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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  January 12, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EST

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probably the same day, could be the same hour. >> overnight move by the senate bringing them a step closer to trump's prom tis repeal and replace. >> and growing fears among the local lgbt community. why some fear they're being targeted by violent preditor on line, plus, what the city doing to protect those in that group. an argument over the cost of a cheese steak. leads to a violent attack in a philadelphia store. what the attacker dared his victim to say that set him off. >> okay, sixers win it. >> a buzzer beater at the wells fargo center. tj mcconnell gives the sixers thrilling win over the nicks. why he was shocked he even got the ball. >> and the sixers win. and it is spring time in philadelphia. what is it, spring time in paris? >> april in paris. >> ♪ >> spring time.
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>> in term any. >> good day, everything, it is june the 12th, 2017. >> june? >> yes. >> june, i'm pretending like it is spring. >> okay. >> june is not in the spring though, is it? >> well, summer comes in the middle of the month. >> summer start june 21st. >> did you wear your short today? i wore my shorts to you. >> did you? >> oh, no. >> oh, wow. knees. >> wow. >> might need little sun there. >> look like that guy acdc that group? anyway, i'm predicting high temperature of 66. that's why i'll be at rittenhouse square at one with bob and hopefully alex. >> i'm not invited this. >> you're normally going home by 1:00. >> well, so are they. >> well, you come over with us, too, sue will be there. >> what an invite. >> that's how we roll. >> feel so loved and wanted. although the forecast is good for today, so generally people tend to like the person who presents the weather, better,
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on days like today. how about a nine out of ten? >> ya. >> we have bus stop buddy excited about the sixers win last night. and dealing with the dampness outside right now. we still have a few showers moving through. but they're in the process of exiting. so that we can get some sunshine around here. see the little sliver of sunshine peaking through the can clouds. sunrise official 72:00 it, winds gust up to 20 miles per hour. see how wobbly the camera is at the airport this morning. 63 degrees the high temperature. that's our high. mike's high is 66. see who wins tomorrow. tomorrow down into the 40's again. colds front comes through it, will change things in time for the holiday weekend. that will forecast is coming up. bob kelly? >> hey, sue, good morning. 7:02, getting up and getting out. couple of accident on the schuylkill expressway. this is eastbound accident right at the belmont avenue onramp. see how this guy has to cut in little quicker here. that's causing brake taps. mannyunk bridge, giving awe locate or, westbound on the
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schuylkill, living south philly, headed into downtown. an accident. right at the university ave. onramp. so, accidents in both directions on the schuylkill. got a crash down here in delaware. old baltimore pike at salem church road. let's go upstairs. skyfox over the scene of the accident. it happened about an hour and a half ago on a stretch of old baltimore pike right we're being told right now that is that it is an accident investigation. that's all we know at the moment. this stretch of the roadway closed this morning. you can see the crews out there. let's go back to the maps. route four is going to be your best bet through the morning rush hour. and then water main break that is sending all of the school buses on a detour this morning, down here in delaware, folk road between wilson and lone acre road. vehicle traffic being pushed onto already busy stretch of 202. we got delays on the paoli, media, elwyn and the market frankford line this morning. mike and alex back over to you. >> thank you will, bob. coming up on clock 04. >> we've learned fifth victim
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killed in the fort lauderdale airport area has ties to our area. sixty-nine year old mary louise anniebell was native of ohio but living in dover, delaware. her husband apparently wounded and remains in a coma. esteban santiago facing several charges. >> 7:04. some members of transgender community fear they're under an i tack here in our area after two except rhett dents -- incidents in our area. >> comes as city officials work to fight discrimination against the lgbt community. jenny joyce is on this story for us from center city. >> reporter: according to philadelphia police, four people in the transgender community were victims of two separate crimes earlier this week. police say it is too early to know for sure if the two are connected or if there is a specific threat against people who are transgender. investigators say, sunday night, in west philadelphia,
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three trans women were held up at gunpoint, and monday night, a man was shot to death coming to the aid after transgender lady friends who was being robbed. police say both incidents occurred after dates were arranged on back emergency page. com. a classified website. descriptions of the website are similar. police cannot confirm connection or motive between the two case. alvarez, trans gender woman and long time community activist, says the trans community fears they are being targeted. >> this is nothing new. we've been saying this for years. that trans women of color are in eminently more danger than most of the other folks in the lgbt community. >> right now little too early for us to say think particular group is being targeted as a result of people responding to back emergency page ads or as a result of this incidents, because again, we don't know that for sure at this point in time. >> i think this person may be targeting transgender peoplement and possibly because again they feel like
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they're indispensible. >> discrimination in the lgbt community is on the city's radar, last night. the philadelphia mixon human relations held meet to go show people in the community how to file complaint after numerous claims of discrimination were made in just matter every months. philadelphia police are pursuing all leads related to the two crimes that occurred earlier this week, if you have any information, of course, give investigators a call. back to you guys. >> all right, jenny, we will stay on it for sure. 7:06. late nice session, seems obamacare closer to being repealed. republicans in congress have taken first steps toward eliminating president obama's signature programs. >> this comes just after president-elect donald trump faced off with reporters, face-off at one point, in a fiery press conference yesterday. he is not a fan of this network called cnn doug. >> cnn, and buzz feed, i think it is really buzz feed that
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probably most angry at. certainly took it out on cnn yesterday, as women. meantime, just real quickly, as far as this obamacare thing is concerned, this is vote very late last night, in the senate, that lays the grounds work to fully repeal obamacare. this was largely along party lines. but this is part of the trump take-over now. >> can you give us a question? can you give us a question? >> i'm not going to gave you a question. you are fake news. >> it was classic donald trump in his first press conference yesterday. and almost six months, single out some news outlets for the role they played in unverified reports that russian intelligence agencies had embarrassing information about trump. >> and that's something that nazi germany would have done and did do. >> explosives charges on both sides, as trump lashed out at the intelligence community. then an event where trump had intended to focus on these documents that separate him from his business interests. >> finally obamacare, i
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thought it would never ends. >> he also spoke about his desire to repeal and replace obamacare. >> not allowed to vote. >> you are stealing healthcare from americans. i vote no. >> over the objections of the democrats, republicans in the senate last night began to work on the repeal portion. passing a measure that will allow them to eliminate critical parts of obamacare with the same party line process that democrats used to pass it into law. >> if vladmeere putin were a criminal, i would not use that term. >> meantime trump's pick for secretary every state former exxon mobile ceo rex tillerson took fire from democrats and some republicans over his business dealings with russia during his confirmation hearing. and three other potential nominees will also begin that confirmation process today. general james mad is for secretary of defense, mike pompae, and ben carson for housing and urban development. of those three ben carson may actually face most
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resistance today, you guys know essay claim neurosurgeon, but he doesn't have any experience working in government. and that's something that democrats are almost certain to really focus on. >> sounds like donald trump. >> well, there go. the idea of bringing outsiders in to government. and, you know, insiders do have some inside knowledge that helps them but on the other hand you want to balance it out with a fresh perspective. >> good way to put it, doug, thank you for. that will well, our city will be represented at the inauguration next week. the first troop philadelphia city calvary will be marching in the parade. they practiced last night in valley forge. they are the country's oldest continuously serving units. so they'll be there. >> we have to look for them then during the parade. pretty cool. >> ly. >> disgruntled customer goes on the attack inside after southwest philadelphia deli. what set him off. what caused him to do this? well the cost of a cheese steak. and now,'s wanted by police.
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>> what a dope. steve keeley at the rounds house. >> reporter: mike before you all go all splendor in the grass over at rittenhouse square this afternoon, you and many viewers who see this video may want to have the option of taking an unpaid leave of absence and going charles bronson for a few days looking nor guy. look at the video. because if you thought every man in america who had seen that ray rice video of the baltimore ravens and rutgers university football star slugging his wife, knocking her out, on surveillance, in that atlantic city casino elevator. you thought every guy who saw that would never even think every doing anything like it themselves. sadly police video proves otherwise. and proves that some guys just don't get it. and this guy is one of them. this video is even worse. this time it, if this guy, who punches a 60 year old lady, running this deli all by herself, seven times, in the face and head, even after he knocks her out, knocks her down, he goes back and punches
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her again, while she is on the floor of her store. first, he squirted that drink through her elmwood avenue deli protective clear shield. that angered her to come out from behind the protective shield to call him stupid. and that is when he went after her. >> ya, can i not make it, he kept on and on. i said you stupid. he said say it one more time. so i say you are stupid. i don't know. i make him upset, but he squeezed the juice bottle inside the little hole in the front of the store inside the window. he came with that juice. and squirt inside. i have all for the greeting cards, and all wet. just, i don't know why i shouldn't go outside, i went out. i never thought about he is going to hit my face. >> we could only hope his mom and grandmom are being looking at this picture right now on tv and telling him to turn himself in. so here's our clearest picture of him. guy figure about 20, police
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say. he's got facial hair. go too. , mustache, maybe little older certainly a lot billing their than poor woman whose face is swollen and bruised. his face hopefully recognizeable. mikey leave it to you to explain to the mill end yan viewers, charles bronson, the death wish classic series, we don't of course as police would want us to say proof of any vigilante, we just want tip call to be coming in. boy this makes you want to get up from behind ureides he can, behind your cubical, look for himself yourself, doesn't it? >> sure does, seeing that video. charles bronson movies, ya. he was a vigilante. citizen fighting crime. we don't condone that certainly. but we got to get that guy off the street. 7:12. >> well, there is new details about a local teen whose life came to a violent end. grass packer's birth parent say that she endured a life of abuse. the lawyer says packer's biological parent lost custody
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of her and siblings, we're showing her adoptive parent, but lost them over allegations other adults were sexually a boosting the children. later the ad top tiff father went to prison for adopt g grace. grace died last summer and prosecutors say grace died in a rape murder fantasy carried out by her adoptive mother you seen on the screen here and her boyfriend, jacob sullivan, hunter's found grace's dismembered body last october. >> it is just almost, well, authorities believe. i mean, you are read that. >> and hard to imagine all that grace endured. >> apparently her whole life. what a horrible story. >> all right, let's, we're trying to fill in this hole here, huge sinkhole in kensington; still there. it swallowed couple of cars over the weekend. so, philadelphia water department has offered to put up residents along that street, boston street. it is the 2300 block of east
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boston. put him up in hotels. the street collapsed on sunday, crews have been working since then to repair it. but it could still take several more days to fix the whole thing. fill in the hole and pave the street. so crews trying to make repairs, in addition to the $200 a night hotel service, people who are impacted by this, will get some money for food because they have no power. >> yes. >> imagine, without power, not much you can do. >> no, at least the weather little bit better today. >> still pretty cold, overnight, to be sleeping, not have any heat at all. >> well, the sixers back in action last night. what, won four out of five now? against the stinking new york nicks. derrick rose decided to show up for this one. the nicks led through most of the game. but the sixers kept it close. so, what we're get to go is the final shot by tj mcconnell
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over here. it is. you know, the light goes off just as it leads his hands. they wore those uniforms, too, with the stars on the side. it was surely temple night. did you know that? >> i didn't know that. >> and why would it be shirley temple night? >> oh, true. joe em embiid loves drinking shirley temples. >> he does not drink alcoholic beverages, he orders, believe it or not, when he goes out with his friend, shirley temple's. >> i love them. they're very good. >> don't you like shirley temple's? >> no. >> you don't? >> well, did ily was six or seven. >> you still drink shirley temple's? >> bill lit bit, but i like them. >> what is it? >> i don't foe if it is seven up or sprite, one of those, you put gwen a dean, in it. >> that's cherries. >> no, no, not just one, i want like three. >> three cherries, all right.
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>> it tastes good. when is the last time you had one? >> probably, seriously, probably whether i was six or seven. you know go out to order, like your parent are ordering drinks, i'll take a charlie temple. >> can you imagine he told the story about how he came to love shirley temples, he was out at a bar in college, all of his friends getting drinks, i don't really drink, the bartender said i might have something you might like. >> a shirley tell be? >> can you imagine, going out with your friends, going to the club. >> boy he better be good. >> can i have a shirley tell be? >> you better be very good at basketball if you order a shirley temple whether you go out. when is the last time you had a whiskey sour? >> i had a a.m. rhett owe sour, they're good. you don't like them? >> no, no. >> okay. >> joel embiid tweeted this photo of him, congratulating tj mcconnell by choking the life out of him.
7:17 am
and it says, if you read it, i'm surprised he wasn't hospitalized because big time shot. big time. >> looks like he's upset. tj looks little scared in this photo. >> he does. >> let's play that sounds bite of tj. he didn't think he was going to get the ball. >> i thought we were going to throw it to joel. so i was, when the ball was coming at me i was like oh, my god. and then you know i tried to make a lay up. and cut me off, i just turned around and, you know, shot the shot. >> took the shot. >> shoot your shot. >> he did. nothing but net, sue. >> okay, back to the drink thing. if you used to order whiskey sours, like my mother used to always get those, if we went out, what should you be ordering now? >> okay. 2017, whiskey sour? >> right. maybe we could put that on
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social media. >> maybe a manhattan? that's supposed to be a solve is grated drink. whitt can i sour is kind of like grant ma drink. >> but if you like, that what's the current thing you should be? you don't want something, you know what i am snake. >> we know what you are saying. if you like it but still want to seem cool at the bar what do you snored. >> exactly. >> true. >> yes, so, hit us up on social media with some suggestions. meantime, a taste of spring, chilly temperatures return for the weekend, possibility of snow on saturday. there is my twitter handle sue serio at fox 29. easy to remember. still little shower activity around. but it is getting out of here. we do have a lot of a mess, bob kelly asked me little earlier about why is the airport delays in chicago, big snowstorm moving in there. so, that could impact your flight out of philadelphia international airport. so just a smattering of showers left this morning. we're going to get into the 60s later today. >> you know who makes a good whiskey sour? >> who? >> the trestle inn.
7:19 am
very ever been there? it looks frightening but really fun. >> okay. what's frightening in. >> it is under the olds el. >> oh, okay. >> that's the name? >> it looks like it is abandoned. >> and yet. >> and yet there are people in there. >> drinking whiskey sour. >> including me. whole different world over there. >> somewhere in there was your forecast, so let's put it altogether. sixty-three today. chilling down tomorrow. see temperatures drop throughout the day. we're in the 30's on saturday with chance every wintery mix. rest of the holiday weekends looks pretty december end. it won't be as warm as today t should be dry. and seasonable in the 40's, both sunday and monday. and then inning back into the 50's by the middle of next week, bob kelly? >> sounds good, sue. 7:19. buckle your seatbelt. going for a ride. skyfox, over the scene, water main break that happened in the overnight, delaware, folk road. they had the roadway closed all morning long. looks like they're allowing one lane of traffic get through on one side.
7:20 am
but look at that crater there. we can throw some jelly donuts in to fill up that puppy. going to the maps, folk road between wilson and len -- lone acre road. northbound, accident route 40. bumper to bumper heading north in lower moreland, crash at byberry and philmont avenue. got a big old snowstorm coming through chicago. that's causing big delays at chicago o'hare international. check with your airline, because if your flights are coming through chicago you'll be delayed here in philadelphia. then we go for a ride, northbound, shaders, 73 in maple shade, new jersey, i'm coming a you are way, maple shade, the scene for today's breakfast with bob segment. marissa right there on main street. they have some huge blue berry pancakes and we will give them a try live at 9:00 on good day. alex, back to you. >> sounds good to me. well, how about this? from blue berry pancakes to
7:21 am
taco bell, but you know taco bell is changing their game. i love their hal oop a's, well, replacing the shell, what it is phone for, with a fried chicken shell? what? we will tell you when you can eat this.
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>> ♪ >> natasha bedingfiel, pocketfull of sunshine ♪ >> trendy drink, moscow mule. >> oh, okay. >> that's good. >> true. >> someone else says now but bleigh breeze, what i order in place every whiskey sours. incredible hulk? have you heard that far one? >> never heard that far one. >> okay, there is good whiskey sours at the public in
7:25 am
pennsauken, they call them a bucket of sours. >> bucket of sours. >> that's good. >> okay. so, taco bell is creating a taco, instead of normal soft shell, or hard shell. >> urachal up a a. >> whatever. >> it is made of fried chicken, this shell is made of fried chicken. do i have this right? hillary? >> yes. that's right. so, they're coming out with their next crazy taco shell mash up that they've been known for. they came out with the door otto taco shell, if you guys remember, well, now, they're doing fried chicken. it is called the naked chicken chaloopa, and the shell just fried chicken. really all there is to it. there is an avacado cream sauce inside that a lot of people are saying is pretty good. and it comes out january 26th, nationwide, they day butte this in few locations, about year ago, now making it a national thing.
7:26 am
and their slogan, which i think is very philosophical, is the shell is the chicken, and the chicken is the shell. so there is that for you. >> so no meat inside of the taco? just the chicken, the toppings inside? >> exactly. >> right? want to clarify? >> right. yes. >> okay, usually -- >> like beef. >> but is it really make chick fen it is fried? >> no. >> there is a skin on it, so technically? >> right. >> why, usually make means grilled, not fried. i guess? >> now, hillary, you being a young laid high lives in manhattan, when you go out with your friend on friday and saturday nights, what is the drink that you would order? you look like a cosmo woman. >> thank you. you know, i like a little bit of everything. i do enjoy, you know, the trendy thing now is they make their own mixers, antoine innings, and some up with
7:27 am
these crazy flavors, and dow like to try whatever the trendy cocktail of the bar tend is her making. >> sure. >> i like to explore. so, you know, i like something new every time. ya. >> she is adventurous. >> she is. >> she likes it all. >> uh-huh. >> that's what she says. >> show me your cocktail. >> i got you. hillary, see you tomorrow. thank you for the taco update. >> yes. >> kit kat kline, always makes fun of me, when i first came to philly my go to drink when i walk into the trendy bar in philly, what wu like, i would say margarita please. she thought it was the most ridiculous thing ever. you order margarita's whether on vacation, certain restaurant, but not at a bar when you're out. >> every now and then i'm in the mood for a margarita i like those blended ones over at elvez, dollars fly i org ankle. >> my thing you can't mess up, i mean, you could, but very hard to mess up a margarita so usually guaranteed good drink.
7:28 am
>> i'm an old salt -- no salt guy. >> do you go salt? >> i like salt or sugar, either one. >> sometimes sugar, cinnamin. gearing up for game day with your favorite food. new list names the most popular game day foods by each state. and we will go through our states, as well. what do you think is in delaware, new jersey, and pennsylvania?
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7:31 there is june 12th, you heard me, it is june 12th, we're pretending it is spring, with spring like temperatures for a few hours today. >> i just realized, your meet up, all of these great songs for mike and spring. are you having a dj at this meet up? what's going on here? >> this is getting out of hand. i am simply meeting people at the gazebo. >> you said party. you need music. >> i over stated it. i am simply meeting at the gazebo at 1:00 rittenhouse square in bright colored clothing taking pictures with people and few of us will go over to the park and have a drink. >> on you? >> on me. >> all right. so, what's the incentive here? that sounds like insense i have. >> we'll have shirley temples. >> yes, we should all do. that will sue, you want to join in? >> i want a whiskey sour, just because we've been discussing it, ankle thanks for all of your great suggestions on
7:32 am
social media. mostly twit they are morning, we love it. bus stop buddly get rid of the umbrella soon, or the umbrella if you prefer, because the sun is emerging from behind the clouds. temperatures in the 40's, 50's, seeing just few raindrops, left over, the warmfront that came through is going to allow really warm temperatures to move in. so you see, pretty sunrise we're getting. 56 degrees. with southwesterlies at 18 miles per hour, winds gust to go 25 miles per hour. winds are so high, that's probably why we haven't seen any fog. so the showers are exiting. and we will get to close to 60 degrees by lunchtime, topping off at at least 63, maybe even more, depending on how much sun we get. days are still kind of short. not as long as they are in the spring. sunset is at 4:58. but, that should gave you give a chance to get well into the 60s. >> days are getting shorter. should i wear my shorts for this event? >> yes. >> today? >> yes. >> okay. >> we want to see those legs.
7:33 am
>> 7:33. we call it. here is your speedometer readings, 95, the schuylkill, the blue route, we're in jammo mode. rush hour time. for the gang at wilmington, north on 95, accident at martin luther king boulevard. also a crash, coming north on route one, out of delaware. right at route 40, with a big jam behind it. and water main break on the overnight, folk road, only one lane getting by in each direction here. you want to use route 202, to work your way through delaware this morning, big delays coming out of chicago. they're getting wacked with snowstorm. so check with your airline if you are headed down to philadelphia international airport. any flights coming in or through chicago, will have domino delay here, in philadelphia. here we go. 995, live look, starting to see some daylight. heads light still on. southbound, working your way through that construction zone. and into center city, accident lower moreland, at byberry, and philmont avenue. mike and alex back over to you. >> thanks, bob. 7:33, worried lgbtq community says one violent gunman in west philly has hads sites on
7:34 am
transgender women. three victims held up at gunpoint sunday night. and on monday, man was shot to death coming to the rescue after trans jenner person who was being robbed. police say both incident occurred after dates were arranged on an on line site called black page. >> or back page. >> back page. meanwhile, city officials are working to fight discrimination against the lgbt community. they held a meeting last night to show residents how to file discrimination claims. the direct or of the office of lgbt affairs is here, one of our good friends, hi, nelly. >> how are you guys? >> before we get to this, give me some statistics that you brought to light. what's the life expect expectanf transgender woman in this country? >> right now 35 years old. >> stunning. >> it is stunning. you know, we see the transgender people are facing not only social, marginal is agents, but astounding rates of discrimination,
7:35 am
harrassment, victimization. as a result, we see things like the unbelievable rates of homicide over the past couple of years, 2016, 24 murders. 2015, 22 murders. both those years, three of the murders happened here in philadelphia. overwhelmingly transgender women of color, overwhelmingly folks who are under 30 years old. young people who need to be protected, need to be empowered, need to be given opportunity. >> and they're killed why? because they're trans jenner women? >> i would say yes. because we see that these crimes happen in two different ways. one way is that somebody's targeted because they're perceived as transgender. the violence is perpetuated against them directly because they are transgender. the other way is that people are in places where they are likely to be victimized. they're vulnerable. because society has pushed them away, they're turning to survivor crimes like sex work, they are walking the streets late at night. they are trying to survive. and therefore, they are ultra vulnerable to victimization,
7:36 am
to being robbed, to being raped, to being beaten, to being murdered. >> you were mentioning the numbers, the rate of people being killed, more than 20 for the past two years. and here we are, 12 days into 2017, and we're already starting to see some of this happening. >> we r there have been two murders so far this year. one in south dakota, jamie lee wounded arrow and another one in mississippi, meisha kad well, jamie lee was only 29. meisha made it to 41. jamie lee was found dead in her apartment. meisha was found just outside of canton mississippi nay parking lot. >> so they're not making as much money as everybody else in society. >> no. >> that's why they are turning to sex work, some of them? >> they don't have these opportunities, absolutely. so we see that 54% of trans identified people have an annual house hole income of under $10,000 a year. annual house hole income of under $10,000 a year. so, the real problem happens when we see that we don't have anti-discrimination protection
7:37 am
don't have the protection, don't have it explicitly federally for any lgbt people. >> this means there is no protection in your housing, in your places of employment, or in public accommodation. any business that is are open to the public. people can openly discriminate. when the government doesn't protect you from discrimination, that basically sanctions the average citizen to discriminate, harrass. >> so this would be something the attorney general of the united state would have to address? >> it is something, yes, that absolutely, the attorney general of the united states would have to address, and i believe that attorney generals throughout our nation are equipped to address. i think that they are perfectly poised to step up and protect people's civil rights. but, obviously, there is great concern. right now in this transition. >> very conservative man to be the attorney general of the united states. >> one way every putting. >> yes. >> i can think of a few other things, yes. his track record certainly
7:38 am
doesn't address a lot of people's fears at this time. >> and also touching on one the other, real quickly, we mention here about the philadelphia commission on human relations. dealing with the reports of racial discrimination, the gabe or hood, other areas of philly. what is the update? there was meet that was held to help people know how they can file complaints? >> so that people know. the philadelphia fair practice ordinance is philadelphia's anti-discrimination law. it is the law that locally says you cannot discriminate against somebody in housing employment and public accommodations, based on mere add of factors including race. racial discrimination in the city of philadelphia sill legal period, it is not tolerated. it doesn't matter if it is lgbt bar. doesn't matter if it is here in this studio. it is illegal. so what we need to do is have the sole agency, the government local agency, that's in charge, with enforcing this law, is getting to work. and one of the things that they're doing, aside from having local hearings and reports, is they had a training last night to help teach people how do you file a
7:39 am
complaint. and really quickly, we look at the video, i mean, there are a lot of chairs in there? >> a lot of empty chairs. >> why big movement, and people very vocal about the fact of discrimination and what's happening, why now having meetings to figure out how to stop this that there are empty chairs? was it not very publicize in the. >> i think the human relations committee from what i've been told will do better job at pun sizing their event. and they're going to be holding more events. i look forward to holding them to that. hoping to get more community in there. i think that, you know, when it comes down to sitting and learning about how tonight err act with government, not everybody wants to do. that will they want to see immediate action. they opportunity see these bars change now. it is authorities wait. but this is a part of it. and we will be there all along. >> let us help spread the words too. >> thanks, i would appreciate that. >> common the show. >> thank you, nelly. we have to get to this. skyfox is over some breaking news out of overbrook. this is a fire on the 6100
7:40 am
block of west columbia avenue. broke out about 20, 30 minutes ago. steve is actually headed over there and we will get some more information.
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo.
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>> okay, so, superbowl is coming up. the playoff games, we have some more this weekend. so, direct tv, poor some reason, made a map of the united states showing what the most popular game day foods are, what you are eating while tailgating or watching the game. there is the map. >> in pennsylvania, a cheese plate is the top choice. really? a cheese plate? >> well, let's see, when i go to superbowl party there normally is a cheese plate laying out there. >> and i love cheese. >> oh, me too. >> and new jersey, jambalaya. >> new jersey, what? this is -- this map is stupid.
7:44 am
>> oh, it is good, though. >> i love jambalaya. >> and delaware, it is pizza. >> i can get that. >> more unusual choices, utah, pumpkin is the most popular. >> pumpkin? >> pumpkin seeds, do you think, pumpkin pie? >> no, i think they're just eat a big gord. they just stuff a big gord in their mouth and bite on it. >> eat it raw? >> that's utah for you. >> yes. then arkansas they love pancakes. >> what? >> and montana, maine, kansas, all lovers eggs benedict. >> this can't be for game day. >> dumb he is thing i've ever heard. >> no way this is for game day. >> i grew up in kansas. on game day, watching a football game, or tailgating, we didn't have eggs benedict. >> what would you have, like corn. >> corn. corn on the could be, something like that. >> wings, chicken wings, for god sake? >> maybe this isn't football. are we sure is football relate in the. >> well, it is game day.
7:45 am
>> maybe in the morning early game, 1:00 game? >> let's just agreed it is stupid. we shouldn't even have done it. >> if it is actually true. >> we don't own direct tv any more, do we? i don't think we do. so i can say stupid f we still own direct tv, i agree completely with t i love my eggs benedict as i watch the eagle play. >> ya. >> could you bring me some more eggs benedict please? and maybe some fresh nor week on salmon, as i watch these guys beat the heck out of each other. >> so sophisticated. >> thank you. yes, i will ' take a bloody march. >> i a mimosa? >> mimosa. >> why do you always -- we always made these -- trying to be fancy. yes. >> supposed to be we're english or something, or growing up in new england, i don't know.
7:46 am
>> what's cape cod? vodka and cranberry juice, something like that? sue knows every alcoholic drink. >> well, award winning actress, is opening up about the gender pay gap in hollywood. it really still does exist. >> which actor natalie portman said was paid 3 tons more than her in co-starring role? was it ashton kutcher? not so fast. not so fast.
7:47 am
my daughter wants to stay organic. my husband wants to stay free from artificial ingredients. whole family nts to stay free from artificial preservatives. and my debit card wants to stay on a diet. fill your cart with giant's nature's promise brand. great prices on over 800 organic and free-from items. eat well for less. my giant.
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7:49 am
>> clock 49, good morning, a live look, we're jammo, first time this week, during the morning rush hour. heavy from the tolls, up and over, into downtown, at eighth and vine. stack and pack on the schuylkill westbound, from approaching the boulevard, through city, all the way out to belmont avenue. and here's your delays on mass transit. paolo i thorndale, media elwyn, mark frankford line, all running with scattered declares, slippery rales, and snow, coming through chicago, going to cause big delays today at the airport. so, if you have a flight scheduled in or out of philadelphia, make sure the flight is not coming through chicago. check with your airline, also delays down in l.a. as well. here are your speedometer readings for the major load ways. we slide on down to delaware, accident 95 at martin luther king boulevard. did i hear sue say the 60s? let's see if she says it again.
7:50 am
she will be up in 15 seconds. >> the sixers were groovy but a lot of these records were set way earlier than. that will i don't think we will break the philadelphia record of 72, but some of the records in atlantic city, allentown, reading, could be tide or broken before the end of the day. first we got to get rid of the rest of the rain. it is almost out of here. so we won't have to worry about that much any more. then we look real quick at the future cast for saturday. we want to get you ready for some midday snowfall. it will be cold enough for that. this is just a one-day special. when you see the temperatures, you know what we're talking about, 63 today, 48 tomorrow, and chilly 34 on saturday. luckily, after the mess on saturday, mike and alex it, should clear up for the rest of the holiday weekends. >> well thank goodness. because it is a day of service
7:51 am
monday. >> right. >> all right? >> and i'm very excited about it. i'll be at the constitution center again. >> oh, did you that last year. 7:51. well, award winning actress is opening up about the gender pay gap in hollywood. yes, it still exists. >> natalie portman said she has experience philadelphia first-hand and wants to shine a light on the unfair yet common practice. >> thomas drayton, who makes a lot of money, he knows about money things, stuff like, that so we put him -- >> compared to whom? >> now, i want a whiskey sour, i'm so depressed. >> how much, so natalie portman, makes a lot less than her co-star? >> yes, three times less. >> wow. >> of course she won an oscar, few golden globes, but the actress says when it comes to equal pay, well it is not equal. thirty-five year old sharing her personal experience in the latest issue of marie claire, of course for her 2011 movie no strings attached. she talks about that. she says co-star ashton kutcher was paid three times as much as her. portman said she new about the
7:52 am
pay difference at the time of the filming, but she really didn't do enough about it. she tells the magazine, we get paid a lot, so it is hard to complain. but the pay gap is crazy. so, portman broke down the numbers, here's what she had to say. compared to men in most professions, women make 80 sent to the dollar in hollywood we are making 30 cents to the dollar. ashton kutcher posted story about portman's claim on his twitter page writing: so proud of natalie and all of the women who stand up for closing the gender pay gap. portman, far from the first actress to speak out. jennifer laurence joined the fight. you will remember along with fest ill at this jones. so, hopefully something will be done about it. get that changed. thank you, thomas. winter warm up is here. yes, we will have spring time for about four hours today. i'm predicting high temperature today to 66 degrees. sue's going with 63. i'll see in you rittenhouse square at 1:00. lilly.
7:53 am
she pretty much lives in her favorite princess dress. but once a week i let her play sheriff so i can wash it. i use tide to get out those week old stains and downy to get it fresh and soft. you are free to go. tide and downy together. plumping surface cells for a dramatic transformation... ...without the need for fillers. with olay, you age less. so you can be ageless. olay ageless.
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7:56 am
>> you know i love olds school television. they have celebrity birthdays. so i want to start that again. i know it is old school. but i kind of like it, i like to know the birthdays of celebrities, for instance, today, is: ♪ ♪ : yes, the former one direction star, turns 34 years old today, one of my favorite guys, howard stern, he's 63 today. from my hometown of wichita, kansas, kirsty rally is 66 today. nia rivera, oh, yes, is 30 today. and our very own quincy harris, yes, quincy, q; 38, happy birthday. listen. there is so much, somebody much better to host this segment, probably do this every day now, and that's karen hepp who is now
7:57 am
nationally known forgiving her birthday updates, especially from yesterday. >> philadelphia boxing general end joe frazier celebrating his birthday today. happy birthday, joe. also giving back to the community, he's going to be meeting with friends, and supporters, at city hall this evening, at 6:00. to honor championship youth boxing teams and coaches. this year, marks the 45th anniversary of joe frazier's jim lowe kate in the north philadelphia. the space has been used to develop several young athletes, he is turning 73 years old today. >> really is allege end. such a force. we're coming right back on good day. >> so, did he contact to you say thank you for the shout out? >> super natural force. i mean, the man is a saint. >> the man is a saint because he died five years ago. and here is another thing. his birthday, is actually. >> today. >> today. >> ya. >> so for this new segment, we're going to turn this over to you, so every day you can give us more update. so why don't you give some other birthdays now?
7:58 am
>> of course ben franklin, ya. >> well, how old is he? >> he's pretty old. if he were alive. >> you see, folks, if we're going to do this bit, you got to put the age of the person in here. for the love of god. >> it is not really ben franklin's birthday. how about billy penn? >> no. i'm going to his party this afternoon, matter of fact. likes to celebrate early in the day so can he get some sleep. >> he enjoys his spirits. >> how old is grace kelly today? >> if she were alive? she is beauty at any age, not sure how old she would be, but also not her birthday today as well. >> okay. so we have to sit down, map out these jokes. i swear to god. >> anyway, i felt like ron burgundy, mortified, embarrased, that was my mistake on that one. reading the words i should not have. >> well, thomas helped you out, too. >> anyway. it was such a mistake that a lot of -- it was spread all
7:59 am
over the internet to embarrass you even more. >> and you made huffington post. >> really? >> yes. >> what an accomplishment. i don't think 06 minutes will ever call. >> bunch other websites. >> yes, philly magazine. >> yes. >> yes. >> just wait, watch for our mistakes. >> got anything else for me? >> well, tonight she and i are going to go to the joe frazier muhammad ali reunion dinner, that should be fun. and then -- >> legendary. >> over in manayunk tonight, i'm going to go to the wilt chamberlin speed dating event right there on main street. okay? >> so, that should and good time, as well. >> see you tomorrow. >> followed by our segment alive or dead. >> right. we will do this again tomorrow. good day everybody it is thursday january the 12th. you know who made very good decision? alex holley pretending she needed to go to the bathroom. >> she's dead. >> dead to me. >> pretending to go to the
8:00 am
bathroom. standing out in the hall i'm sure. >> yes. >> good choice. >> she hadn't been in television that long but she knows she can do better than me. ya. >> good day. >> dead to me. >> dead to me. you know what you are? joe frazier. oh. >> alex holley. ya. >> good day, it is thursday, june 12th, 2017. >> from the fox studios. this is "good day philadelphia". >> the first lady gives her own type of farewell. >> thank you barack for proving you're not a lame duck. >> but my very own silver fox. >> how she surprised her fans on the tonight show. plus we take a look back at the style choices that she has made over the eight years.
8:01 am
>> a whale after sandwich. the food network's mission to find the biggest meals in america, comes right to philly. >> the local spots serving up more than we can handle. but we're sure going to try. >> brian kranston is here, so is his buddy, gee owe van i. they're life, on good day philadelphia. the new project, bringing this power house duo together. and why we may be seeing brian crans stone in philly, for weeks. >> ♪ good day sunshine ♪ >> a winter warm up. >> it may be january but it feels like march. bring the bright colors out your closet. we will show you the spring trends sure to fizz nel 2017. >> 8:01. i say it will be 66 degrees. >> one day special, snow is the day you're not going to get another one in the 60s for
8:02 am
awhile. >> if it hadn't been raining up this morning, but the rain kind of hanging out in a few places, that's why bus stop buddy has his umbrella. but plenty of places are seeing sunshine already, as well. most of what you're seeing on radar right now is not even making it to the ground. so, almost finish. but still damp out there. there is our good day sunshine. it is 56 degrees, with 15-mile an hour winds out of the southwest. and with enough sunshine, we will at least get to 63 degrees. maybe even warmer, by the end of the day. we will tell when you things take a chilly turn, coming up in just a few minute, bob kelly. >> hey, sue, good morning, everybody, 8:02 on a thursday morning. wet behind the ears. and here is a live look at an accident in northeast philadelphia. this is castor and folcroft in the oxford castor garden section of the city. looks like at least one, oh,
8:03 am
wow, okay. so we got one of those suv's here on its side, the traffic light down, you got the vehicle into the tree there. police arriving to the scene again, folcroft and castor, in northeast philadelphia. thanks to skyfox, logging some miles there. going to the live shot of the ben franklin bridge. backed up, from the tomes up and over. it is a winnie. so hole onto your coffee cup. olds glory blowing in the wind. roll up and over, maybe the wind can help push us into philly little faster. delays on the regional rails, paoli, media, elwyn, frank forwards, all running with minor delays this morning, live look at the schuylkill expressway. where we've had couple of disabled, and accident, right near the south street interchange. and overall, here is your speedometer readings. ninety-five, jamming up, through the construction zone. delays on the schuylkill. and also on the blue route northbound into route one. mike and alex back over to you. >> thank you. 8:03 now. >> a fifth victim killed in the fort lauderdale airport shooting has ties to our area. sixty-nine year old mary
8:04 am
louise was native of ohio but had been living in dover, delaware. her identity was released yesterday. her husband, reportedly wounded in the shooting and remains in a coma. esteban santiago accused in the deadly rampage, and facing federal charges. a worried lgbtq community believes one violent gunman in west philly has sites on trans gender women. three victims were held up at gunpoint sunday night, and on monday a man was shot to death coming to the rescue of a transgender person who was being robbed. police say both incidents occurred after dates were arranged on an on line site called back page. >> 8: 04. days until inauguration. donald trump held news conference yesterday. it was his first one since being elected there. were some interesting months, pretty fiery moments during the press conference. president-elect addressed us intelligence community, and also those unsubstantiated allegation that is rush had compromising information about him. >> disgraceful that the
8:05 am
intelligence agencies allowed any information that turned out to be so false and fake, and that is something that nazi germany would have done and did do. >> president-elect trump also took aim at the media, resulting in heated exchanges with the cnn reporter jim costa. >> since you're tacking us can you give us a question? mr. president-elect? go ahead. >> since you're tacking -- >> not you, not you. >> can you give us a chance? you're tacking our news or saying. can you give us a chance to ask a question, sir? sir, can you -- >> quiet. quiet. >> mr. president-elect can you give us a question you're tacking us, can you give us a question? >> i'm not going to gave you a question. >> can you state -- >> you are fake news. >> so certainly was an interesting part of the press conference there. >> wow, first one. >> remember the person who came out first was the press secretary addressing allegations and talking about buzz feed. and then donald trump came out and addressed it again. and basically said hey there
8:06 am
is was classified. we don't have to tell were you we were briefed on this or not, that's classified information. they kind of accuse someone leaking this info out to the media into the public. so now the head of national intelligence denies those leaks came from the intelligence community despite what trump's camp has been saying. >> exactly. that will go on today, all day. well, michelle obama made her final appearance as the first lady on the tonight show with jimmy fallon last night. and it was kind of cool. she was the only guest for the whole hour. >> it was just, all about her, really? wasn't it, thomas? her moment. her final moment? >> her moment. a loft great laughs. really great show last night. saying good-bye on the tonight show, she is a little bit more upbeat than the president was during his farewell address. the first lady participated in, you remember those mock thank you notes that he does all the time. well, she participate in the that segment. showing michelle obama, also surprising fans.
8:07 am
going to show us really just how much we miss her, right? take a look. >> did you prepare that? ahead of time? oh, my goodness. oh, my goodness. >> really? >> for me? you sound amazing. you sound so awesome. oh, my goodness. thank you for those kind words. >> thank you. >> that was so sweet. oh, my goodness. oh. wow. >> thank you. >> thank you. thank you so much. >> this is such a privilege to hear these words. >> let me set that up. basically jimmy fallon invited fans of michelle obama to say their good-byes to the portrait of the first laid. she was behind the curtain listening, as you saw, she surprised the fans. another fun moment involved the help after future comedian, jerry san filed,
8:08 am
dave shappell enjoying the first lady, with jimmy fallon, catch phrase. >> when you can see, superheros have this power, it is called -- >> yes! >> dorothy hammell. yes. >> uh. >> come on. >> oh. beyonce. >> correct. >> beyonce! >> you got it. >> yes, yes. you got that one. >> so many great moment. really was one big party. so coming up in the next hour on good day, we will share couple of more of those incredible months, including michelle obama's response to sasha missing the president's farewell address, what she had to say about that, and of course the special tribute from stevie wonder.
8:09 am
>> okay, looking forward to that, thanks, thomasment and honest response. paris jackson is weighing in on the commercial, what? the controversial? controversial tv movie about her dad. why she calls, well, she says, it is a shameful portrayal of her dad. >> she had a lot more to say, too, so we'll show all of it. >> okay. next.
8:10 am
8:11 am
8:12 am
>> fifth it a second, and bamm, bamm, ben back up the tolls up and over downtown eighth and vine. everything is wet this morning. no need to be using those wipers. but far cry from what we had to deal with this time yesterday. back up and over in toward downtown philadelphia, so, paoli thorndale, media elwin line, running with some delays, the market frankford had some early morning delays, out of the gate there, as well. here is a live look at the schuylkill expressway, leaving south philly, two separate accidents this morning, at the university and south street onramp. so, back up, leaving south
8:13 am
philly, coming in to downtown. big delays today because after big snowstorm that's rolling through chicago, better there than here, right? but check with the airline, because if your flight is coming through or originating out of chicago, there will be delays today here at philadelphia international airport. also some delays out in l.a. so, even though we have some sunshine here this morning, delays in other parts of the country. here is your speedometer readings on your major roadways there, north on 95, watch for crash, right near, martin luther king boulevard. what's the forecast looking like for today? and something if-ee coming for the weekend? sue has it in 15 seconds.
8:14 am
>> second warmfront in two daysment anticipating a cold front. that will won't come in until tonight. inbetween the warm, the cold, the mild air that will get us into the 60s today. very much looking forward to. that will looks like for the most part our rain has ended. still damp out there. but it looks pretty decent. no you we jump ahead to saturday morning, when we could see frozen precipitation mover n colder air as we said moving in behind the cold front after tonight. >> definately wept err handle on this tomorrow. a model agreement on there is looks like afternoon event saturday, looks like it will be gone by sunday. fifty's right now, in just about all of the temperatures throughout the region, going up to at least 63 degrees. and then, the 40's, transitional day tomorrow, by saturday, it is only high of 34 degrees. back to seasonable temperatures sunday, and martin luther king day monday. and of course, so many service
8:15 am
project going on through the the region monday. need to keep it dry for that. right? >> i agree. we really should sue. >> this next story is not a movie script. but, it is to certainly could be. >> sergeant derrick from lancaster county on patrol during saturday snowstorm. he noticed the car that slid off the road. turns out, the people in the car were part of a transplant team from york hospital on their way to thomas jefferson hospital in philadelphia with a donated liver. the transplant recipient was already in the operating room being prepped for surgery, realizing time was critical, and they couldn't wait for an ambulance, the team all piled into the patrol car, through the snow, with lights and sirens on. the officer made the drive to jefferson in time for the transplant, and report of operation was a success and after all sergeant's efforts, the only thing he wanted was a geno's steak. but he never got it because he had to get back to work.
8:16 am
so of course when we heard about this story we wanted to surprise sergeant, right, mike? >> that's what generally do. getting what he want. >> yes, good morning, mike and alex, and that part is still a surprise for the moment. what's not a surprise is that fox 29 is here at the police department with sergeant derrick, now, i'm sorry to bombard you like this, you're working on patrol, you see the live truck arrive. you know why we're here, just telling all of the viewers the story from the weekend. that the liver transplant, trying get to philadelphia for the hospital. there is a patient in the e.r. what was going through your minds during all of that? >> well, when they first, i didn't know it at first, that the transplant team was in the car. and then they told me what was going on. and i knew we had a short amount of time to get down to philly. the roads weren't very good. so they were waiting to try and get an ambulance to transport, so i said why don't we just go? so we piled in my car, brought the liver, and we went lights and sirens to philadelphia. >> you are a high ranking
8:17 am
sergeant. were you able to make that decision on your own? this is east call co, typically three officers on patrol at a time. were you ready to go 60 miles in a snowstorm? >> i wasn't thinking it was going to happen but i kind of texted the chief and said, hey, this is kind of what's going on here. i'm on my way. so he called me, and so i beg for forgiveness. and didn't get permission right away. >> now have you been in touch with the surgeon since? what i was readings that that surgery went very well. these were life saving efforts on your part. >> yes. through news reports, the surgeon, doctor mali, said that surgery went well. everything went fine. >> man, how does that make you feel? i mean, do you this every single day, day in, day out, here to protect the community. that was taking your job to the next level, thinking on the spot like, that doing you what thought you needed to do? >> absolutely. you know, i thought about the family, the donor, what they went through, what the family was going through. and then i was thinking about the recipient, who is going to
8:18 am
get another shot, another chance at life. so i figure it was time to go. we, again, doctor mali was great. the resident was great. and it was a little bit hair-raising going down to philly in the snow. but traffic was normal, i mean, the schuylkill was pretty full, but we got down there all right. >> how long did it take? >> took little less than an hour. >> that's pretty good time given a snowstorm. so the one thing that the sergeant did not get to do, he was hoping for a lunch break, were you hoping for geno's, can we bring out the geno's. >> we brought you the geno's, i hope this is okay, and i think good enough present. is this your wife? >> it is. >> good. this is the whole family. come here. yes, we just wanted to real roo really absolute you for job well done. and there are couple of t-shirts in there. >> that's great. >> could i ask awe little bit about your husband's efforts? >> how does that make you feel when you heard what he did? >> very proud. that he was able to help someone out, get the liver to
8:19 am
philadelphia, and the recipient to have a successful surgery. >> and chief of police. you didn't think twice about saying it is okay for him to drive 60 miles? >> it was an interesting story. because he sent me a text message, than was 15 minute laps between the time i saw it and he sent it. so i called him immediately when i saw it of course. and he said i'm already on my way. i said well i'm not telling you to turn around. so it all worked out. obviously made the perfect decision. >> it all worked out. i hope you know while we were inside were you getting calls, more cheese steaks on the way. be weight let you go, we want to see you take a bite of this. we have to see these efforts here, ya. you get your geno's cheese steaks, maybe the boys can have a bite too. >> i hope this is worth it. i hope it is not cold after our drive from philadelphia. >> can't beat geno's cheese steak! >> oh, there we go. >> thank you! >> worth it? >> absolutely. >> thank you, mike and alex, back to you guys. >> great story.
8:20 am
>> that is a great story. and he got his steak. >> and apparently the person who got the liver is doing well. >> that's good. >> thank god. >> good to hear. >> yes. have you ever been to ikea? of course you have. >> yes. right up columbus boulevard. >> yes. exactly right. hey, when are you too old to shop at ikea? a survey is out. start guessing now on twitter. at what age should you not be walking out with this danish furniture that you have to put together and you get into arguments? what is it? swedish furniture? it is somewhere up in that area of the world. i don't know. anyway, then you get into fights with your loved ones and get divorced. anyway, but first, a honest response from paris jackson she waste in on the controversial tv move bye her dad. why she calls it shameful. and a couple of other things. giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy...
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
8:24 am
>> quick update on the breaking news we told but an hour ago. we ' learned six cats have died in a fire on the 6100 block every west columbia avenue in the overbrook section of the city. woman rescued from the home, was taken to the hospital. she apparently is going to be okay. fire started about 7:15, this morning, took firefighters just about 15, 20 minutes to get it under control. >> but the cat didn't make it out. >> well, 8:24. the daughter every michael jackson is outraged over the casting. we told but this yesterday. her late father in made for tv move. >> i yes, fans were kind of shocked when the first trailer was released and paris was asked about it on twitter. >> soy we will show you again, this is fine, he is a white man of course playing michael jackson there is will be called urban mitt. tv show, right. >> correct. >> different episodes. the plot around this episode centers around jackson's road trip, elizabeth taylor and
8:25 am
marlon brando. the trio supposedly headed for new york city shortly after the the 9/11 attacks. paris jackson says to play her dad it was just awful. tweeted so incredibly offer ended by it as i'm sure plenty of people are as well, honestly makes me want to vomit. went onto tweet it angers me to see how obviously intentional it was to be this insulting not just toward my father but my godmother liz as well. then tweeted where is the remembers? they work through blood, sweat anteriores, such profound remarkable legacy, shameful h several ones, going on there. >> couple of people on twitter said that they had red that it was it was supposed to be a spoof. it was supposed to be kind of fun. >> i yes. well. >> not laughing. >> no. >> urban myths is set to debut january 19th on sky arts. >> have you heard that network? >> no. >> is it only glands?
8:26 am
>> or on that premium? don't have the premium cable. >> it is british. >> okay. >> avenue feeling we might own it. >> oh. >> well. >> sky news? >> should we google that? >> suegle. i can't depend on alexa any more. >> you are tired of alexa? >> people mad at me. not a full retirement, just sebatical. >> she is on vacation? >> on vacation behind us. >> oh, well, she didn't go very far. staycation. >> the stuff, there is noise in the studio, she can't respond. >> is that what you are blaming it on? >> actually i own her. and it. and my apartment, where it is quiet, too quiet, it is almost too quiet. she works just great. >> okay. so you're blaming this atmosphere, work environment. >> i blame this station for all of my ills and troubles. >> how is that working for
8:27 am
you? >> well, not well. >> okay. sue? >> it says here, this is wikipedia now, 21st century fox owns 39.14% of the company that owns sky arts. >> oh,. >> which is part of the bigger sky. >> so we own almost 40% of it? >> not long. >> yes. >> well, what i think, urban myths, one of the best productions i've ever seen. >> so great. >> yes. >> so great. >> kudos. >> make that piece of crap. >> okay. 8:27. you know i love the food network. i watch it all the time. and see that big, big piece of whatever that is? >> well, here is the new show. it will be on friday. it is called gynormous just big versions of your favorite food. have you ever eat answer
8:28 am
14-pound bagel? >> no. you're about to. >> oh, look at it. >> look at it.
8:29 am
this. is. everything. honey bunches of oats. it's all of this, this, this, and this. it's the mother of all cereals. it's that, and that, and all of that. it's the most cerealriffic cereal. in all of history. yeah, it's that good. honey bunches of oats. this. is. everything.
8:30 am
8:31 am
>> bus stop buddy, he lost the umbrella, don't need it any more today. rainout of here. temperatures are mild, though, to start the day. so, we can see, there is nothing much left to show you, except few clouds, and some sunshine. 56 degrees, already, with 15-mile per hour wind, out of the southwest. and 63 at least for our high temperature today. maybe even more. depend on how much sun we get this afternoon. tonight, cold front comes through. but before that happens, we get down to low of 47 degrees. bob kelly? >> hey, sue, good morning, everybody, good morning to bellmawr new jersey, delays coming in toward the city, stacked up, on the 42 freeway, approaching the walt whitman bridge there. north on 95, coming out of wilmington, a crash martin luther king boulevard. delays on the schuylkill.
8:32 am
both directions. little bit of sun glare in there, too we will take it, 9 miles an hour, though, coming into downtown philly. i'll jump in the news van, head to maple shade. shaders are coming your way, we will do some breakfast, they have huge blue berry pancakes. >> huge. >> not ginormus, just huge blue berry pancakes. see you there at 9:00. >> okay, that sounds good, bob. we like big, huge food, food network, by the way, once again visited our area, not hunting just for cheese steaks, stuff like that. >> the name of the show says it all. ginormuos food. the host that guy named josh denny. he's got the red beard there. he grew up in ridley park. now lives in los angeles, on friday's episode, tomorrow night, he comes home to philly. >> where dosage? to great places. >> yes. >> we will get taste of some of the foods that will be featured, like me? preview. huge. we have gary from jake's
8:33 am
sandwiches, thank you, and also larry from -- >> was it fun to be on the show? >> it was absolutely a blast. had a great time. >> now, josh don't eat the food, does he? >> he did taste it, it wasn't a food challenge, more about the construction, making of the food, the whole spectacle. >> this is a food challenge, isn't it? >> we use it as a food challenge, other celebrities, different people come in and try to eat t nobody has actually ever finished it. >> almost the size after bagel? >> that's your typical montreal style wood oven bagel. this is one slightly bigger. >> slightly? how big? >> 4 pounds bagel, 14-pound sandwich. you have got 4 pounds of salmon, 4-pound of homemade white fish sal al, cream cheese, tomato, onion, cucumbers, capers, weighing in roughly 14 pounds total. >> wow. >> if i come to your place can i actually order that? >> if you call my ahead of time. >> day or two ahead? >> day or two ahead.
8:34 am
>> how much will it cost you? >> around $250. >> how many people could ad off this? >> it will feed about 20 people. >> so instead of at work people bring in assorted bagel, just get there is everybody can dig in? >> just give everybody a fork, knife, you are good to go. >> or, or, or what? >> just pick up the whole thing. >> oh, of course. >> oh, my gosh! you have to wait for the close up mike. >> normally have to wait. >> all right? >> there go. now we're talking. >> oh, my gosh! >> how is it? >> it is good. >> you left some chunks out here. >> wow. >> man, the salmon is really great. >> thank you. >> really fresh. >> smoke in brooklyn, comes out fresh every morning. >> so someone actually gets to finish this all. do they get something like award? >> well, they get actually a really big belly ache. but besides that, they get it for free.
8:35 am
and -- >> oh, free? >> it is free if you can eat the whole thing. but i don't think it is possible. >> my gosh. >> they get a goney? >> they get a gorney. >> well, let's go to your sandwich. you have quite the heavy sandwich. >> we have big one, too, our 9 pounds, what we are calling our hundred-hundred. our standard sandwich. it is our 50-50. it is basically half pork, half bake on. actually won philly best few years, and decided to make a ginormus, pound of pork, pound of cheese, pounds of bacon, and then we have the bread and some spread on there. and that makes our hundred-hundred sandwich. >> now, can you also order this one? >> yes, you can. we have this one, if you can give me a call ahead of time, day ahead is all we need. >> how many people can this feed? >> twelve-15 people. equal to about dozen of those regular size sandwiches. >> is this also a food challenge? >> we set it up more as a group, as a group, come, enjoy
8:36 am
it, slice it up, there is plenty for a nice crowd. >> normal size cost what? >> that's about $9. >> this one would cost? >> a hundred dollars. >> a hundred dollars. >> mike? >> will you do the honors? >> wow. >> oh, my goodness. >> good lord. >> looks like lunch? >> ya. you won't be eating for days. >> the end or the middle? >> i don't know. little bacon, little spread. >> like eating a snake. >> there you go. >> you lost him on the end there. >> oh, that's good, too. >> yes? >> bacon good. just the way we like it, right? >> oh, my gosh. >> well, we will see you friday night. >> yes, looking forward to the show. >> thank you. can't wait to see it. >> thank you so much. >> also, there is another place that's also being mentioned here. >> oh, yes, trolley car diner 6 pounds french toast platter, the old 23, also featured 18 inches long, serves eight
8:37 am
people, and costs about $25. >> oh, big piece of french toast. >> that's a lot of french toast. >> good yikes. hey, speaking of food. did you ever wonder why drinking alcohol makes you hungry for like greasy hamburgers, french fries? there is science to t i've been studying it.
8:38 am
are you getting this? these numbers are off the charts... sir! what's the status?
8:39 am
there's a meteor hurtling towards earth. how long until impact? less than a minute. what do you want to do, sir? listen carefully... if we all switch to geico we could save 15% or more on car insurance. i like the sound of that. geico. because saving fifteen percent or more on car insurance is always a great answer.
8:40 am
>> it is 8:40. ever wonder why you crave like a hamburger, pizza, cheese steak, after a night of drinking? well, scientists say, it has very little to do with being hungry. >> new research shows alcohol puts the brain no starvation mode, aling. >> this is regardless when the last time you ate. yes. so because booze can also impair yourself control, it is hard to resist greasy, fattening foods. >> it is true. >> just not making good
8:41 am
decisions, is that what they are saying. >> exactly right. i mean, you've gone out to a meal. maybe had too much alcohol to drink. so go home, get in your refrigerator. get out a pizza. >> true. sorry. still have little bit of paying end sandwich on your nose. that was big sandwich. i don't know, what's up in there. >> just saying. >> after the nose wax? >> push the hair back in there. little prickly, though. >> not as soft as it was. >> it is like stub, it grew back more course? >> little more course, yes. >> now you have to keep it up. >> can you help me with that? >> no. >> we tack a look back at michelle obama style choices, how it changed over the eight years. looking pretty good. >> ♪ >> ♪ the door of bassett quality was there.
8:42 am
the quality of what we do is phenomenal. it's perfect. it's beautiful. there's nothing we would change about it.
8:43 am
8:44 am
>> see quite a bit of cloud cover at camel bang mound dan. if you if you have a chance, you lover skiing, today will be the day for the spring skiing conditions, not too, too cold, but still plenty of
8:45 am
snow. >> let's look at the werth headlines, starting to see some sunshine, a taste of spring today. but, chilly temperatures return, starting tomorrow. and then possibility every snow, wintery mix saturday, more on that, as we find out more about that, of course, and here's the seven day forecast, it starts with today, feeling like spring, high of 63, by saturday, we are talking wintery mix, high only in the 30's, but we do get back to seasonable temperatures on sunday, and the holiday on monday, for all of your service project. the high temperature about 44 degrees chilly in the morning, most importantly for the holiday it should be dry. guys? >> look at the latest issue of ebony magazine. magazine around for years and years, hail to the chief. whole section on fashion in here. all about the obama's, commemorative i shall glue were we love their style. >> i think these are hard to get, mike.
8:46 am
>> oh, they are. >> can't just pick it up off the street. >> you know who gave it to me? zoom in on the name of the person who wrote that article. >> elizabeth willing ton. >> says elizabeth wellington. nice to have you here. >> thank you. >> let's start, go all the way back to the beginning. 2008dnc dress she wore. when a lot of people saw it maybe for the first time. >> yes. in fact, that was almost the first time that i saw her. and that dress, i remember that dress, on television with that dress, the next day that's all everybody was talking b don't know if it was the color, her hair, the star burst, fro to the middle of her chest, people just loved it, we saw it was new look for a first lady who most of them are wearing red, black, navy. she just came in i'm here, i wear color, i'm beautiful. >> in addition to what she was saying as well i remember that speech. then when they got elected everyone was wondering okay the inauguration, what will she wear to the ball? >> wow. >> and this gown, look like an
8:47 am
ainge nel that gown. one shoulder jason woo, i didn't like the white, but in retrospect in years it, said so much t said so much about this was -- shoe that she was walking out, coming out for her first time as first lady it was magical. >> remember this one? >> here, seeing michelle obama appreciate american designs ers, started with woo, the turquoise dress, maria pinto, and all american designers. it was just, tote, america was really, the fashion industry, really trying to get american designers out there. >> now, for this next one, some people, it caused a lot of talk. because this is official white house portrait, 2009, she had
8:48 am
no sleeves. >> oh, my goodness. >> oh, my god. but the rest of us were like wow i want arms just like. that will and i think not only did she bring, encourage us to do that with fashion, but then we started seeing people paying attention to yoga, palates, peak foam us g on their core. >> did we see this before. >> official note snow. >> i don't remember ever anything like. that will then she went on jay leno show, on the cover of vogue, and she talked about how i love jay crew. >> right. j crew has a lot to thank michelle obama for. they got second resurgence basically. and that was when america started feeling like, you know, what we might not be able to wear some other but we can wear j crew. >> a lot of peak k like you can walk into the mall and get me some j crew. >> or another brands at target. >> the next one, did the nc 2012. >> that dress sold out immediately. >> yep. >> that night. that will dress was gone.
8:49 am
and at the time, in fashion, women bring was becoming really big. she sort of helped your their in, fit and flare dress really big. she has really good, she had really good way of taking what was fashionable at the time and making it hers. >> yes. >> inauguration parade. this is now for the second term. >> this would have been in 2013. >> that was a tom brown. tom brown is actually from bucks county by the way. known for male suiting. but at the time his women's business really took a boost after that. >> i bet. >> because we know we had seen her with that dress. the interesting thing is that belt didn't come with it. it was a belt had the original pattern of the dress. and she decided she was going to wear a j crew belt with that. >> listen to that. >> switch it up little bit. make it more edgey. what about the inaugural ball then in 2013? >> that was jason woo again, my favorite inaugural dress, that was fantastic hearing was coming back saying, you know
8:50 am
what i'm, i hate to almost say it, but she was almost being very sexy and romantic? that gown. i thought it hit off all cylinders. >> maybe shot of it where she is not covered up by her husband. >> she should be. >> well yes. >> see a little bit. >> it was a halter. >> halter, okay. >> very nice. >> how about right here in philadelphia? last summer? >> right. that will was that blue christian see ian owe. when she wore that dress, a lot of people red things into it. not only was it blue the colors of the dnc, she used an american design here was making a name for himself for making dresses to fit all women. he was very end clues i have, very clear in that. >> we must have missed the time when she actually walked out.
8:51 am
>> little short waist. >> the next state dinner then, china? >> oh,. >> i know, there, saying, you know what, i'm just fly. than was a vera wang. that is phenominal. nothing else to say about that. >> look at her hair too. >> her hair was little different. >> yes, kind of the side, beyonce look. >> surely was. and her shoulders, look at those shoulders. go girl. >> and last what couple of nights ago? we don't have the farewell address? i guess she was just fitting mostly? >> did get up at the end. look at that. >> that's a black jason -- i love the illusion detailing in that. we sort of michelle, mrs. obama, doing, she starts off with really bold colors, which were big in fashion when she came on the scene. and, you know, the subdued, the mood has subdued, the trends has subdued. she makes it all work together. >> hey, nicely done. you still working for the philadelphia inquirer? >> i am.
8:52 am
>> style coulomb. >> style come up. and i have a column about michelle obama fashion that will be running in the combine iron wednesday. >> wonderful. good to see you. congratulations on the magazine. >> yes, and special collector's edition. >> see you later. >> you know what the city looks like from the sky, skyfox. how about philadelphia from space? we have a picture from space! i'll show it to you after the break. ♪
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
♪ >> so the astronaut up at the big space station, slowing down now, taking pictures of the northeast section of the city. philadelphia, i want to share profound words, but my only thought is how good -- >> how good a cheese steak would taste right now. >> and there is philadelphia,
8:56 am
and atlantic city. looks like x-ray of somebody's chest. >> do you see personal space at the top, like a person's skull? mouth open? >> kind of. >> sternum, two arms? heart in the middle? >> star gaizing with you, i bet you can find all of the constellation cents and everything else? >> there is the mouth, skull, arms the heart in the middle. >> stare at it little more? >> did you know this? >> what? >> brian kranston is on the show today. >> he is? >> yep. >> but you know why i'm excited? i was fan of his on breaking bad. >> he was also tim watley on seinfeld.
8:57 am
>> of course, all goes back to seinfeld. >> and his little friends, giovanni, also going to be with him on good day philadelphia. >> ♪ >> and actress sophia bush get real about love. why she says we should all just quit worrying about finding the one. >> ♪ everything nature's promise is so wholesome. and it doesn't take the whole paycheck. giant's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my giant.
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honey bunches of oats. it's all of this, this, this, and this. it's the mother of all cereals. it's that, and that, and all of that. it's the most cerealriffic cereal. in all of history. yeah, it's that good. honey bunches of oats. this. is. everything.
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trying to make me eat my greens?low.
9:00 am
no, just trying to ve you some green. whaaat?! thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant. judge temperature 56 degrees, straight up 9:00. i predict it will go up another 10 degrees. sue thinks 63 degrees. >> why should we believe you over sue? just wondering. >> absolutely no reason at all. >> just wishful thinking on your part? >> two look springy today. >> thank you. >> we new were you having your party at rittenhouse today. >> here is what we will do, meet at 1:00 at the gazebo at rittenhouse square, prevent it is spring, june 12th, not january the 12th. >> sounds good to me. now what part of the squre


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