> bob kelly, i believe i can fly. >> you bet r be flying. >> it is going to be wicked colds they say up in new england. so jen is hunting foreplays cents all over, man, you've been all over the place looking foreign door warm places for the kids. >> we've been to so many places this morning. ♪ i believe i can fly ♪ >> that's all kelly. that's not keith sweat. >> oh, man. >> hi, keith. all right, here's the situation. i'm really bad at everything, including music lyrics. do you have any keith sweat music? >> i can't think of it offhand. >> because we've been doing nobody so many times. >> stuck in my head.
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>> speaking of stuck in your head, your kids will be stuck inside with you this weekend, because it will be really coal. but no snow. so nothing to play with. right? so we've been breaking down all of these places, we've been in the city most of all. but we want to give you some suburb options, real quick. mike g, where would you take your kids when they were little? >> please touch museum. >> you spent money on your kids? >> i did. it is crazy, right? >> not any more. so this is the list. ready for this? lulu, ardmore, amazing, they have all kinds of great stuff. creative clubhouse. that's in havertown. i have to be hon else, i've never been there but heard grade things. if you you are in jersey, try my little adventures mt. laurel. and the jelly bean jungle, marlton, new jersey. so if you're kind of in the middle, going to a place, it is in east falls, in the philadelphia area, they are supposed to be little itty bitty baby zip lines for little two year old. so i'm excited for. that will last fun, keith, any words?
9:20 am
>> no words for keith, man watch do you want me to satisfy say to keith. >> it is ladies, ladies always have something to say to keith. >> ya, keith is a ladies man. you snow. >> true. but mike is a dj. >> i love his music but, i'm dude. >> keep it real. >> that's how you learn, that's how you learn to talk to a lady, right, keith? >> that's right. >> yes. >> do ooh baby one time for me? >> ooh babe. >> i okay, karen? you might have to take this. i need a second. >> we have keaton the show, other stars also on the show, because sleepy hollow is coming back. so we'll have fabulous -- did you know, let me tell you something about this woman, first star ever on twitter. >> really? >> she blew it up. she will be joining us on good day next.
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>> so i've been watching this sleepy hollow. >> a lot of change, though. >> a lot has changed. >> new partner, sleepy hollow, you keep the twists and turns coming. when it premiers tomorrow at 9:00 on fox. here is a little sneak peak. >> okay. >> who are you? >> my name is i can icabo crane. >> (movie clip). >> you saw it with your own eyes. >> be wary. >> weird ness. >> new character. very excited about this, joins us now, high jenninea. >> hi, how are you guys? >> i recognize you from you there blood and the l words, used to watch that all the time. i love that show. oh, man. >> oh, thank you. >> ya. >> welcome to philly.
9:25 am
>> thanks, thank you so much. >> you may noah little something about it, right? i hear you're bff with quest love. >> one of my closest friend, also shot music video with in philadelphia, just last year. yes. >> what music video? >> i have a 50 person drum corpse in my last music video, we shot it in philly. yes, it the the jersey surf, world class drum corpse, sent it into a school in philadelphia. shot it in philadelphia. love philly. >> good. we love you too. please come back and visit. where with you from though originally? >> i'm from joeliette illinois. >> i know it, just outside of chicago. >> that's right, 45 minute southwest. >> the new character, who are you? i know you're diana? >> yes, i played diana thomas. she is agent for the department of homeland security, she is former
9:26 am
marine, and a mother. and she's thrust into the world as you just saw. she doesn't think demons exist, but in this world, they do. she has to deal with it. she also has to deal with weird guy. this guy right there. he seems to know a lot more about this world than she wants to even deal with. so they're kind of thrust in the world together, and that -- >> for people that haven't seen it, it is sleepy hollow, it is set in modern times. right? >> yes, yes it is, that's what's crazy. in our mythology, he died in the at the revolution, at the dawn of america, and is brought back to life now. so, not only is he dealing with technology, and the way the people communicate with each other, but this year, he is in washington, d.c. and that's really special to watch. because as he was there, building these ideals with the founding fathers, he gets to see that a lot of it actually
9:27 am
came to fruition. beautiful to watch this year. >> can i ask you a question? were you really the first star celebrity ever to do twitter? >> yes. i don't want to use the wore celebrity, i don't know what we're celebrating, but actor, first actor on twitter. so strange, joined at the ends of 2006. so true. >> so you're probably expert tweeter then? >> i don't know if that's true. it's been very, very interesting to watch social media grow, at the time, nobody even had a word for t it was just like new media. and there were not even smart phones, so people are just like texting each other. it was so -- it's been very interesting to watch. >> i do something that's very irritating. avenue tendency not to write new tweets, but just re tweet a lot. do you find that irritating? >> nothing wrong with that. >> see, i told you nothing wrong. >> no right way to do things. >> i want him to express himself more on twitter. >> i have nothing to say.
9:28 am
>> that's all right. maybe he's reserved. that's all right. >> he ain't reserved. >> he's cure rating. he's cure rating tweets. >> that's what he's doing. >> when i cure ate, i saw you whooped matt damian's by behind? >> that's right. i did 12 escape rooms and played dungeons and dragons for the first time over the holidays, those were my holidays. and i got out of one room, very quick to tell us that we beat matt damian's time by five minutes. so, please, let him know next time you see him. >> we have to do that on the show, i have never played the escape room. >> i haven't either. >> it is so good. it is the most fun you will have in a hour, i suggest you go. >> okay. >> i love your personality. we will be watching. thanks so much. >> please do. thank you. >> fairly attractive human. >> more than fairly. are you kidding me? >> she is something. >> she tweeted me. >> she did? >> she's special. >> i tried, i mean?
9:29 am
>> true. >> are you on twitter? og sweat. >> a lot of people tweeting, too. >> all right. did she or didn't she? kylie jenner is fascinated by her own behind. but it looks as if she's enhanced this thing. is this real or fake? "tmz" is getting to the bottom of this. after the break. ♪
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♪ play make it the last forever by keith sweat. >> here's a sample of make it last forever by single master single version by keith sweat,
9:33 am
jackie magee. sorry, i am having trouble playing the hughes i can. >> what is this. >> you worthless piece of... >> listen now, hold on thousand. >> we will get to it work. >> jen is running all over town finding indoor places for kid to stay warm this weekend, jen. >> i have to be honest we have ended which a perfect one. it is call kid at lay. the we're in east calls. >> okay, you shoot it. >> okay. >> wow. >> he said i can use the bigger one, right. >> yes. >> i was than the ready. okay. i'm moving on. i am not a archer. mike the camera guy is making fun of me. you not only have a archery room but you have all kind of spaces for kid, literally, hi, to lay. look town there what are those areas. >> so downstairs we have a giant costume built indoor
9:34 am
playground. we have an i play that has 36 different games on it. we have a full zip line. we got virtual reality games that you can play. >> really. >> play station vr. >> i love it. >> what do you think is youngest age for kid to come here and is what the oldest age. >> we have kid that come that are two weeks old all the way up through 12 weeks old. >> i love that. >> so this is what we're talking about. this is baby zip line i heard all about. >> right. >> so though we have to show. mike, come over this way. what is this thing called again, ilay. >> this is called iplay. we have 36 different games, every two minutes, automatically it changes. the it is like a giant ipad on the ground. you use your feet to interact with the games. there is sports on here. is there popping bubbles. there is a piano, and any age can use this there 12 years old up to adult. >> did you invent this thing. >> to, we didn't but we installed it. >> so it is really cool.
9:35 am
you say every every two or three minutes it changes the game. >> it does. >> i also like this little swings, even though it is freezing, to lay and have continue. >> we have tons of different swings that we switch up, so it is always changing. >> we have children that might be, having some difficultity with sensory issues. >> yes, we have a whole sensory system dedicated to. that we started accepting insurance. we do physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech children anything you need we will help then provide for your tamly. >> when we turnaround and look at the balls, everyone loves a ball pit. >> they to like the ball pit. >> you scrub those balls. >> we have it is call, magic something, and it the is a machine sucks every inning is will ball up, puts it through uv light and it spits out and then wean air try theme wish i could have found this place a year ago. thank you. high five. you did awesome. >> thank you. >> i will get to that archery
9:36 am
room and take care of it. >> okay. >> good stuff, jen. >> yes, you just break that out. >> yes. >> i know. >> well, kid will have fun. >> who is hungry. >> me. >> breakfast with bob, bob, bob. >> hey gang, good morning it is polish power from port richmond the big question here this morning is with or withoutsky. good morning, port richmond. >> good morning. >> kielbasa, polish breakfast sandwich when we come right back. fios in the house![a5df]
9:37 am
dave this fios party is da bomb! fo shizzle! it's tv totally ahead of its time. yo, let me check that. oh snap. that x1 voice remote is crunk!
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and it lets me search with the sound of my voice. what should i watch? things have come a long way since you got fios. [nervously laughs] what's fios? fios has fallen behind. don't fall with it. xfinity x1 will change the way you experience tv.
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good morning, everybody. we've got polish power here, in port richmond.
9:40 am
good morning, port richmond. >> good morning. >> we're along golf street where move over pat's and geno 's big question is not with or without, it is with or withoutsky, polish kielbasa, do you say kielbasa. >> polish kielbasa. >> matt and jim, tell us the story. you were real estate guys this bar came up for sale. you said hey, we can turn this into a business. >> lets he get in the bar business. >> what is famous sandwich. >> famous sandwich is port richmond is polish capitol of philadelphia. >> yes. >> wow. >> yes. >> i grew up in brideberg, living five doors away, which is a popular, kielbasa location, and so you have taken the popular polish meat item and turn it into a sandwich. >> yes, the philly sandwich, a cheese stake. >> it is port richmond is the
9:41 am
capitol of the polish capitol of philadelphia and cheese stake is philadelphia. so we have combined the one and we have polish cheese stake with or withoutsky. >> with or withoutsky for the polish. >> that is right. >> so it is shaved kielbasa, grilled up, and for you we have turn tonight to a breakfast sandwich so we have it with scrambled eggs, fried mozerella and homemade cheese sauce with a little side of potatoes. >> we're also in port richmond which is home to stocks pound cake. you have this here, this is called, what. >> stocks found case french toast sticks. >> did you gain 5-pound like me from just looking at that thing? stocks pound cake french toast >> fresh strawberry cream chose and strawberry on the side. >> are you watching, back home , a few blocks away, what is this next one. >> that is breakfast scramble, fresh cut frenchfries and we top witt our with or without meat and nothing better than fried egg go to cut in
9:42 am
and yoke drips all over the fries, absolutely delicious. >> how about port richmond. this is way to start. this is another good one, right. >> these are version of the pierogi, but it is called a hand pie and we do it with a sweet, inside is fresh strawberry comppost topped with strawberries and other one is apples topped with apples. they are delicious. >> this is i great spot. i love the decor, crowd and neighborhood. port richmond proud here. i'm going to wrap some up and bring it back to the station for you guys. back to you at fourth and market. >> love it. >> love it. >> that is so great. >> i had pierogies for kid last night and that stocks pound cake, bill w, brought that to me for christmas, thank you. >> nicely done. >> we have breaking relationship news. there has been rumors about nicki minaj and meek mill, in the good. it has been confirmed, they have broke it up. we will tell you what she's saying this morning about the relationship and why it
9:43 am
havenedded. >> she just tweeted this. >> she just tweeted this. >> oh my daughter wants to stay organic. my husband wants to stay free from artificial ingredients. whole family nts to stay free from artificial preservatives. and my debit card wants to stay on a diet. fill your cart with giant's nature's promise brand. great prices on over 800 organic and free-from items. eat well for less. my giant.
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9:45. we will keep a close eye on radar, a few flurries height be popping up, in chester county, this morning.
9:46 am
we will keep an eye on that situation. the actual real snow from the storm is not supposed to start until later on, and here we go , it is between let's say 6:00 and 7:00 o'clock it is getting earlier every time we check, the snow begins, it will last until overnight hours, on and off accumulating maybe just an inch or so and then we have an earlier exit time. of about 5:00 o'clock this is morning maybe 6:00 at the latest. so that would bode better for the morning rush for tomorrow. but stay tuned, all day long we will have updates for you and, get ready for really cold weekend, but you think 37 degrees is cold high temperature or 36 tomorrow, but mike, alex, saturday, sunday it is cuddle weather. >> cuddle weather. >> yes. >> increased volume by 75 per sent. >> ♪ >> keith, you always want to make love last forever.
9:47 am
>> yes, you do. >> you know what, i don't think nicki minaj has been listening to keith sweat. >> yeah. >> do you know who is listening to you, keith. >> alexa, stop, because nicki has stopped. >> yes. >> it is over, fans. tmz, have you heard the break ing enthusiasms. >> we have heard the breaking news, yes. nicki minaj, and philly's own meek mill done. nicki confirmed it on her twit ter, says she is, in fact, single that she is focusing on new stuff in the you this year what everybody says in the beginning of the new year. i have to say something shout out to tmz's rachel harper because she called this earlier this week, earlier this week, rachel looked at
9:48 am
nicki's schedule, looked at meek mill's schedule and said you know what, these two have have not been hanging around each other. they were both in miami. they did a lot to void each other. it the turns out reason was they weren't together any more >> did rachel use the word, tricky in there think where. >> absolutely she did. she said it was tricky, that they weren't together on new years eve because they always spent it together but you are right. >> i guess we won't be seeing her in philly. she was here all the time. >> basketball games. >> um-hmm. >> yeah. probably not, man. nicki has a lot of suitors out there never necessity next guy will be but meek mill will be just fine. >> oh, yeah, will be fine. >> now trach really can't talk about him anymore. it is done. >> look drake, drake predict it back to back, drake said i don't want to hear about this ever again, even when she tells you that we're better as friend. drake didn't think
9:49 am
relationship was go to go last for a long time anyway. this might amp that up. >> would you know about this is drake really with rihanna. >> no, j lo. >> oh, yeah, listen, from everything that we're getting here, that is a real relationship and as unlikely as it seems because of the age difference, that is a real relationship. everybody get used to the new relationship of 2017, which is drake and j lo, it is real. >> hey, age ain't nothing but a number, um-hmm. >> it is true. i like it, man. if you are drake and you grew up idol icing jennifer lopez help you get old you have this , give it your shot, that is what you have to do. >> give it your shot. >> 2017. >> taking it the to the new year. >> speaking of 17, i don't know how kylie jenner, how is she. >> she's 18. >> she's 19. >> mike has been talking about her booty, van. >> yes, so here's the thing.
9:50 am
she took a picture of her butt a couple weeks ago in these jeans. it looks shore robust then we were used to seeing. it sparked this major controversy on whether or not it had been enhanced, photo shop wise, but apparently, everything in those jeans was grade a, 100 percent real because she's down in mexico with tiga showing it all over the place. it is like a duncan heinz factory there. she's wearing thanks. they are this is pool, doing the whole nine, at ohio francis villa. good for kylie and good for ti ga. >> my goodness. >> van, we will see you this have afternoon. >> on tmz livey want more details about this nicki minaj and meek mill thing, okay. >> we will have more details. turf say this, shout out to keith sweat, who i hear is in your studio, i heard he was this is studio, she would be this is way up there right now keith, you caused a lot of
9:51 am
family problems this my home between my hotter and my father. >> i didn't mean that man, i ain't saying nobody. >> van, we will see you this afternoon. >> peace. >> okay. you know our producer kitkat kline has anything to do with this show, she will squeeze in justin timberlake. >> we know he can sing, dance but he has other skills on the the basketball court. wait until you see what happens when justin timberlake attempt a half court shot.
9:52 am
9:53 am
9:54 am
okay. you will be, on the slope,
9:55 am
going down this time tomorrow morning and even earlier then that, i will be skiing for the first time ever. >> i like how they spin you in >> that is how it will feel, i'm going to be spinning or just falling every where. >> as she learns how ski for the very first time. >> justin timberlake is men for singing and dancing but he is a good ball player as well. he always wanted to play in the nba and take a look at this shot. >> wow. >> half court shot. >> wow. >> he was just messing around. >> yes. >> celebrity basketball games. >> how many times do you think he recorded this this will they finally got it right. that is steph curry like. >> everyone want to live like a celebrity family, how about the obama's, well, according to a new survey you are not alone obama family came out on top and annual celebrity neighbor survey.
9:56 am
the obama's led the way with 14 percent of vote. ivanka trum april grease she and her husband completed a deal for a house, less than two blocks away from the obama 's new home, back to the survey, coming in a close second, 13 percent, dwayne the rock johnson, people want to live like him, and chip and jo ann gains on that h.d.t.v show fixer up out of waco texas. among celebrities considered the worst neighbors, justin beiber, leading the way, with 36 percent. nobody wants to next door to justin beiber because he will pea on your house or throw rocks on your house and no one live next door to rob kardashian and his wife black china are they married. >> they are broken up two weeks ago. >> they are working through it >> do you know something funny they wanted to leave behind mallia and sascha's climby set and trumps said no, take it.
9:57 am
>> tools. >> we have learned about keith sweat and we asked him when it comes down to love making to you lay your own hughes being in the background. >> yes. >> and what is the theory on that. >> because i don't want to hear somebody else. >> right, and if you don't feel like talking. >> if you don't feel like talking you say baby, here is high hughes i can. >> you might put this song on, megan,... >> crank it up. >> ♪ >> when you want it. >> when is the show in vegas. >> the show in vegas is january the 17th, to february the fourth.
9:58 am
>> at the flamingo. >> good to see you, keith. >> thank you sir. >> thanks, keith. >> we will see you tomorrow everybody.
9:59 am
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live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin'? it's the "hot topics" show. we won't judge, but we're judging. it's going to be juicy. now, here's wendy! ♪ [ cheers ] >> wendy: yes! thank you for watching. [ wild cheers and applause ] truly. we appreciate


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