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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  March 3, 2017 3:30am-4:00am EST

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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. more tolerance and less hate. it has been a rough few weeks for a lot of folks in our area. cemeteries ruined, bomb threats, even kkk flyers. it's too much for so many. so neighbors are leaning on eve other standing side by side some saying prayers and promising to stick together. i'm lucy noland. this scene played out in many communities tonight. fox 29's shawnette wilson was at one gathering to night in maple shade. shawnette arc big crowd for a greater purpose. >> reporter: lucy, it was definitely a beautiful service because of all the different fames and races gathered and vowing not to let what's happening divide them. >> it's a little bit upsetting. >> kim and her husband brought their two daughters to this inter faith prayer service tonight looking for comfort. >> i think it's important for them to come out here and see
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that there's so many people that don't feel that way. that there's so much love in our community. >> reporter: prayer service meant to heal in the face of so many acts of hate. >> klansman row leasing racist flyers throughout burlington county, violent attacks on immigrants, bans against muslim faith, desecration avenue sacred jewish cemetery in and burial site, threats of violence most recently this week at our jewish community center in cherry hill and jewish schools throughout our state. >> reporter: people from different congregations packed a basement of the all right load of per pep what happened help in maple shade. >> faith leaders from all religions, all denominations offering prayers. >> we coming together across race, gender, sexuality, row it john, national origin and alike make god's presence known in the world. >> reporter: sharon hurst says she's leaving feeling encourag encouraged. >> i love the diversity and the
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beliefs that seems to be different but the message is the same. the love and the unity. >> reporter: and organizers say we should consider what is happened as an tack on all of us and not just one group. lucy? >> all right, thank you much, shawnette. philadelphia's old city also took a stand against hate. hundreds of people of all ages and race and faith flooded independence mall. the toppling of more than 100 headstones at the mount caramel cemetery along the with bomb threats against jewish community centers brought them together. >> as they debt in that building behind us, we stand up to intolerance. we continue the work that was done on this mall and in that hall. >> the reward for information leading to whoever desecrated the mt. carmel cemetery stands at $69,000. skyfox over a fire at a senior living center in south jersey you can see a lot of
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activity right outside of ivy stone senior living that's right off of route 130 in pennsauken township. authorities say the fire broke out right around 6:00 tonight. the flames never did make it out of the boiler room. thank goodness. because nobody is hurt. on your radar is it winter, is it finally winter is it winter finally moving in? live look at -- is that trenton there? gusty winds blue through our area today and now some no is on the horizon. meteorologist kathy orr is here with your first forecast at 11:00. i'm silly but i'm giddy over the idea that we might actually see few flakes flying. >> listen, i mean you are going to see few flakes present company not included. >> thank you for that. >> okay. let's take a look at old city philadelphia. not lot going on. skies are clear but as we look at ultimate doppler you can see some spotty snow showers moving in from the west. this is all because of an area of low pressure. it's a clipper fast moving not a lot of moisture it will fall right to the south through virginia and north carolina some of this will come north to to
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bring us a few snow showers especially in the afternoon. look at the temperatures. hartford 29. new york 39. the same in philadelphia. rochester, new york, at 25. toronto at 21. so that colder air is going to be moving in with that area of low pressure or that clipper there will be a huge dip in the jet stream over the weekend. that allows that cold canadian air to drift on in we haven't seen a lot of it but it will be here over the weekend with whipping winds. so as we look ahead hour with hour start the clock tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. clear skies, a few clouds, and then after the noon hour the snow showers move on in. could come through in some areas like a squall especially through the lehigh valley. and then it moves on out by about four, 5:00 o'clock in the afternoon. if you get caught in one of these snow bursts, it could come down pretty hard for short period of time but not expecting much in the way of accumulation maybe a little bit on grassy surfaces here and there. the wind chill will be the big story saturday morning, wind chills in the teens and single numbers. below zero in the poconos.
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five below allentown will feel like seven saturday morning. philadelphia will feel like 14. we go through the day saturday. the winds keep up. the cold air is in place. it will feel mainly like it's in the teens and sunday morning here we go again with more bit biting cold it will feel like two in the poconos. 12 in philadelphia and seven in wrightstown. overnight, temperatures will fall to around 30 degrees it will be blustery. still seeing some gusty winds. during the day tomorrow, take look at these high temperatures. in the poconos a few snow showers and 29 degrees. 38 degrees in reading, pottstown 37 and in philadelphia 41. on your seven day forecast from the weather authority, looking cold. blustery saturday. sunday chilly we transition monday with more of a southerly wind up to 55 and it gets better. 63 for your tuesday. a day that's mainly rain free that rain comes in late. afternoon showers wednesday much next thursday, lucy, partly sunny and 55. so we have winter's revenge for about, 48 hours or so and then
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it kicks back in feeling like spring next weekend. a week from this sunday daylight saving time begins. >> so i'll going to not be awake for a number of days again. it's all good. thank you very much, kathy. you bet. >> philadelphia police department had plans to move head quarters to west philadelphia from center city. but tonight we've learned the city is considering scrapping those plans and going somewhere else. even after making millions of dollars worth of renovations. the new headquarters at 46th and mark was supposed to open by last december. the nutter administration put that plan into motion and then now a spokesperson for mayor jim kenney tells fox 29 the plans under review. police commissioner richard ross says the department's very much in need of more space and new technology. he says the current headquarters building was obsolete years ago. >> i think while probably was a novel concept years ago, decades ago, it was outdated probably not long after it was built.
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>> sources tell fox 29 the former inquirer building on broad and callowhill in spring garden could possibly house police headquarters. and and police arrest add teenager in the attack and robbery of a grandmother left in her closet in her brandywine home for days. prosecutors say have charged a 17-year-old boy. he attacked the 72-year-old stole her car and credit cards and left her bound and lock in the closet with the plastic bag over her head. her daughter-in-law did not find her until four days later. but she survived. and she is out of the hospital tonight. 42 days in donald trump's presidency and russia continues to be a major problem for the president. some democrats called for attorney general jeff sessions to resign today over what he did not say at his confirmation hearings about his meetings with the russian ambassador. well, that didn't happen. but sessions did recuse himself from any current or future investigation of russian under
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appearance in the 2016 presidential election. in fact he held a rather hastily called news conference this afternoon he strongly denied that any of his conversations with russian officials were related to the presidential campaign. he also said he does not intend to deceive the senate when he said he had no such meetings with russian officials. >> my reply to the question of senator franken was honest and correct as i understood it at the time. i appreciate that some have taken the view that this was a false comment. that is not my intent. that is not correct. >> the president is coming to the defense of his attorney general in a statement released tonight he said in part "the democrats are over playing their hand. they lost the election and now have lost their grip on reality. the real story is all of the illegal leaks of classified and other information. it is a total witch hunt! ". >> it was lights, camera action for the annual radnor high
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school musical tonight. this production of wizard of oz includes a four legged star with a tale of survival as dramatic as the performance itself. and our bruce gordon is having fun playing the role of critic tonight. >> reporter: the crowds pouring into the auditorium at the radnor high school came to see the wizard of oz but toto's story may be even more dramatic. >> this is her debut performance. >> reporter: toe sophia four month old terrier mix saved by shelter operators in puerto rocco where shed been roaming the streets. delaware county providence animal shelter wound up a topping her tout a family. they allowed her to scratch her acting itch. >> much of this pooch's time on stage is spent being carried around. but just keeping toto focused takes some training. >> i was worried about the cowardly lion i thought this will look like a huge scare row dog. and by the time she met brendon
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one of the people who plays the cowardly lie yo she was wagging her tail and thought it was like a big stuffed animal. ♪ >> reporter: pair of radnor high seniors splitly rove of dorothy and share the cage with sophia. >> we would spend hours playing with the dog to make sure the really knows us very well and feels connected to us. >> sophia nailed her big moment running to dorothy from off stage after escaping his gulch. >> toto! >> battling the wick witch is easy when you survived as stray. >> a group of really wonderful dedicated people. >> saved this dog's live literally. >> yeah. >> now she's on the stage. in. >> and now, right, and now she's playing toto. >> sophia is pretty amazing but the humans in this show are spectacular too. i give it two paws up. wizard of oz continues here friday night, saturday matinee and evening and a sunday matinee show. in radnor, bruce gordon fox 29
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news. you know rescue dogs rock. forget the drive through. how mcdonald's is hoping get you and out of the restaurant even faster and our bill anderson. >> reporter: several years ago this man was hit by a car leaving him unable to remember what happened from day day but now together the two of them have developed an app to help people with similar challenges all over the world. we've got the story next for goodness sake. >> testing. >> testing. >> ment. >> testing. >> testing. >> testing. kenney honored people who have made impacts in the immigrant community. he presented three awards to restaurant and business owners who have helped enhance economic development in our area. ♪
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>> testing. >> testing.
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>> testing. >> testing. >> testing.
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♪ pill square at a delaware middle school sent half dozen children to the hospital. a student at ps dupont middle school brought pills to school. gave them out to five others but those pills they were vitamin c. just to be safe the district did send the students to the hospital anyhow.
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♪ you know our bill anderson he's always digging to find the good news out there and so today bill met a man who lost his memory after a serious accident. loft his memory as in cannot remember what happened just two days ago but that has fueled him to create an app that's revolutionary for goodness sake ♪ >> i had been hit by the car and developin!developing episodic ms as a result. that means i don't remember what happened last week. i don't really know what happened two games ago. it's like a movie theme. to thomas dixon it's real will. he suffered several injuries after being hit by a car while walking down the street. >> when did you fine out you had some sort of brain injuries or memory loss because you recovered and got out of the hospital. >> instantly you wake up in the hospital and it's pretty apparent when you don't remember yesterday. >> ♪ you end up having a note pad next to your bed.
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you were hit by a car. you're in recovery right now. your parents will be here at visits hours. >> doctors hoped his memory would come back aft several years they septembered this was pretty much it. thomas tried tweeting to himself and various methods of writing down memories before he decided if nothing exists to help people look himself he'd create an app. >> you decided you wanted to do it but needed help doing it? >> absolutely. >> reporter: thomas wept to an entrepreneurial center at temple and told them his story. they put him together with a developer who himself had let's just say a fresh perspective. >> i was still in high school i was in class when julie sent an e-mail she wanted me to meet with client. >> thomas and 18-year-old developer met and me marie mobile memory app was launch glad a does the app do. >> the app is an aide for my episodic memory. it essentially let's me answer the question, um, when did i last have chinese food? what type of chinese food.
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when did i last see my parents? ♪ >> reporter: input your experiences, notes and picks throughout the day and the app organizing, cat gore rises and processes the results. it may hard for of us without memory loss to understand the significance honestly we underestimate how much our memory influences our decisions. >> do i hate this teacher? why do i hate this teacher? >> they give me so much tests over the course of this amount of time. i'm not going to sit down i had 59 chickens this year. if i open up the app and look through, oh, my god, i've been eating a lot fatty food, that's not good. >> reporter: the longer i spoke to thomas and nick as they demonstrated the app it was easy to see why it's useful to not only the millions of people worldwide with medical memory loss, but could also be helpful to people who just want to better way to organize their thoughts. for both serious -- >> we have found that parents will record their children's lives. >> not so serious reasons. >> my girlfriend would hate th
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this. [ laughter ] >> remember when you said, now, i can pull up memory you said that september 2nd. >> it's an example of team work between unlikely partners but an example taking a trying situation and using it as inspiration to help large groups of people for in goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. >> cannot imagine the struggle he goes through with that. good for him creating that app. amazing you see it, you shoot it, speaking of apps our fresco users are helping us show what's going on in your neighbor. iain, what's up tonight. >> lucy two women in the hospital tonight after a serious car crash in mt. laurel, new jersey. a dog did die in this accident. fresco user nicole johnson shows us the scene this morning at hainesport and ark roads. police say a 40-year-old woman traveling link with her dog veered into oncoming traffic and hit another car injuring a 57-year-old woman.
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both women are expected to survive. >> joanna ran cone snap this photo tour us from aston, delaware county. you can see a downed tree just closing the road. it happened earlier today on crozerville road between roberto drive and spring callie road. the road was closed while peco removed the downed tree and the wires. it is back open tonight. up in bucks county doylestown, joined the list of communities that were united against hate. several organizations held a candlelight vigil to show solidarity, love and support for the mt. carmel cemetery in wissonoming. politicians, religious and community leaders spoke to the crowd out of importance of standing together. when you see news happening ache take out your phone and use that fresco app to send that video to our newsroom. you might get paid. lucy. >> thank you very much iain. speaking of paid, your money tonight. more changes for the golden arches all about money, right. mobile ordering and delivery coming to mcdonald's near you. mcdonald's considering partnering with a food delivery service called seamless it's also focusing on making its
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restaurants more digital friendly. it's rolling out mobile ordering, mobile pay and curb side pick up across roughly 14,000 restaurants you don't have to go drive through. role on up and they bring it out to you. sean bell always ready and raring to go. >> i'm ready on this one lucy. abundance of wide receiver that is just cam available and eagles have to grab one. i'll break down the options and tell you who the eagles need to get first and why. that's coming up next my sports commentary.
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♪ sean bell taking on the eagles and who he thinks they
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need to get in free agency. his commentary in 15 seconds. ♪ eagles prayers have been answered. they better jump on this quickly they've been begging for number one wide out for years and now there's a plethora of big-time receivers and they better not be cheap with this eagles better over pay if they need to get their guy. earlier tonight the jets announced they'll be releasing brandon marshall much that's a bonafide study. 100 catches, 1200-yard receiving. ten touchdown getting beast. he may have had bad year last year because the jets sting. that's one option. the second terrell pry your new to the wide out game but he has tremendous raw talent.
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he's 6-foot four and can catch the rock. another great option but number one guying to get is brandon cook. 23 years old, can stretch the defense, and can grow with carson wentz. honestly, i'll take any of these guys but eagles have to get one. carson wentz and for the city. if they do this team will be deadly next year. >> there you appears brad spit d jenn knifer annie store are back on. pitt confided in aniston and the pair have been texting following his divorce. us reached birthday text last month. sources say her husband is just fine with it. pitt and nine stop where married from 2,000 to 2005. this is my favorite story. lego releasing set of five based on real women who work for nasa. >> isn't this neat. >> i love it. >> some of the toys depict the women featured in the hidden figures. easter you see that film. >> no. only one i wanted to see.
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>> okay. we should go do that together kathy you and i. >> all right. >> the set will inn clues mathematician nasa expert catherine johnson played by taraji the movie. margaret hamilton and sally ride the first american woman in space. they are all in this. i love that. >> cool. >> girl power, sean bell. ki>>ds still play with legos. >> are you kidding me? they're like big deal things sll play w. >> i do too. >> some of them, it's like an ikea. >> it's architecture now, too. >> it's like how do this together. >> come over sean bell. we'll show you. >> oh yeah. >> let the kids show you. >> hot night in the old city playing legos. >> rht. back here at 4:00 a.m. and "good day philadelphia"
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4:00 o'clock straight upright now on good "good day philadelphia" and we have breaking news there has been a shooting with multiple victims a car has crashed right now we know at least four people in the hospital and we have a live report. and that sinking feeling a sing hell big enough to cause trouble for some cars, what is being done, right now. torpedo that two torpedoes found in toms river, what they turned out to be. bundle up. it is cold outside there. checking radar, taking a look and this system looks like it will clip on us, on this friday, good day, thank you so much for waking up early and joining us on this


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