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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  January 19, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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begin. ♪ >> president-elect donald trump arriving in washington ahead of tomorrow's inauguration as the country prepares to swear in its 45th president. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. live aloft attention on washington, d.c. tonight. eve of president-elect donald trump's inauguration. here's life look as the make america great genral system rocking the lincoln memorial right now. actors and musicians taking the stage for more than an hour to entertain the thousands that are on hand for the 58th presidential inauguration. earlier today, a solemn tradition laying a wreath at arlington national cemetery. mr. trump laid the wreath accompanied by vice president-elect pence as both of their families stood by and watch. president-elect donald trump and his family have been taking it all in as he prepares to take office as the nation's 45th
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president. also, in washington dc, for tomorrow's inauguration, tens of thousands of law enforcement officers. good evening and thanks for joining us i'm iain page. it is a massive security effort to make sure that everyone is safe at the historic event tomorrow. 28,000 officers descended on the capitol. to usnd of national guard members have also been sworn in to help the effort. despite no specific threats, agents say they prepared well in advance and they are ready to respond to possible large scale protests. >> this past week i went out to our training facility where we had every member of the secret service who will be involved in the parade route and up on the capitol there. we went through a series of approximately almost 40 scenarios. >> mr. trump will spent his last night as private citizen at the blair house. that's the presidential guest residence across the street from the white house. fox 29 got you covered for the inauguration. lucy noland will be live in washington, d.c. for our fox 29 news at 10:00. as well all day tomorrow.
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starting with "good day philadelphia". we'll be on with swearing in ceremony and then all the way through our 11:00 o'clock news. you can watch us on air streaming online and of course on your phone. developing in new castle, delaware, tonight the hunt is on for arsonist. the state fire marshal says someone set fire to a townhome in new castle and the flames spread to other homes. the fire has left several people homeless and caused more than a quarter million dollars in damage. fox 29's dave kinchen is live in new castle tonight with the story. dave? >> reporter: iain, we can tell you the investigation continues as the fire marshal's office and law enforcement looks for the people they believe to be responsible. meantime, six people are displaced. cell phone video shows the two alarm fire that gave a big scare for people living in three houses in new castle, delaware, last night. now, investigators are calling it a deliberate act. >> this couldn't be happening to me, but let's get out. so we can be safe.
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>> reporter: that's what neighbor who did not want to be identified says she was thinking when she, her husband and their dog made a run for their lives. leaving everything else behind. >> well, you know, it's just stuff. so for the most part to get out alive is the best thing. >> reporter: she says the tense moments began with noise in the new castle point development. >> about 11:30 herd allowed bank from the backyard and when i look out the window, saw a small fire but i wasn't sure what yard it was in. delaware state fire marshal' office says the flames came from a neighboring house with significant damage in the back of the building. >> the flames are spreading to the both townhouses on the left and right side of it. >> reporter: investigators say they worked the scene for hours before calling the case arson. looking for two people who were in the area at the time of fire and we need to talk with them. they may have nothing to do with it or they maybe have some information for us.
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>> reporter: meantime the victim we spoke with vows to move forward. >> we just have to think about what our next steps will be. um, you know, it could be one month. three months. six months. but we'll just take it one day at a time and trust in god. >> reporter: and investigators estimate the damage to be about $300,000. iain? >> all right, dave, thank you. fox 29 has learned a woman who claimed to be a doctor and used a bogus doctor's license number perform physicals on as many as 140 philadelphia school students starting in june. the physicals were done to allow students to play fall sports and cost $20 a student. they all had to be done over again. fox 29 has learned the district offered free physicals after learning of the problem. the woman who passed herself off as a doctor has a troubled history. we'll have much more on that story for you coming up tonight at 10:00. meantime suspicious man driving around perkasie buck county who police are warning residents about tonight. police say the driver pulled up to group of students this
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morning near fourth and chestnut streets while they were waiting for the bus. did he talk to them but eventually drove away in his wife truck. he's described as someone between 50 and 60 years old. investigation right now over what led to a man's death in north philadelphia. police said he was acting erratically before he attacked an officer. police say another police officer then tased him. fox 29's dave schratwieser live at the scene at tenth and popular with developing details. dave? >> reporter: iain, police are now awaiting a report from the medical examiner's office on the death of barry cardell hairston after a violent encounter here at tenth poplar early this morning. police say they tased him after he reached into a car and choked a philadelphia police officer. >> barry was a good guy. >> reporter: that's the way friends remembered 55-year-old baby cardell hairston after he died thursday morning during an encounter with philadelphia police here at tenth poplar. >> barry was a good guy.
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he didn't bother nobody. >> reporter: it started way 911 call just before 5:00 a.m. about man jumping up and down on a truck and screaming help me jesus. within minutes as police arrived, the man attacked a female officer before she even got out of her patrol car. >> he approached her driver's side window, grabbed her by the head and neck area. >> reporter: another officer then tased hairston and took him to the ground in handcuffs. officers then noticed he was unresponsive. >> i don't know what prompted him to do what he did even from the beginning jumping up and down and screaming on his own car. >> reporter: commissioner ross says, preliminary investigation reveals the electronic prongs from the taser never pierced hairston's skin. >> still too soon to say whether it was or was not a contributes factor. i mean you're talking about circuits being completed. >> taseed him too much. they over tased him. >> that's terrible. i think they could have did it a different way or something but i don't know. you don't know everything what happened. >> what can i say? he's going dobb truly missed. >> reporter: now, hairston's
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familiar dull not want to speak with us today. we are again awaiting the medical examiner's report that is expected friday morning. we are told the officer in this case suffered injuries to her head and her neck. iain? >> all right, day, thank you. now on to your fox 29 weather authority. meteorologist kathy orr life outside our old city studios. what's a pretty nice night for late january, kathy? >> it's beautiful, open yann. it really is. not. within a lost folks walking about just enjoying the evening. you can see it's pretty busy out here. it is thursday night after all. tomorrow tgif. temperatures still in the 40s after a high near 50 degrees today. take a look at the numbers across the region. it's 37 right now in pottstown. but 46 in philadelphia. 39 in millville with a light wind and clear sky and atlantic city it is 45 degrees. this evening temperatures falling through the 40s with a clear sky. by 11:00 o'clock, looking at 41 degrees. and then all eyes on our next weather maker an area of low pressure tapping into the gulf and all that moisture will be moving northward. we have two systems to watch.
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number one moving that was tomorrow afternoon. with rain. a break on saturday and here comes number two on sunday. it will pull from the gulf of mexico and become a nor'easter late sun sunday into monday. coming up we'll time the rain for your friday and show you how much to expect. a mild break on saturday. the warmest day of that seven day forecast and of course developing nor'easter for sunday and monday. what it will mean for that morning rush for your monday coming up later in the broadcast. i'll see you inside, iain. >> all right, kathy. see in you just a few. thank you. all right. let's get out now to washington, d.c. where president-elect donald trump is talking. let's listen in. >> -- but you had much more to do with it than i did. [ applause ] >> i'm the messenger. i'm just the messenger. and we were tired and i love you. believe me, i love you. [ applause ] >> we all got tired of seeing what was happening and we wanted
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change but we wanted real change. and i look so forward to tomorrow. we're going to see something that is going to be so amazing. so many people have pored into washington, d.c. this start the out tonight being a small little concert and then we had the idea maybe we'll do it in front of the lincoln memorial. i don't know if it's ever been done before, but if it has very seldom. and the people came by the thousands and thousands and here we are tonight all the way back. [ applause ] >> all the way back. >> so it's a movement that began -- it's a movement that started and it's a movement like we've never seen anywhere in the world they say. there's never been a movement like this, and it's something very, very special and we're
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going to unify our country, and our phrase you all know it half of you are wearing the hat "make america great again" -- [ applause ] >> but we're going to make america great for all of our people, everybody. everybody throughout our count country. that includes the inner cities. that includes everybody. and we're going to do a special job and i can only tell you that 18 months ago we never knew a lot of people didn't know, some people had a feeling, a lot of people didn't give us much of a chance but we understood what was happening and last month of the campaign when i traveled around to every place that you can imagine state after state
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after state speech after speech and we had 10,000, 20,000, 30,000 people. there was never an empty seat. just like tonight. we didn't know if anybody would ever come tonight much this hasn't been done before and you look, it was the same way and we all knew that last month of the campaign, i think a lot of new the first week of the campaign, but that last month of the campaign, we knew that something special was happening, and i can only tell you this. the polls started going up, up, up, but they didn't want to give us credit. because they forgot about a lot of us. on the campaign i called it the forgotten man and the forgotten
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woman. well, you're not forgotten any more. [ applause ] >> that i can tell you. [ applause ] >> not forgotten any more. [ applause ] >> i want to thank migrate family my incredible wife melania. [ applause ] >> they've been so supportive and it wasn't easy for them but they have have been so supportive. i want to thank you most importantly and i promise you that i will work so hard. we're going to get it turned around and bring our jobs back. we're not going to let other countries take our jobs any longer. [ applause ] >> we're going to build up our great military. [ applause ] >> we're going to build it up. [ applause ] >> we're to going to strengthen our borders. [ applause ] >> we're going to do things that
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haven't been done for our country for many, many decades. it's going to change. i promise you it's going to change. so i'll see you tomorrow. [ applause ] >> and i don't care frankly if it's going to be beautiful or if it's going to rain like crazy, makes no difference to me. >> you've been listening to president-elect donald trump talking to the crowd at the make america great again rally. we'll be back with more right after this. mom, i just saved a lot of money
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♪ >> happy ending for a deer in berks county. found trapped in icy water a worker from the pennsylvania game commission found the dough surrounded by ice. worker called for help army core along with fish and boat commission used a canoe to rescue her. the deer was able to recover and run back out into the woods.
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waitress in western pennsylvania says she's no longer homeless thanks to the kindness of strangers. crystal kramer says she was close to hitting rock bottom she works two jobs one at pizza hut didn't have enough money for the cash deposit needed to rent an apartment. but earlier this month, she says her life began to change. kramer says one of her co-workers taking care of two customers customers learn about kramer's polite. they left a $558 tip. the owner of the pizza hut where she worked then chipped in offering her some money from a fund employees voluntarily contribute to so now she's got enough money for her first month's rents. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. here is meteorologist kathy orr. >> i'll tell you iain we have a lot to talk about. it's going to be a quiet evening and overnight, but things are going to change. tomorrow morning the clouds roll in, and late tomorrow morning into the afternoon, a few waves of light rain move through the delaware valley. it's not a lot of rain. about a tenth to two tension of an inch but then we watch a
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developing nor'easter that will be moving through the region after this rain. and that is what's going to be changing a lot across the regi region. so as we look ahead commuter models are showing that this is going to be moving in from the southwest toward the northeast. and as it does, we will be definitely seeing some changes. here's a look at your nor'east nor'easter. it will be pulling up moisture from the gulf of mexico and then also from the atlantic and by late sunday into monday, this will be bringing us very heavy rain and gusty winds. winds gusting to 40, even 50 miles an hour as you head down the shore and as far as the rain through monday, about an inch to 2-inches expected across the delaware valley. for inaugural weather, well, we have more to talk about on that. scott has the numbers and scott looks like it's going to be little wet this year. >> it does look like the cloud cover is already rolling in and temperatures will be above average but that rainfall, kathy, should be arriving right around lunch time for tomorrow. look at ultimate doppler. we're dry but off to the south and west that's the moisture
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that will head toward d.c. and also toward the philadelphia area. so as we go hour by hour looking at that forecast for the nation's capitol, temperatures at 7am right around 40. mid 40s by noon. clouds, some showers moving in. by 3:00 o'clock 47 degrees. we're not talking about heavy rainfall as we roll that clock ahead by 2:00 o'clock tomorrow still pretty dry in physical. maybe a tenth of an inch in dc before all is said and done tomorrow. maybe up to 210ths a quarter of an inch of rain out of this first system. kathy? >> all right, thanks lot, scott. in wilmington this evening it's pretty nice out there with temperatures that are still in the 40s. overnight tonight we will be in the 30s everywhere. during the day tomorrow, temperatures will be bouncing back again. 36 in the city. 32 in in the suburbs. tomorrow looking ahead to a high of 47 degrees with those showers moving in especially in the afternoon. saturday is the break. the warmest day of that seven day and the rain comes in sunday it's a nor'easter monday. rain, gusty wind, temperatures
6:20 pm
in the 40s. tuesday, wednesday and thursday temperatures bounce back to around 50 degrees. look like we will end the month on a warm note. and that's the latest from the weather center. we'll zen it over to you. >> all right. kathy, thanks a lot. what's up in sports. >> villanova getting ared to play this saturday and they're getting some compare sons that you actually wouldn't believe. a comparison to one of the best teams in the nba and the guys they're loving every moment of it plus championship time in the nfl green bay packers and atlanta falcons going head to head for a super bowl bid. hear from those guys about the big big game coming up next in sports.
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♪ nova nation riding high number one in the country and rolling through teams with ease looking like they have legitimate shot to repeat the guys are getting ready to play providence on saturday and they're hoping to live up to a comparison that sort of out of this world right now. ♪ >> time out. >> i do feel good about the way we're playing right now i want to make sure we keep getting better. >> everybody is on each other. it's not just coach on us. everybody is on holding each other accountable. >> everyone playing for each other. whoever has the hot hand that day, you know, may have the hot hand. >> the pieces fit. i'm telling you the golden state warriors solid basketball. >> ya'll said. >> golden state warriors solid basketball. >> i'll take that, man. gus he's on his game. i'll take it. >> i like the smile.
6:25 pm
>> that's cool. can i be kevin durant now. >> i'd like to be kevin. >> maryland guy that's me. >> i love nova. i love guts. calm down. let's relax on that comparison right now. nova will defend their number one spot against providence on saturday that game will be right here on fox 29 tip-off will be at noon. nfl championship weekend four teams left and the eagles beat two of them. get them next year, right? i guess. nfc champion shim packers and falcons playing to get into the super bowl emotions for this one will be through the roof. >> some of the reasons why i keep coming back. keep coming back. because you can't -- you can't replicate this anywhere the emotionings the feelings that you're going to have, you know, doing what you're doing with your teammates all the grind and what got you here and what you going through. so it's going to be a special moment. >> that game will also be right here on fox 29 this sunday
6:26 pm
coverage starts at 3:00 and the game should start around 3:30 the winner will go on to play the steelers or the patriots. great weekend of football and you see the quarterbacks, okay. only one doesn't have a super bowl. so it's going to be unbelievable weekend and that's good for the eagles to know because if you didn't know any already you got to get a franchise quarterback. >> we have one, i hope. >> matt ryan a local guy. fox 29 has you covered for the inauguration lucy noland will be live in washington, d.c. for the fox 29 news at 10:00. of course all day tomorrow starting with "good day philadelphia". we will be on with the swearing in ceremony and all the way through our 11:00 o'clock news and you can watch us on the air screen streaming online and of course on your phone. >> we'll be right here waiting. >> that will do it for us at 6:00. we'll see you back here at 10:00. have a great night. inside edition is up next. ♪ oh, it's a good day... ♪
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>> video outrage. >> there he goes. >> is this any way to treat a dog for a movie? >> just appalled. >> you won't plaintiff what happened next. then the trumps come to washington as melania speaks. >> thank you all for your support. >> and look who else just arrived. >> we're on one of the six buses carrying the talladega marching tornadoes. >> how much are they. >> 1200. >> they're america's hottest ticket. they're supposed to be free. >> not o the back it says not for sale. >> wait until you see who we found trying to make a bundle off of the free tickets. >> aren't these tickets


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