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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  February 6, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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again more cracks are found in the cars. crowded commute expected this morning, and then this... >> pitch to white, he is in, patriots win the super bowl. >> brady does it again, new england patriots are the champions after a dramatic overtime come back, to see the catch that is being called one of the greatest in history. plus... >> ♪ >> were you dancing? one nation, superstar was flying high, literally, her electrifying half time show plus her major announcement after her performance. >> i have to see what it is, i miss that had one. good morning to you. >> are you wearing patriots blue. >> i think as i go through my mind you get on the band wagon
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after they won. we will bring sue in with our math the mathy ice. people can't believe it. i didn't get to see it the. >> i went to bed thinking it was done and then he did it. he did do it again. good day to you it is monday february 6th, monday after super bowl. we know how you are feeling. we are dealing with the septa situation, brace yourself. it will be a rough ride this morning. septa pulled tossens of cars so crews can closely inspect them. that means there will be delays. >> we will track this one all morning long, could be some problems. lets get the out to sabina kuriakose live over at transportation center at 69th street with the very latest in just a second but first with our team coverage, bob kelly, you lead us off. >> good morning. this started yesterday afternoon with the alert from septa. folks didn't even know about it getting lost in their twit error their facebook feeds there because of the super bowl. a crack was found in the main structural beam underneath one of the market frankford line cars. other inspections showed
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another crack. as a precaution they have pulled 40 cars, from service for this morning's rush hour. regular rush hour, runs with 144 cars and that is transportation from the 69th street terminal all the way up to northeast philadelphia, at frankford transportation center. here's what you can expect, they typically run trains every ten minutes. that gap will be widened, this morning. so longer gaps between the trains, the platforms will be overcrowded, and septa, however, something they have never done before and it will be a good idea putting shuttle bus services in, in addition, to the trains. so a two for one here. trains will run up top and when that platform at the station gets overcrowded or the train gets bypassed the platform the shuttle bus service will be running down below. lets go out to 69th street terminal our own sabina is out there. what are you hearing from the commuters so far this morning. >> reporter: good morning, bob we have one right here. i'm here inside 69th street
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and thinking let me try to grab some of these people rushing by. won't you know kevin walks right up to me, good morning, sir. >> good morning, how are you. >> reporter: pretty good. i'm glad you came up to me. where are you heading. >> heading to work. >> reporter: what did you do to prepare? first of all how did you find out. >> i watch one of my favorite news stations, "fox news" and get prepared for this morning. >> reporter: love to hear that what did you think when you saw the news. >> i was disappointed. i figured i would get prepared for the rush so i left in a sufficient amount of time to allow myself for the actual time that it would be running behind schedule. so, just making sure i was prepared this morning. >> reporter: how big a deal is this just with work. >> not the a big deal. you just have to be prepared. nothing that you can do about it. i'm not in control of the situation, so therefore i just leave a few minutes at a time and hopefully that toss than the affect me after making my
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connection toss get to work. >> reporter: kevin, thanks for taking a few minutes out of your already delayed commute to talk to us. so again hearing it from people not finding out from septa, they are finding out from frustrates. keep it tuned to us this morning we will have the latest updates, guys, back to you. >> sue, back to you. >> kevin ace pope eighthly bundled up for a winter morning, february but it is not extremely cold. eight out of ten as a matter of fact. with buddy off to a cold start as he recovers from the watching the super bowl last night, most of the wind chills this is the 30's this morning. no precipitation. here's where we are in the city. 40 degrees is the temperature. wind chill, feels like temperature is 33. sunrise time is 7:04 and we should see, a lot of sunshine today, a few clouds here and there, 43 by lunchtime topping off at 48 and then for february 6th, that is what we call a nice afternoon. we will talk about the rain on the way coming up, guys.
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pitch to white, he is in for, patriots win the super bowl. >> super bowl 51 was one for the history books. tom brady willing patriots to make an incredible come back against falcons in the thrilling overtime and giving brady his fifth super bowl victory. >> so patriots quarterback super bowl performance has cemented him as one of the greatest of all times single handily overcoming, 25-point deficit to clinch the win. this has they ever been before seen, in super bowl history. lets get right out to steve keeley with all of this happening right now, steve? >> reporter: well, been trying to make every hittive rent which i try to do every day. what are previous deficits overcome. patriots one of the three teams that over came ten-point deficits. so, nothing like 25 points.
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so ten points was the most ever. in fact funniest one was washington and denver. broncos were up ten to nothing they ended up getting blown out 42-ten after taking a ten to nothing lead. by the way, people have arrived, finally. so have the newspaper. we will be hearing some reaction from his local people stopping at wawa now that they are finally awake and we will sees local papers and a surprise, when it comes to the local papers, one paper is really devoted to the game. another paper is kind of like, big deal. no big deal. it is not our big news story of the day. we will show you that when we see you next. meantime we will show you this play, if you missed it, even if you saw it, you just can't believe it and want to see it again. great catch by julian edelman, 2:28 left in the game, without this catch patriots do not win this game, they do not even tie the game. this is still fourth quarter and they need to keep drive alive to get touchdown and
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that two-point commercial and he makes this catch. he is only 5-foot ten, one of the smalles players in the nfl , three falcons hanging on him, one a taller cornerback tips the ball and edelman somehow catches it. falcons challenged it. >> you know, edelman's catch was an unbelievable play. as was julio jones catch on the side line. that was another tremendous play. there is a lot of great plays tonight. they played great. we were able to make a couple more plays than our opponents were. that was a great football game a lot of great players on the field. >> you know how you can get connected to the team, how hard they can play for one another, of course, there is gains from that. there is never a way to get over the loss but what is does is some of that toughness you have to go through, it does make you stronger. >> reporter: as shocking as this game was, one of the shockers came from the super
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bowl party on fox nine this is morning. the karen hepp showing up with her three kid, karen, i was shock your youngest is three years old and my question to you, already did you let oldest kid stay up and watch the game and alex, did you let your only kid stay up and watch the game little mikey jerrick. >> that could be part of the problem. >> i went to sleep. i could not stay up. i think mike's walking back in and none of my kid could stay up. we all went to bed after gaga. >> they thought it was over. okay, it is all right to go to bed. no way they will come back. they did it again. we will talk about this all throughout the morning and bring our sports guys in, and we have to break down what happened. 6:08. travelers from the seven predominantly muslim countries targeted by president donald trump are enjoying reunions in the u.s. after federal judge swept the ban aside. that ban blocked a christian syrian family from relatives in pennsylvania and later this morning the assali family they
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fly to jfk after being turned way at the philadelphia international the just a week ago. family is christian with legal immigration visas who worked for more than a tech cade to join their other family in the u.s. in a statement released by office of pennsylvania governor tom wolf, the governor says in part we are look forward to welcoming these families back to pennsylvania. our commonwealth, which was founded by immigrants escaping persecution has always welcomed people from all over the world to share in realizing the american dream. you may have gotten an alert during the middle of the super bowl game and then there was an amber alert? we have new details about the abduction case that came out of columbia count that i two-year old girl that was missing has been found found and safe. this alert went out, blaring that pennsylvania state police said that someone kidnaped that little child alexis webb er from her home in central will pennsylvania just about 7:00 o'clock. details surrounding how she was found were not released but they did find the car she was in abandoned a short
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distance away. i remember when that went up, i was with my parents like my goodness. >> buzz is so loud, even if you have it on silence. >> even on the tv, so glad to hear she was safe. one nation, under gaga superstar's electrifying half time show plus her major announce. after her performance, did you catch it? our other big story this morning, it is going to be septa problems, we will have more of the cars that had cracks they pulled them out of service so what will that mean for your commute? we have team coverage on all that.
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♪ god bless america to me this part was so cool, seeing all of those, and then their way down to the field, tans are still buzzing about lady gaga's high flying half time show. >> that was beautiful. >> then she got to party. she did her favorites like poker fans, and bad romance. as if that was not enough lady gaga had another gift for fans after the show she teased her
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world tour on twitter. stay tuned for where that will happen but she has announced it. >> tour's coming here, tickets go on sale, today, this morning, bob kelly put this out, september it is coming, bob. >> september, sunday night, so i put in for monday morning off on september 13th i believe. >> you are a gaga fan. >> yes. >> you liar. >> i will get my boots on. >> is what your favorite. >> poker face. >> yes. >> there is a project at jfk boulevard closed between 20th and schuylkill avenue we will update that septa mess this morning. the here's a live look, where we will see buses on market street stay there we will be right back.
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you're waking up as patriots as super bowl champions and the crack here on september's market frankford line trains. the here's what happened. sometime yesterday afternoon they are making general inspections and they found a crack in the main structural beams underneath one of the market frankford line cars. further inspection they found another car, they inspect a bunch of other ones and they pulled 40 cars from service yesterday for our morning rush hour. typically a rush hour has 144 cars, that operate from 69th
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street to the frankford transportation center. we're down 40. kind of the same scenario we had to tiehl with the regional rails. here's what you can expect, longer gaps between trains. they normally run every ten. that will widen. the platforms could be overcrowded but septa's throwing in shuttle bus services. almost a two for one session here. trains are going to run, all trains, making all stops but when those platforms are overcrowded, the commuters, will be pushed on to the shuttle buses that will also than running simultaneously, underneath here, along market street, here the same route and same stops natalie trains would be running this all happened yesterday, septa hoping that it is a super bowl holiday today for folks, maybe folks took day off, maybe they will get a late start and therefore that will spread that rush hour out over a number of hours. they have a press conference set for 1:00 o'clock this afternoon. but hopefully combination of the trains, buses will get us
6:18 am
through the morning rush hour. there is some debris here on 422 right by route 724. i overheard last night, leave it there we will get it the in the morning. well, that is what you wake up to. that is sue's house. that is picture from sue's kitchen table. >> oh, god. >> you know how long it took me to clean up high snack stadium yesterday. could not believe it. anyway, here we are, it is super bowl monday, and we have got roller coaster temperatures, throughout the week, see in the seven day forecast and rain for hid will of the week. for hose of us it will be just rain but we have to watch the thursday morning situation, for possible wintry mix. just some of your head lines as we start your workweek. hopefully you are not feeling too fuzzy this morning. we don't have any problems with the weather. we will jump in our future cast to tomorrow to see that rain arriving around four or 5:00 in the morning. light at that point but heavier rain comes in by midday, and it looks like that
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sticks around, on and off for the rest of the day, and then here we go, this is late wednesday night into thursday morning, it is possibility of snow in the mountains, the question remains what will happen here. we will have answer to that, better idea tomorrow. here's your roller coaster to go up to 61 by wednesday, down into the mid 30's by thursday and friday and then backup by sunday we have a high of 53 degrees. getting dizzy. >> a little bit. >> that looks great. >> we will take it. >> yes. >> some variety there. >> emotional reunion at nation 's airports after trump administration travel restrictions were lifted. >> as you know a court order by a judge has allowed immigrants seven majority muslim countries back into the u.s. but this issue is not over. it will go back to a bat. >> karen hepp is at the white house to see what they have to say about this. >> it plans to fight for tell rare i travel ban to be
6:20 am
reinstated if it means going all the way up to the supreme court, within just the last few hours travelers have started to arrive in this country to hug, and tears, emotional reunions. these are families from boston , minneapolis. one an overjoyed husband a american citizen from somalia has not seen his wife and children in two years. trump says goal of his executive order is to keep terrorist from slipping this this country. he is lashing out at federal why for putting the bandon hold, he cannot believe a judge would put our country in such peril. if something happens, blame him and the court system. people pouring in. bad. and, i have instruct home land security to check people coming into our country very carefully. the courts are making the job very difficult. in the meantime, another big development today senate is preparing to confirm trump 's choice for secretary of the education, betsy devos.
6:21 am
vote is expected to be so close because two republicans say they will in the vote for her that vice-president mike pence say he will break the tie, if necessary. she has faced sharp criticism from the teachers unions for her promotion of school choice but she could be confirmed by today or tomorrow and, of course, guys there is that local family that was one of the first turned away on that saturday when that order went into place, they will be coming in today, to jfk and back in our area to meet our family in the lehigh valley. >> that is good, all right. here's something, not everything went right for tom brady last night, even they it seems like it did. what the super bowl winner, lost, after the game. go to protect your vehicle?
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good morning i'm sean bell although, it may not be a good morning depend on who you were rooting for in the super bowl unbelievable game last night, that left us all, completely shocked, beginning of the third quarter falcons with a
6:25 am
choke hold on the day, matt ryan right here to kevin coleman for touch town. falcons take a 28-three lead but then it all far apart, tom brady and patriots storm back, scoring touchdown and two-point conversion to tie the game up at 28, all then in overtime it is white, one more time, that is the game winning touchdown right there. patriots with the the greatest come back in super bowl history 34-28. brady/belichick officially the goats. >> you never necessity which play it will be in the super bowl and there was probably 30 of them tonight, anyone of these were different the outcome could have been different. i'm so proud of our guys, the coaches, the team, unbelievable. >> that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. >> as much as it makes me sick , i agree with the daily news. you got the to hand it to them >> that is true. >> no one has done what he has
6:26 am
done. >> wow. >> there was a damper on the night of celebration, for tom though, apparently the patriots quarterback suspects his game winning jersey was stolen from the the locker room. i don't know, the nfl tweet this post saying this video of tom brady said someone stole my game day jersey after annex stream search it has not been found in the locker room. brady suspects he will see it on e bay soon, for thousands of dollars. >> do you think he will buy it back. he has honey. >> i guess he could. >> you make a history that should be on the wall or something. >> i still can't believe they won the gamey can't believe it >> but as much as i hate to say it. you gotta hand it to them. >> dang. they were at one point town 28
6:27 am
-three. >> yes. >> they came back and won it. >> people thought it was over. >> if you talk to lauren johnson yet. >> i texted her before i went to bed. they were winning. i said you got this girl, congrats. >> she was posting pictures of celebrating with champagne. >> yeah. >> really. >> yes. >> i did see her social media post. she will always represent atl, so we will see. >> born and raised in atlanta she must be feeling sick. we have to get to this other story because we have talk about septa all summer long. septa is off the rails again, more cracks are found in those cars. >> we will check with sabina live in upper darby, getting some updates for us. >> reporter: hey, good morning guys, we are right in the middle of of rush hour, right now, and we are talking to the commuters we will tell you how they are dealing with this rough start to the workweek coming up when we back in a
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ it isn't just about vision, it's about care. nobody cares for eyes more than pearle. why this morning's commute could be a tricky one. >> thank you to the fans this boston, new england, we love you. been with us all year. we are bringing this home. >> oh, gosh. >> tom brady does it again. he has a ring for his thumb,
6:31 am
now. what started out as falcons. >> that is a look on peoples faces. >> they are shocked. >> yes, but then what did you think of lady gaga. i will say, i will go out on a limb, out on a roof, and it is easily in the top five best performances in all of these years. >> do you think so. >> in my opinion, would you agree. >> it was pretty cool. >> the favorite part was the drones, how do they do that, all together and synchronized. >> i don't know. >> your lap top is freaking out. >> yes. >> my ipad is just going nuts. >> maybe it is upset. >> maybe falcons fan has a hold of this. >> it is going crazy. >> doing all kind of things there. >> i thought it was in the top five best performances of half time ever. >> do you think because of the
6:32 am
roof. >> just everything. changing costumes. >> make up and everything else >> hair was long, short. >> even make up change. >> how did they do it, sue. >> non-stop energy the whole time, i totally agree with you >> she might be gone go to number one, now prince was my favorite. >> i liked michael jackson. >> michael jackson. >> she is in the top five. >> yeah. >> over 51 years. >> let us know, tweet us. >> right, that is the best part when we change another thoughts on twitter. well, sometimes it is the best part. >> i take that back. winter coat on bus stop buddy, of course, because most of our wind chills are in the 30's this morning. even with 40 degrees, it feels like 33. sunrise at 7:04 as the days continue to get longer but wind chills, some of them in the 20's at the this point so keep that in mind. you might to have wait longer
6:33 am
for your transportation, bob will have details on that in a second but here's your planner for monday. plan on sunshine. it looks like a nice afternoon we have a high temperature of 48 degrees, and then sunset happening now at 5:27. so, yeah, days are getting longer but so is the wait for transportation, in some cases, bob kelly. >> long wait this morning, we will see how this develops. 6:33. happened yesterday afternoon at normal check of the septa trains, they found, crackness two trains along the main structural beam underneath two of the market frankford line trains. so they have pulled 40 cars out of service for the morning rush hour. a normal morning rush hour runs with 144 cars, and then, of course, transportation from the 69th street terminal up to the frankford transportation center. here's what you can expect this morning. trains will run every ten minutes that gap will widen. platforms overcrowded. but septa using shuttle bus
6:34 am
service in addition to the trains. trains will still run, every train is a local train making all stops but there will be septa employees at the station lath form, and i should say at entrance to the station, and that platform, and, and train passes by, it is packed, leaving commuters on that commuters, and and two for one today, trains will run above and buses will run also, at least for this morning rush hour, until we can see exactly what they will shake out,. >> cracks again. >> a crack the in the main support beam, underneath the car, of the market frankford line. >> they advertise covered them now this was just discovered. >> they found it yesterday, they did some other checks. they found a second car with another one, and -- >> they are being careful. >> being careful at this point they have a press conference
6:35 am
set for 1:00 o'clock with more information. >> what do you think it looks like at 69th street station in upper darby. >> well, sabina has been talking to people trying to get a ride there, sabina. >> reporter: good morning, guys. we are in the thick of the morning rush hour here and folks we have been talking to, well, they tell us they did not find out from septa, they were actually watching us, the news this morning. that is kind of how they figured it out. folks told us they were leaving some extra time to head out to work this morning, because they knew that these delays were happening. now we are looking around, hi sir have you been dealing with the delays this morning. >> no, we're not. >> reporter: lets go to the sound, from earlier this morning with people heading out here this morning and they were not happy with what is going on. >> i had no idea, people got to get to work. this is only reliable source of transportation, because a lot of people don't drive here in the city.
6:36 am
a lot of upset people too. but hey what can we do. we have to do what we have to do. >> reporter: all right. back out here live, so, you can see it is tough to track people down when they are all running to catch their trains. folks telling me that they just don't want to run late because some of them didn't feel like they got enough advanced notice, of course, as you mentioned septa found out about this all late yesterday so they were trying to push out those alerts where folks just waking up heading out on their monday morning commute and then this is how they found out that everything was going on. we will be out here live and talk to more people for now guys, back to you. >> more importantly aren't you recently even gauged. >> i am congratulations. >> i missed you mike, you are the best. >> congrats. we will get more details. >> is he a nice guy.
6:37 am
>> reporter: i was trying to hide it. >> you cannot hide that ring. >> we can see that. >> it is bling,ing. lets get back to this big game last night. i'm sickened by it but like the daily news you got a hand it to them. >> they were celebrating and we will get to joe waltman how was it when he pulled that off >> reporter: absolutely dizzy ing. i was joking that i have to go back and watch the game. it is impossible to take it in while inside the actual stadium. it was absolutely pandemonium, every single person wrote off patriots. patriots fans were cursing at tom brady. i went to get a pretzel and they were saying things i cannot say on the air waves about their own star quarterback and people were posting on facebook i will tune into homeland, patriots fans and now tom brady is, he
6:38 am
is the second coming. he is in their eyes the greatest quarterback this is history of the game. >> probably so. >> for good reason he has won five super bowl, same with bill belichick and patriots fans could not be happier at a time earlier in the game when they had no chance. >> they want to know how falcons fans were feeling because they were riding high and then it was over. >> reporter: well, falcons fans are probably not going to work to take. >> no. >> might be on vacation rest of the week. it will be a rough week for them. i know you wanted to ask me about the whole tom brady jersey fiasco because that was a surreal cap to an unbelievable evening. legend has hit that tom brady walk in the locker room after all of the celebrations and went to go get his game worn jersey and it was gone. he swore he put it into a bag in the locker in his own
6:39 am
locker, and that it simply disappeared. so that was the $64,000 question trying to figure out what happened. tom brady was really upset. he looked confused, dazed and saying it will probably pop up on e bay and bob kraft said he will look for it on line. it turns out an equipment manager locked it up for safe keeping. >> okay. >> so this is new, we have not heard, so it has been found. >> yes. >> it has been found. >> yes. >> what is lost has now been found. >> i follow you on instagram. your kids are so cute. >> reporter: thank you, i appreciate it. the last report, i should have talk about my kids for two. >> and your wife is gorgeous. she used to work here in philadelphia over channel three. >> life is good for joel. >> they are partying all the
6:40 am
time. >> that is right. >> bye. >> no sleep and i'm taken. >> take care. >> see you back here on the east coast. we have been reporting all morning natalie jersey has been stolen but found. >> equipment manager has it. >> what will he do with the jersey, frame it? >> well, who knows. i don't care. maybe put tonight a museum. >> i don't care, he has five super bowl rings. i will get to the teases. fans are still buzzing, about lady gaga's high flying half time show, she started out from the top, roof of the stadium, belting out god bless america which i thought was a great touch before being lowered on suspension cables. then she got right into fan favorites like poker face just dance but look at how great she looks like up in the
6:41 am
stadium. >> look at those drones. >> i can't get over the drones , they formed a flag. >> then the stars of the pepsi logo. >> what did you think. >> is it best ever. >> we will have more on the super bowl victory for the patriots. talk dramatic come back. we will see what happened and when did the falcons just give up the game. >> it makes me sick.
6:42 am
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6:44 am
problems on septa's market frankford line. i just talked to septa, they said 6:45 that magic hour when they start to see rush hour really pick up yesterday a general normal inspection found a crack in one of the main structural beams underneath a car on the market frankford line. they did more inspections and found another one. as preprecaution they have pulled 40 out of the morning rush hour. regular morning rush hour runs with 144 cars so we are down 40 from that number. longer gaps between the trains , especially moving in the height of the rush hour they will sit there longer to allow passengers to board and exit. platforms could be overcrowded
6:45 am
in addition to the train service. train will run, and down below street level shuttle buses will supplement, for passengers stuck on the platforms or some of the busier stations, when things become busy, on the road this morning, westbound on the schuylkill expressway, an accident right here, west of city between city, and belmont avenue. police are not on the scene yet, here, and, south of i-95, and speaking of a crash we have a deal with the turnpike connection bridge, and, that is still closed this morning. and of course, using scudder falls, and, what is the forecast, and what is the forecast looking like, 152nd.
6:46 am
this roller coaster it is mostly rain in the forecast, and, so we will see, what is happening, and future cast, dry, sunshine, and we're okay around midnight. five or 6:00 we have scattered showers, and then heavier rain moves in at 11c o'clock or noon. it is pouring in places. left over showers on tuesday. during the day wednesday temperatures will plunge but by the time we get to late night, we will get the snow in the mountains but that is as far as we go, for right now. but we will have a better handle on that 38 in wildwood and 26 in mount pocono. and most of the wind chills are in the 20's and freezing.
6:47 am
wind are 10 miles an hour. weather will not get in the way anymore our trade off is some rain. mildest day is wednesday high of 61, temperatures plunge this is 30 and then we have a chance of rain and then temperatures again over weekend. >> i was watching the game with my phone in my hand and you were tweeting out some great stuff. >> yes. >> instagraming great picture. >> when i was watching falcons were doing great stuff, 21 to nothing at one point. i don't feel bad about having to go to bed early. then moment when tom brady they showed him on the bench. >> yes. >> i saw this. >> he was tea joked. >> he said this is new meme. everybody will be talking about this. say good bye to my mom and dad n bed. got under covers. i was out. i wake up. check my phone.
6:48 am
i say this every where. celebrations. he is winning. smiling tom brady what happened. >> well, at one point the falcons were up by 25. up by 25. then incredible come back. etan saunder is here, one of the best super bowl ever. >> one of the best? the best. >> you say the pest super bowl ever. >> this is not prisoner of the moment right now. look at the magnitude. you are talking about the leg is of brady and belichick down 28-three in the third quarter coming back at that level, and also the accomplishment of being out for four games this year and sticking it back to the commissioner in the end. everything from the theater to the stage, and to come back itself puts this as best you have ever seen. >> everybody is calling it big finally to the the brady revenge tour. >> that is what it is. he missed four games. everybody in boston, and new england hates him.
6:49 am
roger goodell doesn't even she up to patriots games in the playoffs. you could hear how loud boos were. goodell handed it over. >> difficult not stay up to watch handshake and all that. >> there was a moment, when tom brady and goodell, they had a hand shame. >> robert kraft the owner. >> there is a little handshake and there was a small exchange where i'm sure roger goodell said i'm sorry, tom. >> at the end. >> and then there was dead fish handshake this which robert kraft. >> you would be goodell. >> i'm goodell. >> you are goodell. yes. good to see you. >> it is, one of those. >> he should have been punish. >> yes. >> there are signs. >> we're not here to debate science but come back and best super bowl we have ever even. >> what was the moment when
6:50 am
falcons just lost it. >> they were up. >> defining moment. >> it was 28-12. there was a third down and short. second half they decided to throw football. this was an andy reid play book. i don't know why 49ers have a new coach in kyle shanahan calling plays for falcons. you are up so much. >> why keep them throwing. >> it doesn't make any sense. third and one all you need to toys hand football over to one of the two running back who were killing patriots in the first half. i don't get it. this is reason right here falcons lose. >> you think this is turn around of the game. >> you could feel momentum starting to go to the patriots big games like this are always decided in four or five plays. that was one. that is all you need to shift momentum to the other side and you knee it, when they got this touchdown here to bring them right back to 28-20 after two-point conversion. >> you knew. >> just a matter of time.
6:51 am
>> didn't you have that feeling. >> yeah. >> it was just matter on have time before tom brady lead his team down. did he not play well in the first half. he was awful. >> what about that one catch, an amazing catch, it looks like he put his hand under the ball. >> did he catch it. >> he did. people looked at replay. this is julian he had he will hand and this will be one of the greatest catches. >> against three falcons. >> look at this replay. >> my goodness. >> amazing. >> that will go down david tyr e, lynn swann catch we have seen where he is bobbling it in the air. this is best thing that came out of the in the game in one of the most facing catches. >> it was real. >> he is one of the most under rated guys we have seen. he is such a key element of their success and makes little will lays and then huge lays that he can just watch over
6:52 am
and over again. >> talk about a change there going from that viral shot of the brady on the bench. >> to that video, over and over again. >> i posted that shot. i had an issue a correction because he brought it back. >> you weren't the only one. >> what did you think of half time. >> it was great. >> it was one of the best half time show ever. >> i'm not a fan of lady gaga but the production value was unbelievable. >> i loved how she came down, right there, elevates out of the sky. >> did you happen to see our super bowl show yesterday. >> in the morning. >> leading up to it. >> i caught a glimpse. >> a tease was hilarious right out of the kick pickings in the cups. >> we had a lady gaga impersonator. >> yes. >> it looks good. >> it was good. >> a guy named patrick. >> i thought it was jeffery. >> jeffery. >> memorable impression. >> yes. >> jeffery's very sweet. >> not bad at all.
6:53 am
>> so hang around we will do some more next hour. >> yes. >> where are we going. >> we are taking a break. >> i'm totally loss. >> we will get you together. >> brady does that to you. >> i know.
6:54 am
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weird bets out there. >> there was one person who was feeling, worse this morning, then i would think any falcons fan. >> why is that? >> well, an anonymous gambler bet on atlanta, 1.1 million-dollar that they would win, to cover the three-point spread, okay. there is only three points. if the tall cons had won, that better would have been one million-dollar richer. but instead he is now out a lot of money. >> wow. >> i hope though if you bet that much money, you have that much money or a lot more so it is not that bad. >> think how he was feeling in the first half. think how he was feeling in the third quarter. i to the this. >> falcons fans were going to bed. he is cashing his honey.
6:57 am
>> counting it. >> and then the stinking patriots, i should quit saying that. i will not say anything bad about them again. i will go back to them. >> give them their respect. >> you gotta hand it to em. >> yes. >> tom brady is my hero, would i make out with him right now. >> would you. >> yes. >> okay. >> you will probably never meet him. >> probably not. >> well, bob were you as surprised as we were. >> definitely surprised. i went to bed were four minutes left in the third quarter, figuring we had it in the bank. it was over. i don't know what is going on here. we had an accident east on the schuylkill expressway. we will take a cool shot of the reading, pennsylvania where we're waking up with sun glare this morning. wilmington. i'm sorry, wilmington delaware sun glare in wilmington and reading, and we have cracks on the septa market frankford line trains. we will have tea tails. get a cup of coffee, regroup, see you back here in two and a
6:58 am
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it will get bad. the it will be really backed up. >> cracked cars leads to another crowded commute, chaos for septa as dozens of its cars are out of service, yet again, this morning. what you need to necessity before heading out the door. reunited at last, a local family torn apart during a


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