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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  January 9, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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block. welcome to the grand canyon of fishtown. repair work now underway after a contracted sewer leap dating to the 1890s led to break in a cast iron water main from the 1860s. on the 2300 block of east boston half a dozen homes are still without basic utilities. >> i just want my gas and water back. hey, man, threat back building the street whenever. i don't really care. >> reporter: for some it was even worse. wash out soil led to sing hole that swallowed alyssa bank's car done of sunday one of two vehicular casualties. >> it was terrifying to see how little there was under the street. i mean i real life the water came and wash it away the enact that could happen is alarming. >> reporter: alarming you jay 1400 block of fletcher street sunday a 6-inch cast iron water main from the 1890s ruptured flooding the streets and interrupting service to several customers. last thursday, on the 11,000 block of mill brook, homes were swamped when an 8-inch cast main
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from the 1950s ruptured. more than 60% of philly's 2800 miles of water mains are cast iron. water department spokesman john diguilio says it's a good material but rigid broken to cracking in the winter months. >> the water we're pulling into the system treating at our plant and putting into the distribution system is at about the same temperatures as the river. so -- >> reporter: nearly freezing. >> nearly freezing. >> reporter: that's putting the pressure on these pipes? >> correct. >> reporter: replace many pipes on boston street and elsewhere in the city made of duct al iron. far more flexible able to withstand ice cold winter water. as for repairs on this block and more important restoration of water and gas service homeowners are asked to be patient. >> you miss those things when you don't have them. >> reporter: you don't realize how much you depend. >> absolutely. absolutely. >> reporter: yeah, back out here live, the good news is that while some folks do have their service back, those who lost
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water service yesterday, they have their water service back. but we are told by the water department that roughly half dozen customers those right along this edge of this hole here will be without water and gas service for likely the next week at least. lucy? >> all right. thank you very much, bruce. another water main break also means no water for folks in trenton tonight. skyfox over the hughes justice complex. the break closed down state buildings in new jersey's capital. the water department says crews are still working to control it this evening. but expect restored service hopefully soon. now to your fox 29 weather authority. take a live look along the ben franklin parkway tonight a lot of us spent the day bundled up as we felt the coldest air of the season and it's not going to get better just yet our kathy orr tells us. ♪ what an incredible day, iain. yes, such cold air since last winter. temperatures only in the 20s. the high today 23. the normal high is 40 for this time of year today 17 degrees
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below average. tomorrow, very close to average considering where we've been. it's 13 in the poconos. 22 in philadelphia. 21 in wilmington. already down to 17 in millville. we are feeling the chill and these temperatures are going to be falling through the 20s during the evening period. mostly cloudy by 11:00 o'clock. our next weather system moves into the region. right now we're seeing some snow showers out to the west through the great lakes and also chica chicago. this will be moving eastward and it's all going to be about timing and temperature. we do have winter weather advisory in effect for our northern and western suburbs and into the lehigh valley tomorrow from 11am to 10:00 p.m. for the potential for little light snow then changing to freezing rain as temperatures warm in this region once again we'll be carefully watching this during the day tomorrow. in that advisory area light snow possible early. and then during the evening, temperatures will slowly rise from 30 degrees. so any precipitation will transition into some freezing rain and then rain so you could see some icy roads in that
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advisory area before the temperatures warm. so coming up we'll talk more about that seven day forecast when we see a major warmup we say goodbye to this cold air. i'll see you later in the broadcast with that. >> talk to you soon, kathy right now new jersey state police are trying to figure out where a flying dumb bell came from that crashed through a man's suv. one moment he was driving down the busy road. the next he was so badly hurt chopper had to med vac him out thereof. >> so was eight freak accident or did someone do it intentionally? our dave kinchen joins us now at the crozer chester hospital with more. dave? >> reporter: iain we just spoke with family who says the victim is in critical condition and this also all started when the victim and his wife were simply driving towards their vacation. sky fox over the scene after a 50-pound dumb bell seemingly falls from the sky right through an suv's windshield on to the elderly man driving through salem county monday morning. >> just got out of surgery. he's still in critical condition
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and we won't know any more until tomorrow. >> reporter: jim decarlo says the victim his 75-year-old father jack who was driving with his wife southbound along the turnpike headed to myrtle beach for vacation when the freak accident occurred. >> shock. i couldn't believe it. shocked. so, you know, you never think something like that is going to happen. we don't know if somebody intentionally did it. so, you know, it's just a freak thing. it's a shame you know. >> of that state police can't yet answer that either it's unclear whether the dumb bell was dropped by nearby overpass or if it fell off of a moving vehicle. drivers we spoke with are shocked by the situation and say it makes them recall their own close calls on the road. >> pebbles coming from mack trucks and stuff like breaking, cracking the wimped shield or whatever but nothing like that. >> you city picture and you think what? >> oh, my gosh that could have been me. every time i get in the car and i drive i think about my, you know, accident that happened in september. >> reporter: the new jersey state police sent out a tweet asking anyone who was in that
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area old man's township who may have saw something to call them and help them solve this case. back to you, lucy. >> thank you very much, dave. developing right now in orlando, a massive manhunt is underway for the gunman who killed veteran police officer master sergeant debra clayton. that manhunt itself has turned deadly. orange county sheriff deputy died a traffic accident to find marquise lloyd this morning he shot and killed clayton this morning outside a wal*mart she approached him for the murder of his pregnant ex-girlfriend. we don't know yet know the identity sheriff's deputy who died in the crash. >> new at 6:00 it's no covert heist as tonight philadelphia police are looking for a man who stole a diamond ring during the middle of the day. look at this. police say this guy asked to see a 24-carat diamond ring around 3:00 in the afternoon back on december 30th it happened at wax weiner jewelry at eighth and sansom in center steam the guy put the ring in his pock started walking out the door when an
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employee confronted him, police say he reached inside his coat and threatened to kill him. he was last seen getting on patco train at itth and chestn chestnut. >> new at 6:00 police increased the reward for information leading to the killer of a 28-year-old man in north philadelphia. police say someone gunned down brandon baylor on the 1900 block of north 25th street in november. the city of philadelphia announced today it's offering $20,000 for information leading arrest and conviction. the family is adding another $10,000 on top of that. police have no motive at this time. and currently have not made any arrests. raphael robb1 of the most notorious killers in montgomery county just walked out of prison yesterday. he served just 10 years in prison for voluntary manslaughter of his wife ellen. today her brother spoke out saying that rob's release is not the last chapter in this trage tragedy. >> raphael robb is free man more than a decade after the former professor at the university of pennsylvania pleaded guilty to bludgeoning his wife ellen
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gregory robb as she wrapped christmas presents in their house. it was three days before christmas in 2006. today in front of that house, in upper merion, ellen' brother neighbors and members of several domestic violence organizations gathered to remember that horrific night. >> i drove up here and saw the police tape and i saw them put her lifeless body in the ambulance. ellen was a victim of domestic abuse and since that night more than 10 years ago, gary mass been fight to go turn his sister's tragedy into triumph. he wants to raise awareness about domestic violence and has star add foundation named in honor of his sister. >> he was a manipulative, abusive husband, a cowardly monster. he was um unremorseful. he can't simply go back into society unfeathered while the memory of my sister fades away.
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>> reporter: robb owns half the house and has the right to return but neighbors made it clear today robb is not welcomed in their community. >> don't think that we would not act. i'm not sure in what way we would do that. um, but we are around and we see everything that goes on at this house. >> this guy is like a stink bug in a house. he doesn't go away and when you smash him, he stinks. so raphael needs to know that he will be very carefully watched. >> reporter: his daughter was only 12 when her mother was killed. today her uncle said despite the tragedy, she's thriving. >> she's finishing up college. she's a remarkable woman, incredibly strong. and, um, as an expressed an interest in working with the foundation to further raise awareness. pretty amaz amazing. >> rob served maximum 10 years that five to 10 year term for voluntary manslaughter.
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after his family fought his bid to be paroled after just five years and according to court records robb will be on parole for 10 years. >> police are looking for two armed robbers the threat one made to a sandwich shop worker. sean? lucy, eagles making changes to their wide receiver core. see who is take the blame for the wide outs under performing last year later in sports. environmental advocates have been taking to the streets. the powerful person they're calling out in this protest. mom, i just saved a lot of money
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♪ search is on for two men police say robbed a subway in north philadelphia. they released this video they say last wednesday these guys barged into the restaurant on the 1100 block of girard avenue asked one of the employees about the menu while the other threatened the worker with a gun saying don't get shot over something stupid. they got away with cash. no one is hurt. at least physically. another day and court another delay for a camden county man accused of killing his three-year-old son. >> the trial was set to begin today for david cree yacht tow but the defense says it needs more time. he made a brief appearance in court today. the defense attorneys say they're waiting for a report from a pathologist so the judge moved the trial back to april. cree yacht tow has pleaded not guilty to murder and child endangerment charges. prosecutors say he kill his son brendon because his teenaged girlfriend didn't like kids. they say he dumb his three year old's body along the cooper river in haddon township in october of 2015. environmental active visits here in philadelphia have some harsh words for president-elect
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donald trump. >> on this coldest day of the season here in our area their message is about climate change. >> did knee egg the reality of climate change is like a criteria to be nominated for cabinet post in the trump administration. >> large group in center city marched against some of the people trump is nominated to help run the country including epa pick scott rue witness and secretary of state nominee rex tillerson. several other cities saw marches on this day against event. organizers hope it sends a very clear message. >> scientists are saying we have about 15 years to get climate change, torque get our emission levels low enough to prevent the worst of climate change in four year set back by the trump administration would make it impossible for us to recoup th that. >> rally began outside senator casey's office and ended at senator toomey's interview on fox news sunday last month, the president-elect said he's open minded about climate change but
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he claims nobody knows that it's real. tonight allentown offering environmentally friendly way to get rid of your christmas trees. township says you can put the tree on your curb for recycling nights and they'll do just that recycle it. remind everyone take off the decorations first. ♪ >> sounds simple. >> we shouldn't have to remind you. >> that's funny. all the tip sell getting that tinsel off back in the day. that was tough. >> hey, kathy. >> i don't think we did. you didn't do tinsel. >> we did tinsel. >> we did it. we just didn't get rid of it. >> out there right now probably freeze on the tree. >> take look at old city philadelphia. we're looking at a cold night with temperatures in the 20s wind chills in the teens. same old story but this is going to change. winds out of the south right now at 10 miles an hour. look at that wind chill it feels like it's only 11 in center city. so bundle up if you're going out anywhere tonight. temperatures ranging from 13 in the poconos to 24 in wildwood. 20 in reading and right now 20 degrees in pottstown with a
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wind of course making it feel colder. wind chills in the teens with the exception of the poconos we're at only feels like 4 degrees. but a warmup is going to get underway first we pay the price little bit of snow and possibly freezing rain especially in the lehigh valley and poconos tomorrow. watch high pressure build off the coast clouds increase tomorrow a chance of a few of these snow showers making it in tomorrow morning far to the north and west of the city and then the main event this cold front that swing through late tomorrow night. temperatures tomorrow in the upper 30s. so we jump back up a little bit closer to normal. average is 40 degrees for this time of year. so temperatures starting off in the teens and then as we slowly warm it up, we'll see only 20 degrees in philadelphia by tuesday morning. temperatures still warming throughout the day. but to the north and west, even late tomorrow night, temperatures in the 30s we could see some snow some sleet some freezing rain until we warm up enough to change this over to rain so our advisory will remain shrew especially the lehigh
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valley and the poconos until late tomorrow night for the rest of us we'll be warm enough to see rain swing on through by wednesday morning temperatures in the 40s. look down the shore atlantic city at 50 degrees. wildwood 51. by 4:00 a.m. wednesday morning. that is a sign of a huge warmup getting underway by the mid period of the week. overnight 19 in the city. nine in the suburbs. increasing clouds. cold again. that southerly wind slowly warms us up over the next couple of days. 39 during the day tomorrow with degrees freezing rain. especially to the north and west of the lehigh valley and the poconos and tomorrow evening and tomorrow night on your seven day forecast from the weather authority, wednesday we're at 51. thursday we're at 60. unbelievable. considering we just had snow the other day. friday 58. saturday some showers and then some colder air moving in of course for sunday morning. the precipitation will be a wintry mix change to go rain as we make it into the 40s during the day. so sunday morning is going to be something to watch. and then monday for the holiday,
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a chance of rain temperature of 47 degrees. but considering where we are now, from the teens to 60 by thursday that's pretty good. tomorrow we finally go above freezing. the first time since last week since thursday. >> i know it will be amazing. what a swing. >> get the car washed. >> i know. right? mine needs it. >> salt and dirt and freezing stuff. whole thing is unnecessary. any way how you doing, sean? [ laughter ] everyone is just mad over here. >> ya'll all right. >> we're good. i love the salt. >> i have low blood pressure i need salt in my diet. i got a little eagles news now about making the playoffs as you know but they are making moves. everyone wants the eagles to make a change at the white receiver situation today they did. i'll tell hugh got the ax in a little bit. plus we take a look at tonight's national championship alabama clemson both head coaches talk about the rematch of last year's game. that's coming up next in sports.
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♪ eagles have a million moves to make this off season and the first thing they need to do is improve the wide outs. by far the worst wide receiver core in the nfc east and really in the entire nfl. they got no separation. dropped a ton of passes and today that led to greg lewis getting fired. this was lewis' first year as wide receiver coach for the eagles and taking the hit for how batter this group was this year eagles had no 1,000-yard
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receivers and they were among the top 10 in the league in dropped passes. more changes come with that group. really walk about the coaching it was about the talent. they had no talent. so the coaches get the fall. little college basketball villanova dropping out of the number one spot. third in both the ap and coaches poll after losing butler last week. baylor surprising everyone. who would have thought baylor they jumped to number one the only team in major conference still undefeated. gonzaga also undefeat the in the top 25 and kansas ask jumps ahead of nova at the number two spot. national championship game is on tonight and it should be a absolute classic. alabama/clemson is a rematch of last year's game. alabama beat the tigers 45-40 great great game. alabama trying to continue that dine nazi and clemson trying to get revenge. both coaches how this was really meant to be. >> deserve to be here and i think they're the best team i think our team deserves to be here and they've done a great
6:25 pm
job all year to beat a lot of good teams. if you want to be best you got to beat the best. i think that probably goes both ways for both teams. >> this is the way it should be. we're getting a chance to play the best. we find a way to win this game, you know, we'll be just that. because, you know, you knocked off the champ. that's just the way it is. they got the swag. they got the belt. if we want that we got to beat them. >> i wonder what they're selling at the game. you know how you're dealing with two country schools. to schools in the south. look at heart attack burgers. the tiger paw and the bam ma burger. you guys trying to give that try? you okay with this? >> yeah, i'm good with that. i love how -- in the south they're not worried about cholesterol. >> nah. >> they worry how things taste and how good can it be. i'm all about that. >> that's problem right there. i want no parts of those. >> you should have two of those each and have dessert, man. >> really? >> and fries. >> i don't believe after eating all of that. >> i can eat all that. >> i'll go for the sweet potato
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fries. >> i'll love sweet potato fries. i'm sorry, we're getting carried away. >> let's look at the forecast. >> you want a milkshake by the end of the week. >> that's right. >> i know. >> it will feel like summer. 18 of course the morning low. tomorrow then 39 the high. look after that, it's like terrific. wednesday, thursday, friday, more clouds than anything else. temperatures in the 50s. 60 thursday and then cooler over the weekend we have to watch late saturday night into early sunday morning for another icy mix. but other than that looking go good. >> 60 amazing. >> coming up tonight at 10 caught you caught an video. police car speeds down a busy road. look who's running after the police officer on foot. who was behind the wheel. how the whole thing came to an end. >> wow! >> that's got mow intrigued. that does it for us here at 6:00. have a great night. inside edition is up next. ♪
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♪[ music ] it's war. donald trump vs. meryl streep. >> it stunned me. it sank its hooks in my heart. >> now the president-elect is firing back. >> and gaga over la la. >> "la la land." >> la la land. >> plus the live tv moment everyone is talking about. two hunky guys in a lip lock. then. >> mass arrest in the kim kardashian jewelry heist. >> 17 people in all, including 3 women. >> and first video, the deranged airport gunman, opening fire as passengers run for their lives. >> and new concerns over a lack of security at airport baggage claims around the nation. >> will it change the way we travel? >> nobody expects some lunatic


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