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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  January 24, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EST

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well, right now on "good day philadelphia". we've got these strong wind. look at the flooding on our streets. they do look like rivers and, in fact, are with a lot of force to them. we have road closures, traffic mayhem, right now, that rain still over our head. so we will check on all that and people are hoping that sandbags can keep high tide away because that is hitting right about right now on the ocean side, so back bay will be feeling it for a whole lot longer. we have got you covered, everything you need to know, sue tracking when the storm will move out and bob has got the morning commute, next. thanks so much for joining us on this very busy tuesday, thomas will be along in about an hour on this show, good morning to all of you. you guys hopping over there with the computers. >> just trying to figure out how this will stay with us.
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yesterday was alarming, today will be just annoying. it will be damp, drizzly. >> yes. >> we're over it. it is not going away that quickly. lets look at radar and show what you we're talking about after we look at with us stop buddy. we have to put him first. temperatures in the upper 30's , and buddy has rain gear, you will need to it day but your umbrella probably won't blow inside out like it did yesterday. look at the the rain still on radar, rotating around that off cher low, and in some cases it is bringing down cooler air. we will see sleet, freezing rain mixed in, mostly up toward lehigh valley. wind speeds 16 miles an hour. thirteen in mount pocono. 18 miles an hour this dover. in the 23 miles an her range for wind gusts for most of us this morning. not as bad assay 63 miles an hour where some places were yesterday. temperatures upper 30's mess places, 40 in wildwood, so it is chillier then it was yesterday with most everybody is above freezing, this
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morning, and four out of ten is your number today. forty-two is your high with mostly cloudy skies, on and off showers and wind gusting to 25 miles an hurry to day. down to 35 tonight as rain tapers and we will have some clearing, after midnight, tonight, so that takes care of your tuesday, we will talk about good weather and chillier weather coming up in the seven day tore cast, bob kelly. >> sueby, good morning. it is still raining. not as bad as this time yesterday but we're still dealing with all of the elements. the here's another great example, this is columbus boulevard, back in the the take we called it delaware avenue. right here near race street. we have heavy rain, sometimes the wind picks up and gets coming at us sideways and road s are wet. we are dealing with puddles along the way. puddles you don't even realize you are hitting ate puddle until you are log flum style down on the wildwood boardwalk all have of those elements still with us again this morning and a lot of the rain
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just has in place to go especially in your secondary roads an inside streets so you need to be careful out there. vine street expressway opened for business, look at all of the construction zones, that is where we have seen a lot of puddles. route 70 westbound still closed this morning, at crop well road, that is right off have of route 73 right by old marlton diner there. you will want to use marlton pike through the morning rush hour and lauren has an update in just a couple minutes there , turnpike connection bridge remains closed, day number two for morning rush hour. your pennsylvania alternates if you take route one from the turnpike north, you can get over scudder falls, trenton morrisville bridge, locals can use burlington bristol bridge for the gang in new jersey the alternates would be exit 7a and take 195 into trenton. jump off at exit number five burlington mount holly and that will put you over to the burlington bristol or go all the way down to exit number four which is mount laurel and you can use route 73 to at
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least get you over the river. we don't have a lot of options crossing the river there not as easy as a detour in the neighborhood expect delays today down to philly international, reduced speeds across all of our area bridges this morning and one accident in the neighborhood lower merion rose glenn at mapel hill road, karen, back over to you. we have all of the problems on the roads lots of flooding down the shore and people treading as we hit high tide right thousand. we have team coverage of this our lauren johnson in cherry hill we have problems on one of the roads, closure there but we will start with steve keeley because we are it scroll at bottom of the screen of the school delays and mostly down in your neck of the woods. >> high tide that the weather puts out is for ocean trent, back bay high tide, always about two hearst later, so the worst of what we will show you is still to come and here we are we are right off the bay, this is texas avenue my old stumping ground where my radio
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station was. these people know what to do. look at how they parked up on the curb on the sidewalk. they don't get tickets. look at metal signs, suv, sue serio it is still windy down there. not as bad as yesterday but there is a wind chill and maybe you can make out light drizzle by some of the streetlights. you can also make out as we come down to the water some current because water is rushing there the bay, we're about 20-yard from the bay and you can see that cup there it is a white thing you can make out this is darkness and it is flowing toward the town and again we are on the back bay of atlantic city. we will spin around to give you a sense, make out borg got a purple neon and road in the foreground with what looks like a bridge is the atlantic city expressway. you can see a bus coming over right now. that is the one road that is always opened when black horse pike and white horse pike flood, like they are diagnosis
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right now, and shut down. the atlantic city expressway was built elevated over these bays but even over the marsh land and it always remains opened except in extreme storms. so here we are in the back bay and jared, if you can, show them this side of the street the here. you can see the water, is there a current being blown towards these towns and how would you like to be a little kid having to go to school coming out of one of these houses today and where do you go, when you have to walk to school, there is a school nearby here or just walk up the street to catch a bus because when the bus comes they don't put out a planning to your front door. so these poor little kid have to go through a foot or two of water if they want to go to school today sadly and that is life here at the shore even in the summertime they have some troubles but at least in the summer the schools off. in the wintertime school's on they have a couple hours extra to get to school and then that doesn't help, getting you
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through some flood the water. never want to see a little kid spent the whole school day with sponges on their feet instead of shoes, karen? >> tall boots needed there. a lot of times it would be snow we are dealing w we are taking a live look different areas we are seeing the conditions, we have fog in some areas as well. sue's staying on top of everything. it looks like there in the lehigh valley. last night it was very windy. the those gusts were so severe we sent our chris o'connell up to avalon and check out what he found. >> reporter: it has been a long night here along the new jersey shore, this nor'easter is still pounding, new jersey shore towns, and we're here along townsend's inlet and un protect area between avalon and sea isle and i'm sure you can hear, i'm sure you can see the wind whipping along here. i have been measuring clocking wind here with my anometer, upward of 60 miles an hour gusts overnight. the wind were the most concern
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earlier last night it was the flooding, from ocean city to after license to wildwood, almost every street corner, was flooded. we saw tow truck operators, doing a tough business in terms of all night they said yanking cars out of water, that had been flooded. minor damage to speak of. we hear there are scattered power outages but nothing major to speak of other than we can almost certainly once sunrise this morning we will see a lot of beach erosion once we see these local beaches. cape may county emergency management it says they will be in touch with those local officials tomorrow to assess what kind of beach erosion but i can tell you by screens anytime a nor'easter comes our way, local beaches, usually, lose a few feet of beaches as we continue to see, feel, some of these wind bands continue to pound the jersey shore this
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morning. in avalon, chris o'connell fox 29 news. all right. so that was after license overnight. lets see who is up in cherry hill where we have some power lines, that are down right now , create something problems , lauren. >> reporter: good morning, karen. yesterday sue warned us those wind would be coming in and they have pack a powerful punch here in cherry hill they blew over some electric lines and some wires were tangling yesterday in the roads. we are live on route zero seven in cherry hill this morning, westbound lanes remain closed as crews work right there in trent of the apartments. the truck is moving around like game of checkers and chess but crews coming and going, pse&g is busy working on one specific electric pole. yesterday high wind brought down wires and caused electric poles to snap. road was closed in both directions. you can imagine headache that was. work crews had todd bring in big generators while drivers were detoured from this area
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for several hours, leaving many of them frustrated. >> we just took a round about adventure. i'm a uber driver. i was picking up folks, dropping them from medford to the airport. from this tea torre went 15 minutes in the neighborhood and came right back out. that was, you know, going both ways. this is me going back to the city right now. >> reporter: last night just after 10:00 o'clock ease bun lanes opened up back to traffic but that does not help the southern new jersey, people, this morning. those drivers who use the westbound lanes headed toward philadelphia, will have to find a way to get where they are going, it is expected to remain closed, through the morning rush hour. you can of course, expect some delays and detour in this area we can tell you, karen not just electric company out here , we did see a verizon, comcast trucks also so it seems like other utilities were also affected by yesterday's storm. >> absolutely we will get to those numbers, thanks lauren. this storm has already been in our area become deadly
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there was a man from hunting park that lost his life. wind knocked the sign right off the wall next to the t and f auto sales lot on old york road and that sign hit and killed a person who was work ing there 59 years eld just sweeping lot when that sign felon top of him. strong wind are also being blamed for blowing away part of the mural, this is side of the hahnemann hospital. piece that he is blew off landed on two parked cars, fortunately no people were hurt. amtrak and new jersey transit officials say riders may still be experiencing significant delays, this morning, trains were delayed for hours when wires on northeast corridor came down. that backup trains in and out of our area 30th street up in new york penn station, down in washington union station for more than three hours. lets talk about those power outages. here's most recent numbers right now. peco say they have... customers 903 without power.
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pse&g says they have 2,000 without power. atlantic city electric say they have close to 2,000 without power as well. be sure to keep it right here on fox 29 because we have continuing coverage of the developments and, of course, at the airport we had a ground stop there. we will check with them and other conditions with what is the latest over there, bob. >> so far, so good. we have had a ground stop last night. whenever that happens there is always potential for planes not to be in place. they call that staging. so be ready for some restaging this morning and they just want to check ahead with the airline to play it safe, all of the road are wet. there is puddles every where as we go for a ride on 422. we are looking live downtown ben franklin parkway, the flags are still blowing, rain still coming down, when will it end is this we will have the answer coming upright after the break. ♪
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it is not the gone yet, now more of an announce then anything as folks try to clean up from the damage that this storm did yesterday. low pressure system on the way up toward cape cod but it is taking its time getting there, and it is throwing back some moisture into our area. i pick up up the wrong clicker , bob, help. it is the black one, yeah. well, we should -- welcome to live tv.
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>> thanks, bob kelly. >> i will trade you. >> with you like a dessert menu. >> i'll have a contact knoll i please. >> all right. >> anyway, bob kelly to the rescue, see this is what we're supposed to do love closer and show you a little bit of frozen precipitation north and west of the city. this is in the upper atmosphere melting as soon as it reaches the ground. but you might hear sleet on your windshield even in the city we are seeing pink mixed in and might see a snowflake or two mixed in with light rain. future cast we have seen this situation, continuing pretty much for the rest of the morning, and then as this system slowly continues its northeast track we will see more wrap around moisture maybe through about 6:00 o'clock. very light. the mostlytories will and then things start to clear up, finally overnight. how windy did it get last night. cape may, slaughter beach, delaware, 63 miles an hour wind gusts. 60 miles an hour in tuckerton.
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ocean city just under that. seaside heights, here in philadelphia, our peak wind gusts during the day was 45 miles an hour. that is tropical storm force. atlantic city 52 miles an hour , fortescoup, new jersey 58. 33 miles an hour wind gustness pottstown. it is still breezy but not as windy as yesterday with these 17 miles an hour wind and wind gusts maybe 23 miles an hour like it is in millville, and wilmington. so things have calmed down a bit but we have a winter weather advisory until 6:00 o'clock tonight for carbon and monroe counties, right now 37 degrees in philadelphia, 40 this wildwood thirty-six in allentown. all these temperatures chillier then yesterday but still above treeing with the exception of the mount pocono and coastal flood warning continues until 11:00 o'clock this morning and that should take us through ocean high tide and back bay as well. 42 degrees today, 53 tomorrow with sunshine, oh, if we could
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keep that going for rest of the week. we will for another day but after thursday a cold front comes through we will get into the 40's, on friday and saturday, and then sun take, and then high this is 30's on monday, so a chilly stretch ahead eventually, thanks, bob kelly. >> anytime dear but hold on running out without paying your check, hold on i will put you down for early bird special you were here before 5:00 owe clock. good morning, 5:18, still raining but it is not as bad as it it was this time yesterday. at least we don't have that heavy driving rain, and here's a live look at route 100 near commerce drive. there you go that is the problem. all this rain from the last couple days in where to go. still sitting on the roadways, in the form of the big old puddles. you'll feel like you are riding log flum on the wildwood boardwalk at some portions today. live look at ben franklin bridge, rain still hitting our camera lens. no, sir as windy as yesterday but still one of those caution flags are still flying.
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good morning to cape may, right at the very tip route nine where again up and down the coast from lbi down to cape may portions of the roadway are block. white horse pike, black horse pike, portions of route one, do not drive through the high water, they teach thaw when we take our driving lesson and lets make sure we show kid we do follow all those rules and regulations. new jersey transit says to go three buses are on a detour because of the flooded roadways down the shore, the airport, regional rail line running with delays this morning, so far so good on patco, remember though, yesterday they did cancel that 8:03 train coming into philadelphia as we heard westbound lanes of 70 closed at cropwell they are working right at marlton diner one of the sots i visited for my breakfast segments. i know the alternate the old marlton pike will get you around it and it is just a block off of that busy intersection of the 73, and 70 we are still closed on that turnpike connection bridge, so
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again, detours, again, today from the pennsylvania side you can use route one north take scudder falls, trenton morrisville bridge or use burlington bristol bridge for folks coming there new jersey exit at 7a that takes you to 195 in toward trenton, jump off at exit number five for mount holly and use burlington bristol or exit number four will hook you up at route 73 at the tacony palmyra bridge. some of the kid will be home longer this morning we will have delayed opening scrolling across bottom of our screen, karen, back over to you. we have had a deadly police involved shooting in our area, it is claimed life of the man there wilmington delaware. we have a fresco users shooting this video, police responded to i call of the man in the house, this is scene person had a gun, 1700 block of west 13th street last night at some .1 of the officers shot and killed the hand, the delaware department obvious advertise investigating.
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there is a pizza delivery man now in the hospital after being shot last night in kingsessing, happened about 7:00 right here near fifth the and yocouple street someone shot the 36 year-old man twice the sources say he return fire and shooter got the away, victim was at the hospital of the university of pennsylvania , in stable condition. 5:21 happening you this tb i investigators in philadelphia releasing new photos of suspects that they say are responsible for rob bing a high end consignment store in manayunk, police say these three robbers, this is really clear video of the suspect, one armed with the gun burst into the remix consignment store on main street in manayunk last week. they tied up a fee hail clerk and also a customer, they got the away with $10,000 worth of clothes, cash, if you have any information or know who those guys are, please call the philadelphia police. fbi would want you to reach out to them. it is coming up on 5:22 right now. key rugs witness in the bill
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cosby's penning sexual assault trial was in norristown yesterday, andrea constand was there to give a deposition in her defamation lawsuit begins former montgomery county district attorney bruce castor she says he publicly under mind her credibility. constand says that cosby drugged and molested her. castor who was d.a. at the time declined to pursue that case and called this most recent litigation an attempt to influence the d.a. race from 2015 which he lost. the tenthtive date is june 5th , the trial on this defamation case is scheduled for as early as august. now employers cannot ask how much you make when you try to get a job in philadelphia we are first city to ban employers from asking about your salary history. mayor jim kenney signed the bill into law monday, banning employers from asking people how much they made when they worked for somebody else. supporters say this is a big step to closing the wage gap between men and women. comcast says it will be will challenging this in court, that company says the law goes too far in duck taiting how
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employers can interact with potential workers. first 100 days for trump administration, and, president 's pick for cia director was confirmed last night, vice-president pence swore in mike pompeo to head cia and they approved rex tillerson's bid to become secretary of the state. pup did it expect the full senate to confirm the former exxon mobile executive. meanwhile president trum signed three presidential directives, the first issued a hiring freeze for federal agencies. second blocked federal funds to international none in governmental agencies that provide or promote abortion and the president also withdrew from the transpacific partnership agreement, the tpp , mr. trump will be in our area, he will be in if philadelphia later this week because is there a big republican retreat on thursday you are cooking eggs, toast. don't burn your toast. researchers say, this is just
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welcome back at 5:26. hahnemann university hospital in philadelphia has launched a gender reassignment surgery program for a transgender individual. happies partnering with plastic surgeon doctor kathy rumor, the program will offer
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several types of surgery for patients that were transition ing, hahnemann is first academic medical center in philadelphia to offer such a program. eating burnt toast potatoes or other food, even frenchfries could be a cancer risk. british food san tarred agency or fsa, say when starchy food are roasted, fried or grilled for too long at high temperatures they produce a certain chemicals and they say research shows chemicals can increase risk of cancer. that is in an has. but so far we have not seen increased risk linked to human , more study needed. coming up at 5:30 no laughing matter, there is a saturday night live writer who targeted donald trump's youngest son at ten now in a whole lot of trouble
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we've got all kind of problems, flooding, roads closed, school delays, many are wondering when this nor'easter will end, sue? well, clean up from yesterday's mess will be hampered a bit by left over showers and maybe even a little bit of sleet and snow. more coming up. i thought left over today was fridays, why is left over today on tuesday.
5:31 am
benjamin franklin parkway yes, it is still raining and another messy day ahead, we have jam cams all fired up, ready to go. >> it is peanut butter day. this thing is sticking around. oh, clever. >> i love it. >> yes, it is and for a good portion of the day we will have cloudy skies and just dry period but since that annoying rain probably won't be gone until this evening. the lets see what it looks like right now with bus stop buddy take his advice wear the rain gear again because it will be rainy at times, misty, drizzly, temperatures in the upper 30's. wear your gloves. you can see how spotty the rain showers are. you can also see as we zoom in there is pink mixed in with that green where you could see a couple of snowflakes maybe mixed in. it is not amounting to anything but just to keep life interesting 17 miles an hour wind in philadelphia. we have calmed down since yesterday, with wind gusts in the the 20 to 23 miles an hour range instead of the 50 to 60-
5:32 am
mile an hour range that we had yesterday. 37 degrees in philadelphia, reading, lancaster, trenton, 31 in mount pocono. so it could be slippery on untreated surfaces up there. 40 degrees down in wildwood where there is still an experience of some flooding. weather by the numbers, it is a four today. we've got temperatures probably upper 30's throughout the morning and a few showers, this evening, and a high temperature of 42 degrees. the sun really will come out at some point and we will tell you when, coming up, bob kelly >> sueby, good morning. late opening and delays are scrolling across the bottom of our screen and right at bottom of our screen here do you think you are having a rough go. this fellow kissing the concrete barrier westbound on the schuylkill expressway just west of conshohocken, and again, an example of what is happening when the speeds get too high and not respecting what mother nature. we're dealing with left overs. the roads are still wet, puddles, ponding, tea brings
5:33 am
every where, that is one example. here's ben franklin bridge where it is not raining as heavily or wind isn't as strong as yesterday but we're still dealing with almost like a lower gear then we had this time yesterday. down the shore in cape may, portions of the white horse pike, black horse pike, route nine from lbi all the way down to the tip of cape may portions of the roadway are closed because of flooding, high water, and of course we are getting ready for high tide, do not drive through high water that you may see there this morning. new jersey transit has three bus routes on the detour because of the high water, septa's airport regional rail line running with delays, so far, so good on patco, amtrak, acela, service restored, we had that down wire situation yesterday, and then again i think we're all going to be late for the office this morning. westbound lanes of 70 remain closed at cropwell road use old marlton pike, turnpike connector bridge remains closed. remember that is because of the crack in the steel beam
5:34 am
that happened on friday from pennsylvania your alternates route one north if you can take trenton morrisville bridge or scudder falls, for locals they can still use burlington bristol from new jersey exit at 7a for 195 and if you exit at number five that is mount holly, use burlington bristol. exit at number four route 73, that will take you to the tacony palmyra, karen, back over to you. we still have those wind gusts out there and 20-mile an hour range, you still have a lot of flooding out there and down lines and wires. so we have lauren johnson who will be at road closure in cherry hill but we will start with a lot of flooding right now with steve keeley in atlantic city, steve? >> reporter: all right, karen this is where we were yesterday morning, 23 hours ago, main avenue right next to the famous high rise time share called flagship and you're looking at sea wall they are still constructing
5:35 am
and watch as waves pound that thing. do you see how high up that goes, it goes above the streetlights, so that is two stories, plus and you can really hear when those waves hit that sea wall and you can see it is a strong new sea wall because you hear that water, pounding against there and it makes and loud noise and big splash. so a lot of that sea water as it hits the sea wall then goes over the sea wall and on to main avenue and on to the street. this is one of the session places for sight seers here at the shore and all of the locals come down here and you can still see the elevated road, there is dry spots in the middle of the road but we are still staying high and dry or at least trying to to give you these pictures here, as high tide is hitting and high tide waves are hitting that sea wall, so rough going for day two here at the shore but not as windy, not as rainy, but certainly, still being big
5:36 am
trouble for the morning rush hour on both the main road, out of atlantic city like black horse pike and white horse pike and local roads that we keep showing you have half an hour as we drive around town a lot of the water still in the streets and this water is likely to get teacher within the next high tide since yesterday's two high tides really never went back out because of those northeast winds kept water, close in, and it never got the a chance to recede like it normally would, karen. >> steve, thank you. we have water on the streets there. in other communities we have tree limbs and wires down on top of them. our team coverage continues. lets get the over to cherry hill right thousand where we have lauren johnson with the problem there, lauren? >> reporter: good morning to you, karen. last update the we got last night from pse and g crews they said crews will be working throughout the night and that they are, they are out here at this hour trying to restore power, and we're right here on route 70 in cherry hill, last night their averaging were down to 400
5:37 am
customers after strong wind and heavy rain storms right through our area, this area right here near dwell apartments was one of the the areas heavily affected. at one point route zero seven was closed this both directions because of the snapped electric pole and down power lines. those down lines are always considered live so crews raced until the power was cut to the area drivers had to scrapple tomorrow get around this area they have dealt with detours and delays. it was frustrated. >> it took me on a round about adventure. i am a uber driver. i was dropping toll accounts off and getting through this detour i went 15 minutes in the the neighborhood and came right back out, and that was, you know, going both ways. this is me going back to the city right the thousand. >> reporter: well, utility company has restored services to more than 34,000 cuss hers, since yesterday, and this morning, that number is much lower, and there are still some without service. westbound lanes headed toward philadelphia, still shut down, and expected to be throughout
5:38 am
the morning commute, so you can expect some slow going traffic on the back roads an inside streets and then bob kelly has been telling us about all morning to keep people flowing, and moving in this area, karen. >> thanks, lauren. our power companies have been doing great work. we had so many people 34 million. lets check thumbs. peco says they have 900 people without power. pse&g said they have 2,000 in the dark. ac electric has more than 1800 without power that they are trying to get restored. meanwhile a big cleaning up for people in delaware county. on obviously lots of down trees and power lines, those trees are falling over wow, knocked down in front of the house right there. tree removal companies very busy because these homes have been getting a lot of damage. tree experts say even healthy trees can fall over, when we have, bad weather and we can see those roots pull right on up. be sure to keep it on fox 29 because we have continuing coverage of the nor'easter, you can always get an update on your phone or mobile device
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no matter where you are, just down load our fox 29 app, we will be right back. i laugh, i sneeze...
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good morning i'm sean bell eagles second round picker i can rowe is going to the super bowl as a patriot. yesterday howie rose hand talked about why he decided to trade him. >> well, what we were thinking about was where he was on our department department chart and at that time the starting three guys were noland, leodis , ron brooks, and jaylen
5:42 am
mills at that point in camp beat him out so he was the fourth guy. when we spoke with the coaches he said malcolm would be next guy in the the slot. from where we were and what his role was at the time we thought it was pretty good value. falcons going to the super bowl eagles get to sneak in the pro bowl. darren sproles and jason kelce will be replacing devonty coleman and alex max this is pro bowl game out in orlando. joel embiid, player of the week, becoming third sixers rook toy have win the ward. the others michael carter williams anal even iverson. that is sports in the minute. i'm sean bell.
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there are new recommendations on car seats, consumer reports is recommending moving children from that infant car seat, into a convertible car seat by the time they turn one. so that is the change. still recommended to have your child set in the the rear facing child seat this will they are two. these you this recommendations are as a result of the consumer reports crash test. cat fight, claws out but not at new jersey lawmakers get their way. they would like to end cat de clawing, assembly approved a measure to ban declawing cats it is equivalent of cutting off tops of your fingers. it can lead to major nerve
5:46 am
damage and death f this measure passes, violating on worse facing a thousand dollars or a six month jail term, senate commit thee will tackle this bill next, u.s. and canada, how about this are only places left that still allow to you to this practice. a major merger between sprint and tidal, they own one-third of the rapper jay-z streaming music service. sprint customers will have free unlimited access to the whole music library. both are looking to gain ground in the respective markets. tidal struggled to keep pace against competing services like spotify and itunes. need a new car? maybe get it at wal-mart. they are turning into selling cars. they are partnering with dealership to sell cars in dozens of stores. right now just in the south. the here's what happened. shoppers are able to go to in store kiosks and look at vehicles and apply for financing. here's the interesting part on average you'll save $3,000 on a car, officials hope to expand this nationwide, over the next two years.
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like yourberger? would you like to have a free shake shack burger? there is an app. you need to use it the if you want to get one. they are offering a free burger and all you have to does down load chain's app, create an account and enter the code, shack happy, and when you check out. free burger coupons will be available until february 28th, and there are two locations in our area. hi, bob. >> hold on, shack appy. >> got it. >> milk shake shacks for everybody. good morning, everybody. two separate accidents here on the schuylkill expressway, just one here getting pulled away, westbound right here near gulph mills interchange and we are dealing with the rain, wind, not the as strong or heavy as this time yesterday but still with us. so you have the spray, roads are wet, all this water, coming down out of the sky, no where to go, ponding on the roadways, log flum style, here's an example of the 42
5:48 am
freeway, you can see it right there ahead of you on this tuesday morning at 5:47. some kid are delayed getting to school we have had school alerts there scrolling across a portion of the screen and if you are tired of the rain it could be worse, look at this, not the that far from here i80 up the northeast extension at i80 the rain has turn to snow. so be thankful for what we have just wet roadways. down the shore as we have been showing you flooding portions of the white horse pike, black horse pike route nine from pretty much lbi all the way down to the tip of cape may be careful and do not drive through high water, three of the new jersey transit buses are detoured because of the flood waters this morning. septa's airport line running with delays, so far so good on the patco high speed line as you heard from lauren westbound lanes of route 70 remain closed at cropwell road by marlton diner and just off of route 73 he so use the old marlton pike for at least beginning of the morning rush
5:49 am
hour and then turnpike connector bridge remains closed, that is crack this is beam from friday. we saw huge tea tores and alternates and delays, yesterday, roughly 40 minutes to take alternate which is northbound lanes of route one and from there up and over scudder, come over trenton morrisville bridge and a lot of the locals were using the burlington bristol and i think everyone is heading back to work today. mop are usually lighter. we will see big delays again today, even from the new jersey side you connect at 7a and use i195, jump off at exit number five for mount holly and using burlington bristol or exit four will get you to the tacony palmyra, karen, back over to you.
5:50 am
karen just spit out of her coffee i meant to say sue has got the forecast right here. >> this is what we have for the morning light snow, sleet, north and west. got to watch out the for that in the mountains because temperatures are below freezing and could be tricky to travel around but for most of us just a anything left over rain and drizzle. wind are not as high, gusting to 25 miles an hour here maybe some coastal gusts as high as 35 miles an hour but not those continually high wind gusts but coastal flooding does continue and warning is out there. we will see, occasional showers wrapping around our low pressure system, that is still off shore and little bit of pink on our map indicates that light, light snow or sleet mixing in with the rain right here, tap, tap, tap on your windshield here in philadelphia even there is a little pink on radar but surface temperatures well above freezing meaning on the ground.
5:51 am
around toms river that part of the garden state parkway light rain falling at the moment and that is the case, very light, mistytorieseling and rain throughout the rest of the morning, probably a break around midday, sun will try to come out, don't think it will be successful and i think by seven or 8:00 rain will be out of here but it is not going to be anything like what we had yesterday. 17 miles an hour wind in philadelphia sustain we have a few wind gusts in the 20, 24 miles an hour range out there. winter weather advisory continues until 6:00 tonight in the mountains and for the possibility of maybe an inch or so of accumulation 37 degrees in philadelphia, much chillier then yesterday but still above freezing, 36 in allentown that is where it is trick any mount pocono where it is 31 degrees and 40 in wildwood. chilly and that occasional rain light snow, sleet will be with us for a while. forty-two today. fifty-three tomorrow with sunshine.
5:52 am
fifty-two on thursday. still not i bad take. the thursday we will get some rain and just a little bit probably overnight with the cold front and then cools off in the weekend, with more seasonable temperatures and even chillier on monday of next week, karen. >> all right, sue, thank you. president trump has another pack schedule at the white house today. he will meet with auto makers and signing another executive order. the lets get latest from washington with doug luzader on all stuff that is happening right now, doug, good morning. >> reporter: well yeah, it is a packed schedule and follows a pack schedule yesterday. president will meet with auto makers and signing an executive order. we don't know what that will include, it is a is try we just know he will sign something. yesterday we saw him sign a number of executive order that did everything from freezing federal hiring to pulling u.s. out of the transpacific partnership, that tree trade tiehl with asia that president obama had back so fiercely and labor unions, really haled
5:53 am
against. so, the president can to a lot here with these executive order but we just don't know what this one today will entail. he is still trying to get his nominees through the senate confirmation process through cabinet. >> we have that action happening last night where we had two nominee is a proved last night, is that right. >> reporter: mike pompeo for cia director and rex tillerson is on his way to full senate confirmation. so they are slowly getting these individual confirmed, and as long as republicans hold their ranks they will probably all get confirmed but that is still the question because the republican majority in the senate is not very large. if you lose more than a couple of them all of a should than these nominees could be in trouble the least make ones. >> how about the supreme court he wanted to take quick action on that do we have a short list for who that may be. >> well, the short list itself was provided by trump through the course of the campaign. he indicated he provided a list obvious advertise zest he
5:54 am
would choose there, neil gor couch is a real possibility , a lot of talk about him. i think cbs reported that. that is a possibility. one thing we do know according to his press secretary this decision could becoming in the next week or so. >> all right. we will be following all of it , every day so many new developments. >> thanks, doug. so there is a writer who writes for saturday night live in trouble. a tweet what she said about the son baron of donald trump. now that writer has been suspended indefinitely. a lot of people say kid are off limits and they should be writers name is katie rich. she tweeted what she said was just a joke about president trump's ten year-old son but so many people on social media , called for a boycott of the show. she later treated her post and apologized saying that she keeply regretted the tweet so layoff the kid. we are tracking weather that is still happening in our area and the problems and the
5:55 am
flooding, look at that sea wall town there at the shore in atlantic city. we are on top of all of it. we will be right back.
5:56 am
5:57 am
welcome back, 5:57, you can see waves crashing over the sea wall down the shore we have lots of flooding, we have school delays right now, and we have got bob tracking problems on the near commute and sue, when this storm will
5:58 am
be moving out of here, good day continues in just a minute creamy, crunchy, chocolatey, hershey's. packed with cookies or almond pieces. hershey's has the taste you love in every bite.
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. fear of beach erosion and tidal flooding, for second straight day shore still feeling the seriousness of yesterday's nor'easter. not just shore but storm hit the city with deadly results, where a man was killed by a falling sign. >> and when will this finally move out of here? sue serio tel


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