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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  February 15, 2017 4:00am-5:00am EST

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from the fox 29 studios. this is "good day philadelphia" . >> good morning, straight ahead on good day philadelphia, more scandal rocking the trump administration, the new allegations this morning that are tying white house officials to russia right before the election. >> and russian military moves. what was one of its spy ships doing right off the coast of delaware? this morning we take our questions to the coast guard for answers. >> and developing from overnight, shots fired outside after night club. now the search is on for the shooter. >> bye bye love. it is out with our love statue. but not for good. >> the love continues. you can take the statue away temporarily, but it goes on, great to have you with us this wednesday, we are halfway through the week, good morning, everyone. >> bye bye love. >> ebony brothers.
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>> i can name that tune in three seconds. >> oh, my years in oldies radio did pay off. >> morning, sue. >> morning, yes, we've got a day ahead. >> oh, no. that doesn't sounds good? >> it is fine, just fine, i don't know, it is do you have finds a word. so we will just gave you a number. it is a seven out of ten. we will see some sunshine today. but quite a few clouds. and we can't rule out stray shower, especially, if you're south of the city, maybe down in delaware or south jersey. we'll explain all of that in a few minutes, not bad out there, because of the clouds, not quite as colds, and certainly not as windy as it was on monday. 34 degrees with sunrise 6:53, giving us longer days. so we always go by the windchills. some of them are actually in the 30's this morning. now, plan on those cloudy skies, maybe peak of sunshine here and there, and high of 48 . we could get a stray shower or two. so not a perfectly beautiful day but a comfortable enough day for the day after
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valentine. what did you call it, bob, valentine lover hang over? >> love hang over this morning, yes. good morning, come on back at it, it is benz, hump day, half way there. 4:02, looking good on the roosevelt boulevard. no problems at all rolling out of northeast philly, headed south down toward the schuylkill. they had a roving penndot crew here on the vine expressway. looks like they finally exited. it is open at least this morning. they did not close the vine. i don't know waist going on. they were supposed to shut it down every night this week. it has been open. we'll take t i didn't have to go through the detour this morning. the overhead street lamps out if you are coming into center city this on the vine. double five's on the schuylkill expressway as you roll around your conshy curve. then southbound, northeast extension, right near "the q" town interchange, watch for some construction, these guys will be out there until say 6:00 or so. then watch for downed tree. route 611 and durham road, also down the shore, pomona, new jersey, route 30 the white
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horse pike right at pomona road, downed tree. otherwise the bridges look fine. so far so good on mass transit. karen, tomorrow, back to you. >> scandal continues right now rocking the white house incriminating reports show president trump aids were in constant contact with senior russian intelligence officials during the campaign. new york times now report that law enforcement and intel agencies intercepted calls and phone records. the report names four people close to the president in this fbi inquiry. campaign chairman manford listed as one of the associates, resigned after past work lobbying for pro russian interests in the ukraine were called into question. national security advisors michael flynn resigned monday after it was revealed he discussed sanctions with russia before president trump took office. >> this is like right out of a spy novel. russian spy ship headed north after being spotted off the coast of delaware. and there are a lot of questions this morning. our steve keeley in atlantic
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sit which more on this one, steve? >> reporter: well, we've got cold weather and it seems we've got the "cold war" back again. double-zero zero seven may have new reason to be in movie theatres, back with russia. this russian spy ship, no big deal, by the way, i guess this is standard operating procedure, but listening to who knows what somewhere out in the ocean there, not too far from us right now, it left cuba over the weekends, patrolled up along the us east coast, outside our territorial waters. still close enough, 07 miles, to bother us and get noticed by both the pentagon and people here at the shore. >> i think our military is well equipped to handle the situation. >> doesn't bother you? >> it does a little bit. but it is nothing that our government can't handle. >> as we look upon the ocean now, it is completely black. but i really believe something is going on. >> yes?
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>> i believe something is going on. >> i'm nervous, just because that means deployment and everything else. it puts me a little bit on edge. >> well us territorial waters extends out only 12 miles. russian spy ship there somewhere more than 50 miles beyond that last known location coast of delaware, so maybe off the coast of atlantic city right now, and with its spy equipment able to see the neon lights, and see ceasar's, bally's, the borgata and everything else here. by the way, that's far away. people who know the history of the jersey shore will know that during world war ii nazi submarines were torpedoing ships and singing them right in the delaware bay. so we've had a lot close, a lot worse in our history with our enemies here along the jersey shore. karen, thomas? >> boy o boy, more to come on this one, steve, we'll check back with you in a moment.
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we want to point out, it comes on the peoples of more provocative action from rush a senior military official says moscow has deployed crews missile in apparent treaty violation on february 10th. russian aircraft buzzed the us navy destroyer in the black -- sea three times, the russian admit industry denies it. >> president trump will be hosting israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu at the white house today. the two-hour oval office meeting is expected to set the tone for us israeli relations under mr. trump's presidency, on the agenda, war in syria, iran, israeli-palestinian conflict. other news, david shulkin has been sworn in as the new veterans affair secretary. he is from our area, lives in montgomery county, served as chief medical officer at the university of pennsylvania, and also, at temple university hospital, the senate unanimously confirmed him on monday night. >> also, the secret service director joseph clancey, who
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also has philadelphia roots, is retiring for a second time. he grew up in our area. úhe went to radnor high school. then he graduated from villanova. clancey came out of retirement more than two years ago to take over after a series of secret service scandels. he'll leave next month. we don't know who will replace him. >> time now 4:07. we want to get to some breaking news, police are investigating a shooting outside after night club. >> this all taking place in port richmond. it happened just after 11:00 along the 3,000 block of castor avenue. witnesses told police that a man started shooting at two, three people, who will just left that club. >> those two or three people fled the scene and at this time have not notified police or complains about being shot at. but witnesses said they saw a male get let out after vehicle in the 3,000 block of castor avenue. >> this male was on foot.
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and he fired a total of 15 shots. >> witnesses say the shooter ran away following that shooting. amazingly, no one was hurt. caught on camera, a group of guys barge into local laundramat. police say armed with a gun, some really bad intentions, all three of them are still on the loose. they held a gun to the owner's head. there they are, entering the laudromat. police say the robbery happened at h un g laudromat over on chew avenue. crimes like this have been happening all across philadelphia. >> this is a very vicious brazen robbery, customers inside the laudromat. a lot of monday any these machines, and there is no secret to people who wish to do the proprietor harm. >> northeast detectives just took down a two-man crew of thieves who were targeting coin machines at laudromat. police say those thieves netted thousands of dollars from 22 break-in's. >> quite an ordeal for a wilmington woman. she was kidnapped, forced into a car, told to withdraw money
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from a atm, only to be beat up. the guy who did that to a woman in wilmington, monday night, still roaming the street. police say armed man targeted a woman who had just left her car. the top of the hill amounts. luckily, this morning, she has minor injuries. police are still searching for him. >> well happening today the love is gone here in philadelphia. oh, just for a short time anyway. the love sculpture has been removed from dilworth park for repairs and restoration. it was on display at the park for the past year. while the love park was temporarily closed for renovations, this is the first time since 1998 that the love sculpture has been refurbished. it will cost about $50,000. the piece will return to love park this summer. there are some philadelphia teachers, and really fed up, and speaking out right now in a unusual way. >> they are going big. still ahead on good day philadelphia, how one educator is work to go shame the mayor and superintendent after going without a raise for years.
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>> oh, ya, money, money, money. someone in our area, $5 million richer. thanks to a lucky lottery ticket. we're a little bit jelly. >> i keep meaning to check all of my tickets that i have in my glove compartment. i have to do that today. morning, everybody, it is 4:10. we have some work crews out in bellmawr, new jersey, on the ramps for 295 and the freeway. let's take a live look at the ben franklin parkway where the flags are not blowing right now. they will be later. sue-be has the forecast when we come right back. >> ♪
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>> a very good morning if you are just joining us, 4:13, as we look outside this morning. not too windy. not too cold. what can we expect for your wednesday? sue will fill you in in just a moment. take a look at this, as we go down south. residents southwest of houston are cleaning up debris after severe storms, including at least six tornados swept right through the area. >> and it was pretty dangerous, at least six people were injured in a town of vanlek, 70 miles southwest of houston. that's some of the damage from the weather there. let's take a look at the weather here, on this day. sue? >> yes, interesting situation. we had showed awe southern system yesterday. well, that's moving a little bit closer. that's going to mostly stay to the south of us, then there is a northern system there is cold front, that will mostly stay to the north of us.
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we are going to be wedged inbetween, eventually we will be getting some wind out of this. so, yes, there we go, and so we will be in the middle of the two systems, it is sort of what happened on monday with the winds we were inbetween two systems. with a lot of lake effect snow just east of buffalo, none of that making its way here, having said that, though, there is a little bit of rain in southern delaware. as our future cast shows, some of that rain could sneak up into central delaware. jersey shore, before the end of the morning. that's from the southern system. then, later on this afternoon, little bit of rain or if it is cold enough in the mountains, snow, could sneak into our area. so if you see a stray shower or two later on this afternoon, that's why, it is not a big deal, but what will happen after the northern system comes through, with the colds front, is we will be left with colder temperatures tomorrow. but that will be a one-day special. 34 degrees in philadelphia right now. 31 degrees in wilmington. 35 degrees in dover. 27 degrees in mount pocono. we won't show you windchills. it is not windy yet.
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the winds are only at 3 miles an hour in philadelphia and calm everywhere else. as we said later on this afternoon, those winds will be picking up with your average high of 44 degrees, yesterday, above average, with a high of 47. and after the dip we take tomorrow, from now we are going with 50 degrees today, 40 tomorrow, we start with that warming trend, just in time for the holiday weekend. so we're at 56 degrees on saturday. no precipitation. sixty-four on sunday. monday, high of 60 degrees for president's day. and we hope to hold off that chance of showers until tuesday when the weekends is over, bob kelly. wouldn't that be nice? >> yes, 06 degrees, i know big ski weekend for the folks in the poconos. hello to the shaders, 4:15 on wednesday morning, no problems at all here along route 73. right near fellowship rid. however, we have a bridge opening, set by about 4:30. this is zoomed on into the burlington bristol bridge here. which is set as the second
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opening at the span this morning. keep in mind, one of the alternates is of course this turnpike connector bridge which remains closed to vehicle traffic until at lead april. really no updates on that scenario. so again, extra volume over the scutters, the trenton morrisville bridge, and the burlington bristol. work crews are still out in bellmawr. couple of the ramps, northbound 295 ramp to 42, and then 42, if you are coming in toward the city early this morning, they're working on the ramps to 295. no problems out of the gaeton septa's regional rail lines. hey, we got some new schedules coming our way. this weekend for both the city and suburban bus routes. and a new bus route coming into play, the route 311, all of the details are up thereon septa's website. we will put a link up to that when i finish my coffee on my facebook and twitter pages. live look here on the blue route, 476, no problems as you head up toward the schuylkill, and this downed tree, out along route 611, look out at
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durham road. karen, thomas, back over to you. >> bob, thank you. we still don't know how many inmate were able to take over delaware's largest state prison. but an independent investigation is about to begin to get to the bottom that far. governor john carney named two retired judges to lead this review. lieutenant steven floyd died during the take over february 1st, former justices will begin dig nothing what happened, they'll make recommendations in june, the delaware state police criminal investigation into floyd's death needs to be finished first. the president for the correctional officers association of delaware says there are still concerns about officers safety, the union wants to give their input to the governor's office. and in hunting park, two men broke into the risky business bar by making their way in through a window. so once inside they headed right toward the bar's tv's, then you can see them, pulling and tugging with all their might to get three of the walls. in the end they get away with three flat screen tv's, some bottles of alcohol before they
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runoff. if you know anything about this one, call police. time now 4:18. a grieving philadelphia family wants to make sure their tragedy will force a change for the better in the community. now, they're working with local leaders to ensure that happens. they're trying it make the road safer and trying to help police catch hit-and-run drivers more quickly. this is a story we brought to you yesterday on good day philadelphia. one of the drivers killed iesha pool's eight year old daughter, jayanna powell last november. it took weeks for police to catch him. iesha and her sister have now come up with something they called a jay alert. they say it would work like an amber alert system but instead of reporting this in children it, will send out notices about hit and runs. they've taken that idea to state senator anthony williams of philadelphia. >> i don't want to see another parent be on the news crying or another aunt or uncle hurt because they lost a family member through a hit-and-run.
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>> this is for the benefit of all pennsylvanians, that a parent, grand parent, aunt, uncle, will feel safer in their community. >> senator williams says he hopes to have the bill on government nor's desk and signed into law within the year. and, a philadelphia teacher says he's so fed up, that they've not gotten a raise in years, that he wants school officials to know about it on a billboard. central high school social studies teacher george zanis wants to post a billboard here along i95 as you take the ex night center city. teachers say working without a contractor raise for nearly five years, and they hope that maybe this ad will force officials into action. those are some of the people he wants to put on that billboard, pictures of the src member bill green, superintendent hike, and also mayor kenney along with some strong words. >> it will say welcome to philadelphia. where we don't care about our public education. philly teach verse been working for five-plus years without a raise.
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that's very truck for me. the teachers push very hard to get mayor kenney elected. >> we reached out to the superintendent and mayor's office, the school district said in part we continue to talk with the philadelphia federation of teachers as we try to work out a fiscally responsible teachers contract that puts the student of philadelphia first. >> and there is a new tool for camden county police officers. in a emergency, the trauma center at cooper university healthcare recently purchased $10,000 worth of tourniquets. they're going to be given to all of the officers in the department. part of ems training program. >> the numbers are out this morning, and they show atlantic city is off to good start in 2017. gambling revenue was up more than seven and a half% from a year ago with the city seven casinos taking in more than $200 million. they were helped with a significant boost from internet gambling. >> someone hopefully you in salem county waking up whole lot rich they are morning. a winning $5.2 million lotto ticket was sold last night at rachael's market in
4:21 am
pennsville. this is the pick six, so the winning numbers: five, nine, ten, 18, 21, 26. i know it is early, probably didn't write it down. but check again. because the extra multiplier was three. in addition to the jackpot, 20 others won at least a thousand dollars. so check your tickets, good luck. >> so as you head into the office, you may see some, you know, flowers on people's desk or some cards around. more evidence of the holiday. but there is something right now that has officials giving a warning. >> it wasn't a lot of flowers in our news room. >> not too many. >> not a lot of going on. still ahead here on "good day" philadelphia, looking at the balloon t can cause some serious damage that will leave you in the dark. we'll explain. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> down in clearwater florida, lots of new faces, as the phillies continue to rebuild, including pitcher with a couple of world series rings. clay won during ten year career with the boston red sox. comes to the phillies with one year left on his contract, and fresh perspective. >> energizes everybody. there is expectation that is are brought back to you, you know, a sense of complacency,ing in one spot for extended periods of time. that's gone. and, hey, you want to perform for the new faces. >> you want to say go birds at
4:25 am
the linc.& it will cost you. eagles fans are about to pay much more to watch the birds at lincoln financial. prices are going up in 2017 for the first time since 2014. average season ticket hold letter pay at about $70 more for the season, another tough night for st. joe's last night at vcu. lewis poured in 34 points. when it was all said and done, vcu had ten-point win over st. joe's. that's sports in a minute. i'm tom sredenschek. >> always have hope at this time of year, because already it is spring training for our fighting phils. >> can't wait. coming up 4:30, we'll tell you about the love, that had valentine meaning more for one local couple. also, what happened here? a runway error for actor harrison ford coming dangerously close to a 737? what happened? we'll explain.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> a russian spy ship in our own backyard. the military maneuver that has the coast guard and the intelligence community on alert. >> also, new this morning, residents are being told they can return home after being evacuated from the oroville dam, but the relief may be short lived. >> and get ready to pop the tabs at a local wawa. where you really will be able
4:29 am
to buy beer. how about that? >> just when you thought it couldn't get any better. love it. great to have you with us. >> wawa gets me coming and going. >> true. >> hey, sue? >> why wasn't that the lead story? all right, we have got a look at our weather for today. not bad today. it will get windy. but not as windy as monday. it is not windy yet. seven out of ten in your weather by the numbers, kind of cloudy, you look to the south of us, and you see some rain sneaking in, to, sussex county delaware. basically wedged between two weather systems today. the winds will pick up from the current 3 miles an hour. but it is above freezing. it is 34 degrees out there. sunrise at 6:53. and windchills are really not as much of an issue this morning as they've been in the paths two days. how about this, 49, ooh degrees for high temperature, we will take that. we will have little bit of sunshine here and there, mostly cloudy skies, and we can't rule out stray shower
4:30 am
for today. but generally, i think we will take the 50 degrees, bob kelly. >> sounds good, sue. good morning, everybody, 4:30, this wednesday morning. a live look at the schuylkill expressway. looking good this morning, kind of quiet, no problems or delays from king of prussia in through downtown. we're looking good. this is a live look, 295, right near the cherry hill mall interchange. no problems at all, kind of light volume at this hour. good morning, to the benny. looking good coming into downtown, there is the lightning bolton the philadelphia side of the ben franklin bridge. and then 295, excuse me, 95, they'll be working until about say 5:30, right near the betsy ross bridge, just watch for some left over crews, if you are coming out of northeast philadelphia. and for the gang along route 611, downed tree at durham road. watch out for local detours. remember the turnpike connector bridge remains closed we just completed a burlington bristol bridge opening. so all of the bridges are open except for the turnpike connector bridge, and they're
4:31 am
saying sometime in april for that opening. and the work crews are still out here along 29 and the freeway in bellmawr, new jersey, new schedules kicking in sunday for septa city and suburban routes. they got new bus route, the 311 will debut that serving the willow grove interchange. that's good news coming from septa headquarters there, karen, thomas, back to you. >> all aboard, bob, thank you. 4:31, developing story we're following this morning, according to the new york times there are incriminating reports that show president trump's aids were in constant contact with senior russian intelligence officials during the campaign. the new york times says law enforcement, intel agencies, intercepted calls and phone records. report names four people close to the president in the fbi report. campaign chairman paul man for listed as one of the associates, he resigned in august after his past work lobbying for pro russian interest in ukraine were called into question. national security advisor michael flynn also resigned. he resigned on monday, after
4:32 am
it was revealed he discussed sanctions with russia before president trump took office. >> and there is now a russian spy ship heading north after being spotted just 70 miles off the coast of delaware. a military maneuver has some people in our area feeling very, very uneasy. steve keeley now in atlantic city with the latest on this, all right, steve. >> reporter: well, one thing for sure. they're not coming to atlantic city to gamble. we're at the us coast guard base, which a lot of people probably don't know exist here, right on the tip of the marina right next-door to the borgata and golden nugget, you see in the background along with harrah's marina. where ' at the bay where it meet the atlantic ocean. somewhere out at sea right now is that ussr spy ship. many wondering could russia do anything more this week to provoke the united state right now? and a lot of people asking: when or if the president will get tough or at least talk tough on russia as russia seems to be seeing how far it can push the us right now.
4:33 am
so the ship is called, i'll get technical, agi, auxillary general intelligence, and after leaving its port down in cuba, was spotted off the coast of delaware. it is expected to pass by the jersey shore here up to our united states submarine base in connecticut. then come back this way to go back to cuba. >> i'm nervous just because that means deployments and everything else. and it puts me a little bit on edge. >> as we look upon the ocean now, it is completely black. but i really believe something is going on, i believe something is going on. >> out there before. i think our military is well equipped to handle the situation. so -- >> doesn't bother you? >> it does a little built but it is nothing that our government can't handle. >> well, it wasn't only this ship. >> this was just one of many things this week. because it fired off a balistic missile that violated
4:34 am
the treaty that president reagan signed with then russian leader gorbachev. a lot of people are wondering if they'll violate the treaty, why even sign these treatise? then four days ago, similar to last year's buzzing by russian jets of us navy destroyer in the baltic satisfy, it happened this time in the black sea, three fighter jets dangerously close to a us navy destroyer, called the uss porter, and we've got a lot of this stuff going on, in addition to the russians meddling in our election, and then all of the stuff this week with the national security advisor. so yes, the "cold war" it seems is back. >> and steve, you may remember, of course, all down the coast of delaware, we have those world war two observation towers, the watch towers, that were created to watch all of the, you know, russian spy ships back in the day. and submarines, so interesting times, steve, thank you. time 4:34. nearly 40 years after the crime, now a conviction.
4:35 am
a jury in new york says a former south jersey man killed six year old a ton paths in 1979. paths became one of the country's most iconic missing children, right, there he disappeared in new york so hoe neighborhood on his way to school. after all of these years, his family is relieved that justice has finally been served. >> some american your every justice -- some measure of justice for our wonderful little boy, aton, and i'm really grateful, i'm really grateful that this jury finally came back with what i've known for a long time. >> the man you see right there, 56 year old pedro hernandez, who once lived in maple shade, confessed to the murder 2012. but his lawyers argued he was mentally ill. >> in your health news right now, those foil or the mylar balloons, silver balloons,
4:36 am
very popular, big gifts for valentine day, behind some major problems every single year right after the holiday. utility companies say the balloons can actually blow out their power lines if they ends up float being away. we have some youtube footage that shows what happened when the balloons make contact with wires. >> these foiled covered balloons have met tal i can properties to them. therefore, if they come in contact with our lines, that can produce a flash and result in a outage for our customers. that flash is caused by the electrical current coming in contact with the helium. and it igniting that helium. it is a pretty spectacular site. >> dangerous, as well? >> potentially dangerous, absolutely. >> reporter: so what do you do with your balloons after the holiday? if you don't want your neighbors to hate you, you're supposed to recycle them. what you do according to peco cut the balloons so the helium can escape, then just recycle the silver wrapper.
4:37 am
>> tomorrow there is a wawa store in chaddsford that's going to be celebrating its grand opening. but with a twist. >> i love it. >> we're very excited. i've been to this wawa before, now it is finally happening there is store locate on the 700 block of naman's creek road. it will be the first in the philadelphia area to sell beer and offer customers restaurant-style seating. now it has been closed since january, so they can make all of these renovations. it will also have a walk-in beer cooler. >> also, in the news, this one very interesting, a close call for the actor, harrison ford. >> the faa is investigating how the actor came dangerous clogs to a 737 on the runway.
4:38 am
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>> 4:40, evacuation order has been lifted for nearly 200,000 resident near the oroville dam in northern california. residents were told to leave their homes after authorities feared that errosion could have caused the spillway to collapse, sending just wall of water toward homes. crews have been fixing the dams spillway around the clock since the evacuation, and they've also lowered water levels, ooh feet, to hand the extra rain expected tomorrow. >> taking into account the current level of risk, the predicted strength of the next round of inclement weather, and the capacity at this of the lake to accommodate increased inflow, associated with those storms, we're concluded that it is safe.
4:41 am
>> reporter: we should point home, evacuation warning remains in effect. soap, should water levels once again become hi, residents are prepared at a moment's notice. problems for actor and after i had pilot harrison ford, he's under investigation for the way he landed his plane. the indianna jones actor was told to land on a runway at the john wayne airport, that's in orange county, california monday. but he landed mistakenly on a taxi way instead. his single engine husky flew right over an american airlines 737, with more than 100 people on board. the faa is investigating. he could get a warning, or even lose his license. still ahead this morning, a major upgrade for a fixture of novanation. >> still to come: the campus building that's getting a multi-million dollar make-over. looks good.
4:42 am
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>> the $60 million renovation will begin in june, funded entirely by donors, so getting little peak right there, with the rendering, the arena for the school's basketball teams known as the fineran pavilion. >> one of the fox 29 newest programs. >> it will be so much fun. q airing its 100 episode today. and the fans, they showed their valentine love with their favorite host, wow, look at the turn out.
4:45 am
yes, peace to you too. special taping last night over at the sugarhouse casino. full house, when the show will air today at noon. high! >> oh, hey, bob, hi. >> good night down there at the sugarhouse, 4:45, good morning, everybody, and good morning to 95, right near philadelphia international airport. no problems or delays getting there. and no problems on the tote board at philadelphia international airport live look downtown, if you are coming into center city for the next hour or so, you will notice the overhead street lamps are all out. this whole circuit here, where they've been doing the construction, actually, probably the lights aren't out, just not there any more, because as they demolish the overpasses, put the new beams in place, so definitely dark when you are rolling underneath on the vine street expressway. here's a live look at i-95, right on the trenton side of the bridge, that's been out. that turnpike connector bridge, remains closed, so folks are use that scutters falls bridge. using 95, the trenton morrisville bridge, if you
4:46 am
want to use route one, or the burlington bristol bridge. they say probably april before they get back that back in business. pennsylvania turnpike, work crew out along street road until about 5:30, 65:00 or so. downed tree along 611 at durham road. and we got new schedules coming our way, it kicks in on sunday for all of septa city and suburban bus and trolley route. and they're even throwing new bus route in there for you, new route will be the 311. which will service willow grove. going to the willow grove mall maybe today? what's the forecast like for some shopping? sue has it in 15 seconds. >> so here's what's happening for today. we will be inbetween two weather systems. both will affect us in our weather but not direct hit really, for either one, we've
4:47 am
got the system to the south. which is passing by to the south. but some of the rain moving north from that. and then cold front which will come through later tonight. inbetween we will see winds pick up later on in the day. not yet. but it is going to be winnie, not as windy as monday. is that enough qualifiers there? yes, it will be quite breezy later on a loft lake effect snow up to the north and west of us. none of it is making its way here. we are seeing some of the rain from the south moving in to sussex county, delaware, and starting to get pretty close to the jersey shore, so we zoom in little closer, raining in bethany beach, raining in lewes, delaware, there is cape may, won't be long looks like before some of the rain moves little further north. that's what our future cast indicates that the rain does go into at least cape may county, maybe even part of atlantic county, as this system continues to move by to our south, probably as far as north as that one will go, but then scattered showers possible maybe three, 4:00 in the afternoon, from the northern system, that's
4:48 am
eventually going to bring that cold front in, then have very windy, blustery and cold day tomorrow, but not too bad outside right now specially with the lack every winds, 34 degrees in philadelphia and winds at only 3 miles per hour pretty calm everywhere else, for now, 4 degrees average hi, went above average yesterday, high of 47. wait until you see where we are headed for the weekend, one windy and cold day tomorrow. after 50 degrees today, then mid 40's friday, we get even warmer saturday. in the 60s, on sunday even president's day monday so for the folks who do like to ski over president's day weekends, guys, it will be the spring skiing conditions for sure. >> it will be a nice treat, sue, thank you. time now 4:49. in your money watch this morning, boy, talk about the hot streak. it continues for apple. >> well, their company shares closing at record high monday, over anticipation of the tenth . can you believe? >> analysts expect the new phone, which is due later this year, it will have software
4:49 am
improvement that are needed for all of those virtual reality apps, you know the 3d, all of that stuff. also hopes it will have wireless charging, another apple analyst expects the most expensive model could cost you more than a thousand dollars. >> wireless charging? so this is for those people who watch shows on smart tv or apple tv or amazon fire. if you have noticed, all of the sudden there will be new app coming out along with all of the netflix and hulo. facebook launching video app which will make it easier to watch your facebook videos that you may have saved to watch for later. so it enables to you look at your facebook page on television. >> you will need that thousand dollars phone, because of all of the space you need for all of these apps. there is an app for everything. >> that's the truth. this is a welcome edition, starbucks adding something sweet to your coffee, and it is not shoeing glare pretty yummy. coffee chain offering ice cream, it is an expresso poured over ice cream.
4:50 am
starbucks in orange county california will be the first to test out this italian inspired treat. then coffee shops, well, they'll follow, washington, d.c., boston on the list, no word yet on when or if it is going to come to philadelphia or new jersey. we do that when we're running out of cream, put the ice cream in the coffee. big announcement from the east wing of the white house. the first lady's office says in three weeks, you can once again visit 1600 pennsylvania avenue. the white house visitors office closed when the trump's moved in because the administration had not yet appointed someone to run all of the things that needed to be run. but in the past two weeks, mrs. trump has hired her chief of staff and also her social secretary. >> 4:50. are you looking for love? how one local couple found it on the baseball diamond. >> and it is all thanks to our fighting phils. we'll explain next.
4:51 am
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4:53 am
>> we're taking a live look at the trenton bridge. good morning. >> and speaking of love in the air, it is in the air. we will go all the way down to spring training, day two, pitchers, in clearwater, florida, little love in the air there. >> oh, we do. yesterday of course we celebrated valentine day, while love is in the air between fans and the phils, that warm fuzzy feeling apparently extends off the field, as well.
4:54 am
>> she loves it, built bonds, and even been sort of like a mom, to some. >> ryan howard, calls me mama. he gives me a hug every time he comes in. and he used to hug me on the field, but i got word that i couldn't get any hugs any more, i don't know why. that was a joke. he goes no more hugs? so, live is good. >> not only is she family, but she can also be cupid. like that time she hooked cole hamels up with his wife. >> she was on survival. i was her security lady. so i was with her all day. she was a sweetheart. so we were sitting at the table. and getting autographs. and cole came up to her, and said can i have your autograph? >> and she says, gave him his autograph. then she said to him, can i
4:55 am
have your auto graph? and he said i'll meet you at the tiki bar. and woody had said before to cole, he goes, and that's the girl you should marry. she is beautiful and she's smart. and i said to her, without him knowing it, i said, heidi, look at cole hamels. he is so handsome. that's the kind of guy you should marry. and she started laughing. and the rest is history. and they're married. and i know them, and they're my friends, and i love them. >> best story ever. >> i love her. i want to go down and have lunch with her. she is amazing. >> all right, speaking of love, do you love taking selfies? well, of course you do. why scientists say you may be living a double standard? >> speaking of double zero seven, steve keeley this morning. hey, steve? >> well, somewhere out at sea here off the coast of atlantic city where we are this morning is the victor l leeanof, a
4:56 am
russian spy ship, not just wondering if the former revel casino is opening this weekend as planned. ' tan patz
4:57 am
there's a story behind my skin. it's a mosaic of all the faces before it. only true match has l'oreal's technology to match your skin's unique tone and undertone. 100% guaranteed. there's only one true match for me. victor lee move from l'oreal.
4:58 am
>> this is "good day philadelphia". right now, on good day philadelphia, a russian spy
4:59 am
ship spotted right here in our area. a new skating report, and the provocative military move, just made by russia, that has america on alert. >> also, developing this morning, a night at a local club turns violent. what went down, as the club was shutting down, that has police involved. >> schooling officials. what one philadelphia teacher plans on doing to show city leaders teachers are fed up with not having a contract. and, rumor has it, there is a new top dog at westminster. good day philadelphia at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. >> and good morning, we're racking to -- we're rock to go start the day. >> my dog doesn't behavior walk like that. >> because you're the owner, bob, take the charge he is innings after their owner. >> well, rufus is so behaved and charming. >> oh, sure, all the time, he's a very good sleeper. >> we sleep together a lot. >> nothing wrong with that. >> if that was an award, rufus
5:00 am
would win. >> he would win, that's right. >> best snug letter. >> for the rest of us, weaver to wake up, do what we got to do today. seven out of ten today. even though windy, certainly not windy as it was on monday. so it is cloudy, chilly right now, with temperatures in the 30's, and bus stop buddy has his mittens on, ready for a cool morning. >> cape may new jersey southern system, also northern system to tell you about. but we will talk about that whether we show you the map in a few minute, 34 degrees, sunrise time, 6:53. very limited amount of sunshine today. most of our windchills are about the same as the temperature, because we don't have too much wind this morning. >> high of ooh degrees, could also get stray shower at some point this afternoon sunset time 5:37. that takes care of wednesday. >> bob kelly, i think you'll leak the weekend


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