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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  March 2, 2017 4:00am-5:00am EST

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frost fox 29 studios this is "good day philadelphia". right now on good day philadelphia, rallying against hate. hundreds of people standing up today to stomp out intoleranc intolerance. schooled. the teacher who bought a billboard, the lesson he has for awe lakers. is his session up? attorney general jeff sessions facing new calls to resign after allegations of a russian connection during the campaign. and lost and love. the high profile romance that has people talking about abide end family affair. >> hold on to your hats, the winds are whipping this morning, sue serio what you need to know before you step out the door. and good thursday morning, thank you so much for waking up early and joining us this morning, thomas will be along in about two hours, good morning, i'm driving in this
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morning, all the sudden winds shear, adrenyline -- >> i open my door to get the coffee at wawa and the door went crazy. hold onto it. >> dodging branches all throughout my neighborhood. it is justification for it, the high wind warning you're about to see. it is in effect for most of the area that area you see in purple there. the high winds warning until 10:00 a.m. for philadelphia, the surrounding counties, then wind advisory for everybdy else with winds gusting as high as 35 miles an hour, or more, right now we have a 44-mile an hour wind gust in philadelphia. that's tropical storm force. 38 miles an hour, wilmington. 39 miles an hour at the shore in atlantic city. no precipitation. there might and few flurries or showers around the western part of berks county. you can see with our flag this morning just how windy it is. 53 degrees with a 31-mile an hour sustained wind in philadelphia. and our other temperatures are in the 50's, and 40's, but
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only going down from here, because the cold front actually coming through our area right now. so we're going to gave you a seven out of ten. we'll recover with some sunshine today. it will be windy all day. and even if we have that afternoon temperature, 49 degrees it, will feel like it is in the 30's all afternoon. so blustery thursday for us bob kelly. both hands on the wheel. >> both hands on the wheel. put the coffee cup down. and specially my truck drivers out, there be ready, whether the cargo, the back of the truck is filled or not, definately going to feel the impact. and then as those truck drivers try to navigate the big rigs ought of us in the cars behind them have to be on high alert. so there will definitely be windy morning. live look here the schuylkill expressway, crews still working this is eastbound, right near university ave. they're in the left lane, look at the guys here pulling the cones over, so looks like they probably have all traffic stopped temporarily here to pick up the cones. ninety-five looking close i'll hold this one because every now and then you see the
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camera get rocking. that's example whatever we're talking b and just not talking about little bit of winds. you will feel it this morning, the minute you open up the storm door or open up the garage door you'll feel what we are talking b the burlington bristol bridge all traffic stopped for opening. half dozen bridge openings in the last hour or so. it is okay. get them all out of the way this morning before we get into the height of the rush hour. talcony palmyra, back to normal after an opening there. we have a lot of downed tree branches, not so much downed trees to report, at least at the moment. if last night was your trash night to put your trash out, it is probably down the end of the block right now. south on 295, we do have a downed tree right near exit 56 which is route 206. again that's on the southbound side. we have maybe some leftovers from last night. it is a left over thursday. down at philadelphia international airport. and then the winds this morning could cause some air delaysment check with the airline before you head down there.
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over to you. >> thank you so much. developing right now, that whole wave of threats and vandalism at jewish cemetery, uniting religious leaders of all faiths to stand against hate. show of unity comes as the reward to capture the vandals gross. our jenny joyce at the mount carmel cemetery in wissinoming. jenny? >> good morning, karen, so that's going to be a rail today at noon at independence mall. we can tell you that the reward for information that leads to arrest and conviction in this case now up to $69,000. since we've been out here this morning, we have seen police drive by, keeping an eye on activity here at mount carmel cemetery in northeast philadelphia after vandalism was discovered last sunday morning. one man was apparently advice the hadding iselle tiff grave sites, when he noticed they had been damaged. he called police, detective determined more than 100 headstones had been toppled. it is believed it happened sometime after dark last saturday. police and federal authorities are still combing through all kind of evidence to find the
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person responsible. additionally, people have donated their time to clean up the damage and they've donated more than $140,000 to make the necessary repairs. in light of the recent bomb threats, and targeting acts against the jewish community across the country, people of all faiths in philly coming together today to stand against hate with a rally at noon at independence mall. it is hosted by the jewish federation of greater philadelphia, governor tom wolf is expected to attend. more on that ventilate they are morning at 7:30. karen? >> jenny, thank you so much. other news, philadelphia police are investigating yet another case of antisemitism. a homeowner comes back to their home in the northeast and they finds a swastika been drawn on the outside. this is the cemetery video. but he was very upset about that, very upset, 10,000 block
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of clark place. they say everybody in that community, no place for that casino every thing in that neighborhood. >> i've been here all my life almost. and we've never seen it. we don't act like this around here. shouldn't be acting like this anywhere. >> people need to realize what's more important. and love each other. love your neighbors, and live in peace. that's what we should focus on and work together. >> certainly a very good goal. police say they are checking a security camera in that neighborhood to see if it recorded that incident. possibly the person responsible. big news here, pepsi says it is being forced to layoff workers right here in our area in philadelphia because of the city's tax on sugary drinks. the company says the tax is hitting so hard they're going to be forced to take drastic measures immediately t gave notice that it intends to eliminate 80 to 100 positions including front line and supervisory roles over the next few months. some who drink soda say they've been traveling outside the city to get it but divided over whether they believe the
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tax is to blame for the cuts. >> i believe it is true. >> i think it seems more mature. you need more time to assess it, year or more to figure out waist going on. >> now, spokesperson for pepsi says because of the beverage tax, sales are down 4% in the city and up only 10% to 15% outside the city. city officials say to date the tax has created 251 jobs, which are mostly full time teaching positions. developing right now, a philadelphia teacher calling out the school district and also mayor kenney with a crowd funded billboard, and he is hoping to publicly shame those folks had a maybe bring some change, get sole action. steve keel any fishtown with the story. morning, steve. >> reporter: well, i'm here to do something in public i guess this is the big way to do it. so if you are headed south on 95 any time soon starting this morning, right in center city, just before this for l
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callowhill exit, the vine street expressway. maybe the busiest spot for 95 this time of day for sure. the last billboard here on the right is the newest just put up. and you can see the wind blowing the top of it. these aren't painted any more. these are just big chunks every vinyl. just paid for with a whole lot of small donations to help this philly public school teacher get across his rather large message. philly teach verse not had a raise in five years, because they're union and school administrators have not agreed on a contract, despite no pay raise, being a centralized school teacher have this guy have no trouble being able to raise over 5,000 bucks to cover the cost to make this billboard and rent this space for about a month. and since it is not advise today take your eyes off the road at 55 miles an hour or faster to read it, we will do it four right now t says welcome to philadelphia. where we don't value our public school children. five plus years without a raise for teachers with love
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on the eraser by the way on the bottom. src, mayor kenney, and superintendent. >> philly teach verse been working for five plus years without a raise. that's very truck for me. the teachers push very hard to get mayor kenney elected. instead of settling they took the pft to court in order to try to impose a contract on us, there is huge responsibility there, too. >> and so this will be up for at least four full weeks he says. and don't be surprised if it goes up longer if he asks for more donations, but one thing i notice, karen, driving in this way there is was the only billboard with lights on today. i was worried we weren't going to be able to show it to you in the dark. maybe the lights also paid for, unlike say the power billboard right before. >> this real bright. real big. and real lit up. and again, with the winds it, flaps a little bit at the top. had a also will help get your attention today. >> all right, that's very interesting way to get
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people's attention, thanks, steve. more troubles surrounding a member of president trump's cabinet this morning. some democratic leaders are calling for the resignation every attorney general jeff sessions, all follows reports that sessions spoke twice to russia's ambassador to the u.s. while he was serving as an advisor to the trump campaign. these alleged conversations happened last year while he was an alabama senator. during his confirmation hearings, he testified under oath he never talked to any russian official about the campaign. >> i've been called a surrogate at a time or two in that campaign. and i did not have communications with the russians. >> at the sayings he met with the ambassadors in his capacity as a senator on the armed services committee not in regard to the presidential campaign. he released a statement: i never met with any russian officials to discuss issues of the campaign. i have no idea what this allegation is about.
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it is false. but democrats are bouncing on this one, house minority leader nancy pelosi and senator elizabeth warren among those demanding he step down in a tweet senator warren said sessions should never have been confirmed in the first place. democrats and republicans have been calling for an investigation into russia's attempt to influence the presidential election, and any russian links to president trump's campaign. >> this was other big news in the sporting world, carson wentz, he's using the off season to get healthy. what do you mean? we didn't they cents juan unhealthy. eagles revealing the rookie quarterback had some soreness in his elbow last year. the team says the soreness wasn't significant enough to put him on the injured list. they believe it was partly because he was throwing more than he ever had in his whole career. he pick up a football for the first time just this february. he's been working with the trainer out in california to help him with his throwing. the eagles off season program begins april 17th. >> a case of brotherly love. has many talking. coming up next the widow of beau biden finding comfort inn
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the arms of his brother. and what the former vice president biden has to say about all of that. >> oprah as the next commander in chief? talk show queen, addressing rumors about possibly becoming leader of the free world. a white house run? morning, bob kelly. >> you get a car. everybody gets a car when she becomes president. good morning, everybody, 4:12, we go for a ride on the schuylkill expressway. not many cars because we have light volume. but the vine street expressway is open. they did not work last night. let's go outsidement take a live look at the ben franklin parkway. look at the flags blowing there. in front of the cathedral. we will check the jam cams, sue has your windy forecast for a thursday, right after the break.
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>> low is going to common later in the show? some of the characters this morning, so if you have kids, make a little plan to watch at 9:00 a.m. >> in the news right now, the midwest picking up after deadly storms sweeping through that part of the country. these were deadly. three people were dead. dozens others injured. see the damage touching down in missouri, illinois. people there say they'll rebuild. >> it is a tight community,
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and a lot of just lived down here all of our lives. never had nothing like this. we'll get through it. >> you can hear the emotion. the storms damanged hundreds of homes and left so many thousands of people there without power. 4:16. sue, i just got a tweet from someone saying they lost power up in levittown. >> not surprising because we've got high winds, winds gusting 40, 45 miles an hour. and with the rain that came through yesterday, it could knock some power lines and trees down. this morning, any place with this brown area, wind advisory, high win warning is for philadelphia and all of new jersey, and new castle county, delaware, and our surrounding counties until 10:00 this morning. so let's check the wind gust. 44 miles an hour in philadelphia. winds gusting up to 36 miles an hour in millville. 30 miles an hour in mount pocono. 38 miles per hour in wilmington. pretty windy out there. you can probably hear it outside of our window if you haven't gone out yet.
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chilly temperatures haven't settled in yet in the wake of the cold front that touched off all of the storms yesterday, and the wind that we have right now. so it is 39 degrees right now in mount pocono, 54 dover, 53 in philadelphia. these temperatures will go down and they may bounce back up again a little bit in the afternoon. but it is never going to feel like the actual temperature, because of those wind, now, you can see, with the cold air, and the cold front, not quite through yet. there are some showers and some flurries, but only in berks county right now, really not expecting precipitation around here this morning, as you see in the future cast. and as far as tomorrow is concerned, few changes it, doesn't look like anything is go going to happen in the morning, but a clipper system coming through maybe in the afternoon bringing a little bit of snow around 1:00 to our western suburbs, maybe snow or rain showers, depending on temperatures around 3:00 in the afternoon. the models really kind of all over the place on that one. but it doesn't look as bad as it did yesterday.
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average hi, 48 degrees, we were well above average yesterday with 74. but we did not tie or break a record. 49 degrees today. forty-nine-ish, already reached high temperature of 60 for the day. forty-one tomorrow. and it will be pretty breezy. thirty-five is going to be the high temperature on saturday. so that's a very wintery forecast. little better but still wintery on sunday. and then by the middle of next week we're back into the 60s, bob kelly? >> little roller coaster there. definately you'll feel the wind when you open up that front door. maybe even hear it right now as you are getting up and making the coffee and getting the kids lunches all packed. that will be the factor in anything that's loose out there, your back deck, your front lawn, the trash can, some loose tree branches even, getting some reports of some downed wires. this is all happening this morning. so, just be careful. because again we're the trailblazers, the first ones out the front door, until we
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see daylight tough to see the branches until you're right on top of them. we have downed tree there is along 295, it is the southbound side of 295 right near route 206. which is exit 56. so it is probably one of those trees off on the side, flip down, partially blocking the right lane on the southbound side. here is a live look at the 42 freeway, light volume so far coming in toward the city, no problems here on the schuylkill expressway. we are looking good here, again, this is 42 again, working your way in toward the city. may have leftovers from last night. big delays at philadelphia international airport because of the wind and the rain and then of course the winds this morning could play havoc on our arrivals and departures, so just be ready for that if you are headed down to the airport. new jersey transit river line using shuttle buses again today from walter rand the entertainment center over to the waterfront all because of water main break from few days ago, so far so good. no word from septa on any downed wires or trees. but again, that paoli
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thorndale line, that's that tree lined railroad that comes from out there in malvern, all the way into center city, we will keep our fingers crossed that it stays on time through the morning. now the turnpike connector bridge still remains closed again you will feel dollars wind specially coming over any of the area bridges this morning, karen, back over to you. >> you certainly will. thank you there, bob. senior citizens living in one neighborhood in west philadelphia, really are concerned after at least two women were attacked in separate incident do. have surveillance footage t shows the suspect right there, with the woman look at her trying to fight back little bit there. she is disabling right on north 52nd street last week, police think he is the same guy behind a home invasion at the westminster senior apartment building, there is a better picture every him right there. we have him on the video, he was knocking on doors randomly, then 67 year old woman who answered, and tells what happened next. >> i just unlocked the door and he went whoosh, and i
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went, and i usually look in the peep hole. just that night i was not tonight. >> the robber stole her pocketbook, and quickly ran away, police are homing someone knows who he isment and contact them. >> prior to standing up here today i had a long debate as to whether or not i wanted to do this. >> these are very, very brave women. lots of soul searching before they came forward to speak out. they say they are the victims every accused serial child rapist, and they're speaking out in bucks county. women say they're hoping to encourage other victims to come forward and speak out as well. prosecutors say the suspect there he is william thomas is just a monster who molested young children for more than 40 years. police arrested him last month. they say they found whole shrine of his crimes and the victims in his home in morrisville. some of the children as young as three years old. yesterday the women broke their silence after nearly 20 years. >> a man who prayed upon
4:22 am
young, innocent, helpless children, doing things to us that we had no idea were wrong at the time. things like this mess a person up for their whole lives. wondering what was wrong with you. i want women all over the world to find courage, like i did, to speak up, to get the justice they deserve, and to put preditors like william away in prison where they belong. >> he's facing more than 51 felony charges. police think he has more victims and they're encouraging them to come pocket. >> man wanted for hitting two leud acts at the university of delaware. police say donald maxwell junior exposed himself to two female student twice within a half hour on haines street. officers used surveillance video to track him down, to track down his vehicle first, 2011 silver dodge charger, there it is, police have three pending charges against him. >> all right, a truck out every control. wow. in the air the driver running
4:23 am
for a reason. but first, sean bell? >> coming up in sports in a minute, the sixers get more bad news. finds out the latest on joel embiid's knee. plus see what the flyers did before the trade deadline coming up next.
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>> good morning, i'm sean bell. joe em embiid is done for the season. the men us us tear is worse
4:26 am
than they actually thought. so the sixers shut him down for the year. the frustration boiling over on to the court. getting into it last night. doesn't want to hear ttj says you're going to listen to what i got to say. and then, getting better from there, saric here with terrible reverse, and then that would lead to this. and easy dion wade, lay upright here, the sixers go onto lose 125 to 98. to the flyers, they made a move right before the trade deadline ended yesterday. they trade away mark streit to the lightning for two picks. then immediately got traded to the penguins. to the phillies, in spring training, taking on the rays. allen right here trying to make the 40 man roster. >> this will help a triple. went two for four with rbi's, the game ended five to five. that's sport in a minute. i'm sean bell. have you seen this? this uber executive on the hot seat right now?
4:27 am
coming up: he's got to make apology to one of his drivers in this wake of a video that has everybody talking, even he admit time for him to grow up.
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>> stand against violence, a rally today against hate. we'll explain when and where and who is coming to this big turn-out. also: a family affair? beau biden's widow finding love inside the family, and also what the former vice president has to say about this new romance. brace yourselves this morning. it is winnie out there. we've got warnings, sue has a look at the forecast for this day. and it will be an interesting one. we like to say interesting when things are kind of interesting like not good. good day everybody. thank you for joining us it, a
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thursday, sue, bob, you guys will be so busy today with all of that. >> yes, a lot going on. first thing that i heard after the alarm was the winds. >> yes. >> outside this morning, you can hear it outside, gusts could be as high as 50 miles an hour, that's why there is a high wind warning, instead of the previous wind advisory, in effect for our region for this morning, and that's in effect as you can see there until 10:00 a.m. it is all of the count that's have kind that far pink purple color there. wind advisory, for the rest of the region. checking on our wind gusts right now, it is 44-mile per hour gust recorded this hour in philadelphia. 38 miles an hour in wilmington, close to 40 miles an hour in atlantic city. and many of them tropical storm force. now, with the cold front coming through, the sprinkles are noted in berks county, that's the county i was trying to recall. anyway, you can see, from the flag how windy it is with 31 millepore hour sustained winds, sunrise time now 6:32, temperatures are still on the mild side this morning.
4:32 am
but they'll be falling throughout the day. and we're still going to gave you a seven out of ten, because things will calm down little bit after 10:00. and we'll see some sunshine. but, with a high of 49 degrees, and that wind still around throughout the day it, will feel like it is in the 30's. sunset time, 5:54. that is your thursday weekend's almost here, we will talk about the weather changes coming in the seven day forecast, bob kelly? >> good morning, everybody, 4:32, if you put your trash can out last night, it is probably down the end of the block by this morning. you'll definitely hear and feel the wind when you step out the front door and be careful the little ones are headed out there. we've had report so far in the last hour of some downed trees, tree branches, maybe some downed wires here. we will run it down for you first of all hammonton, new jersey, tran ton road, route 206, a downed tree, at aston road. 295 southbound. right near exit number 56. it is route 206, downed tree, partially blocking that right
4:33 am
lane clifton heights, milan sick more, wires came, actually the tree came down on top of some wires. >> peco crew on the way. peco also on the way to letter merion with a electrical fire, pops up when a tree either collides with a wire and pulls it down or maybe collides with one of those electrical boxes that you see out on some of the street corners. but nonetheless, sick more avenue in linden avenue in lower merion blocked with some local detours, hello to the shaders, where are you? let's all hit the snooze button. nobody coming through the intersection every route 73 and fellowship road. looking fine at city line. the schuylkill expressway here, no problems or delays at all into or out of the city. no problems coming in on the 42 freeway, in toward the city. they did not work last night on the vine expressway. so, that's open for business. good news. and it is leftovers, mom, common. left over thursday, leftovers
4:34 am
from last night. we had huge delays at philadelphia international airport because of the storms and the winds that rolled through. and we could have some wind delays as we bank to the left here this morning, so if you intend to fly or drop someone off at the airport i would check in with the airline before you head down there. and the river line, using shuttle bus this is morning, from walter rand over to the waterfront. septa so far so good. karen, back over to you. >> bob, thank you so much. today people are you will all faiths will be coming together to stand against hate. this is their answer to the recent threats and vandalism at a jewish cemetery. the reward to capture the vandals growing, let's get right out to jenny joyce where this all happened. jenny, good morning. >> good morning, karen, so people of all fate coming together, and that's part of a stand up against hate rally, happening at independence mall at noon today. this is the reward for information as to who vandalized the mount carmel cemetery here in northeast
4:35 am
philadelphia, grows to $69,000. the vandalism was discovered last sunday morning. one man was apparently visiting his relatives grave sites when he noticed that they'd been damaged. he called police. detective determined more than 100 headstones have been toppled. it is believed it happened sometime after dark last saturday. police and federal authorities are still combing through all kind of evidence to find the person responsible while community volunteers have been pitching in and cleaning up the damage. additionally, people have donated more than $140,000 to make the necessary repairs and today as i mention the jewish federation of greater philadelphia will host a stand against hate rally. uniting people of all faiths, again, that's at noon today, at independence mall t coincide with that event the jewish history museum will offer free admission today. and since we've been at the cemetery this morning, weaver seen police going by, just keeping an eye on things, they're definitely looking at this and patrolling this area with a more careful eye after
4:36 am
the weekend's vandalism. karen? >> thank you, so much, there, jenny. we appreciate that. and we will continue to follow all of the developments there. about 20 customers reading could be out without power for days, because there was un grounds fire. this happened last night on court street. police are blaming a problem on a cable in that area, where the electrical system problems, crews will be back out this morning, once it is clear, to replace that line. there is a lieutenant at the ocean county sheriff's department, now facing charges of stealing drugs used to train dogs. john adams has surrendered, authority say, he was k9 instructor and he got cocaine legitimately to train dogs to detect it, but then those drugs started disappearing. officials say they investigated and discovered that he was taking it for personal use. he had been with the department since 2,000. >> now, lets guess to camden, police say there was a guy who through a cat in the air and
4:37 am
they need your help to find him. there was a video, we will show it to you here. here is the video. there is the cat running away. there is the guy that they say through the cat up into the air. we don't know if the cat was injured. we do see the animal running away but has not been found yet. but though like to get that person off the street. 4:37. some philadelphia teachers say they're tired of being sold short. they're airing out their frustrations about lack of contract and a raise with the billboard taking square aim at city officials. let's get to steve keeley who is right by that billboard. steve? >> reporter: well, let me double down on the road safety. here is sue and bob, we will say, every ten minutes, two hands on the wheel by the way. that is definite. don't try to smear with your knee if you are one of those who puts make up on or guy who shares with the electric razor in the car, because the car will go flying. not just two hands on the wheel, how about two eyes on the road? so we'll dot reading for you on our storm bye this billboards. central high school teacher giving his students a pretty good lesson in first amendment
4:38 am
rights to free speech, economics, maybe throw in a bit of political science as well t only took teacher george five days to raise over five grand on go fund me to pay for this big billboard here on 95 south, this is just before the vine street expressway split. and the callowhill exit, right into center city past the girard avenue exit. heavy on the sarcasm, you'll notice, and not going too light on school administrators in the mayor. welcome to philadelphia. where we don't value our public school children, it reads, five plus years without a raise for our teachers, with love, src mayor kenney, and superintendent. >> philly teach verse been working for five plus years without a raise. that's very truck for me. the teachers push very hard to get mayor kenney elected. instead of scheduling with us, they took the pft to court in order to try to impose a contract upon us. there is a huge responsibility there too.
4:39 am
>> and so if you have got a beef with your boss and you're traffic and weather right now wondering, hey, how about if i want to put up something like this on high traffic high visibility spot for four weeks, $5,000, so karen, since we're doing a little school work here today, how about little math? this would be long division. four into 5,000, $1,250 a week. karen, if your next contract tax aren't going so well with the box back at fox 29, that's the going rate if you want to take your situation public. but i know they're just going to back up the brinks truck to use since you do so much here at the station. >> oh, ya right, i wish i had that before. i don't think it would have gone that way. all right, thank you, steve, i appreciate t so this next story on the cover of all of the new york papers, all over this country, people are talking about it, tounges are wagging, but should we? there is private family drama playing out in the public spotlight. former vice president, joe biden, now responding to reports about a romantic
4:40 am
relationship between his late son beau biden widow and his younger son, hunter. hunter biden has confirmed the relationship. former vice president joe biden issued a statement to page six of the new york post supporting this relationship saying, quote, we are all lucky that hunter and haley found each other as they were putting their lives together again after such sadness. we spoke with the psychologist in center city who says this kind of trauma bonds sag lot more common than you may think. >> the people that you feel closest to are the people you went through that trauma with. it doesn't mean anyone's over a grief. but they feel enormously relieved to feel that they're able to love again. >> so hunter biden reportedly separate from the his wife five months after the death of his brother. they have three daughters. >> we will talk more this morning. crl icahn turning it over, the trump ta taj mahal troubled
4:41 am
hotel just got new owner helping out. we will explain who and what it may mean. we will be back. make the most of a few minutes
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very disturbing news, seven police officers in baltimore are now on the wrong side of the law according to officials. federal prosecutors say these cops pull people over to steel from them. the officers are also accused every bill king the city out
4:44 am
of $500,000 for fake overtime pay. all of those officers are in fbi custody, they've been suspended without pay. >> i want to show you a high speed chase in louisianna that ends with a truck bolting into the air, flying 50 feet. this is right outside of shreveport. police say the driver lost control, went airborne, was on the run after escaping work release program. the truck landed on top of a park car. the good news is that no one was seriously hurt. that teen back in police custody. >> how about this? free, it is our favorite price. want free coffee? oops that's mt. etna. wow dramatic video right there from a drone happening right now in italy. we will show you more of these amazing pictures. coming out of there.
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>> welcome back, looking at some cherry blossoms because it has been so warm, in fact, i think the warmest february on record. the national park service says that washington dc's iconic cherry blossoms could hit their peak earlier than ever. that's what it looks like when they're in full balloon. mark your calendars, they're expected to peak from march 14th to the 17th, which is beating the earliest peak date setback in 1990. the national cherry blossom festival dates back 105 years, when japan gift dollars the first of 3700 trees to the country. and in our area, fairmount park, you can already see some
4:48 am
of the blooms happening. let's take a look hat hawaii right now. so we always think the warmth, they've got a blizzard warning, it can happen there t does snow in hawaii, they have the effect of 10 inches of snow expected to fall on the big island, wind gusts have reached 65 miles per hour. thunderstorms and heavy rain pelted the lower elevations. and we're getting this breathtaking view from a volcano in italy. some pilots took a drone to up mt. etna on the east coast of sicily to get bird's eye view, and it is just beautiful up there. all of that lava, you can see the giant orange fountains of lava spreeing out, down the side of the mountain. authorities say there is no danger to the nearby towns. which makes it beautiful to watch. mt. etna one of the most active volcanoes in our world. >> let's get a check of the roads right now, 4:48. we'll have active commute in this morning. >> yes, can you imagine, you got your bathing suit, pack going to hawaii for vacation, and you got a blizzard there? oh, probably don't have shovels lined up either there
4:49 am
in the hardware stores ready to goment nonetheless here we go, philly. we've some downed trees, downed power lines, little bit of everything this morning because of the high winds. we begin over here in hammonton, new jersey, trenton road, which is route 206 at aston road, downed tree with local detours, and remember, if the roads closed for whatever reason, just go around the block. it is not worth it. that downed tree could have pulled down some wires and until the power crews get there that could be hot. so you could cause an even more dangerous situation by going around that downed tree. it is not worth it. south on 295, downed tree, in the right lane. right near route 206. accident just popped up on the northeast extention, up near the lehigh valley interchange. it is on the southbound side. and then clifton height, double bubble here, the tree pulled down some of the power lines along mill road and sick more avenue in the heart of clifton height there. we got peco power play, the electrical fire in lower merion, along sick moran linden. so crews responding there. otherwise the major roadways,
4:50 am
not bad at all. i think getting out of the neighborhood could be little dicey this morning, if it was trash collection day, or maybe not so much a downed tree, but maybe just a big branch that just kind of collapsed down from on to the roadway. i passed two of those this morning on my way in. so just be careful, especially with the little ones getting ready to get out there on the school bus. but the schuylkill looking good. the vine expressway is open. no problems on mass transit. we are getting ready for saint patrick's day here in philadelphia. and this year we have a new parade route for the saint patrick's day parade. we'll kick it off here at 16th . we are going to get our leprochan on, we go around city hall, and we will come east on market street. straight on down market street. we will end up eventually at penn's landing for when the buses will pick up all of the dancers but the big part right here in front every independence hall. that's where we have the judges stands, the bleachers, the tv cameras with independence hall as the backdrop. so plan to be with us for the
4:51 am
saint patrick's day parade. takes place here in philadelphia sunday march the 12th, noon to 3:00 here on fox 29. how windy is it going to get today? when is mother nature going to turn the fan off? sue has the forecast in 15 seconds. >> it has gotten so winds it in the wake every our cold front, actually in the process of coming through the area. so, the national weather service this morning upgraded us to high wind warning for most of the area with wind gusting 50-55 miles per hour or more. we've already seen some of those high wind gusts, and some power lines down, some power is out. as we look over the last 12 hours, we see yesterday, and those thunderstorms that came through, and now the skies are
4:52 am
clearing out there is will loop again. they were right on time, about 3:00, 4:00 in the afternoon, they came through, so that's what happened yesterday. now, we're left with high wind. winds gusting as high as 44 miles an hour, and that's the high wind gust at least on this map. but there are plenty every places where it is even windier, temperatures are still on the mild side, 39 degrees mount pocono, but in the 50's in philadelphia, already reached high temperature now the colder air filtering in northwest to southeast, see chillier temperatures, then with the winds it will feel even chillier asker far as precipitation is concerned, we do have couple of showers in berks county around the lehigh valley there. we will see more showers up there, this morning, but the future cast doesn't really show anything happening for us around here, with precipitation. all about the wind. real think morning. the snow tomorrow, latest models have if we get any, it
4:53 am
would be in the afternoon, instead of the morning. probably no accumulation, but if we did it would be north and west of the sit. it would be light. it all depend ton it is cold enough to snow when that clipper system comes through. so, jury still out on that one, we have more on that later on. 48 degrees is the average high. of course we were well above average yesterday. we got to 74, that wasn't the record it, didn't even tie the record. 49 degrees today. that will be sort of the afternoon temperature. but we've already had as we said our high of the day at 41 tomorrow, but it feels a little chillier because of the breezes a possibility every rain or snow shower. thirty-five the high saturdayment looks like it will be very cold. and 42, another wintery day sunday. but we go back to a springy kind of temperature by the middle of next week. so more ups and downs for you, karen. >> whiplash. i can't even keep track. thank you, sue. in your money news right now the owner of the trump taj
4:54 am
mahal casino property has struck a deal to sell it to hard rock international. should be good thing. also two unidentified new jersey investors carl icahn was the big name who closed that casino four month ago, siting $300 million in lost revenue. hard rock has long toyed with the idea of opening a casino in atlantic city. appears now it will be happening. >> every friday this month customers can get a free cup of coffee at wawa. but there is a catch with this one. you have to be signed up four the wawa rewards program. you can sign up by going and getting their app, customers will be linked to coupon. so there are five friday's this month, so that's five cups of free joe. and how about a woman we know from our area, she has game. there is jim kenney philadelphia's mayor walking up all of these steps. and he winds up with nothing but net. the amazing shot that makes history. we'll show it to you. hi
4:55 am
hey i'll take one of those new fast play games. oh, you ready for a rush? uh, sure! ♪ i'm pretty excited for you right now. ♪ fast play is the new way to play fast and win instantly from the pennsylvania lottery. pick a game, get your ticket and see if you've won. i won! fast play, please! fast play. play fast.
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win instantly.
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>> welcome back, here is mayor jim kenney making basketball history, wacking up all of the steps at city hall, four flights, and then, passing it to globetrotter. bamm, look at that shot. nothing but net. you know who made it? yes, you recognize her because she is from west philly, that's bee a swish young, right down into the courtyard, amazing trick shot, first time in 160 year history at city hall. we will be right back with whole lot more news and wind warning, details ahead.
4:58 am
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>> a lot of news to get to including this big story, rallying against hate. we have hundreds of people being maybe thousands, who will be standing up today together to stomp out intolerance. how about this billboard? schooled. there is a teacher who bought a billboard. the lesson he has for lawmaks


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