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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  March 2, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> live look at clifton heights, where tree has fallen due to the gusty winds. gusts are up to 50 miles per hour. plus, when we can see snow. yes, i said snow, before the weekend. >> see just about everything, also ahead this morning, standing united. how the recent vandalism, and threats in the jewish community are uniting religious liters of all faiths. >> the latest discovery tying jeff sessions and the white house to russia. good day everyone, it is thursday, march 2nd, 2017. and it is like we got blown into the studio here, because it is so windy outside.
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>> like natural alarm clock, mother nature waking up, great to have you with us. sue serio, waist going on here? >> hear it before you experience it, just listen out your window, and the winds are pretty gusty, this morning. we have a high wind warning in effect all this area in brown here, throughout most of the northeast, but, as we focus in on our viewing area, 50 to 55-mile per hour wind gusts would not be out of the question. we have been seeing wind gusts as high as 45 miles an hour, this morning. and most of them are in the 30, 35-mile per hour range at this hour. we do have 40-mile per hour gust in reading. little earlier this morning, we had 45-mile per hour gust in philadelphia. now, it is 29 miles an hour, so, bus stop buddy really has to hole on to the hat. he didn't do a good job, did he? windy start today. you will need that winter coat before the day is through. because temperatures will be dropping throughout the afternoon. last hour, it was 50 degrees in philadelphia. now it is 49 with 18-mile per hour wind, and 29-mile per
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hour gust, and sunrise at 6:32. yes, sunrise, sunsets later on, we'll show that you in a minute. forty-nine here. only 35 in mount pocono. it is 48 in wildwood. fifty atlantic city. colder air settling in throughout the day today. we will see sunshine, give you seven out of ten, and you can see, the temperatures will remain in the mid 40's, but windchills will be in the 30's, and the sun will set bob kelly at 5:54 p.m. g closer to the 6:00 sunset. >> definitely will feel the winds as soon as you open up that front door this morning. and the little ones have to put some rocks in their pockets i think out there waiting for the bus stop. live look at route 100. i should say the 30 bypass, coming out of chester county with the headlights headed eastbound, if you look, you can see the camera shaking. that's what it will feel like, both hands on the wheel. as you come across any of the bridges or even the major roadways, i know the big rig tractor-trailers are going to have some difficulty today.
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and opening set, for 5:50, so all traffic stopped right now on the burlington bristol bridge. and they've been trying to paint the bridge, the paint tarps are blowing all over the place, along the burlington bristol bridge. just be careful coming across that span. couple every situations here, new jersey, south on 295, downed tree, near route 206. and i just got this tweet from jenny the bus driver. she said make sure the parent know that some of the buses could be late as they have to divert around any of the closed roadways in the neighborhoods from the downed trees or the downed wires. septa says, ten minute delays this morning, on the market frankford line because of switch problems at 69th street. route 100, downed tree, right near moyer road. i think we were just here with our news van, deliver ton heights, at milan sick more, where a tree pulled down a string of wires. so, we're without power, a lot of folks without power here this morning, one tree, can do a lot of damage to a big development in our neighborhood. in lower merion, electrical fire, sick moran linden, all
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oversized trucks are banned from the turnpike, from reading all the way over to philly bensalem. alex and thomas, back over to you. >> shows you what we're dealing with, bob, thank you. 04:00. people of all fate are coming together to stands against hate. this is their answer to recent threats and vandalism at jewish cemetery. >> reward to capture the van as is growing, our jenny joyce at mount carmel cemetery in which is no, ma'aming this morning, hi, jenny. >> good morning, thomas and alex and that reward continues to grow each day, it is now at $69,000 for information leading to arrest and conviction of the person responsible for this vandalism. we have seen police drive by, keeping a close watch on this cemetery, as the search for the vandals continues. one man was apparently visiting had iselle tifs grave sites when he noticed that they had been damaged. this was last sunday. so he called police, detective determined that more than 100 headstones had been toppled. it is believed it happened sometime after dark, last
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saturday, police and federal authorities are still looking through all kind of evidence to find the person responsible, additionally, people have donated their time, they're cleaning up the damage, and they've donated more than $140,000 to make the necessary repairs. in light of the recent bomb threats, and targeted act against the jewish community across the country, people of all faiths in philadelphia are coming together today to stand against hate with the rally at noon at independence mall, it is hosted by the jewish federation of greater philadelphia. governor tom wolf is also expected to attends. we will talk about this more coming up at 7:30. alex and thomas? >> thank you, jenny, thanks for that update. philadelphia police are investigating yet another case of antisemitism. this is after a man found a swastika drawn outside of his home. we have blurred the image because it is so offense i i have. but someone spray painted on the front step of the home. it happened on the 10,000
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block of clark place. detective say the homeowner went to the store yesterday morning, and came back to find that hateful act. útalk on camera. but neighbors have plenty to say. >> i've been here all my life almost. and we've never seen it. we don't act like this around here. shouldn't be ac being like this nip where. >> people need to realize what's more important, love each other, love your neighbors, and live in peace. and that's with a we should focus on and work together. >> police say they found at least one house with security camera, check to go see if it recorded the incident. 6:06. a philadelphia teacher is calling out his school district, and mayor kenney, with a crowd funded billboard. the billboard stands on the southbound side of i-95 before the center city exit. it reads: welcome to philadelphia. where we don't value our public school children. five plus years without a raise for our teachers. go fund me page raised the $5,000 needed for the project. the teacher reached his goal
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in just five days. he and his colleagues say they've been working without a contractor pay raise for almost five years, and they hope the ad will force officials to finally work out a contract. >> time now 6:07. developing right now, about a dozen people in reading are out of their homes this morning, after an underground fire. police blame the problem on a cable on court street, now the fire spread, but no one has been injured. about 20 customers this morning have no power. it could take two days to get it back. as long as nothing else goes wrong. naacp wants philadelphia top prosecutor to review convictions of two black demolition workers. >> serving long manslaughter sentences cents in the deadly salvation army building collapse. >> the philadelphia chapter says district attorney seth williams' office engage in the selective prosecution based on race when he failed to charge the white building owner and other key figures. williams declined to comment. six people were killed when building being del old irked collapsed on salvation army store in 2013.
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>> coming up 6:08. love and lost. shocking report about a new romance within the biden family. beau biden's widow is now dating his brother. what the former vice president is saying about their relationship. also ahead this morning, a high speed chase ends with a truck flying right through the air. the reason this driver, wow, was on the run.
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>> high winds warning, sue will have this and tell you what you expect headed out the door this morning. great to have you with us. senior citizens living in one west philadelphia neighborhood on edge this morning after couple of women were attacked. >> surveillance footage shows the man beating a disable woman along north 52nd street last weaning. police believe he is the same man behind home invasion at the westminster senior apartment building, seen on video random g knocking on doors, 67 year old woman who answered tells fox 29 what happened next. >> i just unlocked the door.
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he went, and i went, and i usually look in the peep hole. that night i was like like not tonight. >> the robber stole her purse and quickly ran off. police are hoping someone knows who he is. and contact them. clean up underway. deadly twisters and storms sweep across the midwest. a look at the damage as survivors pick up the pieces this morning. first, let's get a check of the traffic. good morning, bob. >> morning, hold on to your coffee cup. i'll step out of the way, look at the wind whimming our camera, we look live, the talcony palmyra bridge on stand by for an opening sometime in the next 40 minutes, and let's go downtown, live look right outside of our studio, look at the old glover think, blowing in the winds, along market street. we will check the jam cams, sue has your thursday forecast, right after the break. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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♪ >> resident are picking up the pieces after deadly tornados sweep across the southeastment second straight day of severe weather in parts of the midwest. resident are now recalling the frightening moments. feel your ears pop. just like you jump in a airplane, what it felt like, at that time. i could hear the roof popping. you can almost feel the house shake a little bit even. >> i felt the whole entire house as if like it was being
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pick up, like as if you're on a plane for turbulence, then just drop. >> at least three people were killed, and severe storms tours, in illinois and missouri. there were no deaths in wednesday's storms. >> certainly nothing quite that severe here. but we are dealing with those high winds this morning, sue? >> we r and it causes enough destruction, now, those were 100, 120-mile per hour winds with those tornados. but we have winds of our own to deal with. we could see gusts this morning, 50, 50 -- 55 miles per who are, the potential looking right now. we see cold front, still making it way through. so the colder temperatures haven't quite set philadelphia yet. but the winds sure have. thanks to couple of low pressure systems to our north, kind of giving thaws tight pressure gradient. winds coming in out of the west and northwest, 29-mile per hour gusts recorded this hour in philadelphia. 40-mile per hour gust in reading, 33 miles an hour down in wildwood. anything above 39 miles an hour by the way is tropical storm force winds. so right now temperatures
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49 degrees in philadelphia. in the 50's couple of hours ago, so we see temperatures going down, and sunshine, probably spike back up again. there you see 41 by 11:00. forty-five by 2:00. and then as we continue through the rest of the day, of course, temperatures will drop and drop pretty dramatically after dark so that tomorrow morning all of our temperatures when we get started at 4:00 a.m. will be below freezing, and windchills will be even colder than that. so, with the circulation around that low pressure system, we are seeing little bit of precipitation, headed into our area, but just sprinkles, and maybe even flurry or two up in the mountains, not going to be big deal, but you could see some light precipitation here, but we jump ahead to tomorrow. we talked yesterday, about the possibility of some snow showers in the morning. well, the latest models don't have anything coming in until after lunchtime. even then, probably, a little snow in the mountains, but not too much for us of anything, either snow or rain. just depends on the temperature at the time. seven day forecast, has
6:17 am
afternoon temperatures of 45 degrees, but will feel like it is in the three's, all day long, so grab that winter coat again. and then keep it around all the way through the weekend specially saturday. that's going to be a bitter cold day with 36 degrees, and morning windchills in the teens, and then we're in the four's sunday, another warming trends as we head into the early part of next week. so, there it is, bob kelly, your seven day forecast. >> you've got it, sue, thank so much. 6:17. good morning, we have problems on the turnpike, downed tree now, this is westbound, right near the norristown interchange. looks like it is taking out the right lane. example whatever we've been seeing this morning, maybe with the rain that we had the other day, the grounds is soft. so any of the trees, that really aren't quite rooted into the grounds, topple over with some wind. also truck ban for oversized commercial vehicles on the turnpike from reading all the way over to bensalem. even up and down the northeast extension. here is a exa example of the winds, step aside so you don't
6:18 am
get dizzy. holds onto your coffee cup this morning, actually put it down in cup holder both hands on the wheel. talcony palmyra bridge expecting an opening in the next half hour or so. ten minute delays on the park frank for line. because of switch problems. some of the regional rail lines starting to see delays, fox chase, chestnut hill west, trenton line, and attempt to go paint the burlington bristol bridge well the tarps are blowing all over the place, be careful coming over the burlington bristol this morning. two the 95 south, watch for downed tree at 206. this is message right from the mouth after school bus driver, just saying har parents be ready the buses could be little late if there is a downed tree in your areas, those bus haves to divert and go around the block this morning. >> thank you, you won't see this on the roadway this morning, hopefully not. high speed chase in louisianna ends with a truck flying nearly 50 feet in the air. this happened tuesday, right outside of shrevesport. now police say the 18 year old driver lost control, went
6:19 am
airborne as you see right there, on the run after escaping from work release program. the truck, it landed right on top of a park car, amazingly no one injured. teen is back in police custody this morning. >> almost looks like something rom back to the future. >> it does, doesn't it? >> my goodness. 6:19. seven baltimore police officers are in jail this morning after federal prosecutors say they pulled people over to steel from them. prosecutors say the seven officers participate in the scheme to pull people over. but those people had not committed any crimes. the officers are also accused of cheating the city out of 500,000 worth of fraudulent over time pay. all are suspended without pay and are in fbi custody. new challenges for president trump's cabinet this morning. new report claims attorney general jeff sessions was in contact with a russian official during the presidential campaign. now, some democratic leaders are calling for his resignation, but sessions is fighting back.
6:20 am
he says he never met with russian officials to discuss any issues related to president trump's campaign. the justice department has since come out, saying the two conversations happened last year while sessions was still a senator and serving in the armed services committee. for some, well it, wasn't a surprise, was it? >> but it didn't make the news any easier to handle. joel embiid will not play another game this season. how it impacts the sixers, going forward. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ hi
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and tj says -- and saric here with terrible reverse attempt then that would lead to this. an easy dion waiters lay upright here. the sixers go onto lose 125 to 98. to the flyers being they made move, right before the trade deadline ended yesterday. they trade away mark streit to the lightning, and terry, then immediately got traded to the penguins. to the phillies, in spring training, taking on the rays. al err right here. he is trying to make that 40 man roster, this is go to help and triple, two for four, that game ended five to five. that's sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. >> thank you, sean. well, carson wentz is using the off season to get health. >> i eagles revealing this morning, or yesterday, the rookie quarterback had some soreness in his elbow last year. >> the team says the soreness wasn't significant enough to put him on the injured list. they believe it was partly because he was throwing more than ever in his career, he didn't know he would be the starting quarterback. wentz pick up football for the
6:25 am
first time in fen, and has been working with the trainer in california to help him with his throwing, eagles off season program begins april 17th. meanwhile speaking at the combine yesterday, howie roseman said that helping carson wentz will be the focus of the eagles off season plans when free agency begins a week from today. >> we're trying to build a complimentary roster, around the people we have, and certainly, that fits with our quarterback, and what he's good at. our coaching staff, from what they are looking for, every off season is important. at the same time we want to make good decisions, we want to minimize our risks, and go forward, and have something to build upon. >> went has potential we saw it last season, about connecting. he needs the assistance, as you saw those minor mistakes. >> needs help. >> but they also say they're looking for someone with character, it will be interesting when they interview some of the potential, they say character more important, also. >> i mean, character is important, yes, makes sense. well, we have to see at this point, does anybody, come on,
6:26 am
please, hen us out. well, mayor kenney with historic assist, see how i help the harlem globetrotters with one after kinds trick shot at city hall. >> seeing tropical storm wind gust this is morning, how long will the wicked winds whip through our area? we'll have your forecast coming up when we come back
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>> we have breaking news, talking about the strong winds gust this is area is dealing with, but to clifton heights, strong winds brought a tree down to a home. >> emergency crews on the screen. steve keeley is, as well, steve? >> well, we have tom foley who is asleep when this tree came into his bedroom through the window, he has a lot of cuts, the side of his head is cut, and just got out of the hospital. still see the blood running down his leg, not trying to be too gory here but his hands is cut, you know, you're sleeping one minute, and then a tree, never looked at twice, your whole life, as you live here. how long have you been in this snows. >> four years now. >> so what happened? what time? >> it was a little after 4:00. and i was asleep. i just woke up. the window was on top of me. and it actually fell over, over the house, and swung in, and into the window.
6:30 am
because my bedroom the window on the other side of the house is where the tree came through. >> so it looks worse on the other side of the house? we're not even seeing the worse? >> no. >> than is the second floor. we don't see the rest of the house, so we can see it looking through this fence, that it slopes down. so this is actually a second floor, look at the chimney smashed, power lines down, we've been assureds it is safe to be here or we wouldn't be standing here, but the top lines for you folks, whenever wires come down, the top line the electric line. and as we look up, chris, i don't know if you can see, that that's what came down. so no power. but you went back in your house. they say your house was okay? >> yes, yes, they said we could go back in. they went in thermal imaging making sure no hot spots in the walls. everything is fine. >> looking around here, with the first daylight. what's going through your mind? >> i don't know, i don't know what to do now. just wait to go see what happens. >> are you thinking you got, as bad as you may look, i don't know if you got a chance it look at yourself in the mirror, but do you think you got away lucky? >> yes, i do, very lucky, very
6:31 am
luck. >> i did you hear the wind how long at all? >> no, no, no. >> i can hear it now, but again you're asleep, maybe sleeping through it, but we could hear the wind how long? >> right. yes, no, i didn't hear anything. just big loud crash. i was under glass and window and all on top of me, i had to lift the window off of me to get up. >> now, what's the official word here in terms of power and you got the power lines draped over your house and in the street around it? >> we haven't heard anything. there is a look. we will videotape the rest of the house on the other side. and when we see you next, you'll see, i guess the worse of the damage, tom foley in very good mood, and always interesting to hear people say they are luck when something bad happens to him. their house is smashed, he's ought call up. and the first thought you're lucky you think how much worse it could have been for the
6:32 am
house and for you. >> exactly. >> what a way to wake up. thankfully he's recovering this morning. >> did you hear? pick the window off himself. one thing you hear talk about the wind and how bad it is but to see that and see the damage and the injuries? >> yes, the gusts we had overnight were definitely tropical storm force. and they still, those winds, pretty gusty right now. we have 40-mile per hour gust in reading. 29 miles an hour here, 33 miles an hour atlantic city, 41 miles an hour winds gust in mount pocono. so keep that in mind. i mean, you just got to watch where you are going today. a lot of branches around, all over the place, and the ground still wet from the rain we had yesterday. so it doesn't take a lot for some of these trees and power lines to come down. high wind warning continues until 10:00. bus stop buddy holding onto his hat this morning, make sure you have warmer coat with you. because temperatures will continue to drop throughout the day. even with sunshine. we've got 49 degrees with 18-mile per hour sustained winds. sunrise, well, it is happening
6:33 am
right now, officially, 6:32 is our official sunrise time. that's, well, now 6:33, anyway, temperatures are mostly in the four's this morning, but it feels chillier than that. so we are giving you a seven out of ten with the sunshine today. we stay in the 40's, windchills will be in the 30's all afternoon, more weather changes ahead, in your seven day forecast, coming up. bob kelly? >> good morning, 6:33, well here is the location where steve was just set up. clifton height, milan sick more avenue with the downed tree and the wires. we told but it this morning, one tree, can pull down the whole string of power lines for the whole block there. don't chance it. if the roads closed for whatever reason, maybe you don't even see the power lines, there is that potential for those wires to be hot. so take the extra time. go around the block. another closure, swede road, evergreen, in east norriton, accident, pulling down a tree, and downed wires. downed tree on the pennsylvania turnpike, this is westbound, right near norristown, taking out the
6:34 am
right lane. as we just mention, all of the rain we had, the grounds is all soft. so some of these older trees that aren't really deep rooted it, will take nothing to just knock them over. i had a situation just couple of weeks ago, my son standing on the bus stop, and tree came over. missed him by couple every inches. so ten minute delays on the market frank for line due to switch problems. west trenton line service suspended because of downed wire. and a lot of the regional rail lines are running with delays this morning, alex and thomas back over to you. >> thanks forgetting us around, bob. 6:34, waiver of threats and vandalism at jewish cemetery uniting religious leaders of all. >> comes as rewards to capture the van as it grows. jennifer joyce, live from mount carmel cemetery in wissinoming with the updated number on what the award is now. >> good morning, allege ex, that award is up to $69,000 for information that leads to arrest and conviction of these van as, as you guys talked
6:35 am
about, there is going to be a rally, multi fate rally hang at independence mall today at noon to stand against hate. vandalism at mount carmel cemetery here in northeast philadelphia was discovered last sunday morning. one manna parentally visiting his relative's grave site when he noticed it had been damaged. he called policement detective determined that more than 100 headstones had been toppled. it is believed it happened sometime after dark last saturday. police and federal authorities are investigating. meanwhile, the community has come together, they're pitching in, they're cleaning up the damage, additionally, they more than $140,000 to make the necessary repairs. today the jewish federation every greater philadelphia will host a stand against hate rally, uniting people of all faiths, again, that's today at noon, at independence mall, to coincide with that event. the jewish history museum will offer free admission today.
6:36 am
so, since we've been at the cemetery this morning, weaver seen philadelphia police driving by slowly patrolling this area, paying attention with a close eye, as they continue to search for these vandals. alex and thomas? >> once again the reward has grown. hopefully someone will come forward, jenny, thank you. >> 6:36. two women who say they're the victim of accused cereal child rapist are now speaking out in bucks county. prosecutors say william thomas molested young children for more than 40 years. police arrested him last month. what they found in his morrisville home, they call a per verse shrine of his rapes of children as young as three years old. they say thomas even document dollars the horrific abuse, after nearly 20 years the two young women are now breaking their silence. >> a man who prayed upon young, innocent, hopeless children, doing things to us that we had no idea were wong at the time. things like this mess a person up for their whole lives. wondering what was wrong with you, i want women all over the
6:37 am
world to find courage, like i did, to speak up, to get the justice they deserve, and to put preditors like william away in prison where they belong. >> thomas is facing more than 51 felony charges. police believe he has more victims, though, and are encouraging them to come forward. >> 6:37. concerned resident turn out in evesham township last night. police held forum to talk about a man on the loose going around exposing himself. the incidents happened at kings grant in the kings grant neighborhood. man exposed himself to two teen girls and in one case, so police are asking anyone who knows anything to please come forward. >> 6:37. private family drama is being played out in the public spotlight. >> former vice president joe biden is responding to report about his son says romantic relationship with a sister-in-law. the widow of former delaware attorney general beau biden. >> karen hepp joins us from the news room with more details on the story, karen?
6:38 am
>> not just gossip, the front pages of the new york papers there. now hunter biden has confirmed that there is this relationship. former vice president joe biden also issued a statement to page six of the new york post showing support saying, quote, we are all lucky that hunter and haley found each other as they were putting their lives together again after such sadness. now we spoke with a psychologist who says this kind of trauma bonding is a lot more common than you may think. >> the people that you feel closest to are the people you went through that trauma with. it doesn't mean anyone is over a grief. but they feel enormously relieved to feel that they're able to love again. >> hunter biden reportedly separate from the his wife five months after the death of his brother. he has three daughters. so there is a lot of children involved in this one. and certainly a lot of people are talking about it. whether we should or not. >> a lot of people are talking about, amazingly a lot more common that's most of us think
6:39 am
and we'll break it down. >> interesting karen page six had this, now time magazine. >> everywhere. >> places are running with it, but it is interesting to see the reaction from a lot of people there. because this, people are tied to this, delaware, pretty close. thank you so much, karen. >> and a lot of people were saying they were like well that's their business. we don't want to judge or get in the way. >> true. >> other people did have an opinion. >> that was my initial re when is i heard about it, kind of how do you decifer between what's gossip and what's news, and after thinking about it, you know what, a lot of people do go through this, i've heard several, connection with another family member. so for a lot of people they go to therapy. they discuss t a lot of people can't afford therapy. we will talk to a psychologist, get her take on it and how people can move forward with grief. that's coming up in just a bit. >> 6:39. senator bob casey has more competition now. >> another republican says he's going to join the race to challenge the democrat in next year's election. andrew sector said i'll formally announce his campaign
6:40 am
very soon. the 60 year old ran successfully last year. as a delegate for president trump to the republican national convention, right now, he's at berwick borough council in northeastern pennsylvania. another republican is state representative rick sick own from the pittsburgh suburbs. the owner of the trump taj mahal casino property has struck a deal to sell it to hard rock international and two other unidentified new jersey investors. carl icahn closed the casino four months ago, siting $300 million in lost revenue. hard rock has long toyed with opening casino in atlantic city, so now closer to seeing is that happen. >> pepsi says it is being forced to layoff workers right here in philadelphia because of the city tax on sugary drinks. the company says the tax that's hitting them so hard they're being forced to take drastic measures right away t gave notice that it intends to eliminate about 80, possibly 100 positions, and including front line and supervisory roles over the next few months. a spokesperson for pepsi says because of the beverage tax,
6:41 am
its sales are down 40% in the city, and up only ten to 15% outside the city. >> it was the biggest blunder in oscar history. as the wrong name was called for best picture. so why the academy says both accountants will never work at the oscars again. >> mayor kenney with a unusual assist, wait until you see the trick shot he helped the harlem globetrotters pull off at city hall yesterday.
6:42 am
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6:44 am
>> any idea what's going enoplia on road? >> today would have been a good personal day. we have downed wires, lower moreland, that's the reason for the suspension of the west trenton regional rail line. that's the line she is on. >> they are sending shuttle busses to rescue pass inning that's are on the trains, that are already out there. but, moving forwards, set a has alternates depending where you want to head to and where you begin and end your trip. go to for all of the detail, now, there are a lot of other trains running with delays on the other lines. again, the wind, really causing that. take a look at the tree here. this is 309. look at this guy, under the
6:45 am
tree. >> look like it came from the parking lot above. but example tipped on over. again the grounds is so wet, that if this is a new -- maybe from the development up here, and the roots aren't planted deep enough, the wind just taking it for, look, maybe the officer here blocking so it must be safe. that's what it is pretty high retaining wall, but example every some of the major roadways. that's 309 at high lan. just heard from steve in deliver ton heights. downed tree and wires with detours at milan sick more avenue. and i heard from one of the bus drivers earlier, she said make sure to let the parent know that some of the buses could be late because they have to navigate around, especially some of the neighborhoods where we have the downed trees or the power outages, route 100 moyer road pottstown, septa running with delays of about ten minutes on the mark frankford, another scenario accident downed tree and wires swede road and evergreen. we are getting ready for the saint patrick's day parade right here in philadelphia.
6:46 am
brand new parade route kick it off at 16th and jfk in front of suburban station, then all of the leprochans are go to city hall, work our way around city hall and there you go. around city hall, then east on market street. all will end up here at penn's landing, but the big change is right here on market street. our tv cameras are going to be set up on market, between fifth and sixth, with backdrop of independence hall, so come on down, make plans to join us for the saint patrick's day parade here in philadelphia we kick it off sunday march the 12th, broadcast from noon to 3:00. right here on fox 29. though rebroadcast it for everybody on saint patrick's day itselfment sue has the winnie forecast in 15 seconds.
6:47 am
>> we've been seeing winds gusting in the 50 to 55-mile an hour range, and that's the situation we were in overnight, well, now we get to see the manifestation of that, we go back to delaware county to clifton height, to see this tree that fell, because of the high wind gusts, and i believe chris fox is inside the house with steve keeley right now, so this is the part of the tree that went through the window steve? >> sue, this tree went through this window on the other side, it wrapped went over the roof. smash the chin any, back through this windows, like big wet rag. look at this window, chris, so, he's laying in bed on this side, the window smashed. look at the blind right at our feet. amazing he got away as little injured assessment. >> that's where the gentleman was sleeping. >> yes. this is the other side of the
6:48 am
house where the tree is. so you see how the tree came in swinging like a pendulum, came through the back side of the house, right where he is sleeping. this whole window smashes, lands on his head, then. >> from his head and pillow over here. so we will be in the bedroom when we see you next, but that's phenomenon i've never seen before. now shot of the tree again. tree completely across the road, bob kelly you are talking about kids going down the road, i watched a school kid having to climb through this, and chris will lean forward, the sad part you have power lines out. make out some of the line over the tree. but they are not juiced. they're turned off. no power in the house fortunately. so it is safe for us to be in here, they got the okay, everybody says hey you can go in your house for shelter until we get everything going, but that's strange look, sue. you and i combined of a lot of years this this business, i guarantee we've never seen something like this before. >> wrapping the tree, 11 dow, then affecting other window on the other side of the house, incrediblement thanks for that
6:49 am
view of that. that's what high winds can do, so what's happening? we have colds front coming through. you will see temperatures go down the rest of the day. and the winds will still be around, but the highest winds will be this morning with these wind gusts 29, 40, 41, 33 miles an hour. anything above 39 miles an hour is a tropical storm force winds gust. now we have 49 degrees in philadelphia. but of course it doesn't feel like that. and the future cast has temperatures going down even mort more. bouncing back up with the sunshine in the afternoon, then temperatures plunge withing clear skies overnight. so, we will just say we will be in the mid four's, but it will feel like the three's today. couple of wintery days as we head into the weekends. with chance of some snow showers around tomorrow. depending on the temperature, when they come through, maybe rain shower. it should be in the afternoon now, on friday. high of only 36 on saturday. and 42 on sunday. so there is a wintery weekends, it is still winter after all. back to spring like
6:50 am
temperatures by the middle of next week. >> and at academy award for best picture ... >> lala land. >> there is a mistake. moonlight. you guys won best picture. >> this is not a joke. this is not a joke. i'm afraid they red the wrong thing. >> so i'm sure you've seen this so many times. but the fall-out continues from this unforgettable flub at the oscars. the organizers of the academy awards announce that the two price waterhouse cooper's accountants, they're responsible for the mix-up. brian and martha will not be allowed to work the oscar ceremony ever again. no decision made on whether the award show will continue its partnership with the accounting firm. but we're not surprisd about
6:51 am
what happened to the accountants. there are reports this morning that both they are getting security protection in the wake of this. they need security. >> so brian was one who handed the envelope. wait a minute, why am i being next into this. >> yes, she didn't have anything to do with it, everyone talking about him. >> she was on the other side of the stage. he gave the wrong envelope. she was just standing by. burr not being allowed, won't lose their job, not being allowed to return though next year. >> i'm sure that was one of the perks, clearly see the celebrities, part of the glitz and glamor. not any more. 6:51. philadelphia's mayor with the ultimate assist to a member of the harlem globetrotters from right here in philadelphia. the result nothing but net.
6:52 am
hey, neighbor. well, if it isn't the second most famous groundhog in pennsylvania. wow, you were some athlete. back in the day, g. well, you can still go for gold... ahh, million dollar gold rush, the new instant game from the pennsylvania lottery. with top prizes of a million dollars. see, you still got game, dwayne. i got instant game, gus. instant game. (giggles)
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keep on scratchin'. prodders, shuckersers, and sniffers, [ inhales ] all giant produce is triple checked. farm, crate,
6:54 am
and store. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess. my giant. >> all right, so mayor jim kenney, say he made basketball history with the harlem globetrotters over at city hall. >> the mayor trecked up four flights of stairs with the basketball before passing it off to the globetrotters. specific one, west philadelphia native, bee a swish young, and look at that! >> i can't believe that. >> wow. >> nothing but net. wow that's amazing. that trick shot is the first in 160 year history of city hall.
6:55 am
we've never seen that before. that's pretty cool. >> that was a one and done? >> i would like to think so. >> unbelievable. i wonder if the mayor tried that? love to see that video. >> if he did i'm sure it didn't go just like that. >> that's why she's part of the harlem globetrotters. how cool it is to do that in your home city. 6:55, operas raias commander in chief in the media mogel addresses rumors about the possibility of a white house run. what she says almost made her reconsider.
6:56 am
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>> winds is whipping, from downed trees, to polls, to even power outages, seeing gusts up to 50 miles per hour. the wild weather isn't over yet. when you can see snow before the weekend. >> rallying against hate. how the recent threats and vandalism in the jewish community are uniting people of all faiths. plus, the rally planned today, on independence mall. new challenges for president trump. >> i have been called a certain time or two in that campaign, andy not have communication with the russians. >> newspaper report this morning linking attorney general jeff sessions with the russian official. and, private family drama. >> not that uncommon. >> they were by each other's side in the worse of times. now, beau biden's widow and his brother are officially a
6:59 am
couple. why experts say this actually is not uncommon at all. >> and the 76ers just can't catch a break. what they plan to do, now that joe em embiid is officially out for the season. >> oh, such high hopes. >> another blow, right? ben sill ons, joe em embiid. >> what's next? >> yes, what's next? good day everyone, it is march . it is thursday but it is a winnie thursday. >> i was laying in bed just an hour after hourlies inning to the winds. >> that's, you heard it before you go out in it. a picture we got from our friends 99.5, they, ya, this is from media. that's where i live. so i don't know waist going to be waiting for me whether i come home today. so that's not good. tree right over the middle of a roadway. let's take a look at what we have for our number of the day. i'm going to also show you the high winds warning, that's in effect, there you go. this is until 10:00 this
7:00 am
morning, and pretty much the whole area, under the high wind warning, with potential wind gusts of 50, 55 miles per hour, we have 41-mile per hour winds gust in philadelphia, at this time. that's tropical storm force, same for lancaster, reading, with 44 miles per hour. so bus stop buddy, he's not being very successful at holding on to the hat. make sure you have winter jacket on, too, because it will stay pretty windy all day. even after it expires, and with temperatures in the four's, it will feel like it is in the three's all day. sunrise officially 6:32, more temperatures in the four's to show you. i think they'll go down some more. and then go back up again with the sunshine this afternoon. but not very far. we got seven out of ten, or 70s are distant memory. we got to 74 degrees yesterday. today we will settle into the mid four's in the afternoon. with windchills in the three's. bob kelly? >> sue, definitely make sure the kids are holding onto something when they stand out on the bus corner, live look, sun glare coming inbound on the sc


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