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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  January 16, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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our nation's capitol. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. right now at 6:00 a life saving journey coming up. >> day off for so many people today who used it for good. a national day of service on martin luther king, jr., day, of course. >> but we begin with fox 29 winter wet authority. let's take live look in reading which could see a rough commute in the morning to start your short work week tomorrow. >> take live look at philadelphia international airport. we are tracking the skies and waiting for some much warmer weather. thank you so much for joining us at 6:00. i'll lucy noland. >> i'm chris o'connell. let's get right it to. meteorologist scott williams way first look at the forecast. hey hey, scott. >> hi l we're keeping tracks on ultimate doppler. we're trying and quiet but look at the moisture off on the west. this will impact your commute back to work and school for tomorrow. so don't be caught off guard. you can see the freezing rain well to the north around parts
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of the great lakes moving toward minneapolis, green bay right now, just north of detroit and also cleveland for our area take a look at this. freezing rain advisories berks county, the lehigh valley, north and west toward the pocono mountains as well overnight until 10am on tuesday. so watching those temperatures and watching hour by hour you can see by 7:00 a.m. that pink is the freezing rain toward parts of the lehigh valley and the pocono mountains early on your tuesday morning. toe potential many impacting that morning rush. elsewhere it's just going to be all rain. that includes philadelphia and also parts of south jersey. so the bottom line freezing rain early tomorrow morning. far north and west. temperatures at slightly blow freezing a light glaze of ice watching out for slick spots careful on those untreated roads. temperature wise rhytina now on average we are in the upper 30s. so that's about average for this time of year. so if you're stepping outdoors, it's going to be dry. it will be quiet with those
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temperatures holding steady. coming up more on the timing. the icing amounts and a big warmup by the middle part of the week. guys, back over to you. >> thanks much, scott. remember you can get the weather any time of day or night by going to, just clicking on the weather link. now on to glenside tonight where many people are mourning a young who was tragically cut short a community gathered for memorial service honoring 14-year-old grace packer. her adoptive mother and her boyfriend are accused of killing her. >> among the mourners today the girl's birth mother. fox 29's bruce gordon was there for the emotional service. >> reporter: rose hun singer was upset as she arrived in the new life church. the little girl to whom she had given life is dead in the most horrifying manner. [ inaudible ]
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>> reporter: this birth mother was here to say goodbye. >> what would you like people to know about your daughter? >> that her memory and her smile will never fade away. >> reporter: authorities say 14-year-old grace packer was raped, murdered, dismembered and then discarded by her adoptive mother saran her boyfriend jacob sullivan in a case that has stunned the region. most of the hundreds of mourners who pack the church did not know grace. but they came anywhere in sympathy and solidarity. >> it's just devastating why anyone would do that. >> and she matters to us. she matters to the community, and it's right to give her a dignified honorable send off. >> reporter: she was born two months premature susan hun singer but child welfare authorities decided her birth parents could not properly care for her they remove the little girl from the home and ultimat ultimately placed her with the woman charged with helping to carry out what prosecutors have described as a vile, rape and murder fantasy.
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>> i'm not going to forgive th them. even later on down the road i'm not going to forgive them because it's not going to bring my cousin back. >> reporter: tv cameras were barred from the church for a service organized by several local moms. a service that included these words about a murder victim who lived a life of abuse and neglect and died alone and nearly forgotten. we have come to bare witness to her life so that grace anastasia packer should not disappear. >> she's everybody's daughter. she needed people and here are the people. >> reporter: be latedly but they're here. >> still ahead the criminal case against the accused of killers and plenty of tough questions for child welfare authorities responsible for grace packer's safety. but on this day at least a little girl received in death the dignity and respect she did not get in life. in glenside, i'm bruce gordon, fox 29 news. ♪ >> story just rips you apart. many in our area marking martin luther king, jr., day as a day to do good. hundreds of thousands of people
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pitched in to help with projects to make life a little better for so many others. >> it's all part of a citywide service day honoring dr. king's legacy. >> we were at the main project site at girard college in north philadelphia. this year's theme celebrates educational justice. volunteers joined mayor jim kenney building bookshelves so children will have book nooks around the city a place to keep their books so they can read in laundromats or barbershops. it's one of hundreds of projects completed today alone. organizers say active and engage citizens you have to start with leading good example for children. >> a day on not a day off is the whole notion around doing something of action that, um, that takes king's legacy and keeps it alive. this is the city's 22nd year to hold mlk day of service. happening right now, the neighbors in northeast philly are uneasy tonight after someone
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vandalized a holy center at a somerton shopping plaza. detectives are on the trail and tonight some people claim there could be an antisemitic motive behind all of that right there. fox 29's dave kinchen live tonight at the scene of the vandalism. dave? >> reporter: we do know this incident has brought out lot of pain here in the jewish community of northeast philadelphia. but there are questions too. >> is it a heinous message or just a careless doodle? major questions surrounding this graffiti on the outer wall of a jewish community building in northeast philadelphia's somerton section. whatever it is, rabbi solomon isaac son says a sang tee to you wary has been defaced. >> it's a special holy place, and it's used for religious reasons only. >> reporter: rabbi says the graffiti was painted on precious stones imported from jerusalem on a building known as a mikvah where ritual baths are being built.
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>> this is the pool where we actually you put the water and this is for religious cleansing so to speak. >> reporter: tagging comes days after someone smash the windows on this jewish temple in tacony earlier this month. in this particular act a hate crime. >> it could be only because i think, because this was the only building in the entire shopping center that was vandalized so. >> reporter: police cannot say for sure although they are investigatinvestigating. with some challenges like no available surveillance video. numerous cameras watching the strip mall off damaged the most recent video shows a man hitting one camera with a paintball gun. another shows the camera being pulled off of its post all of this before the graffiti. >> emotionally, it's unspeakable. it's unbearable but it's going non our community. >> reporter: business owners say the strip mall has also been shot up by beebee guns and seen drag racing in the parking lot after hours. nearby congregation beth solomon runs the mikvah and had their
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menorah stolen over the holida holidays. biggest question who did the vandalism and why? >> if this was done discriminately try to learn a little bit about what jew dee i is and what the jewish people are and maybe you'll feel differently if you did this as an antisemitic gesture. police do not have many leads at this point. chris? >> dave, thanks. beer drinkers you'll have a lot to celebrate tomorrow. pennsylvania is making it easier to buy beer. starting tomorrow, beer distributors can sell any quantity including six packs. they used to be limited to sel selling just cases and kegs. the new law will let bars also sell alcohol at 9am on sundays whether or not they serve food. that could come in handy on football sundays. governor tom wolf signed the bill back in november. florida boy is in philadelphia tonight for the beginning of what will hopefully become a life-saving trip. >> the only reason why he's here is because the kindness of others and the amazing power of social media. i was honored to be there when
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jackson arrived to philly. >> on the tarmac at philadelphia international airport embrace you can almost feel. a dad and mom finally here to save their son's live. >> have you ever been on a private jet before? >> no, i haven't. >> what was that like? >> it was pretty cool. >> yeah. what was the best part? >> the best part was, um, when we going to up into the air. >> after years of failed treatments jackson hunt is dying for from a very aggressive form of leukemia hundreds of days in hospitals down south led them to children's hospital here in philadelphia. for a brand new t cell therapy treatment. a six week long procedure that could be his last hope. >> he does not react to chemo. he cannot get a bone marrow transplant unless he's complete until remission. can't go into remission if your body does not react to chemo any
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more. so it would have just taken over his body and that would have been it. >> this seems -- what you're saying this is a last hope. >> it is a last hope. this is it. >> the last hope for him. >> we're so grateful to have this. >> getting here was half the battle. jackson couldn't fly commercial from florida. he was too sick. so a social media campaign about jack went viral. a good samaritan who wants to remain anonymous, donated his lear jet and the services of his pilot. >> the whole time he was snap chatting on facebook and stuff like the whole way up. so he had a great time. he was playing game on his i pad and it was -- it was fun. i went back and talk to him for a few minutes. >> with mega watt smile you wouldn't know what jackson is going through. i certainly didn't. >> all right. you can have a great trip. okay? >> and a lot of people out there are rooting for you. what do you want to say to them? >> i love you all and thank you for rooting for me.
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i love you all the most. >> you got me crying o'connell. >> oh, my gosh. >> this is jack's first trip to philly this is the initial check up for his therapy. he'll be back in about six weeks for six weeks next month. so i know you're crying. >> it's just i mean -- he's so precocious and his heart is so real and there and present. >> he doesn't even know he's sick. he's just such a great little kid. >> if you want to check out his progress go to our website >> all right. luckily i'm going to go to commercial break here to compose myself. god bless you. >> going to the beach got more expensive for some people. where you'll need to pony up extra cash for a day in the son this summer. plus with the presidential inauguration just days away, how some local troops will help keep the new president as well as revelers and proteste protestern our nation's capitol.
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♪ about to get more expensive to lounge on two jersey beaches. avalon and stone harbor are
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raising the price of daily beach tags from $6 to $7 a day. avalon is making another change this summer you'll be able to buy beach tags through a mobile app ahead of time. this friday is the inauguration of president-elect donald trump. i know you're going down there as well as dozen of local national guard troops will be going down to d.c. to help everyone keep safe. >> fox 29's bill rohrer shows us how the first troop philadelphia calvary is getting prepared. >> reporter: this dimly lit facility at the valley forge military academy. >> you don't want to constantly be pulling on him because then he's going to pull back. >> reporter: members of the first troop philadelphia city calvary are going over their formation. >> carefully change your direction. >> reporter: they're all part of the pennsylvania national guard on assignment during the presidential inauguration parade in washington, d.c. >> all need their mains pulled, still body clipping. >> reporter: horse trainer maria's first inauguration detail. >> a lot of crazy planning, just
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on the horse side. >> reporter: first troop philadelphia city calvary is the oldest in the country. >> you need to be ready for anything. >> reporter: this will be their 61 the presidential escort in this appearance in the parade. >> there's a lot of people there. you know anything can happen in one of those parades. horses are, v minds of their own. fantastic beautiful animals but they have minds of their own you have to make sure you're working together with them. >> reporter: sergeant luellen hunt will be leading the men on their detail. >> i've always been interested in military service, and the troop has such a unique heritage, um, and it's such a neat space in the military i couldn't say to. >> reporter: troop will be riding full dress uniforms. >> of the 2 million americans who serve in the military only one unit has the privilege of wearing that particular uniform. we're very proud of that. >> reporter: members are elected in and donate their field pay to up hold the troop's extraordinary tradition. >> this is the coolest
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fraternity there is in nutshell. what happens hereth there's no better way we think to serve the nation's military than to do it selflessly. >> reporter: in wayne, bill roar are fox 29 news. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. its let's take live look up the mountains. >> wow. >> camelback mountain. beautiful night. got a lot of snow. >> looking fantastic, chris. we got wet weather moving into our area, though. the question is, are the slopes going to get fresh powder at all? >> here's scott williams with all the answers. >> hi there lucy. it doesn't look like any smo for the pocono mountains but does it look like some freezing rain overnight and first thing tomorrow morning. so a light glaze of ice. we'll talk about that coming up. no rainfall, though, right now at the philadelphia international airport. when he a high temperature of 42 degrees in philadelphia. the average for this time of year is right around 40 so 2 degrees above average right now temperatures in the upper 30s. they'll likely hold pretty steady throughout your evening in the upper 30s as well.
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ultimate doppler right now we're dry, we're quite cloud cover will thicken as we move toward the overnight then first thing tomorrow morning we're watching this system off to the west right now with a lot of heavy rain across illinois, also, take a look to the north. that pink that is the freezing rain that will move toward a part of our area overnight and first thing tomorrow morning. take look at the highlighted counties in pink. berks county that includes the reading area, moving toward the lehigh valley, allentown, east easton, nas nazareth also bethlehem we're watching you for a little bit of ice carbon and monroe counties in the pocono mountains. also, watching for maybe a couple hundreds of an inch so just a little bit of ice could cause some problems first thing tomorrow morning for that tuesday morning commute far north and west with those critical temperatures kind of hovering right around freezing. so dry right now but that rainfall will be moving in kind of on and off during the day tomorrow as we go hour by hour, here's 7:00 a.m. the green that's all rainfall
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along i95 parts of south jersey. but look at the pink. moving toward places like bethlehem, allentown, early on tuesday morning. that will be the concern for that potential light glaze of ice physical about 10:00 o'clock before those temperatures warm everywhere above freezing. so just grab an umbrella tomorrow off and on again showers. looking at on average a quarter to perhaps a half an inch of rainfall. then that system kind of moves out of here late on tuesday. some fog early on wednesday and then temperatures rebounding nicely into the 50s. so for tonight, it will be cold. the cloud cover kind of roles in. 36 in philadelphia. 36 in wildwood for that low. we're looking at temperatures north and west in the low 30s to right around freezing so with that precip kind of moving in that will support some of that early morning freezing rain. 46 in philadelphia tomorrow. 47 down the shore and 40 in the lehigh valley but look at those temperatures in the 50s for much of the seven day forecast. well above the average which is
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40 degrees for this time of year. back over to you. >> you can't beat that. thank you so much, scott. >> sean bell in with a little hot stove news. >> we actually have -- >> baseball. >> phillies news. baseball right now the middle of the winter. >> i'm ready. >> great news, too. little phillies good news right now. they may be close to signing a veteran bat a very good one at that plus the sixers one early game for the holiday. see in joel embiid was able to knock off some rust to give the sixers another big win. that's coming up next in sports. you don't let anything keep you sidelined.
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♪ big day for the cubbies. president obama welcomed the 2016 world champion chicago cubs to the white house. chicago cubs world champions that's amazing to say. though the press is a weiss socks fan he's a chicago guy this had to happen before he leaves. cubs visited just months after capturing theirs first title since 1908. >> ♪ the sixers may have actually found something in 2017. they won five out of their last seven games and today they hope to continue that agains the bucks a rare early game for this mlk day. no nerlins knoll he's sitting outweigh sprained left ankle. pick this up in the third quarter. look at this. great defense. nick with the lock. dario sarius gets it and running the court look at that joel embiid and the slam. only had four points in the first half he went crazy in the second. look at this again. embiid hammers that one he ended with 22 points, 12 boards and the sixers guess what they win again.
6:25 pm
113-104. six many win in the last eight games incredible. to the phillies on the search of making a little off season noise in the middle of winter right now. sources say free agent by the name of michael saunders that's right michael saunders will be signing a deal with phillies. 27 homeless and 57 rbi's with toronto last season. that would be a solid solid pick up for the phils. roman quinn another guy hoping to make his way to the phillies lineup this year. he got called up late last season but he's hoping to be an every day guy this one. right now, he's getting it done away from the diamond he helped host a free clinic for kids at ryan howard's training facility for the phillies mlb urban youth academic program. special special day and a special special deed. quinn gave advice to all the kids following their dreams. >> just to have a dream and to follow it and do whatever you can to make it happen, and work hard and work towards something whether it's professionally,
6:26 pm
whether they're going to be a doctor, a lawyer, whatever they want to do, have something to work towards. >> like to be in philadelphia on opening day in 2017. only 15 games here at the end of 2016 but he showed he can play. like the kid today's quinn says he learned a lot in those 15 games. >> i learned a lot, man. a lot of veteran guys there. just getting my foot in the door and just kind of feeling it out. i enjoyed every bit of it. looking forward to pushing and making -- having a chance to make the team. young guy following his dream and helping kids today follow theirs. beautiful thing. >> absolutely. >> thanks, sean. >> that does it for us here at 6:00. >> we'll see you here at 10:00 o'clock. have a great night. inside edition straight ahead. ♪
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♪[ music ] it's war. trump vs. snl. >> you, sir. >> yes, hello. >> did they go too far this time? then, after the greatest show on earth shuts down, are zoos next? and -- >> the kidnapping everyone's talking about. >> kidnapped at birth. >> could it happen again? the steps hospitals are taking everywhere to keep newborns safe. plus, the "melrose place" actress. >> uh-huh. >> begging a judge to keep her free. the incident that ruined her life. >> i'm sorry. >> and the grieving husband who is crying out for justice. >> it wasn't an accident. it was a crime. >> then, the "dancing with the stars" champ. why she wants the


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