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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  March 3, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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daysing that it was actually 70 degrees. tonight and this weekend if you want to see 70s you'll have to head to the airport or head out of town. i'm actually thinking now. >> tonight we're dealing with frigid temperatures. we'll see nasty wind chills, yes, even some snow squalls from the poconos right here to old city philadelphia. we are reminded you it is still winter here in the northeast. thanks for joining us at 5:00i chris o'connell. >> i'm shawnette wilson. dawn is off tonight. now despite a few nice days maybe the groundhog was a little bit right a month ago right when he said six more weeks of winter. >> let's get over to fox 29 meteorologist mike masco it has been quite the roller coaster. >> like whiplash guys much these snow squalls came fast and furious during the course of your day moving around 40 miles per hour went still have a good batch of snow in parts of bucks and montgomery county. right along 202 you may observe some white out conditions over the next 15 to 25 minutes and then as you get down towards the blue route into chester and delaware county we're dealing
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with quick band of snow moving through. right along the ac expressway right around winslow. this is going to head towards gallon owe away township and down towards atlantic county right along the garden state parkway right as it intersects with the ac expressway. you might have to encounter the idea of some zero visibility for a little while. now look at the cold air that's building up towards the north and the west these are temperatures that are well below freezing and that's what's pouring in on northwestern wind quick. it's down to 23 in the poconos right now. 35 in town. and just shade off of 40 degrees us a get down towards our shore points. you go north and west we're down around 32 in plymouth meeting. bethlehem at 30 degrees and these are areas that will dip down into the teens for the overnight hours with wind chills feeling like it's closer to ze zero. 21 miles per hour wind gusts last hour in philadelphia these temperatures are going to come crashing down. cold night tonight. even colder as we go into the tomorrow night. those details coming up. >> see you in a few minutes, mike, thanks. now to east mt. airy a night out at a bar ended in gunfire.
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sending four people to the hospital. bullets started flying around 2:15 this morning after cops say a fight started on the 7100 block of germantown avenue. one of the people shot is a bartender at the bar. >> the violence has left nearby business owners and residents concerned and frustrated. fox 29's dave kinchen joins us live at the scene in germantown avenue in east mt. airy. dave? >> reporter: tell you this business boarded up right now. this part of glass which was hit by gunfire and in the meantime police are trying to find that shooter. >> my wife said there was shooting neck door. i said what? report roar gregory lock first thought his business was hit by gunfire when he heard about an early morning shooting on the 7100 block of germantown avenue in east mt. airy but the vendors boutique owner realized instead a bullet struck the 7165 restaurant next door. >> to have a shooting in such a way that it happened it's real y sad. >> reporter: police say 20
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people were watching concert at the 7165 restaurant when an argument started and spilled outside. at that point, investigators say one of the people in the crowd grabbed a gun from his car and started firing hitting four people in their mid 20s including a female bartender shot in the leg. >> she was outside trying to calm the crowd along with other employees of the bar restaurant when the shots were fired. >> reporter: police say officers rolled up to the scene to see everyone involved running away and speeding off in their cars. they say this car slammed into a telephone pole with a gunshot victim inside. cops rushed that victim to the hospital in critical condition two other victims in their 20 mrs. stable condition with gunshot wounds. >> that's what's going on now. you know, nobody wants to sit down. nobody wants to reason with another, and as a result they deal with it with guns which is really sad. >> i live in the neighborhood. you know, hear about, i can imagine how the people down here
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commotion was going on. it's not good. >> reporter: crews boarded up the window of the bar struck by a bullet as police looked for the shooter and this normally peaceful neighborhood tries to get that normalcy back. >> it's really sad for the people that got hurt. i'm really upset for the employee there is that got hurt. i just pray she comes out okay. >> reporter: police tell us the suspect got away in a red or maroon vehicle that's all the information they have. if you were out last night or know anything, give philadelphia police a call. back to you. >> all right, dave, thanks. three people are in the hospital including a child after some life-saving efforts by firefighters in kensington. fire ripped through the row home in the 3300 block of e street just before 11:30 this morning. firefighters pulled the victims from the burning house and performed cpr. they were also able to contain the flames before it spread to other row homes. firefighters say all of the victims are in serious condition at local hospitals.
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>> we believe our medics were able to really make a difference with one of those patients. but we won't know. time will tell. we're certainly -- we're hopeful and our thoughts and prayers are with anybody affected by this. >> no word on the cause of the fire yet. the fire commissioner is also reminding residents how important it is to have a working smoke alarm. now to a story you'll see only on fox 29. police say they're investigation into a feltonville murder led them far away from philadelphia. tonight police say the suspect in the deadly shooting fled all the way to the doug dominican republic. they're bringing justice for a year of 24-year-old man. fox 29's dave schratwieser joins us live from philadelphia police headquarters with his story. dave. >> we often here police say have it wits in shootings and homicides don't come forward. to night we have the story of how several witnesses came forward in a manner of hours and the long arm of the law reached all wait to the dominican republic to nab a murder suspe
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suspect. just before 2:30 wednesday morning, gunshots rang out on the 4900 block of rising sun avenue in feltonville. when the gunfire stopped, 24-year-old ellis nova was dead and police say this man franklin estevez was on the run. >> we found out he had boarded a plane in new york to go to dominican republic. >> police say he purchase add one-way plane ticket to the dominican republic and fled the country. homicide detectives and members of of the f bit. i gang task force quickly built a case as the alleged killer after witnesses cooperated. >> we've been having a lot of issues as far as getting witnesses in but they came forward very strongly very quickly on this case. we had several people identify the shooter very quickly. >> reporter: before estevez plane arrived in the dominican republic local and federal investigators notified immigration authorities there. when his plane touched down, estevez was immediately detained and flown back to the united states. hours later, he arrived at jfk
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airport in new york and was immediately arrested by the ny nypd. >> we are in the process of going to new york right now to bring him down to philadelphia and officially charge him with murder. >> reporter: arrest came as the homicide unit has been taking some heat for the clearance rate that's the number of arrest detectives make. there were arrests in less than 50% of the homicide cases in 2016. >> we're working day and night around the clock to solve these homicides and we try to bring everyone of them in. >> reporter: some blame new witness interrogation rules. a lack of cooperating witnesses and manpower concerns. captain clark says he's about to get a dozen new seasoned detectives to help solve all murders. >> we can't wait for them. >> reporter: estevez is due back here at if's philadelphia police headquarters in a matter of hours now. coming up at 6:00 we'll talk about those $20,000 rewards that the police offer for information in a murder. you might be surprised at what we found. chris? >> dave, thanks. now on to delaware where
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police say they're ten day investigation into deadly shooting has landed them a suspect. 21-year-old hasheem thomas facing first degree murder charges for the shooting death of hail it happened on the 600 block of east 23rd street in wilmington. police say thomas was also shot in the back and remains in the hospital. a judge will are a rain him when he's released. now on to delaware county where the search is on for stolen gun. police were called to harris middle school in collingdale. police say a woman reported her stepson stole her gun and may have brought it to another student inside that school. investigators say the family of that second student wouldn't talk to police so police searched harris school today. they couldn't find the gun. the student who allegedly took the gun could face charges. the investigation is on going. and developing tonight, police have made their first arrest as the investigation into recent threats against jewish community centers ramps up. our region is one of several areas across the country
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recently targeted in these hate crimes. >> fox's laura inn gill has more on the recent attacks from new york. >> reporter: there have been a hundred bomb threats called into jewish community centers and synagogues since january and now authorities have made their first arrest. saying 31-year-old juan thomas of st. louis was behind some of the threats but not all. they say thomas was allegedly attempting to frame his ex-girlfriend using her name while making the threats. the suspect's former roommate says he has seen thompson in months and he's shock at the charges. >> he hasn't been here. >> in how long? >> a couple months now. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: thompson also allegedly sent dee fama tower e faxes and to his girlfriend's employer here in new york. he's being charged with cyber stalking which could land him in jail for up to five years. and he could face additional charges as the investigation continues. >> we will drown out this latest wave of anti semitism and i am
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confident as we evidence in today's arrest in missouri that we will find and we will prosecute those who have committed these acts of hatred. >> reporter: jewish leaders are applauding the justice department's fast work. but with the threats coming over such a wide area, they say more needs to be done to identify and arrest the suspects responsible. >> just because there's been an arrest today, around our bomb threat, does not mean that the threats have disappeared or will stop. >> reporter: in addition to the jcc threats at least three jewish cemeteries have been vandalized including one in new york wednesday night. in new york, laura ingle, fox news. in the cities' kensington section a dangerous sink hole is concerning concern among residents. the hole opened in the middle of east clearfield street at frankford avenue before city officials got there several cars drove into it. but drivers were eventually able to free their vehicles. right now the city is covering the hole with a board until it can make repairs.
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suburban station, it's quiet often the first place tourists see in philadelphia. so why did it look like a homeless shelter? businesses say that's driving their customers out. is anyone doing anything about it? fox 29 investigates. hidden treasures found in one home. family photos of president jimmy carter the special invitation the amazing find got one man. and hugh jackman says goodbye to wolver recent as logan hits theaters why you'll want to leave the kids home for this one. >> and the village people song about how welcoming ymcas the move 1y made to keep anyone from feeling left out.
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♪ tonight fire investigators are trying to figure out what sparked this huge three alarm fire in ocean grove, new jersey. it happened around 5:15 this morning at the old park view inn much the fire also spread to the top of the la pierre condominiums and two homes near that inn. the jersey shore area is popular
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summer vacation spot. neighbors in toms river, new jersey, can rest a little years tonight following quite the square at a house demolition. demolition crew found two torpedos under the house they were tearing down on atlantic city boulevard. of course prompted a major response from lots of first responders including the bomb unit and u.s. navy. they determined those torpedos were not live just replicas used during training. in delaware, two month long drug investigation lands a man behind bars. police arrested 33-year-old keeley dembe at his home in magnolia kent county. detectives found more than 650 bags of heroin and more than $1,900 in suspected drug money. he face as number of charges. dembe's one-year-old daughter was actually home when cops arrested him. another family member is now caring for her. another heroin bust in delaware. this one in sussex county. prosecutors have charged 51-year-old maurice gordon, jr. and 34-year-old nay quon
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williams after gordan's home, police found nearly 350 bags of heroin an stolen gun. police also found nearly $15,000 in suspected drug money in williams' car. president trump's first 100 days in office. and tonight it's the vice-president who is doing damage control. mike pence playing defense today after it's come to light he used his private aol e-mail address while governor of indiana. pence today calling the use of his private e-mail quote in full compliance of state laws. not all lawmakers agree however but the focus today remains on attorney general jeff sessions despite admit nothing wrongdoing sessions yesterday recused himself from any pending or future investigations into russia's involvement in the 2016 presidential campaign. the nation's top law enforcement officer reacting to a fire storm of criticism after meeting with the russian ambassador to the u.s. on at least two different occasions while a senator and trump surrogate back in 2016.
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some democrats want him to resign. >> this recuse sal is an admission that something went wrong. the other part of it is the possibility of perjury. >> meantime, president trump is joining education secretary betsy devos in orlando, florida, today where the two are touring private school touting school choice which allows students in poor performing districts to choose another school. critics say the program drains funds from public schools which serves most american students. and bad news if you are planning to travel to europe any time soon. european parliament just voted to reintroduce visa requirements for americans who want to visit the european union. previously americans could visit the countries freely route without a visa the vote comes after u.s. failed to agree to allow citizens of five countries and eu to travel to states visa free putting this policy into effect could take at least a
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couple months. if it moves forward at all. a treasure trophy found inside a home in florida. peaces of presidential history. perhaps good morning case gubernatorial history. old photos long to go former president carter discovered in the house and as fox's craig patrick reports the discovery led to a once in lifetime experience. >> reporter: two years ago we discovered a gold mine. priceless. one of a kind photos of president john f. kennedy. tuck away in a small house in south tampa. >> when i opened that big box and started looking at what i found, i was like, in maze many. i did get the chills. i was like wow. >> reporter: danny manages estate sales and familiarly from pennsylvania asked him to check out some boxes that belonged to their departed aunt. who had very close access to the white house or camelot as it was known back then. >> i opened the envelope and saw these pictures and i was just like wow, wow, wow what do i do. >> reporter: danny thought that was the find of a lifetime until now. when he discovered another gold
5:19 pm
mine in this house. in dade city. >> when i saw the pick -- one of the pictures, i said that sure looks like jimmy carter. >> reporter: he found albums full of a young man with a striking grin hanging out in the same room danny had just dismantled for his estate sale. >> you can see like gold plates on the wall i believe we did sell those. they were still there. >> reporter: the house belonged lady named martha who kept the family photo albums of her best friend fanny who is jimmy carter's aunt and so danny did it again. >> it was just kind of shock. i was actually looking at family photographs of president carter. >> reporter: to be more exact he was governor carter when most of these pictures were taken. this is carter taking advice from his uncle tom gordon we know that because the handwritten note in the back reads you can tell the governor is listening to advice given by his uncle. the albums are filled with pictures of carter, his wife rosslyn, his mother lillian his whole familiarly from their time in dade city and planes, georgia to their campaign headquarters to the inauguration in washington.
5:20 pm
>> different pictures again they're kind of loose and falling out. >> reporter: danny found original notes from the carter mondale campaign. and family letters. >> when jimmy kissed her after being sworn in, she could feel the bullet proof vest he wore when she hugged him. >> danny knew he shouldn't sell this. so he called and offered it to the jimmy carter center and guess what happened next? >> sure enough, wip an hour or so later the president -- press secretary contact the me back and invited me to come to his home in georgia sit down with him gone through all of these. >> to his home. >> to his home y. >> reporter: so danny will spend next sunday with jimmy and rosslyn carter as their house guest to thank him for finding family albums they thought were lost in time. two little girls home alone when a robber breaks in to the house they hide in bathroom. what they did to get the guy o out. pennsylvania's liquor stores could soon be making a change. what they want to do to keep you from going to new jersey or delaware to buy your booze. and police officer, well she just wants someone to talk to
5:21 pm
during lunch. she posts about her loneliness on facebook. who saw the post and invited her to eat with her. ♪ question, and be honest...
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would you pass the tissue test? see for yourself with crest whitestrips. they are the way to whiten. ♪ in california, a would be robber is still on the loose after terrifying two young girls
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during a home invasion. savannah jones was babysitting her four-year-old niece this happened in montclair when she heard knock on the door. she then turned the doorknob, it was jiggling. isavannah says a man was trying to get into the house. scary, right. >> is he grabbed her four-year-old niece and ran to the bathroom. that's when she heard three loud bangs. >> i knew he was in the house. he -- i heard his footsteps, and i had zoey hiding. >> savannah says she wanted to call police but she was so afraid the intruder would hear her and texted her mom instead. her mom called the neighbor and police. the neighbor got there first and started shouting savannah's name that sent the bad guy running empty handed. police arrived moments later. in chicago, city officials are taking action in the fight against crime rate. security company is now teaming up with local police in an evident to ensure safety in one of their neighborhoods. starting next week, private
5:25 pm
security officers will be deployed to supplement chicago police. this is all in response to residents who feel there's more crime happening because the city is redeploying cops from local districts to neighborhoods where high numbers of shootings are making the headlines. you'll be able to notice that on the street that they're clearly not police officers but they're security personnel. now, a lot of them are off duty police officers and some of them are armed and some of them are unarmed. >> by may as many as a dozen security officers will be patrolling the streets at night. that's about half as many during the day. suburban station is quiet often the first place tourists see when they're in philadelphia. why did it look like a homeless shelter. >> businesses say that is driving out their customers. is anyone doing anything about it? fox 29 investigates is ahead. he absolutely has no long-term memory as in two days. it's like the movie 50 first dates and it has this local man
5:26 pm
creating something revolutionary that we can all use. mike? >> roller coaster ride rolls on. we're talking about 70s only a few days ago till now bone-chilling temperatures for tonight. i'm meteorologist mike masco still snow showers working across the delaware valley. we'll track that for you on ultimate doppler and talk about two nights of below zero temperatures. that's coming up.
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♪ tonight the philadelphia police department has 68 new officers keeping our streets
5:29 pm
safe. recruits from the police academy taking part in a ceremony at temple university's performing arts center. graduating class 379 is dedicated to the memory of officer annie johnson. he dieter in 2003 when he suffered a heart attack during a pursuit. ♪ bill anderson he's always trying to dig to find the good news stories out there. on thursday, bill met a man who lost his memory after serious accident. he can't remember what happened just two days ago. >> so that fueled him though to create an app that is revolutionary for goodness sake. i had been hit by the car and the developing episodic memory loss as a result of that that means i don't remember what happened last week. i don't really know what happened two days ago. >> reporter: it's like movie theme but to thomas dixon it's his reality. he suffered serious injuries several years ago after being hit by a car as he walked down the street.
5:30 pm
>> how did you fine out that you had some sort of brain issues or memory loss? >> yeah. >> you recover and got out of the hospital. >> instantly. you wake up in the hospital it's pretty apparent when you don't remember yesterday. and you end up having a note pad next to your bed. you were hit by a car. you're in recovery ate right now. your parents will be here at visiting hours. >> reporter: doctors hope his memory would come back but after several years they accepted that this was pretty much it. so thomas tried tweeting to himself various helped of writing down memories before he decided if nothing exists to help people like himself, he would create an app. >> decided you want the to do it but needed help. >> absolutely. >> reporter: thomas went to an entrepreneur al center at temple and told him his story he they put him together way developer who had a fresh perspective. >> i was done high school i was in class when julie sent an e-mail she wanted me to meet with a client. >> thomas and 18-year-old
5:31 pm
developer met and memory app was launched. >> what does the app do? >> the app is -- an aide for my episodic memory. essentially let's me answer the question, um, when did i last have chinese food? what type of chinese food? when did i last see my parents? >> reporter: input your experiences, notes and picks throughout the day and the app organizes, cat gore rises and processes the results. it may be hard for those of us without memory loss to understand the significance because honestly we underestimate how much our memory it influences our decisions. >> why do i hate this teacher? like i'm not going to sit down and say i had 59 chickens this year. if i open up the app and look through, oh, my god i've been eating a lot of fast food that's not good. >> the longer i spoke to thomas
5:32 pm
and nick it's easy to see why it's useful to millions of people worldwide with memory loss but could be helpful to people who just want a better way to organize their thoughts. for both serious -- >> we have found that parents were recording their children's life. >> not so serious reasons. >> my girlfriend would hate th this. >> remember when you said... now, i can pull up memory and -- you said that september 2nd. memory app is an example team work between unlikely partners but an example taking a trying situation and using it as inspiration to help large groups of people for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. first of all it's hard to imagine not being able to remember things two days ago but then putting that to action and being able to help other people. >> talk about fight to go back your quality of life. a brilliant idea. >> using technology to do it. great stuff. all right. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. let's take a live look. old city studios outside.
5:33 pm
it is first friday. we love that here in the neighborhood. no doubt. people will be bracing the cold to check out everything old city has to offer tonight. meteorologist mike masco let us know how cold it will be in 15 seconds. ultimate doppler still tracking snow squalls coming across town right i was round mercer county you get into the city limits and then into gloucester county in fact watch this coming out of levittown this will cross the turnpike cross 295. could create white out conditions we'll track this into robbinsville, allentown and then eventually into western monmouth county into upper freehold. watch out. he is special physical you'll travel i195 going across the central new jersey. another area of snow coming through deptford, gloucester and
5:34 pm
pine hill over the next half an hour and again these are snow squalls that are moving around 30 to 40 miles an hour. so they're quick movers but the visibilities will go down as these move in. what you need to know the winds are going to turn bitter tonig tonight. 15, 25 miles an hour increasing to 30 for the overnight hours this will actually be the defendant night since february 10th. coldest day setting up on saturday since february 4th. we're right back into the 60s as we debt in next week. i'll show that you in the seven day forecast. look at mount pocono down to 22 at this hour. 35 in town. and 30s as you get across the ac boardwalk. wind speeds are up ten to 22 miles an hour sustained winds when you factor in the gusts, some of these gusts coming in closer to 30 and 40 miles an hour so that's producing wind chill values wait feels like on exposed skin between 11 to around 22 here in philadelphia. our models are forecasting almost below zero wind chill values towards the poconos. ten above in allentown. to around 20 above as you get into philadelphia and a very cold day as we go into tomorrow with saturday's feels like
5:35 pm
temperatures between negative four to around 18 degrees. so it's a quick shortwave of cold coming through here. the snow showers across the region as high pressure builds in the winds will relax. we'll stay cold over the weekend but look what's going on down to the south and west it's now approaching 70 degrees as you go from oklahoma city up towards tulsa and parts of wichita. that is the mild air that had move in our direction by next week. right now got to deal with the cold. numbing cold. 23 degrees in town. teens for outer suburbs feel like around 10 degrees the overnight hours. tomorrow dealing with mostly clear skies. but cold. 38 degrees with a cold breeze for the majority of your day. sunny skies, though, that's the good trade off but those winds ten to 20 miles an hour so they'll be whipping around making it feel like it's into the teens and 20's all afternoon long. breezy and cold on saturday. 38. do that again on sunday at 38. cold will start to ease by monday. up to 55 degrees. rain showers by tuesday. we're into the 60s. we'll watch another front come
5:36 pm
through here dropping us back down and back up to 62 degrees. little bit of a roller coaster guys but the common theme is i'm not seeing any of this harsh cold at least for the neck seven to ten days. guys. >> mike, just, you know, i don't even know what season it is any more. >> i don't know. [ laughter ] >> all right. pennsylvania liquor stores could soon be making a big change. how they're trying to prevent you from buying your booze in new jersey or delaware. and the police officer just wants someone to talk to during lunch. this is a good story here. she posts about her loneliness on facebook. who saw the post and invited her to eat. and new at 6:00, to text or not to text when it comes to your ex? how relationship experts feel about contacting those old lovers. >> no, this is a good one. ♪
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♪ an important warning tonight for parents. the u.s. consumer product safety commission announced recall on baby rattles clear plastic discs on the outside of the ball can break releasing small beads posing a choking hazard.
5:40 pm
we've got information on this recall on -- refund on the product on our website fox 29 your closest pennsylvania state store could soon be getting a customer rewards program. yeah. legislation passed last year allowing the pennsylvania liquor control board to implement programs similar to private businesses. one board member said the program could be similar to amazon prime. now no decisions have been made but the liquor control board is now looking at results from a focus group to figure out what customers want. gamers brave the gold and skipped sleep early this morning to line up at best buy in south philadelphia. it was all to be one of the first to purchase the new nintendo switch. the system launched worldwide today. new gaming system allows you to play at home and on the go. it costs $300. the sands casino resort in bethlehem may have a new owner soon. the company's president sent out an e-mail to employees about the sale. however, an official announcement has not yet been made. the e-mail tells employees there's potential buyer and a lot of work still needs to be
5:41 pm
done before the final sale. suburban station is quiet often the first mace tourists see in philadelphia. so why did it look like homeless shelter? businesses say that is driving out their customers. is anyone doing anything about this? fox 29 investigates is next. and hugh jackman says goodbye to wolverine as logan hits theaters. why you probably want to leave the kids at home for this one. sean? chris, it may be march but the eagles, yes, the eagles pulled off upset they said couldn't be possible. we're talking coin flips that matter coming up later in spor sports. >> talk about this roller coaster of weather. look at this. snow squall live look outside our old city studios. it is really snowing right now. >> i don't remember when -- we just saw the sun out. >> daffodils blooming, snow squalls. i don't know what season it is. >> i'm seeing a plane ticket out of here. >> we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪
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♪ the themes are too common and heartbrea heartbreaking. homeless dozing on a bunch their possessions nearby. they are battling the problem and trying to cut down on the 6100 homeless. >> tonight merchants tell fox 29 investigates they have taken a financial hit because of a failed policy. jeff cole reports. >> reporter: suburban station is philly's hub for commuters riding septa to their center city jobs. it's often the first place scene by tourists here to experience the city's historic riches. jeff lincoln knows. >> what can i get you. >> he sold steaming cups of joe in suburban for 27 years. >> it's a great location to have a coffee business much it's been
5:46 pm
successful location for us no doubt. >> reporter: but in late october, lincoln had big doubts. >> you need room for milk. >> suddenly customers would hustle off bypassing the small shops dependent on their business. >> hurt your business. >> most definitely. >> reporter: he says he's down 15%. the owner of philadelphia shoe outlet says he's off a punishing 35%. why? a sharp rise in the number of homeless here and baffling retreat in enforcement by septa police. never seen it this bad in 27 years? >> correct. without a doubt this is, you know, it's a part of the landscape of philadelphia, but down here it really did double and triple in numbers. >> reporter: spurred on by viewer complaints and the deep concerns told direct toll me by septa workers fox 29 investigates recorded in late january with a hidden camera so we wouldn't draw attention. suburban looked much like a
5:47 pm
shelter with many homeless sleeping on benches, their possessions stacked nearby. a long a hallway they were sprawled one after another. police patrol but did not disturb. david snipes says he's been on and off the street since the ' '80s. >> sometimes it gets a little wild down here. i mean, only thing we ask for somewhere we can sit down for a minute and take a couple hours and get some rest. recharge our batteries. >> reporter: fox 29 investigates has been told by multiple sources there was a lot more going on here at suburban station than down on their luck homeless. we've been told a criminal hmm moved in among the homeless and all control was lost. one mer chan gave us pictures. he says there was open air drug dealing, drinking, fighting even this, urinating on the floor. just feet from his store owner of philadelphia shoe outlet says
5:48 pm
after complaining by e-mail, tenants sent this letter to their landlord in late january writingwriting were definite ing wherever they feel like and gratifying themselves. the letter demands a 50% cut in rent for six months. chief thomasness tell says the septa transit police the lead policing agency in suburban station. >> drug usage, some sex, deaf indication, right there on the tracks everywhere. did it get to that point? >> um, we have, i can mean look when off population who has mental health issues, um, who no homes or places to became to go to the bathroom that are related concerns. it becomes a little more dirty. >> reporter: but merchants say it was more than that. >> the environment became overwhelmingly negative. >> reporter: septa police had backed off. >> enforcement stopped.
5:49 pm
>> basically, there were police down here but they weren't interacting like they had in the past. >> did septa police in suburban change its policy of policing down there based on any legal concern at all? >> yes. >> reporter: it was a major change. brought about in a late december meeting at septa. >> in developing strategies, we got a legal opinion and legal opinion said we can't move people who are loitering in the station. that problem already existed. >> reporter: which meant, though, that people stayed. >> absolutely. >> reporter: you wouldn't move them. >> correct. >> reporter: there were more people there. >> yeah. >> reporter:ness tell argues the policy change didn't lead to more homeless in suburban station they were already there. homeless advocate says the homeless population shot up late last year in part because love park and other public spaces where homeless gather closed. merchants say they didn't learn that septa had stopped enforcing loitering until january nipth meeting with the agency and
5:50 pm
others. a septa spokesperson confirms that time period. a spokesperson for the city council president darrell clark says the merchants asked him for help. >> did darrell clark make a tour here. >> he did. >> reporter: why did he take a tour? >> i don't know. you'd have to talk to him. >> reporter: how do you know he did it? >> i was with him. >> reporter: what was the tour about then. >> walking through suburban station to seat conditions. >> anybody who we can count as being unsheltered. >> reporter: head of the city's office homeless services says it stepped up its efforts in late 2016 onward. >> i authorized overtime so we can deploy more staff down there. help the homeless people to converse with the merchants. we met with the merchants. we made more beds available. >> reporter: fox 29 investigates returned to suburban station undercover late last week. the homeless remained. but in slightly fewer numbers than back in january. there was better lighting. again, police were present but were not as engaged with the
5:51 pm
homeless as they were last thursday when we interviewed jeff lincoln in front of his business. septa says, it has put in place a code of conduct prohibiting people from laying down on station benches or on the floor. and while merchants say there's been some improvement, the mayor seems frustrated. >> we are constrained by federal law we are couldn't trained bylaws that are on the books that keep us from taking people physically away without their permission. >> reporter: jeffcole, fox 29 news. jeff also reports that the mayor and his new budget proposed new housing for the homeless. you know the moment news breaks on this story, of course, jeff will fill us in. a police officer just wants to talk to someone during lunch. she posts about her loneliness on facebook. who saw the post and invited to eat with her. village people song about how welcoming the ymca is the
5:52 pm
move 1y made to keep anyone from feeling left out. plus, to text or not to text when it comes to your ex. how do you feel about that? >> you know how i feel about that. don't ask. >> how relationship experts feel about contacting those old lovers. >> you'll start a fight. this
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>> a police officer in california given a special lunch time treat. she recently posted on facebook that she often has to eat lunch alone when she's on patrol
5:56 pm
people don't even stop and say hi. so the post was originally meant for just her family and friends but a co-worker shared it go figure that, right, and fourth grade student saw it and invited her to come to lunch at school. >> invited her to have lunch with us because she was alone i didn't want her to be alone. >> i'm happy to be able to make these kids day and they made me day just as well, and to just have lunch where there's no stress, no -- just positive vibes. >> sergeant told the kids that if they ever see any of their classmates sitting alone they should invite them over. she says humans aren't men to do things by themselves. >> great story. it is. so it's the end of era as act hugh jackman says goodbye to playing wolverine. logan which opens today will be the final time he plays the super hero on the big screen. >> but you may not want to take your kids to see this x-men flick. fox 29's jennaphr frederick sat
5:57 pm
down with the stars of logan. you got to pay for that, right? >> hey, come on. >> ahh! >> not okay. >> logan is the last installment of huge jackman wolverine seri series. >> we got ourselves a fan. >> this movie isn't for kids. it's violent, graphic, scary. >> 11-year-old is on the cusp it depends the kind of 11-year-old remember we have a 12-year-old child in the movie. she was 12. >> logan director james mangold. violence all of that it's great. we got the permission to go -- go for bear on that but to me the thing that makes movie live, whatever kind of movie i'm making is it's emotional center. >> i hurt myself today. >> they're always be better technology. better effects. better something down the line. the movies we return to and look
5:58 pm
back and remember are the movies that have heart. >> ♪ >> she's like you. >> jackman does show wolverine's softer side in this film. it's all a part of the final chapter of this series. his body still the focus. but this time it's a body that's fading away. >> we came up with this idea because i was one of those people that found out i had heavy metal poisoning mercury poison from eating tins of tuna during those body building days. your number should be five and i was 37. what does this mean? what will the effects be. >> all of a sudden it hit me. he's living with metal every bone in his body when his immune breaks down, what happens? mood swings and joins and pain and headaches and all that stuff. >> logan is the future. >> critics are say it's jackman's best performance yet. >> wolverine super fans will
5:59 pm
certainly love it. >> you still have time. >> jennaphr frederick, fox 29 news. we should mention travel and accommodations provideed to jenn by fox 29 fox. logan opens in theaters today. >> right now at 6:00, march weather is unpredictable. that's certainly the case tonight. the fox 29 weather authority tracks dangerous wind chills. plus young man are you listening to me, i said young man, turn off the tv. >> ymca! >> why ymca is banning certain television channels at the gym. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. and we begin at 6:00 talking about the weather as snow squalls pass through the region on ultimate doppler radar.
6:00 pm
you are going to have to head out of town if you want anything that can be called remotely warm. thanks for joining us at 6:00 i'm shawnette wilson in for dawn tonight. >> i'm chris o'connell. today saw bright sun and snow squalls and now we're talking about bitter cold temperatures and biting wind chills. >> yeah. great way to put it. whether you're enjoying the first friday festivities here in old city and ow out and about in wilmington tonight you'll need your hat, your gloves your scarves. i found my boots today. >> you'll need them. >> let's head over to meteorologist mike masco with roller coder of a forecast. >> whole lot of huddling and cuddling tonight with wind chills down around zero. snow in moorestown continue to push through western burlington county. tracking towards southampton, browns mills and country lake estates over the next 20 minutes and we're watching this band of snow coming in to mount misery around 6:19. go down towards deptford township, berlin will be an area that will see this and again as these snow squalls pass through very quick movers 30 to


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