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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  January 18, 2017 9:00am-10:00am EST

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♪ >> you know i like her a lot. inappropriately. >> uh-huh. >> airian agrand a is she into -- way into herself. what she said on instagram yesterday that had people kind of upset with her. and i can't believe she thinks so highly of herself. i'll tell you what she has to say. >> it's a look of perspective. >> it's a lot. >> hi, everybody it's karen hepp. >> hi, guys, good morning.
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>> sister mary karen. >> i'm going to pray for you. >> thank you i need it. >> it's wednesday, january 18, 2017, just housekeeping there. >> thank you for reminder us is. >> sweet green is a place i eat sometimes on walnut street. they have other locations too. they're that going to take cash any jp more. you have to pay for a credit card is this the way it will be in the next five years. probably. >> is it end of white wedding dress. >> what. >> jessica biel went for pink and she's not alone. why another star is also bucking tradition. >> and as i told you, karen, we saw this on internet. you can make your own glitter slime and kids are doing it all over the country. >> that looks fabulous. never in my house i cannot deal with mess factor it's a great outside activity. >> but it's so cool.
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don't you have to do it inside. >> in look a base? >> and we'll find out from roberta if it's too sticky or what it's made out of, will it ruin your furniture? >> there was a mom that wrote about this it kept her kids busy for two days. >> two days. >> let's put this picture up again and get karen's take on this. that's jay cutler as you know, by the way, megan i meant to say this earlier do we have a picture of what he looks like in real life. >> or at least a photo kristin posted a couple days later showing -- >> drop to the lower third again please. let's see what jay cutler looks like in real life. he's on vacation with his wife. kristin in mexico. and he is getting a lot of
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trouble for people on the internet saying that he looks out of shape. or ugliest top i've ever seen on man and looks like my grandmother's pajamas whatever it's her 30th birthday and he surprised her by taking her to mexico on the trip. >> is it because he has hi shoulder injury. he is attractive many looked at many other pictures it's a combo together there he is. he's adorable. >> and he's a set man an nfl quarterback and fit. >> in this it says he looks like a soccer mom it's like dead on it's he got doughy and it looks leak he could be a woman and it's atrocious look bad tropical shirt and short woman's haircut it's whole combo he looks. >> you know my theory on this she undot edly had somebody on
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the boat take the picture. then she looked at it and said, o. i look great i'll post it. >> but he really looked like that he wore that shirt and his hair is like that in that picture and his arms do look like that now. >> and my take i'll keep this take i think it's wind when the wind -- the way they are backs to water whenever you're on a boat it's windy and it may be blowing hairp a little and has a shirt that's loose night tight blowing it forward and looks bigger than what it is. every time i've been on a boat not a lot but whenever you're on a boat you're blown about and colleges going everywhere and hold on to the hat i think it's wind. >> there's so many people trying to shame him though especially on instagram. like you said one was he's looking like a soccer mom that's enjoying hunting season. you know? and somebody said so nice of jay to carry your guy's next
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child. >> i'm sorry i'm laughing i feel so bad. >> my hubs always gets mad where i post a picky look amazing and he doesn't. i agree with that guy. how many times have you you been out with friends you take a picture they only look at themselves in a pictures and you look hidious and then that person post it. >> that's the problem you have to look at other people. a lot of time we take group shots okay is everyone's eyes on. >> and karen always has eyes closed we're like karen we are have to take it again. >> so what did she do then? >> next day she got upset with people? >> she posted a picture of him with his shirt unbut on a little on instagram and she said i forget the comment can we pull it up megan the picture to look at it. >> she felt bad. >> this is what jen fred said it was up. >> she felt bad about the negative comments.
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>> and this is perfect. >> it's still down in mexico. >> he looks like normal self. i don't know what happened with the photo. >> it's the wind. >> it's the wind. >> we can't see -- well he's adorable. he should burn the shirt. number one rule is burn the shirt. >> burn it. >> but a lot of people do that when they go out tropical somewhere they put on shirt with flowers and palms. >> don't do that. >> no, no don't put the shirt on. >> i like being festive when i go on vacation. i'm not here to look fabulous i'm here to enjoy. >> tommy bahama is a wonderful company [ laughter ] but you will never see me in one of those shirts. >> never. >> no. >> not even in hawaii. >> i know what we're getting for you birthday in july. >> tommy bahama shirt. >> like i said it's a beautiful company and people love their shirts. >> they make regular polos and stuff. >> they do.
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>> yeah. >> okay. >> i don't want any palm trees or -- no. >> what do you wear on vacation just regular stuff you wear around here. >> no you get a nice colorful linen shirt. >> you're one of those. don't you love. it the linen white pants and white linen shirt and on it up a little and stand on beach and it's blowing and it's flapping and you're looking off into the sunset. it's every -- and have to have a white hat too. >> i like bad in hats but i don't go with white pants. >> you know what i'm talking with. >> i hear what you're saying. >> maybe roll up the pants a little bit. >> yeah. >> it looks good, though. >> that's the way i roll. >> what is that? >> do you even protest these or owe wear these. >> when i'm until hawaii and walk off the plane they put a lei on you and you have that. >> and then they hoola.
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>> when you put it on do you leave it on. >> oh, yeah with nothing else on, yeah, come on i want to will have ei you. >> and that's true. >> yes. >> i'm no jait cutler. >> just about as doughy. >> why do we find this story fascinating. >> some people are tweeting me and saying they're naming other places that also don't take cash. >> so sweet green is a face you -- >> i think you need to try it. >> i did honey but never sweet green. >> i love them there's lines out the door and super fast and they run a good operation quick in and quick out. >> credit card only. >> and a lot of women today i will speak for women whatever i have not had cash sipsz whatever reagan administration i don't carry cash. >> women do not carry cash sdm men i think do.
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>> we do. >> i don't think they'll have the traditional cash register they have like a dij till system you do with mobile app and sometimes they have the square and. >> they don't have a register sglem you have to give them ape little joy pad. >> i don't know where she stuffs it. >> and these have been cashless since 2016. >> and it seems like it would slow things down but sweet green people says it speeds up sales. >> because you don't have them in your order and you slide your card and bam hey what do you want and ear they're upper nice and accommodating. you have more time but if you could go to kiosk wawa style and do it you're in and out. i think it's a good trend. >> i heard apple wallet you put cards in there and instantly --
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>> i have not done that yet. >> there's apps you can go into stores and pick something up and leave and it charges your card. >> groceries stores are doing that. >> amazon grocery. >> amazon market. >> only in one place if it works they're going to scanned it. >> i can't wait thor that go in pick stuff up and you're gone boom. you imagine the money you'll blow because you don't think about. it you start grabbing stuff and it charges your card. >> there's something about when you fill up dprosry cart and going through the checkout line you hear the total go up and you're like stop, stop, stop, stop, >> yeah it would be a different feel. >> what do you di about this does wetting dress have to be white. >> amanda sigfried her --
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what's she been in, mama mia apparently. >> yes. >> and i can't see. >> she's an actress who's been in a lot of movies where she's been the bride. that's what she's nope for. >> oh. >> so if you're known for something she's about to get married in real life. for her personally she says you know what i've done the white wedding dress so many times in weddings i get married over and over again so just for me i don't need the white dress i want to do something else. >> okay. >> and she and her main girls too -- was she in mean girls your favorites movie of all time. >> yeah this a separate thing. not everyone had the chance to be in white widing dresses all the time for job and a for it toes is different and you want to see people not weighing the right wedding dress. pink looks kind of cool. >> it looks nice. >> it's not done all the time. >> i seen recently some
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wearing black. >> that's what i would wear if i were a woman getting married. >> yet black, yes. >> and you're not supposed to wear white if you. >> yeah. >> if you. >> yeah. >> seriously. >> no it has not been at all but i'm saying is that how it originate. >> purity, yes, never had sex. >> ought by at of loyms it's based on skin color, stark white looks good on nobody unless super, super pail and we've been doing. >> egg shells. >> egg shells, you're beautiful. >> is this why women go to spray tan sal opens when they get heart. >> not everybody can pull off black and white. >> pilgrims were great at it. >> i think people look great in white. wedding fwriz.
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>> maybe i'm excited about it bays it's their take. >> woman love the idea of getting married. >> let's not get that started. >> the guy can wear white, white tuxedo. >> i remember my prom from my date wanted to wear white tux or suit and my mother was like no we will not be doing that he had to wear that he he's like no you're not that is. >> would she cut off your college tu us. >> you know what? i don't think all brides look great sne ever see one in a dress that's hidious: so much going on and things flying all over the place. >> i think it's age. when you do the traditional -- like wedding top one it's a
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ball gown it's a big gal gown and sometimes you juan that when you have the huge cinderella young are girls go through that. old are you get you want slee sleeker, thingersh no weight or silhouette gets do you feel like -- many are married they or four times and wearing right does that -- i feel had been i think that's where they can buck the trend. and they're doing a theme. >> one of my friends is wow up to 6 engagements and she will be wearing chartruse by a time he needs it. >> i i they're banning second receptions for manners. >> and do you have to take a gift to somebody's third wedding. >> china city banned second time wetting.
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>> nivrn you two you have to for. there's nothing thing i don't like when women wear ball gowns. why do i think -- it's a formal event. it's all the way to the floor. and it's got stuff all over it. >> black tie. >> you don't like award shows and red car test they're all ball goupz and big dresses. >> oscars golden globes. >> what does it matter to you you don't are to dress up. >> i have to look at it. >> women dress for other wome women. >> could you turn that box so i know that darn camera is the not on. >> because women when they're doing award shows and doing this kind of event you're dressing for the other women. and men just want to see if you know everybody in a shirt and low cut this and that. >> i i don't care about low cut but short skirt is nice.
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>> megan. >> bring up example of ball gown. jennaphr lawrence at the oscar oscars. >> jennaphr lopez's green dress. >> that was not a ball gown that was shower curtain. >> that was veraci. >> and cleavage and whatever you call it went all the way to her belly button. >> the cleavage. >> what do you call that thin thing. >> the v neck or neckline. >> there's too much going on. i know it's supposed to to be beautiful and all that. >> well it's because you don't war a dress like that every da day. >> thank god. >> we wear sun gresss and things that's when you dress that you're wearing something that is elegant event. >> i can't believe you don't -- you never seen one you like. >> ball gown? >> just a gown to the floor? you don't like any gown to the floor? >> i don't lime them movie and
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ul the way to the floor. i'm going home. >> you still have -- woor going to talk about matthew and his beautiful wife and why he fell in love with her. she played hard to get. if you date aid million beautiful women. >> this woman is so good looking she could have been doing anything. >> he's dated -- he's a famous star he's very good looking and dated many beautiful women. this was the one. what made her the one. he was talking on howard stern radio show today and he said it's because she played hard to get. even though he was movie star she rejected him a couple times when he asked her out on a date before she finally gave in. >> okay. let's listen. >> and i asked her out and she said i cannot go out for dad's birthday. >> right and ied is her out the next night she can't and next night she comes. and i cook her dinner.
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>> playing hard to get. >> i like that. >> i agree guys are are used to being told yes, yes and you're saying what you're tell me no, what? >> how many kids do they have. >> three right now levi, 8, vita 7 and livingston 4 and gotten gauged christmas day in 2011. >> deposit you get engaged christmas eve. >> christmas feev eave i did. >> and married june of 2012. she is a good looking human. >> she is. >> i think he's kind of a too tool. >> he's one of best looking men on the planet and nominate the for awards. >> why do you think he's a tool. >> he's drive around in his buick. >> lincoln. >> lincoln. >> that was commercial. >> rolling. >> something. >> what i wanted to say remember book from "the rules" back in the 90s. >> there were two women that
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wrote it i heat minimum. >> there was a period. when women followed the rules and don't say yes right away and dot call him wait for him to call don't aunt the phone hope to and be too available. if you want a fuss this is how you get a husband. >> act like a lady and think like a man my parents brought me that for my birthday. >> they said we figured you might need this. >> think like a man and act like lady. >> i like women that think welcome a men. >> women are from mars men are are from veen us. fray, i met him a few times too. >> he likes names you know. >> at the end of game there's no rules or games. you know the three day rule when you get a person's number. >> wait and call. >> that's the question when you meet someone out and you're like hey when you meet someone out and you're like can i have
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your number that kind of things and they give it to you andp how long did you wait before you called an a lot of times the guys wait for women and then they're like i want to make it seem i'm not too into her. >> you do saturday and call them tuesday. i blew that all of long tomorrow ago. >> i want to make sure i got it right and they call and you're like you're right. >> they give you the right number. >> exactly. >> let me check. >> oh,. >> phone is ringing i'm good. >> arian app grande what she said on instagram that had >> arian app grande what she said on instagram that had people upset with her.
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♪ interesting outfit. >> i don't think it's
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interesting. >> what? >> oh, not seeing sglat what we're seeing there is different than here. >> what was on the screen a golf course or something. >> that's what i thought. >> why weren't we showing vide video. okay, anyway, we're talking about arian agrand a and porche awilliams what did she say on instagram that has everybody fired up. >> so clearly you don't need to talk about how hard you are working on instagram to other hardworking instagram follower followers. instagram declared herself as hardest working 23-year-old human being on earth and internet says, um, no, ma'am, all her followers everyone is going off on ariana grand a and thousands are annoyed on twitter and instagram and saying that's not the case. one follower said hey wait a minute i think there are doctors and signtists and other people that work harder than you. and they're just basically
9:25 am
upset with her voicing how tired she is. and one follower said when you're cute and the most clueless 23-year-old on -- human on earth. >> hardest-working 23-year-old on earth, she calls that -- she calls herself that. >> self proclaimed. >> there's other pictures on instagram that show her taking a nap and getting rest. so you know they went straight through the other pictures. the pictures she posted she caption today #has not slept in years. so, you know, everybody who is scrolling through her timeline at work they're like, girl, no. >> so i think there's so many people that work hard and you have so little and you're doing so much working construction or second and third job and making ends meet and you're a mom, whatever, parent, so many things could be going on it seems a little out of touch for a lot of people who are like gosh that seems like a glamorous life we would love to
9:26 am
have. >> exactly. there's so many people resting to a mega rich 2-year-old you know what i mean? >> posh ayou know people take shots of her napping. >> it's hard to take a selfie when napping. >> they caught me sleeping right? no. >> yes, always oh, my goodness. >> porche we'll see you later on dish nation. >> thanks. >> and any time -- >> hold on a second. i have a different take. i think she is hardest working person 23-year-old on earth. >> why do you say that? >> because i like her. >> that's it? >> yes. >> you stopped all of this to say that? >> i've always liked her. >> i think taylor swift worked harder than her at 23 she changed the whole industry so that everybody got paid. >> no it's ariana grande is
9:27 am
hardest working 23-year-old on earth. >> i want to go outside and interview people on the streets of philadelphia and see what they think about that. >> some die is digging a trench here. he's not 23. he might be. >> are you going to show the stupid licking. >> she made one mistake in life licked donut in a donut shop and i became her for halloween. it's a hidious shot. >> it's great. >> are you still talking about the show "star." >> doesn't justin bieber look hard. >> sure he does. >> you are talking about star you wanted her. >> naomi is here. how many pairs of boots does she have versus the other people on show. this is the thing fem want to know. >> i know it. >>. >> i know it. >>. fashion queen is here.
9:28 am
giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy...
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
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♪ so, you know, niomi campbell is one of the stars of the new show on fox called ... >> star. >> star. >> okay, alexandria, slain. >> what do i need to explain? >> look at them, she just acted, talking about it, he he doesn't care about my music. >> are you thinking of all of us is this. >> so what is she playing is this. >> well, she plays one half of the superstar couple, lenny cravats is her husband and jen , you have talked to them. you are so lucky. >> and, lee daniels was proud for a ton of reasons, hose proud moment is showcasing a family that tv audiences haven't really seen before.
9:32 am
>> they represent a fabulous couple, that is, that we have not seen as african americans, which is this chic, i mean lenny cravats, niomi campbell and their daughter represent a blackness we have never seen before, on television, or even in film i say. we talk about tom ford being the first time he has ever dressed anybody for television , i was able to get chanel to lend her name to my show. you know, the fashion is featured in a very interesting way as with music, and dance. >> is she going to be in the dance routine, has that been, are you above that. >> i'm not above that. i have done that in a model. >> she's begging me to put her this is tans thumb. >> i think you can look forward to seeing her. we were talking about lenny. we cannot talk about the show without talking about the
9:33 am
clothes. everybody is looking fierce. >> so who has more rules fashion wise, this one or lenny: >> oh, high god. >> lenny, lenny. >> who has more booths you or -- boots, you or lenny. >> no, i don't have any boots. >> he yes. >> i have to say lenny was in philadelphia for the dnc, yes. >> that is where i was too. >> well, i didn't see you. so cool. we're getting out of the elevator, which is now logan hotel and he was like hi, lenny. he was like hey. it was like hey, that is cool. >> very cool man. very loving man. >> go on instagram, grew up in foster care. >> yes, this show is like star after star after star and as we talk earlier some people are hoping beyonce will show up, and some other people. i have to say niomi did not let go of lee daniels the whole time. you can tell they are totally
9:34 am
connected. she had a little will part on empire so she's really happy to be part of the new show tonight on fox 29. oh, she also talk about george michael a little will will bit because he recently passed away. she was in one of his first video. >> super model in the 90's. >> she had said all things like lenny's a kind guy and dearly missed because so young , like 55, 56ish when he passed away. >> yes. >> and, and, all i to is look at her and her cheekbones. >> she doesn't age, always fabulous. >> jen, thank you. you know there is a connection, parents, if you and your kids spotted the familiar characters throughout disney pixar movies, you are not alone. the disney reveals the hidden gems. now, i don't understand that. >> we will tell you. >> they put a little piece of each movie in the the next
9:35 am
movie where you will spieth ne mo is in a totally different movie or characters in toy story and we will show you the link between all of the films. >> cinderella might appear in. >> a laden. >> a laden. >> just like that but only for pixar films. >> okay, right. with all the rush in the morning, i don't have time to hashtag my breakfast.
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light & fit nonfat yogurt drinks. nutrition that fits my crazy life. nine grams of protein, 90 calories, no added sugar. light & fit. do what fits you.
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♪ >> oh, stop it. >> to you remember when everybody was stressed with this song you would hear it every where, and frozen for halloween. >> let it go, please. >> i was telling you about
9:39 am
this pixar thing and there is an element in so many of the pixar films, where they linked them all together. i will let you show them so you can see that video. they call with a common thing but an easter egg and i will tell you another one. little parts of the movies pops up. >> some parts of the pixar movies will end up in other movies. >> characters, take a look. >> wake up, wake up. >> well, that is very nice. >> you know what, i'm really excited about this.
9:40 am
>> all right, everyone break a leg. >> hold on, mr. ant. >> it scars me that milky way in the control room knows all of these little movies. she doesn't have any kids. >> you grew up on them. i will show you one more pixar one, and maybe you know it out there, whenever you see numbers in the the pixar film you say a113 do you know why. >> no. >> because illustrators, in the classroom where they took classroom with classroom a113 out in california, california institute and that is where they all learn this drawing. they put it in all of the numbers, number on the side of , whatever. >> on a dress or whatever. >> exactly.
9:41 am
>> and, they sneak it into all of that. >> let me ask you another question. >> there we go, license plate. >> oh, wow. >> that is when they will throw numbers in almost every time. >> that is some good pixar knowledge, yo. >> even though it is pixar, disney hidden stuff with the illustrators, imaginers they put in there some not appropriate but it is kind of cool. >> it is cool, yeah. >> alfred hitchcock used to put himself in his movies. >> yes, i always look for alfred hitchcock. >> that is not a movie coming out, it was a post to toy story's facebook page. >> it shows you, it goes on for five minutes and show you different links you didn't know these are in all of the movies. >> i think that is cool, really cool, i didn't even notice. now i want to watch and see what i can find, hidden messages. >> local alfred hitchcock. >> m knight shamelen. >> he makes a cameo in almost everyone of his movies. >> i wonder if alfred
9:42 am
hitchcock is his inspiration. >> completely. >> i bet. woody allen too. >> he was the lead in his movies. he was in them. m knight shamelen. >> you heard about the disney movies, right. >> what about them. >> the fact that sometimes in the disney movies, from the past. >> yeah, from back in the day. >> a laden and lion king. >> dirty stuff. >> messages. >> little will will mermaid. >> little mermaid. >> i saw that when i was younger and i started to go back and watch minutes. >> well, i will tell you in the commercial. >> okay. >> let's make you smile, it is another cooking segment but is there something out there called glitter slime. >> oh. >> and roberta has borax. >> laundry detergent from a three stooge about that. >> those old commercial from his bo rax i didn't know it was made anymore.
9:43 am
we will learn how to make this glitter slide. when we do these teases i like to have you in the shot. >> yes, you do. >> television is about humans, relations between human beings , not objects. >> slime. >> this will be fun. >> yes. important action.
9:44 am
9:45 am
9:46 am
a look at ultimate doppler radar shows us a few smatterings have of showers up around lehigh valley this morning around allentown and easton, and, still some fog hanging on in dover, delaware, millville, new jersey, atlantic city, lancaster and up in the pocono mountains we will see haze, a lot of fog, temperatures have not listen very much at all with cloud cover and fog, it is 42 degrees in philadelphia. forty in lancaster. thirty-two in mount pocono. we saw folks skiing today, showers, some sunshine today, tomorrow looks like the best weather day for a while with 53 degrees and all sunshine. we will start off with sunshine on friday but rain comes in the the afternoon and then saturday we will dry out, by sunday night we have rain again lasting into monday, but all of our temperatures that we have emphasized all morning in the 50's, guys.
9:47 am
>> i love it. can't wait to see the sun tomorrow. >> well, there is a craze going around, kids are loving it, she wants you over there. they are making slime at home. >> not just any slime but glitter slide. >> glitter slime. >> so it is do it yourself version with so much glitter some people call it unicorn slime. >> i get it. >> so, we told you about this and you are like okay, i know how to do this. you will show us how to make it. >> how did you learn how. >> this is the thing it does take sometime because first time i did it, i put the a whole bunch have of stuff in and it turn into jelly. the it is patients. >> this is what it end up looking like. >> yes, this one is a little bit thicker. if you add more of borax that is what it looks like but this is more sticky. >> all right. lets do the recipe. >> put it in. >> find out how this is made. >> i have to say that the kid do get entertained with this.
9:48 am
>> all right. >> so what you will do is take your favorite color glitter glue, okay, these guys, it has to be elmer's glue. i tried it with other glue glitter and it does not work. it does not work. is there something in this ingredient. >> i like purple. >> lets do purple and pink. >> okay. >> let's do it together. so pour that out for he. >> the whole darn thing. >> it is about half a cup of glitter glue. >> let's stick some red in there too. >> it does not get really mixed in that much. >> that is cool then. >> then we will take a half cup of the water,. >> half cup of water and mix that in. >> yes. >> and then you will take this and you will wisk it. >> i wish i could. >> sure. >> there we go. >> now you see it the is just, it looks like that, right.
9:49 am
>> yes. >> now, slowly you are taking this borax which is a detergent booster which you can find in the detergent aisle and that will thicken it >> okay. >> so, we have a camera up above. >> okay, cool. >> i'm not used to it. >> now slowly you will add like a teaspoon or tablespoon or slow. >> what is that. >> that is borax with water. >> half teaspoon, half teaspoon and it dissolves. half teaspoon of borax and cup of water and that will make you three batches. >> it is starting to thicken. you cannot add it all in at ones. >> all right. >> because if you do it will turn into mush. >> so look at that. >> just keep stirring. keep going. >> oh, yeah. >> how long until you get this >> the consistency. >> not as long as the pumpkin.
9:50 am
>> that is right. >> that still isn't done. >> you keep going. you keep going. it just happens, it never fails. >> the consistency of snot. >> yes. >> my hand is shaking. >> does mike make you nervous. >> yes. >> then you will get your kid in there and this is where it gets messy because you want your kids to turn it into that you will need it. >> yes. >> it just takes a while. >> yes. >> it never fails with you, mike. >> it normally takes 15 to 20 minutes to do. >> but then what you do is you save it, you save this, you save these and you put them in there. >> like in the little plastic container. >> yep. >> never fails with you mike it is your luck. >> no, it is fine. >> it looks like an implant of some sort. >> it is cool. >> it it does get kid exited
9:51 am
to play with and stuff like that. break it apart and all that kind of stuff. >> it the remind me of gak, the 25 cents machine where you went in and pick it up, and it was like silly puddy. >> the imprint of the comic. >> add some more glue. i don't think we added enough. >> well, i'll do it until -- >> you just keep stirring until it thickens up. we will see you here tomorrow. >> thank you. >> you're welcome guys. >> all right. as you know award season on tv and movies and all that continues. make it awkward for this women sarah jessica parker, who she may be sitting next to at the peoples choice awards tonight, kevin mchail will host that i like him.
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you ever go in an event and run in the ex-boyfriend or ex- girlfriend. >> i bet you do. >> well... karen. >> no, i go out a lot. >> you go out a lot and you are a guy. >> anyway, trying to clean that up. >> like slime. >> by the way roberta how is that slime coming. >> it is coming a long. >> keep stirring girlfriend. >> now i can put the my hand in it, i'm not using a fork anymore. >> wow. >> remember, she's trying to make it like this.
9:56 am
>> why to we keep even having her on. >> stop it, i love roberta. >> happy belated birthday roberta. >> thanks for the invite to the party. >> maybe somebody should check their inbox. >> that is every day. >> i will show you my out box. i don't know what that means. >> you go to the event, run into somebody you used to see, sarah jessica parker is going to the peoples choice tonight and for some reason the seating people have her very close to if not next to her ex-boyfriend robert downey, junior. >> only one ceta way. the us weekly got a picture of the seating chart and it shows they are one ceta part presumably her husband in the middle. >> matthew broadrick. >> do you know how hard it is the seating chart people to keep track of the people dating and broke up, like taylor swift there and her
9:57 am
different boyfriend from different events. they want that for camera shots so people can start talking, tweeting. >> she's married to matthew broadrick. >> he probably doesn't care. >> he has got the girl he should be fine. >> i might watch that tonight. >> she is on a show called divorce. >> that is true. >> sex and city. >> can i say one more thing to our viewers, both tara and michelle said steven king makes a cameo in his films. >> i have forgotten that. >> just likal tread hitchcock. >> do you notice every day on "good day philadelphia", i will make an appearance. >> really. >> every have now and then, like right there, hi. >> thanks, mike for doing that >> i'm going to the omni. >> you know what that means. >> i have one more fact for you. >> hurry. >> borax can be used according to carla as ant repellant. >> ant repellant. >> and grasshoppers from what i heard too.
9:58 am
>> i don't have ants in my house, i think i will be fine. >> ant in the pants manolo!
9:59 am
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head and shoulders' dry scalp care live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin'? ♪ now, here's wendy! ♪ ♪ >> wendy: thank you. hello to my co-hosts, my


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