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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  February 9, 2017 3:30am-4:00am EST

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>> bracing for snow, our area expect being significant accumulation. >> the music is playing right now, maybe frozen, our meteorologist, scott williams, tracking our forecast, he is timing the track of the storm, and how many inches we can expect. and that change-over from rain to snow. >> we have team coverage from neighborhoods across the delaware valley, everything you need to know on this very special edition of good day philadelphia. >> good morning, everybody. it is been a busy day, we decided to wake up extra early, first ones on, to get everyone where they need to be. >> let it snow. >> hey, everybody, all right, yesterday you know the high temperature, right? >> sixty-six.
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>> wow. we've been at 70, 71, places like at atlantic city, 70 in dover, yet temperatures dropping. >> we had so many school closings already in right now. i just check. we have dozens, major district, decide to go close. >> scrolling on the bottom of your screen. look for. that will also the latest on home page once again we have you covered every step of the way. are we still on track? >> looks like everything is still on track. of course, the system, moving a little faster, that's something that we will watch throughout the morning. but of course, temperatures, they're dropping north and west, and already looking at some of the first flakes, especially north and west. here is a live look right now at the reading berks county area. temperatures have been dropping. few flakes have been falling. yesterday we had highs in the 60s, even low 70s, but certainly it is a shock to the system. take a look at ultimate doppler you can see the swat of moisture moving west to east. the green, that's all rain,
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that's in parts of south jersey, even in philadelphia, still looking at that rainfall, but once you move into berks county, the lehigh valley, the poconos, that is where we have already gun to see the transition from rain over to snow. so kind of take a tour across the area, and show you what we're watching. we're watching those temperatures, watching that precipitation right now. take a look at places like allentown, mount pocono, dealing with some of the transition snow right now. also, looking at the critical temperatures. so as we zoom in closer right now, see what we're watching. keeping tabs on the temperatures, and also those snowfall rate. it will create it own environ tonight support the snow. take a look at allentown, moving toward mount pocono right now, reading, starting to see little bit of the rain changing over to some wet snow. we will kind of zoom in little closer to the philadelphia area, i-95, it is all rain, temperatures are still above average and above freezing. we are looking at the moderate
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rain moving toward philadelphia, moving toward wilmington, also toward trenton, just dealing with little bit of the rain. but, lower pottsgrove, moving toward say perkasie, hills town, looking at some of the rain changing over to some snow. so we watch that transition line continue to move from north to south over the next couple of hours. take a look at the visibility, this tells the story about who is seeing some of the snow. down to allentown, also, mount pocono, looking at three quarters after mile, so that's where we're looking at the snow. winter storm warnings still pretty much area-wide specially interior parts of south jersey, i995 corridor, points north and west, where we are looking at most of the accumulating snowfall. where we have the advisories, places like dover, cumberland county, atlantic county, cape may county, those will likely be areas that see the rip-off zones. so let's go hour by hour. where you see the temperatures above freezing, that's where we're still dealing with the
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rainfall. watch that rain-snow line press toward philadelphia. look at the clock here. by five happen, looking at the temperatures dropping. trenton, philadelphia, wilmington, by 5:00 probably looking at some of the snowfall beginning to kind of move toward the philadelphia area. where you see that red, where you see the orange, the yellow, that's going to be moderate to heavy rainfall, atlantic city, wildwood, by 7:00. the pink from dover to millville, little bit of sleet. but look at those temperatures dropping into the 20's, north and west, and also, right around philadelphia, and wilmington, looking at the snow right around 7:00 continuing toward the 8:00 time frame. by 10:00 a.m. this is tapering off as we move toward the west, part of south jersey still looking at some of the snowfall. by 11:00 most of the action, it is pulling away. the winds will be picking up. live look right now. outside of the studios talking about just wet conditions. so not dealing with any snowfall yet in the
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philadelphia area, and here's why. look at the temperatures, yes, not cold enough for snow. 44 degrees right now, winds out of the north-northeast at about 8 miles per hour, and the visibility at 6 miles 46 in wildwood, 46 in millville, mid four's, dover, currently in trenton, 41 degrees, 44 philadelphia, and wilmington. but look at the temperatures north and west. reading, 34 degrees, 35 right now in pottstown, 20's already in the poconos, so some of the colder air will continue to head in our direction. we zoom in little farther north and west, places like coatesville, down to 38 degrees, 35 downingtown, bethlehem, 33 degrees looking at some of the wet snow beginning, likely transitioning around the phoenixville area, as well. down to 37 degrees. so how can this happen? we will talk about lift in the atmosphere, also, the snow is going to be pretty heaviment some of those snowfall rates could approach 2 inches per hour, that's where we will get
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the higher accumulation across the region, poor visibility, some white-out conditions not out of the question as the heavy snow continues to come down. and with the lift in the atmosphere, convicted activity talking about some thunder snow possibility. so heavy wet snow temperatures will be dropping, it will be the wet snow, great for making snowmen, but not great for shoveling. it will clinic to those trees. those power lines, in fact, we could have some scattered power outages across the area with the weight of the snow, combined with some of the winds that will be gusting over 30 miles per hour. so take a look at the power outage index. where you see that yellow, that's where we could see some scattered outages specially down the shore. but as we move toward places like boston, nantucket, that's where we will likely see more in the way of moderate impact there, as the system really cranks up. several wild cards that were focusing in on, as well, the exact track, still moving from west to east, moving little faster.
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so that might limit some of the totals. the transition time, from rain to snow, and also, where the banding sets up, the convicted activity. so here's a look at the forecast snowfall that we expect. you can see, the farther south you head, that's where we expect the rip-off zone. places like dover, also in extreme south jersey, delaware, talking about a coating to an inch, moving a little farther inland, one to 4 inches, places like hammonton, millville, one to 4 s of south jersey say along the i-295 corridor, also the new jersey turnpike, four to 6 inches, that includes philadelphia, and as you move toward delaware county, also, part of chester county, four to 6 inches. then move into bucks county, lehigh valley, the poconos, that's where we will likely see over 6 inches. i think the double digit totals will likely come into play around places like the poconos. take a look at several of the computer models that we're
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watching, the nam model, gfs, euro, panning from five to five and a half inches. that looks pretty solid for the philadelphia forecast, so looks like we will see between say five to 6 inches in philadelphia before all is said and done. so the poconos, here's your planner. heavy snowfall. it has already gun. temperatures will be stuck in the 20's to up foot of snowfall there. for the lehigh valley, it is snowing already, moderate to heavy snow, highs around freezing, six to 10 inches. for the wilmington area, we're looking at the rain changing to sleet then to snow, high temperatures in the 30's, about four to 6 inches there. and down the shore, not anticipating a whole lot of accumulation, up to an inch, from atlantic city, point south, then as we move north of atlantic city, one to 4 inches or more with the highest totals being in parts of ocean county. so once again, it has gun, starting out as rain, then changing over to snow in philadelphia around 5:00 a.m. the heaviest will be between
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5:00 to the, then it starts to to taper offer from west to east from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. once again, watching ultimate doppler, you giles, as we continue to focus in on who is seeing that rainfall, hoon is seeing that snow, we'll of course have much more throughout the broadcast, i send it back over to you. >> scott, thank you so much. this school closings are coming in fast and furious at this point, all philadelphia schools have been closed both the archdioces and the public philadelphia schools, and we're also seeing major bucks closed, complete list on >> certainly is a long list on our home page. don't from get we also want to see what you're seeing out there throughout the morning. sends us your photographs here on social media. don't from get to use the hashtag #fox29snow so we can share them throughout the morning. live look at philadelphia international airport. you know the deal. we could see some delays, possible concellations, if you have a flight this morning, you know what to do. call ahead. we're coming right back on this very special edition of good day philadelphia.
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>> welcome back, 3:42, winter blast, we are expecting the rain to change over to snow here in just a moment. couple of hours, depending where you're at. scott's going to have the latest look at the radar coming up. that's the big question, how fast this system will move through, where we're seeing that line right now from the
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north moving in from the west to the east, this is live look at trenton this morning. >> number of close frost new jersey, so many that are coming, we know haddonfield closed, camden is closed, and again, we have all of that information scrolling at the bottom of your screen. whatever you are seeing outside, take a picture, sends it n we're having early morning conversation together because it is the middle of the night, all seeing what's going to happen on this day with all of our commutes, the schools, our jobs, our work, so sends us those pictures, use the hashtag #fox29snow. we will show them all morning long. >> there is a lot going on, you can always go to as well to see the school closings, and get the latest on the radar. right now, scott williams is in. he is tracking the storm. what are we looking at here, scott? >> thomas, karen, really watching the temperatures dropping. i mean, yesterday we had high temperatures in the mid to upper 60s, even couple of 70s, kind of dotting the map yesterday. so those temperatures are dropping pretty rapidly, especially north and west. but of course we have to factor in some of the warm
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surface temperatures of the roads, due to some of the heat that we saw yesterday. and also the track, also the timing of this system, and we really have to watch those critical temperatures dropping with that transition of rain to snow across the area. so, as we look at ultimate doppler, you can see where the snow is occurring far north and west, where we have the green, where we have the yellow, that's still just rainfall. philadelphia, the i-95 corridor northern parts of delaware pretty much all every south jersey just looking at the rainfall, as we continue to kind of zoom in, harrisburg, looking at snow, lancaster, now changing over from rain to snow, as we move toward part of berks county, starting to see some of those first flakes in particular, places like allentown, nazareth, bethlehem, toward the pocono mountains, already gun to see the snow. so that's where the the totals will likely be the highest, in this particular area here from mount pocono to allentown, that area, likely, seeing
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anywhere from about six to 12 inches, i think the double digit totals will be toward section of carbon, monroe counties, allentown likely about six to 10 inches before all is said and done. as we kind of move little farther to the south and east toward philadelphia, you can see, still looking at the rainfall in philadelphia, wilmington, looking at that rainfall, we move toward part of chester county, northern parts every chester county looking at some of the rain changing over to some of the snow that will continue to move from northern chester county to the south, places like west chester, coatesville, rain to snow, as we move toward sections of montgomery county, northern sections every montgomery county looking at the little wintery mix transition zone, as well. so the visibility, ten is typically pretty good. you can see looking good, wilmington, millville, dover, wildwood, no problems. but where you see those lower visibilities, places like mount pocono, down to half mile, three quarters after mile allentown, that is where we have the snow that has gun.
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also, moving toward the pottstown area, down to four. so as we continue throughout the morning, we will watch those reduced visibilities, that means, that the snow is occurring pretty heavily, kind of reducing how you see things, if you're out and b so we have the winter storm warnings, still in place, interior part of south jersey, that hasn't changed as of yet. points north and west, still winter storm warnings, that's where we expect the highest accumulations of snow, before all is said and done. but take a look at places like millville, atlantic city, cape may, kent county, winter weather advisory, not anticipating a lot of snowfall there. primarily rain. a little accumulation will take place there. so as we go hour bee how -- by hour, by 5:00 a.m., starting to see the rain/snow line move toward the i-95 corridor. but take a look at 5:00 a.m. where you see that orange, where you see the yellow, that's moderate to heavy rain fall down the shore. that's where those totals will be lesser, as we go toward
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6:00 a.m., that pink, that's little bit of sleet moving into, say, southern gloucester, camden county, moving into burlington county, medford lakes area, as we move toward tabernacle, probably looking at sleet then changing over to some of the moderate snow. between say 7:00 to about 9:00, 10:00. around the i95 corridor, then continues to mix in with little bit of sleet down the shore, then continues to transition from that sleet over to snow as that area of low pressure cranks up and pulls away. with the brunt of the storm moving toward new england, then those winds out of the north and west will definitely be picking up. live look right now, outside of the studios, no snowfall just yet. those street, they're wet, not snow covered, 44 degrees right now in philadelphia. yesterday the high temperature in philadelphia was 66 degrees. so, it was definitely a taste of spring. so looking at those temperatures, pretty much area wide, we're still above freezing, we have 34 degrees
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in allentown, 35 pottstown, upper 30's in trenton, 44 philadelphia, wilmington, as we zoom in, kind of north and west, west chester, right now, 39 degrees. thirty-four in downingtown, 33 in bethlehem. the windchill, though, already feels like freezing, in trenton, feels like the 20's north and west. so, once again, lift in the atmosphere. the heavy snow, that's where we will get some of the totals accumulating. there could be poor visibility. some white-out conditions, yes, thunder snow, that's possible. so watching those temperatures, there could also be some power outages, as that snow kind of clinics to those trees. and the wind, it is going to be picking up, as well, so the storm is moving a little faster, that could limit some of the totals, the rain that we're seeing right now, as well so it could total the limit, as well, wilds cards that we're watching where that band willing set up. take a look, pick your location, talking on average philadelphia, i-95, four to 6 inches, only a coating to an
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inch, likely, atlantic city being cape may, millville, hammonton, one to 4 inches, and the brunt of the storm looks like it will take place in allentown also moving toward the poconos where they could see six to 12 inches. some of that, six or higher totals corks move into sections every bucks county say the doylestown area watching for that, guys, back to you. >> thank you. >> a lot of people opening the blind, checking in, and saying it is not really doing anything. one place starting to snow is allentown. we will check back in with allentown in a moment. but getting photographs, right? >> pictures, raining, here in west chester. snow is falling in our area, general i joyce is where some that far is already hitting the ground. look at that, like snow globe in allentown, absolutely beautiful. jenny, good morning, what was the drive like getting there, what's it like up there? >> good morning, karen. it is beautiful. it is not fun to drive in. taking a look, we are driving along route 22 right now,
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trying to get off at the very next exit so you can see little better. road extremely dark. our trip to get here was also a little bit rocky. i don't foe if you guys were skeptical this morning, of course we love our meteorologists, but it was mild in philadelphia, and it was raining, and it was pouring, actually, while we were driving along the turnpike to get to this point. but by the time we reached quakertown, it was a strong sleet. we pulled over to establish our shot, and within a matter every minutes that sleet turned to snow. it has been heavy ever since. so from quakertown, to get to this point in allentown, it was 70-mile an hour speed limit along the turnpike. we were barely going 40, the visibility was extremely poor. so right before you guys took our shot, we about a half mile from the exit. so we're moving, again, fairly slowly. 55-mile per hour speed limit that we're in now. going about 30 miles an hour,
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photographer chris fox here said that it does feel slippery. because it seems like such a quick cross-over, and i know, somebody just tweeted me, king of prussia, still just seeing rain. so i don't think that cross-over has really hit the philadelphia area yet. but it certainly has up here, and the temperature drop, we got to quakertown, dropped to 33 degrees. so it is definitely colder up here, and more snow, so we are going to, like i said, pull off at the very next exit, try to get awe clearer shot, so you guys can get a better sense what it is doing up here. >> appreciate it, be safe out, there that's what scott has been talking about all morning long, because we saw the rain/snow mix. i mentioned before we went to jenny, a lot of people looking out the window, not doing much here, but see quick turn-over here, temperatures still warm outside in some areas, see that drop fairly quickly. >> keep letting us know what you're doing, send in pictures, we'll show what it looks like out in horsham. use our hashtag #fox29snow.
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so much more to come all morning long, in for the duration, it will be a long hall on this morning, as all of the information floods, in and of course, bonn and sue, the whole team will be joining us shortly. >> very special edition hereof good day philadelphia at 3:52, another live look at allentown this morning where the snow is coming down, and don't forget we have numerous school closings, at the bottom of your screen. you can also see the latest we are coming right back.
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>> welcome back, live look right now at the reading area, in berks county, looking at some of the snow that has gun to fall. >> it will be falling rapidly as we continue to watch ultimate doppler throughout the morning. those temperatures, will be key, as well as the track of the system. everything still pretty much on track, of course, good day philadelphia, starts at 4:00 a.m. we have team coverage and everything you need to know about this snowstorm.
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>> great to have you with us, good day philadelphia, here we go. we're in for winter whallop. >> the snow already moving in to our area right now. so, our weather team has you covered. we have team coverage. let's start with sue. >> yes, looking at radar here, starting to see transition from rain to snow. it is to has already been snowing pretty heavily up in the mountains, lehigh valley, you heard very good description every jenny joyce what it is like to transition from rain to snow, and things are getting slippery up there. but we haven't quite made that change just yet. let's check in with scott williams. he's outside, waiting for the world to change. >> good morning, sue. yes, temperatures still above freezing here in philadelphia. outside of our studios, we're just dealing with a cold rain. the umbrellas are up.


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