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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  January 20, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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right. a new president and already new executive orders and what about the crowds near d.c.? we have a picture that just might tell the tale. your news starts in 30 seconds. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 10. it's 10:00 o'clock in the nation' caps toll drum system
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america's new president and he hasn't been even on the job for 10 hours. you can bet the celebrations are in full swing. i am lucy noland live in washington. >> i'm iain page in our fox 29 studios in philadelphia. lucy, you were in the middle of all the excitement on this historic day. >> indeed, iain. hundreds of thousands of people gathered on the national mall to witness the inauguration or protest it. meanwhile, the senate approved members of president trauma pog's cabinet tonight. take look vice-president pence swore in the first two members of the cabinet first the nation's new defense secretary, of course, retired general james mattis. then homeland security secretary retired marine general john kelly. >> president trump released his first statement tonight as commander in chief. not via twitter saying he is pleased with the confirmations but "i call on members of the senate to fulfill their constitutional obligation and swiftly confirm the remainder of my highly qualified cabinet nominees so that we can get to
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work on behalf of the american people without further delay". the president had one more order of business before tonight's parties. he signed an executive order that did not repeal obama care but did order federal agencies to quote ease the burden of the affordable care act. so really what does that mean? well it forces agencies to hold off on anything to do with obama care that would force you to pay a penalty and from there, it was on to the inaugural ball. capping off a very business say day. ♪ >> a shorter dance card than in years past just three inaugural balls for the new president and first lady. after a whirlwind day when they made history -- >> i donald john trump do sole solemnly swear that i will faithfully he can cute. >> that i will faithfully he can cute. >> the office of president of united states. >> the office of president of the united states.
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>> president trump took the oath right on schedule. >> today, we are not merely transferring power from one administration to another or from one party to another. but we are transferring power from washington, d.c. and giving it back to you, the people. >> with crowds to watch less a few dozen politicians but plenty of protesters. he may not have had as many there to see him take his oath as his predecessor, but his supporters are ready for him to get to work. >> everybody said all along he's never bog toism he wasn't going to win the primaries. he wasn't going to get the nomination. guess what? he won everything. and i just believe look we needed a change. no doubt about it. i think we need somebody outsider typical politicians who run this country for years. let's give him shot. former president barack obama now hold as very different title. private citizen, of course.
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whisked i way on marine call but since it was holding a former president took on the call sign executive one. after one last lap around the white house, the national mall, it took the obama toss joint base andrews where they boarded what was called air force one. same thing for air force one marine one there. and former vice-president joe biden got no a limo at the capitol with his wife jill. they waived goodbye. they gave a hug an kiss to the pences then headed straight to union station to hop on board an amtrak train. destination, well, right back to where he came from. delaware. it's routine he's obviously very familiar with. he rode the train to and from the capitol during his time as the first state's senator, of course, after the swearing in ceremony, and a presidential luncheon the capitol came the parade. apparently that capitol lunch was really really good because parade got off to a late start. it was all shorter than years past and running not quite as long of course. still ahead while introduce you
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to the local group marching in front of the nation's newly sworn in president. let's get back to philadelphia. iain, what's in store for the obama family? we showed you them board the awaiting chopper on the capitol grounds and we got the balmy place where they're kick up a their feet tonight. iain. >> all right lucy look forward to that. thank you while the transition was peaceful, it was a different story on the streets of d.c. protesters turned violent and destructive breaking windows, burning trash cans even setting a limo on fire. >> back up, back it up. >> police used pepper spray and sound grenades to break up the crowds and officers arrested more than 200 protesters. six officers were hurt during the demonstrations but they're all going to be okay. protest extended well beyond the nation's capitol. anti trump demonstrators broke out here in philadelphia but these remained peaceful it did lead to road closures throughout the city. fox 29's shawnette wilson is live in center city with look at the biggest protest.
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shawnette. >> reporter: iain, i just checked with police late tonight. they tell me they only gave out 10 citations, and those were to people smoking marijuana at a protest in witness rittenhouse as you mentioned the protests here remained peaceful. they ended on independence mall. ♪ >> hundreds of protesters from different groups united at the liberty bell to take a collective oath. their purpose is to come together to defend everyone in the community against what they called the devastating policies of the trump administration. and to work together for positive change. >> the protests come on the same day donald trump was officially sworn in as president. one of them took place near city hall. while many took a verbal stand against president trauma and leaders of the republican pear others say they're not the problem here in philadelphia.
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>> stop in frisk in philadelphia wasn't donald trump. the grandma your are the of failure of the democratic party came from the democratic party. >> another protest was hell at temple university. >> for all the women around the world, for all the disabled people around the world. >> included college and high school students standing fop we remember's rights racial and economic. >> to come together and show that we'll be standing against him holding accountable this new administration for all those insanity he's already proposed. >> i come from a family of immigrants and my dad is currently incarcerated. i don't want to call somebody my president who doesn't love me as person. >> orders part of a non partisan group on campus are willing to give president trump a chance. >> it's very important to be open minded to both sides and being opined to different options. >> reporter: and the protest will continue tomorrow. but in washington, d.c. as we reported to you last night, buses all around the state of pennsylvania are booked. they will be carrying people to d.c. tomorrow for the women's rights march. iain, back to you. >> shawnette, thank you. stay with fox 29 throughout the
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evening for continuing inauguration coverage. we'll check in again with lucy noland live in washington in just a couple of minutes. developing right now, you'll want to plan another route if you travel between the pennsylvania and new jersey turnpikes. the delaware river bridge is closed tonight because of a structural problem. fox 29's brad sattin joined us under the bridge in bristol and brad they still don't know how long it will be clove. right? >> reporter: big question iain how long will this bridge be closed down. this is one of the longest bridges on the pennsylvania turnpike. it's about a mile of hasn't to the other side in new jersey. carries about 40,000 vehicles on average weekday ton night as you mentioned it is closed. engineers worked into the night studying a fracture that was discovered in a truss on the pennsylvania side of the turnpike bridge. a steel component blow the deck under the road was found to have a crack. it was significant enough to immediately shut down the brid bridge. crews inspecting a new paint job discover the problem.
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>> it's not a very common occurrence. as a matter of fact, i can't remember the last time we did this on the turnpike for structural reasons. >> reporter: the 60-year-old bridge does undergo regular inspections. >> i can't tell you right now brad when the last one was. it so happened to be spotted today by a painting inspector. >> reporter: closure happened suddenly. backing up traffic on and off the turnpike forcing motorists to exit on both sides of the delaware river just before crossing it. >> all of a sudden, we were going off and here we are. >> reporter: leaving some confused about where to get back on. >> reset my gps because i'm not sure where i'm going. report roar this man tried following someone. >> no, if you don't take me i'm lost. >> detours, the burlington bristol bridge as a result had its own backups tonight. many following the detour instructions on the turnpike's radio channel. >> interstate 276 eastbound is closed at the delaware valley interchange. >> reporter: problem caught before anything catastrophic happened but a crack in the bridge doesn't sit well with
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drivers. >> i'm not happy about it. >> reporter: a lot of people not happy about it. now the turnpike commission is saying that a bridge will be closed at this point at least through tomorrow while more engineering studies are done. at that point, we will find out how much longer it will take before they can actually fix this bridge but iain it's probably a pretty safe bet that come monday morning if you normally take this bridge you may want to find another route. burlington-bristol bridge is the way to go. >> all right, brad. thanks for that. also developing rear learning new information about investigations into a woman who philadelphia school district officials say was a fraud. performing physicals on students inside its building without a license. fox 29's jeff cole has this update. >> reporter: dr. v rah receipt in a be yes did $20 physical in june for student athletes at george washington high school. paper work obtained by fox 29. she listed an arch street address on forms and a medical
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license that doesn't exist. >> one mom who asked to us hide her face and change her voice says her kids got physicals. she went to the district when they heard about the phony doctor they told her their labor department is investigating. >> how does something like that happen with all of the red tape and everything we to get approved report roar district spokesman acknowledges the physicalphysicals were at self s and call it a fraud but wouldn't say how many students they exam. >> now, we have set in place protocols and procedures to make sure it doesn't happen again. >> reporter: wax says parents were notified and free physicals were offered to students. the school district also alerted the city's district attorney, inspector general and state officials. wack declined to say more citing on-going investigations, no charges have been reported. fox 29 investigates review of legal cases show the doctor bey reside at the arch street address given on the physical
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forms. >> we have reach out to her but haven't heard back. served with papers in a small claims court case eight years ago, bey responded from the arch street address claiming she's exempt and immune scrawling void across claims. these types of arguments seem to be a pattern. it appears bey has been charged with some crimes under the name valerie r half see with the alias -- court records show she pleaded guilty in 2001 and got jail time on a felony count of receiving stolen proper. a local newspaper reported at the time she called herself in court queen lee net to bye of the great seal of moores. she claimed immunity but the at any time department helped prosecutors debunk that. >> i would like to share with you tonight. >> there are also several online videos of the queen lecturing on morish beliefs. we showed one of the clips to teen who got a physical she wasn't certain the woman in the
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old footage was bey. we asked what might be known of the fake doctor's pa of the. >> can you confirm she has criminal history, history as a felon? >> that's not something i can comment on. >> jeff cole fox 29 news. coming up a adorable dog someone dumped in the trash. she couldn't walk. what vets did to get her moving again. scott williams back with your for forecast. >> rain for part of your weekend a powerful storm. the latest timing coming up. >> it's a hit are you take around here.
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we have three official balls tonight. the liberty ball, the freedom ball, then the armed services ball at the national building museum. tonight the obamas are no doubt enjoying their new role as private citizens in palm springs, california. that's what they're diagnose right now. following the peaceful transfer of power the former first family took off for the west coast they flew on what look like air force one but it's not called air force one when a former president is on it. it is a special air mission. obama girls sashay and malia will meet their parents in the valley. former president obama says he plans to do some writing there and of course spend some quality time with his daughters. and when they do get home, the obamas will stay in washington, d.c. at least until their youngest daughter sasha finishes high school. you're looking at their new house in d.c. kalorama neighborhood not the white house but this thing, oh it is 8200 square feet with eight bedrooms and nine bathrooms. nobody will be fight fog bathroom there. one picture a thousand words.
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both taken before noon on the inauguration day. both from the washington monument. take look at this tweet right here from the associated press interactive handle. the picture on the left the crowd on the national mall back in 2009 barack obama's first inauguration. it was historic of course. then on the right, the crowd on the national mall today. during trump's inauguration. and of course that is also historic. so it's interesting to see that and it has been quite the amazing day i got to tell you iain i don't care what the number of crowd, you want to call it around here, everybody that we talked to that was going in to the national mall that had those tickets. they were as excited as all get out. >> i'm sure they were. history was made again today, lucy. as lucy mentioned vice-president biden road the rails from d.c. back to delaware. huge crowd were there welcome him back to the first state and former vice-president was more than happy to be home. >> we never thought we left ho
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home. >> big crowd gather the at the chase center on the wilmington riverfront for what was dubbed a welcome home rally for joe and dr. jill biden. the bidens served as delaware senator for nearly four decades he'll now focus on policy work both at the university of delaware and the university of pennsylvania. back here at home, a dog is recovering at penn's veterinary hospital after a disturbing case of animal abuse. pennsylvania's spca says someone abandoned a dawk shunned mix in trash bag. fox 29's joanne pileggi shows us how she's getting back on her feet from philly's spca in hunting park. >> they say the strong survive and so it is with frances. this suite seven-year-old daschund nursed back to health or partial health. >> she was actually brought to the city shelter and they called us because she was found in trash bag. >> reporter: yes, someone found her in garbage bag wednesday in lawn crest. she couldn't walk. doctors at penn vets examined
10:18 pm
her. >> certainly we're always concerned when dogs are paralyzed and the emergency center did x-rays that showed she had spinal fracture. >> we don't know if it was something trauma something did you to her. >> the veterinary experts at penn vets determined sadly frances wouldn't regain behind leg function. their goal was to make sure she was otherwise healthy and comfortable. and show her that she still can get around with a k. canine wheelchair. >> obviously this is very angry. the idea of a dog like this being left in the way she was. >> frances left penn vets is now recovering at the spca hospital. we did let the public know about her in case anyone recognizes the dog or might have information about how she ended up in the situation that she did. >> the spca is thanking the donors who give to the shelter dog program at penn vets which
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covered the medical care for frances. by the way frances will be put up for adoption and there are already many inquiries. at the spca i'm joanne pileggi fox 29 news. on your radar tonight doesn't look like the clouds are going move out of here any time soon we take live look at the ben franklin parkway. the rain has moved out but it looks like another round of showers is in our future. scott williams has your full forecast in just 15 seconds. today we saw round one of what will be a very unsettled pattern over the next several days. not a complete wash out. the driest day tomorrow and then as we move toward monday we're talking winds gusting up to 50 miles per hour. so here was round one today. that is lifting off. round two will come in early on
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your sunday morning. perhaps a quarter of an inch of rainfall end then we're talking about round three with very powerful storm system that will bring not only heavy rainfall but winds gusting up to 50 miles per hour. temperatures right now upper 30s north and west. low 40s along the i-95 corridor. 42 philadelphia. 42 right now in atlantic city. so the temperatures for the overnight, we're talking right around 40 in the city. for the suburbs temperatures bottom out in the 30s. for your saturday, it's mostly cloudy, but milder than today. we're talking 54 degrees and then we've advanced the clock ahead to early on sunday morning. temperatures will be in the 40s. we're watching the i-95 corridor especially south jersey and delaware for some rain and then the heaviest overnight sunday into monday. look at the clock. monday 11am we're talking bands of heavy rainfall. where you see that yellow and where you see that orange that is very intense rain. maybe a little wintry mix toward
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the poconos. but take a look at future wind gusts. sunday at 11:00 winds already gusting over 30 miles per hour. by monday morning back to work and school winds gusting 40, 50 miles per hour so some sporadic power outages not out of the question. so once again, early sunday light rain up to a quarter of an inch heaviest rainfall overnight sunday into monday. we could be talking over 2-inches of rain by that time frame. temperatures for the weekend low 50s. um per 40ing on monday and then temperatures early into the middle part of next week stay above average we're looking at about 53 on tuesday. 54 on wednesday. we'll be right back. keep it here.
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ folks the 76ers are must see tv. winners of seven out of their last nine and back in act this evening hosting the port lapped trail blazers. i know this might be tough for some people to understand but a win this evening and the sixers are the hottest team in the nba. one might say the process is starting to take shape. to the wells fargo center. all sixers fans hearts skipped a beat. joel embiid slamming it homecoming down auction warily on his left knee. he was removed as a precaution and finish with 18.
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fast forward in the fourth. tj mcconnell bring it up. he wants covington on the wing and pulls up and robert covington hits the go ahead three with 4.5 seconds left. the center was jumping. final possession for the blazers inbound mason gets it back, drives, and he misses. folks, sixers fans, raise the cat people. the sixers within 93-92. eight out of their last 10, five straight at home. playoffs anyone? be sure to join us for the nffc championship on fox 29 kick off at 3:00 p.m. between the green bay packers and the atlanta falcons. i like the falcons, iain. >> as you can see right there, i got the falcons beating the packers 31-27 and over the afc side january new england at home give me the patriots 29-17. >> i think you're right on the patriots. i know we'll see a shoot out on the nfc game. >> high numbers much. >> let's hope so. thank you for joining us for this fox 29 news at 10. we'll be back with more news at 11:00 but coming up next it's a
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fox 29 special the presidential inauguration. ♪
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♪ we will make america great again! ♪ >> right now it is party time in dc supporters celebrate with the 45th president of the united states of america that is of course president trump. >> ♪ >> just a short time ago, the new commander in chief and first lady melania trump shared their first dance as the first couple dancing to, my way and trump later addressed the crowd.
10:30 pm
>> i just want to thank you. we started out. we weren't given great chance but we knew we were going to win. >> and welcome to our fox 29 inauguration special. i'm lucy noland live tonight in the nation's capitol for this historic day. >> i'm yann page thanks for joining us tonight. >> this of course is not only a historic event. it's a uniquely american one and really one of the hallmarks of american democracy. the peaceful transfer of power. and though this is party night in d.c., right behind me here, they have been quite busy in the capitol. tonight the senate approved some members of president trump's cabinet. >> take look vice-president pence swore in the first two members of the cabinet first the nation's new defense secretary that would be retired general james mattis homeland security secretary retired marine general john kelly. president trump released his first statement tonight as commander in chief.
10:31 pm
not via twitter. he said he's pleased with confirmations but quote i call on members of the senate to fulfill their couldn't stewing al obligation and swiftly confirm the remainder of high highly qualified cabinet nominees so that we can get to work on behalf of the american people without further delay ". the president had one more order of business before tonight's party he sandy an executive ordering agencies to ease the burden of the affordable care act. it doesn't repeal obama care but it does order agencies to stop down on forcing to you pay any penalties related to the affordable care act. and with tonight's business behind him party time for president trump and first lady melania. talking inaugural balls a little taste earlier the first couple taking their first dance to frank sinatra's my way yes indeed the vice-president and most of trump's children joined in as well. it all caps off a historic day. a busy day here in washington, d.c. and this day follow add
10:32 pm
blueprint steeped in tradition. >> i donald john trump do sole solemnly swear that i will faithfully execute. >> that i will faithfully execute. >> the office of president of the united states. >> the office of president of the united states. >> right on schedule at noon on january 20th. >> and will to the best of my ability. >> preserve, protect and defend. >> preserve, protect and defend. >> the constitution of the united states. >> the constitution of the united states. >> a new president of the united states and a new administration takes over power in the most powerful city on the planet. >> today's ceremony, however, has very special meaning. because today we are not merely transferring power from one administration to another or from one party to another, but we are transferring power from
10:33 pm
washington, d.c. and giving it back to you, the people. [ applause ] >> in front of fewer than a million people president trump promised to be a president for the people. >> what truly matters is not which party controlled our government but whether our government is controlled by the people. [ applause ] >> january 20th, 2017 will be remembered as the day the people became the rulers of this nation again. >> his supports lined the national mall banking on the promise he's going to make america great again. >> everybody said all along he was never going to win. he wasn't going to win the primary. he wasn't going to get the nomination. guess what? he won everything and i just believe that look we needed a change. there's no doubt about it and i think we need somebody outside of the typical politicians who run this country for years and let's give him a shot.
10:34 pm
♪ >> with the national anthem from pennsylvania' teenage recording artist jackie evanko. >> ♪ >> oh, say does that star spangled banner yet wave ♪ the trump pence administration begins. >> very busy day here in d.c. for sure, iain, not too busy for our new president to do one of his favorite things and 140 characters or less and i think we can all guess what that is. >> lucy, he loves twitter, and after he was sworn in, president trump sent out series of 10 tweets reiterating his inaugural speech on his personal twitter page. but now of course president trump has another page to tweet on at potus and tonight tweeting a few times this one says on behalf of my entire family, thank you for the record barack obama still has his potus twitter page it's now at potus
10:35 pm
44. back it up. back it up. more than 200 people were arrested in d.c. today after protesters turned violent and destructive. nearly 100 protest groups hit the streets around the nation's capitol showing their rage against the new president. they broke windows, burned trash cans even set a limo on fire. police had to use pepper spray and grenades to break up the crowds and lucy some excitement both for people who support the now administration and also those who say they're going to keep it in check. iain we were expecting, you know/thinner crowds we being the officials all of that. we don't count any of that stuff ourselves. that was compared to the obama inauguration. now his 2000 inauguration made history with 1.8 million people on the mall. and on the mall today, the crowd estimates at 250,000. no matter what size the crowds today was history making. speaking of which inauguration day has had a bit of a wild past
10:36 pm
including one president jumping out of a white house window on this day and that's not all. >> i will faithfully execute the office of the president of the united states. ♪ >> in 1953 texas born kansas raised twenty eight d. eisenhower got quite a surprise a cowboy in the inaugural parade rode right up to the review stand and lassoe lassoed the 34h president as a study vice-president richard nixon looked on. ♪ >> our ninth president had the longest inaugural address and the shortest presidency. 8,495 word speech went for more than an hour and a half bad weather and d.c. in winter go hand in hand. harrison may have fallen victim to that weather. our first president george washington had the shortest address. his second with a scant 135 words. on his way to his first
10:37 pm
inauguration in new york city, he passed through philadelphia and trenton from his home in mount vernon to get there. this lymph graph shows him in trenton in 1789 he was also the only president to kiss the bible as he was sworn in. >> ♪ >> thomas jefferson's inauguration gave birth to the inaugural parade and at that time something called the inaugural open house when he threw open the doors to the president's house and said come one, come all. >> good for the third president, not so much for the seventh. ♪ >> the inaugural open house had battle tested andrew james madison had 400 tickets up
10:38 pm
for grabs going for a scant $4 piece. right now a ticket on the secondary market to one of the inaugural balls costs hundreds to more than $10,000. ♪ man, how times have changed, right? a little bit of fill until today's inaugural parade. the first troop philadelphia city calvary were in the procession along pennsylvania avenue all the way to the white house. buy about mile and a half. the mounted group is the country's oldest continuously serving unit. oh ooh today's parade was much shorter. president trump got out of the limo along with melania and they did of course wave to the crow crowds. >> americans and the world of course lucy will be watching his every step from here on out. not just today but throughout the rest of his term. the inaugural ceremony not just about greeting a new administration. also about saying goodbye to the one that came before it. what's next for the former first family. the obamas and their last official ride on the
10:39 pm
presidential plane out of washington and the new trend setters in the white house. the inaugural fashions that could be flying off the shelves tomorrow. []
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10:41 pm
♪ i'm lucy noland live here in
10:42 pm
washington, d.c. president trump promised great inaugural address. last month he told visitors at his florida estate he was working on it himself taking inspiration from presidents kennedy and reagan. after that first draft white house aid steven miller the same one who wrote the speech then nominee trump gave to his republican convention last summer. take a listen. >> every decision on trade, on taxes, on immigration, on foreign affairs will be made to benefit american workers and american families. we must protect our borders from the ravages of other countries, making our products, stealing our companies and destroying our jobs. together, we will make america strong again. we will make america wealthy again. we will make america proud again. we will make america safe again and, yes, together we will make
10:43 pm
america great again! >> so will this go down as turning point for america? history, of course, will judge. much more ahead in our fox 29 inauguration special life from washington, d.c. ♪
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♪ wave goodbye at the capitol building and the obamas move on to the next chapter of their lives. cnnc poll shows former president had 63% approval final in his -- rating in his final week of office much this picture has gone viral. his former official photographer posted this personal picture on his personal instagram and it's gottens of thousands every likes and comments the last time we checked his caption, it was very simple, one word, just farewell. the obamas are coming right back here of course iain after they're done golfing for a little bit of the you might know something about that. >> a little bit. exactly. you know what i know he's got his sticks with him and he fulfilled to his wife to go somewhere sunny. one the peaceful transfer of
10:47 pm
power they jetted off to palm springs forest and relaxation but he'll play little golf i'm sure they'll stay in dc for the time being. they'll move back to the kalorama neighborhood not far from the white house looking at the house that they'll live in. they'll lease this beautiful house at least until sasha finishes high school. it's not the white house but it is 8200 square feet with eight bedrooms and nine bathrooms. eight years in the office, and former president obama has certainly aged. take look at him from 2009 when he was sworn in his first inauguration and again today as he add drove the crowd before he left for california with michelle. still looks good but definitely a tough job here in our area big welcome home for vice-president joe biden den and his wife dr. jill biden. arriving in delaware an excited and thankful crowd welcomed their hometown heroes back to wilmington and our bruce gordon was there. ♪ >> reporter: many arrived early for what was billed as a welcome home rally for joe and jill biden the crowd a mixture
10:48 pm
of the thankful and the fearful. >> very humble. very nice to everyone they meet. >> you're proud of him? >> yes. definitely am. >> i was very impressed. joe is joe. jill did a wonderful job. he did too. >> we try to give this new administration a chance but it's going to be hard. >> reporter: the bidens fresh from their train trip from the trump inauguration in washington arrived at the chase center to a thundering ovation former vice-president listened to a parade of elected officials sing his praises when it was his turn at the podium he insist add welcome home was unnecessary. >> we never i mean this sincer sincerely we never thought we left home. um... >> he spoke at length of a 44 year career as us senator and then vice-president a career aided he said by family and friends and supporters and guided he said by one principle.
10:49 pm
>> it's this notion that if you work at it, you'll get a fair deal. if you work at it, anybody can make it work. >> and to those hyper partisan democrats delaware is about as blue as they come who fear what a trump administration might bring mr. biden had words of assurance the world will not come to an end. >> i'm more optimistic about the possibilities for america than i've ever been. >> as crews here at the chase sent diss assemble the rally site mr. biden returns to life as a private citizen and says he'll do some policy work both at the university of delaware and at the university of pennsylvania and continue his work on cancer research. joe biden back home in the first state his beloved delaware. in wilmington, i'm bruce gordon, fox 29 news. a lot of excitement not just in d.c. today lucy but also here in our area. >> that's right. that would have been amazing to see them come off that train
10:50 pm
that did he for how long the end time he was in the senate. really a tradition. thank you very much iain. first ladies are trend setters and not only will we have first lady melania trauma top watch but also first daughter ivanka trump very close as you probably well know with her father and who's husband will be one of his top advisers. mr. kushner, of course. now people are already talking about what they wore for the inaugural events today. melania chose ralph lauren's blue kashmir for this morning's ceremony kept her good and warm. it was cold out there. many are comparing her look to jackie ken doo's. evan can a white oscar did he la ren thai pants. she has stepped down from her fashion label however. at tonight's balls the former fashion model melania wore off the shoulder white gown. mrs. trump worked with designer pierre on the design and ivanka
10:51 pm
wore kind of like a princess like gown carolina herrara designed the ghoul featuring tulle shirt, see that glitter, lots of crystals. meanwhile, a moment at the white house really had twitter just kind of blowing up today as michelle obama last hour as first lady greeting her successor on the white house steps. melania trump handed michelle obama a gift, that my friends is a big box from tiffany's. there was so much intrigue this moment sparked a twitter hash tag, what's in the box? tonight well you know what, it's still a mystery. we still do not know. >> the president says he's reserving the rest of the weekend for inaugural events little celebration of sorts and when he does, he has an ambitious road ahead for his first 100 days when he goes back to work. because today he did a little bit. ♪ at the hal low ground where thousands died abraham lincoln spoke of equality, freedom and
10:52 pm
national unity in his gettysburg address donald trump addressed a nation divided again. candidate trump promised in his first 100 days he would band white house and congressional officials from becoming lobbyists after leaving office and he'd also go after -- >> constitutional amendment to impose term limits on all members of congress. a requirement that for every new federal regulation two existing regulations must be eliminated. >> and then there's that transpacific partnership trade deal. >> the tpp is a horrible deal. it is a deal that is going to lead to nothing but trouble. >> he also says president barack obama's environmental restrictions will become history keystone pipeline. a lot of this stuff doesn't require congressional approval just his signature but some of the key issues that propelled him into the spotlight are tougher even with republican
10:53 pm
majority in congress. >> we will build the wall and mexico will pay for the wall 100%. >> the wall trump's much talked about deportation force and of course repealing obama care. >> if we don't repeal and replace obama care, we will destroy american health care forever. it's one of the sin get most important reasons why we must win on november 8th. we must win. [ applause ] >> trump promised on day one he'll quote cancel every unconstitutional executive action memorandum and order issued by president obama. also on day one trump promised he'll cancel billions in payments to the united nations climate change program. cancel federal funding to sanctuary cities, remove quote 2 million criminal illegal immigrants from the country, and suspend immigration from terror prone regions where vetting is a problem. the list goes on and on. and so will the challenges that
10:54 pm
face every single administration even with a friendly congress. >> now even though president trump did sign some executive orders today, he considers his first real number one day as monday. of course our special coverage continues from life right here in washington, d.c. back in a moment.
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inauguration special. we are back with more coverage from washington, d.c. live at 11:00 after your mega millions lottery drawing. we leave you with some sights and sounds of this day in history. ♪
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