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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  January 20, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EST

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but in the until later on. we are dry at the moment, just hang on because you will need that umbrella and we will have bus stop buddy as soon as we get that cheese, yes, national cheese lovers take. >> wow. >> wow. we are also colder then we were yesterday with temperatures, in the 20's and 30's, here's where we are right new with the rain moving into west virginia and southwestern part of the pennsylvania, still a while before it will get here. we will stay dry for at least the rest of the relevant i morning. 33 degrees at the moment, sunrise time 7:18, looking at other temperatures, 11 in mount pocono, it is only 27 in pottstown and 29 in trenton and millville, 33 degrees in wilmington and 34 in dover, delaware. so the showers will move in i would say anytime after lunchtime we will get to a high of 47 ape it will be on and off rain throughout the drive home, sunset time 5:07, that is our first system of the weekend we will talk about
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the second one coming up, in just a few minutes. >> hey sue, good morning 5:00 o'clock straight up, we have got no problems at all here on the ben franklin bridge. i was going to show you but penndot was moving it. it is girard avenue off ramp from the schuylkill expressway right there by the zoo, westbound off ramp block with an accident, ben franklin bridge looking good working your way in toward downtown, and i know from septa, 101, 102 trolleys choosing shuttle buses between baltimore pike and sharon hill all because of some early morning trap problems. septa says otherwise they are off to a good start on the regional rails, buses, trolleys. we will see extra volume at 30th street station, folks heading down to d.c. for the big day and extra volume expected at philly international folks heading down this maybe taking a flight down to d.c. or getting out of town for the weekend room. height here in our area get ready for planned demonstrations and traffic disruptions throughout the day
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beginning around 12:00 noon through the evening rush hour. they are set to occur center city, city hall area, and certainly independent mall. one in particular here a planned march that will be beginning at bell tower at temple university. come down broad street to jfk boulevard and then eventually over to sixth and market. there is one example of a planned march that is obviously is his to disrupt traffic, put septa on detour and that will happen throughout the day and certainly into our evening rush hour. now tomorrow the planned women 's march in philadelphia from 7:00 to 3:00 is the whole event time. they will start at logan circle march up the parkway and end at eakins oval in front of the art museum there and then that demonstration will last until 3:00. we will see closures, tea tore s and bus detour as as well through tomorrow. keep that in mind coming in the city tomorrow morning coming down to the franklin institute. good morning to cherry hill, new jersey nice and quiet in south jersey.
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in problems, fingers crossed on the patco high speed line, karen and thomas back to you. time right now 5:02. focus will be on washington d.c. today, president-elect donald trump set to be sworn in as fourthivity president of the united states. >> from washington to right here in our area we have got team coverage, lets go down to washington right now we have angela hippill there, good morning. >> good morning, from washington d.c. we are at union station and if you have ever taken train or bus down to washington d.c. you know this is a major hub for commuters, this is a metro station that is opened to take which means we will start seeing thousands of folks fill out of union station and tea sending on to the national hall. they have started. metro opened up at 4:00 a.m. this morning. i want to show you we have vendors set up with their trump gear and swag, ready for all of the thousands of people
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that will be coming out here to purchase and make today extra memorable. i also want to show you out in the street here we saw a tum seven truck standing by. that truck is filled with cement and meant to block the roadway here, if any problems should arrive. you can see cars let through because this is a major hub for commuters both being dropped off, take a train or bus, out of town. we also can show you these national guardsmen standing in the street here. they are literally on every corner throughout the city making sure folks are safe, they know where they are going and basically providing safety overall. just beyond these flagpoles here are two gates to get to the secure area and that is where people will be walking towards once they get off metro train here and head toward that the mall. union station is a major hub, thousands of people expect to be taking metro here. it will be a lays where many
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protesters may concerning as well and then sort of how much to their designated area. we do expect a lot of action out here throughout the take. as you can see folks milling about already, so lot of action expected on it here. now back to you. >> we see barriers as well, it will be tough getting around, thank you. number one cost is security overall with this inauguration this has been a country divided. many celebrating watching and having parties and equal number of people protesting this many communities. steve keeley at 30th street station where we have a little bit of both likely, steve, good morning. >> reporter: we have watched, and met two groups, that left here just at 4:00 o'clock and they left city hall at 2:00. i asked them were you scared at all after seeing that video not pictured here now of all of the riots last night, you saw the protesters setting off smoke devices and they were saying, d.c. police were setting off pepper spray in
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clashes outside inaugural events last night. i said are you worried about getting in the thick of that? they said in, we will be causing some of that stuff. they are going to d.c., and they say that d.c. today will stand for disrupt. karen and thomas. 5:06. we will go from center city, heading to washington to celebrate and witness history like a group of kids from central high. >> lets get out to jenny joyce in logan at central, jenny, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys. you can see a lot of students here getting ready to board the bus heading to the inauguration in d.c. we are told that roughly five hundred high school seniors go to central, only 25 are going on this trip today. it was a very competitive selection ross zest. student had to maintain certain grades and submit an application with an essay exam and interview and in order to participate in the inauguration event. it will be a lot of work. they will not get to stand on the sidelines and watch the
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inauguration. they are expect to be fully engaged and act as student reporters. they are meeting with political professionals conducting interviews and writing news articles, to be posted on a student web site, so the students say they see this as a unique historic opportunity and they are heading to washington focused on certain social, political issues that are important to them. we do not have our sound but we did talk to these students earlier. one student in particular said she's focused on immigration issues, so when she goes down to d.c. she plans to talk to people about that, in particular. a lot of these students say this is just being part of history and could potentially launch a future in politics for them. karen and thomas. >> hey, jenny, go over there and talk to some of these students and what do they think about going down to
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washington d.c. >> stand by, i think they are taking a picture here can we talk to you earlier can you give us a sense how you are feeling going in today. >> excited. >> what are you mess excited for who has anything they want to see or experience today. >> jesuit necessarying the peaceful transition of power. >> peaceful transition of power. >> what are most important issues to you guys, would you say. >> education. >> education. >> tell me more about that. >> public schools should stay fun because if they are in the we wouldn't have this opportunity. i hope students in the future to enjoy the same screens that is we do. >> reporter: you guys are first hand experience of positive, wonderful education here at central high school. have a wonderful trip. thanks very much. karen and thomas back to you. >> important part of history, student very well informed, thank you for joining us from
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logan this morning. there are certainly people very happy cannot wait and other people who plan to protest. we have woman organizing some of those protesterses. we will introduce them to you. alexandria and shawnnet, co organizers for pennsylvania chapter of the woman's rights march. wednesday they were putting finishing touches on the signs and getting people to get transportation to get on the buses because there will be some protest it is take from those sort of groups and huge rally on saturday. both in washington and also, in our area. so, they say that women's rights are human rights, and so we will hear there them later but we are expecting many, many people to be going to these different events. >> we saw from steve keeley's live report people set to board bus but also in washington d.c. we are hearing stories about heading out of town boarding trains and buses to head to insuring, to head here in philadelphia just to get rid of the all of the ago taking place there. after eight years in
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washington the biden's will get a hero's home coming in delaware welcome home rally planned in wilmington happening at chase center today when they return to the first state. the bidens are expect to attend trump's inauguration, he will be sworn in at is 11:55. prior to that he will meet with the obama's at white house and then motorcade will begin. after the president's speech then bidens will head to delaware, first state and take a train back here. the event is opened to the public. >> great one, and amtrak joe will be at the train, lots of people cheering there for that you saw these students moments ago, when they arrive in d.c. they will see all of the festivities beginning and they will find that the final preparations currently are underway. >> and some security as well. lets get to lauren blanchard in washington with what we can expect, good morning. >> reporter: we're expecting things to get underway here very shortly. we are seeing police cars coming down through downtown, buses lined up just outside where i'm standing here they are union station.
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the capitol behind he. there are security gates that people will be passing through , as they start to arrive, and the actual festivities, ram, begins at 9:30 a.m. here this d.c., the actual swearing of president-elect trump will happen at noon. obviously there will be a parade after where he will go from the capitol to his new home at the white house, back to you. >> lauren, thanks very much. we do appreciate it. we will continue to check with you and that is the scene there from washington. fox 29 has complete coverage of the inauguration day our live reports there washington continue, throughout "good day philadelphia", so we invite to you join us live for live coverage of the swearing in ceremony, starting at 11:00 followed by the parade. you can also watch on line, don't for get we have mobile devices, you can watch on your mobile devices as well. before we get to break here did you know this inauguration day former president bill clinton's second inauguration was first
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to be live streamed on the internet. of course, pretty common practice now. we will be right back.
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we will not get through today without some rain and you can see where it is right now, pretty far out to the
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west edging into southwestern, pennsylvania but not here just yet and not here for a while. dry throughout the morning. this is number one of the two that we're watching this weekend. this does not look like a lot of rain and in between the two there is a area of rain that could sneak through late overnight saturday into early sunday morning, might squeak through that one. number two is shaping up to be perhaps a coastal system, and we have to watch this one carefully which we do call, this time of the year a nor'easter which means wind and rain. today light rain, maybe a inch to a tenth of an inch to .2 of an inch. inch of rain comes in the sunday into monday system and the nor'easter could give us win gusts of 35 miles an hour or more. so, some nasty weather to end up the weekend and start workweek next week. it is cold this morning. much colder then yesterday at this time, some temperatures
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in the 20's, in reading, allentown and down in millville and in trenton and wrightstown, 31 in mount pocono, down in wildwood it is three and we are at 33 in philadelphia. we will expect to get to 37 or 38 degrees for a high today. cloudy, mild in the mid 50's. rain we will get through early part of the day on sunday without any rain but then showers move in at night into monday the with the wind, added just for good measure. this one probably won't be rid of us, until, tuesday morning, those showers could linger until then but then it looks like we won't get too cold by the time we hit middle of next week. >> could be snow, that is one way to look at it. >> and a lot of it too. 5:16. hello, kop, live look at the schuylkill expressway right the here near 202 interchange. quiet this morning. tries are normally a little quieter then other four days of the workweek, so we will see what happens, so far it is holding out to be true, no problems up and over bennie.
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wind look calm, our flag not blowing around but no problems at all in or out of the city over area bridges. septa having problems out of the gate, the 102 trolley using shuttle buses between baltimore pike and sharon hill , also the first train on the fox chase line delayed this morning. otherwise we're if good shape on the regional rail lines, buses, trolleys, we will see extra volume at 30th street station today folks heading down to d.c. for event and will see extra volume at turn styles, at philly international, folks getting out of town maybe to head down to d.c. or just try weekend getaways and start for some vacation. even though we have big inauguration in d.c., we have events happening here in philadelphia, there is a land how much that will set off at 1:00 at temple bell tower, down broad street to jfk boulevard, pick up at sixth and market in front of the independent mall. add that to the other planned demonstrations already on the radar screen there that will
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begin around 12:00 noon through our evening rush hour. so if you are coming into center city just ab wear of some traffic disruptions, bus detours, center city, city hall area and independent mall and, of course we will be all over it all day long. tomorrow women's march here in philadelphia along logan circle parkway and eakins oval tying up traffic and detour from his 7:00 to 3:00 that takes place tomorrow. karen and tomorrows back to you. time 5:18. investigators this morning are looking for two people they want to question in connection with the devastating town home fire in new castle. fire officials are calling this one an arson. it happen just after 11:30 wednesday night on tuscany court. fire ripped through three homes and left several people homeless. still one resident is vowing to move forward. >> we have to think about what our next steps will be, you know, it could be one month, three months, six months but we will just take it one day at a time and trust in god.
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>> you see damage there the authorities say the fire caused quarter million-dollar in damage but there were no serious injuries. many questions over what led to a man's death in north philadelphia, five five-year old barry hairston died after a violent even counter with police yesterday. police say hairston was jumping up and down at tenth and poplar streets and then became violent, once police responded, they say he attack a female officer in her patrol vehicle and that is when other officers arrived and he was taserd. he died soon afterward. police say taser prongs never pierced his body and they thought he was overdosing. >> still too soon to say whether it was or was not a contributing factor. i mean you are talking about issuing is it being completed. >> they could have done it a tive rent way but you don't know everything that happened. >> burr was a good guy, he worked a lot, trying to make money, live his life. >> the officer suffered minor injuries, homicide and internal affairs are investigate ago long with the medical examiner.
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fight to allow new jersey towns to paint a blue line on the road to honor law enforcement the is heading to congress. several towns throughout the garden state of painted thin blue lines in the streets between yellow ones to represent the roll police serve in the community. federal highway officials say lines don't comply with road safety rules, so for, several lawmakers introduced a federal bill to will you those blue lines, we will keep you updated on the progress of that bill. some hard working police k-9 will be safer on the job thanks to local middle school er. seventh grader dylann and james writ here there our lady of good council school this moorestown, new jersey started kevlar for k-9's program. boys raised five you this dollars by designing and selling t-shirts. >> that ace lieutenant of t-shirts? it cost about $1,100 for each vest. one of the recipients, you are about to sianni the kid loved it. >> it is cool, recently with the election and everything so
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making to see our community come together for a cause we all agree on. >> it made me feel a hazing, wonderful and felt like i accomplished something. >> they are getting a lot of toe nations. by the way there are four her dogs that need those vests. >> nicely done. mexican drug lord joaquin el chapo guzman is expected to appear in a federal court thousands brooklyn today. he was extradited to the u.s. for drug trafficking and other charges. he landed this insuring late last evening, el chapo made two brazen successful prison escapes and spent years on the run as mexico's most wanted man so they decided to bring him to this country. seeking of this country we have some of the kids are talking about this one, one of the things that makes our nation so great is peaceful transfer of power. >> we will head to the nation 's capitol in just a moment we are six and a half hearst way there donald trump becoming the forty-fifth president of the united states , very good morning to you at 5:21 as we look live at
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the nation's capitol on this inauguration day.
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in this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem. >> that was president ronald
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reagan's inaugural address this take in 1981, his admirers quote that line to cut ways full spending and excessive government power. >> we now president reagan was referring to high unemployment and inflation that hit the nation at the time. by the way at 69 reagan was oldest person to assume presidency until right now donald trump is 70. certainly, a historic event, in your money watch. >> ways that people find to make money off any event and they will make a lot from the shirts, flags, and scarves, and hats, headache herc great again hats, capes, people trying to get a piece of that inaugural pie. lots of vendors are loading their souvenirs as hundreds of thousands of people will be pouring into washington. then there will be just as many otto posing side as well selling their counter protest shirts, anti trump t-shirts and other gifts featuring president obama. there is an investigation we all necessity nothing lasts
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forever. >> that, of course, includes the price of a forever stamp, remember those stamps we pay one price. starting sunday u.s. postal service is raising price of the first class forever stamps again and they say again because remember these 47 cents last year, and it as 49 cents they lettered to it 47, that was this april of last year. postal service gave us a tell rare i reduction. now they say it will go there 47 cents backup to 49 cents because they need extra cash, to operate. and ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. >> one of the most famous inaugural addresses, of course , president john f. kennedy on inauguration day in 1961, so many more homes, just ahead. choosing to eat better
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shouldn't mean choosing to spend more. dannon's whole milk yogurt is made with all natural, non-gmo ingredients with vitamin d. better food at a better cost. so we can all eat better. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. happening right now, on good day philadelphia, the stage is set, america will welcome a new president, later today. >> so i just want to thank
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everybody. we're going to have more incredible four years. it will be something special. >> transition of power, from president obama to president-elect donald trump happening just before noon. many people getting on buses, trains, planes, heading to the nation's capitol. but not everyone is happy about this next president, many protesters also making their way to washington. team coverage this morning on the inauguration of president-elect donald trump. good day, good morning, on this very busy, friday, january 20th, inauguration take, and thank goodness it is a friday, thanks for waking up with us. >> good morning, great to have you with us, bob will have traffic in a moment, and a lot of activity but first what can we expect weather-wise, sue. >> if you go out now and won't be back for a while do what buddy did and grab the
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umbrella, grab some cheese, it is national, holy cheese today , national cheese lovers day, so, now i know what is for lunch, grilled cheese bob kelly. >> grilled cheese. >> i bet. >> anyway, rain isn't here yet and we have a few hours to go before it makes it here we will track it on ultimate doppler radar. 33 degrees. not much wind out there. it is colder then it was yesterday. sunrise at seven will 18. check it out 33 here but only 28 in allentown. in the 20's in pottstown and reading. down in millville, new jersey as well, 30 in atlantic city international, 33 in wilmington delaware. we will see a little bit of sunshine early, probably right after sunrise, in the 7:00 o'clock hour and then showers move in by lunchtime and we could have a rainy rush hour with temperatures in the mid to upper 40's. so it is a chilly, rainy afternoon bob kelly if you we have got some dry slots in the weekend, coming up.
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>> we have a dry spot right now 5:31. we are off to a good start saying good morning to the blue route near conshohocken folks coming from mid county town past ikea here and down toward i-95. quiet on our major roadways. same thing from south jersey on the 42 freeway. septa says delays this morning , 102 shuttle busing between the pike and sharon hill, also, the fox chase line has some delays getting right out of the gate this morning. probably going to see extra volume at the airport, folks on the hoff heading down to d.c. or getting out of town for the weekend, this land how much here in philadelphia, it kicks off one of many marches kicks off at temple university at bell tower at 1:00 down broad street to jfk boulevard and eventually ending up at sixth and market ending up with other plan demonstrations set to occur beginning around noon time through evening rush hour. it is certainly going to have its impact on our midday, and
5:33 am
evening commute, in and out of the city, center city, city hall area and independent hall so just be ready for that but just coming into downtown, karen and thomas, back over to you. on this inauguration day, many people from our area, do not want to miss out on history. whether they support or oppose this being president travelers left philadelphia early this morning for d.c., our steve keeley they are 30th street station this morning, steve. >> reporter: before history is made there is a lot of people lining up on philadelphia streets to board buses to washington to show that they are not real happy with the history direction that we're going in. here is video number one. if you didn't see this this is first time we are airing it today. violent protests clashes between police and protesters outside the early inaugural events and apparently protesters were setting off smoke tea vices and we're told that the police ended upsetting off pepper spray against them and i saw one
5:34 am
washington d.c. police officer with white powder all over his taste. he was one officer that wasn't wearing a helmet maybe he had it on but it looks rough out there last night. as we come to video number two when i met people this morning on the streets of philadelphia getting ready to board a bus to go to d.c. from all ages by the way i talk to a gentlemen that was 70 working for the postal service, and i said why do you want to go into this mess that we saw, you know, all over the lead story last night these inaugural protest do you want to get in the middle of that. yes, we will do some of the same stuff. what is your plan today. >> our plan is to resist, disrupt, our plan is to let donald trump and his administration know it will not be a smooth four years. >> we have a lot of things we will say. make our presence known from philadelphia. >> reporter: what is plan today. >> just go to d.c., protest the president-elect.
5:35 am
>> this is what it is, this is what it is all about, you know participation, doing something instead of sitting back and complaining. >> reporter: she is not just going down there to talk to have her voice heard but she will do more. she didn't want to get into details about it but just sit back and watch we will not just be heard we will be seen and we will do things to make sure that we're seen today. these people whether you agree or disagree one thing you can admire is that they are up early, and instead of just sitting home in the warm bed like other congressional members are from philadelphia who are refusing to be part as part of the silent i will not be there protest. they said no, that is not the way to do this. way to do this is to go there and to do something to protest to be seen, to be heard and to disrupt, that was word a lot of these protesters used today when we talk to them and dnc will definitely mean disrupt there our standpoint today.
5:36 am
they will be dealing with maybe some foul weather, some big crowds, and they think the protesters, in terms of the numbers hey match the number of people there for the historical event whether they are pro trump or just pro democracy, here in america there will be a the loft big crowds today from all sides, karen and thomas. >> they certainly have the passion there, lets hope for peaceful protests. whether you are supporting will trump or opposing him a lot of people are making their way to washington at this hour >> lets go over what will be happening in washington today, lots of festivities, parade, lets get to lauren with what we can expect, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, thomas and karen. still dark here in tc but in just a few hours at noon president-elect trump will be president trump, at the capitol behind he. we're expecting some 800,000 people to pack into this city, to watch the inauguration but
5:37 am
there is, security every where nearly 100 million-dollar is spent to keep this event safe, both on the capitol property and parade route as the soon to be president trump makes his way from the capitol will to his new home in the white house. back to you. >> certainly a lot of activity can you tribe what you are experiencing there at the capitol. >> yes, i'm fairly close between union station and capitol all along the road here, are buses, we are expecting thousands of people to be bused in or trained in. amtrak station is just over here as well. behind me are also white tenth set up and down roads through parks and in those tents are mass. everybody that goes in the viewing area has to go through extra security. you cannot bring anything in bags, umbrellas, selfie sticks , everybody will be going through rigorous security to ensure it is a safe event today. still a little quiet but we do expect things to start picking
5:38 am
up here in the next hour or so >> thanks forgiving us a better understanding lauren, in washington this morning. thank you. more than 400 men and women of the delaware national guard vowed to keep people safe at today's inauguration they were sworn in yesterday, soldiers from several different companies will certainly play a vital role hang traffic control points. they will ensure vehicles and pedestrians can get around the nation's capitol. pennsylvania also spent more than a thousand sold tours aid in the security efforts there. men and women representing the commonwealth were sworn in yesterday and they will begin assisting law enforcement throughout the region. lets give you another did you know, it is always fun to be student of history, who had the shortest speech, george washington with just 135 words began tradition certainly of having inauguration speeches. we will be right back.
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sixers taking on the portland trailblazers tonight, improving to seven-two in the month of january. joel embiid might be playing with a chip on his shelledder. embiid will not be the starter , for this all-star game he was fourth behind lebron james, and he still has a chance to be a reserve and that will be announced next week. championship weekend,
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steelers/patriot, packers falcons, nfc game will be right here on fox 29, and emotions will be riding high. >> some of the reasons why i keep coming back, keep coming back, you just can't replicate this, anywhere, emotion, the feelings that you will have have, doing what you are doing with your teammate, doing what you got you here and what you are going through, so it will be a special moment. >> lasalle and davidson explorers are red hot right now. this is bj johnson trying to the rack, and finishing strong , lasalle wins 91. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell.
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it is a real life civics lesson for so many kids from one of our best high schools, central high, getting on bus to head to washington. >> jenny joyce live at a high school in logan this morning, hi there, jenny. >> reporter: good morning. students departed, bus has left central high school student on their way to d.c. i just checked google maps. their ride will take them two hours, 50 minutes based on current traffic conditions. we expect traffic to pick up as morning goes on. i talk with the 25 students and they shared some issues that are important to them. they also told me that out of the 500 roughly seniors here at central only 25 were
5:46 am
selected to participate today after a rigorous process, which included an application, essay, and interview, and these students will not go to d.c. to stand on the sidelines to watch the inauguration, they are expected to be fully engaged, and act as student reporters, they are heating with political professionals, conducting interviews and writing news articles to be posted on a student made web site. the students say that this is a unique, historic, opportunity and they are heading to washington focusing on certain social and political issues that are important to them. >> the value of it, or not i support donald trump or not i think this is a one time thing i have they ever been to an inauguration ever in my life and i think at the age i am i would like to get involved this politics and, you know, things in the future i think this is a good foundation to see how things work, firsthand >> personally i think
5:47 am
education system just like the whole issue of immigration reform because i'm a first generation of a lot of my tam ly members are still in vietnam. i feel strongly about that. i hope he has positions for the country in terms of those topics. >> reporter: how incredible for these student to go down there and be a part of this historic screens and fully engaged by conducting these interviews, writing articles and doing our job, karen and thomas, becoming reporters while down there and really engaged in the issues. >> all right, jenny, thanks. jenny mentioned it will take two and a half hours, possibly more to get down there. the lets get a check of traffic. any major problems heading down. >> i'm a little hurt jenny joyce checked this with google maps for traffic, i'm here, jenny, you have my number, call he, call he, maybe, okay, all right.
5:48 am
good morning, live look, 5:47 on the roosevelt boulevard, no problems at all on your maps on your cameras. we are looking good here. we are good to go here on i-95 out of northeast philadelphia. friday mornings are usually light. there is going to be some extra volume heading south down toward d.c., really more grid lock once you get into the area there with all of the security checkpoints. septa running with delays on both fox chase and the chestnut hill west, regional rail line, in problems out of the gate just yet for the patco high speed line but again we're get something rain possibly, later on today and that is what they were saying is causing the problems, wet rails and that third rail shoe , because of the moisture, route 102, using shuttle buses from the pike to sharon hill. we have a thumb of land demonstrations set for today here in philadelphia starting at around noon through that evening rush hour, that certainly going to impact traffic in center city especially for evening rush,
5:49 am
city hall area, independent mall, the planned march that kicks off at temple university at one right from the bell to you are down broad street to jfk boulevard and they will pick up with the other group there the at independent mall at suction and market. of course as all these demonstrations are on the move septa buses will be detoured as well. rain on the way, sueby got it in 15 seconds. we are looking at radar keeping a close eye on things because thinks our focus today with the inauguration, washington d.c., and there is the rain, that is heading toward the nation's capitol and eventually here in philadelphia, as well. so as we zoom in on washington it is dry right the now but around gainsville, and lees berg in virginia very light rain heading their way.
5:50 am
eventually, that rain will make its way here as well, and we are calling this system number one, for our wet weekend weather, so that rolls rolls in this afternoon, first to us, we would say anytime after lunchtime and it the is very light rain for that one. then another one sneaking in between today's system and project nor'easter for monday, this one could sneak in a really early sunday morning, late saturday night into sunday morning, kind of quick there with rain and then this one will be windy, rainy, and potential for a nor'easter, and that one moves up the coast, on monday. so how much rain? light rain today, and tenth of an inch, .2, an inch or more for sunday into monday situation and if we do get that nor'easter characteristic it will be 35 miles an hour or more, with winds. 35 miles an hour or more. temperatures many of them in the 20's this morning, and
5:51 am
that is a lot colder then it was yesterday, so be prepared for that situation with the nice thursday yesterday with a high of 49 degrees, well above the average of 40, today we're thinking about 47, and then a hield 55 degrees, with mostly cloudy skies, so maybe a few peaks of sunshine on saturday, sunday is the day that the showers will roll in, monday it is some wind as well and this event could even last into tuesday morning with a high of 46 but then by wednesday we are back into the 50's, thomas and karen. >> sue, thank you. we will have rain coming down in washington, we're just about six hours away from donald trump being sworn this as nation's forty-fifth president, mr. trump will be waking up across the street from the white house in blair house. >> he will head to the white house at 9:55. short time later he will make his way to the capitol for the inauguration and that is where our doug luzader is joining us this morning, hi there, doug.
5:52 am
>> reporter: good morning. did you have to mention rain? did you have to mention that. >> you can have small umbrellas but just not big golf umbrellas. you have a tent over your head , another justly. >> eric, can you click up, lease. there is no tent above my head , look at that. >> all right, all right, that is wide open sky, if it rains i will get wet but you are right they to change rules at last behind. you can have umbrellas. for a while they were standing by that saying you were not allowed to bring umbrellas here or mall or thinking but they made a last minute change , you can bring small collapsable umbrellas. i have brought one alone. rain is supposed to start i think later this morning. we will see. you know, we are playing the odd right the thousand, and may get wet but this will go on rain or shine. >> great view there, doug, what can we expect behind you. >> reporter: well, you can see right behind he is closed in glass where the
5:53 am
president-elect will be, actually sworn in. he has a relatively busy morning. he will wake up at blair house which is official residence right across the street from the white house, he will go to church, he will go to the white house where he will be greeted by president obama and first lady michelle obama they will have a half an hour tea and coffee session and then they will bet head here in the same presidential limousine and arrive here shortly before around 11:00 o'clock and then they will have the swearing in around noon time. so it is a full morning of activities for the outing president and incoming president. >> full day of activity certainly yesterday, and balls tonight, balls yesterday did you get to go to any of them. >> reporter: no, we had to be out early this morning so no, i to not. but the big ones are today, big celebrations are tonight. not nearly as many as presidential balls as we have seen in years past and that
5:54 am
was in keeping with the president-elect's wishes apparently. so there will be a celebration but just not on the sale we have seen. >> hopefully staying dry. could could be worse it could be 7 degrees and snowing. >> reporter: you are absolutely right good we will check back throughout the morning, we appreciate it. >> we will be right back on "good day philadelphia", stay with us as we look live at the capitol, on this inauguration day.
5:55 am
5:56 am
5:57 am
welcome back, a live look the at the white house this morning in the nation's capitol where there will be a transition of power, president owe pam assaying good bye as well as the vice-president, after eight years in washington, the bidens will get the a hero's home coming this delaware welcome home rally being land in wilmington happening at chase center when they return to the first state >> we have complete coverage of today's events in washington coming right back on "good day philadelphia", stay with us.
5:58 am
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the stage is set or better be, in our nation's capitol, in just about, six hours, from now. we will have a new president, of the united states, donald trump will be sworn this as our forty-fifth president right here in d.c. yes says he is looking forward to some rain again. >> then the threat of rain, not stopping these people, heading to the washington d.c. , where we're live as people are gearing up, to make their way to the inauguration.


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