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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  January 18, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EST

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on the loose holding people up. >> and in case you missed it, oh, rats, philadelphia now nope for something other than cheesesteaks and it's not a good thing. more on that coming up. >> and another big story going to be developing all morning long is really weather. before you head out the door make sure you grab your umbrella and sue is tracking the rain and how long that will last she has the answer and bob let's is know on the commute in seconds and we begin now with breaking news former president george herbert walker bush was taken to a hospital after fal falling ill in texas. >> our fox affiliate in houston reporting 9-year-old was brought in and said to be doing just fine this morning. mr. bush who suffers from form of parkinson's disease will remain at houston methodist for evaluation over the next few days. he was not feeling well and was brought in and will go through tests the next couple days and we'll keep you updated as soon
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as we learn more. >> "good day", everybody, on this wet, wednesday, january, thank you for wacking up early and joylinging us. >> hi, bob. >> you know it's a holiday monday and it's already wednesday. >> right? >> this was kind of a quick week. >> zip ago long. >> not soon enough though until friday. you need your jaekt, brum brel a, araptorss at the else about fargo center tonight. temperatures in upper 30s and 40s out. there visibility not great in many places. dover, delaware, atlantic city, new jersey, lancaster, pa, reading, trenton, up in mount pocono, six miles visibility at the airports. so watch out allow extra time. where we are in the upper0s. lancaster, reading, pottstown, trenton, pretty closing to
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freeze in mount pocono and could be sliply. 4 in is they and plenty of rain to show you. it's very spotty. still around. but not as much as we got yesterday especially last evening when we had so many downpours. lingering showers first and then lingering clouds. we're hoping for enough sunshine to take us into the 50s for high temperature today and sunset is now 5:04 p.m. guys. >> sue, thank you. time now 5:0 patco helping for a smoother commute this morning after equipment problems stalled passengers for much of tuesday. and steve keely in camden this morning it was a headache, steve. >> you know, i grew up here and riding patco since it started in '69 and we're seeing something in morning and i don't know if it's indication of the problem i already emailed bob this this is where bob mentioned a train with smoke yesterday and we're at the ferry station and every time a train three timesp so far comes from the philadelphia
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area to go towards collingswoo collingswood, as soon as it gets by the station and starts out it's going slow at that point sparks are flying from under front wheels and back wheels huge electrical flashes light up the sky right here in fronts of us and then when it gets past us. and i don't know maybe that's not arm. but it doesn't seem normal. we'll get video of this and feed it in and show it to you. and maybe asomebody in the train business can explain whether or not that's normal and maybe that was a cause of some problem. we saw one of the big engines i don't know if that's proper word for it but a patco yellow train that looks like it goes up and down the tracks to make sure the tracks are okay, going past here earlier going slowly. and we'll see if the track problem is a problem or maybe it's not. because the problems that the general manager is apologizing for have to do with motors and they even put out a press release yesterday we have video
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of apologizing to all the riders saying they're aware of the frustration and why wouldn't they? because people are tweeting like crazy every morning it seems when trouble sending pictures of packed trains and packed platforms and just anger and frustration by not even cursing just being nice about it but saying patco be honest with us if it's not 15 minute delay let us know if it will be an hour or more and even a 15 minute delay when it's actually true that causes a whole backup like planes do when a train slows down one spot that means all the other trains behind it will slow down as well. it's still early. one good news we have for you it stopped raping because last week it was snow being blamed for some train problems and we're wondering if the rain was going to cause problems as wel well. we're seeing a lot of police here. so it's safe in the parking lo lot. and again, too early to tell you whether there's any
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problems so far since there's not many rains running and many commuters but problems yesterday especially if you're on twitter between 8 and 10 a.m. when really people wanted to be in center city and office and cubicles by nine and stuck in the system on this side of the river. we'll let you know bob what we see and i can't wait to show you that video. we have one shot of the train going by and you see the sparks and flashes and we know now where to focus it does not seem normal as a kid who road this to the old echelon mall a lot when i was a kid. >> i remember those days mall. you're right on the money. 5:05 sparks that's what happened yesterday you would think the smoke that continues to come from underneath these trains like yesterday's train here ferry avenue, could have been caused by those sparks. where there's smoke there's fire. they're lucky they have not had a disaster yet and one of the trains catching fire.
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that's the first point you mad made. second point when they take a train out of service like they did yesterday the next train comes along in 15 minute pop up on the system 15 minute delays. that doesn't tell the whole story. because one training pulled out of service and 15 minute delay doesn't account for the thousands that are stucken all the stations behind as those trains are backed up, philadelphia up and come past ferry avenue and there's no way to puts any more passengers on there. we'll see how the whole thing develops throughout morning rush hour. folks are fed up with the whole patco system this morning and i would not be surprised if you have a vehicle or another means of transportation they're going to use that this morning. the boss is probably fed up with everybody being late for work. and three out of the last 7 days if -- for the work eric that use patco. live look at i-95 dealing with wet rose and fog. it's going to be a slower than
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normal morning rush hour. here's a live look at the freeway coming in towards the city. fog down in delaware. so a little bit of everything from mother nature this morning reduced speeds across all of our area bridges and because of the weather conditions and we'll have weather delays to boot down there at philly international this morning and if are you north up towards poconos we could be dealing with freeze iing rain and black ice if you're on the dividing line where the temperatures are dipping down and of course in the poconos the ground temp has been below freezing and wilmington media, paoli line so far so good no problems from septa. i would not be surprised if we have normally slippery rail delays like we normally do and platform and steps. yesterday here's the run down five trains on patco taken out of service in morning rush hour five trains all with smoke or brake problems coming from underneath the carriage. thursday morning smoke in the train ferry avenue where steve is setting up shop this morning and last monday smoke filled
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train at city hall station in philadelphia both thursday and last monday they had to shut power down totten tire system when caused domino delay for the morning and evening rush hours. karen, thomas, back to you. >> thank you. lots of news to get to police are hunting now for a gunman that shot a 16-year-old boy in germantown and stole his phone it happened before:30 yesterday on the 65 0 0 block of east wiingter street. the teen was shot once in the hip and his iphone was taken. there was a neighbor that does not want her face shown but she's so sadden entered. >> i know the mother is probably hurting knowing her son got robbed for something that cost 1, 200 dollars any more. >> teenager is in stable condition at einstein. >> emic violations will cost seth will wumz yumz 6,000 in
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pep 'tis and williams agreed to setment with philadelphia board of ethics and was accused of failing to disclose gifts and sources of income and accepting gifts barred by city ethics code. the fine is largest imposed by the board in ten-year history. in a statement williams apologized and vowed back to earn the trust of philadelphians. >> shapiro took the oath of office and will fill kathleen kane position. the former montgomery county commissioner told his suppor supporters he's opening a new chapter at top prosecutor. >> and john kareny was sworn in as delaware 7 governor yesterday lot of balloons from their celebration when's they won along with lieutenant sgovrp nor bethany hall long taking oath of office on steps of legislative hall. kareny was elected governor eight years after losing a democratic primary to jack markell. >> and one of the last acts in office president obama commuted the federal prison sentence of
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arm didn't whisle blower chelsey manning she is former army intelligence an light that leaked to quickie leaks. chelsey, transgender, was known as brady manning at the time of her arrest in 010. the sentence will expire in may after 7 years in prison and during that time she had two suicide attempt and went on hunger strike aimed at attending sex reassignment surgery. >> to do it on the basis of something nebulous and disforia because of gender differences or gender wishes doesn't make any sense. look we have laws. >> the nation's trust as it is placed in military personnel is something not to be driveled with. >> and as a whisle blower tweeting in five months he'll be free thank you for what you did to everyone, chelsea, say strong a while longer. >> hundreds of fell yonz getting a second chance, the whitehouse announcinged 209
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commutetations and 6 0 pardon on. for numerous crimesen including drug offenses and nine pardoned from pennsylvania and three prison in other words from philadelphia and three pardoned from new jersey and one delaware. recovery experts welcome second chances for those who pay debts to society. >> it's a positive thing i think giving people an opportunity who made a mistake behind drugs and alcohol giving them that opportunity to free them you know from prison. >> president obama has granted more commutetations than any other president in u.s. histor history. >> rats. >> you had problems with that one didn't you. >> remember the cartoon they would say meess to pieces. >> they have the audio at least. >> that's exactly what it
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sounded like. >> they were cute. this one not so much. we have new owner i guess. >> we're number one. >> distinction. >> we have more rats and mice here than any other city. >> we have more rats and mice here than any other city. rampant rodents straight ahead.
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sgrvr we have rain with us at
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least it's not what we see in new eng lands but we'll zoom in and show you few areas of really light showers continuing to move through north around allentown and north of mount pocono in those higher elevations we're seeing indications of freezing rain and there could be black ice or glaze on untreated surfaces up there. get getting a break in philadelphia and it's damp outside. there's rain around ocean kout koutsy and mystic island and gal 'way township new jersey this is how it will be the rest of the morning. cloudy, foggy, a lot of spots drippy and clouds will linger even after the train ends we're hoping for sunshine to burn through so. clouds by the end of the day and getting us to 5 50, 52 deagrees and we've been advertising all week you get the best weather day of the week as clouds clear out thursday in between systems and we will see plenty of sunshine and we'll probably get to mid 50s tomorrow then on friday
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morning we have rain around washington d.c. around time of both of office in inauguration inauguration. and visibility is very poor in a lot of places. not wilmington right now, but dover, delaware, atlantic city, new jersey, reading, lancaster, mount pocono, pennsylvania, trenton, new jersey, 2 1/2 miles visibility and temperatures enough above freezing that most of us are seeing rain and we talked about icy spots in the poconos mountains where mounts pocono is only 33. average high is 40 now. we're on a trend we're going above average and you'll see after yesterday's high of 45 we hope to get to 50 today and stay around the 50s through wrist of forecast and every once in a while rain. if it was cold are bob kelly there could be a lot of snow in the forecast. >> you ain't kidding we would be sleeping at the hotel up the street this week. good morning, everybody, 5:16 a
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live look chester county and good morning to you we're dealing with wet roads that spray kicking up and if you have not purchased wiper blades in a while this is 202 chester brook boulevard and we're dealing with fog. curb side on the 4 freeway against starting to see pocket of volume and you have wet roads. it will be one of those yucky morning rush hours and even down in delaware, route 13, socked in with fog as well. and septa having no problems yet out of the gate. but i would not be surprised if we see the whole slippery rails coming into delay. the flat forms and steps watch it as you board or exit buses could be slippery as well. speeds on all bridges because of fog this morning and possible weather delays down at philly international and check ahead with airline but otherwise coming in on the schuylkill expressway we'll probably see slower and longer morning commute just because of the weather conditions as you work your way in towards downtown and vine expressway on
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for business this morning and as sue moneyed up near the poconos because of low tems we could deal with freezing rain and black ice and then rights after the rush hour they're set to be working on the roosevelt boulevard southbound right at kelly drive ridge avenue off ramp and here's a snapshot patco we're waiting to see how things develop for the morning rush after yesterday's morning rush five trains taking out of service and steve is at ferry avenue. last thursday one of the trains ferry avenue developed smoke. i wonder if skid marks steve has been seeing caused something to ignite and thus the smoke. where there's smoke there's fire and last monday we had smoky train in philadelphia at the city hall station which of course shut down the power. we're monitoring it all and will be on top of it all morning long, thomas, karen, back to you. >> slower and longer we'll get through. it time now 5:18 following breaking news out of mexico where four were killed at a shooting in resort city of
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cancun. the incidents happening tuesday at the state prosecutor's offices and shooting comes one day after shooting in nearby play adele carmen left five people dead it's not clear if two attacks are linked. >> and more than 100 people are dead in nigeria a government fighter jet mistakenly bombed refugee camp it was on mission against extremists and more than 200 others hurt and an update on a story we broke yesterday morning there's a bouncer facing charges of murder at a fwar in germantown the 2 28-year-old security guard shot his bar manager and the customers were feet away. it happened sharon's little spot barron the 5600 block of boyer street. >> the ordeal is sad. now you have another life gone over something that distant rally matter. whatever it's about it's not worth someone losing their lif
5:20 am
life. >> police have not yet said what the men were fighting about. >> students and police at the university of pennsylvania are on high alert this morning after string of armed reaso reasonryes in the area. lauren thompson in university city this morning get us up to speed, lauren. >> hey, good morning, thomas. division of public safety is worried about this and they sent an alert yesterday morning 11 a.m. to anyone in this area for any amount of time. let's show you where police are concerned with the investigation. it's just west of penn campus and where they patrol in the area if the area seen on this map between 43 and 47 streets between spruce street and cedar avenue alert sent out warnings the penn community philly police are investigating for armed robberies. first happening:30 monday night the robber was busy preying on people until 7:00 the following morning please believe it's the same suspect involved in all the robberies based on similar description given to investigators. as a result of all this patrols
5:21 am
have been beefed up in this area. and spen asking people to download an app they provide and they say it will help police with getting more information about the crimes happening here and help you because it helps them find out where you're located in case of money. >> thank you, lauren. now you cannot pay in cash an anymore because they're no longer taking cash money after closed for weeks of renovation, sweet green will reopen and will only take credit and debit cards or their own mobile app. the owners say going cashless discourages robberies and allows for nastier transactions and employees more time to interact with customers. they have a number of locations one in university city. owners don't think they'll lose any business. trending now at 5:1 carli lloyd joining jersey great. >> she is being inducted to new
5:22 am
jersey hall of fame. hall of fame announced 15 ne newest inductees for this yea year's ceremony she is a native of new jersey and lives in mount laurel now and she's feev acup window and two time olympic gold medalist. >> and "live with kelly" rippa join the list rippa was born in stratford and co-hosted talk show now 15 years and won three daytime emmys for role on soap opera "all my children". >> these thesety good but we usually beat her in the 9:00 hour. >> also going to be honored hatian actor grew up in newark and rose to fame as rap group fujis he won three grammys more musical work. up duction into the hall of fame is highest civilian honor the state can give. the the ceremony will be may 7 at convention hall in asbury park. >> karen hepp next right. >> yeah, sure.
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>> amazon will change the way some people can buy stuff. xwr this move has some saying the site is trying to profit from poverty. the site is trying to profit from poverty. >> hm.
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>> debit card, credit card, paypal, soon another way to you buy grossy ozen amazon. >> you can use food stamps.
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they're testing a pilot program this summer to allow amazon and six other online grocery stores to accept food stamps this mission is to help communities with true desserts and people have little access to fresh produce and groceries. it makes a lot of sense. in our area shop right stores in new jersey and pennsylvania will also be participating in this program. >> there's good news from walmart the retailer is hiring this is one of my first jobs worked in the paint department. it will add 10,000 jobs this year as it opens new locations and remodels 60 stores. walmart already employs 1.r5 million in the u.s. >> flying high which air lines are best for being on time. overall 6% of flights on time and fewer than third of percent of domestic flights cancelled. who is doing best? well turns out hawaiian and delta posted best rates for on
5:27 am
time flights. it is being on time if it gets there within 14 minute of schedule. >> get on the plane to close that door. >> coming up at 5:30. >> sit on it patsy, paul, anybody else forget what we said about the wall sit on the wall at rittenhouse square few. we'll explain the next change. >> what about cindy. >> he's welcome. >>ian et. >> he's welcome. >>ian et. >> her too
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>> will today's commute to school be better than the mess yesterday we have that one and steve keely. >> the philadelphia area stopped a national list. we're number one for rampant rodents. need a pest? >> we have more than any other big city and we'll tell you the reason why. >> viv 'nova number one in basketball and you really make it when they give a beer. >> cheers. >> we're creeping to friday. good morning, bob, sue. >> good morning, budsy. >> you may creep along if you rupp into fog it could slow you down this morning and lingering showers and fog and drizzle out
5:31 am
there and viz ability is not great it's pretty bad down there arounds millville, new jersey, atlantic city international with three-quarters mile and philadelphia interest nrtio international not bad with 7 miles visibilities and when you go to the mountains where you had reports of freezing rain earlier this morning it's foggy there as well. all that could end up slowing you down this morning vrn bea aware of that and you may need your umbrella at least the early part of the day which is why bus stop buddy has his umbrella yesterday morning. there's visibility we showed you when temperatures are in upper 30s we deal with rain but again we had reports norm of us of freezing rain. here in philadelphia 4 degrees 3 overnight and clouds clear
5:32 am
and we get ready for nice weather day on thursday. we'll talk about that in the 7-day forecast coming up. bob kelly is here right now. >> suebie good morning and here's a live look at 42. we're dealing with wet roads and fog and that spray off the cars and trucks. it is one of of those yucky starts to wednesday for the kang in trenton dealing with thick fog along route 2 and patco situation again five trains taken out of service yesterday and thursday morning rush hour we had spoke in one of the trains and ferry avenue and last monday we had smok smoke-filled train city hall that shut down the power. it was a rough commute morning and evening yesterday. we have steve in a few minutes live from the ferry avenue station to give us the lightesting from patco and so far so good on buses and trains and trolleys. back to you.
5:33 am
>> president obama is about to have his final press conference at the white house today. >> no doubt we'll face a number of questions. doug luzader joining us from washington this morning. what can we expect from the president. >> it's a lot of talk about rush of pardons and commutetations we'll see in the final days and they may not be over yet we saw yesterday 209 commutetations largely for drug offenders and 53 pardons as well. >> and he has succeeded in early it of hey chilly, forme formerly bradley moneying army intelligence leakier that leaked all kind of quickie leaks and certaining a 5 year as soon as president obama commuted manning's sentence. that's a big deal. and you know it's interesting the deagree to which there's nexus to what manning did in
5:34 am
becomey leaks and wikileaks interference notice election in november. so it's somethingny reaction from the gop. >> there's republicans and democrats as well dismade about this and think manning clearly broke the law there is others that slow manning as wrisle blower and show remorse for what she did. so you know people are divided on this. but there is bipartisan opposition owe this. that's the thing about pardons and commutetations that happen in the end of presidency. >> certainly with manning she was in a jail for seven years during this time and her story broke around the whole timed ward snowden case did and because people felt they couldn't get to snowden
5:35 am
mapished with punished shardly with 5 seconds. >> and the president did not pardon anthony snowden. >> he did not formally ask anything but he was not arrested and it's possible to pardon him and it may happen. we'll see it seems unlikely at this point and the head of wikileaks does it make it more difficult to is it more difficult to charge him because he will be released in mayor something around that time frame. >> doug luzader is washington good to see you doug. >> let's get back to some local stories from our neck of the woods, patco we have a lot of problem with commute
5:36 am
yesterday so they're trying to get things back to normal after those disruptions in the meantime it's passengers dealing with the headaches. hi, steve. >> speaking of problem we had problems with video this is what we had with people delayed more tan an hour it backed up and stacked up. >> the number one complaint we've heard we received a number of calls from passengers saying hey, looking, if you tell us it's 15 minute delay be realistic when it turns out to be 45 minute other over an hour. steve is following this one and what the officials are saying this morning it's 5:3 a good morning to you we'll be right this morning it's 5:3 a good morning to you we'll be right back
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>> sixers streaking in the right direction they won sim of last eight games tonight they take on toughest test toronto raptors. ed mood has changed and there's hope in the is they and hope for the franchise and talking about the new atmosphere surrounding this team. >> they're human beings i see it in support staff and see it in front office. you know, you feel it that it's just you're getting validated for things we've been doing. >> we don't do anything differently we are just starting to get rewarded. >> flyers going in the opposite direction.
5:40 am
they lost nine out of last 11 and coach dave talks about getting otts of this difficult stretch. >> one mistake turns into second and third and we have to do a better job of stopping that at the first mistake and push in the right direction and we're capable of doing that. >> that's sports if a minute i'm shawn bell♪ >> good morning, everybody, watch the wheels on this patco train as it pulls out of ferry avenue. tell me whether or not you think sparks are normal. problems again on patco? we'll have all the details when problems again on patco? we'll have all the details when we come right back.
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5:43 am
>> welcome back. 5:43 what a mess on patco again. during the morning rush hour there were five trains taken out of service thursday morning there was smoke coming out at ferry avenue it caused the whole system to shut down power late monday they had it city hall which caused problem for evening rush hour. let's roll video we shot moments ago from ferry avenue he station. watch under neem the train and you tell me whether you think this is normal and even safe
5:44 am
look at the sparks from under the train. watch. boom. oh, that's right at the ferry avenue station watch and you'll see another boom in there somewhere as it goes off into the distance past parking lot there. last couple days they've had smoke coming from underneath the trains where there's smoke there's fire but even on my model train said sparks are not safe. commuters had it up to here. if you have a vehicle you'll probably give that a try this morning xing i feel bad for commuters who don't have that option that have the to deal with delays like patco this morning we're deal with rain and fog one of those yucky starts a live look at 422 and
5:45 am
live look at roosevelt boulevard and also here's live look at trenton, new jersey. little bit of everything as you get ready to step out the front door this morning. weather delays possible down at philly international because of rain and poor visibility and philly is okay visibility wise it's not so much in philly it's other airports having fog issues like in trenton and atlantic is they. schuylkill expressway starting to see delays eastbound near conshohocken and slower that normal as you work your way to the city and on the vine it's wet and tough to see lane markers in daylight we had reduced speeds on all area bridges and step says no major delays on their regional rails and again with the weather conditions i would not be surprised if you will have scattered delays naturally because of this slippery rails. how long is this rain going to hang around. the answer in 15 second.
5:46 am
hang around. the answer in 15 second. . >> we're not quite finished with rain yet but it's not as heavy at last night and not as heavy as the north of us in another form. you see a few scattered showers that moved through the area. you look north of us and we did have fraezing rain overnight and higher elevations and things could be slippery around mount pocono and other parts of the mountains here in philadelphia it's dry at the moment and most of the jersey shore an area of rain cleared the coast. for future cast we're not seeing much the rest of the morning and we do see clouds kind of linger and few showers sneak in here and there. throughout the early part of the day it's cloudy and that's still the best weather day of the week and by friday at 12
5:47 am
noon we're seeing rain approach us and it looks like it could be raping in washington d.c.. noon is around the time that the oath of office for inauguration will be held and it looks like we will get rain by 3:00 in the afternoon and end up with rainy day. this is for folks headed to wash to be d.c. and fox cast for inauguration would be 40 for high temperature with on area off showers especially through the middle of the day in washington d.c. >> visibility right now back to this morning four miles in wildwood and a mile in dover there's a the of places with fog and most temperatures are well above freezing but it's a close call in the moun taps as we mentioned where it could be on the slippery side. it was a rainy tuesday and we managed to get to 45 yesterday and with enough sunshine we hope we get some it will be 50
5:48 am
later today and sunny and milder 5 tomorrow definitely best weather day of week rain in evening on friday or late afternoon let's say mostly cloudy skies friday and chance of showers sunday and on monday maybe lingering into tuesday morning and temperatures in the 50s which means we're only dealing with rain. >> it's been a couple weeks since kim kardsahian returned to the spotlight since robbery in paris. >> kim and concernle will mack a cameo appearance in oceans 8 according to page six the film begun shooting at the metropolitan museum of art and one scene is someone robbed of high end necklace inside a bathroom at the met gala. while kim and concernal are in the film the roles they play are unclear.
5:49 am
>> factcy miss the shot and walk away i'm still a chump. >> go ahead and wacha way. >> oh, >> if you miss and you have been beat, well, not once, but twice by a slow, white, geeky, chump. >> that's the original film there starring woody harlson and wessley snipz as hustlers that oppose each other and then team up. os language less power forward given and ryan geel of north carolina panthers team up to mailing the remake. original film earned $90 million and on twitterverse it's rumored tyrese could be cast and channing tatum. >> i love him i think it is going to be a huge hit. i think they'll do a great job
5:50 am
the second time around. >> $90 million let's see if they can top sdmrat serene awilliams gotten gauged. >> which most of us didn't know he's a tech nerdy geico founder of read it she gotten gauged to him right there alexis o'henon at a press conference. she said her engagement feels good and she has not thought about it too much because she's been focused on tennis next month she'll look at the bigger picture of life and planning that wedding. >> and there's matthew mc khan hey who has to work to get a date with his wife. he was on howard stern series xm radio show yesterday. >> what did he say. >> the brazilian american model played hard to get in 2006 even though he was movie star. >> i love it. >> he says well she rejected himself times when he asked her out on a date before she finally gave in. >> that's why he probably married her. she was the one plague hard to
5:51 am
get. >> all right i'll go out with you and there you have it. >> philly topped a national list. not really something to be proud of here. >> we're number one when it comes to rats. yeah, that's according to new step us is data and our region which includes cam citizen, wilmington, all the five county suburbs has highest percentage of homes with rodent. >> you would think new york city would top it but nope main streets of new york city has nothing when it comes to mouse and rat sightings. he's on rodent patrol. >> 4% of american household have dogs. 33% have cats. and in philadelphia what do 20% have? >> nothing. >> if only we were so lucky, turns out nearly one in five homes in philly metropolitan area have rats or mice according to american housing survey conducted by u.s. census brur owe comparing 25 big cities. >> philadelphia metropolitan
5:52 am
area came in highest with almost 18% of of household reporting they saw signs of rats or mice inside their home in the last twelve months. >> when i came down the steps -- >> kathy fisher from northeast is newest member of the club. spotting mice droppings in her garage for the first time. >> evans best control to the rescue. if you're squirmish look away right now because they specialize in sharing huge rats out of the places they would like to call home. >> saw the droppings back here. >> fortunately for kathy it's not all that severe mouse traps and bait and screen and foam in the kitchen where the mice got through. charles evans is not that surprised that philly leads nation he says mice are byproduct of construction boom. >> we're uprooting a lot of animals that have been there since early 1900s and we have new construction and disturbing their homes they have to go
5:53 am
somewhere. >> she up signature that somewhere won't be here. >> you're afraid to sleep at night. that's what it feels like. and they're invading. >> fox 29 news. >> it's a problem some say they flip on the light switch and mice and rats are having a party in kitchen. >> we caught a mouse in our kitchenen a week ago. >> it's a wet one this morning if you're waking up. good morning, 5:53 what can you expect when you head out the door. bob has you covered and you'll see hong how long the rain bob has you covered and you'll see hong how long the rain sticks around. creamy, crunchy, chocolatey, hershey's.
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>> 5:56 we want you to stop and check change. if you have a habit of throwing it away you want to take a second look. there's something dpool circulation they could is put out in secret. u.s. mint has begun circulat circulateing a penny with a p on it you notice it over by the date 2017 the p underneath it it's never been done before. this 2017 p penny became the first ever united states one cent to show it was priptsed here in philadelphia. that's what the minute mark
5:57 am
means. if you have it that's cool and you may want to keep it. >> villanova blowing out 15 candles and local beer company celebrating anniversary with a new beer. coowners of cape may brewing company but it up there to honor their alma mater. they have name demy semi-cept sent stepial ale. they mt as freshman at villanova 2001. they mt as freshman at villanova 2001. we'll be back with a lot more with all the rush in the morning,
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whoo! i mean, whoo. >> former president george h.w. bush hospitalized in houston after falling ill. what we know about his condition this morning. >> and chaotic commute for patco hiders officials are weighing in after days of delays when they say is causing problems. >> and rats. we're not one in philadelphia tops a national list why we're most row department up edede capitol of the


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