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tv   Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX  February 26, 2017 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> chris: i'm chris wallace. president trump reports on the press to conference. he will lay out his legislative agenda for year one. >> the era of empty talk is over. now is the time for action. >> chris: we will discuss the presidents times for obamacare and tax reform. and look ahead to other big decisions including a revised travel ban. then the nation's governors are in town. we will ask two leading figures of the trumpet agenda affecting people in their states. >> do what you said you were going to do. >> actions at the federal level and up on the desk of governors.
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>> chris: terry mcauliffe of virginia, and republican scott walker of wisconsin. it is a "fox news sunday" exclusive. plus democrats look to harness the trump resistance. and republican town hall across the country. and with an election of a new democratic party chair. >> we need a chair who can take the fight to donald trump, but also lead turn around and change the culture of the democratic party and the dnc. >> chris: we will ask the sunday panel about the strength of the opposition. and our power player of the week, the man behind the president tweets. >> as he is dictating a tweet, have you ever said to him, maybe not? >> chris: all right now now on "fox news sunday" ." and hello again from fox news in washington, as donald trump pushes his agenda to reach us
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this week. democrats have picked a new chair to rebuild their party and immobilized opposition to the president. they elected former obama labor secretary tom perez of the national committee. fox news correspondent has the latest now from atlanta. >> mr. perez, congratulations. >> with new chairman the national committee hopes to rebuild the party with the 50 states strategy. >> we hope to do it. that is the best thing. this is the making sure of working together on the issue of culture change. >> so help me god. >> tom perez a former obama secretary bernie sanders supporter keeps ellison as chair trying to unify the establishment and progressive wings. >> if they chose me, they need to count perez as well. >> democrats say they want to
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listen to another voting block that help the party in large numbers to support donald trump. >> we need to focus on working class america. particularly working americans. we need to let them know that democrats can create good jobs in america again. >> we have to be in partnership. everything is under attack. and the democratic party can always do these things. >> they say that they can take lessons from republicans when it comes to messaging. they say it is not enough to complain about president trump, they need to work on their values and vision for america's future. >> chris: jonathan sully reporting from atlanta. thank you for that. the president weighed in early this morning about this tweet. the race for dnc chairman was of course totally rigged. bernie's guy like bernie himself never had a chance. clinton demanded perez. joining me now from
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new hampshire, corey lewandowski. former campaign manager for mr. trump, still sometimes an advisor. now a political consultant, welcome back to you "fox news sunday." >> thank you for having me. >> chris: i want to get her thoughts about the election and tom perez, a relative's interest as the dnc. what does it say to you about how democrats have had a deal with president trump? >> yes, what this says to me that they have now put somebody in the democratic party who does not understand what is going on in america. do you have had an opportunity, would have had an opportunity to pick a candidate that understood what middle america was about and not somebody concerned about the east coast or west coast. we have seen more of the same from the democratic party which caused them to lose this election at the presidential level. a tom perez was a close friend to hillary clinton. and if you look at the three
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candidates michael dukakis, the three of them combined could not have the electoral votes. that's what the party represents. complete out of touch with mainstream america, understanding that the basis is on the rights and the far left of the political spectrum in the united states. all the way to california and massachusetts. this is a terrible decision for these guys. it is a huge move to the left. >> chris: the reason we invited you one in the first place, i want to talk about the trump agenda with you. given the fact that he will have the primetime speech with congress. before we get to that, the last couple of weeks of mr. trump's first days in office, dominated by attacks on the media and intelligence community. and here is chief strategist stephen bannon at the trust conference this week. >> the globalist media that adamantly oppose, adamantly
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oppose two oh economic agenda like donald trump has. >> chris: there certainly were all lots of corporate list, globalist, but you have said that you think that this president needs to have a laser focus on the economic agenda. it does all of the attacks on the media and intelligence and deponents, does that get in the way of that message? >> chris, what the problem is is that the media continues to run a false narrative about the president. just cover him fairly. what he said in the press conference when he spent 77 minutes fielding questions from the media, i will take that source, but reports fully and accurately on what we are doing. they refused to do that time and time again. we have seen front page stories in "the washington post," "new york times," 100% inaccurate. and to the response is if we made a mistake, we will update
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it. >> chris: why not just pursue his agenda? here's what president trump tweeted late friday night. fake news media knowingly does not tell the truth. it's a great danger to our country. he may be right or wrong, but how many jobs does that create? >> chris, the president is creating jobs. we saw what he said about boeing corporation, we have seen time and time again that he is bringing companies in saying, what can you do to create a better environment for the business community? he has passed the executive order that says every executive order is going to reduce two regulation so that businesses can grow. that is what the president is doing. he is bringing companies in and saying, what can we do to grow. the media does not want to report that. they want to report both stories from moving martin luther king jr.'s bus from the oval office. and to the national security
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deal that is false. national intelligence where you have them saying that the story that you have written has a false narrative, the media does not want to report that. they have their own agenda, this is the first president in a lifetime that has fought back to 100 million people that follow him through the various mediums of social media. he has to do this to get the real story out. >> chris: i want to press my point on this. there is no question that the president has signed a number of executive orders. we have reported on all of them. but in terms of the legislative agenda. he is falling behind where other new presidents have been at the same point in their terms. and one of the questions that i have given that he is going to give his speech to congress this week, how important is it for him given the fact that there are some splits inside the republican party to give marching orders, give direction on where he wants to see republicans in congress and the house and senate go in passing
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his agenda? >> it is very important. i think what the administration has said, and you heard from the secretary of the treasury looking at the first full text change since 1986. they are hoping to get that done in the coming months. we know that the president has said during his press conference that he is going to submit a plan for the full repeal and replace one of obamacare. what we know about obamacare, premiums are up at 100% in the states. the plans are a failure. the plans for the american people, if you like your doctor, like your plan you can keep it to those are not factually correct. what he has done in the first 35, 36 days it is the executive orders that did not require the confirmation process or the approval of congress, very important. if you look, he has put coal miners back to work. they were saying, thank you mr. president for giving us the opportunity to get back to work every day.
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executives, airline executives, what can the media do to stimulate the economy? we are going up four persons. 5%. we have a budget who can finally look at the budget and as the president sits together there is more belief that the government needs to be more efficient and more business knowing. that's what we are going to see in the near future. >> chris: let me look at a specific example, obamacare, repeal and replace. 11 million people gained health care coverage through the expansion of medicaid. are there are now as i say, split inside the republican party, because a lot of republicans looked back home at their states where people gained coverage for the expansion of medicaid. if they do not want to give that up. they want to stop the expansion of medicaid. does the president need in his speech on tuesday to help settle that issue, because there is a real split inside the g.o.p.?
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>> i think he is going to talk about a number of things. he is going to talk about the accomplishments of his first month in office. the executive orders. he is going to talk about the economic security that our country needs. that is about education, jobs. very important. the other thing that he will talk about is border security. national security, he has talked about this in general. he needs to increase spending on the military. but when it comes to obamacare, you have to remember that there are multiple states with the premiums for these people over 100%. small businesses cannot afford it. >> chris: cory, i understand the campaign against obamacare, the question is what are you going to do to replace it. that's what a lot of people are concerned about. let me ask you about another -- >> of the white house is working on that right now with the members of congress. he said by the second or third week in march he will have a plan up on the hill, they are going to be working on this to make sure that there is a
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unified component so that people can actually have health care coverage. he has been very clear about this. what he said, we are not going to throw people on the street. we are going to take care of people. you have to do it in a manner that does not have increases of 100 plus percent so that people cannot cover themselves. >> chris: let me move on. the president also wants to roll out a revised travel ban this week that will cover off visitors and refugees coming from certain countries. but a report that was leaked by the department of homeland security said this. country of citizenship is unlikely, excuse me, unlikely to be a reliable indicator of terrorist activity. two questions, what does the president do about the continued leaks from within his administration? and secondly, when you get something like this from dhs, there is a possibility that it might be blocked again.
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maybe he should just go to extreme vetting? >> the first part you are absolutely right. i do not speak for the legislation, anything leaked out of the administration needs to have a lid on ants. it's very hard to do when you have your cats sitting in the agencies that have a completely different agenda. and the presidents picks for secretary, we can stop those things. it's very important to do. hopefully the senate will pick things up and confirm those. at the second thing is, if you listen to what john mccain said, somebody who has been quick to criticize the president. he has talked about general mattis, kelly, the entire national security team, the best national security team that has ever been assembled. and when you look at that holistically and the price that they have given the president a relates to a travel ban or having better vetting. he is very open to listening to what the experts say. and whether reading a plan that
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the american people are safe and secure in their homeland. if that is extreme vetting, if it means remaking the way that they issue visas, then you have to do that. it is crystal clear, the constitution is crystal clear. the presidential prerogative to stop anybody he wants from coming into the country by suspending visas with no question about it. >> chris: less than a minute to left, i want to ask you one more thing. a top republican, house republican sterilizer came out and over the weekend he said that there should be a special prosecutor to investigate the question of leaks, the links between the trump campaign and russian intelligence. he says that he does not think that the justice department and attorney general sessions should do it because they are too close to president trump, what do you think of his idea? >> i think of all due respect. jeff sessions has the utmost
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character and qualifications. if he wants to investigate this under the department of justice that is his prerogative -- >> chris: well what do you save this? >> well, i don't know. never, ever, did any one i know have communication with anybody from russia, the russian government, whatsoever. i can tell you this, i have the utmost confidence in attorney general sessions, if he believes that there is something there. well investigated. he is capable and confident to do so. he is a man of the utmost integrity. i believe in as a capable hands. >> chris: corey, thank you. always good to talk with you. >> my pleasure, thank you. >> chris: up next to the nation's governors come to washington, lobbying the trump white house on everything from obamacare to immigration. governors terry mcauliffe from virginia and scott walker from wisconsin will join us. ♪
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♪ >> chris: the nation's governors have come to washington bring in the wish list for items like infrastructure, and to their questions about how the president's policies will affect people back in their states. joining me now, wisconsin governor scott walker, chair of the republican governors association. and virginia government governy mcauliffe, democrats. welcome welcome back to "fox news sunday" ." let's start big. president trump's first month in office, terry mcauliffe, how's he doing? >> not happy about the settle higher fears, very concerned about health care. it could cost hundreds of thousands of virginians or health care.
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very concerned about the travel ban. i've been very vocal on that. and what officers are doing randomly stopping people. >> chris: we will dig down on that in a moment. do you have a lunch with the president yesterday at the white house, what did you talk about? >> health care. as governors we want to personalize patient centered health care. not like a number, but human being. and i think that is a common sense. the president talked and was very interested in that. as i came back, terry and i were talking about the health and human services, i am all for a plan that goes beyond repeal and a replacing reform and that helps everybody and wisconsin, virginia, everywhere else. >> chris: i want to drill down on the trump agenda and how it will help people in your states. let's talk about obamacare with repeal and replace, and we should point out governor mcauliffe, you could not expand medicaid as part of it, because of the republican legislature blocking you, what are you concerned about in terms of
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replacement? >> first of all, and virginia we do not. we have $4.9 billion, chris. i could've had 400,000 individuals get health care, 30,000 new jobs. my concern going forward if we just eliminate the aca, the cost of her junior budget is $200,000 per year. and firms could also break off the back. so i'm confused how we do this going forward. we do not like block glares, we are going to have a set number. and what happens if there is a recession? what happens if the stake goes down. i'm very worried about the per capita rates. these are big issues. scott is right, we will hear from the governors. we had 46, the biggest crowd ever. we wanted to work together. we want to get everybody quality health care. we want personalized medicine. i agree with scott. they need to be treated like individuals, dignity, not a number, but the devil is in the details. >> chris: we will talk a little bit about the details, governor walker, more than
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200,000 people in wisconsin have gained coverage under obamacare. to the uninsured rate in your state has fallen by 39%. what happens if some of those people whose health care coverage under repeal and replace? >> actually, ours is what will happen under replace and reform, i did not take the expansion. >> chris: but you have your own system? >> no, ours is exactly what you want to model going forward. everybody living in poverty, 100% coverage for people in poverty. it never happened before. for those above, we help transition them into the marketplace. if that is the goal. for governors we said for years -- >> chris: can you guarantee that all of them are going to keep coverage? >> we have one of the lowest rates of uninsured, one of the highest of overall insured in the nation because we use reforms to get people into the marketplace and make things work there. i think that that is exactly what we want has a nation.
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governors are more effective, more efficient, give us the tools not just on health care, but education, transportation, and now is the chance to do it. we need to make sure that each of our state, very unique, but all 50 states in their territories are unique. we can make it work. it governors work together with the president and the house, the hope will be receptive. >> chris: let's turn to another subject, tax or form. what do you think of the idea that republicans, particularly the house with a border adjustment tax and generally what do you think of president trump's talk of renegotiating trade deals? >> the border text is a disaster for the economy. you look at virginia, a state --
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>> chris: you would tax imports coming in, not exports going out, border tax. >> let's be clear, countries around the globe are not going to wait for this. they will reciprocate immediately against the united states of america. i am a trade state. 22 trade missions to dozens of countries. when i became governor, it was all the way to 185,000 new jobs. why would trading around all over the globe we treat countries like this, they are going to separate out against that. i disagree with some of my party. give me a fair trade deal. we in america can crush anybody around the globe. we will win the argument. if we put walls up around our states and country, it is a global economy. 95% of the customers live outside the united states of america. we cannot just do trade with ourselves. >> chris: let me bring governor walker and ted this. your state exported $22 billion in goods to foreign markets in 2015. are you worried about setting up border taxes? border trade deals, that it is going to hurt that? >> we want good trade. we want it to be fair and free. we want to have trade with all
9:24 am
of those different countries that you talked about. we want to make sure that if a harley-davidson and sold in japan or china it is treated the way that it would be if it comes into the states. so free trade goes hand in hand. the other issue with the house on the senate, we need to focus on, let's just bring the employer tax rate down so that it is comparable with the rest of the world appeared to the states that have succeeded, our state employed more people last year than ever before. we got government out of the way, we lowered the tax rates, by the time my budget is done, we have cut that. -- >> chris: let's talk about that spread wanted to lower ring tax rates and make them more competitive with the rest of the world be a good idea? >> do i think we need tax reform, absolutely. the more we can put peoples in the pockets, by far the biggest thing that we can do for our economy today. let's bring back the repeat this morning that is overseas, let's
9:25 am
bring back to america. we need to make it attractive to the individuals, the ceos, the shareholders. of course we need to do this. these are the big issues that i wish president trump would focus on. he ran on jobs, right now in virginia, he is hurting me on jobs. let's go back to focusing on what we do every day, diversifying our economy. so all of the renewable energies, biotech, that's how you go in economy. >> chris: i want to move on to another subject. governor walker, you oppose the muslim ban during the campaign, is the new order that we understand the president has been assigned, is that in affect a cleaned up version of the same muslim travel ban? and how do you feel also about dhs step up enforcement of immigration? >> no, it is not. if it was a would not be limited to those countries. it is a safety concern. under president obama, all of the governors --
9:26 am
>> chris: you have the dhs saying that the citizenship country does not mean it is a reliable indicator of terrorism. >> back when they brought in refugees from syria, they got on a call with the department of homeland security, very concerned, even including many democrats saying what kind of certainty do we have to know, particularly after what has happened in europe that there has been a good system of vetting and understanding who is coming into the respective states? that is what we are acting for. the objective is to make sure that safety is paramount. that is what we are all about. at the local state and federal level, that we are responsible for the safety of our citizens. that's what it should be about. it should not be about religion, anything else. it should be about safety. >> chris: governor mcauliffe, is the travel order about religion? and secondly, your thoughts about stepped up deportations? >> well, it is very
9:27 am
disconcerting. people think it is about religion and geography, that is very damaging. at this is not helping us create jobs. i was out of dallas airports within 12 hours -- >> chris: but protecting the country, that's before jobs, right? >> let's be clear. everybody is about protecting the country. we have a very rigorous program to check two year process on refugees, let's be clear. we are all in agreement. we want to keep the country safe. there is a very fine line. i went to dallas airport, i was probably the first selected official out-of-the-box, there was a family they are. two children with u.s. passports, no access. i said, i am the governor. i don't know why they are being detained. i'm very concerned. i am meeting general kelly to talk about how this is going on, because let's go back to the economy. are we randomly going to stop people on the streets, chris? ed is going to drive people underground. they are not going to see health care.
9:28 am
32.5% of the economy and northern virginia, small business is by foreign owned businesses. we are scaring people. at this grim education breeds. we had to stop it. >> chris: you see it against elected officials, but i'm glad that we are going to have that discussion later. it is important for all of us to talk about it. what exactly is it. given what you were just saying, governor mcauliffe, you're only allowed to serve one term in virginia. that ends at the end of this year. you say that the only thing you would be interested in -- -- i love the look you are giving me. what do you think against running against trump in 2020? >> we have had tremendous success, i am going to finish up. i have no intentions of running against donald trump head i'm going to finish strong. i'm telling you, the first governor, thomas jefferson jefferson, and now terry
9:29 am
mcauliffe. what a great job i have. >> chris: one of them ended up as president. thank you both for coming in today. always good to talk to you. we will burn and assigned a group to discuss that the agenda and how the president will try to get it through congress. plus, what would you like to ask the panel about what the president needs to say in his speech tuesday night? just go to facebook or twitter at "fox news sunday" coming and we may use your question on the aird?. uhhh- and i was wondering if your brokerage offers some sort of guarantee? guarantee? where we can get our fees and commissions back if we're not happy. so can you offer me what schwab is offering? what's with all the questions? ask your broker if they're offering $6.95 online equity trades and a satisfaction guarantee. if you don't like their answer, ask again at schwab.
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>> though prevent men and women of america will be forgotten no longer. that is the heart of this new movement. and the future of the republican party. >> chris: president trump laying out a new path for the g.o.p., dressing conservatives at the conference this week. and it is time now for our sunday group. advisor to the prime minister, steve hilton, fox news political analyst and columnist juan williams, julie pace, and lisa boothe. and steve, first time fox -- "fox news sunday" analyst, welcome. >> it's great to be here. i wish that there was more to talk about. >> chris: julie, as we have been discussing there are some divides among congressional republicans. forget about the democrats on issues like obamacare and tax reform. do you expect the president in his prime time speech if not to settle those issues, to give some direction?
9:34 am
>> well, republicans are certainly hoping to get some direction out of some key things. techs are formed, how to pay parts. the adjustability program, paul ryan's office is really pushing it. paul ryan's office is looking for a really clear signal from the president that he supports this. he has been talking more warmly about that, but as obamacare, what republicans and democrats are going to be looking on. this is one that is going to come up first set of tax reform on capitol hill, and while republicans are fully on board with the idea of repealing obamacare, there are huge divisions about what a replace package would look like. and he wants it to move quickly, he said that this could go into next year. and beyond outlining the couple of popular provisions of obamacare that he wants to keep, he really has to talk in detail about what the rest of the package would look like. how he would look to pay for it. and what this would do to people who might lose coverage. >> chris: obviously not really
9:35 am
into details, but some type of direction. >> the white house so far says that we should expect a broader address. this is going to be his vision for the country, less of a laundry list. but i think that you are seeing republicans behind the scenes trying to push the white house to get a little bit more specific than they are hoping to right now. >> chris: we heard from the president's chief strategist, stephen bannon. it was the first time that they had literally ever heard his voice. here's what he had to say about the priorities at the conference. >> the process kind of national security, and the second line of work is what i referred to as economic nationalism. to the third broadly, line of work is what is deconstruction of the administrative state. >> chris: we do not think of donald trump as especially ideological, but stephen bannon clearly is. does this kind of intellectual overlie? does that serve this president? >> i think there are elements that do. but you are right.
9:36 am
he is more pragmatic, and that's what really needs to convey in this speech. i think that julie is exactly right. he will cover a lot of ground. and it will be broad. however, i think that it really needs to have a focus. and the focus has to be on the issue that's really got him elected. and i think that that is his promise to deal with the economic crisis. the real economic crisis that is affecting half of americans without a job. with an income are fallen for the last couple of decades. people who have lost that sense of economic security and hope. that is what he has to focus on. and the elements of that are pretty straightforward. much more than anything on obamacare. it is the tax cuts, the business tax cuts, and so that the money is invested here in america. and the infrastructure, we really have seen too forgotten about it. it was a big part of his campaign promise. so we need to put the focus on getting the economy moving. >> chris: we ask you for
9:37 am
questions from the panel, on this issue of what the president should tell congress we got a number like this. a tweet to stay on topic. taxes, health care, stay positive. bring the country together. do not talk about critics. and this on facebook, it would be nice if you would start to unite the divided country and start a healing process. he is still campaigning for a job that he won. he said, what do you think of the advice and how likely the president trump will follow it? >> i would agree with the advice. i do think i president trump realizes that he will be addressing congress. he does realize the challenges that he faces pretty look at that dynamic particularly in the senate, and that's what matters moving the agenda forward. there is a lot of complexity there. republicans have already voiced objection. or even with differing opinions on how to move obamacare
9:38 am
forward. you also have the ten vulnerable democrats who might also be facing primary challenges. a lot of complexity that he is dealing with. i think he recognizes that this is an opportunity for him to set the agenda, lay it out, hopefully offering more specifics, but i do think that we will see a positive tone that may be we saw at some of the more recent speeches that he has given. >> chris: that's brings up the question, are all of -- for not the last two weeks, but the next. so many attacks on the media, political opponents, are they serving him well politically or do you think it is getting in the way of his agenda? >> i think obviously with the base, demonizing the press, it seems like the continuation of the campaign that goes after hillary clinton, barack obama, even the intelligence agencies that are looking into the ties to russia. even as it feeds the base and the distaste for mainstream media, listen to me, don't
9:39 am
listen to the press and my critics, it serves as a distraction. it is a distraction from the fact that he has accomplished so little of the pledges that he made to his backers during the campaign. obamacare, tax reform, build the wall, these things have not happen. there is a fact-check out today that says that he has only done about 10% of all of the things that he said that he would get done in the first 100 days. >> chris: well, it has only been one month. >> i think it is critical to understand. he was talking about things that he would get out of the box that would transform the government. drain the swamp, but so little progress on that front. when we come back to the press, we see a very interesting thing here. we have a poll this week showing that despite the constant attacks, steve manning telling the press, shut up. you are wrong about the election, shut up and listen. guess what, the american people still trust the press and first amendment rights more than they trust this association.
9:40 am
>> i actually disagree. i think that the president trump has a lot of room to run. democrats are really the only group of voters that trust the media. you look at the number of recent gallup polls regarding the media, only 14% of republicans trust the media, 30% of independents -- coke >> chris: that is beside the point. he is not going to -- as i said with my conversation with corey lewandowski, he can say it, but it doesn't create jobs. >> it does not, but what is he supposed to do. you look at the general election, 91% was negative. >> chris: he is president. >> i understand, but this has carried into the administration. there has been a lot of false stories out there regarding made up of meetings between bannon and general kelly, and there has been information where every publication says it is unsubstantiated, unverified.
9:41 am
there been numerous reports not true. and i think john dickerson was were correct when you said that the media ruined the reputation on their own. there is a general lack of distrust -- >> chris: we have 30 seconds. where does this come from? >> it comes from donald trump putting out alternative facts. >> chris: we are never going to settle this. we will continue to talk about it. let's take a break here. when we come back the committee elects a new party chair. what does it say about how they plan to take on president trump? you're here to buy a used car,
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>> we need to make house calls! we need to listen to people! we need to get back to basics and move forward! >> chris: new dnc chair laying
9:45 am
out that the democratic party's plans to rebuild after the november election. we are back with the panel. i have to tell you that we spend the entire commercial arguing about the trump agenda. i wish that we had died. it was very, very interesting. what do you think that crow's victory says about the democratic party and their path forward in terms of dealing with donald trump? >> i think that with tom perez, that it was portrayed as kind of a bernie sanders backing alliso allison. aggressive elements come apart left of the party. versus the obama wing. you think about perez, as a former labor secretary. but you have president obama, and the like lobbying to get perez in this position. i think that they key issue here that both people agree on. you have to go away from the democratic politics and get back to state organizations. they agree on that. but the key elements, can you raise the money, chris?
9:46 am
we saw on the recently released when he totals, donation totals for the republican party, they what they raised four years ago after the election in the month of december. democrats have not really so totals yet. planned parenthood, they have record numbers as we see resistance to trump, but then not the democratic party. right now perez has made the chair at largely symbolic as a show of unity, because they have to go to the donors, they have to go to the base. and somehow channeled the opposition to trump, they have to do this into his coat saying fling at something that is substantial. winning elections. >> chris: hillary clinton sent a video message, here is a clip. >> lets resistance plus persistence equal progress for our party and our country. so keep fighting. keep the faith. and i will be right there with you every step of the way. >> chris: steve, do you get this the sense that the
9:47 am
democratics have a clue about why they lost and how to build a party back up? >> it is partly yes, actually. i think that you have to separate organizing per message. in terms of organizing to be fair, the autopsy that is often brought up when they say, well, the republicans after they lost in 2012, they did an autopsy, why would the democrats not do that? but i think it is kind of happen. i think that they have all accepted that there is a real consensus that they need to get back to grassroots, local and state races, select candidates differently. it is clearly there in terms of the resistance to the new administration. they have all accepted that. i don't think there is any argument about that. that is something that the republicans need to take seriously. >> chris: you also need an agenda. to speak of the second part, the message, i think that they are the news is not so good about the democrats. i do not think that they really understood the fact that what really happened in the last year
9:48 am
or so is that working people in america have lost to the sense that the democratic party is there for them. that is their voice. and to trump and stephen bannon have played into their territory saying that we are there for the american worker. i think that the election of perez is actually bad news on that front. it seems to me that he is more likely to pursue the more coastal agenda if you like in terms of focusing on policy, politics and so on rather than the economic message which really ought to be the heart of their strategy in the future. >> chris: congress was on recess this week, we saw these town halls that republican members of congress have had some emotional protest about the trump agenda. here was tom cotten of arkansas in a town hall. >> everyone in this room has been hurt. >> i oppose. obamacare saved my life, senator. >> nobody here, nobody here has
9:49 am
not been affected by obamacare. >> yes, because it saved my life, senator . >> chris: some folks are comparing this to the tea party protests back in 2009, 2010 2010 opposing democrats, against republicans when president obama was trying to pass obamacare. and the question that i have is do you see the same kind of grassroots activism? do you think that this is equivalent to what the tea party was doing back then? >> i think that there are certainly a lot of anger and to the base is activated. that is something that republican should watch. i think that the tea party stood for something. i'm not sure, there seems to be a movement standing against trump instead of standing for something specifically. to steve's point, also this broader fight for the hearts and sold at the democratic party, the big challenge is in order to enact policy changes, in order
9:50 am
to move agenda forward, you have to have the numbers. and the big challenge that they face right now is the fact that there are so many democratic seats that are up for the election in 2018, particularly in the tenant. 23 seats, ten of those that president trump won by double digits. and i think with the resistance that we are seeing from the left coming on the activation of the democratic base, the problems are that our democrats are going to start seeing primary challenges that republicans have for so long? what challenges do those present particularly for the ten democrats who are not only looking to the rights for somebody more moderate, or -- but also to the left and also trying to win a primary come i think that is a challenge for the democratic party going through the battle? >> chris: book to the people in the white house think of the emotional and well attended protests coming into do they worry is all that there could be a repeat of 2010 when grassroots
9:51 am
drove republicans in this time? yes, there are some numbers that help them, but that they could help democrats this time? >> it is interesting when you talk to republicans in the white house come i actually think that is two different stories about the protest. i hear from officials in the white house, more similar to what the president says publicly. that they are to some extent paid activist, people coming in from outside of the district to get on television. to try to make a scene. but on the hill, republicans are more concerned. they believe that they should not underestimate what they are seeing there. it give a lot of credit to people like tom cotton, some of the other lawmakers that are going out there and spending a lot of time answering questions from supporters and opponents. they think that that is the model. one of the mistakes that democrats made during the health care town halls in 2010, they shied away from really getting in the weeds and trying to defend the policy. they think that the way that republicans can get ahead of those is to actually engage with these people as opposed to doing what some of the folks are,
9:52 am
dismissing that. >> part of it is not the town hall, it is the president's approval. and at a very low points for a new president, the first month in pairs so you have the town hall. you get people like mitch mcconnell, the majority leader, with a change election, but it was not for the senate, and drinking some distance down between his state and the trump white house. and i think that that is troubling for the trump white house. >> it is important to point out that the associated press and out that the ten democrats, senators are also not holding town halls as well. particularly with obamacare, the vacuum of information. republicans have not presented a clear plan. so it is very difficult to combat some of the narratives, there is nothing to look out. >> chris: let me quickly say that that is going to be the key. if they do repeal and replace, the success of repeal and replace is going to be very important in 2018.
9:53 am
thank you, panel pair to see you next sunday. power play of the week, the man behind donald trump's tweets.
9:54 am
9:55 am
♪ >> chris: one minute romney tweeted during the 2012 campaign, a team of 20 reviewed every message. but with donald trump, just him and one trusted person. here is our power player of the week. >> just directly reaching out to what we call the trump train. the movement. delivering our message till directly to the american people. >> chris: dan scavino is describing his job as director of social media. he is getting the message out unfiltered by the press or anyone else. when the president took office, there was some question whether he would keep tweeting. >> let me ask you, should i keep the twitter going or not? keep it going, i think so. >> chris: and why not, now he has 95 million followers on a different white house and personal platforms. >> how important is that that it is his authentic voice reaching directly to the supporters?
9:56 am
>> it is very important. it is him speaking. it is the president of the united states of america. >> chris: scavino spends his day near the president. >> he will start speaking a tweet that i know is a tweets command we will send it out. he is called the hemingway of twitter many times. there are so many times that he will give me a message when we are traveling or in the office, and it stops at 139 characters. >> chris: that is during working hours, then there are the tweets that the president typed himself early in the morning or late at night. >> i get a little bang as we like to say, and i get the tweets. and then i will take the tweet and amplify it on to instagram as well as his facebook account. >> chris: this is the trump facebook page filled with an initial -- official announcements, and behind the scenes video that scavino tapes. >> as he is dictating a tweets, have you ever said to them,
9:57 am
maybe not? >> there have been times, but not too often. i always believe in, and being with the man from day one, let trump the trump. >> has anybody heard of him, he has become quite famous in social media? >> chris: scavino was one of president trump's inner circle, but he goes back a lot longer than that. they met when scavino was 16 working at a country club in suburban new york. >> often when he would come up i would either clean his clubs on the golf course, and he said to mean, you're going to work for me one day. >> chris: he ended up running a trump golf course, but he was about to start his own social media business when he heard that the boss might run for president. >> do you ever think to yourself, dan scavino, 16-year-old golf caddy, assistant to the president? >> it is overwhelming. and so real, but we are serving the people. >> chris: now he spends more time around donald trump than any member of the staff.
9:58 am
in a relationship that is close to family. >> he knows that i have his bac back. everything we have been through, nobody has taken more incoming than donald trump. and just being here in the white house. when everybody's head, and i cannot say it enough, you have zero chance, scavino. what are you doing? >> chris: and dan scavino promises a big rollout on social media this week. the president's address to the joint session of congress. now this program notes, be sure to tune to your local fox station on tuesday nights per president trump's primetime speech, anchored by shepard smith. i will see you on fox news channel for special coverage with brett speyer and martha maccallum. that is it for today. have a great week. we will see you next "fox news sunday." ♪
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