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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  March 2, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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still he says he will recuse himself from federal investigation into russian interference and 2016 election. thanks for joining us. i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. that's follows mounting pressure for sessions to step aside. he insisted he never did anything improper and never met with russian officials to discuss the campaign at all. but he said he would recuse himself when appropriate. >> i have now decided to recuse myself from any existing or future investigation of any matter relating in any way to the campaigns for president of the united states. i went ton say this announcement should not be interpreted as confirmation of the existence of any investigation or suggest the scope of any such investigation. because we in the department justice resist confirming or denying the very existence of investigations.
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>> earlier today president trump said he has full confidence in sessions. on independence mall today. a show of solidarity among the jewish community. >> huge rally in the wake of a vandalized cemetery and threats made against jewish community centers and synagogues. fox 29's dawn timmeney was there live now along independence mall. dawn? >> reporter: well, luce seek all is quite now. not much happening but several hours ago a really impressive show of support and a stand against hate. ♪ >> reporter: hundreds of people of all ages and faiths pour on to independence mall for a huge rally to stand up against hate. >> here in philadelphia the birthplace of our nation it defies belief that we still confront age old hatreds. >> reporter: this crowd coming together in a shoeff solidarity and piece in the wake of recent acts of anti semitism.
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the toppling of more than 100 tombstones at the mt. carmel jewish cemetery in the wissonoming section of philadelphia several days ago has left many stunned and heart broken. >> for these terroristic threats were designed to divide us. but what i've seen is that it has united us in a meaningful and purposeful way. >> reporter: philadelphia mayor jim kenney says he walked through the cemetery to see the damage first hand comforting a man who's father's grave was vandalized. >> i helped him put that gravestone back in place and it made him feel at least a little bit better that someone cared. >> reporter: among the many who felt strongly about taking a stand, a senior citizen who was in the jewish community center in cherry hill on monday when a bomb threat was phoned in. >> i was here because i was one of the old ladies in the swi swimming pool at the jcc when we had to be evacuated. we need to stand up to this. we need to come together.
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>> reporter: don camp carrying a sign that reads loving diversity respecting all. this was an important call to action for him. >> few nights ago i realized i had to do more than shake my head when i read about the atrocities. >> reporter: those attending the rally believe that by standing united, they can make a difference. >> i think when we see others who feel the same way we don't lose hope and we feel stronger to make good things happen. >> reporter: many people leaving feeling very empowered. lots of people came to help clean up the cemetery and the reward for information leading to an arrest. lucy and iain, now stands at $69,000. all right. dawn, incredible. thank you. kenyata johnson introduced a bill that would make the punishment more severe for the person or people who desecrated the mt. carmel cemetery in wissonoming. johnson called on his fellow council members to support the legislation that would make each
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separate grave vandalized count as a separate offense. that could mean more than 100 separate charges for whomever is responsible. house speaker paul ryan took a stand against recent acts of anti semitism today. >> this is wrong. these threats and these attacks on jewish-americans are vile and disgusting. they are route rooted in a poisonous ideology of hate and they must be whole heartedly rejected. so on behalf of every republican and every democrat in congress, an oh on behalf of the whole house, i want our friends in the jewish community to know that we stand with them. >> three different jewish community centers in the area got bomb threats just this week. developing story now out of montgomery county. he was in charge of the upper dublin police evidence room if the district attorney is right, the detective stole drugs from it. detective michael, died of apparent suicide while off duty at his home in december of 2016. about two weeks after his death,
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investigators noticed cash and drugs missing from the evidence room. the da says he had significant undetecteed drug issue. >> his death and the subsequent ramifications for this police department starkly illustrate that no one anywhere, no one, is immune from a drug problem that we are facing as a society and in montgomery county. because of this, the upper dublin police department is putting new evidence policies into place immediately. prosecutors say it was a teenager who brutally attacked and robbed a grandmother in her east brandywine home. police arrested and charged the 17-year-old boy. they say he attacked the 72-year-old, stole her car and credit cards and then left her bound and locked in a dark room last week. she was stuck in that small room for four days until her daughter-in-law found her. she is going to be okay, though. happening right now mayor kenney lays out his budget for fiscal year 2018 and most al battle
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plan to fight poverty the mayor wants to spend $4.4 billion and plans to do that without raising taxes. >> kenney was speaking though demonstrators were yelling to kill the controversial beverage tax. fox 29's jeff cole reports. [ applause ] >> reporter: democratic mayor of streets of south philadelphia 2017 is 1968 the unrest the anger the protests all over again. >> all of us together are under attack. and we need to stand up together as happened in the '60s. [ applause ] >> this was the emotional high point of kenney's large workmanlike speech. no flourishes, no theatrics. $4.4 billion largely aimed to combat philly's grinding poverty. his weapon of choice, the controversial sweetened beverage tax. >> to date the philly beverage tax is funded 2,000 free quality pre k seats and nine community schools. serving 4500 students. >> reporter: but the taxes
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being challenged in court and on the streets by workers and bottlers who say it's a sales and jobs killer. kenney wants to battle the opioid crisis by distributing in kensington narcan overdose fighting drug. he plans to fight led poisoning in children with moorhouseing inspections and hike the number of city lawyers working to place kids in good foster homes and do it all with no new property taxes. >> i'm always excited when i hear proposal that includes no new taxes. >> reporter: city council president says council will tweet but approve the budget unscathed but he sees trouble. >> because there's the likelihood of less resources coming from these federal and state administrations there will require that we do things a little differently. >> reporter: mayor kenney reminded city council members of the stark reality of philly. it is the poorest of the nation's top ten and the last in job creation. at city hall, jeff cole, fox 29 news.
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fox 29 weather authority and the story today is the wind. check this out. hard to see but a huge tree crashed into house on mill street in clifton heights, delaware county. it smashed right through the second floor bedroom window 58-year-old tom foley slept much he's banked up but a amazingly nothing serious. >> live look at wilmington wind gusts there hit 44 miles an hour. still pretty cold out there because of that wind and listen to this, we could see some snow. >> it's about time. it's still winter. >> yeah. >> not that we have had any winter. >> kathy orr. >> this is just about it. look behind me. it's not much, guys, a few snow showers with a clipper. a fast-moving area of low pressure that will go to the south and bring us just that. a few snow showers tomorrow. the current wind gust, gusting to 30 in philadelphia. gusting to 33 in atlantic city and still gusting to 32 miles an hour in lancaster. nothing like earlier when we were gusting to about 50 miles an hour. temperatures are cold. mainly in the 40s. wind chills in the 30s and that
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is a term we are going to use a lot over the course of the weekend. the wind chill. this evening temperatures will be falling through the 40s into the 30s. with a clear sky. little blustery at about 7:00 o'clock. clear skies at 11:00 with temperature of 37 degrees. it will feel much colder with the winds and the core of the cold air will be moving in this weekend. it's back to blustery with a huge dip in the jet stream it will be the coldest air we've seen in time with wind chills being driven way down into the single numbers. coming up we'll talk more about the snow chance the biting wind and the warm up this time is going to wait. we'll take look how long in your seven day forecast. we'll zen it back to you. >> a lot to talk about. thank you, kathy. when might -- wind might have played a role what happened to septa's west trenton line. back up and running after a downed wire started a fire and shut down service. this is video that shows the flames near red lion road. this morning it happened. no one is hurt. the judge in the casey
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anthony case has a theory about what happened to her little girl. how he thinks she killed her daughter. >> family member's ashes go missing until a twist of fate and someone at the right place at the right time found them. >> they're looking to live in the city of philadelphia, you're likely going to have to dig a lot deeper into your pockets. >> and coming up at 6:00 it's something we've almost all experienced. at least once. talking road rage here. the best ways to talk yourself down when you're behind that wheel. >> talk yourself down. good. ♪
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block of hains street. officers say surveillance cameras caught maxwell in his vehicle. ♪ tonight hang's take what was supposed to be an art project beautify a trenton neighborhood turned into anything but. things got really ugly after a misunderstanding between the artists and the property owner. >> as hank found out at the center of it all is the puerto rican flag want the property owner did to that flag is the talk of the town. >> here's hank with more. ♪ >> reporter: trenton puerto rican like sam and friends are singing to night. they feel like they've put a shine on something ugly. >> ♪ small little hate turned into a whole lot of love. >> reporter: they've been loo looking to shape up a ban donned neighborhood building and they wanted to paint a mural of puerto rican pride and the building's owner told them to go for it. >> i left excited thinking, wow, we have -- we're going forward.
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we have the green light to go forward. it will be great. >> reporter: for the better part of sunday it was. local artist alberto and jose along with neighborhood kids worked on two murals detailing puerto rican historical figures and heritage while others work on the centerpiece puerto rican flag and that's where things got ugly. >> i didn't want no puerto rican flag. he said a mural. he didn't say anything about a flag. >> reporter: that's the voice of the building' owner thomas tyler scene in these pictures painting over the flag. tyler punctuated his distaste for the flag in no uncertain terms. >> somebody painted a swastika on that flag. was that you? >> yeah, dye that. i was a little mad. i sprayed right over it again. >> reporter: you can still make out the symbol through the pain most of the neighborhood saw it and heard what was allegedly said. >> said it in front of about five of us. >> reporter: what did he say? >> that puerto rican don't belong in trenton his exact
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quote. puerto rican do not belong in trenton. >> the flag doesn't belong. >> it could have been done in different way. he had my phone number. i told him where i lived and the street. we could have had the conversation about what he liked want he didn't like about it. >> reporter: any way the guys say they're glad they've got a new home for the mural right across the street. a rally to embrace diversity on the corner of jenn 93 see and die on saturday at 1:00 o'clock. ♪ >> reporter: what mystify me is this. you get mad what you acknowledge is a miscommunication and you paint a swastika? even if you do cover it up that's your go to take. ♪ former judge who presided over casey anthony's trial believes anthony may have killed her two year old daughter kayleigh but he says it was by accident. judge belvin perry thinks anthony tried to give her daughter chloroform to knock her out but used too much. he bases that theory on the
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chloroform searches on her computer and the traces of it in the trunk of her car but he says the only one who really knows in casey anthony. >> president trump first 100 days has dropping by a new aircraft carrier after proposing $54 billion increase in defense spending the president checked out the uss gerald ford right now coming to life in virginia. the next jenn super carry your costs almost $13 billion. it's commission should happen later this year. the president says his budget proposal will ensure america leads the world into the future. some things in life are just too precious to be lost. perfect example a family member's ashes. >> somehow a couple from minnesota was reunited with the remains of their family member as fox's courtney godfrey reports. >> they were just right up. up against the back seat. >> mother's ashes stolen in a car break in. >> we can replace the wallet and neglect it. how do you i replace the little
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being of my mom. >> reporter: heart broken and desperate trina and michael made heartfelt plea. >> i won't ask a single word. i don't care what your name is. just give me my mom back. that's literally all i want for you to give me my mom back. >> reporter: more than a month later the couple was nearly out of hope until fox nine delivered the good news. >> like ran through it and paused for a second actually -- i was like, no. >> reporter: monday night the sheriff's office showed up at their door. >> hello i was trina and i said yes. he said, so your mom's ashes were stolen? i said yes. he said, can you describe them please? >> the black box containing her mother's ashes was found in the brush near a pond. less than mile from their home. >> check my messages i took the dogs on walk looked everywhere i could think of. yeah, and it just got to point where i kind of thought, yeah, it just wasn't going to happen. >> reporter: it was picked up
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by someone serving time through community service. >> this person had the decency and sense enough to say, you know, i found something i don't think i should put in bag. >> reporter: and for that they say they are forever in debt to someone who remains a complete stranger. >> he's going to hold a special place in our hearts for eterni eternity. he was kind dean sent man who did something that not necessarily everybody else would do, and he gave me my mom back. >> looking for new place to live? how about the neverland ranch is on the market. how much michael jackson's former home will set you back. >> forget the drive through. mcdonald's is trying to get you and out of the restaurant even faster. >> without the drive through. all right. the picture of a local boy's smile seen around the world. 18 months after he melted the
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million hearts. we finally tracked down cameron. ♪ ♪
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if you've got a life, you gotta swiffer
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fish and wildlife wardens in california investigating after some video surfaces of a group of people pulling a great white shark from the water. according to witnesses the fisherman eventually tossed the shark back in the water the not clear if that shark was still a life. great white sharks are protected species and as soon as fisherman sees the shark on the surface determines it's not legal to fish for they need to cut that line. also in california, a thief and his buddies had flying hopes at the expense of small busine business. they then they got tripped up. literally. >> they target the unden don's hobbies. surveillance cameras caught one of the guys trying to make run
5:24 pm
for it. he almost fell store owner says the men were in the store for about 45 minutes and it looked as if they were going to buy something but when the store got busy they snapped snatched a couple of two quad copters worth 350 bunch each. the owner says it seems like it was all planned. >> we have some of them looking at it deciding what to steal literally gauging how much it weighed. all of that. small shop like this although we've been here 27 years a small shop like this it's personal h hit. >> yup. >> no one was hurt. police are hoping the community can help track down those bad guys. >> looking for new place to call home? the famous neverland ranch is on the market. used to belong of course to michael jackson the king of pop. realtors now refer to the 2000-acre estate in santa barbara california as sycamore valley ranch. it includes the main house with 16 bedrooms, 16, 29 bathrooms and a dance studio and what home is complete without a full and movie theater. jackson's fans hope someone will
5:25 pm
buy it and hope to the public. >> it's beautiful area and i think someone that could afford it it would be a really good thing. >> affording is the key thing here. only giving tours to qualified buyers. the asking price is a mind blowing $67 million. that's huge drop from the $100 million price tag couple years back. jackson bought the property for less than $20 million in the early '90's. speaking of famous musicians and homes, a major expansion of graceland is now open. the $45 million entertainment complex complexion features exhibits and restaurants focused on the life and career of elvis presley across the street from his home in memphis, tepp ten. have you ever been out and wonder the hey, what's that smell? one city is trying to keep the searches to a minimum. how an odor could could soon turn into a fine. >> there's a lot more going on
5:26 pm
that cooking much lives are changing for goodness sake. >> we're tracking a clipper, the winter systems that come from canada and move quickly across the region. some snow showers in the forecast. we'll track them and the bitter cold coming up.
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>> this man is in jail.
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he was driving while on drugs. police pulled 50-year-old gyms kimmel over in dover last night for health out. they smelled alcohol and marijuana. when police searched the car they found more than 20 grams of weed and 8 grams of crystal meth. he's now facing a number of charges. ♪ some days it's hard to find goodness in the dark news out there. but each day our bill anderson digs to find just that. >> dan he look at a program using cooking to give a second chance to people who have had rough past for goodness sake. when you add a trade to someon someone's bad habits, add a trade month someone's bad experiences now you have more skill on top of the same person. what we do here is work to transform the individual. many people in society to find stable work but add in the challenge of being low skilled or an ex offender it gets that much harder but local program is hoping that the kitchen could be the key to success.
5:30 pm
>> when your confidence builds and when you feel like you are really where you belong and you feel like you're taking new steps and things can change for you, it changes what you project out so society around them their friends and family and businesses they will eventually work for will then see them differently as well. >> reporter: all the people in this kitchen behind me come from different backgrounds and have different stories but they all share one common bond. they're hopeful that the philabundance community kitchen program can help them improve their lives. >> i believe people are able to they're given the opportunity, and so we're just doing it through food. hopefully that leads to employment and hopefully that leads to stability and from there hopefully changes for the community. >> reporter: philabundance community kitchen is free four-week program that treats the students as if they're training to work in top restaurants. as i spent the day with the class, you can see not only their commitment to learning, but their joy at getting a second chance. >> technically you're currently
5:31 pm
incarcerate. >> i'm currently incarcerated. >> reporter: he's allowed to leave the facility where he's currently serving time in order to attend the program. he's taken on leadership role helping the other students who need to see that you can overcome both a lack of cooking skills that many had but also the mistakes that some have ma made. >> good example for continuous growth. this program is a an excellent program. i recommend it to anyone. >> reporter: one thing that was clear the program is providing something that is often lacking in under served communities. vision and hope. >> that's already your plan. >> that's my goal, yes. >> dash of pepper. >> you say this like it's no big thing. did you know know how to do that this before. >> no. >> that puts you up on me. >> the finish general tso's chicken tasted restaurant ready. >> that's good. >> the larger message this program hopes to present
5:32 pm
supporting someone with challenging past isn't just helping them it's helping the entire community. >> probably not anywhere you couldn't go that you don't know who has been affected with some sort of crime or drug related. we're all in recovery at one point. >> reporter: for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. >> you know we all need help every now and again. >> yeah we do. bill might need some help in the kitchen. seems like he doesn't know how to cook. [ laughter ] >> he's good at buying candy. he buys candy all the time. >> okay. >> you know who eats that candy a lot? >> kathy orr does. our fox 29 weather authority. live look at the franklin institute on the ben franklin parkway. cold, cold getting colder. it's still winter, though it really is. kathy orr is going to break it all down in 15 seconds.
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>> okay. lucy called me out. i do eat a lot of bill's candy but mainly the peanut butter cups. okay. i leave the rest for everyone else. take lock at old city philadelphia. there's fifth and market where it's pretty clear it's pretty quite but it's still very windy out there. winds gusting to about 50 miles an hour today put a chill in the air. high temperature says 62. you know it wasn't 62 this afternoon. that was early this morning. and temperatures came crashing down. winds out of the west at about 23 miles an hour. it is 46 and that's pretty much where we leveled off this afternoon. temperatures peeking in the upper 40s. slow decline as the skies clear late tonight. as we are looking at ultimate doppler you'll see a few clouds to the west with some snow showers. this is associated with alberta clipper that will be passing to our south. so not a lot of moisture with this. but we will be seeing some snow showers especially tomorrow afternoon. when you look at the temperatures, 46 in philadelphia. not bad. but significantly cooler than
5:34 pm
yesterday about 30 degrees cooler. 33 in cleveland. 33 in chicago. 27 in minneapolis. so the cold is going to win and winter will be back. it will be a brief period but it will return. current gusts in the poconos gusting to 29 gusting to 30 in philadelphia. same in wilmington. millville gusting to 28 miles an hour. as we go hour by hour, we'll start off the clock tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. and we'll see some snow showers moving through. some spotty snow showers and by the afternoon, i think that's really when it's going to happen three, 4:00 o'clock the potential for a line of some snow showers to move through the delaware valley and that's just about it. what comes behind that may be the more impressive story. we'll look at the wind chills. especially saturday morning. waking up to wind chills that will be in the teens and the poconos five below. during the afternoon, still wind chills quiet cold in the teens if you're going out saturday evening it's just going to be blustery with gusty winds and brutal temperatures.
5:35 pm
and then as we look ahead to sunday morning, two below in the poconos. it will feel like 12 in philadelphia. eight in trenton and wrightstown it will only feel like seven. so it's winter's revenge for the weekend and then we'll warm it back up again in the seven day. so tonight the low 30 degrees. a few clouds blustery winds gusting to about 30 miles an hour. during the day tomorrow looking ahead to temperatures mainly in the 40s along the i-95 corridor to the south and east. reading lancaster, 38. pottstown 37. the poconos only 29 degrees. but good snow-making weather and you can see through dover 41 the same in wildwood. seven day forecast from your weather authority, shows temperatures that will be quite cold saturday morning waking up to 23 degrees. and cold biting wind chills. 38 for the high a blustery day. a great day to be indoors. sunday chilly, 42. monday much better. not as cold. 55. a shower chance on tuesday but temperatures warm through the 60s. 50s for wednesday with a few afternoon showers and then by
5:36 pm
thursday, partly sunny the high temperature 55. so this cold snap is really not going to last that long. and then by next week, we'll be talking about milder temperatures normal high for this time of year guys is around 47 degrees. any time you get above that, you're in pretty good shape and march typically the windy yesterday month. >> you're right. windy out there today, kathy. thanks so much. >> you bet. forget the drive through. how mcdonald's is hoping to get you in and out of the restaurant even faster. many passengers the reason their flight was delayed for hours was new one. >> new at 6:00 something we've almost all experienced. at least once. the road rage. the best ways to talk yourself down when you're behind that wheel.
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♪ if you're looking for a new apartment in philly prepare yourself for sticker shock. according to the real estate firm, the rent for one bedroom apartment gone up 14% in the last year. that means the average price for a one bedroom is now more than
5:40 pm
$1,300 a month. how does that philly stack up against other cities? well, there are 16 cities where rent will cost you little bit more. >> that means thousands that are less. >> below that. >> much anticipated debut at the new york stock exchange realiz realized. snap chat made its long awaited public debut did not disappoint. >> incredible. the parent company of the popular app snap chat closed today at more than $24 share. that's 44% rise when it opened at 17 bucks a share. that value the company at 24 billion now valued around $33 billion. for message that is disappear. many are comparing this ipo to facebook and twit. facebook saw a growth of 6% on its first day. mobile ordering and delivery coming to mickey d' nears you. mcdonald's is considering partnering with food delivery service seamless also focusing on making restaurants more digital friendly. the fast food giant says it's rolling out mobile ordering, mobile pay and curb side pick up across its roughly 14,000
5:41 pm
restaurants. all this should kick in by the end of the year. the picture of a little boy's smile. a local boy right here in philly seen around the world thanks to fox 29 photographer. it took 18 months but we finally tracked down cameron and his family. >> how many times have you been out and around and wonder wagon is that smell? what is that smell? how an odor could soon turn into a fine. sean? >> iain i caught up with eagles defensive end vinnie curry and got to see some of the great thing he's doing in the community. see what he's doing for bunch of kids in west philly much that's coming up later in sports. why are you deleting these photos?
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where things come from? how they get here? what they're packed in? it's a lot of stuff. and these things add up. that's why we recycle. [vo:]it's nice to know that raymour and flanigan is proud to be a leading recycler- 17 million pounds of recyclable materials every year. turned from trash into treasure. so in the future, we will all have a more beautiful world. ♪ ♪ in your health tonight important new cancer research for young adults new study from
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the american cancer society finds that alarming rise in colon cancer among people in their 20s and 30s. while this type of caps sorry mostly hits older people, doctors say no one should ignore symptoms just because they are younger. researchers are still trying to figure out why the disease is declining in the u.s. but increasing among young adults. screening tests like colonscop colonscopies can help diagnose tumors early. another new study suggests immune disorders could be tied to increased risk of dementia. researchers found that 18 of 25 auto immune diseases shows higher association with the disorder the study found that people with multiple sclerosis had nearly double the risk. a philadelphia boy's smile was about to light up the world. little could the guy who snapped that picture know how that one image would capture so many hearts. that photojournalist happens to work with us. 18 months later he found the little boy whose smile is still going viral.
5:46 pm
♪ >> photojournalist dave eitzen works night side racing to breaking news across our area. often children race up to him which is how this tweet happen happened. >> a boy just ran up to the live truck and said, can you report my smile? yes, we can, cameron. ♪ >> it went bon kearse an year and a half later this, buzz feed compiled its list of the 32 most whole some things it's ever happened on twitter we're talking in the universe. and number one on that list comes from fox 29 photojournalist dave eitzen. >> did you ever think you'd meet him again. >> no, i didn't even know if he lived around here. >> no one knew. but we put out the all call the day buzz feed highlighted the viral smile. >> wouldn't it be great to get cameron and dave back together don a story on this. >> that night a phone call.
5:47 pm
which led to this. >> hi. >> how are you? >> good. how are you? my name is dave. night to meet you. >> is this cameron? >> cameron, we're here to report your smile. [ laughter ] >> he's not smiling. >> a tv crew walk into your home can be a little intimidating but it didn't take long for cameron to bust out that signature smile and a couple of words of inspiration. >> luckily for us, cameron's grandma watches our newscast. >> i was like, oh, my god that's my grandson cameron. that's my grandson. >> you know cameron. >> there you guys were. there was my grandson. >> and then you call you. >> i did. i called. >> how many people saw this picture of you? look at how many that is. that's almost million people. look at that. wow! cam. >> kids run up the truck all the tile. put me on tv i want to be on tv,
5:48 pm
and so i started rolling down the window because i see him coming i rolled down the window and, he says, can you report my smile? and it just -- my heart just melted. ♪ >> cameron's smile is melting a lot of hearts and lifting them as well. >> literally millions of people have senior picture your smile. >> not just your smile have been inspired by your smile. >> yes. >> hundreds of thousands of comments just keep oncoming. people have i guess screen shotted the tweet and put it on other web sites. so it's gone viral on instagram, website called injure. >> the list goes on and so do the shares. >> just ask fox 29 producer lea who was feeling dad sad one night a friend tried to lift her spirits.
5:49 pm
>> wanted to cheer me up. so i get this text with this link. i click it it's this website and like number one on the list. >> they had no idea that lea works with a guy behind the tweet. neither did the next person. >> you get a text from another person. where they like try and make you smile with it. >> yeah. they were just like trying to cheer me up. trying to make me smile it's the same tweet by dave eitzen that they're sending me to cheer me up. >> small world. big smile spreading far and wi wide. >> someone at dunkin' donuts asked. >> is your name cameron? >> yes. how do you know my son? she said i seen his picture online for can you report my smile? she's like, oh my goodness, i feel like i met someone famous. ♪ >> this is my room. >> favorite things for the by whose smile has gone viral. >> my favorite teddy bear like this one the best. >> his teddy. eating and --
5:50 pm
>> my mom. >> aww. >> and also birthday presents. >> in case you're wondering -- >> this kid now in chess club stole our hearts. >> king me. >> even let us hold his basketball trophies. >> when you don't have the camera, then you can hold it. [ laughter ] >> most likely. >> fox 29 journalist paxton reece. >> who became cameron's bff. [ inaudible ] >> as cameron whooped paxton in mad dell nfl. >> i'm more old school than old school. >> whoa! >> how old are you? >> i'm nine. ♪
5:51 pm
>> his mom and grandma be held the power of their little boy's smile. >> i'm telling you that is so cute. how many did it get? >> 1 million. >> 1 million. >> wow! ♪ >> smiling is a big deal. >> absolutely. >> paxton our photojournalist taking the video like i said little cameron was loved him, he cep saying in his microphone, paxton, you're doing good job over there. because paxton had the head phone cameron was giving him secret messages the whole time. >> cam newton fan. >> last night you dabbed him. dabbing him on like the usual. raindrops, laptops. >> ya'll didn't get that. >> an important birthday today. could you believe it's dr. seuss? i do not like green eggs and ham. hour teachers and students across america celebrate dad. it's something we've all experienced at least once.
5:52 pm
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mouth that reported not just the cold war error movie take what happened at london airport. one little itty mouse held up san francisco bound plane for four hours. the crew made the best out of joking the mouse couldn't enter the us without a passport. british mouse. eventually passengers board add new plain apparently row department free. >> i think it makes sense because i won really want to eat food on plane that had a mouse. so we're all fairly happy we switched planes. >> he was just picking up crumbs. british airways apologized for the whole ordeal and joke only two legged passengers were on board this flight. las vegas considering an ordinance to help the city smell better. they got device to help enforce the law called the nasal ranger high tech device that measures how strong a smell is. the nasal ranger gauges odors on scale from zero to 60.
5:57 pm
odor at a 117 or above considered a nuisance and city officials say smells got to linger before they can step in. >> what we're looking at is odors that are, um, there for more than 48 hours. something it's not just one time you'll she is smell it for two seconds or open 15 minutes. >> the device will likely be used to deal with things like cat hoarders, bad sewage and of course now pot dispensaries. >> it's not just because you forgot to take shower. >> yeah. it's got to go,/nasal ranger. >> level of seven or above. >> i wonder had came up with that name. >> i don't know. today people of all ages are taking part in the nation's largest reading celebration. >> today marks 20 years of the national education association's read across america. fox's julie banderas has more on how experts are raising awareness of the importance of reading. >> reporter: march 2nd is dr. seuss' birthday. born theodore sues guy sell in 1904, dr. seuss went on to
5:58 pm
become one of the most loved children's book authors of all time. his birthday is also celebrated throughout the us as read across america day. dr. seuss' birthday how about if we make that the day where we ask every adult to read with a child. to make that incredible connection that says this adult loves you so much. >> nation' largest reading celebration read across america is also parking its 20th year. the event started by the national education association in 1997 encourages reading awareness initiatives across the country. >> i know that people a reader for life has -- makes a major difference in the life of a human being. >> march is also read a loud month. and co-founder of read a loud 15 minutes jennifer brian is wor working to raise awareness on the importance of reading from birth. >> we're encouraging people that that is the moment to start and to devote 15 minutes day because it will make lifetime of
5:59 pm
difference. >> reporter: health experts say each year as many as 3.4 million babies miss out on a basic building block for early brain development. and the consequences can be seen in low rates of kindergarten readiness and insufficient third grade literacy skills. >> routine of read log make a difference long term. >> reporter: libraries, classrooms and local organizations will be participating in events across the country. the nea' suesville website has a complete list of activities to participate in for march. in new york, julie banderas, fox news. >> back here at home fox 29's jennifer joyce ed join read across celebrations at rhawnhurst elementary school this morning. she spoke to k through fifth graders about why it's so important to read. fox 29 news at 6:00 starts right now. ♪ right now at 6:00, show of solidarity on independence mall. >> these terroristic threats
6:00 pm
were designed to divide us. but what i've seen is that it has united us in a meaningful and purposeful way. ♪ >> the message that community wants to spread as it stands up to hate. ♪ road rage, you know it's bad but it's not always easiest thing to avoid. the best ways to resist anger behind the wheel. live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. strength in numbers that was the message along independence mall as the the jewish community joined with the rest of philadelphia to combat hate. it comes in the wake of number of high profile antisemitic incidents in our area. thanks for joining us tonight at 6:00. i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. the event billed stand against hate independence pack was pack. crowds of people gathered together with the message of love and


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