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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  February 2, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EST

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a little girl's life comes to tragic ends. police say her parents refuse to get medical help for pneumonia, because it is against their religion. why this belief may be more common than you think. >> that's right, wood chuck ers, it is groundhog day. get up and -- >> and will he see his shadow? all eyes on punxsutawney phil as he makes his prediction for the rest of winter. live no gobblers knowledge, the world's most page us groundhog emerges to see his shad/. >> double take, the beehive is buzzing after big announcement from beyonce, she is expecting twins? how the worlds is reacting, right now. >> ♪ >> okay, let's explain this groundhog thing for people that are new to this february 2nd. we want it to be cloudy, so that the groundhog won't be afraid of its shadow, and run back into its borough.
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>> correct. >> look, it is snowing, too, see that? >> right. spot on radar, just little bit ago. >> but again there is big rat really doesn't know what you are talking about because he's only about 40% accurate. >> cents it a charming tradition. >> i think it is a conspiracy by the one hotel in town and the conseco company. >> yep, it cost more for hotel room in punxsutawney than does for one at the superbowl. >> really? >> because they don't have that many hotels there. >> oh,. >> this is the only time of the year they really use it. >> well we will get back to that in about 20 minutes when the big thing couldn't of comes out. >> ya. >> the groundhog. >> give it some respect, calling it a rat, a rodent. >> what did it ever do to you. >> he always by the the guy that pulls him out. >> that often hams, you're right. anyway, well, for us, though, i think we will see some
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sunshine unlike punxsutawney, with the cloud cover, going once again seven out every ten, breezy today, we've got a groundhog with bus stop buddy waiting right there at the stop. temperatures in the three's right now. we look at radar, and there you see, the snow showers, the western part of the state, including punxsutawney. but not too much showing up here. we've got cloudy skies, though, and 35 degrees in philadelphia, windchill, though, of 29. other temperatures are in the 20's and three's, as well. forty-five is our high. and tonight we are down into the 20's, as we get ready for cold cold weekend, bob kelly. >> cold. good morning, everybody, getting up, getting out, definitely chilly start, slow going here on i95 for the gang out of northeast philadelphia, already heavy from academy, god bless you, through the betsy ross bridge into downtown philly, update on the lincoln drive accident. overturned vehicle, northbound, on the lincoln drive, all northbound lanes are closed between gypsy, and
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rittenhouse, local detours, accident on the northeast extension, actually the onramp to go north at the lansdale interchange. and then two tractor-trailer accidents, in new jersey, one here along route 40, 45, police are on the scene investigating there. another one, northbound on the new jersey turnpike, somebody just sent me message saying it is there, kind of laying on its side. but there is access from route, from exit seven, to go north, mass transit so far so good. mike and alex back to you. >> okay, back to delaware. >> for this prison hostage drama continues, now, an hour 21 of this possible haj situation, james p bonds correctional facility in smyrna. >> now, some people on twit here work for correctional facilities, some of them seem to think that they may have this thing resolved because of the live shot. >> let's get back to smyrna, please. hostages, i mean, prisoners
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now laying face-down in handicuffs being taken out of the prison. >> and one of the viewers saying maybe get their number see who is accounted for, what inmates they have, right there. so, at the latest we know, two hostages, still, though, a 82 inmates still in that prison facility. >> okay. so we have jenny joyce down there, steve keeley is on it, as well. let's start with gin watch have you heard? >> let's start with jenny. what have you heard? >> few minute ago, there was prison employee walked out to the parking lot. i said hey do you have any sort of update for us? he said no, this building that we're standing in front of, this is for parole violations, so all of the activity happening way, way off in the distance, so our best bet now to take a look at the chopper video as you said it appears as though the situation is under control. what we can see is some sort of officers, unclear whether or not they're with the department of corrections, or if they could be with delaware
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state police et cetera courting prisoners out, one by one escorting them out of the area. i did talk with delaware still police, pio moments ago, he said anything has to go through department of corrections, they unfortunately have not gotten back us to, the last information that we've received came about 2:00 this morning, two department of corrections employees, being held hostage, inside of one of these buildings here, at the correctional center, as well as 82 inmates, who were also inside. so, taking a look at that video, we are determining again, it appears as though the situation is under control. we are waiting on official word at this hour. mike and alex. >> okay, maybe we can get a hole of the delaware state
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police who could give us more information what's going on, we've made calls to them, as you just said. >> well, also steve keeley there on the scene, let's get little more from steve. also getting reaction from people in the area, too, steve? >> reporter: look, when you 21st came on the air at 6:00 remember i mentioned a helicopter that was hovering real low. obviously that's not a news helicopter. no news helicopters will be allowed 200 feet above this prison. so we thought common sense told us something was going on. and that was in the extreme darkness, as well. and so, no news helicopter would be here in the dark, and interfering with what's going on in this prison. so, perhaps that was an official state helicopter, and things did develop to the point where possibly this did end, and they just haven't had a chance to update us yet as you can see still working on there is but see in the live picture, how far up, how far back, the news helicopters are, as they hover over this. this helicopter i'm talking about was almost tree height at one point over the yard.
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>> other interesting thing i thought you guys talk about atica a half hour ago, that happened in 1971, co-innings dentally, the year this place opened in 71, but, 25 years after that, just as we started this show, in 1996, they built a super secure edition, 600 maximum security cells, for the meanest dudes, always lock up except for three hours a week only. that's only half hour-a-day, only six of the seven days a week where they're out for exercise, and delaware, according to national report, that just came out, eight weeks ago, the third highest percentage every people in solitary confinement, and corrections people, experts in the fields, say, hey, solitary is the worse thing you can do to somebody. and, the federal report also said that delaware had the fifth worse of all 50 states, the top five, fifth worse, in prison over-crowding conditions, that has not just the inmates complaining, but the guards, as women, because they're dealing with angry
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inmates, the ratio is too high per guard, and look, i pulled this out. delaware's been advertising, trying to fill guard positions, recruiting guards, they've got this job posted, and it only pays $32,000, and how about this for a coincidence? look, the paragraph i pulled out of the job description, look what it says right there, it does say already that this possibly could be a dangerous job, and almost predicting what happened here, because it says that there is hazards pay included number one, you can see why, and the ridder listed, observing inmates activities to detect unusual or prohibitive behavior which may and threat to the security of the inmate of the visitors and of the security right in this prison. so it is almost like they're predicting in their job listing what possibly happened here. and family members have said, hey, pray for our guards. they need help. they need extra people. and this place is way over crowded for what it was built
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for. guys? >> okay, that could be the situation here. let's get to an expert now, historian and professor, doctor heather thompson. she studied prison riots for years. >> she even wrote a book on the atica uprising blood in the water, we've been telling her about this situation, she is joining us via skype right now from toronto. >> but you also studied temple university as well, right? >> i d i was on the faculty. >> so i know you can't see, because you're in michigan now. >> toronto. >> toronto rather. >> toronto. >> we're seeing prisoners taken out of one of the buildings, placed on their stomachs, and handcuffs, now being moved to another one of the buildings. do you think these are just maybe the guys who don't want to protest, being taken to a safer place? >> well it is not clear. we have to wait on the department to tell us what's going on. one thing we know is that many of these protesters have already released not just hostages, but prisoners. so it is possible that these
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are prisoners who just have been released. but it is also possible that in somehow in the early morning hours this facility was retaken, in which case these would be the prisoners who had protested in the first place being pulled out and moved. we're just shot sure. >> so heather you're saying basically you think this might be over? because it has been 21 hours now. >> well, it very well could be. even if it is, i hope the media keeps focus attention on this, this event reminds us we're in serious, serious crisis with our nation's penal facilities, crisis for the men lock up and the women, crisis for the guards in charge, this is just a wake-up call like atica we didn't heed it then, hopefully this time we will. >> one of the hostages forced to call into a newspaper and say some of their demands, and it sounded like from the conversation that they want
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better conditions at the prison. can you talk little bit more? under staffed, some of the things that may be going on there? >> i think talking about over-crowding which seems like the number one problem at this place? >> exactliment as your reporter gave grave overview of just how bad things are. human beings just spending way too much time in solitary, these places are over crowded, the men have asked for some basic rehabilitation, education, clarity in the world, again, very, very basic human rights. you can't change people this much and not expect if they're not given any means to re-enter society. of course the guards also are then in very much jeopardy. >> yes, for very low salaries, matter of fact. >> very slow salary, and just not listening to the people, by the way, not just delaware, delaware has particularly bad marks. but the same thing could very easily happen in philadelphia, anywhere, in fact, in september of this year,
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prisons across the country errupted on the anniversary every atica because the conditions are universally a precious. >> of course atica back in 197 is when governor rockefeller got frustrated ending up-state police and people died. >> thirty-three inmate, at one point, there is a planned protest, for 10:00 this morning, i don't know, because we aren't sure if this is still ongoing if that protest will still happen. but it seemed like families of some of the inmate, and they were talking about this. they were saying they needed to be treated better, in this correctional facility. >> looks like pretty dilapidated facility built in 1971. >> people are sentenced for crimes does not mean that they're no longer human beings. these kind of issues, basic treatment, ones that we all really need to heed, this is an opportunity, very tragic one i'm deeply worried what's
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going on inside. even if it is over the other we need to remember that's whether some of the worse abuses of prisoners took place, we are now learning that, behind those closed doors. so we need more transparency in prisons, too, to make sure that their run in a humane way. >> what did you learn from writing your book? blood in the water. >> learning about attic a and blood in the water very much a story about prisoners trying to get basic needs met, being ignored, rebellion like the one we just saw, and the guards and prisoners alike asking for help, the governor really in this case not heeding it, and then sending in incredibly angry members of law enforcement and over the course every 15 minutes killing 39 guards and prisoners alike, wounding severely 128 men, then prisoners then severely
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tortured for days and weeks afterward. need to heed historical lessons. >> thank you for your information. , i don't know that i ever spoke with someone who studied prison riots. >> thanks for bringing me on. >> doctor heather, historian professor every history at the university of michigan but did teach at temple for about six years. >> about six years. >> you suggest we start a new segment called the trump tweet. >> seems like every morning, from 6:00 to 10:00 a.m., president trump will wake up and start tweeting some of his thoughts for the day. a lot of times updated information stories already reporting so i think it would be a good idea, okay, what's on his mind? >> does he have one out today? >> he does have one out today. >> another day, another flurry of activity at the white house. with a new secretary of state sworn in. stark warning to an enemy of
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ours. more cabinet nominations advancing. >> so this while on capitol hill, democrats, do their best, doing their best, to try and p.m. the brake outs with this. >> the prospects are tightening for secretary of education, nominee, betsy. >> i cannot support this nominee. >> announced they will not vote for her nome things, toward the final confirmation vote wednesday as well despite democrats efforts to holds up mr. trump's secretary of treasury health and human services and attorney general. newly confirmed secretary every state, rex tillerson was sworn in yesterday in one of the many issues he inherit is iran's provocative behavior, already the administration issuing this warning. >> now feeling em bold edge, as of today officially putting iran on in the. >> meanwhile on the southern boards err homeland security secretary, john kelly; getting a first-hand look at the
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challenges for his border patrol agent, and says, he hopes to have the wall built within the next two years. >> like to work closely with the mexicans. >> two years. there is melania, reports this morning, that the first lady, melania trump, may not move into the white house ever. >> apparently she and president trump will re-evaluate toward the end of the school year if they will keep this a rangment. we new this would happen. this was put out there right before he was inaugurated. but we're not sure if melania anbar on at this point will move to washington at all. that's a report that's out there. it also says they will do what's best for baron. but when it comes to the tweets that donald trump put out this morning, he said that iran has been formally put on notice for firing a balistic missile, should have been thankful for the terrible deal the us made with him. >> just like general flynn was saying. >> just reinforcing that this
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morning as well. >> we have a look at the statistics for punxsutawney phil, 131 years of this tradition, has been going on, but we have 102 longer winters -- oh, here we go. happening now! >> the guy's gone in. >> okay. >> into the borough. >> this is couple of miles -- >> okay! >> one, two, three, punxsutawney phil out. >> now, he normally will bite and pea on these guys. >> they do wear gloves. >> said he sees them. >> oh, oh. >> he didn't want to come out. >> i see teeth. >> i see teeth? >> chomp, chomp. >> maybe he bit him already. >> oh, come on, boys, we need something. >> they should know there is a camera here. >> can't see. >> they bang on the door to wake him up. they're surprised when he's not in a good mood.
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>> he's squealing. he's hollering. >> oh, are they fighting with him? >> little feisty today. >> he is feisty. >> oh, hang on, guys, hang on. >> nice. >> i ladies and gentlemen, punxsutawney phil. >> there he is. >> sky looks bright. (cheers). >> there are flurries in the air. >> okay. this, let's put phil on the stump. >> from the stump they decide if there is a shadow. >> don't look good guys. >> oh, oh,. >> just one of america's most dopy events. >> here we are. >> look at america. >> phil, phil. what do you mean he don't like
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it? >> what do you mean? >> okay, we got her. >> ladies and jep, he has made his prediction. >> finally get to it. >> it is like a reality show. do the dramatic pause. >> here yee, here yee, here yee, february 2017, the 131st annual trek of the punxsutawney groundhog club, before one of the largest crowds in the history of the groundhog day. punxsutawney phil prognosticator of all was awake ends from his grove to thousands of faith full followers. (cheers). >> in groundhog eve he directed the president and the
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inner circle his prediction scroll which reads at gobbler's knob on groundhog day we celebrate a world-wide holiday. it is mighty cold weather you've been braving. is it winter or is it summer you're craving? since we've been up all night and starting to todaytoddle i punxsutawney phil fill will not coddle. i clearly see a perfect clear shadow of me. of more weeks every winter it shall be. >> no! >> he saw his shadow. >> he saw his shadow. >> he has spoken. >> lock him badge up. >> i'm sorry. >> no! >> but again, remember, he's only been throughout these years, what, 160 years, knew. >> 131. >> 131,. >> thirty-ninth press accuracy rate. >> that makes me feel better.
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we've already had pretty mild winter. >> exactly. hasn't been actually too cold. >> fifteenth warmest january ever. >> yes. >> okay, the rats gone. let's move on. do you realize there is a bacon shortage? >> well, not so fast. why some say report of a shortage yesterday was fake news. now, are we going to start using these fake news terms for real? jay ferrell is on the show. >> the cab was like, first after you will all, fast. >> here is the problem. here is what the problem s first of all ... >> jay pharaoh, kevin hart, the king every celebrity, we will talk to him, and you can laugh with him in philly tonight. we'll tell you where.
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my man friend that i've been seeing... your man friend. like, as i was leaving i was like, "goodbye, i love you," and like... (laughs) what'd he say? i said, "don't say anything!" oh god! (laughs) 'cause now like, this is the cliffhanger, so we don't know if he loves you. what's gonna happen if he doesn't?
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take one of those pillows they smell really fresh. what if we told you we washed these sheets 7 days ago. really no way downy? downy fabric conditioner. give us a week, and we'll ange your bed forever. want more freshness? add new downy fresh protect. >> yesterday i heard there was a bacon shortage. it is not true? >> they just want to charge us more money for bacon.
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they want to bring home the bacon, hillary. >> hey, good morning, that's right. little bit of confusion about this story. but here is the deal. so, according to the u.s. da, frozen pork pelly is at its lowest level since 1957. there is about 17.8 million paged every frozen pouring belly. so what's happening is meat processers are paying about 30% more in january, and february, for pork belly than they were a few month ago. so all this trickle down effect could roll over to the consume earl. you could be paying more for bacon. you aren't right now. but could have that effect depending on how things and processers react if they pass that cost on to you. >> bacon, of course, comes from the belly of the pig. >> of the pig. >> okay. >> well, i wouldn't want to see this happen. >> you know, i think this whole bacon thing has been over blown over the last five
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years. >> you mean like the bacon beer, the bacon butter, and the bacon dessert, bacon cheese cake? >> everything is great with bacon. but you love bacon? >> how can you tell, when my parent, my dad is in town? >> he makes you bacon. >> well, i come to work with a plastic bag. >> full of bacon. >> zip long bag of paying on. >> then we all have to smell the bacon. >> no, you asked me for some of my bacon. >> true. anyway, i think we will be okay then right? hillary? >> reporter: yes, that's right. there is no shortage, but pork belly prices for processers are just rising little bit. >> i got you. >> we will see you tomorrow. >> thank, hillary. now, one of our favorite photographers is a man by the name of jarrod. >> he's so great. makes appearances on the show, what, in jen's hit. >> and he dance as lot. >> but he's really kind after slip. >> what? >> mike? >> that's so wrong. >> well, he is not big into fashion. >> i guess that's a way to put
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it. >> beautiful man. nice guy. and at some pointy bet we get to see him. >> jen, that was all mike. that will was not me saying that. >> here's what i have to say. the man here at century one. dressed sharp. hey, looks good. okay? wait a minute. wait a minute. yes, i guess they're all the same. all the same guy. one guy -- no, okay? the manaquine here all looking good. we will dress up one manaquine during the day. by the way he had is he here our favorite, best in retail.
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>> back to smyrna, probably an hour ago, we saw a lot of inmates on their stomach with their hands behind their back. looks like they moved all of those inmates, now, it just seems to be some of the officers there, lined up. >> yes, seems like they moved from one of the buildings to another. >> an i did get a tweet from somebody that works there. his name is reese. it is a prison, not a day care. every someone worried about inmate rights. what about victims rights and staff rights? he goes on to say.
7:31 am
i work there just two days ago, i work that build too long days ago, as usual, the media has it wrong. to elaborate, what are we getting wrong here? >> might be in response to the fact that we had professor on. that will was doctor heather thompson, who studied prison systems, what goes on there, and she says that even though they are inmates, still human beings, and we are seeing this, different prisons, you know, in the area, across the country, where they're saying they need to be treated better, better situations there. under staffed, over crowded. so could be what he's responding to. >> lited us know little more. 7:21. >> let's check on the weather now with sue. six more weeks. yes, to recap in case you missed moment ago, groundhog did see his shadow. six more weeks every winter. will keep bus stop buddy, we
7:32 am
had more sunshine, more than we saw yesterday already. but, it got to 50 degrees yesterday. we probably won't get that warm today. fools like 29 out there. high temperature, temperature, should be about 45 degrees, and comes probably between lunchtime and the evening rush hour. then after the sun goes down, plunging temperatures. >> if you are miss ago bumper head on back to the boulevard here. bumper to bumper traffic. because it is bumper on the northbound side, right near wissahickon, this is mom call, kind of watching, because some folks coming up and hitting the brakes trying to get over to the right side. like another accident wait to go happen. hopefully penndot crew out there, of course if you get to the office or get home tonight and missing your bumper there go call penndot. we will put it aside for you. south on 95, heavy cottman into downtown.
7:33 am
also, an accident on the lincoln drive. that's closed northbound. between gypsy and rittenhouse. early morning crash therefore the gang watching us in wilmington, an accident along route seven, right between route two and 95, that portion of the roadway closed. septa running with some delays this morning on the trenton regional rail line. so far so good from patco, and northbound on the northeast extension, the onramp to lansdale, the scene after crash. and south on 295, extra heavy into route 73, from earlier accident. mike and alex back over to you. >> thank you, so much, bob. two year old ella grace foster passed away from pneumonia in november, but yesterday her parent were charged in connection with her death. >> released on bail, jonathan and grace fox, back home this morning, with their six other children. charged with involuntary manslaughter, endangering the welfare of children, berks county district attorney john adams saidel a's death could have been prevented. >> our laws recognize you have duty to care for your child's
7:34 am
health, welfare, and we cannot justify a parent for not seeking healthcare for their children when their children are ill. >> the foster's don't believe in medical care or doctors. and that is because they're part of the none denominational fate tag err knack he will church as part of their fate, treatment against their religion, instead, they believe in faith-based healing and what happens is god's will. >> always good to see you. >> good to see you. >> morning. >> explain this church. is it a re lidge on? >> it is actually a denomination, got started here in philadelphia, been ran for over 100 years actually churr information nigeria. >> where are they here? >> mostly in pennsylvania, here, in town, and around in the pennsylvania avenue. so, big here.
7:35 am
>> so faith tabernacle church and they believe in whatever happens is god's will? >> don't believe you should go to the doctors, believe in devine healing, believe in praying god to heal your body. this is why parent don't take their children to the doctors. because that would be a sin to them. that's not what they believe. they believe that if they pray, and ask god to heal their illnesses, that they'll be healed. >> so would they even vaccinate them? >> no, nothing, nothing. >> do they have a tendency to live in the same area and go to the same church in. >> yep, they are all in the same church. it is a very closed echo system as i like to call it, very high boundaries. so they're not, you know, going to other people's churches. it is closed. a lot of families have been in there for years. >> the schools, would there be -- >> they go to school. they would go tireling already schools. but they would also have church base related -- >> but would there be other children in their schools. >> their schools?
7:36 am
no. >> then the par won't have to worry about well you didn't get vaccinated my kid is vaccinated. >> the thing is that this is use this as a term, held belief. the problem is when you have a belief and you have children, and they need to go to the doctors, then you all take them to the doctor, you run into trouble with child protective services, and all of these other things. and this is why this continues to happen. i mean, the first case of this, of a child dying, where they had to, you know, the legal things come in, and so this has been going on for long time. >> and normally get charged this. >> normally, yes. i mean, sometimes not. depends. but over the years several cases against them. >> but since they, you are saying, all live together in communities, i guess probably harder to -- >> nobody else in the community is going to call on your friend and say they're not taking their kid to the doctor because you don't believe that either. so hard to tell even if you are in a regular school how do you know? unless, you know, unless the
7:37 am
child gets too sick. then oftentimes it is too late. this is not just faith tabernacle. there are different denominations around the country, different individual churches that believe this. >> what are some of the other ones? >> other ones more like smaller kind of home group. but this all comes out of 19th century movement called the halinus movement. some of the groups out that far movement believe in devine healing basically. and that led to another, you know, casino every another level. >> but they new she had pneumonia? >> they new she was sick. they new she was really sick. but they are not taking her to the doctor. that's hard for people to understanded. but to take her to the doctor would be to to repute ate everything they believe. now, not to say i believe, that i'm saying this is what they believe. >> well, i just want to know more about what's going on. >> that's what it comes out of. and i think we don't notice this. philadelphia is a real interesting place where a lot of, you know, churches and denominations got their start here. and this particular one is an
7:38 am
off shoot of movement that was in illinois, john dowey movement. they got started here, 1895, 1896. so been around for a long time. >> doctor, thank you. >> thank you for coming in. >> wow. all right, just a little while ago, lets he is go back to delaware, we saw some inmates, there it is right, there being taken out of the vaughn correctional center in delaware. this was a little earlier, probably half hour ago. there is at least a hostage situation is over, we don't know, we have reporters on the scene trying to find out. ♪ oh, it's a good day... ♪ [car horns] [angry shouting] excuse me! [storm siren] when it comes to buying a house... trulia knows the house is only half of it. and with 34 map overlays like traffic, crime, natural hazards, and more...
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you can find the right house and the right neighborhood for you. trulia. the house is only half of it.
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>> 7:41, this is smyrna, delaware, now getting ready for hour 22, of the looks like from the different things activities, saying it may be over. still haven't had that confirmation yet. >> let's put up the footage of the prisoners being taken out into the re re rational yard, and placed face down on the basketball court outside of the prison. joining us on the phone now, police superintendent, in upper darby, our good friend,
7:42 am
michael chitwood. you've watched this. probably watching it life right now here on fox. , what's it look like to you, that maybe it is un control? >> had to come out of the facilities, and what happens is it will take each one, search them, and then, you know, slowly but surely remove them to where ever they're going to secure them. it is a tedious process, now, again, that's what it looks like, could these be just people that are released from inside, and no activity going on? we don't know just by the film. but the major thing, in any type of hostage rescue, is contained in negotiations. so obviously they're contained, not going anywhere. and certainly 22 hours later, obviously, negotiating. so i think that, in the end of
7:43 am
the day, save lives, and, you know, that's what it looks like, it is gone through at this point. >> i mean, hostage situation, still going on, one of those building? >> exactly right. these guys could just be taken out of there and we got to deal with what you got to deal with. you know, i mean, when you look at the photo, obviously you got to make sure that everybody is secure, everybody is safer. and that the guys who are now in the prone position, are not the hostage take, or they are the hostages. >> yes. >> you don't know that until you get all of urine tell genes -- intelligence. >> finds out which inmate are in on it, which inmates happen to be, there because they are contained. >> certainly, you know, they had some hostages released. so they're going to give them intelligence, certainly the the intelligence will come from the other two, three, still in there. so it is always somebody -- >> losing you, losing the signal. >> they'll be able to
7:44 am
identify, i'm sure, there is a hands full who are, quote, the leaders. >> yes. >> and whether these guys are all part in it, remains to be seen, but again, the priority is contain, negotiate, save lives. that's it. bottom line. >> always great to hear from you. thank you. >> remember when they started they had four hostages, and now the latest we've heard, that we've confirmed, two. >> down to two,. >> and 82 inmates who were there. >> okay. we are going to do a make-over on a man that we love. he is one of our photographers, name jared. and jen is in charge of this make over. >> oh, oh,. >> he's scream being. >> this he likes to be comfortable. >> he likes to be comfortable. here's what we're doing, you know century 21, designer brands, and we want to get him -- jared, you need jeans. we know this. >> yes? i do. >> all right, so we will show
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kept coming back in different places. we went from everything being fine to everything not being fine. i really needed someone who could think outside the box. we did the genomic testing pretty early in christine's course. with our treatments we've had great success for her. they gave me treatment options i didn't know about before. there's an atmosphere of hope. i want to be around just to be a grandma.
7:47 am
the evolution of cancer care is here. learn more at appointments available now. trying to make me eat my greens?low. no, just trying to ve you some green. whaaat?! thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant. >> gang coming out of bucks county right at business route one onramp. so obviously everyone
7:48 am
funneling over to the left. again, that's southbound side up there in bucks county. also, an accident, eastbound, on the 30 bypass, for the gang in chester county, right at 282, again, also, right there, at the onramp. lincoln drive northbound, still closed, gypsy to rittenhouse, early morning overturned vehicle. >> disabling train, so all of the passenger have to boards on eastbound platforms, expect some domino delays here on the market frankford, and for the gang in wilmington, crash at route seven, and morse lane. what's the forecast looking like for today and for superbowl weekend? sue has it in 15 seconds. >> so, in case you missed it, of course, the headline every groundhog day 2017, did
7:49 am
punxsutawney phil see his shadow? he did, that means, six more, but this winter hasn't been that bad. we check in, punxsutawney, it was cloudy enough. he should not have seen a shadow, but then, all of those tv light, there i don't know, anyway, it is over now. >> colder air for the weekend, notice a difference in temperature tomorrow morning, from what we have right now, 35 degrees, in philadelphia, probably going to be in the 20's at this time tomorrow. it is 27 in mount pocono, 37 in wildwood. we will get to hi, later on today, of 45, 35 tomorrow, and it stays in the three's saturday, probably, most of sunday. chance of little precipitation late in the day on superbowl sunday.
7:50 am
>> 7:49. february, the time people blow off the fact just want to be comfy. but then changing that, because one of our photographers always comfy, we want him to up his style little bit, up his style game. >> jen? >> good morning, eddie, co-owner, man about town, good morning. >> good morning. >> you came all the way in new york city to help us with this. >> yes, this is very special day you. >> seen the video, this is jared, we love you jared. so i want people to get a taste, why might be eligible for update? >> so good, i'll do another. >> what? >> i'm not sure if the camera can watch the sweat though. >> jar sed everyone favorite fox 29 camera guy. great at what he does. he always has a smile on his face. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
7:51 am
>> jared is adorable. but his clothes have become predictable. >> so jared, what's going on with your pants? >> well, so, for starters, -- >> jar ned. >> and i have a crotch hole. >> don't say. >> crotch hole. >> today we are attempt to go just update his look, without changing him one bit, we love the jared we have more than he'll ever know. >> okay. so, jared, by the way, mike g the camera guy, he was not asked to vote about whoever one's favorite camera guy, but has to be this guy, right? so eddie, this is what these guys say. he says he doesn't want to invest in clothes because? >> i mess them up on the job. >> and you say? >> i say that's an excuse. there is no reason why you can't look good on the job every day. and come to century 21, it is not about the money, because you will save a lot of money,
7:52 am
man, and you will look fabulous every day at work. >> okay, so, she has somebody on air talent at work. so you have made some selections, right? >> i have. >> okay. and you have heard this complaint from the camera guys before. >> i have. >> you have some ideas how to push this more forward? have absolutely, just making little bit of effort, like eddied said, coming down to century two is like a win-win. don't tweets hear the excuse. >> oh. jared, i didn't know i was bringing the bullies out. but here's what i have to say. you agree that sometimes you wear your dad's old pants? >> he's given me pant. >> because he's lot some weight. looking good. going on vacation soon. time to up date the look. you okay with that. >> okay. >> so this was him dressing up because he wanted to cover up his -- he wears a waffle shirt, thermal, every day. >> got to go. i have to say. >> oh, perfect. >> a lot of holes in his shirt. ya. >> okay. so, we will update it, he's not going to look like ryan seacrest or eddie, right?
7:53 am
>> close, close, we will get you there, we will get you there. she will get you there. >> okay. all right. so this is what's going to happen, from now until 8:45, hi, try some stuff on. it will be fun. >> absolutely. >> then at 8:45, see what we have. i'm sure it will be amazing. >> cool. >> okay? >> all right. >> here's one of my favorite things on tv. >> we love jared. >> i hope they take the before picture, then we have the after. >> oh, you know they will. >> before and after. >> we are highly experienced television professionals. >> oh, of course. >> there will be a before and an after picture. >> never happen. >> well, a beautiful moment on a local philanthropist who we know very well, proposed to his girlfriends on national television.
7:54 am
>> something went wrong when he popped the question, has us waiting to see if they're really engaged. we'll show you the mistake. >> let's see if you can spot it first? >> he's down on one knee. nervous as heck. >> okay, we will slow t we will slow it. >> all right? fios is not cable. we're wired differently. welcome to 8 and a half maple street. it's half a house. and even though it only has half a kitchen, half the closet space and a half bath, it's a full house to the wilsons.
7:55 am
because they have fios, their half house has full internet, with uploads as fast as downloads. don't pay for uploads that aren't up to speed. get 150 meg internet with equal uploads and downloads, tv and phone for only $79.99 per month online for one year. only from fios.
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7:57 am
>> been a long time, you know how the story goes about this. >> oh, do tell. >> we never got into the superbowl, had to have something to do. so, i think it started in the lobby of a hotel, 25 years ago, we will have wing eating contest. >> more than just a wing eating contest, the way they come, in the crowd, the entertainment, if you know what i mean. >> oh, the side entertainment is fantastic. >> i tried to explain this to other people, who live in other part of the country, and
7:58 am
it is i am positive to -- i am possible to explain. you have to see t we'll show you some of it tomorrow because it is tomorrow. but pj wheelihan, they're gearing up, because they provide the chicken wings that these guys gobble down. they're going to need at least 10,000 wings for tomorrow's wing bowl. >> how are they going to make all of those wings? >> how does that happen? >> well, they will be really busy, guys, right now we got the deep friday ers going, the chef here, here, the chef will be making them for wing bowl. what's the secret for making this many wings? >> just staying ahead. we have the best wings in town. our wings fry for about eight minutes, and as you can see, they come out beautiful. >> they're absolutely gorgeous. now, that kicks off tonight at midnight. what's going to happen? at midnight you have all of the wings here in the freezer. what will happen, when you have the friday ers going? >> rid around midnight, we bring out the wing, get all five of these friers going, we cook off little over 10,000
7:59 am
wings for tonight. >> so here is the secret, did i not know this, so take a look, george. the two different wings, what wing son my left and what wing is on my right and why? >> this is the classic pj wheelihan wings. and then this is our wing bowl wings. wing bowl wing is a naked wing. that's much smaller. allows them to eat little easier. >> okay. what's it like when you're doing something like this, like making wings for our famous event the wing bowl? >> awesome, great opportunity for pj wheelihan's to be involved in this crazy event. we get here about midnight. be here until 3:00 in the morning flying crazy wing off. get over to wing bowl have, a great time. >> and it is certainly a wild time. gentlemen, dow want to show you, because they're phone for their wings, they have so many different saws sauces, the chase i can over here chef? >> one of our secretary sauces, one of our best sellers, hot and honey sauce. >> our signature hot saws here. >> we have debut for monday, what's coming up monday? come down. >> one of our new sauces we're previewing monday, our ghost
8:00 am
pepper wing sauce, the hottest sauce we currently serve here at pj wheelihan. >> you have to try this one here, we have parmesian, some of the classics, i'm digging in, our to go's, hopefully i bring it back. that's wing bowls, the secret behind the wing bowl. >> all right. >> i have a question, all right? why do some chicken wings, why do some of the wings look like drum stick, and another thing, is it true they'll make 250,000 wings for superbowl sunday? >> yes, yes, it is true, 250,000, in the whole area, because all of us will be ordering our ten wings to go or 20 wings to go, which is the best seller. so they'll be making 250,000. jake, really fast, why do some of the wings look like drum sticks, and some look like wings? >> well some are panel, some are drums. based on how the wing comes, one-two count on the joint and when they're split that's how
8:01 am
they come off. >> so 12 count on the joint there. that's your answer, mike jerrick, 12 count on the joint. >> 125,000 chickens to make a quarter after million wings. >> how can they make a quarter after million wings in a weekend? >> then do you have figure out what came first, the chicken or the egg? so many questions. >> good day to you, it is thursday, february the second, it is groundhog day. 2017. >> from the fox 29 studios. this is "good day philadelphia". >> local prison under siege. >> we live so close. just very, very scary, what's going on here. >> we're nearing the 24 hour mark now. and inmates still have hostages inside the vaughn correctional facility, in smyrna, delaware. what drove the prisoners to
8:02 am
revolt, and why some people are on their side. >> it is a term that's been popping up a lot recently. >> i'm not -- >> can you -- >> you are fake news. >> how can you determine fake news? one local lawmakers' idea to tackle the issue in the classroom. >> and he is the king of celebrity impressions right now. >> here is the problem. tell you what the problem is, first of all, all black men -- >> comedian jay pharaoh of saturday night live on good day philadelphia. where you can find him tonight doing his thing. >> it is news that is lighting up the internet. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> beyonce, banding her beehive by two. >> how these new babies are already shattering internet records. >> we got to get jay far
8:03 am
pharaoh, to do his jay-z. >> oh, great stuff on day like today. so many people, did you know that photo most like photo on instagram of beyonce? and some people say it is photo shopped. but we have found the unedited photo of the beyonce, talking, announcing her pregnancy. want to see it? >> i want to see it. >> here it is. >> wait a second. that's me. >> the unedited photo. >> what is odd is i do have that exact body. and that exact bra. >> oh,. >> and your satin panties there. >> i have them on right now. >> oh, my goodness. >> serious face. >> well, the flowers, what's dis concert to go me. it being looks like a funeral. >> well, i guess so, yes. >> or easter sunday? >> a shrine? >> okay. so, little over 40 minute ago, the groundhog came out over in gobbler's knob. >> and the prediction?
8:04 am
>> six more weeks every winter. >> six more weeks. a lot of people are wondering, how is it possible that phil saw his shadow when it was just snowing moments before. >> and so many tv light, how do you tell? >> how does he not see his shadow, because so bright. right there. >> so many questions. >> one did say i'll stick with sue serio, i won't trust him to tell me what the weather will be. >> sends that check in the mail immediately. thank you. >> you're our little groundhog >> okay, let's get -- seven out of ten, little companion for bus stop buddy at the school bus stop today. there is is little groundhog there, as well. temperatures in the three's, little on the breezy side. and of course it is cold. it is february. we've got windchill of 33 right now, 8-mile per hour breeze out of the west. high later on of 45. i think we'll see more sunshine than we saw yesterday. just as breezy with winds gusting up to 25 miles per
8:05 am
hour. weekend forecast just ahead, bob kelly. >> live look for bucks county motorists southbound lanes, of route one, right at business route one, they just cleared an accident out of the way, so hopefully, it will turn on the faucet there, things will ease up little bit. eastbound on the 30 bypass, leaving chester county, an accident right near 28232. some rises -- 282. risidual delays. we had earlier disable between 46 and 52nd street station. some delays on the trenton regional rail line for the motorists cents down in wilmington, delaware, watching thus morning look out. route seven blocked at morse lane with a crash. and for the gang in lansdale, northeast extension son ramp at lansdale, a crash. traffic is getting through. watch for some delays there on the sumneytown pike. south on 95, watch for delays from cottman in through center city, mike and alex, back to you. >> we have, back to breaking news out every delaware, we
8:06 am
have some more information. we have confirmed now that the incident or the situation is over. after 21 hours. it is now ended. we've also learned that one of the hostages has died. >> yes, so there is good news and some very bad news. so let's try to explain it, if you are just joining us at 8:00. this started last night, no, yesterday morning, about 10:30 in the morning at this smyrna delaware prison facility. and this prison hostage drama continued to unfold up to about an hour ago, at the vaughn correctional facility, in smyrna. >> now we have covered this from all angles this morning, jenny joyce talking about what's been happening since 10:30 yesterday morning. and also steve keeley, talking about how people in the area have been re acting also some of the conditions of the prison, in some of their terms, from the inmates holding some of the members hostage. >> we start with jenny. >> reporter: good morning, al, and mike. we are awaiting official briefing from the department
8:07 am
of corrections, but all they told us so far is that they are continuing to investigate what has unfolded over the last several hours, earlier we saw some he images from our skyfox, if we can put those up on the screen for you, showing officers escorting prisoners in and out of the prison yard, inbetween, they had threat lying face down on the asphalt handcuffed. it appeared to be under control. as you guys just mentioned, one person confirmed dead from the chopper footage, we can see few dozen inmates on the ground. but it was not a full count of 82 that were supposedly still inside of building c overnight during the active hostage situation. so wherever one else is, is still unclear. back to you guys. >> let's see if we get more information from steve, who is also near the prison. steve, what are you hearing?
8:08 am
>> we are hearing sadly one of the hostages is dead. and i'm going show you the front gate which was not closed off to the public sigh the red flashing light, i thought positive sign was seeing some of the employees report for work, and and after tweeted pictures every them and talk to them when they got to the door they were turned away. got back in their cars and drove away. >> from the prison staff here, the department of corrections response team, and the delaware state police, here, 5:06 a.m. remember that's when i reported i saw that helicopter hovering low. delaware state police breached the c building, the one jenny has been mentioning, where all of this has been happening. one of the hostages, who was a department of corrections employee, was safely rescued, and is being examined at a local hospital. she is alert and talking. we had learned last night that one of the hostages was a woman, that is the one who survived this. sadly, the remaining hostage, also a department of corrections employee, was found unresponsive upon entry,
8:09 am
and he was pronounced dead at 5:29 a.m. the video that we saw from skyfox building c now secured. the department of corrections continues to operate under emergency procedures, which explains why the employees were sent away. now the highlight in red, governor carney, and the department of corrections secretary, and commissioner, will all hold a news conference at 1030 this morning at delaware state police headquarters. that will is a little further north of here up in glasco. so, this is ended, and ended sadly with the death of one of the hostages, one of the men hostages, who was one of the remaining two hostages found dead at 5:00 this morning and pronounced dead here at 5:29 a.m. guys sad news to report on this but it is over. >> oh, gosh. >> all right, more on that, of course, throughout the day on fox 29. com at 5:00, 6:00, 10:00 and
8:10 am
11:00. >> coming up on 8:10 on this thursday morning. you know the term fake news social security thrown around. >> it has been used for pretty much everything recently. but how can you determine what's fake news, and what's actual news? >> one local lawmakers has an idea. well, he wants to put this debate in the classroom. >> really, teaching what fake news is? what's more heart-pounding than playing cupid's cash... with top prizes of 50 thousand dollars? how about winning... on the spot. we won! play cupid's cash, the new game from the pennsylvania lottery. and you could win... on the spot. keep on scratchin'!
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8:13 am
♪ >> isn't just happened here, i9 # a, northbound, just north of cottman avenue. state trooper just block everybody, get out of the car, kind of waived everybody, just to stop traffic here. looks like the crash is what would be the left lane, then what they'll try to do, get everybody off to the shoulder. north on 95, right near between cottman avenue and academy road. up there by holy family and of course, northeast airport. so north 95 backed up, also a crash, north on 95, down near the walt whitman bridge. accident on the 30 bypass, eastbound, right near route
8:14 am
two # two, that's tying folks coming in from chester county, left over blase, some earlier disable, earlier disable train on the market frankford line. and also, running with some delays on the trenton regional rail line. what the forecast is looking like for tonight and superbowl weekends, sue has it in 15 seconds. >> 8:00; not meteorologist, but fun to track what the groundhog did, said, and look at. did he not see his shadow, so six more weeks every winter, according to punxsutawney phil. now, let's get back to to meteorology, we have possibility of some snow flurries up toward the lehigh valley, maybe berks county, this morning. >> probably allen tone might be seeing few flurries fine.
8:15 am
cold front coming through it, will bring us that colder weekend we've been talking about all week, first weekend of february it already chilly one starting tomorrow going through the weaken, we will be lucky to get to 35 for high temperature tomorrow. thirty-nine where we are right now, already ahead of where we will be tomorrow. cloudy wednesday, won't be seeing 50 maybe until the middle of next weeks, but prepare for the colder weekend, 30's, friday and saturday, superbowl sunday, cloudy high of 40 degrees, rain making chaining to snow, sunshine back monday. with some precipitation tuesday and wednesday, we are back to the 50's by wednesday. >> who cares what the groundhog says? >> heck with him. >> i believe in sue. >> i do too. >> when did this term come out fake news? what about six, eight months snag. >> during the whole election season. >> then during a coverage of the convention, the election,
8:16 am
the campaign, that term fake news was frequently debated. >> store its came out ended up being fake, like the story of hillary clinton running child sex ring out every pizza place. >> people duly believed that. one guy even went there with a gun. >> true. trying to figure out movement then even as recently almost as silly as bacon shortage. that started going around. >> yesterday. >> people freaking out about. that will that was also one considering fake news. >> but remember too, once donald trump became president, first press conference, and he use it is a lot but even at a first press con he used and wouldn't answer a question. >> can you eat the question? >> i'm if the going to gave you a question. >> can you -- >> you're fake news. >> talked to rpm reporter saying they give mis-information about him. so he calls it fake news.
8:17 am
>> this is state representative. >> represent montgomery count. >> i king of prussia area. >> upper merion, lower merion. >> so what's your proposal here that would you teach children in classrooms, what is real news, real journalism? >> the essence of it, as we just talked about over the last year fake news popping up more and more, so much on social media. kids expose today overwhelming amount of information. and what i fear is what is starting to happen, even real news, real credible news, just get the label of fake news then people discredit that. i would like all citizens to rely on the source, rely is what is actual, factual, things you learned in journalism school. and fully what make them go through your journalism school, but allows kids kindergarten to 12th grade
8:18 am
through regular school work, just to incorporate some curriculum what they can use to use what's real and what's not. >> when you say regular school work, will this be a class devote today figure out what's real and what's fake or how would this go in the process? >> so i introduce in the process of introducing legislation to have the department of education come up with curriculum that can be intertwined with english and social sturdies. so not a set stand alone class, but just something as they're teaching other course work that the teach kearse rely on and utilize. >> hand out the syllabus, topics for the year, fake news, literacy will be one of the top sticks. >> yes. just to keep it in mind right now, in ninth grade, my daughter in 11th grade, took digital ac a.m. any, spent a a day talking about wikipedia, not everything you read should be reliable. >> how to determine if
8:19 am
something is fake? >> knowing is saying it, what the source is, doing a little bit of -- >> double sources, triple sources in is so much information coming at all of us, that we are able to filter what's believable, what's not. >> yesterday, alex posted a picture on instagram. and a guy named joel embiid, basketball player, was the first one to like it. but then she looked at it closer, fake, one of the things. >> but mike text me, he didn't, he said look who commented on your photo. i -- >> it is fake news, but also on sunday i got a number of emails from constituent, googled the story, red the story, put it on her facebook, oh, the legislature doing something, so the story from three years ago. she -- as an adult, and educator, didn't look at the data, the story, immediately
8:20 am
responded tonight so everything, social media great thing. world is amazing. but so much information coming at us, just teaching kids little bit of due diligence. >> this is kinds of political. use political term to test kid the some things, bringing politics into the classroom. i don't know if that is good idea. >> free press is guaranteed in the constitution, vital for our determine owning last is. i think we need to be able to ascertain what is valuable information and things that are just garbage. >> now, down the road, if we discredit any kind of news as fake news, that's the danger we will face. >> biggest cuprite, you see fake news on there all the time. but there are people, politicians out there, using the term fake news. when it is not fake. it is just something they don't like. >> political thing. >> that's the concern. >> okay? >> yes. >> when you think about it, book reports, bibliography,
8:21 am
can you not have one source, do you have write out, all of the different ones, proving what you put in your paper? maybe we have to go back to doing that for every story. i don't know. >> so many politicians cents cents say it is fake, when they just don't like the fact. >> what's what we have to be guarded against. >> thank you. >> whether i go back to harrisburg next week, i'll let you know what's happening. >> other states have done it. a pitiful moment. a local philanthropist, and i am talking a philly philanthropist, propose toss his girlfriends, on steve harvey show. i watched this. it was so sweet. >> but something is wrong. >> something did go wrong. and i'm not sure they're really engaged. but they're in our studio today. i'll brake the news to them. >> but first, kim kardashian,
8:22 am
now designing clothe, the new project that has the whole family pitching in. >> she is designing clothes for five or six years. by peggy lee playing ]
8:23 am
8:24 am
[ goat bleat ] [ crow caws, music continues ] this is gonna be awesome! when it comes to buying a house... trulia knows the house is only half of it. and with 34 map overlays like playgrounds, demographics, schools, and more... you can find the right house and the right neighborhood for you. trulia. the house is only half of it.
8:25 am
>> kim kardashian, no stranger when it comes to fashion, because kanye has his fashion line, everything, his shoes. but now launching kids line. >> oh, for -- >> maybe for northwest, everybody can look like them, well, they had a candid, see little north. >> she is cute. >> she is cute. >> and more than just a mozul, helped design some of the pieces, and she is just three years old. >> kim took to snap chat, no word on whether the kids line will be hitting stores, though. but, you know it is coming. >> well, good for them. >> the question is would you want your children to look like kim kardashian's children? >> no. >> if so, why don't you buy their clothes.
8:26 am
>> remember when kim was on our show, she had designed clothing that had big shoulder pads? >> and you made fun of it? >> little bit. >> will, kel and courtney were both on. i don't think they went anywhere. >> no, i think they sole their line, at k-mart, think i one at k-mart, too. >> k-mart, ya. >> so. >> i waited for it, but it didn't happen. >> really going to buy it? >> no. >> okay. >> this was cool. i watched it yesterday. nice moment. local philanthropist who we know propose toss his beautiful girlfriend, on the steve harvey show. but we look closely at this. something is wrong. i have to say they're not really engaged. >> really? you don't think they're edge guage in the. >> i'll breakdown this whole
8:27 am
scene, and break the bad news, because they're in studio right now. my hygienist told me to try...
8:28 am
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8:30 am
>> hostage crib is now over, at the correctional center, and we've learn one correctional office is her dead, as one of the hostages happened around 5:30 this morning, they found one of the hostages dead, and the other one able to be rescued and up and talking, talking about what happened. delaware governor john carry has released statement about this, he said, i'm praying hard for the fallen off the err's family there is serves as tragic remind their members of law enforcement risk their lives every day on be behalf of the people of delaware. we will stand by the fallen offer he's family and during what's extremely difficult time. this was long and agonizing situation. i want to thank all every those involved in responding. including officers at the department of corrections and
8:31 am
the delaware state police. as well as our federal partners, our priority now will be to determine what happened and how this happened. we will hold accountable anyone who was responsible. and we will make whatever changes had are necessary to ensure nothing like it ever happens again. >> looking at groundhog day, where we will see sunshine, right now bus stop buddy very bundle up, temperatures in the three's, but, they'll have to wear even more tomorrow. feels like 33, 39 degrees, high of 45, breezy afternoon. wind gusting as high as 25 miles per hour. we will get you ready for that cold weekend, bob kelly, coming up. >> cold. yes, little fender bender on the blue route. coming out of mid counting, on a thursday, another -- on 295, like the thirds one here this morning there is one southbound, right at route 38. and we are looking at delays on both septa paoli thorndale line and the lansdale
8:32 am
doylestown line. >> so cool. i was watching it local philanthropist, mia davis used to helping others. but this time he got help from steve harvey. >> used to helping others, because he has done so much on the air, one getting water bottles, making big donation to people in flint michigan, also wrote a book, step into greatness. >> i think he has three books out now. >> does so much work around the community. so you're right, now he got little help from steve harvey. >> well, he's gotten national attention, so steve had him on this national show. well, to propose to his girlfriends. >> but she didn't know it. >> really really remarkable, that's not the only reason i brought err you here today. >> it is not. >> take it away. >> one more thing i would like to show you.
8:33 am
>> oh. >> (applause). >> you are one of the most remarkable ladies i ever met in my life. have in you my life has changed my life forever. i love how compassionate you are. i love how toe take care of your daughter and love me. i thank you for everything you do for me. it wouldn't and better woman that i would want to share the rest of my life with. will you marry me? >> oh! >> awe. >> oh, here they are, you can see, still smiling, giggling. >> they're here. so this is what i noticed when i broke it down at home. i want to give you -- let's
8:34 am
play it again. the proposal part. you're down on one knee. and i don't know much about engagement rings, but i think you put it on the wrong hand. >> yes, i did. i made a mistake, you know, i think i was so nervous, i was in the midst of creating a life change for myself, i just any fink we are do. >> just jam it on her thumb? >> i should have. you know? that would have made it an even bigger deal. >> so were you like wait? >> i was -- i was part of the mistake, i gave him the wrong hand. i was so shocked. >> remind me, which hands is an engagement ring go on? >> really? >> i can never figure this out. >> i think he knows now. >> now i know. i knew then it was the left hands but i think the way we were positioned i just put on the ring, and she handed me the right hand. >> let's play it again. let's break it down. we have circles around it. and i wish i had a pointer. >> go to a diagram.
8:35 am
>> did the producers know? did the audience member scream? >> no, a lot of people is like wrong hand. i wish we could have screamed wrong hand. at that moment i was so in tune, i couldn't hear what anyone said. >> well, ya. >> we did it. they said hey we will fix it. >> well, i'll tell how is going to fix it, we'll fix it right now. i want you two to follow me over here. all right? now i believe that you were over on this side, right? >> yes. >> okay? is see the background here, rose pedals? >> i couldn't find the sun flare. >> this is good day version. >> so squeeze in little bit more. okay? >> and then down on one knee. >> yes, take the ring off her finger. and we will leave you out of this. >> okay? >> now, do you remember what you said? >> no, i don't. no, no. >> well, to paraphrase it.
8:36 am
>> sabifa you are the love of my life, so beautiful, so amazing i love how you care for me and your daughter and i believe you are the best woman to have in my life for the rest of my life. will you marry me? >> yes. >> she is still shaking. >> okay, now you have got to. com pull sorry hands up over your face. >> awe. >> and he picks her up. >> well, she got down on her knees, too. >> i'm right there with you, baby. >> well, congratulations. >> thank you very much. >> super. i want to know how you guys met? >> we met, we met at our last job, right, at the airport, atlantic aviation. >> what do you do there? >> i am customer rep. >> now, you've written a book now, too, now. about what? >> how it is okay to be a buddy instead after bully. >> oh, there you have. >> and you have a child? >> dow. >> and you guys all travel
8:37 am
together. i love seeing all of the pictures. i mean, you guys, how many different countries now? >> oh, my. i think this is 13. >> where are you here? >> we are in the cayman island. and that's venice, yes. >> and how old is your caughter? >> she is 11. >> eleven. five years? >> yes. >> so when is the wedding date? >> sometime in 2018. we are trying to pick the perfect date now, maybe in junior in april. >> once the engagement ring is on, you can stretch this out over three, four years. >> stop it. >> what? >> this year. >> we said we are going to wait, 2018, that way it can be planned, excellently and properly. >> oh, i like that. okay. >> beautiful couple. >> thank you. >> see you again, congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> beautiful ring, too. >> thank you. >> see, you get it right on our show, let alone on steve harvey. >> you know, steve is famous for making mistakes.
8:38 am
>> how adults feel about netflix original shows, like orange is the new black, compared to all of the others.
8:39 am
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. welcome to 8 and a half maple street. it's half a house. and even though it only has half a kitchen, half the closet space and a half bath, it's a full house to the wilsons. because they have fios, their half house has full internet, with uploads as fast as downloads. don't pay for uploads that aren't up to speed. get 150 meg internet with equal uploads and downloads, tv and phone for only $79.99 per month online for one year. only from fios.
8:41 am
>> according to survey by fosh, people think netflix is the least expensive, compared to hulo, hbo, amazon, people said it had the most interesting original content. i found this very surprising, because amazon is a great show called transparent. won so many awards. then when you think of hbo, west world, also has a lot of nominations, and really good. >> hbo used to be the dominant special channel, whatever we
8:42 am
call those special charges. >> true. i call it the more expensive ones, just saying. >> yes. >> that's why i don't have it. >> exactly. >> now, isn't facebook going to start making movies, too? >> facebook, says they'll start working on something like that. >> yes. >> when you think about netflix, wins a lot, then you have house of cards, people love. >> people like that one. >> oh, hbo. >> thank you, i haven't seen beep yet. >> let's get to this, our good friends, and photographer, here at fox. his name is jared, he come to work, clothing, he doesn't want to ruin, so we're doing a make over on him. >> let me tell you something. alycia has done her job, eddie a proves, giovanni here because we'll do some hair in a minute. i'm not even letting tori our remote producer see how good jared looks, and he looks so jared. so come on back. it is good. she has done well, right?
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
>> 8: 45, it is february 2nd, my that means, in case you missed for 2017, punxsutawney phil, or somebody who looks like him it, six more weeks every winter, because he saw his shadow. so he ran back into the borough as soon as they let
8:46 am
him. that was it. looks like little snow burst here, with a cold front coming through. north and west of the city, up toward the lehigh valley, maybe around reading, you might be even getting little coating on the ground. wasn't supposed to be any precipitation, but, we will see what happens, and if it makes it any further south. >> this cold front means that we have colder air coming in, starting tonight, and lasting all the way through the weekend. so it is 39 degrees right now. that probably on the be the high temperature tomorrow. thirty-six down in dover, delaware. twenty-six up in the mountains, 31 degrees out in lancaster, reading, above freezing, but we are seeing little bit of light precipitation. ooh degrees was our high yesterday. today, 45. but that's warmer than tomorrow. thirty-five. thirty-five again on saturday. we may reach 40 degrees sunday. but we will have mostly cloudy skies, chance of some precipitation in the afternoon and evening, rain, maybe changing over to snow. better handle on that tomorrow. al innings? >> thank you, sue.
8:47 am
well, are you ready for this? we've been talking about one of our fox 29 photographers, he's such a great personality, so funny, we love him. jared, okay? but some people don't love the way he dresses they think he can spruce it up little bit. so jen decided to give him a make over. and now that you have seen jared, and you have got tone know him little bit. time time for the reveal, new jared, jared 2.0. >> it is jared 2.0. i just want to introduce you to the glam squad. we have alycia, you know works with us at the station, good morning. >> good morninged. >> i the owner every century 21, and giovanni here. your work has not gun yet. but we have brought in you to maybe spiff up the hair. i say i wanted him in something like. >> this you say? >> way too much. jar sped not ready for this stuff yet. >> should we do the big reveal? move out of the way. okay, jared, so us what you look like. okay, what is he snaring. >> okay, so he has on j brand jeans, killer low profile green swayed puma is sneakers,
8:48 am
so on point right now socially acceptable, he can wear this to work, thayer out to bar, dinner, with his new girlfriend, his wife, who ever. >> we won't let that happen, sorry, maureen. loving his vest, really finishes off. we put him in this button down, comfortable, evolution, teaching jared, couple little things. >> little. >> little upbeat, to make him look put together. finishing it offer with a belt. i think he looks like a million bucks, but he looks like jared. he looks like a more refined version of jared. guess what? he is wearing clothes that fit him. >> that was the thing, he thought he was couple sizes up. you immediately were -- >> i knew right away he was definitely not the size we picked out for him. look at this guy. mike, i got it same, we un shluved. look at him. gorgeous. >> and he looks great. >> but you like this low high profile sneaker, something you wear to business meeting? >> i do absolutely. i'll wear jeans to work and wear nice sneakers, but
8:49 am
they're not like the old stuff where you're playing ball, they're like these, like lifestyle shoes real. >> i jared? how do you like it? >> you know what? not bad. >> by the way, how do i look, right? would you wear this? >> ya, i got swag. >> ya? would you wear this to work or this saturday night? >> coy potentially work in this. >> he's worried about working. >> so giovanni, jared doesn't want a haircut. i see you have little bit longer hair. but i think there is some minor tweaks that can you do for jar ned. >> yes. i'll tweak his hair, and make him -- >> did he shave his neck for us. i wanted to shave his neck. all right. so, coming up. we will do special occasion. okay? but again, it will be jared's special occasion. guys, what do you think? >> i like it. truely foremen, it is about
8:50 am
the fit t has to feel uncomfortable to look good. >> stop it. dow like the fit of the jeans. >> no, he's comfortable. >> the jeans are certainly an update. i like the shoes! >> buy the way -- >> he consideration he can. >> tell him to do some stretches. >> touch my toast. >> there go. >> sit indian style. >> just kidding. >> his wife called. his wife called. and said please come home immediately after your shift. >> oh,. >> yes. >> i know? i've been getting emails about jared. he's looking swag. >> he's looking good. >> okay. this is cool. soup secret is what i'm calling it. and it has been revealed. the folks over at campbell's, soup company, over in camden. >> just a christ the river. >> across the river. found a recipe that is 100 years old in some cabinets somewhere, and they're making
8:51 am
it again. we'll taste it, see what it is like, and then the folk over at franklin fountain took the same suppan made tomato soup ice cream. which sounds horrible. we will taste it.
8:52 am
my man friend that i've been seeing... your man friend. like, as i was leaving i was like, "goodbye, i love you," and like... (laughs) what'd he say? i said, "don't say anything!" oh god! (laughs) 'cause now like, this is the cliffhanger, so we don't know if he loves you. what's gonna happen if he doesn't?
8:53 am
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we took internet speed and completely reinvented it, introducing fios instant internet. internet the way it should be. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. judge there sunday, we'll have a half time show. >> lady gaga theme. watch the superbowl, this is what you do, wake up in the morning, turn us on, probably 6:59, i say, you don't want to miss the beginning of the show. >> just lay in bed, whatever. >> and then you will watch from 7:00 to 10:00. then just leave it on fox,
8:55 am
okay? superbowl going to start at 6:30, see all of the pre show things, get it altogether. >> eighteen hours of pre shows before the game starts at about 6:30. >> exactly. >> and, you know what? take pictures of your -- the table, you know, that you have, your smacks and stuff, maybe ready to go. >> yes, let us know. >> and sends it into us. >> okay. >> now, i've over done it by the way. because i've invited maybe ten different restaurant to bring food in. >> and i've invited some people too. >> it will be interesting. >> it was one -- yes. >> one pack party. >> it will be packed. >> one of the king celebrity impressions, from saturday night live, he does so many different characters. he's performing in philly today, i'll tell you where. >> and it is news lighting up the internet, beyonce expanding the beehive by two. she is having twins. how news new babies are shattering internet records. and you have to see how people are reacting to this. i mean, my goodness.
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
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8:59 am
>> it is groundhog day, that rat said we have six more weeks every winter. >> hey, why call him a rat? they have feeling, too. >> does he? >> would you want to be called a rat? >> i've been called a rat many times, over the years. >> the lovely karen hepp, look like a dandy lion. >> great mood today. thank you. >> it just seems -- nice and bright. i like. >> you know why i'm kind of happy for this hour, and people on twitter, oh, wait around for the nine hour
9:00 am
because all heck breaks loose. >> he does great impressions, comedian jay pharaoh, from saturday night live, does so many good ones, jay-z, does the president, all of that. anyway, he will appear at a comedy club tonight. i'll tell you where that is. >> some are healthier, did you know? coming up: we will show you the best options to cut calories at the superbowl party. we know everyone trying to watch their weight. still want to enjoy the superbowl. >> and then jen continues to make over one of our photographers. jared, so this hour, we are doing special occasion, okay? by the way jared is getting his hair done, by the way, hey, bathing suit here too! ya, let's put him in a bathing suit. >> oh, no. >> bye, guys. >> a bathing suit? i don't know that i've ever seen jared in a tie. i've seen him at weddings but i'm moth sure he had a tie on. he may not


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