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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  February 22, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EST

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60s today. that's just the beginning. the record warmth heading our way. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> so excited tone joy it today. good day everyone, it is february 22, 2017. good morning to all of you. >> good morning, gang. >> what a morning already. >> i would say i would say it is great times talking about the weather, but then all that's going on at the airport, with septa. >> transit airport, stay where you are right now. just hang tight. yes, come on, let's go outside, live look at we update breaking news. the system computer outage on american airlines here in philadelphia. as we look live at philadelphia international airport, american airlines flights are going no where here. now, remember, american airlines, they've planes coming out of terminals a, both east and west, b, c, f. >> this area experiencing system outage computer problem which also then turned into a ground stop for all american airline flights destin for philadelphia. so what it basically means, any flights, any american
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airline flights, are held at the other airports and not permit today depart coming to philadelphia. >> live look at the jammo at the american airlines check in terminal. where again, the systems are down. if you are holding a flight, a ticket for american airlines, my suggestion would be try to switch over to another airline. this is only impacting american airline flight at the moment. going to the maps, again, it is a system outage, ground stop for the american airline flights only here in philly. here's some new tweets coming in from my buddy justin leonard, said i guess that's why i'm sitting in orlando, keep me updated. this here jim said the gates, american gates, have no flight info on the screens, long lines of people waiting. but no boardings are happening. so again, rough go for american airline travelers this morning. rough go for septa on the regional rails again this morning. the chestnut hill west line,
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one train was 54 minute late. they canceled another one. the warminster line, they canceled >> might see strict shower, see sprinkle of green here on radar, weaver some light showers, moving through the area right now, but it shouldn't be a big deal. we are sticking with our nine out of ten today. with temperatures that promise to be in the 60s. just depend on how much sunshine we get.
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it is cloudy right now, bus stop buddy just wearing light jacket, to school today. we're milder than bee were yesterday at this time. 42 degrees at the moment. we had our sunrise at 6:44, and other temperatures, that are in the 40's, just about everywhere else, it was a cool tuesday, with high of 52, well above the average, in the mid four's, but look how mild we'll get today, high temperature in the low to mid 60s, again depending how much sunshine happens, high temperature of 63 degrees, sounds great, but wait until you see tomorrow's high. it is even warmer. >> okay, thank you, sue. >> delays from american airlines passengers philadelphia international airport, they've issued ground stop for flight. >> all right, let's get right out to lauren johnson at the airport today. lauren you're flying today as well, aren't you? >> i know. i don't know what's going to happen. hopefully all cleared up for the afternoon when my flight s here is the new information, ground stop issued extend for another hour at least. we're hearing that from gate
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agent here answering questions from passengers about what exact have i going on. so this is sort of where you walk into the airport, a loft people standing around wondering where do i do go, where what do i do? if you are at home and headed to the airport, you can call them if you have a boarding pass, not itinerary, but has to have bar code. you can go straight up to the counter here, and you can get by all these massive lines that you see here, the people who are standing in lines, have the itinerary, they not go until they get through the lines to be manually checked in. because of this computer glitch. so many the computer glitch is in philadelphia only. we also heard that information from agent. it is not a nationwide issue, just here in philadelphia, which is why the grounds stop is in effect. because they cannot allow flights in. we talked to someone on twitter, nelson, sitting on the plane, he is in charleston, he says that the pilot told him the ground stop in effect until 8:00 a.m. and they will be sitting there. we also just heard from an employee, who just got off work, told me he came from back where the gates are.
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they're using those company issued cell phones to still board people on to the flight. the problem is, you get on the plane, do you have sit there, because you can't fly out of philadelphia for at least another hour. so the problem continues. customers still wondering exactly what's going on when they show up here van no idea, a lot of people, being patient, saying it is nothing they can do but smile, sort of grin, bear it. and then there is other people who are getting a little frustrated with the process, look at this cutie. look at that face. that will make you smile this morning. right? when you're standing in line and wondering what's going on. yes, alec, karen, still little confusion here for people when they guesser get here. we're trying to help them just like everybody else to make this a smooth process. it is a little crowded in the terminal here if you are flying an american airlines flight, because the grounds stop will continue for at least another hour. >> all right, headaches, thank up, lauren. >> ntsb officials there at the 69th street terminal right now trying to figure out what caused yesterday's crash and derailment. four people were hurt, and one of them critically. >> let's get right out there,
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steve keeley with the very latest on this, steve? >> we know from the past whether it is a plane crash, train crash, the national transportation safety board, number of rushes its investigation. so that's the most important thing for them. but certainly not the most important issue for philadelphians. this is. what you are seeing, a man sawing one of the last trains that they got to get on the tracks, and in shape enough just to cartier way. so, these are the last three cars connected here, and then what they're going do, once they get this train back on the tracks, which should be momentarily, down next to where you see the l car with the red light on, in the tunnel, there is diesel engine. remember the mark frankford line is an electric line, power wise, so they had to shut that third rail off. so these guys don't get electrocuted. so when they have down there wait sag diesel engine. and once this car is on the tracks, they're going to bring the diesel engine out of the tunnel, connect to the three cars, get them out of here and
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off these tracks this will be clear as long as tracks aren't damaged which they think is the case. that's the good news, here we are coming up a, since the crash yesterday, probably by hour 24, to the moment of the crash at 8:10, we may see these tracks somewhat back to normal. and if you are paying close attention to this time yesterday. that's when bob kelly was saying signal issues causing backups and delays with the market frankford line. that's the question, was it a signal problem that may have caused this crash? so that team down there, just checking the third rail. making sure everything is a-okay and safe before they are not going to power it back on until everybody is out of here and safely off the track. so we have progress down here, some good news as for progress, on the investigation, that will have to wait. as far as injuries, no live threatening injuries but the operator that crashed his train into the back of another train at just 10 miles an hour, but we saw the damage, he was listed critical. we're told he'll be okay.
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that's the good news and probably good news for the investigators here lake lie will want to talk to him if they haven't already. >> steve, thank you, that is good news. >> 7:08. police made arrest in last week's shooting at the willingboro vpfw. brandon washington faces attempted murder charges, say he shot two guards last thursday during a ladies night event. than was after he got kicked out for stirring up trouble. both guards survived. >> a 22 year old pizza delivery driver now facing charges after reporting a fake child abduction on monday evening. philadelphia police say that marcus fletcher made up that whole story that someone stole his car with his four year old never ooh inside. they say he did it because he was the victim of ahold up. did not like the way police were investigating his initial report. so there was a crime. he was held up. he didn't like what was happening. he made up that story. he says to quote make them work harder. he's now charged with making false reports. >> david periods, warden of the delaware prison where they
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staged deadly uprising now on leverment still no word of the decision related to the hostage take over of the james t vaughn correctional centerment took four hostages, and corrections officer died. delaware state police are investigating criminal investigation into that officer's death. and the state will launch independent investigation once that is complete. >> there is a manna tacked and robbed from behind in center city. we ' heard this a lot. people on the phone, distracted, makes it easy target. that's what police say happened related to other crimes in the areas. there was three year old man beaten and robbed every his iphone back on 200 block every south camac street. this is surveillance video. three games approaches him. jump him from behind. similar incident happened south broad also 24th and lehigh within recent weeks. the victim spoke to us on the phone. >> i was talking to my friend on the phone, they attacked me from behind. the one punched me in my throat. then the other guy put me a
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choke-hold. so i hear that it is happening a lot. you know, it is kind of a scary, scary thought. >> so the man did suffer some minor injuries, police are still looking for those suspects. >> 710:67:89 just couple every month since the launch of philadelphia new soda tax, local businesses say they're really suffering. >> according to some of the super markets and distributors are saying they have seen their soda sales and sugary drink sales drop by a lot, 30 to 50%. so much so, they think that they could have some layoffs, of course the kindergarten centers, pre k getting help by this tax. so end owners say they expect to cut about 300 jobs by this spring. the mayor denies those reports of job cuts. >> first 100 days, president trump about to sign another order to revive the temporary refugee and travel ban. >> comes as the administration is taking ago i have stance.
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dug luzader more from washington. >> morning, doug. >> alex, karen, good morning. talking about targeting it sounds like the same seven countries as the first executive order. but this one would be written more narrowly, they hope this will survive legal challenges. >> did he it once. he's about to do it again. >> the president will be issuing new executive action. based off of the judicial ruling, flawed though it may be to protect our country and to keep our people safe. that will be coming very soon. >> after initial roll-out less than smooth, the president is on the verge every signing a new executive order temporarily banning travel from countries with ties to terrorism. perhaps banning refugee arrivals while new vetting system is put in place. after federal courts shot the first order down, the new one will probably include exclusions cents, for those with travel visas, green cardholders, and dual us citizens. >> taken the ninth circuit's opinion, they've take answer
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opinion in brooklyn, and they've take answer opinion in the federal court in alexandria virginia, they found all of the things that these judges said are problematic with the executive order and they'll address them. >> who is going to stand behind me and say to them: >> that doesn't mean there will be opposition, though, chuck grassley was confronted by a self identified refugee at a town hall yesterday. all of this on the heals of the hose's new push against illegal immigration. and new federal hiring blitz to add 15,000 new ice and boards err patrol agent, to secure the border tune deport illegal immigrant, primely those who committed other crimes and building his promised border wall. this comes as the president's new secretary of state and homeland security secretary are headed to mexico today. to meet with officials there. >> and doug, i've been hearing though a lot of those town hauls all over the country there has been a lot of interruptions, and protests.
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>> that's right. it seems as though most of those have to do with things like obamacare, for instance, where there has been kind of coordinated campaign to get people to show up at these town hall meetings, legislators go back to their home district. bumm, in this instance, and that chuck grassley town hall, you saw it also involved immigration. >> thank you so much, doug. 7:13. well, new video shows actor and pilot harrison ford's recent close encounter with a commercial jet. >> it is so amazing when you see. >> this small plane coming right on top that far plane, this is over at john wayne airport, throughout in california. >> bob's in shock staring at the screen. >> it is shocking. there is the plane. see it actually taxing. harrison right above it coming in, on the radio, in a plane supposed to be below me? you're supposed to land on c. i am on c. no you're not. the faa is investigating this incident, co-lose his pilots license, but officials say it is not too likely. >> this isn't the first time harrison ford has had casino after accident. >> oh, he had real accident on
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a golf course about two years ago. >> that's true. my goodness. it was pretty close though. >> okay, bob, we want to check in with what's going on with american airlines. >> imagine, you are sitting on the tarmac there like you do, you got the kids with you and looking out the window, look, dad, look looks at the plane coming in. >> look there is harrison ford. he's so close could you probably see him in the window. >> indianna jones. >> thankfully nobody was hurt there. 7:14, good morning. here is the deal. a system computer glitch on american airlines impacting philadelphia commuters here at philadelphia international airport. here is a live look at philadelphia international airport where the american airlines planes are in a ground stop. basically what that means is all flights beginning in other cities, destined for philadelphia, are not permit today take off while the ground stop in effect. camera at the airport, stacked and packed at the check in lines for american, this all started about an hour and a
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half ago. fols showing up at the airport start today sigh they couldn't check into the kiosk, then the computer glitch, and they were hand checking everybody. that of course led to where we are right now. if you are holding a ticket, and intend to fly on american airlines, lauren spoke to a pilot, few minute ago, and that pilot said as we go to the maps that the grounds stop looks will be in effect until at least 8:00 a.m. this morning. this is going to have a domino effect not only here in philadelphia but cities across the country for the rest of the day, none of this ever gets cleared up quick when they plug the computer back in and hit the reset button. so again american airlines only, it is just american, the system outage, and the grounds stop is in effect for american flight only, other flights coming and going, that's why i suggested if you have a ticket for american and you really must get somewhere today,
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maybe try transferring over to another airline, another rough day for the regional rails, having delays on the chestnut hill, the warminster line because of crews shortage they had to cancel one of the trains. that's one of the biggest lines for the gang from the suburbs, possible power issues 101, 102, have to shut off power in order to work to clean up that train mess down there at 69th street. and suebe has that forecast, actually, she right here, right now. >> yes. >> eventually that piece, on the way, because we have a lot of cloud cover, through the area right now, and some scattered showers are so light, that not all of what you see on radar is necessarily making it to the ground. but few folks have held a few raindrops on their head, probably around mt. laurel, new jersey, northeast philadelphia, not a big deal, and eventually, we will see that sunshine. but we've got a lot of cloud cover around this mornin, it is much milder than yesterday, look at the 42 degrees in
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philadelphia, 38 mount pocono, 43 down in wildwood. that gets your day started. and winds are pretty calm this morning, as well, let's get right to the seven day forecast, and show you about our warming trend. it starts today. yesterday was 52 degrees. sixty-three today. seventy tomorrow. and even milder on friday friday record is 75, we'll come close to that could even get to the 70s before thunderstorms and showers in the afternoon saturday, get a lot chillier some sunday, doesn't stay that way through the middle of next week, guys. >> thank you, sue, just up and down roller coaster. desean jackson could return to the city where his nfl career began of course philly. and recent interview, with espn adam shelf nerve, he spoke about the possibility of returning here. >> definitely is a great story and i guess you can say, you know, starting your career somewhere, all of this be going toward rival team, you know, having the possibility
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of maybe going back, i mean, you know, you just kind of think about that, started somewhere, maybe -- >> so jackson had a lot praise forecaster on wentz saying he killed if in his rookie year. so we'll have to see what happens. i mean there is has been constant rumor. we have to see because actually if it comes to true us. >> it would be nice to give carson some more weapons that he can throw to. i know my husband would certainly enjoy this. >> what about sproles? if you ever wondered how to stay in shape like an eagles player it, may not be your exercise routine or your die. >> the it may be your freezer, talking cry owe they are. >> i oh, would you look, there we go. so he's in one of those cryo therapy chambers getting ready for the final season. it is where you stand in, there get cold. a lot of athletes do it, they at this had west their recovery, helps with the tired muscles. >> because it is like liquid nitrogen, surroundings your limit. temperatures drop to minus 350 e minutes. so although the procedure is not officially approved by the
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fda, doctor mike also said he's not real a fan, but it has become a common practice among professional athletes. >> for people who pretends to be. my husband and his friends? >> they do it? >> this awe do, that running, try at long as, dry these things to recover faster. ya. >> does it work? do they feel like it works? >> i don't know. they say it does. >> i guess up to each person then. i'll wait until the fb d.a. says something. i just don't like being colds. that might be my reason. 7:19. super cheap airfare being offered on major cars years. question is is it worth it? are you really giving something up here? why you should check twice before buying your basic economy tickets. >> also, chrissy, we know she is married to george len end, plus little jab, little elbow. her pretty funny comparison to a famous cartoon character, and here is the best part, his response right back at her.
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>> american airline flights that are depart to go philadelphia, which is also affecting and delaying some flights coming in now, so we're told that the stop will last until at least 8:00 a.m. if you take a look on the inside of the airport, long lines, we'll keep you updated though on the status of that. but also, big news for ups starting in april. they've going to deliver packages on saturday. >> also interestingly, they've been talking about in for awhile, drones. >> always talking about there is really? >> it could happen. >> lauren is it finally going to happen? goodness? >> i think so. okay, so, first, first things first. ground delivery, starting april, obviously we have major& shopping pro be in the u.s. when it comes to buying via clicking so, that stuff can come to you now saturday. but ups is looking to save money. i mean, they have the no left turn rule, massive fleet of
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planes, and drivers, and they know the exact routes where they can save even just pennies here and there. but with the fleet so big, this is billions and billions of dollars over time for them. so, they tested yesterday. rural part of florida. they electric truck, so big. ps truck that's, the drone went to deliver to different houses in the area, rural areas, more room to cover there is would obviously be more efficient for the company than having the human driver drive to all of the doorsteps. >> i like what it says on the little advertisement there. today was a test, tomorrow a delivery. >> i like that. we have been talking about the airlines, all morning this morning, dealing with some stuff here in philly. but when it comes to buying your tickets, so there is new option called because i can economy seats. they're cheaper? >> yes. the major airlines, american, united, dealt, a now offering basic economy. so this is less than economy. if you thought economy was bad, giving up even more for this discount, i'll tell you
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what the discount is in a second. but consider this. you know when you get on a plane now, they scan your ticket? right at the gale? i always like put my bag real close it me so they can't see it, try to roll my carry on in a way where the gate agent can't see it, because you want it to fit in the overhead bin. how about this? you have no access to that overhead bin. whatever you bring on must fit underneath your seat. >> what? >> you can get on the plane last, can you not upgrade your ticket, and you get whatever seat they want to give you at the time of getting to the airport. so if you agree to all of that and some other things, you can get savings of. >> how much? >> i've been looking all morning, i found $100 is the biggest savings. but most flights around 40, 50. >> i don't foe it that's worth it. good for college kids and stuff but i like southwest, bags fly free. when do you have add, i have big family, that's another 500 bucks all the sudden you're paying when trying to get place. >> it adds up. i rely, lauren, like you, i
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rely on apply carry on, i don't like checking bags, so i'm bringing all kind of stuff, as long as it is two, then you're good. >> and those bins that they give up, you know, the metal bins, and you have to see if your carry on fits on them, the test, they're making those smaller. >> they are. >> same bag that i used for years, and i tell you, it worked last time, why isn't it working this time? you made your bins small. >> so did you have to check your lug planning. >> no, i was able to get it in there. >> sweet talker? >> ya, i am a sweet talker, like i planned to car think bag on the plane. and that i'm doing, right now. >> it is about time. not even about money. you don't want to wait at the carousel when you lands. >> listen, you are preferring to the choir. i feel the same way. >> thanks, lawyer glenn see you guys. >> all the stress, talking airlines, what's not working then not being able bring your bags, we need it relax. >> spa day? >> spa. >> jen? >> look at this place. i'm already relaxed. this is the outside.
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we're at san too area, talking about brides. believe it or not, they're so stressed out already. probably just got engaged last week, we will talk about de-stressing before the big day.
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>> grounds stop at philadelphia is still in effect.
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life with travelers and update. lines are still long, lauren? >> they are, alex, but progress. this is huge difference than when we got here an hour ago. we can tell you this. the kiosk now printing boarding passes, you see that lady there. she says victory, excitement here at the airport, because just an hour ago, these lines were so long, people were coming in completely confused, not knowing where to go, or what to do. so this all started as bonn mentioned earlier around 5:30, 6:00 this morning, the computer went down in philadelphia, system-wide outage it, caused major delays, for the flights here, and of course, causes problems with flights trying to come into philadelphia. i met a friend on twitter named nelson. he's in charles con ton the plane trying to get to philadelphia. he said his pilot is keeping him updated. that will ground stop we mentioned is in effect of course until 8:00 a.m. our friends down there at the front of the line, they're now fully check in. that was about an hour ago, when we first checked in with them. head today charlotte for the ciaa tournament.
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so, news here, the kiosk up and running again, a lot of people telling me they started checking in on their phones about ten, 15 minutes ago, so it looks like maybe making some progress, bob kelly, in the computer department here. at american airlines. >> that orange cord, plug it back in, exactly, what we got to do. steve keeley mentioned earlier american hat as least eight out of every ten flights in and out of philadelphia. so, an american airlines system outage is huge here in philadelphia. and as we mentioned, that grounds stop is for american airline flights only. and that basically means, any flights destin from other airports, to philadelphia, are held at their gate. we've heards from other folks from all over the country, not able to depart the other cities coming in to philadelphia. okay, let's switch gears here. we are getting report of a person struck by the broad street subway at the broad and tasker street
7:32 am
between the walnut locust station and south philadelphia, the stadium complex. shuttle buses have been ordered, and we will take some time to get there. but this can't be another, things just keep getting worse here for septa today. the they're running with delays on the regional rail lines, some scattered declares, the warminster line, they had crew shortage. they had to cancel one of the trains. so seeing some over-crowding. they say they're running regular service making express stops on the market frankford line, crews still down there cleaning up from the scene of yesterday's train accident at 69th street. here's a look at today's forecast, sue has it had such bright sunshine yesterday at this time. we got quite a few clouds, a lot of green on radar, but it is very light green, and just few scattered showers around. this will last maybe for a little while. stray shower, shouldn't be a big deal, light jacket on bus stop buddy. and flyers cap. they play at home tonight, the
7:33 am
capitols, yes, the capitols, are opponent tonight. 42 degrees much milder than it was yesterday at this time. already starting out little on the mild side. but things will get miler than yesterday. when it was 52 degrees. sixty-three should be our high today. depending on how much sunshine we get, more sunshine, we might even get higher than that, 48 overnight, and higher numbers as we have that spring time taste coming up for the end of he week. guys? >> thank you, sue. right now ntsb officials, federal officials on the scene in our area right now in upper dare. trying to figure out what caused two trains to collide over one of the bus years terminals, 69th street. officials from septa say there was one train that slammed into the back of another, on the same track, then derailed, those cars hit part of a third train on an adjacent track. >> one of the train the ores is in critical condition. three other people were hurt. but all of them are out of the hospital. the crash is just the latest incident causing frustrations
7:34 am
for commuters. >> something breaks down once or twice a week. >> commuter complaints just the tip of the iceberg, for what's been even by their own accounts a bad year for septa. last summer, a third of the brand new silver liner rail fleet was taken out of service, because of a manufacturer defect. in november, the system was paralyzed due to transit workers strike. and then, in january, two trolley cars collided injuring dozens. earlier this month, rail car defect found on the market frankford rail fleet. >> do you feel that customers may be losing fate in the authority? >> well, i certainly hope not the. >> septa officials admit this year has been a string of bad luck. but they say, many of the disruptions have been safety related preventive measures. >> so inspection process, naked us to finds these things. and get ahead of them before they cause a problem. so, i think that's indicative of our process working. >> councilman kin yacht a johnson, chairman of city
7:35 am
council with us this morning, to share your thought on this. so pretty much time line of how things have been recently. >> yes. >> it is mentioned, okay, is it bad luck, or something else really going on here? >> first and for most, septa has had a tough, tough year, starting off thus far, starting with the cracks in the rail cars, and most recently the derailment of train. we need to look at the overall operation of making sure ridership are safe, first and for most, and fortunately enough yesterday there were no fatalities. but think about train derailment, thirst fink, amtrak, when you think about train derailment, first thing come it mind, recent derailment in brooklyn, new york. so septa being pro-active to make sure we don't have a fatality in the city of philadelphia. >> this is so many people were taking septa, ridership, sky rocketed, people doing it, we need to believe in it, how cities operate. but people really lost faith after all of these problems we have. and it keeps coming one after the other. i mean, hot mess this summer. >> have to do better job in finding out where these issues are coming from, and staying
7:36 am
on top of it. you know, most people may not recognize that we have one of the best transportation systems in the country. but nevertheless, when you have one issue, that's where people start to lose fate. so they have to do a better job of staying on top of it. >> the sit provides a portion o the septa budgets? >> 85 million. that's true. >> do we need mormony? when you say we need to do better job of checking the issues -- >> i think oversight, oversight, members of council, we hold hearings to look at septa's operation, how they go about doing business, so we will continue to do that as we move forward in the future. and being chairman of transportation, just interest of mine, making sure ride remembers safe first and for most. >> we also want to get there, we want to get thereon time, not all of the headaches, not like we do this alone on this planetment all of these other sit he is, this country, around them, i look at the metro cars, new york city had metro cars for 25 years. >> yes, yes. >> we're getting them out. >> getting them starting with the metro cars, as well. >> so whether it comes to some of these issues, because i
7:37 am
know that the point; okay, well, we took, you know, the cars off the tracks, because we naught there could be some safety issues, but how do we make sure it doesn't get to that point we have to take stuff off? >> that's when oversight comes, making sure we're holding them accountable. we shouldn't be in a predicament two, three months later where we're having another derailment or the rail cars are defective and then we have to be late for work and so we want to stay on top of it. >> what's oversight then? is that monthly meetings, or is that coming into septa every day, checking stuff. >> i always did just to find out where they're at in terms of making sure ride remembers safe, most importantly, the operation is moving smoothly throughout the city of philadelphia. but also we will look at hosting in the future. >> hearings for the public, where there are could voice concerns? >> that's correct. >> have there been any scheduled yet? >> not just yet. based upon this last incident, we are going to be looking at it moving forward in the future. >> please, keep us updated so would can inform people, because we hear all the time, things about septa, people stopping us on the street.
7:38 am
>> and taxpayers monday. >> i true. >> $85 million, not a small amount of money. that's a big chunk of what we provide to make sure that the operation runs smoothly. >> the one that makes me crazy, had it today, crews shortages. how do we we have crews shortages? >> that's correct. >> what do you mean? >> thank you, thank you very much. >> thanks for having me. >> we appreciate it. 7:38. did you hear about christie teigen? she takes a jab at her husband, john legend. her hilarious comparison to a famous cartoon character, and you know what he responded in a we call this the clap-back, right?
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>> i put this to the test, there is a cartoon charge their looks like john legends, at least according to his wife. >> and it all started after a fan tweeted these side by side pictures of john legends. and the cartoon. saying that he looks like arthur, low key. well, chrissy, being the sassy internet personal think had a she is tweeted assumed in, and
7:42 am
said, john, when you tell him he looks like arthur, and of course a meme going around of the fist, everybody talking about that, but not to be out witted by his wife, john pokes fun at her age by writing, hadn't even heard of this arthur character until now. was he around when i was a kid. >> wohoa. >> he is seven years older, that's yes said. that will yes, chrissy, some people say she's sassy, quirky, on internet. and he lovers that about her, he has made that very clear. they go back and forth. so it is good they can have a sense of how manier. >> that's the truth. also, breaking news, before we get out to jen for one second, just heard bob tweeted this, cheers heard down at philadelphia international airport. some of the kiosks are coming back up. good news on that breaking news. >> good. we have to get update for sure from the airport in a little bit. we go back to the spa. because yearn been stressful morning for commuters, a lot going on.
7:43 am
>> okay, he's father of the bride today, we will tell you exactly what he's going to do. space age stuff. when we come right back.
7:44 am
7:45 am
>> 7:45, looking live in the check in counters at american airlines, international where we've seen a huge improvement over the jammo that occurred
7:46 am
earlier this morning, when american airlines experienced system outage, and a computer glitch. now, following the progression of what's happened here, the computers came back on line, okay, they were able to get everybody through the check in counters. hey we're glad you're here. touch the screen to begin. good morning, maybe a free cup of something when i get down there? what's happening, all every those folks stuck in this line are now at the gates, and the faa still has a grounds stop in effect for all american airlines flights, and that has not been lifted. so, now the next stage, down there at the gate. let's go to the maps. because here are some of the tweets, a slow clap overheard from the announcement when they said the computers are back on line. the crowd cheers in the terminal. but it looks like the systems are coming back up on line. the tv's are coming back on. let's hope of course the reset
7:47 am
button puts them all on fox 29. american has eight out of the ten flights down at philadelphia international airport. again, that ground stop still in effect, for the american airlines flights only. now, let's switch gears, to the broad street subway. service is suspended right now. let's go life to skyfox. over the scene at broad and tasker. where we're getting words that a person was struck by the broad street subway train at the broad and tasker station. service is suspended right now. and what we're seeing as folks coming up from underneath the stations, all along, from walnut-locust all the way down to the south philly station, and again, septa has ordered shuttle buses, to take passengers from walnut low cut in center city all the way down to south philadelphia. and again, service is suspended on that portion of the broad street subway. we had earlier owning at the burlingon bristol bridge. that's causing some residual
7:48 am
delays. somebody's got your forecast today coming up in 15 seconds. >> and we have little bit of green showing up on ultimate doppler radar this morning, a lot of this is not making it to the ground. there are quite a few clouds around. we've seen a few sprinkles in northeast philadelphia, no rainout side our window here in old citiment so pretty hit or miss. shouldn't last too much longer. 42 degrees in philadelphia, all every those clouds kept us little bit on the mild side overnight. it certainly is a lot better than it was yesterday, when it was so much colder at this time. most of the temperatures in the four's not too much wind out there. it ended up being cool tuesday, high of 52 degrees. today, even milder, with high of 63. so we gain 10 degrees or so
7:49 am
today. and maybe five to seven tomorrow.& high of 70. seventy-three friday. even warmer, and then, saturday, a change, cold front come through in the afternoon. with some rain. maybe even thunderstorm. and we go from 72 on saturday, to 47 degrees on sunday. that feels a little bit more like february. but still, it is milder than average. and the last day of february is tuesday. looks like we will be mile again by then. karen, alex? >> okay, as long as we get right back to it. well you know when valentine day comes and goes, a lot of couples got engaged, then comes the planning, right? so believe it or not, one week later, i'm sure the stress is set being in on brides, set the date, first thing, right? er. >> one asks you, oh, the ring, have you set a date? no i haven't set a date. don't worry jen is at sanctuary. hey, jen. >> high guys. this place is pretty cool. you guys been open about a year now. good morning. >> good morning. so doctor pat riley, you're not related to the coach.
7:50 am
>> i'm not unfortunately. >> but as a doctor you are mostly in plastic, esthetics, but you care about the brides outside and their inside, as well. >> oh, absolutely. our brides are, you know, as any young woman, they're stressed, they want everything perfect. they want to look their best. and feel their best. so, we do our part to get them there. >> it is not just the brides. it is the fathers of the brides? >> that's true. >> okay. >> what do we have going on in here? >> okay. we have something called the float pod. >> okay? >> and it is a thousand pounds every epsom salts, that relaxes your body and your mind. and rejuvenate you. >> and you said like stealth curry, tom brady, professional athletes have these in their homes. >> yes. >> why? >> because for mind, body health. >> yes? >> their muscles are relaxed, and they can just leave the fields behind. >> and so why is it important
7:51 am
for, and by the way, he looks like he's just having great time in there. when we talk about the parent of the bride, and the bride herself. like is this something that once a month, or when they think they're losing their great idea that whatof the we're hoping for. so, one hour of this is worth like four hours of rem sleep. and the sleep is the one thing when they're stressed out just not getting good qualify sleep. >> exactly and this takes all of that away. the stressful look, the stressful feel, and our fathers of the bride, our grooms, to be, we suggest, they're at their best. >> and just real briefly in
7:52 am
terms of the esthetics, if you are getting married, just got engaged might want to meet with a physician to see what there is to do long-term in terms of whatever procedures you might want to do. >> absolutely. all of the brides are beautiful. but everyone has a little area that they like to consider a touch up, particularly, in the biggest day of their life. >> i love it. >> so we do it. >> okay. so this place is cool. because we have this, thank you, for de-stressing for us, at 7:00 in the morning. but there is a whole bridal palace here. >> absolutely. >> the wedding pavilion. >> pretty cool. so we will be doing that all morning long. and everyone is a candidate for this de-stressing pod thing, right? >> totally. no one that doesn't fit the criteria. >> i love it, all right. >> that looked cool. jen, i'm glad the guy in there was blinking his eyes, we were a little concerned there, he was so still. >> he's very relaxed. >> thanks, jen. >> 7:52. we've all heard the jokes that women are bad with directions, blah, blah, blah. well, it turns out, men may be the reason why. we discuss why that is.
7:53 am
just blame the guys.
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> this is bruno mars this is what i like. i like. >> this you know what we also like? >> what? >> philadelphia international airport, the grounds stop has been lifted. >> yeah. >> a lot of people singing this song. that's what i like. that's what i need to get out of here. so we will give you some more updates on. that will hopefully things will start moving, casino every backlogged there. 7:56. how well does your toilet paper holdup? i guess depends on what brands? >> if you get the ultra song ones, but the strong ones, when put to the test, they're amazing, some guy got it sucked into his washing machine. >> i guess we won't ask how
7:57 am
and why? >> toilet paper get in the washing machine? >> oh, right next to his toilet. i get it. whole roll falls in. oh, no. what's going to happen? and then he texted out, let me show you the picture. >> oh, wasn't that bad. >> just fine. >> okay. >> well, let's get to preston and steve. because this is an interesting discussion, right? we've all heard the jokes, that women, you're so bad with directions, right? we're horrible. don't know where we're going. but it turns out, hey, guys. men may be to blame. you guys are the reason why we're so bad -- >> shut your mouth. >> yes? scientists say, they say, because all of the jokes and jabs you guys have made at us, makes us so nervous we avoid giving directions altogether. >> scientists also say in large part the women going blah blah blah. no, no. i don't -- is this even a issue now with gps? >> good point. >> is it even a i shall knew. >> some people with gps bad at
7:58 am
directions still. >> i guess that's right. >> i can only speak to my situation, life is much better directions than i am. my wife is much better. i'm landmark guy. she is a street name person. she knows exactly, yes. >> wow your relationship is reversed. >> reversed. >> it is, completely. >> she does the home improvement, too. >> yes, she, she is what you should be. >> yes. reverse. my wife is not good with directions. i'm very good. i'm the sack a joeia in. >> even if i'm going to someplace i know, i still put on the gps to see options in case traffic is building up. so i don't even use those skills that much any more. >> yes, yes. so this study says because we give women ooh little bit of gulf about directions, that's the reason they're not good at directions in. >> yep, we doesn't want it say anything or talk about it because we know you'll come at us. steve. >> we make punch each other. that's the basis of our marriage. that's what we do. but i don't know. i never -- okay, maybe i do a
7:59 am
but she not good with direction, and i know -- but i don't badger her with that, it is just what it is. >> here is the big question. if you were lost somewhere and you have to find someone to ask directions, if a guy is walking down a street over woman walking down the street who would you go up to? that's the test. >> to be politically correct, i'll go with the transgender. >> (laughing). >> thank you, guys. >> both parts get serviced and everyone is happy. >> i think you're right though. we just took six hour trip. we used the ways, i don't foe if you use that app, that solved all of our problems, just roots you around the right fastest way. >> i have nine different teens of gps in the car at any given point. why you are not using, that i don't know. >> you remember the days of oh, we'll stop at a gas station and ask? >> uh-huh. >> that doesn't really happen any more, does it? >> true. pull up the map in the glove compartment, let's figure this out. pull over and we'll look over it. >> to your north until yes though, i probably would have asked the guy. >> righty? >> i know it is probably wrong. >> well, it is your natural
8:00 am
inclination. >> so i guess they're right. >> all right, guys. >> sorry. >> we love you. have a good rest of your day. >> thanks, guys, appreciate t. it is 8:00. good day to you, february 22, 2017. >> from the fox 29 studios, this is good day philadelphia. >> a tough morning for travelers. a ground stop at philadelphia international airport leaves some stuck, meantime, septa fights to get back on track. >> i don't know i can trust septa any more. >> what you can expected to as you're trying to get around. >> finding help in a unexpected place. a child text police for homework help because she is stomped on her math problems. what happens when one officers responded. >> inspiring story overcoming obstacles. meet local ten year old ceo. >> i my name is mia, owner of jerry fits. >> what she created sending a message of confidence to
8:01 am
little girls. >> ♪ >> new fashion trends alert, most special day of your life, philly fashion week's hottest looks from local designers, plus why less is more when it comes to your wedding dress. >> ♪ >> that's pretty. >> it is pretty. we've been dealing with this grounds stop at philadelphia international airport for nearly two hours now, now it has been lifted? >> good news, the grounds stop has been lifted at philadelphia international airport. anybody that flies knows that that doesn't mean everything is naturally quickly back to order. because there has been no incoming flights permitted for american airlines flying into philadelphia. so we need the planes to get here in order to spin around and take the folks back out. >> so delays then? >> delays. so that's the airport scenario. but now let's go and switch gears, we go live to skyfox over the scene after accident involving a pedestrian and the broad street subway a person stuck by the train,
8:02 am
underground at the broad and tasker station. >> this is live actually broad and morris here where septa transit police, philadelphia police are tending to the scene underground, again report of a person struck by a train. what i do know, as we go to the maps, septa says that they've suspended service on the broad street subway, walnut locust station, and the stadium station in south philadelphia. ordering shuttle buses again something that doesn't happen quickly, when you need to order shuttle buses, again, just another scenario, that we're dealing with here with septa. so again service suspended, from walnut locust all the way down to south philadelphia. there have been commuters that have been, you know, underground waiting for trains, listening to the announcements, and all of that crowd coming upstairs, crowding broad street, so expect a lot of confusion, a lot of over-crowding, as septa is trying to get buses to broad street, in order to pull the community, again the subway one of the busiest work
8:03 am
horses on the septa system. we mentioned ground stop, has been lifted, down at philadelphia international airport. and for an update, of exactly waist going on, and what's the crowd like down there at philadelphia international airport, let's go to lauren johnson who has -- down at the airport all morning long, lauren, what are you seeing? >> looks like everything is clear down here at the american airlines terminal, grounds stop lifted, just as they said, right before 8:00 a.m. and about 30 minutes ago, it is when the computers and kiosk got back up and running, it was funny, bob. people were checking in at the kiosk, when they got their tickets printed lots of cheers, lot of excitement as people gave their bags over to the gate agents, and headed toward their gate. so we hear that everything is back up and running here at the airport of course. those delays will still be in effect, because things are behind schedule, but, we can tell you, alex and karen, that things are clear here, and lot of happy smiling faces even the gate agent went over to the little snack carts they
8:04 am
set up in the terminals, got them little break, now back at work. >> amaze to go so, i mean, it wasn't that long ago. it was packed in there. now looks like it is a normal day. >> so thanks for that update, lawyer glenn thanks, lawyer glenn glad to see they got it fixed. now that that's out of the way, know we can focus on the weather and how nice it will be? >> if you walk out this morning hey where is the sunshine, then you haven't been paying attention to us here at good day philadelphia. we've been telling you that the clouds are out, the sun will come out eventually, but few widely scattered shares around philadelphia and also up to the north in the mountains. it is really not a big deal. so still going to go with a nine out of ten today. with temperatures eventually going well above average. bus stop buddy no umbrella for him. just light jacket waiting for the school bus this morning. there is a stray shower, lot of cloud cover around, as you can see in our picture here at old city. but hasn't rained here. 43 degrees, 5-mile per hour breeze, sun roast at 6:00 # four -- 6:44, most of the temperatures in the four's,
8:05 am
already ahead of the game, ahead of where we were yesterday. eventually to 63 degrees, miler afternoon, and not as mild as it is going to be later in the week. 48 degrees overnight. we've got higher and lower numbers coming up, and a bit of a roller coaster ride in the seven day forecast, guys. >> thank you, so much, sue. 8:05. nfsb officials there at the 69th street terminal right now. they're investigating the septa train cash derailment also trying to get things back on track literally. and this happened right around this time yesterday. here is a look at skyfox. what we were viewing yesterday, also a close up view from the ground. >> so let's get right out to steve keeley right now to see what's going on. with the situation right now, steve? >> reporter: what a coincidence in timing. because almost exactly to the moment, 24 hours ago, where 18 cars were all cracked, collided and crashed together, that big orange contraption you three is a diesel locomotive that i talked about in the last hour, and you see
8:06 am
it moving into place now to pull the final three rail cars off the tracks, and out of here. and you can see, they've got them all lined up, and all ready to go back on the tracks, and so bob, it looks like the tracks are in fact, and once that diesel pulls these out of here, just pulled into place, while sue was doing the weather, now we see it backing up to this car it, will pull these three cars out of here, and get the final of the 18 that were here all out of here, so there is major league progress, and a big kudos to the teams of septa staffers here, the good thing is we just had light rain. this is probably the heaviest we've had all morning here, but it has been warm, that has helped these guys, who do a lot of work without gloves on, because they're working with some fine tools, but great work getting this cleared out of here. and they said that there would be no issues with the morning rush hour, for the market frankford line, and who would have ever guess that this would be the smoothest runnin
8:07 am
running, the sad story, broad street line and a person struck this all l business problems at the airport, but here, nobody would ever think this would run smoothly. the trolleys coming up around have been running smoothly behind it. this will be running, real smoothly, without this in the way, momentarily, guys. >> it turns out they did manage to get it all done. many of us are skeptical, i'll say. that will thank you, steve he westbound appreciate. that will we had some problems last night, had some of the signal issues, regional rail, that was huge headache. people waiting a long time for many of the trains septa saying that that signal work was the problem. jefferson station, we had people there saying they were waiting for an hour. so hopefully we'll have better day when it comes it that. >> well, doctor kermit goznel, currently serving life for running illegal abortion clinic said he delivered will smith. the daily mail reporting it
8:08 am
obtained 2016 letter that he sent to the actor, making the unverified bombshell claim. as we all know will smith was born in philly on september 25th, 1968. this is long before the doctor set up his elicit clinic. he reportedly said he wanted to reach out to will smith after hearing will say in 2015 that he might consider a future run in politics. >> that's an interesting story. >> that is. all right, trending right now, who do you go to when you need help with your homework? if you're a kid? sometimes ask your parents, sometime maybe go to a teacher. >> but one kid in ohio went to the police with her math questions, and she got answers. molly draper shared the screen shots of her daughter lena's conversation with the merion police officer. and it is prep a do-able. instead of ignoring the fifth grader facebook request, lieutenant bj, he tried to help, the ten year old start today list the math problems saying she didn't understand, and the officer responded but unfortunately some facebook users pointed out his advice turned out to be wrong. however the post got a lot of positive feedback, at least he
8:09 am
tried, right? a lot of people praising the officer, and lieutenant grouper wants everyone to know his favorite subject is history not math. >> i love that story. making a big difference. cute. going back and forth and having a conversation, not like she called 911, initially no, don't waste their time, but she already had a contact, so they're friends. >> but i wonder what her grade on the homework was then since she got the wrong answer? >> oh, figured it out. >> 8:09. ladies. you know the term, oh, i'm looking for mr. right. and oh, my mr. right could it be the end of mr. right? it turns out, women no longer care about romances like you see in the movies, it is not about looking for mr. right. apparently now it is mr. acceptable. >> mr. right snow. >> what do you think that far? and then, this is an inspiring story of overcoming obstacles. meet a local ten year old, and she is a ceo. what she created sending message of confidence to little girls out there. >> this year i'll be married 70 years with my wife.
8:10 am
i had five children. twelve grandchildren. and 17 greats. as far as us seniors, we've been through two wars, and still out there fighting.
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
>> the broad street subway, service suspended between the walnut locust station, and the stadium complex all because a person was struck by a train at the tasker-morris street station. so septa has orders erred shuttle bussing, seeing a lot of confusion, and a lot of activity, as everybody that was already un grounds, waiting for the trains, forced to come back up the street level. and then of course not knowing what's going on, septa needs to get those buses in play, in order to roll the entire stretch here of the subway. good news, the ground stop has been lifted at philadelphia international airport. so almost like hit being the reset button, for for about two hours there was no
8:14 am
incoming flight at all for american airlines. so it is going to take some time that flights have to get here in order to turn around and take back off. so we'll have what we call the domino delay throughout the rest of the day. here's a tweet from my buddy nelson. he's been keeping us up-to-date. he's in charlotte actually. he said they just re boarding now. seems to be looking for a 8:15 . so he's about two hours behind schedule on his flight. so there is an idea of how things are going to go with american, here's a live look at the bethlehem pike richards son road, police on the scene, and also some delays on couple of the regional rail lines, and cancellation on that warminster line all because of a crew shortage earlier this morning. hopefully we got better looking forecast for today. sue-be has it in 15 seconds.
8:15 am
>> cloud cover out there this morning, and few showers, we've been showing you on radar. but very few, and what we do get is very light and it is gone almost as quickly as it appears, but there have been raindrops out there. so there you see them on ultimate doppler radar. right around here in philadelphia, seeing little bit of light rain. and a lot of cloud cover. but high pressure, actually, still is in control. there is an upper air disturbance, that's kind of moving through for this morning, but sunshine should take over, by the end of the day, and start that warming trend we've been promising you since the beginning of the week, since president's day, 43 degrees right now in philadelphia, already way ahead of where we were yesterday. thirty-nine in mount pocono. it is 45 degrees in wildwood. so you need the jacket this morning. but as we head into even warmer territory tomorrow and friday, we will be flirting with some of these records,
8:16 am
this one will be tough to beat tomorrow with high of 75. seventy-four is the record for friday. it looks like we will get pretty close depending how much sunshine, friday things change with afternoon, evening thunderstorms, after high of 72. then back to the wintery 40's by sunday. karen, alex? >> thank you so much, sue. i'm going to take over here. i'm so excited to tell but this story. little girl in our area who is muslim focusing on brightening up her wormed. she is a ceo of her own& company, yes, i said ceo. but for her it is more than just business, she started something she hopes will inspire and encourage other girls like her to be confident. >> ♪ >> ten year old amia has a personality some might call colorful. >> i'm merely like a teenager now. >> you're ten. >> i know. >> so it is only fit that what she wears reflect her spirit. >> my favorite color is purple. >> when it came time for her
8:17 am
to wear a head scarf muslim women wear to cover their hair for modesty, she was surprised at the color options her mother brought her. >> like gray, black, dark yellow, green. >> wearing it was something amia was ready to do but in her own way. during the different rounds of shopping, looking for the right one, mom realized from the lack of color to the size of the scarf most seem to be the wrong fit. >> there has been a spring of modest fashion, islam lamb i can fashion, but always geared toward women. so there is nothing really for like the teen and between age. >> who better to make a job for tweens than a between herself? amia went to work. the first order of business, changing those darker colors to brought and colorful options. >> we have cherry, sea green, plum, my favorite. this one is tank reason. >> she created her own company
8:18 am
headquarters right at home, and even designed her own company logo. >> i went it to sound catchy so i chose hijibifits because i like the way it fits, and it is fit for teens and tweens. >> she shared her new business venture with her friends. >> the first thing they asked, do they get free stuff. >> but amia friends under estimated this little ceo's business sense. >> did you give them any? >> not yet. they still got to pay. >> she started a website for her company. and each scarf cost $12. and soon, calls started coming in. >> i said my name is amia dickins, for hijibifits. >> if you met her two years ago, you wouldn't see the same confident girl you see today. >> my eyes were always red. people call me red eyes, because i kept crying. >> bullies at amia's school made it hard for her to fit in with other students? they usually call me names
8:19 am
since i had like acne and stuff on my face. so i like usually run out of the school and i get sad and i had this little corner called the sadness corner. >> when got to be too much for the family here mother made the decision to take her out of school and home school her. >> i will make any sacrifices i can for her for her to go for her dreams. so really this was -- that's what it is all about. it is helping her just gain that selfconfidence back, knowing that she is unstoppable. >> we will send the package in a day or two. >> now, 200 scarf sales later, ask amia how she feels. >> confident and special. >> her outlook on life has change add little bit. where anything that goes on, she like, you know, that's what they think. i'm going do my own thing, you know? i don't care what anyone thinkings about me, i'm going to go for my dreams.
8:20 am
>> dreams she wants to use to inspire young muslim girls like her, to make their own futures bright. >> every girl around the world can wear my scarfs and be happy. they can feel special in their own way. >> isn't she great? >> amazing, absolutely amazing, kudos to her and her mom many see all of the emotion in her that her homes and dreams for her liver girl. >> so you saw her on the phone there. she gets calls for orders from different areas including overseas, and she has the goal of selling 1,000 of her hijibis to include marching i up with clothes and fashion action, so you can get them at her website. >> maybe get pick up by another design line. >> oh, this could be big. all started here in our area. 8:20, more trouble for chris brown. one every his ex's slaps him with a restraining order. why she says he needs to stay
8:21 am
away. >> hum. also, plus, yen. some big, big day. oh. gorgeous. >> i mean, a lot of, i know, right? a lot of people got engaged last week on valentine day, so they're planning weddings. so where else would we go but the pavilion, wedding pavilion. this place, trend i, low cost, everything you want, right here in one wedding palace.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
>> 8: 24, may have called it quits few year ever years ago, looks like the drama continues chris brown. >> and his girlfriends. >> recently filed restraining order against him. again. >> well, she claims that she claims brown told a few people that he was going to kill her. she says he threatened to shoot her if he couldn't have her back. the order requires brown to stay at least 100 yards from tran, her mother and also her brother. and in january the singer posted video where he talked about -- well the news comes as chris brown releases dates for the party tour, will make stop in philadelphia, in the
8:25 am
coming month, i think like in april. this is really interesting. and they both have been very vocal about their relationship, their break up. tran did interview on the yama fix my life, chris brown even is a song mentioned woe like to have her back and mention her name. certainly an interesting development. problems with rihanna?at had- >> oh, ya. >> i know he got in a lot of time. serve time? >> i don't think served time, was on probation, a lot of people talking about it, i think he lost a lot of endorsements, things like that over t we have to see what happens. i'm sure "tmz" will be doing a lot more on. >> this we'll keep you updated. 8:25, new video been released of actor harrison ford. well, 'd close encounter, i mean, really close encounter with a commercial jet. you have to see this video we're about to show you. >> this john wayne airport. the little craft, going right in, over that american airlines flight. that's it from one angle. so, he calls the tower, and he thinks it is actually their fault, is that explain supposed to be below me? you're on the wrong way coming
8:26 am
in, you're supposed to be on. c i am on c. no you're on taxi-wayment you can see going right over. you can see the american airlines plane moving there, as it is getting into position thereon that taxi-way. good news, nobody was hurt, but he's in a lot of trouble in terms of being under investigation. the faa looking into it. there is some talk it is possible, but not necessarily likely that he could even lose his license. i mean that's close! can you imagine if you're sitting there? >> no. >> you have the window seat, look being like there is harrison ford, oh, look at that. i mean, that was really include. >> do-do-do. >> indianna jones for real. 8:26. the catwalk comes to philly. it is fashion week in our city. we will show you the local creations, that you're going to want in your closet. plus all of the hot events that are going on, we've got your ticket. >> ♪ >> ♪
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> moms out there did you know you're ache mack a mistake every time you take a family photo. what you're leaving out and why selfies help out. >> yes, series. >> is the ends every mr. right? have you been holding out forever, maybe he's never going to come along? turns out women no longer care about these movie romances cents. maybe mr. acceptable is mr. right now. so move over mr. right. sue apparently women are looking for mr. acceptable. what do you think of that? >> i don't think you should settle. i think you should, you know, if it feels right, and you know he's the right one, don't settle. that's my advice. now, we have a look at just a few light showers moving through our area right now. really don't think this is a big deal. we'll mention it with bus stop buddy, light jacket on, sweatshirt is good idea maybe for the little ones waiting at the bus stop for elementary school right now. we've got clouds out there, 43 t moved too much all morning.
8:31 am
but we do expect things to soar temperature wise, as soon as the sun comes out, that won't be for little while. so today, 63 degrees, milder afternoon than yesterday. and then down to about 48 degrees overnight, with mostly cloudy skies. not bad for today. but even milder for tomorrow. we'll have those numbers for you coming up. bob kelly? >> sound good. good morning, 83:00; update on this situation on the broad street subway service still suspended, on the subway, because after person struck by one of the trains at the tasker morris street station. so, septa using shuttle buses between the walnut locust stop and the south philly stadium stop. so there is a lot of confusion, a lot of over-crowding, again, the buses hads to be ordered, and i'm going to run that stretch there between south philadelphia, in south philly, until further notice, and the grounds stop good news has been lifted at philadelphia international airport. but expect delays through the morning, aboard all american airlines flights. alex and karen back over to
8:32 am
you. >> thank you, bob we know new york has theirs, but you know we have ours. >> talking about fashion maker, philadelphia fashion week, kick off last night at the sugarhouse sold out event featured areas biggest designers fashionista, it was fabulous. >> one of the people behind philadelphia fashion week here with us this morning, co-founder kevin parker, you're here. good to see you we love whether it comes around, so great. >> that being you for the support. >> so last year it was a very big deal. and i love that you guys find creative ways to show fashions, and a lot of people in our area. >> so the great venue you had at genos, you know what i am ' talking about? >> 2300 arena. >> yes, i think we have some video of it, where we are -- i got to actually walk. >> were you in this one? wow. isn't that cool? you have the normal catwalks, and that kinds of thing, now have it outside like this.
8:33 am
>> oh, you look -- >> you killed it. >> no. slayed it. >> please don't fall. please don't fall. >> but this is what makes philadelphia fashion week so great. is that it bridges people who are local, gives them chance to be out in the spotlight, and in philly places, you know, got to do it philly style. >> absolutely. >> so fresh off the grand opening of the kick off last night, you have some great& fashions for us, also, all local designer. >> absolutely. >> who do you have this morning? >> right now we have majing wall, the king every denum, also design fresh project runway. amazing designer. and right now we have denim duster with -- >> piping? the detailing. i love it. >> the detail is amazing, also the belt with that see through, as women, which is also on trends. we also have the sparkly shoes, definitely on trend. >> oh, take it all the way down to the floor, shows shoes are something, i want them on my feetment look at these. >> showing at the show so we're definitely excited about that. >> wow those are some sparkly
8:34 am
shoes. i love it. >> okay, this next dress, when she walked in, we were all like oh, my gosh. the room like stopped. >> yes. >> this is definitely a show stopper there is right here, elizabeth delgato, local designer, cue tore, all hand done, amazing designer, from philadelphia, she's amazing, showcased last year with us, as well, this year we will be doing it, installation, while with hankins for her, as well. >> so is this like a happen applicant kay zone on? >> she sewed those on. >> how long does it take when you're talking cue tore to create a work like this. >> week, sometimes months, depending on how much details goes into the dress. i believe one took few weeks. >> amazing. also getting like scarlet o'hare a vibes. >> yes, yes, yes. >> we can't lever out the fellows. so we have a fellow, some men's fashions cents too? >> absolutely. local designer, also designer in residence for the philadelphia incubate nerve center city design here is on
8:35 am
the up and coming, amazing designer, we have. >> black jeans, with the del ruge logo on them. definitely a staple foremen. she is definately making impact in the fashion industry today. >> i see her stuff everywhere specially in our area. i like how it is like on the knees. >> definitely different. >> like when you put the pads on, doing something, maybe into what was the old school where would you spin around? >> oh, goodness. >> break dancer? >> yes, thank you. break dancer! >> i love it. and then our final look, little shear, shear is in? >> shear is definitely in. this design is her latasia hall of lilly designs. amazing designer. last night she showed for the style gala at sugarhouse casino, amazing design, also newly in the designer residence for the philadelphia incubator macy center city as well. this design is her amazing, we have the sequins up down,
8:36 am
shear down bottom. this is amazing gown, definately if you want to make a statement, red carpet, definitely the dress you want to wear. >> oh, definately making a statement right here. now that offer ' seen some of there is i'm sure you guys want little more. so tell us about some of the events going on this week. >> tomorrow night, the runway show, we have project runway, we have latasia robinson from project runway as well showing tomorrow night. then we also have friday and saturday, which are runway one and runway two, runway shows, we have over 32 designers presenting for philadelphia fashion week, and we also have founder of new york fashion week, fern mouse coming into town, also mickey boardsman, from paper magazine coming into town. we have our fashion through the ages panel, century 21 saturday during the day. >> that's at noon? >> that's at noon. and then our finale show is at night at 7:00. at 2300 arena. >> that's the big one? >> that's the big one. >> look at this photo. so great. >> so can regular people go to these events. >> absolutely anybody
8:37 am
interested in attending go to www.philly fashion get tickets. come out, support. >> we certainly will be. >> thank you so much, kevin? thank you. >> good luck with another great year. >> thank you so much. >> 8: 37. i mean, look at that dress. that red dress really sticking. >> the so would we get you to come back and model again this year? >> we'll see. maybe. they're trying to convince me. i might. my goal was not to fall. >> he had sheeran's new song gets a twist. the funny way a dentist is using it. to get people to care about their teeth.
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
>> ♪ >> oh, i love this song. it is a good one. >> this is shape of you by ed sheeran. and the artist better watch out. because someone is coming
8:41 am
after his hit song. >> there is a guy, they call him the singing dentist, he made a parody out of the song, the shape of you, to promote oral health habits, and it is working. this video, it has been viewed 20 million times. >> ♪ the dentist isn't a favorite place ♪ i know you don't want to go ♪ me and my nurse here would are wondering why you hate us so ♪ we talk for hours and hours about preventing gum disease and tooth decay ♪ but you don't listen to me ♪ you keep on eating sweets, smoking 20 a day. ♪ that's jim ' singing now girl you know you need to brush ♪ twice a day then get that flossing inbetweenment common now follow my lead ♪ i'm mr. he is tee hear me boy you know you need to brush twice a day then get that floss ♪ inbetween. common now follow my lead ♪ just go and give them a good clean ♪ >> (laughing). >> that's eyebrows, i can't. >> my gosh. >> i know, amazing, i wonder
8:42 am
how long it took him to come up with that and not mess up. >> i always think of that when i see things, how many takes was that? >> those eyebrows, the look away, the dramatic look. >> looks like a fun dentist to go to though. i'm sure you won't have a bad time going to him. so he is a uk based singing dent its, shouting out popular parodies, like you said, karen, he wants to educate people on their oral health. and get some entertainment on the side too. i love it. if it gets to you take care of your teeth get that together it is a good thing. >> 8:42. well, jen, she is at this great complex. and, first we talked about the spa. but now? some people got engaged for valentine day, let's get focused on gets the wedding together. >> yes, and here is the question for you guys, okay? one of the big trends, separate. so which one of these gowns, hi, penny, which one of the gowns is a separate? okay? is it one, two, three, or four. you look gorgeous. of course you do, flower girl this morning.
8:43 am
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so don't trade in... sell it.... to we buy any car. learn more and get your free online valuation now at we buy any car dot com ♪ find out how much your car is worth at ♪ >> not seeing much in the way of showers but it is worth mentioning that we've had couple of raindrops, throughout the philadelphia area, not a big deal, and eventually, even though we're seeing some light rain, we just north of mt. laurel
8:46 am
there, little bit maybe along 295, but not much. later on, the sun will come out. but it is 43 degrees, we have seen steady temperatures in the low to mid 40's, all morning, 39 in mount pocono. back-to-back records thursday and friday. those are the days we're expected to inch into the 70s. now, today's records is 68 degrees. if the sun comes out early enough, we could start chanelling that one, but 70 is our high predicted for tomorrow, and 73 on friday. that's closest we may get to new record. the record for saturday, 79 degrees. probably not, because we've got that rain coming in the afternoon, and then, chilly air comes back at least for little while. starting sunday. guys, back to you. >> thank you, sue. >> well, when it comes to a wedding, the dresses always one of the most important element, you've got to get it together, right? you spend so much time going to different stores, trying to say yes to the dress. but if you're going to spend some money you want to look amazing on that day, right, karen? >> jen finding some amazing looks, steve keeley makes fun of me, i always say amazing,
8:47 am
but they totally are amazing. >> this place is rid you can justly a some. we can say roddick justly amazing, don't have to say awesome. good morning, everyone. >> high. >> so before you come to van cleve, you want people to know? >> their venue. >> good idea, then you can adjust your choices to something that's going to work for you, and for the venue that you're going to be using. >> so we got to see these dresses, so let's bring outlook number one. first of all what type of dress would you say this is? >> i would say what do you think, abby, just the classic look with a little twist to it? >> okay. >> it is a modern lays, and it has got little twist in the back. >> okay, we will see the back, in just one second. >> this could be real i go to any venue, it is just a little bit updated classic look? >> right. exactly. >> this would be beautiful in a ballroom, country club. this is great. >> it is pretty. i love that did you it with like modern hair jewelry. >> oh, the hair wrap, just to give it little fresh look.
8:48 am
and it is instead of the vale, or you can add the vale later for the wedding and then take the vale off and have this underneath for the reception. >> love it. you look great. we have to say that these are all employees of this place. >> yes. >> you're using real women to show how it looks on real girls? >> absolutely. that's what we want people to know. >> okay so our next look i would say more of avant guard kinds of thing? >> very. this is actually steven your i can, it is a beautiful dress, second bridal, bridal, the art museum, somewhere interesting like that. or a mother of the bride or it is all custom, hand beaded. >> when had he say custom that means the length of t as a shorty person i worry about the lent. >> everything made to measure, everything is exactly where it should be for every different customers. >> love it, thank you very much. this i have to say is one my favorites. we asked the people into the commercial which one is the separate and this is the separate? >> this is the separate. >> okay? >> and if you'll show us that,
8:49 am
ashley. >> that's cool. >> awesome. you can do whatever you want on the top or whatever you want on the bottom. there is some functional things that work for this dress, too. >> we like this, if to fit a lot of different body types, also a girl could take offer the skirt, put on cute skirt for the after party or reception, or even re wear one every these pieces for her anniversary. >> you say maybe a barn, vineyard something, like you know, town and country-ish? >> exactly. >> penny is here just the most adorable flower girl we've ever -- can you give us a spin my love? yes. thank you very much. >> very trendy kind of look. you want to talk about that? >> nude illusion top, very trendy right now. the lays just looks like it is painted on her skin. it has got the low back. and then the crepe skirt little bit more modern. it has got great fit to t we
8:50 am
see this in like a sheik city venue, something like that. >> and so this is like where it is going, right? that they want to look more fashionable? >> right than they normally look for their every day. >> exactly. >> i asked you deb, a you said no-know's, but one thing you want to look like yourself only the before zest you've he been? >> the best self. it is your wedding day. your chance to make the dream come true. >> yes. >> cool. >> do what you wish. >> you guys look amazing. who want to be a bridesmaid? all of you. okay, so, when you come back, in the 9:00 hour, we show some great trends for bridesmaids. >> yes. >> yes. >> all kind of trends, beautiful trends. >> i love it. >> michelle didn't want to talk on camera, so i'm making her talk. >> i love it. >> did pretty well. >> she did great. two things, jen, first thing, we all thought that vinyl dress was the dress that was separate. so you fooled us. >> i know. yes, that's why i did it, this looks like it would be the separate, but it isn't, and i would never guess. by the way this is one of their lower price ones, too.
8:51 am
and next? >> the second thing, can you show the big broad al area where they have all of the dresses? i've been here, i lover the van clever collection. >> that's where we were for the tees. >> show it again. it is so -- oh, look. it is like a brides paradise. like at that. just spin around, dresses everywhere. very cool. okay, thanks, jen. >> thank you, amazing we cannot wait for the bridesmaids, coming up next, thanks, jen. >> you know how it is, when it comes to being a bridesmaid, sometimes the dresses really do i have to wear that? and i'll never get to wear it again. but she will show us cool ones. >> putting her to the test for that one. a challenge. one of the things that goes really well with weddings, alcohol. margarita day. >> help you get to the alter? every single part of the whole thing specially the showers, everything you have to go through. so, let's show you some of the best marguerite's in our city. since it is national handwriting wreath a day, are their deals? if so i want to know where to go for happy hour, tell you about the best deals to take advantage of today.
8:52 am
and also how to spice up your own recipes, and i am press your friends.
8:53 am
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>> accident on the blue route, 476, northbound ramps to go east on the schuylkill expressway, remember yesterday, we had that overturned truck, on the opposite ramp. this is the northbound blue route ramp, to head east, in toward philadelphia still using shuttle buses at the stadium area, ground stop lifted at philadelphia international airport, so things are getting back to normal. alex and karen back to you. >> are you feeling that baby kick? i like the mothers post videos, they can see other people, see what that looks like or feels like? >> yes, something when they're
8:56 am
kicking under their ribs, ugh. >> well, apparently not just for women any more. new invention in the works that gives dad a chance to feel the baby's movement. see before you get there, back it up, how do you find mr. right? the father of our children, the guy that will fulfill our dreams, hearts and souls, maybe forget, that settle for the guy right now, maybe mr. acceptable? maybe it is good enough? >> ♪ where should you start when you're
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8:59 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> well, you want to be us right now, because i'm very excite the about the 9:00 hour starting guess who is here, quincy! >> i have a tie on. >> that's means it is official. >> it was a struggle getting here, i just want to let everyone know. i drop my kids off from school. and toyed get here early, so i'm here.
9:00 am
>> don't you have to do that every day? >> q, i would come in every day, do this, do the 7:00. dot 9:00. report all day. >> as a father, as a father. >> and as a mother. >> mothers are stronger than fathers. >> uh-huh. >> as a father, applause. >> so you want to clap for something that people do every day. >> well, women are stronger than men. we already know. just saying as a guy doing this. >> all right. well, here is a pat on the back for that. >> thank you. >> blood day, it is win, february 22, 2017. >> this hour will get real interesting as you can already tell. well, moms, you're making big mistake every time you take a family photo. the major thing you're leaving out, and why selfies may help. >> or dads, quincy. also, national margarita day. as i like to say, alcohol can be liquid patience with kids. so, we're celebrating this, how was your favorite way to have a margarita. >> do you like them frozen? do you look blood orange? unique and unusual ways. >> and then jen is helping brides this morning


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